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Volume 41, issue 4, 2002

Regulatory Framework in Pakistan pp. 319-332 Downloads
Abdul Razzaq Kemal
New Issues in Bank Regulation pp. 333-356 Downloads
Mohsin Khan
Making Globalisation Inclusive of People: A Trade Union Prespective pp. 357-387 Downloads
Noriyuki Suzuki and Sabur Ghayur
Privatisation, Regulation, and Competition in South Asia pp. 389-422 Downloads
T. Srinivasan
Missing Basic Issues on Credit Money: On the Role of Money in Removing World-wide Growth Barriers pp. 423-442 Downloads
Herbert Schui
Research, Extension, and Information: Key Inputs in Agricultural Productivity Growth pp. 443-473 Downloads
Boris Bravo-Ureta
Gender and Public Spending on Education in Pakistan: A Case Study of Disaggregated Benefit Incidence pp. 477-493 Downloads
Muhammad Sabir
How Do Women Decide to Work in Pakistan? pp. 495-513 Downloads
Zareen F. Naqvi and Lubna Shahnaz
Key Fundamental Factors and Long-run Price Changes in an Emerging Market-A Case Study of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) pp. 517-533 Downloads
Chaudhry Irfan and Mohammed Nishat
Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: Are they Related? Evidence from South Asian Countries pp. 535-550 Downloads
Naeem Muhammad and Abdul Rasheed
Monetary Conditions Index: A Composite Measure of Monetary Policy in Pakistan pp. 551-566 Downloads
Abdul Qayyum
X-efficiency Analysis of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: A Preliminary Investigation pp. 567-580 Downloads
Mohammad Hanif Akhtar
Experience of Equity-based Islamic Shares in Pakistan pp. 583-608 Downloads
Mohammed Nishat
Towards Divine Economics: Some Testable Propositions pp. 609-626 Downloads
Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani and Eatzaz Ahmad
Hidden Subsidies pp. 629-640 Downloads
Hafiz A. Pasha, Aisha Ghaus- Pasha and Naveed Aamir
Wheat Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis pp. 643-663 Downloads
Munir Ahmad, Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry and Muhammad Iqbal
Zero-tillage Technology and Farm Profits: A Case Study of Wheat Growers in the Rice Zone of Punjab pp. 665-682 Downloads
Muhammad Iqbal, M. Azeem Khan and M. Zubair Anwar
Economic Evaluation of Pesticide Use Externalities in the Cotton Zones of Punjab, Pakistan pp. 683-698 Downloads
M. Azeem Khan, Muhammad Iqbal, Iftikhar Ahmad and Manzoor H. Soomro
Labour Market Dynamics in Pakistan: Evidence from the Longitudinal Data pp. 701-720 Downloads
Ghulam Arif, Muhammad Kiani and Khalid H. Sheikh
Determinants of Neonatal and Post-neonatal Mortality in Pakistan pp. 723-744 Downloads
M. Arshad Mahmood
The Disease Pattern and Utilisation of Health Care Services in Pakistan pp. 745-757 Downloads
Naushin Mahmood and Syed Ali
Transfer of Technology: Competition or Cooperation pp. 761-786 Downloads
Toseef Azid, Mohammad Aslam and Muhammad Omer Chaudhry
The Knowledge-based Economy: Trends and Implications for Pakistan pp. 787-804 Downloads
Rukhsana Kalim and Suleman Aziz Lodhi
Measurement of Cost of Capital for Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan: A Neoclassical Approach pp. 807-823 Downloads
Zahir Shah and Masood Qazi
Foreign Capital Inflows and Domestic Savings in Pakistan: Cointegration Techniques and Error Correction Modelling pp. 825-836 Downloads
Mohsin Ahmad and Masood Qazi
Bringing About a Behavioural Change in Providers to Meet the Reproductive Health Needs of Clients pp. 839-856 Downloads
Ali Mohammad Mir, Zeba A. Sathar, Gul Rasheeda Sheikh and Minaj Ul Haque
Trends in Absolute Poverty in Pakistan: 1990-91 and 2001 pp. 859-878 Downloads
Talat Anwar and Sarfraz K. Qureshi
Non-profit Sector in Pakistan: Government Policy and Future Issues pp. 879-908 Downloads
Aisha Ghaus Pasha and Muhammad Asif Iqbal
Regulation, Competition, and Information pp. 911-913 Downloads
Mian Muhammad Javed
Structural Issues and Reforms in Financial (non-bank) Market in Pakistan pp. 915-928 Downloads
Haroon Sharif
Poverty, Feudalism, and Land Reform—The Continued Relevance of Iqbal pp. 967-972 Downloads
Pervez Tahir
Development Priorities of the Founding Father of Pakistan pp. 991-1010 Downloads
Pervez Tahir

