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Volume 7, issue 11, 2007

Technology transfer and investment risk in international emissions trading pp. 467-469 Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Ger Klaassen and Ulf Moslener
Measuring host country risk in CDM and JI projects: a composite indicator pp. 470-487 Downloads
Robert Oleschak and Urs Springer
Evaluating technology transfer in the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation pp. 488-499 Downloads
Rob Youngman, Jake Schmidt, Jin Lee and Heleen de Coninck
Macroeconomic impacts of the CDM: the role of investment barriers and regulations pp. 500-517 Downloads
Niels Anger, Christoph Böhringer and Ulf Moslener
Equity and international climate change negotiations: a matter of perspective pp. 518-534 Downloads
Madeleine Heyward
Are national greenhouse gas emissions reports scientifically valid? pp. 535-538 Downloads
Rob Swart, Peter Bergamaschi, Tinus Pulles and Frank Raes
More crucial than oil scarcity: climate change policies for a sustainable Libya pp. 539-542 Downloads
Robert Goodland
Environmental progress through litigation? pp. 543-544 Downloads
Axel Michaelowa
Servicizing electricity supply pp. 545-546 Downloads
James Cust

Volume 7, issue 9, 2007

Linking health and productivity impacts to climate policy costs: a general equilibrium analysis pp. 379-391 Downloads
Göran Östblom and Eva Samakovlis
Implementing adaptation in developed countries: an analysis of progress and trends pp. 392-408 Downloads
Frédéric Gagnon-Lebrun and Shardul Agrawala
Managing the transition to climate stabilization pp. 409-428 Downloads
Richard G. Richels, Thomas F. Rutherford, Geoffrey J. Blanford and Leon Clarke
Process matters: building a future climate regime with multi-processes pp. 429-443 Downloads
Yasuko Kameyama
Technology transfer in the Clean Development Mechanism pp. 444-456 Downloads
Heleen de Coninck, Frauke Haake and Nico van der Linden
Carbon taxes, cap-and-trade administration, and US legislation pp. 457-462 Downloads
William Whitesell
EU ETS and carbon markets pp. 463-464 Downloads
Axel Michaelowa

Volume 7, issue 7, 2007

Linking climate change and sustainable development at the local level pp. 271-277 Downloads
Livia Bizikova, John Robinson and Stewart Cohen
Scale and sustainability pp. 278-287 Downloads
Thomas J. Wilbanks
Making integration of adaptation and mitigation work: mainstreaming into sustainable development policies? pp. 288-303 Downloads
Rob Swart and Frank Raes
A framework for explaining the links between capacity and action in response to global climate change pp. 304-316 Downloads
Sarah Burch and John Robinson
Understanding and managing the complexity of urban systems under climate change pp. 317-336 Downloads
Matthias Ruth and Dana Coelho
Vulnerability, poverty and the need for sustainable adaptation measures pp. 337-352 Downloads
Siri H. Eriksen and Karen O'Brien
Structured decision-making to link climate change and sustainable development pp. 353-370 Downloads
Charlie Wilson and Tim McDaniels
Integrating adaptation into policy: upscaling evidence from local to global pp. 371-376 Downloads
Ian Burton, Livia Bizikova, Thea Dickinson and Yvonne Howard

Volume 7, issue 5, 2007

Kyoto flexibility mechanisms in EU accession countries: will they make a difference? pp. 179-196 Downloads
Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Aleksandra Novikova and Alan Watt
Why the CDM will reduce carbon leakage pp. 197-211 Downloads
Steffen Kallbekken
Sustainable development policies and measures: institutional issues and electrical efficiency in South Africa pp. 212-229 Downloads
Harald Winkler, Mark Howells and Kevin Baumert
Past as prologue: an innovation-diffusion approach to additionality pp. 230-239 Downloads
Ajay Mathur, Ananth P. Chikkatur and Ambuj D. Sagar
Building bridges to 2020 and beyond: the road from Bali pp. 240-254 Downloads
Harald Winkler and Shaun Vorster
UN 2006 Climate Change Conference: a confidence-building step? pp. 255-261 Downloads
Kati Kulovesi, María Gutiérrez, Peter Doran and Miquel Muńoz
The impacts of law on ETS pp. 262-264 Downloads
Axel Michaelowa

