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Volume 42, issue 1, 2020

Computer Geometry: Rep-Tiles with a Hole pp. 1-5 Downloads
Christoph Bandt and Dmitry Mekhontsev
Can the Elliptic Billiard Still Surprise Us? pp. 6-17 Downloads
Dan Reznik, Ronaldo Garcia and Jair Koiller
Rectification of Circular Arcs by Linkages pp. 18-23 Downloads
Robert Dawson and Pietro Milici
Mathematical Sightings at the Museum of Tomorrow pp. 24-28 Downloads
Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Peñas
The Day I Receive My Ph.D pp. 29-29 Downloads
Arkaye Kierulf
Digital Images Unveil Geometric Structures in Pairs of Relatively Prime Numbers pp. 30-35 Downloads
Benjamín A. Itzá-Ortiz, Roberto López-Hernández and Pedro Miramontes
A Flowering of Mathematical Art pp. 36-40 Downloads
Jim Henle and Craig Kasper
Remembering e pp. 41-41 Downloads
Robert J. MacG. Dawson
Odd Perfect Numbers: A Triptych pp. 42-46 Downloads
William Dunham
Prime Suspect pp. 47-48 Downloads
Colin Adams
More on Croatian and Zagreb Mathematics pp. 49-54 Downloads
Darko Veljan
Covering a Triangular Number with Pentagonal Numbers pp. 55-55 Downloads
Günhan Caglayan
“Actual Accomplishments in This World”: The Other Students of Charlotte Angas Scott pp. 56-65 Downloads
Jemma Lorenat
The Role of History in the Study of Mathematics pp. 66-69 Downloads
Harold M. Edwards
The Scottish Book. Mathematics from the Scottish Café, with Selected Problems from the New Scottish Book, second edition Edited by R. Daniel Mauldin pp. 71-74 Downloads
Serge Tabachnikov
Giovanni Battista Guccia: Pioneer of International Cooperation in Mathematics by Benedetto Bongiorno and Guillermo P. Curbera pp. 75-81 Downloads
Rossana Tazzioli
The Perfect Bet by Adam Kucharski pp. 82-83 Downloads
Marco Alberto Javarone
Mathematical Understanding of Nature: Essays on Physical Phenomena and Their Understanding by Mathematicians by V. I. Arnold, translated by Alexei Sossinsky and Olga Sipacheva pp. 84-86 Downloads
Mark Levi
Mathematical Constants, Mathematical Constants II pp. 87-88 Downloads
Osmo Pekonen
Restaurant Review pp. 89-89 Downloads
Jane P. Sheldon
The Early 20th Century pp. 90-90 Downloads
Robin Wilson

Volume 41, issue 4, 2019

Counting Parallel Segments: New Variants of Pick’s Area Theorem pp. 1-7 Downloads
Alexander Belyaev and Pierre-Alain Fayolle
Cooking with Mathematicians pp. 8-9 Downloads
Demian Nahuel Goos Bosco
On Generalizing a Corollary of Fermat’s Little Theorem pp. 10-12 Downloads
Gove Effinger
Popov, Berg, Sokolov: A Street with Three Plaques pp. 13-15 Downloads
Bismark Singh
The Blind Locksmith pp. 16-16 Downloads
Terry Trowbridge
Ruler and Compass Constructions of the Equilateral Triangle and Pentagon in the Lemniscate Curve pp. 17-21 Downloads
M. A. Gómez-Molleda and Joan-C. Lario
Numeralogy pp. 22-27 Downloads
Jim Henle
N of 1 pp. 28-28 Downloads
Michael J. Leach
A Relationship between the Tractrix and Logarithmic Curves with Mechanical Applications pp. 29-34 Downloads
Davide Crippa and Pietro Milici
GUI pp. 35-36 Downloads
Colin Adams
In Search of Shadows: The First Topological Conference, Moscow 1935 pp. 37-42 Downloads
Darya E. Apushkinskaya, Alexander I. Nazarov and Galina I. Sinkevich
I Had to Call In a Mathematician pp. 43-43 Downloads
Erik Talvila
Contraband Mathematics: A Documentary Review of the Resources Available to George Green at the Nottingham Subscription Library 1823–1828 pp. 44-55 Downloads
Rachel Harding and Michael Harding
Kasner Meets Poncelet pp. 56-59 Downloads
Serge Tabachnikov
Vertical pp. 60-60 Downloads
Lawrence M. Lesser
Thomas Harriot: A Life in Science by Robyn Arianrhod pp. 62-65 Downloads
Joseph Mazur
Mathematics + Art: A Cultural History by Lynn Gamwell pp. 66-68 Downloads
Pedro Freitas and Simão Palmeirim
Harmonies of Disorder—Norbert Wiener: A Mathematician–Philosopher of Our Time by Leone Montagnini pp. 69-70 Downloads
Eisso J. Atzema
How to Fall Slower Than Gravity by Paul J. Nahin pp. 71-72 Downloads
Andrew Simoson
The Life and Works of John Napier by Brian Rice, Enrique González-Velasco, and Alexander Corrigan (eds.) pp. 73-74 Downloads
Osmo Pekonen
Indivisible pp. 75-75 Downloads
Adam Simon Levine
Quantum theory pp. 76-76 Downloads
Robin Wilson

