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Volume 42, issue 6, 2005

How Do Commercial Institutions Promote Peace? pp. 659-678 Downloads
David H. Bearce and Sawa Omori
Right or Robust? The Sensitive Nature of Repression to Globalization pp. 679-698 Downloads
Emilie M. Hafner-Burton
Insurgency and the Opening of Peace Processes pp. 699-717 Downloads
Navin A. Bapat
The Failure of the Israeli–Palestinian Peace Process, 1993–2000 pp. 719-736 Downloads
Oren Barak
Women, Violence and Nonviolent Resistance in East Timor pp. 737-749 Downloads
Christine Mason
The Interaction of Narcotics and Conflict pp. 751-760 Downloads
Svante E. Cornell

Volume 42, issue 5, 2005

The Classical Liberals Were Half Right (or Half Wrong): New Tests of the ‘Liberal Peace’, 1960-88 pp. 523-543 Downloads
Hyung Min Kim and David L. Rousseau
Dividing Countries to Promote Peace: Prospects for Long-Term Success of Partitions pp. 545-562 Downloads
Jaroslav Tir
Rational Mediation: A Theory and a Test pp. 563-583 Downloads
Lesley G. Terris and Zeev Maoz
Determinants of Multilateralism in US Use of Force: State of Economy, Election Cycle, and Divided Government pp. 585-604 Downloads
Atsushi Tago
The Market for Force and Public Security: The Destabilizing Consequences of Private Military Companies pp. 605-622 Downloads
Anna Leander
Armed Conflict and Its International Dimensions, 1946-2004 pp. 623-635 Downloads
Lotta Harbom and Peter Wallensteen

Volume 42, issue 4, 2005

The Demography of Conflict and Violence: An Introduction pp. 371-374 Downloads
Helge Brunborg and Henrik Urdal
The Demographics of Genocide: Refugees and Territorial Loss in the Mass Murder of European Jewry pp. 375-391 Downloads
Manus I. Midlarsky
Relative Resources: Inequality in Ethnic Wars, Revolutions, and Genocides pp. 393-415 Downloads
Marie L. Besançon
People vs. Malthus: Population Pressure, Environmental Degradation, and Armed Conflict Revisited pp. 417-434 Downloads
Henrik Urdal
Demography, Migration and Conflict in the Pacific pp. 435-454 Downloads
Helen Ware
The Destructiveness of Pre-Industrial Warfare: Political and Technological Determinants pp. 455-470 Downloads
John Landers
The Immediate and Lingering Effects of Armed Conflict on Adult Mortality: A Time-Series Cross-National Analysis pp. 471-492 Downloads
Quan Li and Ming Wen
Migratory Coping in Wartime Mozambique: An Anthropology of Violence and Displacement in ‘Fragmented Wars’ pp. 493-508 Downloads
Stephen C. Lubkemann

Volume 42, issue 3, 2005

War, Trade, and the Mediation of Systemic Leadership pp. 251-269 Downloads
Karen Rasler and William R. Thompson
Justice and Peace? How the International Criminal Tribunal Affects Societal Peace in Bosnia pp. 271-289 Downloads
James Meernik
Political Challenge in Latin America: Rebellion and Collective Protest in an Era of Democratization pp. 291-310 Downloads
Christina Schatzman
Public Opinion in the Israeli-Palestinian Two-Level Game pp. 311-328 Downloads
Jacob Shamir and Khalil Shikaki
Environmental Conflict Between Refugee and Host Communities pp. 329-346 Downloads
Adrian Martin

Volume 42, issue 2, 2005

Taking Arms Against a Sea of Troubles: Conventional Arms Races During Periods of Rivalry pp. 131-147 Downloads
Douglas M. Gibler, Toby J. Rider and Marc L. Hutchison
Political Gender Equality and State Human Rights Abuse pp. 149-166 Downloads
Erik Melander
The Demand for Arms Imports pp. 167-181 Downloads
Ronald Smith and Ali Tasiran
A Crisis-Density Formulation for Identifying Rivalries pp. 183-200 Downloads
J. Joseph Hewitt
Rethinking the Greed–Grievance Nexus: Property Rights and the Political Economy of War in Sri Lanka pp. 201-217 Downloads
Benedikt Korf
Abuse and Westernization: Reflections on Strategies of Power pp. 219-235 Downloads
Stéphane la Branche

Volume 42, issue 1, 2005

Violent Adolescence: State Development and the Propensity for Militarized Interstate Conflict pp. 5-26 Downloads
Charles R. Boehmer and David Sobek
Putting the Numbers to Work: Implications for Violence Prevention pp. 27-45 Downloads
Karl R. DeRouen and Shaun Goldfinch
International Resource Conflict and Mitigation pp. 47-65 Downloads
Mark F. Giordano, Meredith A. Giordano and Aaron T. Wolf
War and Economic Performance pp. 67-82 Downloads
Vally Koubi
Media Framing and Foreign Policy: The Elite Press vis-à -vis US Policy in Bosnia, 1992–95 pp. 83-99 Downloads
Yehudith Auerbach and Yaeli Bloch-Elkon
Inequality and Violent Crime: Evidence from Data on Robbery and Violent Theft pp. 101-112 Downloads
Eric Neumayer

Volume 41, issue 6, 2004

Dyadic Hostility and the Ties That Bind: State-to-State versus State-to-System Security and Economic Relationships pp. 659-676 Downloads
Michelle A. Benson
Norms and Interests in US Asylum Enforcement pp. 677-697 Downloads
Marc R. Rosenblum and Idean Salehyan
Effects of Civil Wars on International Trade, 1950-92 pp. 699-713 Downloads
Resat Bayer and Matthew C. Rupert
The Rise of Religious Nationalism and Conflict: Ethnic Conflict and Revolutionary Wars, 1945-2001 pp. 715-731 Downloads
Jonathan Fox
Estonian Identity Formations and Threat Framing in the Post-Cold War Era pp. 733-750 Downloads
Erik Noreen and Roxanna Sjöstedt

