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Volume 65, issue 3, 2017

Exchange Rates and External Adjustment pp. 467-470 Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Pau Rabanal
How Important Are Trade Prices for Trade Flows? pp. 471-497 Downloads
Logan T. Lewis
Is Optimal Capital Control Policy Countercyclical in Open Economy Models with Collateral Constraints? pp. 498-527 Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
Exchange Rate Adjustment in Financial Crises pp. 528-562 Downloads
Michael B. Devereux and Changhua Yu
Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence pp. 563-585 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard, Jonathan D. Ostry, Atish R. Ghosh and Marcos Chamon
Fixed on Flexible: Rethinking Exchange Rate Regimes after the Great Recession pp. 586-632 Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester and Gernot J. Müller
Trade Integration and the Trade Balance in China pp. 633-674 Downloads
George Alessandria, Horag Choi and Dan Lu

Volume 65, issue 2, 2017

Macroeconomic Effects of Capital Account Regulations pp. 193-240 Downloads
Bilge Erten and José Antonio Ocampo
Fiscal Devaluation in a Monetary Union pp. 241-272 Downloads
Philipp Engler, Giovanni Ganelli, Juha Tervala and Simon Voigts
Distributional Consequences of Fiscal Adjustments: What Do the Data Say? pp. 273-307 Downloads
Jaejoon Woo, Elva Bova, Tidiane Kinda and Y. Sophia Zhang
Shifting Motives: Explaining the Buildup in Official Reserves in Emerging Markets Since the 1980s pp. 308-364 Downloads
Atish Ghosh, Jonathan Ostry and Charalambos Tsangarides
Do Borders Really Slash Trade? A Meta-Analysis pp. 365-396 Downloads
Tomas Havranek and Zuzana Irsova
Virtuous Circles and the Case for Aid pp. 397-425 Downloads
Patrick Carter and Jonathan Temple
Non-FDI Capital Inflows in Low-Income Countries: Catching the Wave? pp. 426-465 Downloads
Juliana D. Araujo, Antonio David, Carlos Eduardo van Hombeeck and Chris Papageorgiou
Erratum: Addendum pp. 466-466 Downloads
Atish R Ghosh

Volume 65, issue 1, 2017

Unconventional Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies pp. 1-4 Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Pau Rabanal
Federal Reserve Policy in an International Context pp. 5-36 Downloads
Ben S Bernanke
Monetary Policy, Incomplete Information, and the Zero Lower Bound pp. 37-70 Downloads
Christopher Gust, Benjamin K. Johannsen and J. David López-Salido
QE in the Future: The Central Bank’s Balance Sheet in a Fiscal Crisis pp. 71-112 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
The Hunt for Duration: Not Waving but Drowning? pp. 113-153 Downloads
Dietrich Domanski, Hyun Song Shin and Vladyslav Sushko
Financial Frictions and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Emerging Economies pp. 154-191 Downloads
Roberto Chang and Andrés Velasco

Volume 64, issue 4, 2016

Secular Stagnation, Growth, and Real Interest Rates pp. 575-580 Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Richard Portes and Pau Rabanal
A Contagious Malady? Open Economy Dimensions of Secular Stagnation pp. 581-634 Downloads
Gauti Eggertsson, Neil R. Mehrotra, Sanjay Singh and Lawrence Summers
Why Are Real Interest Rates So Low? The Role of the Relative Price of Investment Goods pp. 635-659 Downloads
Rana Sajedi and Gregory Thwaites
The Equilibrium Real Funds Rate: Past, Present, and Future pp. 660-707 Downloads
James D. Hamilton, Ethan S. Harris, Jan Hatzius and Kenneth West
Lower for Longer: Neutral Rate in the U.S pp. 708-731 Downloads
Andrea Pescatori and Jarkko Turunen
Demographics and the Behavior of Interest Rates pp. 732-776 Downloads
Carlo Favero, Arie E. Gozluklu and Haoxi Yang
The Corporate Saving Glut and Falloff of Investment Spending in OECD Economies pp. 777-799 Downloads
Joseph W. Gruber and Steven B. Kamin