Volume 41, issue 3, 2002

Pricing Irrigation Water in Pakistan: An Evaluation of Available Options pp. 209-241 Downloads
Shamim A. Sahibzada
The Determinants of Private Fixed Investment and the Relationship between Public and Private Capital Accumulation in Turkey pp. 243-254 Downloads
Krishna Rao Akkina and Mehmet Ali Celebi
Crowding-in or Crowding-out? Modelling the Relationship between Public and Private Fixed Capital Formation Using Co-integration Analysis: The Case of Pakistan 1964-2000 pp. 255-276 Downloads
Naveed H. Naqvi
The Long-run and Short-run Impact of Exchange Rate Devaluation on Pakistan's Trade Performance pp. 277-286 Downloads
Zehra Aftab and Aurangzeb(Zeb) Aurangzeb

Volume 41, issue 2, 2002

The Exchange Rate and Consumer Prices in Pakistan: Is Rupee Devaluation In Inflationary? pp. 107-120 Downloads
Ehsan Choudhri and Mohsin Khan
Women’s Role In Domestic Decisionmaking In Pakistan: Implications for Reproductive Behaviour pp. 121-148 Downloads
Naushin Mahmood
Demand for Bank Lending by the Private Business Sector in Pakistan pp. 149-159 Downloads
Abdul Qayyum
Potential for Blue-Gray Water Trade-offs for Irrigation in Small Towns of Pakistan: A Case Study of Farmers' Costs and Benefits in Haroonabad pp. 161-177 Downloads
Mehmood Ul Hassan and Nazim Ali
Institutional Approach to E-commerce: An Integrated Framework for Pakistan pp. 179-192 Downloads
Bushra Hamid

Volume 41, issue 1, 2002

Returns to Human Capital in Pakistan: A Gender Disaggregated Analysis pp. 1-28 Downloads
Zafar Nasir
Adoption of Recommended Varieties: A Farm-level Analysis of Wheat Growers in Irrigated Punjab pp. 29-48 Downloads
Muhammad Iqbal, M. Azeem Khan and Munir Ahmad
Financial Capacity and Willingness of Farmers to pay for Irrigation Services in the Post-reform Scenario in Pakistan: Two Case Studies pp. 49-67 Downloads
Mehmood Ul Hassan
Openness, Stock Market Development, and Industrial Growth in Nigeria pp. 69-92 Downloads
R. I. Udegbunam