Volume 41, issue 3, 2019

Phase Portraits of Hyperbolic Geometry pp. 1-9 Downloads
Scott B. Lindstrom and Paul Vrbik
Doing Math in Jest: Reflections on Useless Math, the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics, and the Ethical Obligations of Mathematicians pp. 10-13 Downloads
Gizem Karaali
The Basel Problem: A Physicist’s Solution pp. 14-18 Downloads
Zurab K. Silagadze
My Undercover Mission to Find Cairo Tilings pp. 19-22 Downloads
Frank Morgan
The Euclidean Domain pp. 23-23 Downloads
David Kramer
A Straightforward Proof of Descartes’s Circle Theorem pp. 24-27 Downloads
Paul Levrie
A Mathematical Art pp. 28-32 Downloads
Jim Henle
Are Induction and Well-Ordering Equivalent? pp. 33-40 Downloads
Lars–Daniel Öhman
Cylindra Ella pp. 41-43 Downloads
Colin Adams
Mihailo Petrović Alas: Mathematician and Master Fisherman pp. 44-50 Downloads
Vesna Todorčević and Marija Šegan-Radonjić
The Bread Crumbs of Proof pp. 51-51 Downloads
Gizem Karaali
A Refugee Scholar from Nazi Germany: Emmy Noether and Bryn Mawr College pp. 52-65 Downloads
Qinna Shen
Too Many Hats pp. 66-71 Downloads
Rob Pratt, Stan Wagon, Michael Wiener and Piotr Zieliński
Modeling a Hypothetical Zombie Outbreak Can Save Us from Real-World Monsters pp. 72-79 Downloads
João Paulo A. Mendonça, Leonardo M. V. Teixeira, Fernando Sato and Lohan R. N. Ferreira
Humanizing Mathematics and Its Philosophy: Essays Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Reuben HershEdited by Bharath Sriraman pp. 80-81 Downloads
John J. Watkins
Measured Words: Computation and Writing in Renaissance Italy by Arielle Saiber pp. 82-86 Downloads
Raffaele Pisano
Weird Math: A Teenage Genius & His Teacher Reveal the Strange Connections Between Math & Everyday Life by David Darling and Agnijo Banerjee pp. 87-88 Downloads
Christopher S. Brownell
Imagine Math 6: Between Culture and Mathematicsedited by Michele Emmer and Marco Abate pp. 89-90 Downloads
Andrew J. Simoson
Women in Mathematics: Celebrating the Centennial of the Mathematical Association of America by Janet L. Beery, Sarah J. Greenwald, Jacqueline A. Jensen-Vallin, and Maura B. Mast (eds.) pp. 91-92 Downloads
Mary W. Gray
Before Voltaire: The French Origins of “Newtonian” Mechanics 1680–1715 by J. B. Shank pp. 93-96 Downloads
Tony Crilly
Non-Centrifugal Mathematics pp. 97-97 Downloads
Lee Goldstein
The Nature of Light pp. 98-98 Downloads
Robin Wilson and Dr Keith Hannabuss