Volume 64, issue 3, 2016

When Does Domestic Savings Matter for Economic Growth? pp. 381-407 Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Diego Comin, Peter Howitt and Isabel Tecu
Macroeconomic Impact of Population Aging in Japan: A Perspective from an Overlapping Generations Model pp. 408-442 Downloads
Ichiro Muto, Takemasa Oda and Nao Sudo
Global Exchange Rate Configurations: Do Oil Shocks Matter? pp. 443-470 Downloads
Maurizio Michael Habib, Sascha Bützer and Livio Stracca
The Problem that Wasn’t: Coordination Failures in Sovereign Debt Restructurings pp. 471-501 Downloads
Ran Bi, Marcos Chamon and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
The Effects of Commodity Price Shocks on Fiscal Aggregates in Latin America pp. 502-525 Downloads
Leandro Medina
Growth—Now and Forever? pp. 526-547 Downloads
Giang Ho and Paolo Mauro
Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset pp. 548-574 Downloads
Andrés Fernández Martin, Michael Klein, Alessandro Rebucci, Martin Schindler and Martín Uribe

Volume 64, issue 2, 2016

Aid, Disbursement Delays, and the Real Exchange Rate pp. 217-238 Downloads
Alexandra Jarotschkin and Aart Kraay
Emergence of Asia: Reforms, Corporate Savings, and Global Imbalances pp. 239-267 Downloads
Jingting Fan and Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan
The Implications of Natural Resource Exports for Nonresource Trade pp. 268-302 Downloads
Torfinn Harding and Anthony Venables
The Trade Consequences of Pricey Oil pp. 303-318 Downloads
David von Below and Pierre-Louis Vézina
Horizontal, Vertical, and Conglomerate Cross-Border Acquisitions pp. 319-353 Downloads
Nils Herger and Steve McCorriston
Stability or Upheaval? The Currency Composition of International Reserves in the Long Run pp. 354-380 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen, Livia Chiţu and Arnaud Mehl

Volume 64, issue 1, 2016

Cross-Border Spillover pp. 1-5 Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Pau Rabanal
International Channels of Transmission of Monetary Policy and the Mundellian Trilemma pp. 6-35 Downloads
Helene Rey
ECB Unconventional Monetary Policy: Market Impact and International Spillovers pp. 36-74 Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Marco Lo Duca and Roland Straub
On the Desirability of Capital Controls pp. 75-102 Downloads
Jonathan Heathcote and Fabrizio Perri
Policy Cooperation, Incomplete Markets, and Risk Sharing pp. 103-133 Downloads
Charles Engel
The Great Recession: Divide between Integrated and Less Integrated Countries&ast pp. 134-176 Downloads
Guillermo Hausmann-Guil, Eric van Wincoop and Gang Zhang
Effects of Fiscal Shocks in a Globalized World pp. 177-215 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Volume 63, issue 4, 2015

Understanding Global Banking pp. 693-697 Downloads
Jakob de Haan, Galina Hale and Katheryn Russ
Shocks Abroad, Pain at Home? Bank-Firm-Level Evidence on the International Transmission of Financial Shocks pp. 698-750 Downloads
Steven Ongena, Jose-Luis Peydro and Neeltje Van Horen
The Two Faces of Cross-Border Banking Flows pp. 751-791 Downloads
Dennis Reinhardt and Steven J Riddiough
What Determines the Composition of International Bank Flows?† pp. 792-829 Downloads
Cornelia Kerl and Friederike Niepmann
Foreign Competition and Banking Industry Dynamics: An Application to Mexico pp. 830-867 Downloads
P. Dean Corbae and Pablo D’Erasmo
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Banking Globalization pp. 868-918 Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Neeltje Van Horen
Uncertainty, Bank Lending, and Bank-Level Heterogeneity pp. 919-954 Downloads
Claudia Buch, Manuel Buchholz and Lena Tonzer
Bank Capital Regulation: Theory, Empirics, and Policy pp. 955-983 Downloads
Shekhar Aiyar, Charles Calomiris and Tomasz Wieladek
An Evaluation of Money Market Fund Reform Proposals pp. 984-1023 Downloads
Samuel G Hanson, David S Scharfstein and Adi Sunderam