Volume 40, issue 4, 2001

Debt Accumulation and Its Implications for Growth and Poverty pp. 263-281 Downloads
Abdul Razzaq Kemal
Debt, Growth, and Poverty in the International Monetary System pp. 283-314 Downloads
Robert Mundell
Why Economic Growth Trends Differ So Much across Developing Countries in the Era of Globalisation pp. 315-343 Downloads
Peter Nunnenkamp
Importance of a Population Policy in Pakistan pp. 345-369 Downloads
Fakhari A. Siddiqui
Employment Multipliers from Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction pp. 371-400 Downloads
John W. Mellor
Social Development, the Empowerment of Women, and the Expansion of Civil Society: Alternative Ways out of the Debt and Poverty Trap pp. 401-432 Downloads
Anita M. Weiss
IFIs’ Conditionalities, Poverty Reduction, and Employment pp. 435-451 Downloads
Sabur Ghayur
Stabilisation Policy vs. Growth-oriented Policy: Implication for the Pakistan Economy pp. 453-466 Downloads
Kaiser Bengali and Masood Qazi
February 2001 Crisis in Turkey: Causes and Consequences pp. 467-486 Downloads
Levent Koch and M. A. Chaudhary
Theory of Optimal Taxation and Current Tax Policy in Pakistan’s Agriculture pp. 489-502 Downloads
M. Ghaffar Chaudhry
Political Economy of Fiscal Reforms in the 1990s pp. 503-518 Downloads
Mahnaz Fatima and Masood Qazi
Redistributive Effects of Fiscal Policy across the Income Groups in the Urban-Rural Areas of Pakistan pp. 519-533 Downloads
Nasim Shirazi, Muhammad Ilyas and Mehboob Ahmad
Fertility Transition in Pakistan: Evidence from Census pp. 537-550 Downloads
Syed Ali and Jafar Hussain
Population Policy Shifts and Their Implications for Population Stabilisation in Pakistan pp. 551-573 Downloads
Abdul Hakim
The Long-run Relationship between Real Exchange Rate and Real Interest Rate in Asian Countries: An Application of Panel Cointegration pp. 577-602 Downloads
Shaista Alam, Muhammad Sabihuddin Butt and Azhar Iqbal
Post-liberalisation Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking Sector in Pakistan pp. 605-632 Downloads
Syed Fawad Ali Rizvi
Crowding-out Hypothesis in a Vector Error Correction Framework: A Case Study of Pakistan pp. 633-650 Downloads
Kalim Hyder
Testing Semi-strong Form Efficiency of Stock Market pp. 651-674 Downloads
Salman Ali and Khalid Mustafa
Debt and Economic Growth in South Asia pp. 677-688 Downloads
Rehana Siddiqui and Afia Malik
Determinants of Debt Rescheduling in Pakistan pp. 689-704 Downloads
Rizwana Siddiqui and Rehana Siddiqui
Debt Laffer Curve for South Asian Countries pp. 705-720 Downloads
M. Aslam Chaudhary and Sabahat Anwar
Analysis of Issues on Micro Credit—The Case of Two Villages in Punjab pp. 723-750 Downloads
Seemi Waheed
Determinants of Higher Wheat Productivity in Irrigated Pakistan pp. 753-766 Downloads
Muhammad Iqbal, M. Azeem Khan and Munir Ahmad
Globalisation and Its Implications for Agriculture, Food Security, and Poverty in Pakistan pp. 767-786 Downloads
Usman Mustafa, Waqar Malik and Mohammad Sharif
Contribution of Onion Seed Production to Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Malakand Division, Pakistan pp. 787-810 Downloads
Ikram Saeed, Muhammad Zubair Anwar and Khalid Mehmood Khokar
Corruption Perception Indices: A Comparative Analysis pp. 813-830 Downloads
Naved Ahmad
Growth and Poverty in Pakistan: Implications for Governance pp. 831-844 Downloads
Arshed H. Bhatti
New Local Government System: A Step Towards Community Empowerment? pp. 845-867 Downloads
Zulqarnain Hussain Anjum
External Market Conditions, Competitiveness, Diversification, and Pakistan’s Export Performance pp. 871-884 Downloads
Mohammad Akbar and Zareen F. Naqvi
Determining Pak Rupee Exchange Rates vis-à-vis Six Currencies of the Industrial World: Some Evidence Based on the Traditional Flow Model pp. 885-897 Downloads
Razzaque H. Bhatti
Reconstruction of Pakistan Economy— An Entrepreneur’s View Point pp. 901-909 Downloads
Yusuf H. Shirazi
Digital Opportunity Initiative for Pakistan pp. 911-928 Downloads
Yousaf Haroon Mujahid
Industry Risk Premia in Pakistan pp. 929-949 Downloads
Mohammed Nishat
Sectoral Analysis of the Demand for Real Money Balances in Pakistan pp. 953-966 Downloads
Abdul Qayyum
Dynamic Consequences of the 1997 NFC Award: Provincial Social Sector Expenditures pp. 967-984 Downloads
Muhammad Sabir
Endogenous Growth and Human Capital: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and Sri Lanka pp. 987-1007 Downloads
Qaisar Abbas
Determinants of Growth Retardation in Pakistani Children under Five Years of Age pp. 1009-1031 Downloads
M. Arshad Mahmood
WTO’s Trade Liberalisation, Agricultural Growth, and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan pp. 1035-1052 Downloads
Anwar F. Chishti and Waqar Malik
Trade Liberalisation Policies, Intra-regional Trade and Opportunities for Sustainable Agricultural Development pp. 1053-1074 Downloads
Zakir Hussain, Riaz Hussain Qureshi and Waqar A. Jehangir
Gender Differences in Demand for Schooling pp. 1077-1092 Downloads
Shahnaz Hamid and Rehana Siddiqui
Occupational Profile of Poverty in Pakistan pp. 1093-1104 Downloads
Rashida Haq
Poverty, Female Labour Force Participation, and Cottage Industry: A Case Study of Cloth Embroidery in Rural Multan pp. 1105-1118 Downloads
Toseef Azid, Muhammad Aslam and Muhammad Omer Chaudhary
The Economics of Stateless Nations: Sovereign Debt and Popular Well-being in Pakistan pp. 1121-1134 Downloads
Arshad Zaman
Democratic Welfare State as Visualised by the Quaid-i-Azam pp. 1137-1146 Downloads
Rafique Ahmad
Economic Vision of the Quaid-i-Azam pp. 1147-1154 Downloads
Zawwar Hussain Zaidi
Economic Ideas of the Quaid-i-Azam pp. 1155-1165 Downloads
Sharif Al Mujahid
Introducing Iqbal the Economist pp. 1167-1176 Downloads
Pervez Tahir

