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Volume 10, issue 01, 2024

Does Water Resource Fee to Tax Policy Help Reduce Water Pollution in China? pp. 1-35 Downloads
Jiangyuan Li, Tao Ding and Liang Liang
Book Review – Handbook on the Economics of Disasters pp. 1-3 Downloads
Zhenhang Cai and Galen Newman
Reflection on the 10th Anniversary of the Journal Water Economics and Policy (WEP) pp. 1-2 Downloads
Ariel Dinar, George Frisvold, Renan Goetz, Jonas Luckmann, Jinxia Wang, Maura Allaire, Karina Schoengold and Yulin Jiang
Does the Value of Water-Related Ecosystem Services Capture Water Scarcity? Application to Rice Farming in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam? pp. 1-37 Downloads
Nguyen H. D. My, Nguyen Duc Kien, Pham Xuan Hung and Le Thi Quynh Anh
Editorial — Volume 10 Issue 1 (March 2024) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jonas Luckmann
Economic Benefits from Restoration Actions in Coastal Communities pp. 1-21 Downloads
Richard T. Melstrom and Jillian Hyink
Can Knowledge, Responsibility and Environmentalism Explain Preference Heterogeneity? A Latent-Class Probit Model Analysis for Plastic Pollution Abatement pp. 1-31 Downloads
Emmanouil Tyllianakis
Policy Note: Why Irrigation Water Pricing is Difficult pp. 1-8 Downloads
Petra Hellegers and Brian Davidson
Willingness to Pay for Ancillary Water Service Improvements in Puerto Rico pp. 1-26 Downloads
Héctor Tavárez and Levan Elbakidze

Volume 09, issue 04, 2023

Policy Note: An Alternative Approach to Designing Tariffs for Household Water Use: The Case of Los Angeles pp. 1-18 Downloads
Michael Hanemann
Policy Uncertainties, Water Technology and Economic Growth pp. 1-25 Downloads
Fan Yang, Jingyi Ge and Xiaomin Wang
Economic and Political Cycles in China: Leadership Uncertainty and Local Government’s Water Resources Governance Performance pp. 1-22 Downloads
Yanfang Niu, Mangmang Chen, Jie Yang, Limeng Ying and Yu Sun
Editorial — Special Issue on Economics of Water Technology Diffusion and Policy Uncertainties pp. 1-14 Downloads
Zhanhong Wan
Schemes for Allocation of Benefits from Contracted Water-Saving: The Case of Irrigated Field Projects in China pp. 1-33 Downloads
Jiwei Zhu, Jiangrui Wang, Wenxing Fang and Shijia Yu
The Profits of Distrust: Citizen-Consumers, Drinking Water and the Crisis of Confidence in American Government pp. 1-3 Downloads
Chi Ho Sham
Research on the Impact of Water Conservation Projects on the Economic, Leisure Environment and Ecological Development of Cities Under Extreme Climate Events pp. 1-23 Downloads
Tzu-Yun Lin, Chih-Cheng Lo, Jan-Wei Lin, Hsiao-Hsien Lin, Peng-Hui Liu and Chih-Chien Shen
Role of Virtual Water Trade Under the Generalized Trade Framework in Xinjiang’s Economic Sustainable Development pp. 1-20 Downloads
Chao Tang and Yong Liu
Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Innovation and Diffusion of Water-Saving Technology pp. 1-29 Downloads
Lianyan Xu, Dechun Huang, Zhengqi He and Jie Cao
New Exploration of China Bay Water Governance: Traceability, Deconstruction, and Evaluation of Bay Chief System Policy pp. 1-30 Downloads
Peng Sun and Kechong Zhou

Volume 09, issue 03, 2023

Efficiency Concerns of Groundwater Irrigation in Green Revolution States of India: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Approach pp. 1-28 Downloads
Deepratan Singh Khara and Ranjit Singh Ghuman
Examining Implicit Price Variation for Lake Water Quality pp. 1-41 Downloads
Kristen Swedberg, Kevin Boyle, Jemma Stachelek, Nicole K. Ward, Weizhe Weng and Kelly M. Cobourn
Willingness to Pay for Urban Inland River Restoration: Case of Nanyang, China pp. 1-36 Downloads
Yinan Dong and Elena Iosifovna Lazareva
Book Review — Water Quality and Agriculture: Economics and Policy for Nonpoint Source Water Pollution pp. 1-4 Downloads
Levan Elbakidze
Editorial: Cost-Benefit Analysis to Inform Water Policy Debate pp. 1-11 Downloads
Nir Becker and Frank A. Ward
A Spatially Explicit Hydro-Economic Modeling Procedure to Design Cost-Effective Agri-Environment Schemes for Mitigating Water Pollution from Cropland pp. 1-35 Downloads
Zhengzheng Hao, Frank Wätzold and Astrid Sturm
An Economic Evaluation of the Rural Drinking Water Fee Using the System Dynamics Method pp. 1-23 Downloads
Hamed Nozari, Mohamad Mohamadi, Safar Marofi and Ahad Ahadiiman
Policy Note: Benefit Cost Analysis of Water Investments in the Anthropocene pp. 1-23 Downloads
Dale Whittington, Richard Carson and Thomas Sterner

