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1958 - 2022

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Volume 85, issue 8, 2022

Non asymptotic expansions of the MME in the case of Poisson observations pp. 927-950 Downloads
O. V. Chernoyarov, A. S. Dabye, F. N. Diop and Y. A. Kutoyants
Consistency of the MLE under a two-parameter Gamma mixture model with a structural shape parameter pp. 951-975 Downloads
Mingxing He and Jiahua Chen
Distribution-free specification test for volatility function based on high-frequency data with microstructure noise pp. 977-1022 Downloads
Yinfen Tang, Tao Su and Zhiyuan Zhang
Bayesian estimation for an item response tree model for nonresponse modeling pp. 1023-1047 Downloads
Yu-Wei Chang and Jyun-Ye Tu
Universally optimal balanced block designs for interference model pp. 1049-1061 Downloads
Akram Fakhari-Esferizi and Saeid Pooladsaz

Volume 85, issue 7, 2022

Estimating a gradual parameter change in an AR(1)-process pp. 771-808 Downloads
Marie Hušková, Zuzana Prášková and Josef G. Steinebach
A note on the coverage behaviour of bootstrap percentile confidence intervals for constrained parameters pp. 809-831 Downloads
Chunlin Wang, Paul Marriott and Pengfei Li
Prediction of future censored lifetimes from mixture exponential distribution pp. 833-857 Downloads
Omar M. Bdair and Mohammad Z. Raqab
Asymptotic Z and chi-squared tests with auxiliary information pp. 859-883 Downloads
Mickael Albertus
Statistical analysis of the non-ergodic fractional Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process with periodic mean pp. 885-911 Downloads
Rachid Belfadli, Khalifa Es-Sebaiy and Fatima-Ezzahra Farah
An extension of the Gumbel–Barnett family of copulas pp. 913-926 Downloads
Walter Diaz and Carles M. Cuadras

Volume 85, issue 6, 2022

Construction of group strong orthogonal arrays of strength two plus pp. 657-674 Downloads
Mengmeng Liu, Min-Qian Liu and Jinyu Yang
Prediction of record values by using quantile regression curves and distortion functions pp. 675-706 Downloads
Jorge Navarro
Robust covariance estimation for distributed principal component analysis pp. 707-732 Downloads
Kangqiang Li, Han Bao and Lixin Zhang
Asymptotic results for linear combinations of spacings generated by i.i.d. exponential random variables pp. 733-752 Downloads
Camilla Calì, Maria Longobardi, Claudio Macci and Barbara Pacchiarotti
Construction of uniform mixed-level designs through level permutations pp. 753-770 Downloads
Bochuan Jiang, Fei Wang and Yaping Wang

Volume 85, issue 5, 2022

Mixed two- and four-level split-plot designs with combined minimum aberration pp. 537-555 Downloads
Zhaohui Yan and Shengli Zhao
A high-dimensional test on linear hypothesis of means under a low-dimensional factor model pp. 557-572 Downloads
Mingxiang Cao and Yuanjing He
Weak runs in sequences of binary trials pp. 573-603 Downloads
Spiros D. Dafnis and Frosso S. Makri
Rank-based test for slope homogeneity in high-dimensional panel data models pp. 605-626 Downloads
Yanling Ding, Binghui Liu, Ping Zhao and Long Feng
Expectile regression for spatial functional data analysis (sFDA) pp. 627-655 Downloads
Mustapha Rachdi, Ali Laksaci and Noriah M. Al-Kandari