Volume 41, issue 2, 2019

An Experimental Mathematics Approach to the Area Statistic of Parking Functions pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yukun Yao and Doron Zeilberger
The Gömböc Pill pp. 9-11 Downloads
Gábor Domokos
The Intrigues and Delights of Kleinian and Quasi-Fuchsian Limit Sets pp. 12-19 Downloads
Chris King
Cold and Austere Beauty in Harbin, China pp. 20-26 Downloads
Dirk Huylebrouck
One Bad Formula Can Spoil Everything: A Simple Adjustment That Would Improve the UN’s Gender Inequality Index pp. 27-34 Downloads
Max McDonald and Neal Koblitz
Mad Math pp. 35-41 Downloads
Jim Henle
Probability and Kinetic Theory: A Tale of Two Disciplines pp. 42-56 Downloads
Prakash Gorroochurn
Do Androids Dream of Symmetric Sheaves? pp. 57-59 Downloads
Colin Adams
Yet Another Visual Proof that $$\pi ^{e} pp. 60-60 Downloads
Ananda Mukherjee and Bikash Chakraborty
What Is Schur Positivity and How Common Is It? pp. 61-64 Downloads
Rebecca Patrias
On Emmy Noether’s Role in the Relativity Revolution pp. 65-72 Downloads
David E. Rowe
There Is a $$3\times 3$$ 3 × 3 Magic Square of Squares on the Moon—A Lot of Them, Actually pp. 73-76 Downloads
Christian Woll
Annals of Dendrology pp. 77-77 Downloads
Will Kazez
The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing by Martin Davis pp. 78-79 Downloads
Roman Kossak
The Man Who Counted by Malba Tahan pp. 80-81 Downloads
David Fernández
Simplicity: Ideals of Practice in Mathematics and the Arts by Roman Kossak & Philip Ording (eds.) pp. 82-84 Downloads
Michael Harris
A Dingo Ate My Math Book: Mathematics from Down Under by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross pp. 85-86 Downloads
Tushar Das
Arithmetic by Paul Lockhart pp. 87-87 Downloads
Pamela Gorkin
A Villanelle on the Infinitesimal pp. 88-88 Downloads
Michael J. Leach
Correction to: Baseball Retrograde Analysis pp. 89-89 Downloads
Jerry Butters and Jim Henle

Volume 41, issue 1, 2019

A Simple Rederivation of Onsager’s Solution of the 2D Ising Model Using Experimental Mathematics pp. 1-6 Downloads
Manuel Kauers and Doron Zeilberger
Pushing a Rectangle down a Path pp. 7-10 Downloads
Richard Evan Schwartz
On Taking Square Roots pp. 11-15 Downloads
Daniel W. Stroock
Combinatorics Comes to the Rescue: h-Vectors in Commutative Algebra pp. 16-21 Downloads
A. Y. M. Chin, M. R. Pournaki, S. A. Seyed Fakhari and S. Yassemi
The Consistency of Arithmetic pp. 22-30 Downloads
Timothy Y. Chow
Enigmatic Geometric Tattoos of the Butbut of Kalinga, Philippines pp. 31-38 Downloads
Ma. Louise Antonette N. Las Peñas and Analyn Salvador-Amores
The Modern Prometheus pp. 39-41 Downloads
Colin Adams
Is It Disgraceful to Present a Book of Mathematics to a Queen? pp. 42-50 Downloads
Amirouche Moktefi
What Was Lejeune Dirichlet Like? pp. 51-55 Downloads
Robin Wilson
A Visual Proof that $$\pi ^{e} pp. 56-56 Downloads
Bikash Chakraborty
Approaching the History of Mathematics via the Performing Arts: Kepler: A “Renaissance Folk Play” in Verse pp. 57-66 Downloads
Susan Gerofsky
The Universal Aesthetics of Mathematics pp. 67-70 Downloads
Samuel G. B. Johnson and Stefan Steinerberger
Mathematical Treasures from Sid Sackson pp. 71-77 Downloads
Jim Henle
Elegy pp. 78-78 Downloads
Ruoshi Sun
Ode to Numbers by Sarah Glaz pp. 79-80 Downloads
Emily Grosholz
Reverse Mathematics: Proofs from the Inside Out by John Stillwell pp. 81-82 Downloads
Roman Kossak
Fourier Analysis and Hausdorff Dimension by Pertti Mattila pp. 83-86 Downloads
Alex Iosevich
All Sides to an Oval: Properties, Parameters, and Borromini’s Mysterious Construction By Angelo Alessandro Mazzotti pp. 87-89 Downloads
Roberta Spallone and Marco Vitali
Markov Chains and Mixing Times (Second Edition) by David A. Levin and Yuval Peres pp. 90-91 Downloads
David Aldous
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