Volume 09, issue 02, 2023

Public Benefits of Private Technology Adoption: Spatial Externalities of Water Conservation in India pp. 1-51 Downloads
Anil K. Bhargava, Travis Lybbert and David Spielman
Book Review — Advanced Introduction to Water Politics pp. 1-3 Downloads
Tomás Olivier
Reducing Leakage: Subsidies and Tariff Reform in Water and Sanitation Services in Metropolitan Lima, Peru pp. 1-37 Downloads
Andrés Gómez-Lobo, Tomas Serebrisky, Ben Solís Sosa, Helena Cárdenas, Mauro Orlando Gutiérrez Martínez and Sandro Alejandro Huamaní Antonio
Accounting for Residential Nonpayment Risk for Water Utility Financial Sustainability pp. 1-18 Downloads
Erika Smull and Martin Doyle
An Exploration of Customers’ Satisfaction with Water and Wastewater Services in the UK pp. 1-24 Downloads
Kang Tian, Daniel Goodwin, Elaine Gallagher and Heather Smith
Policy Note: Systems Thinking for More Holistic Analysis of Low- and Middle-Income Country Water Utility Problems and Solutions pp. 1-17 Downloads
Marc Jeuland
Exploring Water Use in Mildly Water-Scarce Regions: A Structural Decomposition Analysis for Anhui Province in China pp. 1-30 Downloads
Qianqian Li, Guangwei Deng, Huaqing Wu, Tao Ding and Ya Chen
Editorial — Volume 9 Issue 2 (June 2023) pp. 1-6 Downloads
Renan Goetz

Volume 09, issue 01, 2023

Testing the Predictive Power of Hydro-Economic Supply-Side Input–Output Models Under Different Water Availability and Economic Conditions Over Time in a Transboundary River Basin pp. 1-43 Downloads
Leila Eamen, Roy Brouwer and Saman Razavi
Hydro-Economic Modeling of Water Resources Management Challenges: Current Applications and Future Directions pp. 1-50 Downloads
J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida, Angel Santiago Fernandez-Bou, Mahesh Maskey, José M. Rodríguez-Flores, Josué Medellín-Azuara, Samuel Sandoval-Solis, Tatiana Ermolieva, Zoe Kanavas, Reetik Kumar Sahu, Yoshihide Wada and Taher Kahil
What are the Sustainable Water Policies in Central Regions of Iran? An Integrated Water Resource Management Model pp. 1-33 Downloads
Hossein Dastkhan and Golnaz Mohamadi
Book Review — The Economics of Water: Rules and Institutions pp. 1-3 Downloads
Jesper Svensson
Policy Note: Artificial Intelligence Enables Multi-Dimensional Economics of Water pp. 1-14 Downloads
Julien J. Harou
Evaluation of the Impact of Groundwater Management Policies Under Climate and Economic Changes in Tunisia pp. 1-51 Downloads
Rania Soula, Ali Chebil, Rajouene Majdoub, Daniel Crespo, José Albiac and Taher Kahil
A Hydro-Economic Model to Support Water Scarcity pp. 1-28 Downloads
Renata Locarno Frota, Samíria Maria Oliveira Silva, Francisco de Assis Souza Filho and Victor Costa Porto
A Multiregional Input–Output Hydro-Economic Modeling Framework: An Application to the Ebro River Basin pp. 1-53 Downloads
Miguel A. Almazán-Gómez, Taher Kahil, Rosa Duarte and Julio Sánchez-Chóliz
Editorial — Advances in Hydro-Economic Modeling for Sustainable Basin Management in a Context of Climate Change pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alfonso Expósito, Taher Kahil and Julio Berbel

Volume 08, issue 04, 2022

Local Communities’ Willingness to Contribute Toward the Improved Water Quality of River Yamuna pp. 1-30 Downloads
Mrigakshi Tandon and Sukanya Das
Optimizing Long-Term Irrigation of Areas Above an Unconfined Aquifer: Quantity and Quality Considerations pp. 1-20 Downloads
Hagit Erlichman
Environmental Regulation and Economic Development: Evidence from the River Chief System in China pp. 1-32 Downloads
Liwen Liu and Caiquan Bai
Overcoming Deterministic Limits to Robustness Tests of Decision-Making Given Incomplete Information: The State Contingent Analysis Approach pp. 1-41 Downloads
David Adamson and Adam Loch
Book Review — Water Markets: A Global Assessment pp. 1-3 Downloads
Loretta Singletary
A Hydro-Economic Model to Calculate the Resource Costs of Agricultural Water Use and the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Their Recovery pp. 1-27 Downloads
Francesco Sapino, Dionisio Pérez-Blanco C.â and Pablo Saiz-Santiago
Policy Note: Risk and Uncertainty in the Murray–Darling Basin pp. 1-7 Downloads
John Quiggin
Editorial — Water Risks and Sustainable Water Management pp. 1-11 Downloads
Adam Loch and David Adamson