Volume 40, issue 3, 2001

On Overinvoicing of Exports in Pakistan pp. 173-185 Downloads
Zafar Mahmood and Mohammad Azhar
Wheat Self-sufficiency in Different Policy Scenarios and Their Likely Impacts on Producers, Consumers, and the Public Exchequer pp. 203-223 Downloads
Abedullah Abedullah and Mubarak Ali
Foreign Capital Inflow, Non-traded Intermediary, Urban Unemployment, and Welfare in a Small Open Economy: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 225-235 Downloads
Sarbajit Chaudhuri

Volume 40, issue 2, 2001

Directions of U.S. Farm Programmes under a Freer Trade Environment pp. 89-105 Downloads
Luther G. Tweeten
The Stock Market and the Economy in Pakistan pp. 107-114 Downloads
Fazal Husain and Tariq Mahmood
Performance of the Public Electric Power Industry: Evidence from Pakistan pp. 115-133 Downloads
Abdul Ghafoor and John Weiss
Assessing Energy Consumption and Energy Intensity Changes in Pakistan: An Application of Complete Decomposition Model pp. 135-147 Downloads
Shaista Alam and Mohammad Sabihuddin Butt

Volume 40, issue 1, 2001

Agricultural Productivity Growth Differential in Punjab, Pakistan: A District-level Analysis pp. 1-25 Downloads
Munir Ahmad
Profitability and Pricing in Treasury Bill Auctions: Evidence from Pakistan pp. 27-48 Downloads
Daniel C. Hardy
Foreign Capital Inflow, Technology Transfer, and National Income pp. 49-56 Downloads
Sarbajit Chaudhuri
Factors Affecting Childhood Immunisation in Bangladesh pp. 57-70 Downloads
Soma Chowdhury Biswas, MD. Abu Darda and MD. Fasiul Alam
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