Volume 85, issue 4, 2022

Asymptotically optimal maximin distance Latin hypercube designs pp. 405-418 Downloads
Tonghui Pang, Yan Wang and Jian-Feng Yang
The quarter median pp. 419-458 Downloads
Ludwig Baringhaus and Rudolf Grübel
$$\ell _2$$ ℓ 2 -penalized approximate likelihood inference in logit mixed models for regional prevalence estimation under covariate rank-deficiency pp. 459-489 Downloads
Joscha Krause, Jan Pablo Burgard and Domingo Morales
Most powerful test sequences with early stopping options pp. 491-513 Downloads
Sergey Tarima and Nancy Flournoy
Bayesian predictive density estimation with parametric constraints for the exponential distribution with unknown location pp. 515-536 Downloads
Yasuyuki Hamura and Tatsuya Kubokawa

Volume 85, issue 3, 2022

Kernel based estimation of the distribution function for length biased data pp. 269-287 Downloads
Arup Bose and Santanu Dutta
Nonparametric estimation of cumulative distribution function from noisy data in the presence of Berkson and classical errors pp. 289-322 Downloads
Cao Xuan Phuong, Le Thi Hong Thuy and Vo Nguyen Tuyet Doan
Estimation of conditional distribution functions from data with additional errors applied to shape optimization pp. 323-343 Downloads
Matthias Hansmann, Benjamin M. Horn, Michael Kohler and Stefan Ulbrich
The mixture design threshold accepting algorithm for generating $$\varvec{D}$$ D -optimal designs of the mixture models pp. 345-371 Downloads
Haoyu Wang and Chongqi Zhang
Poisson QMLE for change-point detection in general integer-valued time series models pp. 373-403 Downloads
Mamadou Lamine Diop and William Kengne

Volume 85, issue 2, 2022

Detecting multiple generalized change-points by isolating single ones pp. 141-174 Downloads
Andreas Anastasiou and Piotr Fryzlewicz
Estimation for partially varying-coefficient single-index models with distorted measurement errors pp. 175-201 Downloads
Zhensheng Huang, Xing Sun and Riquan Zhang
Minimax robust designs for regression models with heteroscedastic errors pp. 203-222 Downloads
Kai Yzenbrandt and Julie Zhou
Generalized partial linear models with nonignorable dropouts pp. 223-252 Downloads
Yujing Shao and Lei Wang
D-optimal joint best linear unbiased prediction of order statistics pp. 253-267 Downloads
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan and Ritwik Bhattacharya

Volume 85, issue 1, 2022

High-dimensional quantile varying-coefficient models with dimension reduction pp. 1-19 Downloads
Weihua Zhao, Rui Li and Heng Lian
High-dimensional inference for linear model with correlated errors pp. 21-52 Downloads
Panxu Yuan and Xiao Guo
$$I_L$$ I L -optimal designs for regression models under the second-order least squares estimator pp. 53-66 Downloads
Lei He and Rong-Xian Yue
On a stochastic order induced by an extension of Panjer’s family of discrete distributions pp. 67-91 Downloads
Aleksandr Beknazaryan and Peter Adamic
Quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of short panel data models with time-varying individual effects pp. 93-114 Downloads
Yan Sun and Wei Huang
On estimating common mean of several inverse Gaussian distributions pp. 115-139 Downloads
Samadrita Bera and Nabakumar Jana

Volume 84, issue 8, 2021

Projection properties of two-level supersaturated designs constructed from Hadamard designs using Lin’s method pp. 1095-1108 Downloads
H. Evangelaras and S. D. Georgiou
Two-stage estimation and simultaneous confidence band in partially nonlinear additive model pp. 1109-1140 Downloads
Rui Li and Yuanyuan Zhang
Checking for model failure and for prior-data conflict with the constrained multinomial model pp. 1141-1168 Downloads
Berthold-Georg Englert, Michael Evans, Gun Ho Jang, Hui Khoon Ng, David Nott and Yi-Lin Seah
High-dimensional sphericity test by extended likelihood ratio pp. 1169-1212 Downloads
Zhendong Wang and Xingzhong Xu
On Some Properties of $$\alpha $$ α -Mixtures pp. 1213-1240 Downloads
Omid Shojaee, Majid Asadi and Maxim Finkelstein
Some conditional reliability properties of k-out-of-n system composed of different types of components with discrete independent lifetimes pp. 1241-1251 Downloads
Krzysztof Jasiński

