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23e14: Central Bank Mandates and Communication about Climate Change: Evidence from A Large Dataset of Central Bank Speeches Downloads
David Arseneau and Mitsuhiro Osada
23e13: Estimating Pipeline Pressures in New Keynesian Phillips Curves: A Bayesian VAR-GMM Approach Downloads
Yoshibumi Makabe, Yosuke Matsumoto and Wataru Hirata
23e12: Regulatory Reforms and Price Heterogeneity in an OTC Derivative Market Downloads
Daisuke Miyakawa, Takemasa Oda and Taihei Sone
23e11: Heterogeneity and Wage Growth of Full-time Workers in Japan: An Empirical Analysis Using Micro Data Downloads
Daiki Date, Takushi Kurozumi, Takashi Nakazawa and Yu Sugioka
23e10: Energy Efficiency in Japan: Developments in the Business and Household Sectors, and Implications for Carbon Neutrality Downloads
Kosuke Aoki, Jouchi Nakajima, Masato Takahashi, Tomoyuki Yagi and Kotone Yamada
23e09: Nonlinear Input Cost Pass-through to Consumer Prices: A Threshold Approach Downloads
Takatoshi Sasaki, Hiroki Yamamoto and Jouchi Nakajima
23e08: The Slope of the Phillips Curve for Service Prices in Japan: Regional Panel Data Approach Downloads
Yui Kishaba and Tatsushi Okuda
23e07: Labor Market of Regular Workers in Japan: A Perspective from Job Advertisement Data Downloads
Kakuho Furukawa, Yoshihiko Hogen and Yosuke Kido
23e06: Application of Machine Learning to a Credit Rating Classification Model: Techniques for Improving the Explainability of Machine Learning Downloads
Ryuichiro Hashimoto, Kakeru Miura and Yasunori Yoshizaki
23e05: Price Markups and Wage Setting Behavior of Japanese Firms Downloads
Kosuke Aoki, Yoshihiko Hogen and Kosuke Takatomi
23e04: Wage Developments in Japan: Four Key Issues for the Post-COVID-19 Wage Growth Downloads
Ichiro Fukunaga, Kakuho Furukawa, Shunsuke Haba, Yoshihiko Hogen, Yosuke Kido, Tomohiro Okubo, Kotaro Suita and Kosuke Takatomi
23e03: A Theory of Intrinsic Inflation Persistence Downloads
Takushi Kurozumi and Willem Van Zandweghe
23e02: Analysis of the Transmission of Carbon Tax using a Multi-Sector Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model Downloads
Kohei Matsumura, Tomomi Naka and Nao Sudo
23e01: Corporate Finance Facility and Resource Allocation: Research Trends and Developments during the Spread of COVID-19 Downloads
Kotone Yamada, Yukio Minoura, Jouchi Nakajima and Tomoyuki Yagi
22e19: A Nowcasting Model of Exports Using Maritime Big Data Downloads
Kakuho Furukawa and Ryohei Hisano
22e18: Inflation in Japan: Changes during the Pandemic and Issues for the Future Downloads
Shuichiro Ikeda, Haruhiko Inatsugu, Yui Kishaba, Takuji Kondo, Kenichi Sakura, Kosuke Takatomi, Takashi Nakazawa and Kotone Yamada
22e17: Pass-Through of Cost-Push Pressures to Consumer Prices Downloads
Tomoyuki Yagi, Yoshiyuki Kurachi, Masato Takahashi, Kotone Yamada and Hiroshi Kawata
22e16: A Nowcasting Model of Industrial Production using Alternative Data and Machine Learning Approaches Downloads
Kakuho Furukawa, Ryohei Hisano, Yukio Minoura and Tomoyuki Yagi
22e15: Increasing Portfolio Overlap of Japanese Regional Banks with Global Investment Funds and Its Financial Stability Implications Downloads
Yoshiyasu Koide, Yoshihiko Hogen and Nao Sudo
22e14: Rise of NBFIs and the Global Structural Change in the Transmission of Market Shocks Downloads
Yoshihiko Hogen, Yoshiyasu Koide and Yuji Shinozaki
22e13: Quantitative Analysis of Haircuts: Evidence from the Japanese Repo and Securities Lending Markets Downloads
Kazuya Suzuki and Kana Sasamoto
22e12: Flood Risk Perception and its Impact on Land Prices in Japan Downloads
Yoshiyasu Koide, Kenji Nishizaki and Nao Sudo
22e11: An Assessment of Online Consumption Trends in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Jouchi Nakajima, Masato Takahashi and Tomoyuki Yagi
22e10: Productivity Trends in Japan - Reviewing Recent Facts and the Prospects for the Post-COVID-19 Era - Downloads
Tomoyuki Yagi, Kakuho Furukawa and Jouchi Nakajima
