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Volume 15, issue S1, 2021

Editors' Introduction: Has Regulation & Governance made a difference? pp. S3-S7 Downloads
Jodi Short, David Levi‐Faur, Sally S. Simpson, Eva Thomann and Benjamin Van Rooij
Politicians, regulators, and regulatory governance: The neglected sides of the story pp. S8-S22 Downloads
Cyril Benoît
The symbiotic tensions of the regulatory–carceral state: The case of cannabis legalization pp. S23-S39 Downloads
Ely Aaronson and Gil Rothschild‐Elyassi
Accountability infrastructures: Pragmatic compliance inside organizations pp. S40-S62 Downloads
Ruthanne Huising and Susan S. Silbey
Subterranean successes: Durable regulation and regulatory endowments pp. S63-S82 Downloads
Carol A. Heimer and Elsinore Kuo
Beyond opportunism: Intermediary loyalty in regulation and governance pp. S83-S101 Downloads
Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal and Bernhard Zangl
Designing Regulation Across Organizations: Assessing the Functions and Dimensions of Governance pp. S102-S122 Downloads
Alejandro E. Camacho and Robert L. Glicksman
Why meta‐research matters to regulation and governance scholarship: An illustrative evidence synthesis of responsive regulation research pp. S123-S142 Downloads
Jeroen van der Heijden
Magnetic law: Designing environmental enforcement laws to encourage us to go further pp. S143-S162 Downloads
Suzanne Kingston, Edwin Alblas, Mícheál Callaghan and Julie Foulon
Behavioral responsive regulation: Bringing together responsive regulation and behavioral public policy pp. S163-S182 Downloads
Netta Barak‐Corren and Yael Kariv‐Teitelbaum

Volume 15, issue 4, 2021

Assessing the regulatory challenges of emerging disruptive technologies pp. 1009-1019 Downloads
Araz Taeihagh, M Ramesh and Michael Howlett
Why and how does the regulation of emerging technologies occur? Explaining the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation using the multiple streams framework pp. 1020-1034 Downloads
Nihit Goyal, Michael Howlett and Araz Taeihagh
Emerging technologies and problem definition uncertainty: The case of cybersecurity pp. 1035-1052 Downloads
Jonathan Lewallen
Governance landscapes for emerging technologies: The case of cryptocurrencies pp. 1053-1070 Downloads
Andrew B. Whitford and Derrick Anderson
Regulating human control over autonomous systems pp. 1071-1091 Downloads
Mikolaj Firlej and Araz Taeihagh
Adaptive governance for the Internet of Things: Coping with emerging security risks pp. 1092-1110 Downloads
Irina Brass and Jesse H. Sowell
Uncertainty, institutions and regulatory responses to emerging technologies: CRISPR Gene editing in the US and the EU (2012–2019) pp. 1111-1127 Downloads
Alberto Asquer and Inna Krachkovskaya
Legal enclaves as a test environment for innovative products: Toward legally resilient experimentation policies pp. 1128-1143 Downloads
Stefan Philipsen, Evert F. Stamhuis and Martin de Jong
Procedurally Robust Risk Assessment Framework for Novel Genetically Engineered Organisms and Gene Drives pp. 1144-1165 Downloads
Jennifer Kuzma
Private authority and public policy interactions in global context: Governance spheres for problem solving pp. 1166-1182 Downloads
Benjamin Cashore, Jette Steen Knudsen, Jeremy Moon and Hamish van der Ven
Private regulation, public policy, and the perils of adverse ontological selection pp. 1183-1208 Downloads
Janina Grabs, Graeme Auld and Benjamin Cashore
Grounding transnational business governance: A political‐strategic perspective on government responses in the Global South pp. 1209-1229 Downloads
José Carlos Marques and Burkard Eberlein
Disaggregating public‐private governance interactions: European Union interventions in transnational private sustainability governance pp. 1230-1247 Downloads
Stefan Renckens
Can private governance boost public policy? Insights from public–private governance interactions in the fisheries and electricity sectors pp. 1248-1269 Downloads
Zdravka Tzankova
Private and public authority interactions and the functional quality of sustainability governance: Lessons from conservation and development initiatives in Tanzania pp. 1270-1285 Downloads
Stefano Ponte, Christine Noe and Asubisye Mwamfupe
How domestic contexts shape international private governance: The case of the European Accord and American Alliance in Bangladesh pp. 1286-1303 Downloads
Erin Leitheiser
Empires built on sand: On the fundamental implausibility of reactor safety assessments and the implications for nuclear regulation pp. 1304-1325 Downloads
John Downer and M. V. Ramana
It's economic size, stupid! How global advocacy mirrors state power pp. 1326-1349 Downloads
Marcel Hanegraaff and Arlo Poletti
Market structure and disempowering regulatory intermediaries: Insights from U.S. trade surveillance pp. 1350-1369 Downloads
Miles Kellerman
How parties and interest groups protect their ties: The case of lobbying laws pp. 1370-1387 Downloads
Michele Crepaz
How networks among frontline offices influence regulatory enforcement: Diffusion and justification of interpretation of risk pp. 1388-1405 Downloads
Ayako Hirata
Friction and bureaucratic control in authoritarian regimes pp. 1406-1418 Downloads
Kwan Nok Chan and Shiwei Fan
Does business influence government regulations? New evidence from Canadian impact assessments pp. 1419-1435 Downloads
Louis‐Robert Beaulieu‐Guay, Marc Tremblay‐Faulkner and Éric Montpetit
Meet the critics: Analyzing the EU Commission's Regulatory Scrutiny Board through quantitative text analysis pp. 1436-1453 Downloads
Roman Senninger and Jens Blom‐Hansen
The re‐occurrence of violations in occupational safety and health administration inspections pp. 1454-1479 Downloads
John Mendeloff, Wayne Gray, Philip Armour and Frank Neuhauser

