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Volume 17, issue 3, 2019

Optimising the travel time of a line plan pp. 225-259 Downloads
Simon Bull, Jesper Larsen, Richard M. Lusby and Natalia J. Rezanova
Variable-fixing then subgradient optimization guided very large scale neighborhood search for the generalized assignment problem pp. 261-295 Downloads
Salim Haddadi
How do loyalty programs affect goodwill? An optimal control approach pp. 297-316 Downloads
Mariusz Górajski and Dominika Machowska
An optimal parameter choice for the Dai–Liao family of conjugate gradient methods by avoiding a direction of the maximum magnification by the search direction matrix pp. 317-330 Downloads
Zohre Aminifard and Saman Babaie-Kafaki
Designing efficient order picking systems: combining planning problems and integrating real-life features pp. 331-332 Downloads
Teun Gils
A comparative study of labeling algorithms within the branch-and-price framework for vehicle routing with time windows pp. 333-334 Downloads
Stefano Michelini

Volume 17, issue 2, 2019

Metaheuristics for data mining pp. 115-139 Downloads
Clarisse Dhaenens and Laetitia Jourdan
Evaluating groups with the generalized Shapley value pp. 141-172 Downloads
Ramón Flores, Elisenda Molina and Juan Tejada
Cutting stock problems with nondeterministic item lengths: a new approach to server consolidation pp. 173-200 Downloads
John Martinovic, Markus Hähnel, Guntram Scheithauer, Waltenegus Dargie and Andreas Fischer
Two-agent single-machine scheduling with cumulative deterioration pp. 201-219 Downloads
Ren-Xia Chen and Shi-Sheng Li
Linear and quadratic reformulations of nonlinear optimization problems in binary variables pp. 221-222 Downloads
Elisabeth Rodríguez-Heck
The trade-off between inventories, lead time and capacity: application to vaccine supply chain design pp. 223-224 Downloads
Stef Lemmens

Volume 17, issue 1, 2019

A selective survey of game-theoretic models of closed-loop supply chains pp. 1-44 Downloads
Pietro Giovanni and Georges Zaccour
Advertising and forecasting investments of a newsvendor pp. 45-73 Downloads
Mehmet Güray Güler
A Branch & Price algorithm for the minimum cost clique cover problem in max-point tolerance graphs pp. 75-96 Downloads
Luciano Porretta, Daniele Catanzaro, Bjarni V. Halldórsson and Bernard Fortz
A note on posterior tight worst-case bounds for longest processing time schedules pp. 97-107 Downloads
Johnny C. Ho, Ivar Massabò, Giuseppe Paletta and Alex J. Ruiz-Torres
Integrating order picking and vehicle routing decisions pp. 109-110 Downloads
Stef Moons
A methodological framework for evaluating metaheuristics: an application to vehicle routing pp. 111-112 Downloads
Jeroen Corstjens

Volume 16, issue 4, 2018

An algorithm for generalized constrained multi-source Weber problem with demand substations pp. 343-377 Downloads
S. Nobakhtian and A. Raeisi Dehkordi
Coordination of a socially responsible two-stage supply chain under price-dependent random demand pp. 379-400 Downloads
Xia Zhao and Runsheng Yin
Using groups in the splitting preconditioner computation for interior point methods pp. 401-410 Downloads
Luciana Casacio, Aurelio R. L. Oliveira and Christiano Lyra
Generating constrained length personalized bicycle tours pp. 411-439 Downloads
P. Stroobant, P. Audenaert, D. Colle and M. Pickavet
Combinatorial auctions: theory, experiments, and practice pp. 441-442 Downloads
Bart Vangerven
Exact and heuristic algorithms for vehicle routing, scheduling and location problems pp. 443-444 Downloads
Raphael Kramer
Tactical production planning for physical and financial flows of supply chain in a multi-site context pp. 445-446 Downloads
Yuan Bian
Aggregated formulations, exact and heuristic algorithms for pickup and delivery routing problems pp. 447-448 Downloads
Bruno P. Bruck

Volume 16, issue 3, 2018

Recent studies of agent incentives in internet resource allocation and pricing pp. 231-260 Downloads
Yukun Cheng, Xiaotie Deng and Dominik Scheder
Quasi-Newton methods for multiobjective optimization problems pp. 261-294 Downloads
Vahid Morovati, Hadi Basirzadeh and Latif Pourkarimi
Compact linearization for binary quadratic problems subject to assignment constraints pp. 295-309 Downloads
Sven Mallach
Optimality and duality in constrained interval-valued optimization pp. 311-337 Downloads
Do Luu and Tran Thi Mai
A supply chain perspective of synchromodality to increase the sustainability of freight transportation pp. 339-340 Downloads
Chuanwen Dong
The multiplicative weights update algorithm for mixed integer nonlinear programming: theory, applications, and limitations pp. 341-342 Downloads
Luca Mencarelli

Volume 16, issue 2, 2018

Nonlinear optimization and support vector machines pp. 111-149 Downloads
Veronica Piccialli and Marco Sciandrone
Nondominated Nash points: application of biobjective mixed integer programming pp. 151-171 Downloads
Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh and Masoud Talebian
New optimality conditions for unconstrained vector equilibrium problem in terms of contingent derivatives in Banach spaces pp. 173-198 Downloads
Tran Van Su
The inventory replenishment planning and staggering problem: a bi-objective approach pp. 199-224 Downloads
Fayez F. Boctor and Marie-Claude Bolduc
Passenger robust timetables for dense railway networks pp. 225-226 Downloads
Sofie Burggraeve
Design and management of freight transport networks: intermodal transport and externalities pp. 227-228 Downloads
Martine Mostert
Mathematical models and decomposition algorithms for cutting and packing problems pp. 229-230 Downloads
Maxence Delorme