Volume 84, issue 7, 2021

Construction of mixed-level supersaturated split-plot designs pp. 949-967 Downloads
K. Chatterjee and C. Koukouvinos
Uniform augmented q-level designs pp. 969-995 Downloads
Zongyi Hu, Jiaqi Liu, Yi Li and Hongyi Li
Asymptotic theory for regression models with fractional local to unity root errors pp. 997-1024 Downloads
Kris Brabanter and Farzad Sabzikar
A Jackknife Empirical Likelihood Approach for Testing the Homogeneity of K Variances pp. 1025-1048 Downloads
Yongli Sang
A robust Birnbaum–Saunders regression model based on asymmetric heavy-tailed distributions pp. 1049-1080 Downloads
Rocío Maehara, Heleno Bolfarine, Filidor Vilca and N. Balakrishnan
The number of failed components in a coherent working system when the lifetimes are discretely distributed pp. 1081-1094 Downloads
Krzysztof Jasiński

Volume 84, issue 6, 2021

A new method of finding component orthogonal arrays for order-of-addition experiments pp. 805-824 Downloads
Yuna Zhao, Zhiwei Li and Shengli Zhao
On moments of folded and truncated multivariate Student-t distributions based on recurrence relations pp. 825-850 Downloads
Christian E. Galarza, Tsung-I Lin, Wan-Lun Wang and Víctor H. Lachos
Convergence of least squares estimators in the adaptive Wynn algorithm for some classes of nonlinear regression models pp. 851-874 Downloads
Fritjof Freise, Norbert Gaffke and Rainer Schwabe
Network vector autoregression with individual effects pp. 875-893 Downloads
Yiming Tang, Yang Bai and Tao Huang
Uniform consistency in number of neighbors of the kNN estimator of the conditional quantile model pp. 895-911 Downloads
Ali Laksaci, Elias Ould Saïd and Mustapha Rachdi
Imprecise inference based on the log-rank test for accelerated life testing pp. 913-925 Downloads
Frank P. A. Coolen, Abdullah A. H. Ahmadini and Tahani Coolen-Maturi
Diagnostic test meta-analysis by empirical likelihood under a Copas-like selection model pp. 927-947 Downloads
Mengke Li, Yan Fan, Yang Liu and Yukun Liu

Volume 84, issue 5, 2021

Maximin distance designs based on densest packings pp. 615-634 Downloads
Liuqing Yang, Yongdao Zhou and Min-Qian Liu
On histogram-based regression and classification with incomplete data pp. 635-662 Downloads
Eric Han and Majid Mojirsheibani
Bayesian multi-way balanced nested MANOVA models with random effects and a large number of the main factor levels pp. 663-692 Downloads
Chun-Lung Su
New efficient spline estimation for varying-coefficient models with two-step knot number selection pp. 693-712 Downloads
Jun Jin, Tiefeng Ma and Jiajia Dai
Integer-valued time series model order shrinkage and selection via penalized quasi-likelihood approach pp. 713-750 Downloads
Xinyang Wang, Dehui Wang and Kai Yang
Convergence and inference for mixed Poisson random sums pp. 751-777 Downloads
Gabriela Oliveira, Wagner Barreto-Souza and Roger W. C. Silva
On the use of repeated measurement errors in linear regression models pp. 779-803 Downloads
Mengli Zhang and Yang Bai