22e09: Constructing GDP Nowcasting Models Using Alternative Data Downloads
Takashi Nakazawa
22e08: Development of "Alternative Data Consumption Index":Nowcasting Private Consumption Using Alternative Data Downloads
Tomohiro Okubo, Koji Takahashi, Haruhiko Inatsugu and Masato Takahashi
22e07: A Preferred Habitat View of Yield Curve Control Downloads
Junko Koeda and Yoichi Ueno
22e06: How Do Floods Affect the Economy? An Empirical Analysis using Japanese Flood Data Downloads
Takuro Ashizawa, Nao Sudo and Hiroki Yamamoto
22e05: Transmission of Flood Damage to the Real Economy and Financial Intermediation: Simulation Analysis using a DSGE Model Downloads
Ryuichiro Hashimoto and Nao Sudo
22e04: The Term Structure of Inflation at Risk: A Panel Quantile Regression Approach Downloads
Yoshibumi Makabe and Yoshihiko Norimasa
22e03: A Comparison of Japanese and US New Keynesian Phillips Curves with Bayesian VAR-GMM Downloads
Takushi Kurozumi and Ryohei Oishi
22e02: A Positive Outcome of COVID-19? The Effects of Work from Home on Gender Attitudes and Household Production Downloads
Hiromi Hara and Daiji Kawaguchi
22e01: Households' Perceived Inflation and CPI Inflation: the Case of Japan Downloads
Yusuke Takahashi and Yoichiro Tamanyu
21e15: Zombies, Again? The COVID-19 Business Support Programs in Japan Downloads
Takeo Hoshi, Daiji Kawaguchi and Kenichi Ueda
21e14: A Network Analysis of the JGB Repo Market Downloads
Takumi Horikawa, Yujiro Matsui and Yasufumi Gemma
21e13: Macroeconomic Changes with Declining Trend Inflation: Complementarity with the Superstar Firm Hypothesis Downloads
Takushi Kurozumi and Willem Van Zandweghe
21e12: Extracting Firms' Short-Term Inflation Expectations from the Economy Watchers Survey Using Text Analysis Downloads
Jouchi Nakajima, Hiroaki Yamagata, Tatsushi Okuda, Shinnosuke Katsuki and Takeshi Shinohara
21e11: The Economics of Privacy: A Primer Especially for Policymakers Downloads
Yosuke Uno, Akira Sonoda and Masaki Bessho
21e10: Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Floods on Firms' Financial Conditions Downloads
Hiroki Yamamoto and Tomomi Naka
21e09: Supplementary Paper Series for the "Assessment" (3): Inflation-Overshooting Commitment:An Analysis Using a Macroeconomic Model Downloads
Takuji Kawamoto, Jouchi Nakajima and Tomoaki Mikami
21e08: New Hedonic Quality Adjustment Method using Sparse Estimation Downloads
Sahoko Furuta, Yudai Hatayama, Atsushi Kawakami and Yusuke Oh
21e07: China's Long-Term Growth Potential: Can Productivity Convergence Be Sustained? Downloads
Takatoshi Sasaki, Tomoya Sakata, Yui Mukoyama and Koichi Yoshino
21e06: Final Demand-Intermediate Demand Aggregation System of Japan's Producer Price Index Downloads
Moegi Inoue, Atsushi Kawakami, Ayako Masujima, Ichiro Muto, Shogo Nakano and Izumi Takagawa
21e05: Emerging Economies' Vulnerability to Changes in Capital Flows: The Role of Global and Local Factors Downloads
Yoshihiko Norimasa, Kazuki Ueda and Tomohiro Watanabe
21e04: Supplementary Paper Series for the "Assessment" (2): Estimating Effects of Expansionary Monetary Policy since the Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) Using the Macroeconomic Model (Q-JEM) Downloads
Takuji Kawamoto, Takashi Nakazawa, Yui Kishaba, Kohei Matsumura and Jouchi Nakajima
21e03: Supplementary Paper Series for the "Assessment" (1): The Effects of the Bank of Japan's ETF Purchases on Risk Premia in the Stock Markets Downloads
Ko Adachi, Kazuhiro Hiraki and Tomiyuki Kitamura
21e02: Nowcasting Economic Activity with Mobility Data Downloads
Kohei Matsumura, Yusuke Oh, Tomohiro Sugo and Koji Takahashi
21e01: Too-big-to-fail Reforms and Systemic Risk Downloads
Kakuho Furukawa, Hibiki Ichiue, Yugo Kimura and Noriyuki Shiraki
20e08: How Does Climate Change Interact with the Financial System? A Survey Downloads
Kakuho Furukawa, Hibiki Ichiue and Noriyuki Shiraki
20e07: R&D and Innovation: Evidence from Patent Data Downloads
Yusuke Oh and Koji Takahashi
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