Volume 16, issue 1, 2018

Sweet sixteen pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yves Crama, Michel Grabisch and Silvano Martello
Competitive multi-agent scheduling with an iterative selection rule pp. 15-29 Downloads
Gaia Nicosia, Andrea Pacifici and Ulrich Pferschy
Block rearranging elements within matrix columns to minimize the variability of the row sums pp. 31-50 Downloads
Kris Boudt, Edgars Jakobsons and Steven Vanduffel
Technology lock-in with horizontal and vertical innovations through limited R&D spending pp. 51-65 Downloads
Anton Bondarev and Alfred Greiner
Two-stage stochastic modeling of transportation outsourcing plans for transshipment centers pp. 67-94 Downloads
Ching-Hui Tang
Vector scheduling with rejection on a single machine pp. 95-104 Downloads
Weidong Li and Qianna Cui
Loading constraints in vehicle routing problems: a focus on axle weight limits pp. 105-106 Downloads
Hanne Pollaris
Collaborative logistics from the perspective of freight transport companies pp. 107-108 Downloads
Lotte Verdonck
Monotonicity-based consensus states for the monometric rationalisation of ranking rules with application in decision making pp. 109-110 Downloads
Raúl Pérez-Fernández

Volume 15, issue 4, 2017

Integrating column generation in a method to compute a discrete representation of the non-dominated set of multi-objective linear programmes pp. 331-357 Downloads
Kuan-Min Lin, Matthias Ehrgott and Andrea Raith
A multi-objective capacitated rural school bus routing problem with heterogeneous fleet and mixed loads pp. 359-386 Downloads
Fátima M. Souza Lima, Davi S. D. Pereira, Samuel V. Conceição and Ricardo S. Camargo
Improved approximation algorithms for parallel machine scheduling with release dates and job rejection pp. 387-406 Downloads
Xueling Zhong and Jinwen Ou
Heuristics and lower bounds for minimizing fuel consumption in hybrid-electrical vehicles pp. 407-430 Downloads
Sandra Ulrich Ngueveu, Stéphane Caux, Frédéric Messine and Mouloud Guemri
The three-dimensional rectangular Multiple Bin Size Bin Packing Problem with transportation constraints pp. 431-432 Downloads
Célia Paquay
Multi-classifier approaches for improving Clinical Decision Support Systems pp. 433-434 Downloads
Maria Carmela Groccia
Optimizing operational costs and service quality in dial-a-ride systems pp. 435-436 Downloads
Yves Molenbruch

Volume 15, issue 3, 2017

Recent contributions to linear semi-infinite optimization pp. 221-264 Downloads
M. A. Goberna and M. A. López
Semi-online hierarchical scheduling for $$l_p$$ l p -norm load balancing with buffer or rearrangements pp. 265-276 Downloads
Xianglai Qi and Jinjiang Yuan
Partially observed optimal stopping problem for discrete-time Markov processes pp. 277-302 Downloads
Benoîte Saporta, François Dufour and Christophe Nivot
Strictly feasible solutions and strict complementarity in multiple objective linear optimization pp. 303-326 Downloads
N. Mahdavi-Amiri and F. Salehi Sadaghiani
Random projections for high-dimensional optimization problems pp. 327-328 Downloads
Ky Vu
Erratum to: Approximating the length of Chinese postman tours pp. 329-330 Downloads
Nathalie Bostel, Philippe Castagliola, Pierre Dejax and André Langevin

Volume 15, issue 2, 2017

An $$\ell _{2}$$ ℓ 2 -neighborhood infeasible interior-point algorithm for linear complementarity problems pp. 111-131 Downloads
M. Pirhaji, M. Zangiabadi and H. Mansouri
Coordinating a supply chain with green innovation in a dynamic setting pp. 133-162 Downloads
Qiao Zhang, Jianxiong Zhang and Wansheng Tang
On-off scheduling schemes for power-constrained electric vehicle charging pp. 163-181 Downloads
Xavier Fernandes, Joana Rebelo, João Gouveia, Rodrigo Maia and Nuno Bustorff Silva
Improved lower bounds for the online bin stretching problem pp. 183-199 Downloads
Michaël Gabay, Nadia Brauner and Vladimir Kotov
Single-machine time-dependent scheduling problems with fixed rate-modifying activities and resumable jobs pp. 201-215 Downloads
Anna Arigliano, Gianpaolo Ghiani, Antonio Grieco and Emanuela Guerriero
Intelligent management of seaside logistic operations at maritime container terminals pp. 217-218 Downloads
Eduardo Lalla-Ruiz
Models and algorithms for extended network design pp. 219-220 Downloads
Alessandro Hill

Volume 15, issue 1, 2017

Optimization in liner shipping pp. 1-35 Downloads
Berit Dangaard Brouer, Christian Vad Karsten and David Pisinger
Balancing two-sided U-type assembly lines using modified particle swarm optimization algorithm pp. 37-66 Downloads
Yılmaz Delice, Emel Kızılkaya Aydoğan, Uğur Özcan and Mehmet Sıtkı İlkay
Finite approximation for finite-horizon continuous-time Markov decision processes pp. 67-84 Downloads
Qingda Wei
A class of adaptive Dai–Liao conjugate gradient methods based on the scaled memoryless BFGS update pp. 85-92 Downloads
Saman Babaie-Kafaki and Reza Ghanbari
Third order duality in nonlinear programming problems pp. 93-105 Downloads
S. K. Padhan and C. Nahak
Modeling in air transportation: cargo loading and itinerary choice pp. 107-108 Downloads
Virginie Lurkin
Optimizing practical orienteering problems with stochastic time-dependent travel times: towards congestion free routes pp. 109-110 Downloads
Cédric Verbeeck
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