Volume 7, issue 3, 2007

Distribution of emissions allowances as an opportunity pp. 91-103 Downloads
Stephen DeCanio
Tankering strategies for evading emissions trading in aviation pp. 104-120 Downloads
Martin Cames
Selecting and assessing sustainable CDM projects using multi-criteria methods pp. 121-138 Downloads
Manfred Lenzen, Roberto Schaeffer and Ryuji Matsuhashi
Slovenia's climate policy efforts: CO 2 tax and implementation of EU ETS pp. 139-155 Downloads
Tanja Markovič-Hribernik and Aleksandra Murks
New lessons for technology policy and climate change: investment for innovation pp. 156-161 Downloads
Jonathan Köhler, Terry Barker, Haoran Pan, Paolo Agnolucci, Paul Ekins, Timothy Foxon, Dennis Anderson, Sarah Winne, Paul Dewick, Marcela Miozzo and Ken Green
Climate politics at a crossroad: views on building a consensus pp. 162-165 Downloads
Malik Amin Aslam Khan
Why has China not embraced a global cap-and-trade regime? pp. 166-170 Downloads
ZhongXiang Zhang
A CER discounting scheme could save climate change regime after 2012 pp. 171-176 Downloads
Rae Kwon Chung

Volume 7, issue 1, 2007

The impact of carbon capture and storage on overall mitigation policy pp. 3-12 Downloads
Laurent Gilotte and Valentina Bosetti
Norway's experience of carbon dioxide storage: a basis for pursuing international commitments? pp. 13-28 Downloads
Ingvild Andreassen Sæverud
Coordinating future adaptation policies across Canadian natural resources pp. 29-45 Downloads
Adam M. Wellstead and Richard C. Stedman
Public participation and climate change adaptation: avoiding the illusion of inclusion pp. 46-59 Downloads
Roger Few, Katrina Brown and Emma L. Tompkins
Profitability of fossil-fuel production under different instruments in international climate policies pp. 60-72 Downloads
Finn Roar Aune, Snorre Kverndokk, Lars Lindholt and Knut Einar Rosendahl
Why different interpretations of vulnerability matter in climate change discourses pp. 73-88 Downloads
Karen O'Brien, Siri Eriksen, Lynn P. Nygaard and Ane Schjolden

Volume 6, issue 11, 2006

Foreword pp. 599-599 Downloads
Peter Hoeppe
Introduction and executive summary pp. 600-606 Downloads
Eugene N. Gurenko
Scientific and economic rationales for innovative climate insurance solutions pp. 607-620 Downloads
Peter Hoeppe and Eugene N. Gurenko
Insurance for assisting adaptation to climate change in developing countries: a proposed strategy pp. 621-636 Downloads
Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer and Reinhard Mechler
Insuring the uninsurable: design options for a climate change funding mechanism pp. 637-647 Downloads
Christoph Bals, Koko Warner and Sonja Butzengeiger
The role of the private market in catastrophe insurance pp. 648-657 Downloads
Andrew Dlugolecki and Erik Hoekstra
The Indian insurance industry and climate change: exposure, opportunities and strategies ahead pp. 658-671 Downloads
Ulka Kelkar, Catherine Rose James and Ritu Kumar
Can insurance deal with negative effects arising from climate policy measures? pp. 672-682 Downloads
Axel Michaelowa
Conclusions and recommendations pp. 683-684 Downloads
Eugene N. Gurenko

Volume 6, issue 9, 2006

The economics of climate damages and stabilization after the Stern Review pp. 505-508 Downloads
Michael Grubb
The economics of inaction on climate change: a sensitivity analysis pp. 509-526 Downloads
Frank Ackerman and Ian J. Finlayson
Some dangers of 'dangerous' climate change pp. 527-536 Downloads
James S. Risbey
The marginal impacts of CO 2, CH 4 and SF 6 emissions pp. 537-544 Downloads
Chris W. Hope
Meeting the EU 2°C climate target: global and regional emission implications pp. 545-564 Downloads
Michel den Elzen and Malte Meinshausen
The social cost of carbon: what does it actually depend on? pp. 565-572 Downloads
Chris W. Hope
Uncertainties in global warming science and near-term emission policies pp. 573-584 Downloads
L. D. Danny Harvey
Learning and climate change pp. 585-589 Downloads
Brian C. O'Neill, Paul Crutzen, Arnulf Grübler, Minh Ha-Duong, Klaus Keller, Charles Kolstad, Jonathan Koomey, Andreas Lange, Michael Obersteiner, Michael Oppenheimer, William Pepper, Warren Sanderson, Michael Schlesinger, Nicolas Treich, Alistair Ulph, Mort Webster and Chris Wilson
BOOK REVIEW pp. 590-592 Downloads
Axel Michaelowa

