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Volume 50, issue 4, 2018

A strategic model of job arrivals to a single machine with earliness and tardiness penalties pp. 265-278 Downloads
Amihai Glazer, Refael Hassin and Liron Ravner
Blended call center with idling times during the call service pp. 279-297 Downloads
Benjamin Legros, Oualid Jouini and Ger Koole
Pareto optimality and risk sharing in group utility functions pp. 298-306 Downloads
Zhengwei Sun and Ali E. Abbas
Operating with an incomplete checklist pp. 307-315 Downloads
Michael P. Atkinson and Moshe Kress
Interdicting layered physical and information flow networks pp. 316-331 Downloads
Nail Orkun Baycik, Thomas C. Sharkey and Chase E. Rainwater
Analyzing tax incentives for producing renewable energy by biomass cofiring pp. 332-344 Downloads
Hadi Karimi, Sandra Duni Ekşioğlu and Amin Khademi
Heuristic algorithms for inventory replenishment with perishable products and multiple transportation modes pp. 345-365 Downloads
Gökçe Palak, Sandra Duni Ekşioğlu and Joseph Geunes

Volume 50, issue 3, 2018

Contributions to stochastic models of manufacturing and service operations pp. 141-142 Downloads
George Liberopoulos, Cathal Heavey, Stefan Helber, Fikri Karaesmen and Andrea Matta
Analysis of closed-loop production lines with Bernoulli reliability machines: Theory and application pp. 143-160 Downloads
Yuan Feng, Xiang Zhong, Jingshan Li and Wenhui Fan
Performance evaluation of a production line operated under an echelon buffer policy pp. 161-177 Downloads
George Liberopoulos
Lead-time-oriented production control policies in two-machine production lines pp. 178-190 Downloads
Alessio Angius, Marcello Colledani and Andras Horvath
Optimization of buffer allocations in flow lines with limited supply pp. 191-202 Downloads
Sophie Weiss, Andrea Matta and Raik Stolletz
Simultaneous buffer and service rate allocation in open finite queueing networks pp. 203-216 Downloads
James MacGregor Smith
Flexible versus robust lot-scheduling subject to random production yield and deterministic dynamic demand pp. 217-229 Downloads
Stefan Helber, Karl Inderfurth, Florian Sahling and Katja Schimmelpfeng
Integrated maintenance and spare part optimization for moving assets pp. 230-245 Downloads
Ayse Sena Eruguz, Tarkan Tan and Geert-Jan van Houtum
Using imperfect advance demand information in lost-sales inventory systems with the option of returning inventory pp. 246-264 Downloads
Engin Topan, Tarkan Tan, Geert-Jan van Houtum and Rommert Dekker

Volume 50, issue 2, 2018

Three-moment approximation for the mean queue time of a GI/G/1 queue pp. 63-73 Downloads
Kan Wu, Sandeep Srivathsan and Yichi Shen
A spatiotemporal outlier detection method based on partial least squares discriminant analysis and area Delaunay triangulation for image-based process monitoring pp. 74-87 Downloads
Adel Alaeddini, Abed Motasemi and Syed Hasib Akhter Faruqui
Performance analysis of single EWMA controller subject to metrology delay under dynamic models pp. 88-98 Downloads
Qingsong Gong, Genke Yang, Changchun Pan and Yuwang Chen
Detection and clustering of mixed-type defect patterns in wafer bin maps pp. 99-111 Downloads
Jinho Kim, Youngmin Lee and Heeyoung Kim
Spline model for wake effect analysis: Characteristics of a single wake and its impacts on wind turbine power generation pp. 112-125 Downloads
Hoon Hwangbo, Andrew Johnson and Yu Ding
Semiconductor corner lot generation robust to process variation: Modeling and analysis pp. 126-139 Downloads
Xiaonan Liu, Andrew M. Gough and Jing Li