Volume 41, issue 5, 2004

Assessing the Basis for a Culture of Peace in Contemporary Societies pp. 531-548 Downloads
Joseph De Rivera
Peace, War and Conflict: Social Representations Shared by Peace Activists and Non-Activists pp. 549-568 Downloads
Muro Sarrica and Alberta Contarello
Good Fences Make Good Neighbours? A Comparison of Conflict-Regulation Strategies in Postwar Bosnia pp. 569-588 Downloads
Nina Caspersen
Uncertainty of the Liberal Peace pp. 589-605 Downloads
Cullen Goenner
Identifying National Types: A Cluster Analysis of Politics, Economics, and Conflict pp. 607-623 Downloads
Murray Wolfson, Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi and Patrick James
Armed Conflict, 1989–2003 pp. 625-636 Downloads
Mikael Eriksson and Peter Wallensteen

Volume 41, issue 4, 2004

Civilian Victims in an Asymmetrical Conflict: Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan pp. 403-422 Downloads
Aldo A. Benini and Lawrence H. Moulton
Avoiding Diversionary Targets pp. 423-443 Downloads
Giacomo Chiozza and Henk E. Goemans
Forecasting Israeli–Palestinian Relations pp. 445-463 Downloads
Donald A. Sylvan, Jonathan W. Keller and Yoram Z. Haftel
How Does Violent Conflict Affect Investment Location Decisions? Evidence from Israel during the Intifada pp. 465-484 Downloads
David Fielding
Civilizational Conflicts: More Frequent, Longer, and Bloodier? pp. 485-498 Downloads
Andrej Tusicisny
Guns, Camps and Cash: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reinsertion of Former Combatants in Transitions from War to Peace pp. 499-516 Downloads
Mark Knight and Alpaslan O÷zerdem

Volume 41, issue 3, 2004

The Duration and Termination of Civil War pp. 243-252 Downloads
HÃ¥vard Hegre
On the Duration of Civil War pp. 253-273 Downloads
Paul Collier, Anke Hoeffler and Måns Söderbom
Why Do Some Civil Wars Last So Much Longer than Others? pp. 275-301 Downloads
James Fearon
The Dynamics of Civil War Duration and Outcome pp. 303-320 Downloads
Karl R. de Rouen and David Sobek
Congo: The Prize of Predation pp. 321-336 Downloads
Ola Olsson and Heather Congdon Fors
What Do We Know about Natural Resources and Civil War? pp. 337-356 Downloads
Michael L. Ross
African Militaries and Rebellion: The Political Economy of Threat and Combat Effectiveness pp. 357-369 Downloads
Jeffrey Herbst
Does Conflict Beget Conflict? Explaining Recurring Civil War pp. 371-388 Downloads
Barbara F. Walter

Volume 41, issue 2, 2004

Ethics and Intervention: the ‘Humanitarian Exception’ and the Problem of Abuse in the Case of Iraq pp. 131-147 Downloads
Alex J. Bellamy
Determinants of Post-Conflict Economic Assistance pp. 149-166 Downloads
Seonjou Kang and James Meernik
Unity in Action: Explaining Alignment Behavior in the Middle East pp. 167-189 Downloads
James H. Lebovic
Reaching Across the Dividing Line: Building a Collective Vision for Peace in Cyprus pp. 191-209 Downloads
Benjamin J. Broome
Measuring Alliances: the Correlates of War Formal Interstate Alliance Dataset, 1816–2000 pp. 211-222 Downloads
Douglas M. Gibler and Meredith Reid Sarkees
The Axis Occupation and Civil War: Changing Trends in Greek Historiography, 1941–2002 pp. 223-231 Downloads
Nikos Marantzidis and Giorgos Antoniou
Book Notes pp. 233-238 Downloads
Åshild Kolås, Elise Fredrikke Barth, Bethany Lacina, Dieter Janssen, Pavel Baev and Susanne Baier-Allen
Books Received pp. 239-240 Downloads

Volume 41, issue 1, 2004

World Economic Growth, Systemic Leadership, and Southern Debt Crises pp. 5-24 Downloads
Rafael Reuveny and William R. Thompson
Structure, Politics, and Ethnonationalist Contention in Post-Franco Spain: An Integrated Model pp. 25-46 Downloads
Gregory D. Saxton
Endogenizing Conflict Initiation: Flinching and Fighting at Global High Noon pp. 47-63 Downloads
Christopher K. Butler
Stalemate and the Termination of Civil War: Rhodesia Reassessed pp. 65-83 Downloads
Matthew Preston
Tito’s Slaughterhouse: A Critical Analysis of Rummel’s Work on Democide pp. 85-102 Downloads
Tomislav Dulić
One-Thirteenth of a Data Point Does Not a Generalization Make: A Response to Dulić pp. 103-104 Downloads
Rudolph J. Rummel
A Reply to Rummel pp. 105-106 Downloads
Tomislav Dulić
‘New Wars’ Discourse in Germany pp. 107-117 Downloads
Michael Brzoska
Book Notes pp. 119-125 Downloads
Helene Christiansen Ingierd, Dieter Janssen, Gregory Reichberg, Henrik Syse, Stein Tønnesson, Robert M. Hendershot, Christopher Horwood, Sverre Lodgaard, Paulus Maasalo, Anthony Mcdermott and Oliver P. Richmond
Books Received pp. 127-127 Downloads
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