Volume 08, issue 03, 2022

The Impacts of Flooding and Business Activity and Employment: A Spatial Perspective on Small Business pp. 1-22 Downloads
Quan Sun, John Mann and Mark Skidmore
Evaluating the Risk and Complexity of Pluvial Flood Damage in the U.S pp. 1-24 Downloads
Gina Tonn and Jeffrey Czajkowski
The Impact of Flooding on Education of Children and Adolescents: Evidence from Pakistan pp. 1-35 Downloads
Riaz Ahmed, Waseem Barkat, Adeel Ahmed, Muhammad Tahir and Abdul Majid Nasir
Distributions of Flood Risk: The Implications of Alternative Measures of Flood Risk pp. 1-43 Downloads
Douglas Noonan, Lilliard Richardson and Pin Sun
Editorial — Disaster Impacts and Adaptation: The Economics of Flooding pp. 1-11 Downloads
Maura Allaire
Book Review — Sustainable Groundwater Management: A Comparative Analysis of French and Australian Policies and Implications to Other Countries pp. 1-3 Downloads
Simon de Bonviller
Probabilistic Assessment of Pluvial Flood Risk Across 20 European Cities: A Demonstrator of the Copernicus Disaster Risk Reduction Service for Pluvial Flood Risk in Urban Areas pp. 1-37 Downloads
Arthur H. Essenfelder, Stefano Bagli, Jaroslav Mysiak, Jeremy S. Pal, Paola Mercogliano, Alfredo Reder, Guido Rianna, Paolo Mazzoli, Davide Broccoli and Valerio Luzzi
Policy Note: Coping with Floods under Future Changing Conditions pp. 1-10 Downloads
Diego J. Rodriguez, Laura Bonzanigo, Homero Paltán and Julie Rozenberg

Volume 08, issue 02, 2022

Book Review — Flood Risk Management: Global Case Studies of Governance, Policy, and Communities pp. 1-4 Downloads
Aaron B. Flores
Policy Note: Water Affordability and Accessibility in Baltimore, Maryland pp. 1-14 Downloads
Steve H. Hanke and Christopher Arena
Explaining Provincial Variation in Implementation of China’s Clean Water Policies pp. 1-23 Downloads
Fang Xu
The Influence of Internal Monitoring on Compliance with Effluent Limits pp. 1-45 Downloads
Julia Brandes and Dietrich Earnhart
Editorial — Volume 8 Issue 2 (April 2022) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ariel Dinar
A Conceptual Model to Assess the Literacy of Water Consumers pp. 1-21 Downloads
Ana Fernandes, Margarida Figueiredo, José Neves and Henrique Vicente
The Economics of Irrigation Water: Empirical Evidence from the Awash River Basin, Ethiopia pp. 1-31 Downloads
Yohannis Mulu Tessema, Tena Alamirew, Katrina Charles and Gete Zeleke
A Content Analysis of the Strictest Water Resources Management Policy in China pp. 1-26 Downloads
Zhe Cheng, Nina Wang, Rulin Ouyang, Huanming Wang and Zhe Song

Volume 08, issue 01, 2022

Policy Note: Expanding Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1-14 Downloads
Soumya Balasubramanya and Uma Lele
Book Review — Water Resource Economics and Policy: An Introduction 2nd Edition pp. 1-3 Downloads
Daniel Bromley
Saving the Colorado River Delta: How Much is It Worth? pp. 1-33 Downloads
Aditi Sarkar
Collective Actions and Leadership Attributes: A Cluster Analysis of Water User Associations in Chile pp. 1-30 Downloads
Carlos Bopp, Alejandra Engler, Roberto Jara-Rojas, Claudia Hunecke and Oscar Melo
Hierarchical Modelling of Small-Scale Irrigation: Constraints and Opportunities for Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1-30 Downloads
Beliyou Haile, Dawit Mekonnen, Jowel Choufani, Claudia Ringler and Elizabeth Bryan
Editorial Volume 8 Issue 1 (January 2022) pp. 1-5 Downloads
George Frisvold
Heterogeneity, Household Co-Production, and Risks of Water Services — Water Demand of Private Households with Multiple Water Sources pp. 1-38 Downloads
Heinrich Zozmann, Christian Klassert, Bernd Klauer and Erik Gawel
Valuing Health Loss in Karachi City from Water Contamination and Household Defensive Behavior pp. 1-21 Downloads
Faisal Jamil, Zahid Siddique and Iftikhar Hussain Adil
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