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Volume 10, issue 3, 2018

Unsolicited reports of voice hearing in the general population: a study using a novel method pp. 163-174 Downloads
Ruvanee P. Vilhauer and Himadhari Sharma
Engagement at entry to an early intervention service for first episode psychosis: an exploratory study of young people and caregivers pp. 175-186 Downloads
Rachel M Tindall, Kelly Allott, Magenta Simmons, Winsome Roberts and Bridget E Hamilton
Be outspoken and overcome stigmatizing thoughts (BOOST): a group treatment for internalized stigma in first-episode psychosis pp. 187-197 Downloads
Michael W Best, Michael Grossman, Melissa Milanovic, Sean Renaud and Christopher R Bowie
Willingness and Acceptance of Delusions Scale: early findings on a new instrument for psychological flexibility pp. 198-207 Downloads
Maria João R.V. Martins, Paula Castilho, António F. Macedo, Ana Telma Pereira, Paula Vagos, Diana Carvalho, Miguel Bajouco, Nuno Madeira, Vasco Nogueira and Célia Barreto Carvalho
Association of types of delusions and hallucinations with childhood abuse and neglect among inpatients with schizophrenia in South Korea: A preliminary study pp. 208-212 Downloads
Hwigon Kim, Daeho Kim and Seok Hyeon Kim
Avatar Therapy for persistent auditory verbal hallucinations: a case report of a peer research assistant on his path toward recovery pp. 213-219 Downloads
Laura Dellazizzo, Olivier Percie du Sert, Stéphane Potvin, Richard Breton, Jean-François Pelletier, Patrice Renaud and Alexandre Dumais
YouTube videos on psychosocial interventions for schizophrenia pp. 220-224 Downloads
Devvarta Kumar and Manisha Jha
In the hands of others: the nightmare begins pp. 225-227 Downloads
Lin Cochrane
My psychosis and meds pp. 228-234 Downloads
David Son
Can’t you hear them? The science and significance of hearing voices pp. 235-235 Downloads
Vanessa Beavan
Madness: ideas about insanity pp. 236-236 Downloads
Bruce M. Z. Cohen
The shock of the fall pp. 237-237 Downloads
Simon McCarthy-Jones

Volume 10, issue 2, 2018

Living with psychosis: strategies and social conditions for recovery pp. 81-89 Downloads
Eugenie Georgaca and Anastasia Zissi
Therapeutic relationship and concordance of client- and clinician-rated motivational goals in treatment of people with psychosis: an exploratory study pp. 90-98 Downloads
Marialuisa Cavelti, Raphaela M. Tschümperlin, Daniela Hubl, Zeno Kupper, Franz Caspar and Stefan Westermann
An exploration of young people’s narratives of hope following experience of psychosis pp. 99-109 Downloads
Victoria Bonnett, Clio Berry, Sara Meddings and Sue Holttum
Psychotherapy in schizophrenia: a retrospective controlled study pp. 110-121 Downloads
Annbjørg Haram, Egil Jonsbu, Roar Fosse, Finn Skårderud and Torstein Hole
“It was definitely a sexual kind of sensation”: sex, sexual identity, and gender in the phenomenology of psychosis pp. 122-131 Downloads
Nev Jones, Cherise Rosen, Sarah Kamens and Mona Shattell
Relating Therapy for distressing voices: Who, or what, is changing? pp. 132-141 Downloads
Mark Hayward, Leanne Bogen-Johnston and Felicity Deamer
Antidepressant tapering strips to help people come off medication more safely pp. 142-145 Downloads
Peter C. Groot and Jim van Os
Peer support for internalised stigma experienced by people with psychosis: rationale and recommendations pp. 146-152 Downloads
Melissa Pyle, Stephen Pilling, Karen Machin, Ginny Allende-Cullen and Anthony P. Morrison
Exploring issues of self-stigma in “Emily’s Voices”: a memoir of psychosis and recovery pp. 153-157 Downloads
Roz Austin
Problems with a recent genome-wide association study in schizophrenia pp. 158-159 Downloads
Colin A. Ross and Andrew W. Ross
Insanity and divinity: studies in psychosis and spirituality pp. 160-161 Downloads
Stella Compton Dickinson
Psychiatric Hegemony: a Marxist theory of mental illness pp. 161-162 Downloads
Peter Morrall