Volume 6, issue 7, 2006

Preface pp. 349-350 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Emissions trading: lessons learnt from the 1st phase of the EU ETS and prospects for the 2nd phase pp. 351-359 Downloads
Regina Betz and Misato Sato
EU emissions trading: an early analysis of national allocation plans for 2008-2012 pp. 361-394 Downloads
Regina Betz, Karoline Rogge and Joachim Schleich
Emission projections 2008-2012 versus national allocation plans II pp. 395-410 Downloads
Karsten Neuhoff, Federico Ferrario, Michael Grubb, Etienne Gabel and Kim Keats
Implications of announced phase II national allocation plans for the EU ETS pp. 411-422 Downloads
Karsten Neuhoff, Markus Åhman, Regina Betz, Johanna Cludius, Federico Ferrario, Kristina Holmgren, Gabriella Pal, Michael Grubb, Felix Matthes, Karoline Rogge, Misato Sato, Joachim Schleich, Jos Sijm, Andreas Tuerk, Claudia Kettner and Neil Walker
New entrant allocation in the Nordic energy sectors: incentives and options in the EU ETS pp. 423-440 Downloads
Markus Åhman and Kristina Holmgren
The environmental and economic effects of European emissions trading pp. 441-455 Downloads
Claudia Kemfert, Michael Kohlhaas, Truong Truong and Artem Protsenko
Harmonization versus decentralization in the EU ETS: an economic analysis pp. 457-475 Downloads
Pablo del Río González
Simple rules for targeting CO 2 allowance allocations to compensate firms pp. 477-493 Downloads
Karen Palmer, Dallas Burtraw and Danny Kahn
False confidences: forecasting errors and emission caps in CO 2 trading systems pp. 495-501 Downloads
Michael Grubb and Federico Ferrario

Volume 6, issue 5, 2006

Pledges, politics and performance: an assessment of UK climate policy pp. 257-274 Downloads
Beverley Darkin
Keeping the forest for the climate's sake: avoiding deforestation in developing countries under the UNFCCC pp. 275-294 Downloads
Claudio Forneri, Jürgen Blaser, Frank Jotzo and Carmenza Robledo
How consistent are alternative short-term climate policies with long-term goals? pp. 295-312 Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Marzio Galeotti and Alessandro Lanza
Long-term climate policy: international legal aspects of sector-based approaches pp. 313-325 Downloads
Kati Kulovesi and Katja Keinänen
Technology transfer by CDM projects pp. 327-344 Downloads
Erik Haites, Maosheng Duan and Stephen Seres

Volume 6, issue 3, 2006

Stock changes or fluxes? Resolving terminological confusion in the debate on land-use change and forestry pp. 161-179 Downloads
Annette Cowie, Kim Pingoud and Bernhard Schlamadinger
Common but differentiated convergence (CDC): a new conceptual approach to long-term climate policy pp. 181-199 Downloads
Niklas Höhne, Michel den Elzen and Martin Weiss
Bridging the gap: empowering decision-making for adaptation through the UK Climate Impacts Programme pp. 201-215 Downloads
Merylyn McKenzie Hedger, Richenda Connell and Penny Bramwell
Greener public purchasing: opportunities for climate-friendly government procurement under WTO and EU rules pp. 217-229 Downloads
Harro van Asselt, Nicolien van der Grijp and Frans Oosterhuis
Estimating baselines for climate change for less developed countries: the case of the Sahel pp. 231-240 Downloads
Mohammed Dore and Jean-Francois Lamarche
Carbon dioxide capture and storage: a status report pp. 241-246 Downloads
Lenny Bernstein, Arthur Lee and Steven Crookshank
Providing new homes for climate change exiles pp. 247-252 Downloads
Sujatha Byravan and Sudhir Chella Rajan
Promoting renewable energies under the CDM: combining national quotas in Europe and the CDM pp. 253-256 Downloads
Sven Bode

Volume 6, issue 1, 2006

Preface pp. 5-6 Downloads
Tom Delay
Allocation and competitiveness in the EU emissions trading scheme: policy overview pp. 7-30 Downloads
Michael Grubb and Karsten Neuhoff
The impact of CO 2 emissions trading on firm profits and market prices pp. 31-48 Downloads
Robin Smale, Murray Hartley, Cameron Hepburn, John Ward and Michael Grubb
CO 2 cost pass-through and windfall profits in the power sector pp. 49-72 Downloads
Jos Sijm, Karsten Neuhoff and Yihsu Chen
Allocation, incentives and distortions: the impact of EU ETS emissions allowance allocations to the electricity sector pp. 73-91 Downloads
Karsten Neuhoff, Kim Keats Martinez and Misato Sato
CO 2 abatement, competitiveness and leakage in the European cement industry under the EU ETS: grandfathering versus output-based allocation pp. 93-113 Downloads
Damien Demailly and Philippe Quirion
Free allocation of allowances under the EU emissions trading scheme: legal issues pp. 115-136 Downloads
Angus Johnston
Auctioning of EU ETS phase II allowances: how and why? pp. 137-160 Downloads
Cameron Hepburn, Michael Grubb, Karsten Neuhoff, Felix Matthes and Maximilien Tse
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