Volume 50, issue 1, 2018

Incorporating risk preferences in stochastic noncooperative games pp. 1-13 Downloads
Victor Richmond R. Jose and Jun Zhuang
A simulation-based estimation method for bias reduction pp. 14-26 Downloads
Jin Fang and L. Jeff Hong
The multivariate mixture dynamics: Consistent no-arbitrage single-asset and index volatility smiles pp. 27-44 Downloads
Damiano Brigo, Francesco Rapisarda and Abir Sridi
Solving the single and multiple asymmetric Traveling Salesmen Problems by generating subtour elimination constraints from integer solutions pp. 45-53 Downloads
Maichel M. Aguayo, Subhash C. Sarin and Hanif D. Sherali
Task scheduling with progress control pp. 54-61 Downloads
Chung-Lun Li and Weiya Zhong

Volume 49, issue 12, 2017

Demand fulfillment probability in a multi-item inventory system with limited historical data pp. 1087-1100 Downloads
Canan G. Corlu, Bahar Biller and Sridhar Tayur
Joint pricing and inventory control for a stochastic inventory system with Brownian motion demand pp. 1101-1111 Downloads
Dacheng Yao
A defender-attacker model and algorithm for maximizing weighted expected hitting time with application to conservation planning pp. 1112-1128 Downloads
Jorge A. Sefair, J. Cole Smith, Miguel A. Acevedo and Robert J. Fletcher
Price containment in emissions permit markets: Balancing market risk and environmental outcomes pp. 1129-1149 Downloads
Andrew L. Liu and Yihsu Chen
Modeling environmental impacts and risk under data uncertainties pp. 1150-1159 Downloads
Kena Zhao, Tsan Sheng (Adam) Ng, Harn Wei Kua and Muchen Tang
Consideration of multiple objectives in horizontal cooperation with an application to transportation planning pp. 1160-1171 Downloads
Alf Kimms and Igor Kozeletskyi
Fair allocation and cost-effective routing models for food rescue and redistribution pp. 1172-1188 Downloads
Divya J. Nair, David Rey and Vinayak V. Dixit
Generation of low-dimensional capacity constraints for parallel machines pp. 1189-1205 Downloads
Phillip O. Kriett and Martin Grunow
EOV Focus Area Editorial Boards pp. ebi-ebiv Downloads
The Editors

Volume 49, issue 11, 2017

Analysis of tandem queues with finite buffer capacity pp. 1001-1013 Downloads
Kan Wu, Yichi Shen and Ning Zhao
Ensemble-Bayesian SPC: Multi-mode process monitoring for novelty detection pp. 1014-1030 Downloads
Marcelo Bacher and Irad Ben-Gal
Generalized control-limit preventive repair policies for deteriorating cold and warm standby Markovian systems pp. 1031-1049 Downloads
Yonit Barron and Uri Yechiali
A stochastic analysis of competing failures with propagation effects in functional dependency gates pp. 1050-1064 Downloads
Peican Zhu, Yangming Guo, Shubin Si and Jie Han
Modeling tunnel profile in the presence of coordinate errors: A Gaussian process-based approach pp. 1065-1077 Downloads
Chen Zhang, Yong Lei, Linmiao Zhang and Nan Chen
Methodology for the reliability evaluation of the novel learning-effect multi-state flow network pp. 1078-1085 Downloads
Wei-Chang Yeh

Volume 49, issue 10, 2017

Retention of capable new employees under uncertainty: Impact of strategic interactions pp. 927-941 Downloads
H. Dharma Kwon and Onesun Steve Yoo
Surgery scheduling with recovery resources pp. 942-955 Downloads
Maya Bam, Brian T. Denton, Mark P. Van Oyen and Mark E. Cowen
A generalized maximin decision model for managing risk and measurable uncertainty pp. 956-966 Downloads
George G. Polak, David F. Rogers and Chaojiang Wu
Strategic design of multiple lifecycle products for remanufacturing operations pp. 967-979 Downloads
M. Serkan Akturk, James D. Abbey and H. Neil Geismar
Behavioral causes of the bullwhip effect: An analysis using linear control theory pp. 980-1000 Downloads
Maximiliano Udenio, Eleni Vatamidou, Jan C. Fransoo and Nico Dellaert