Volume 10, issue 1, 2018

Experimental manipulation of metacognitive beliefs and paranoia in a non-clinical population pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maria Kaltsi, Sandra Bucci and Anthony P. Morrison
“It doesn’t mean I’m useless”: how do young people experiencing psychosis contribute to their families and why are contributions sometimes overlooked? pp. 11-21 Downloads
Justin Allman, Anne Cooke, Becky Whitfield and Michelle McCartney
Psychosocial interventions in schizophrenia: a survey of clinical training and clinicians’ opinions in India pp. 22-37 Downloads
Devvarta Kumar
Unusual conditions: delusional infestation: is it beyond psychological understanding and treatment? Time to rethink? pp. 38-46 Downloads
Jessica E. O’Connell and Henry J. Jackson
The difference that makes the difference: a conceptual analysis of the open dialogue approach pp. 47-54 Downloads
Laura Galbusera and Miriam Kyselo
An analogue study investigating voice-hearing following exposure to stressful material pp. 55-57 Downloads
Samantha Wong, Sandra Bucci, Akib Ul Huque, Samantha Hartley, Richard J. Brown and Katherine Berry
Memo to the newest generation of gene hunters: read Jay Joseph pp. 58-61 Downloads
Jonathan Leo
Negative symptoms: barely understood, poorly treated pp. 62-63 Downloads
Alice Thomson, Helen Griffiths and Matthias Schwannauer
Evolution or revolution pp. 64-69 Downloads
Debra Lampshire
A diagnosis of “Borderline Personality Disorder” Who am I? Who could I have been? Who can I become? pp. 70-75 Downloads
Gary H
Emily’s voices pp. 76-77 Downloads
Rebecca McKnight

Volume 9, issue 4, 2017

Social isolation and psychosis-like experiences: a UK general population analysis pp. 291-300 Downloads
Sarah Butter, Jamie Murphy, Mark Shevlin and James Houston
Intimacy and its barriers: A qualitative exploration of intimacy and related struggles among people diagnosed with psychosis pp. 301-309 Downloads
José de Jager, Bahar Cirakoglu, Annet Nugter and Jim van Os
The long-term use of psychiatric services within the Open Dialogue treatment system after first-episode psychosis pp. 310-321 Downloads
Tomi Bergström, Birgitta Alakare, Jukka Aaltonen, Pirjo Mäki, Päivi Köngäs-Saviaro, Jyri J. Taskila and Jaakko Seikkula
Emplacing recovery: how persons diagnosed with psychosis handle stress in cities pp. 322-329 Downloads
Ola Söderström, Dag Söderström, Zoé Codeluppi, Lilith Abrahamyan Empson and Philippe Conus
Pathways from paranoid conviction to distress: exploring the mediator role of Fears of Compassion in a sample of people with psychosis pp. 330-337 Downloads
Maria João Martins, Paula Castilho, Célia Barreto Carvalho, Ana Telma Pereira, Diana Carvalho, Miguel Bajouco, Nuno Madeira, Vitor Santos and António Macedo
Development and validation of a voice-hearing task for research on auditory verbal hallucinations and auditory misperception pp. 338-346 Downloads
Akib Ul Huque, Alice Heaney, Ellen Poliakoff and Richard J. Brown
Cognitive behavioural therapy for thought disorder in psychosis pp. 347-357 Downloads
Jasper Palmier-Claus, Robert Griffiths, Elizabeth Murphy, Sophie Parker, Eleanor Longden, Samantha Bowe, Ann Steele, Paul French, Anthony Morrison and Sara Tai
Pain perception in people diagnosed with schizophrenia: where we are and where we are going pp. 358-366 Downloads
O. Sakson-Obada
Risk of relapse in psychosis: facing the fear, resisting mental illness pp. 367-368 Downloads
Chrys Muirhead
From the closed ward to Soteria: a professional and personal journey pp. 369-375 Downloads
Pesach Lichtenberg

Volume 9, issue 3, 2017

Erratum pp. (iii)-(iii) Downloads
The Editors
A pilot randomised controlled trial comparing antipsychotic medication, to cognitive behavioural therapy to a combination of both in people with psychosis: rationale, study design and baseline data of the COMPARE trial pp. 193-204 Downloads
Heather Law, Lucy Carter, Rachel Sellers, Richard Emsley, Rory Byrne, Linda Davies, Paul French, Peter M. Haddad, Elizabeth Pitt, Melissa Pyle, David Shiers, Alison R. Yung and Anthony P. Morrison
Hearing Voices Network groups: experiences of eight voice hearers and the connection to group processes and recovery pp. 205-215 Downloads
Tom Payne, Jo Allen and Tony Lavender
Individual psychodynamic therapy for psychosis: a Delphi study pp. 216-224 Downloads
Swapna Kongara, Chris Douglas, Brian Martindale and Alison Summers
Group therapies for schizophrenia: initial group climate predicts changes in negative symptoms pp. 225-234 Downloads
Stavros Orfanos and Stefan Priebe
How stigma gets under the skin: the role of stigma, self-stigma and self-esteem in subjective recovery from psychosis pp. 235-244 Downloads
Victoria Vass, Katarzyna Sitko, Sophie West and Richard P. Bentall
Bio-genetic vs. psycho-environmental conceptions of schizophrenia and their role in perceiving patients in human terms pp. 245-253 Downloads
Giulia Pavon and Jeroen Vaes
Do specific metacognitive training modules lead to specific cognitive changes among patients diagnosed with schizophrenia? A single module effectiveness pilot study pp. 254-259 Downloads
Joachim Kowalski, Daniel Pankowski, Michał Lew-Starowicz and Łukasz Gawęda
Trouble at school: a systematic review to explore the association between childhood bullying and paranoid thinking pp. 260-270 Downloads
Alexander H. Jack and Vincent Egan
A manualised treatment protocol to guide delivery of evidence-based cognitive therapy for people with distressing psychosis: learning from clinical trials pp. 271-281 Downloads
Anthony P. Morrison
Evaluating childhood and adulthood victimization as predictors of psychotic disorders: findings from a nationwide study of women in jail pp. 282-285 Downloads
Christopher R. DeCou, Shannon M. Lynch, Dana D. DeHart and Joanne Belknap
When we lose hope: experiences from Hearing Voices groups pp. 286-289 Downloads
Akiko Hart