Volume 84, issue 4, 2021

A-optimal designs under a linearized model for discrete choice experiments pp. 445-465 Downloads
Rakhi Singh, Angela Dean, Ashish Das and Fangfang Sun
Efficient Estimation for Varying-Coefficient Mixed Effects Models with Functional Response Data pp. 467-495 Downloads
Xiong Cai, Liugen Xue, Xiaolong Pu and Xingyu Yan
Efficient crossover designs for non-regular settings pp. 497-510 Downloads
Rakhi Singh and Joachim Kunert
Asymptotic properties of mildly explosive processes with locally stationary disturbance pp. 511-534 Downloads
Junichi Hirukawa and Sangyeol Lee
On the properties of hermite series based distribution function estimators pp. 535-559 Downloads
Michael Stephanou and Melvin Varughese
Least squares moment identification of binary regression mixture models pp. 561-593 Downloads
Benjamin Auder, Elisabeth Gassiat and Mor Absa Loum
Estimation of autocovariance matrices for high dimensional linear processes pp. 595-613 Downloads
Konrad Furmańczyk

Volume 84, issue 3, 2021

Nearest neighbor balanced block designs for autoregressive errors pp. 281-312 Downloads
Mamadou Koné and Annick Valibouze
On the equivalence between the LRT and F-test for testing variance components in a class of linear mixed models pp. 313-338 Downloads
Fares Qeadan and Ronald Christensen
A shrinkage approach to joint estimation of multiple covariance matrices pp. 339-374 Downloads
Zongliang Hu, Zhishui Hu, Kai Dong, Tiejun Tong and Yuedong Wang
Random discretization of stationary continuous time processes pp. 375-400 Downloads
Anne Philippe, Caroline Robet and Marie-Claude Viano
A new test of multivariate normality by a double estimation in a characterizing PDE pp. 401-427 Downloads
Philip Dörr, Bruno Ebner and Norbert Henze
Additive functional regression in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces under smoothness condition pp. 429-442 Downloads
Yuzhu Tian, Hongmei Lin, Heng Lian and Zengyan Fan
Correction to: Asymptotic properties of Lee distance pp. 443-444 Downloads
Nikolay I. Nikolov and Eugenia Stoimenova

Volume 84, issue 2, 2021

Minimum aberration blocked designs with multiple block variables pp. 121-140 Downloads
Shengli Zhao and Qianqian Zhao
Universal weighted kernel-type estimators for some class of regression models pp. 141-166 Downloads
Igor S. Borisov, Yuliana Yu. Linke and Pavel S. Ruzankin
Optimal model averaging estimator for semi-functional partially linear models pp. 167-194 Downloads
Rongjie Jiang, Liming Wang and Yang Bai
On the ARCH model with stationary liquidity pp. 195-224 Downloads
Marko Voutilainen, Pauliina Ilmonen, Soledad Torres, Ciprian Tudor and Lauri Viitasaari
Parallel inference for big data with the group Bayesian method pp. 225-243 Downloads
Guangbao Guo, Guoqi Qian, Lu Lin and Wei Shao
General flation models for count data pp. 245-261 Downloads
Dankmar Böhning and Helen E. Ogden
On past geometric vitality function of order statistics pp. 263-280 Downloads
Ramanathan Gayathri and Enchakudiyil Ibrahim Abdul Sathar

Volume 84, issue 1, 2021

Analytic solutions for locally optimal designs for gamma models having linear predictors without intercept pp. 1-26 Downloads
Osama Idais and Rainer Schwabe
A general multivariate new better than used (MNBU) distribution and its properties pp. 27-46 Downloads
Hyunju Lee and Ji Hwan Cha
Conditional maximum Lq-likelihood estimation for regression model with autoregressive error terms pp. 47-74 Downloads
Yeşim Güney, Y. Tuaç, Ş. Özdemir and O. Arslan
An empirical likelihood method for quantile regression models with censored data pp. 75-96 Downloads
Qibing Gao, Xiuqing Zhou, Yanqin Feng, Xiuli Du and XiaoXiao Liu
Statistical inference based on a new weighted likelihood approach pp. 97-120 Downloads
Suman Majumder, Adhidev Biswas, Tania Roy, Subir Kumar Bhandari and Ayanendranath Basu
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