Volume 49, issue 9, 2017

Capacity planning for mega container terminals with multi-objective and multi-fidelity simulation optimization pp. 849-862 Downloads
Haobin Li, Chenhao Zhou, Byung Kwon Lee, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew and Rick Siow Mong Goh
A distribution-based functional linear model for reliability analysis of advanced high-strength dual-phase steels by utilizing material microstructure images pp. 863-873 Downloads
Wujun Si, Qingyu Yang and Xin Wu
Diagnostic monitoring of high-dimensional networked systems via a LASSO-BN formulation pp. 874-884 Downloads
Yan Jin, Shuai Huang, Guan Wang and Houtao Deng
Data analysis of step-stress accelerated life tests with heterogeneous group effects pp. 885-898 Downloads
Kangwon Seo and Rong Pan
Contamination source identification based on sequential Bayesian approach for water distribution network with stochastic demands pp. 899-910 Downloads
Chao Wang and Shiyu Zhou
Reliability performance for dynamic multi-state repairable systems with regimes pp. 911-926 Downloads
Jingyuan Shen and Lirong Cui

Volume 49, issue 8, 2017

An approach based on robust optimization and decision rules for analyzing real options in engineering systems design pp. 753-767 Downloads
Aakil M. Caunhye and Michel-Alexandre Cardin
Product line design considering competition by bilevel optimization of a Stackelberg–Nash game pp. 768-780 Downloads
Xiaojie Liu, Gang Du, Roger J. Jiao and Yi Xia
Process flexibility design in heterogeneous and unbalanced networks: A stochastic programming approach pp. 781-799 Downloads
Wancheng Feng, Chen Wang and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
Monitoring the shape parameter of a Weibull renewal process pp. 800-813 Downloads
Cai Wen Zhang, Zhisheng Ye and Min Xie
A sparse partitioned-regression model for nonlinear system–environment interactions pp. 814-826 Downloads
Shuluo Ning, Eunshin Byon, Teresa Wu and Jing Li
Detecting entropy increase in categorical data using maximum entropy distribution approximations pp. 827-837 Downloads
Devashish Das and Shiyu Zhou
Shewhart control charts for dispersion adjusted for parameter estimation pp. 838-848 Downloads
Rob Goedhart, Michele M. da Silva, Marit Schoonhoven, Eugenio K. Epprecht, Subha Chakraborti, Ronald J. M. M. Does and Álvaro Veiga

Volume 49, issue 7, 2017

Optimal two-class-based storage in a live-cube compact storage system pp. 653-668 Downloads
Nima Zaerpour, Yugang Yu and René B.M. de Koster
A multi-response multilevel model with application in nurse care coordination pp. 669-681 Downloads
Bing Si, Gerri Lamb, Madeline H. Schmitt and Jing Li
Remaining useful life prediction based on the mixed effects model with mixture prior distribution pp. 682-697 Downloads
Raed Kontar, Junbo Son, Shiyu Zhou, Chaitanya Sankavaram, Yilu Zhang and Xinyu Du
Scalable prognostic models for large-scale condition monitoring applications pp. 698-710 Downloads
Xiaolei Fang, Nagi Z. Gebraeel and Kamran Paynabar
Optimization of maintenance policy under parameter uncertainty using portfolio theory pp. 711-721 Downloads
Shaomin Wu, Frank P. A. Coolen and Bin Liu
A linear weighted system for non-homogeneous Markov-dependent components pp. 722-736 Downloads
Xiaoyan Zhu and Mahmoud Boushaba
Allocation of reliability--redundancy and spares inventory under Poisson fleet expansion pp. 737-751 Downloads
Tongdan Jin, Heidi Taboada, Jose Espiritu and Haitao Liao