Volume 9, issue 2, 2017

What predicts stigmatisation about schizophrenia? Results from a general population survey examining its underlying cognitive, affective and behavioural factors pp. 99-109 Downloads
Bénédicte Thonon and Frank Larøi
Internalised stereotypes across ultra-high risk of psychosis and psychosis populations pp. 110-118 Downloads
Melissa Pyle and Anthony P. Morrison
Implementing specialist psychological support for caregivers in psychosis services: a preliminary report pp. 119-128 Downloads
Jane Smallwood, Suzanne Jolley, Jyotsna Makhijani, Sarah Grice, Emma O’Donoghue, Paula Bendon, Liz P. Greenaway and Juliana Onwumere
Clinician perceptions of sleep problems, and their treatment, in patients with non-affective psychosis pp. 129-139 Downloads
Aliyah Rehman, Felicity Waite, Bryony Sheaves, Stephany Biello, Daniel Freeman and Andrew Gumley
The central role of self-agency in clinical recovery from first episode psychosis pp. 140-148 Downloads
Jone Bjornestad, Kolbjorn Bronnick, Larry Davidson, Wenche ten Velden Hegelstad, Inge Joa, Oyvind Kandal, Tor Ketil Larsen, Johannes Langeveld, Marius Veseth, Ingrid Melle and Jan Olav Johannessen
Developing a group-analytic culture in a day project for psychotic patients pp. 149-156 Downloads
Maria Canete and Arturo Ezquerro
The importance of human relationships, ethics and recovery-orientated values in the delivery of CBT for people with psychosis pp. 157-166 Downloads
Alison Brabban, Rory Byrne, Eleanor Longden and Anthony P. Morrison
A psychotherapy approach to treating hostile voices pp. 167-175 Downloads
Dolores Mosquera and Colin Ross
Solitude and schizophrenia pp. 176-183 Downloads
Mary V. Seeman
Rumination and psychosis: an experimental, analogue study of the role of perseverative thought processes in voice-hearing pp. 184-186 Downloads
Samantha Hartley, Sandra Bucci and Anthony P. Morrison
Bad me? Learning from, and living with, toxicity pp. 187-190 Downloads
Rachel Waddingham
Psychiatric diagnosis revisited – from DSM to clinical case formulation pp. 191-192 Downloads
Jim van Os

Volume 9, issue 1, 2017

Coping with psychotic-like experiences without receiving help from mental health care. A qualitative study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jenny Boumans, Ingrid Baart, Guy Widdershoven and Hans Kroon
A randomised controlled pilot study of Experience Focused Counselling with voice hearers pp. 12-24 Downloads
Joachim Schnackenberg, Mick Fleming and Colin R. Martin
Qualitative evaluation of a cognitive behaviour therapy Hearing Voices Group with a service user co-facilitator pp. 25-37 Downloads
Anna Ruddle
A qualitative analysis of the experiences of people with psychosis of a novel cognitive behavioural therapy targeting suicidality pp. 38-47 Downloads
Yvonne F. Awenat, Emma Shaw-Núñez, James Kelly, Heather Law, Sehar Ahmed, Mary Welford, Nicholas Tarrier and Patricia A. Gooding
Childhood trauma in schizophrenia spectrum disorder as compared to other mental health disorders pp. 48-56 Downloads
N. Mørkved, M. Endsjø, D. Winje, E. Johnsen, A. Dovran, K. Arefjord, R. A. Kroken, S. Helle, L. G. Anda-Ågotnes, M. A. Rettenbacher, N. Huber and E. M. Løberg
Do peer-support groups for voice-hearers work? A small scale study of Hearing Voices Network support groups in Australia pp. 57-66 Downloads
Vanessa Beavan, Adele de Jager and Bianca dos Santos
Psychological interventions for trauma in individuals who have psychosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis pp. 67-81 Downloads
Jacqueline Sin and Debbie Spain
The perspectives of people with psychosis about participating in trauma-related research pp. 82-85 Downloads
Twylla Cunningham, Ciaran Shannon, Ivor Crothers, Katrina Hoy, Carly Fitzsimmons, Riona McCann, John O’Hare and Ciaran Mulholland
Unmet psychological needs in patients with schizophrenia pp. 86-89 Downloads
Stefan Westermann, Steffen Moritz, Franz Caspar and Marialuisa Cavelti
What stays unsaid in therapeutic relationships pp. 90-94 Downloads
Dolly Sen
Healing traumatic memories in psychosis: a response to Sin and Spain (2016) pp. 95-96 Downloads
Amy Hardy and David van den Berg
Living recovery: youth speak out on “owning mental illness” pp. 97-97 Downloads
Corinne Henderson
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