Volume 15, issue 3, 2021

Power transitions and the rise of the regulatory state: Global market governance in flux pp. 445-471 Downloads
Sandra Lavenex, Omar Serrano and Tim Büthe
Power transition and the regulatory state in large emerging markets: Norm‐breaking after the global financial crisis pp. 472-491 Downloads
Simon J. Evenett
Domestic regulatory reform and transgovernmental networks: Brazil and China in the global competition regime pp. 492-512 Downloads
Lei Wang
From rule‐taker to rule‐promoting regulatory state: South Korea in the nearly‐global competition regime pp. 513-543 Downloads
Moohyung Cho and Tim Büthe
Rule‐takers, rule‐makers, or rule‐promoters? Turkey and Mexico's role as rising middle powers in global economic governance pp. 544-560 Downloads
Umut Aydin
Regulating public procurement in Brazil, India, and China: Toward the regulatory‐developmental state pp. 561-580 Downloads
Ivo Križić
China's new generation trade agreements: Importing rules to lock in domestic reform? pp. 581-597 Downloads
Jappe Eckhardt and Hongyu Wang
Opening‐up labor mobility? Rising powers' rulemaking in trade agreements pp. 598-615 Downloads
Sandra Lavenex and Flavia Jurje
India, Brazil, and public health: Rule‐making through south–south diffusion in the intellectual property rights regime? pp. 616-633 Downloads
Omar Ramon Serrano Oswald and Mira Burri
Power transitions and global trade governance: The impact of a rising China on the export credit regime pp. 634-652 Downloads
Kristen Hopewell
The politics of regulatory enforcement and compliance: Theorizing and operationalizing political influences pp. 653-685 Downloads
Jodi L. Short
Experimentalist interactions: Joining up the transnational timber legality regime pp. 686-708 Downloads
Jonathan Zeitlin and Christine Overdevest
Using human values‐based approach to understand cross‐cultural commitment toward regulation and governance of cybersecurity† pp. 709-724 Downloads
Alexander Kharlamov and Ganna Pogrebna
Agencies without borders: Explaining partner selection in the formation of transnational agreements between regulators pp. 725-744 Downloads
Machiel van der Heijden
Whistleblowers as regulatory intermediaries: Instrumental and reflexive considerations in decentralizing regulation pp. 745-759 Downloads
Ioannis Kampourakis
Judicial review of regulatory decisions: Decoding the contents of appeals against agencies in Spain and the United Kingdom pp. 760-784 Downloads
Luis E. Mejía
Political values in independent agencies pp. 785-799 Downloads
Andreas Eriksen
Regulatory disempowerment: How enabling and controlling forms of power obstruct citizen‐based regulation pp. 800-821 Downloads
Garry Gray and Benjamin van Rooij
Is experimentalist governance self‐limiting or self‐reinforcing? Strategic uncertainty and recursive rulemaking in European Union electricity regulation pp. 822-839 Downloads
Bernardo Rangoni and Jonathan Zeitlin
Governing complex societal problems: The impact of private on public regulation through technological change pp. 840-855 Downloads
Nicolas Schmid, Leonore Haelg, Sebastian Sewerin, Tobias S. Schmidt and Irina Simmen
Indexing watchdog accountability powers a framework for assessing the accountability capacity of independent oversight institutions pp. 856-876 Downloads
Mark Bovens and Anchrit Wille
Stakeholder consultations and the legitimacy of regulatory decision‐making: A survey experiment in Belgium pp. 877-893 Downloads
Jan Beyers and Sarah Arras
Regulatory reform in the era of new technological development: The role of organizational factors in the public sector pp. 894-908 Downloads
Soonae Park, Don S. Lee and Jieun Son
Divisions of regulatory labor, institutional closure, and structural secrecy in new regulatory states: The case of neglected liquidity risks in market‐based banking pp. 909-932 Downloads
Leon Wansleben
Regulatory novelty after financial crises: Evidence from international banking and securities standards, 1975–2016 pp. 933-951 Downloads
Stefano Pagliari and Meredith Wilf
The fallacy of perfect regulatory controls: Lessons from database surveillance of migration in West Germany from the 1950s to the 1970s pp. 952-968 Downloads
Elisabeth Badenhoop
The ratio of vision to data: Promoting emergent science and technologies through promissory regulation, the case of the FDA and personalised medicine pp. 969-986 Downloads
Stuart Hogarth and Paul Martin
Tariff liberalization and product standards: Regulatory chill and race to the bottom? pp. 987-1006 Downloads
Emma Aisbett and Magdalene Silberberger