Volume 49, issue 6, 2017

Modeling for the equitable and effective distribution of food donations under stochastic receiving capacities pp. 567-578 Downloads
Irem Sengul Orgut, Julie Ivy and Reha Uzsoy
Single-ratio fractional integer programs with stochastic right-hand sides pp. 579-592 Downloads
Junlong Zhang and Osman Y. Özaltın
An inventory system with quasi-hyperbolic discounting rate pp. 593-602 Downloads
Xiaobo Zhao, Yun Zhou and Jinxing Xie
The value of service rate flexibility in an queue with admission control pp. 603-621 Downloads
Yiannis Dimitrakopoulos and Apostolos Burnetas
Cruise itinerary schedule design pp. 622-641 Downloads
Shuaian Wang, Kai Wang, Lu Zhen and Xiaobo Qu
Offshore outsourcing and ownership of facilities with productivity concerns pp. 642-651 Downloads
Amiya K. Chakravarty

Volume 49, issue 5, 2017

Response time analysis of a live-cube compact storage system with two storage classes pp. 461-480 Downloads
Nima Zaerpour, Yugang Yu and René B. M. de Koster
Bayesian nonparametric modeling of heterogeneous time-to-event data with an unknown number of sub-populations pp. 481-492 Downloads
Mingyang Li, Jiali Han and Jian Liu
Condition-based joint maintenance optimization for a large-scale system with homogeneous units pp. 493-504 Downloads
Young Myoung Ko and Eunshin Byon
Frequency tables for the coding-invariant quality assessment of factorial designs pp. 505-517 Downloads
Ulrike Grömping
State space modeling of autocorrelated multivariate Poisson counts pp. 518-531 Downloads
Chen Zhang, Nan Chen and Zhiguo Li
Identifying multi-stage nanocrystal growth using in situ TEM video data pp. 532-543 Downloads
Yanjun Qian, Jianhua Z. Huang and Yu Ding
Sustaining system coordination in outsourcing the maintenance function of a process having a linear failure rate pp. 544-552 Downloads
Andy Alexander, Yanjun Li and Robert Plante
Two-dimensional aggregate warranty demand forecasting under sales uncertainty pp. 553-565 Downloads
Wei Xie, Lijuan Shen and Yuanguang Zhong

Volume 49, issue 4, 2017

A sample gradient-based algorithm for a multiple-OR and PACU surgery scheduling problem pp. 367-380 Downloads
Miao Bai, Robert H. Storer and Gregory L. Tonkay
Estimation of quantiles of non-stationary demand distributions pp. 381-394 Downloads
Hadar Amrani and Eugene Khmelnitsky
Strategic emergency preparedness network design integrating supply and demand sides in a multi-objective approach pp. 395-413 Downloads
Halit Üster and Jyotirmoy Dalal
A periodic location routing problem for collaborative recycling pp. 414-428 Downloads
Vera Hemmelmayr, Karen Smilowitz and Luis de la Torre
Fleet readiness: Stocking spare parts and high-tech assets pp. 429-441 Downloads
Rob J. I. Basten and Joachim J. Arts
Outsourcing in place: Should a retailer sell its store-brand factory? pp. 442-459 Downloads
Candace A. Yano, Elizabeth J. Durango-Cohen and Liad Wagman