Volume 63, issue 3, 2015

Mini-Symposium on International Banking pp. 375-376 Downloads
Claudia Buch and Linda Goldberg
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Lessons from Across Countries pp. 377-410 Downloads
Claudia Buch and Linda Goldberg
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Australia pp. 411-425 Downloads
Rochelle Guttmann and David Rodgers
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Austria pp. 426-454 Downloads
Esther Segalla
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Canada pp. 455-478 Downloads
James Chapman and Evren Damar
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from France pp. 479-495 Downloads
Matthieu Bussiere, Boubacar Camara, Francois-Daniel Castellani, Vincent Potier and Julia Schmidt
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Germany pp. 496-514 Downloads
Cornelia Kerl and Catherine Koch
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Hong Kong S.A.R pp. 515-541 Downloads
Eric Wong, Andrew Tsang and Steven Kong
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Ireland pp. 542-567 Downloads
Mary Everett, Jane Kelly and Fergal McCann
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Italy pp. 568-584 Downloads
Marianna Caccavaio, Luisa Carpinelli, Giuseppe Marinelli and Enrico Sette
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Poland pp. 585-605 Downloads
Małgorzata Pawłowska, Dobromił Serwa and Slawomir Zajaczkowski
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from the United Kingdom pp. 606-625 Downloads
Robert Hills, John Hooley, Yevgeniya Korniyenko and Tomasz Wieladek
International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from the United States pp. 626-643 Downloads
Ricardo Correa, Linda Goldberg and Tara Rice
IMF Lending and Banking Crises pp. 644-691 Downloads
Luca Papi, Andrea Presbitero and Alberto Zazzaro

Volume 63, issue 2, 2015

The Price Impact of Joining a Currency Union: Evidence from Latvia pp. 281-297 Downloads
Alberto Cavallo, Brent Neiman and Roberto Rigobon
Optimal Monetary Policy and Capital Account Restrictions in a Small Open Economy pp. 298-324 Downloads
Zheng Liu and Mark Spiegel
Financial Flows, Composition of Capital, and Growth pp. 325-352 Downloads
Asli Leblebicioğlu and Jessica Madariaga
The Evolution of the Federal Reserve Swap Lines since 1962 pp. 353-372 Downloads
Michael D Bordo, Owen F Humpage and Anna Schwartz

Volume 63, issue 1, 2015

Crises: Yesterday and Today—2 pp. 1-7 Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Ayhan Kose
The Federal Reserve and the Global Economy pp. 8-21 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
The Federal Reserve’s Framework for Monetary Policy: Recent Changes and New Questions pp. 22-70 Downloads
William B English, David Lopez-Salido and Robert J Tetlow
Aggregate Supply in the United States: Recent Developments and Implications for the Conduct of Monetary Policy pp. 71-109 Downloads
Dave Reifschneider, William Wascher and David Wilcox
Will the U.S. and Europe Avoid a Lost Decade? Lessons from Japan’s Postcrisis Experience pp. 110-163 Downloads
Takeo Hoshi and Anil Kashyap
Two Tales of Adjustment: East Asian Lessons for European Growth pp. 164-196 Downloads
Anusha Chari and Peter Blair Henry
Pick Your Poison: The Choices and Consequences of Policy Responses to Crises pp. 197-237 Downloads
Kristin Forbes and Michael Klein
Exchange Rate Management and Crisis Susceptibility: A Reassessment pp. 238-276 Downloads
Atish Ghosh, Jonathan Ostry and Mahvash Qureshi
Have we Entered an Age of Secular Stagnation? IMF Fourteenth Annual Research Conference in Honor of Stanley Fischer, Washington, DC pp. 277-280 Downloads
Lawrence Summers
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