Volume 15, issue 2, 2021

States' interests as limits to the power of finance: Regulatory reforms in early local government financialization in the US and UK pp. 245-261 Downloads
Christine Trampusch and Florian Fastenrath
Mixing business with politics: Does corporate social responsibility end where lobbying transparency begins? pp. 262-279 Downloads
Alvise Favotto and Kelly Kollman
When does open government shut? Predicting government responses to citizen information requests pp. 280-297 Downloads
Benjamin E. Bagozzi, Daniel Berliner and Zack W. Almquist
Regulatory enforcement against organizational insiders: Interactions in the pursuit of individual accountability pp. 298-316 Downloads
Aleksandra Jordanoska
Participation rationales, regulatory enforcement, and compliance motivations in a voluntary program context pp. 317-332 Downloads
David P. Carter and Saba Siddiki
Mainstreamed voluntary sustainability standards and their effectiveness: Evidence from the Honduran coffee sector pp. 333-355 Downloads
Thomas Dietz, Janina Grabs and Andrea Estrella Chong
Responsibilization: The case of road safety governance pp. 356-369 Downloads
Erik Hysing
The political economy of local government financialization and the role of policy diffusion pp. 370-387 Downloads
Armin Mertens, Christine Trampusch, Florian Fastenrath and Rebecca Wangemann
The problem of regulatory arbitrage: A transaction cost economics perspective pp. 388-407 Downloads
Heikki Marjosola
Information provision as agenda setting: A study of bureaucracy's role in higher education policy pp. 408-427 Downloads
Tracey Bark
A reputation for what, to whom, and in which task environment: A commentary pp. 428-441 Downloads
Jan Boon, Heidi H. Salomonsen and Koen Verhoest

Volume 15, issue 1, 2021

Trust, regulation, and redistribution why some governments overregulate and under‐redistribute pp. 3-16 Downloads
Nicholas Charron, Niklas Harring and Victor Lapuente
Can decision transparency increase citizen trust in regulatory agencies? Evidence from a representative survey experiment pp. 17-31 Downloads
Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, Feie Herkes, Ian Leistikow, Jos Verkroost, Femke de Vries and Wilte G. Zijlstra
Decoupling trends: Drivers of agency independence in telecommunications: An analysis of high and middle‐income countries pp. 32-62 Downloads
Işık D. Özel and Aslı Unan
Collective action and social contagion: Community gardens as a case study pp. 63-81 Downloads
Michal Shur‐Ofry and Ofer Malcai
Myths and numbers on whistleblower rewards pp. 82-97 Downloads
Theo Nyreröd and Giancarlo Spagnolo
Cyber insurance and private governance: The enforcement power of markets pp. 98-114 Downloads
Trey Herr
Toward “hardened” accountability? Analyzing the European Union's hybrid transnational governance in timber and biofuel supply chains pp. 115-132 Downloads
Christine Moser and Sina Leipold
Max Weber in the tropics: How global climate politics facilitates the bureaucratization of forestry in Indonesia pp. 133-151 Downloads
Markus Lederer and Chris Höhne
Business conflict and international law: The political economy of copyright in the United States pp. 152-167 Downloads
Madison Cartwright
The local political economy of the regulatory state: Governing affordable housing in England pp. 168-184 Downloads
Liam Clegg and Fay Farstad
Get in line: Do part‐time legislatures use sunset laws to keep executive agencies in check pp. 185-199 Downloads
Brian Baugus, Feler Bose and Jeffry Jacob
In the shadow of sunshine regulation: Explaining disclosure biases pp. 200-225 Downloads
Thomas Bolognesi and Géraldine Pflieger
Private facilitators of public regulation: A study of the environmental consulting industry pp. 226-242 Downloads
Dave Owen
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