Volume 49, issue 3, 2017

Simulation and optimization of continuous-flow production systems with a finite buffer by using mathematical programming pp. 255-267 Downloads
Behnaz Hosseini and Barış Tan
On the output dynamics of production systems subject to blocking pp. 268-284 Downloads
Barış Tan and Svenja Lagershausen
Internal mail transport at processing & distribution centers pp. 285-303 Downloads
Yutian Yang and Jonathan F. Bard
Selling through Priceline? On the impact of name-your-own-price in competitive market pp. 304-319 Downloads
Xiao Huang, Greys Sošić and Gregory Kersten
Statistical process control for multistage processes with non-repeating cyclic profiles pp. 320-331 Downloads
Wenmeng Tian, Ran Jin, Tingting Huang and Jaime A. Camelio
Causation-based process monitoring and diagnosis for multivariate categorical processes pp. 332-343 Downloads
Jian Li, Kaibo Liu and Xiaochen Xian
Interval estimation for -out-of- load-sharing systems pp. 344-353 Downloads
Yaonan Kong and Zhisheng Ye
An overview and perspective on social network monitoring pp. 354-365 Downloads
William H. Woodall, Meng J. Zhao, Kamran Paynabar, Ross Sparks and James D. Wilson

Volume 49, issue 2, 2017

Optimal planning of unpunctual preventive maintenance pp. 127-143 Downloads
Kai He, Lisa M. Maillart and Oleg A. Prokopyev
Bike-sharing systems: User dissatisfaction in the presence of unusable bicycles pp. 144-158 Downloads
Mor Kaspi, Tal Raviv and Michal Tzur
Game-theoretic models for electric distribution resiliency/reliability from a multiple stakeholder perspective pp. 159-177 Downloads
Xiaojun (Gene) Shan, Frank A. Felder and David W. Coit
Online scheduling and pricing for electric vehicle charging pp. 178-193 Downloads
Mark M. Nejad, Lena Mashayekhy, Ratna Babu Chinnam and Daniel Grosu
A novel floating price contract for the ocean freight industry pp. 194-208 Downloads
Ruina Yang, Xiaochen Gao and Chung-Yee Lee
Multi-product (, T) inventory policies with short-shipping: Enabling fixed order intervals and well-utilized vehicles under random demand pp. 209-222 Downloads
Kai-Chuan Yang and Candace Arai Yano
Optimizing logistics operations in a country's currency supply network pp. 223-237 Downloads
Yiwei Huang, H. Neil Geismar, Divakar Rajamani, Suresh Sethi, Chelliah Sriskandarajah and Marcelo Carlos
On the discretized Dubins Traveling Salesman Problem pp. 238-254 Downloads
Izack Cohen, Chen Epstein and Tal Shima

Volume 49, issue 1, 2017

An approach for analyzing and managing flexibility in engineering systems design based on decision rules and multistage stochastic programming pp. 1-12 Downloads
Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Qihui Xie, Tsan Sheng Ng, Shuming Wang and Junfei Hu
Which items should be stored together? A basic partition problem to assign storage space in group-based storage systems pp. 13-30 Downloads
Dominik Kress, Nils Boysen and Erwin Pesch
Accelerated process optimization for laser-based additive manufacturing by leveraging similar prior studies pp. 31-44 Downloads
Amir M. Aboutaleb, Linkan Bian, Alaa Elwany, Nima Shamsaei, Scott M. Thompson and Gustavo Tapia
Modeling and change detection of dynamic network data by a network state space model pp. 45-57 Downloads
Na Zou and Jing Li
Generalized smoothing parameters of a multivariate EWMA control chart pp. 58-69 Downloads
Sangahn Kim, Myong K. Jeong and Elsayed A. Elsayed
Simulation-guided regression approach for estimating the size distribution of nanoparticles with dynamic light scattering data pp. 70-83 Downloads
Xin Li, Phong H. Tran, Tao Liu and Chiwoo Park
When wind travels through turbines: A new statistical approach for characterizing heterogeneous wake effects in multi-turbine wind farms pp. 84-95 Downloads
Mingdi You, Eunshin Byon, Jionghua (Judy) Jin and Giwhyun Lee
Maintenance optimization for a Markovian deteriorating system with population heterogeneity pp. 96-109 Downloads
Chiel van Oosterom, Hao Peng and Geert-Jan van Houtum
Economic and statistical design of Vp control charts for finite-horizon processes pp. 110-125 Downloads
George Nenes, Philippe Castagliola and Giovanni Celano
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