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2024: The Heterogeneous Consequences of Reduced Labor Costs on Firm Productivity Downloads
Francesco Del Prato and Paolo Zacchia
2024: Forced Migration and Crime: Evidence from the 2014 Immigration Wave to Russia Downloads
Arsenii Shcherbov
2024: Survey Expectations, Adaptive Learning and Inflation Dynamics Downloads
Yuliya Rychalovska, Sergey Slobodyan and Raf Wouters
2024: Financial Skills and Search in the Mortgage Market Downloads
Marta Cota and Ante Sterc
2024: Exploring Inmates’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behavior: Implications for Theories of Crime Downloads
Daniel L. Chen, Lubomir Cingl, Arnaud Philippe and Michal Šoltés
2024: COVID-19 and Political Preferences Through Stages of the Pandemic: The Case of the Czech Republic Downloads
Alena Bicakova and Stepan Jurajda
2024: Why do some nudges work and others not? Downloads
Matej Lorko, Tomas Miklanek and Maroš Servátka
2024: Disappearing Stepping Stones: Technological Change and Career Paths Downloads
Daniil Kashkarov and Valentin Artemev
2024: Matching to Suppliers in the Production Network: an Empirical Framework Downloads
Alonso Alfaro-Urena and Paolo Zacchia
2024: The American Origin of the French Revolution Downloads
Sebastian Ottinger and Lukas Rosenberger
2024: Changing Simplistic Worldviews Downloads
Maxim Senkov and Toygar T. Kerman
2024: Pitfalls of Information Spillovers in Persuasion Downloads
Toygar T. Kerman and Anastas P. Tenev
2023: Patience and Giving: Global Evidence Based on Longitudinal and Linguistic Data Downloads
Azizbek Tokhirov
2023: Gender Gap in Reported Childcare Preferences among Parents Downloads
Filip Pertold, Sofiana Sinani and Michal Šoltés
2023: Interim Deadline for Procrastinators Downloads
Artem Razumovskii
2023: Hostility, Population Sorting, and Backwardness: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Red Army after WWII Downloads
Christian Ochsner
2023: Human Capital Affects Religious Identity: Causal Evidence from Kenya Downloads
Livia Alfonsi, Michal Bauer, Julie Chytilová and Edward Miguel
2023: Professional Survey Forecasts and Expectations in DSGE Models Downloads
Yuliya Rychalovska, Sergey Slobodyan and Raf Wouters
2023: The Impact of the Firstborn Gender on Family Formation and Dissolution: Evidence from Russia Downloads
Sergii Maksymovych
2023: Weather Shocks and Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan Downloads
Aizhamal Rakhmetova and Ivan Trestcov
2023: Social Ties at Work and Effort Choice: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania Downloads
Martin Chegere, Paolo Falco and Andreas Menzel
2023: Sexual-Orientation Discrimination and Biological Attributions: Experimental Evidence from Russia Downloads
Gayane Baghumyan
2023: The Long-Term Impact of Energy Poverty and Its Mitigation on Educational Attainment: Evidence From China Downloads
Yervand Martirosyan
2023: Quantitative Easing in the Euro Area: Implications for Income and Wealth Inequality Downloads
Dusan Stojanovic
2023: Instrumental Variable Estimation with Many Instruments Using Elastic-Net IV Downloads
Alena Skolkova
2023: Model Averaging with Ridge Regularization Downloads
Alena Skolkova
2023: Easing Renegotiation Rules in Public Procurement: Evidence from a Policy Reform Downloads
Kris De Jaegher, Michal Šoltés and Vítězslav Titl
2023: The Price of War: Macroeconomic and Cross-Sectional Effects of Sanctions on Russia Downloads
Mikhail Mamonov and Anna Pestova
2023: Measuring Fraud in Banking and its Impact on the Economy: A Quasi-Natural Experiment Downloads
Mikhail Mamonov
2023: Quo Vadis? Evidence on New Firm-Bank Matching and Firm Performance Following “Sin” Bank Closures Downloads
Roman Goncharenko, Mikhail Mamonov, Steven Ongena, Svetlana Popova and Natalia Turdyeva
2023: “Crime and Punishment”? How Banks Anticipate and Propagate Global Financial Sanctions Downloads
Mikhail Mamonov, Anna Pestova and Steven Ongena
2023: Deus Vult! Military Capacity and Economic Development in the Teutonic-Order State Downloads
Flavio Malnati
2023: Extrapolative Income Expectations and Retirement Savings Downloads
Marta Cota
2023: Colonialism, Cash Crops and Women in Africa Downloads
Martina Miotto
2023: Racial Discrimination and Lost Innovation: Evidence from US Inventors, 1895–1925 Downloads
Davide M. Coluccia, Gaia Dossi and Sebastian Ottinger
2023: The Effects of Government Spending in Segmented Labor and Financial Markets Downloads
Dusan Stojanovic
2023: Allocation Choice in Charitable Giving: A Natural Field Experiment Downloads
Theodor Kouro
2023: Practical Macrofinancial Stability Analysis: A Prototype Semistructural Model Downloads
Jaromir Benes, Tomas Motl and David Vavra
2023: Inflation Expectations in the Wake of the War in Ukraine Downloads
Geghetsik Afunts, Misina Cato and Tobias Schmidt
2023: Voting under Debtor Distress Downloads
Jakub Grossmann and Stepan Jurajda
2023: Disclosure Discrimination: An Experiment Focusing on Communication in the Hiring Process Downloads
Sona Badalyan, Darya Korlyakova and Rastislav Rehak
2023: Parental Allowance Increase and Labour Supply: Evidence from a Czech Reform Downloads
Jakub Grossmann, Filip Pertold and Michal Šoltés
2022: Naked Exclusion with Heterogeneous Buyers Downloads
Ying Chen and Jan Zapal
2022: Who Divorces Whom: Unilateral Divorce Legislation and the Educational Structure of Marriage Downloads
Geghetsik Afunts and Stepan Jurajda
2022: Sequential Sampling Beyond Decisions? A Normative Model of Decision Confidence Downloads
Rastislav Rehak
2022: Effect of Exchange-Traded Funds Arbitrage Transactions on their Underlying Holdings Downloads
Gregory Boadu-Sebbe
2022: A Back-of-the-Envelope Analysis of House Prices: Czech Republic, 2013-2021 Downloads
Roman Sustek
2022: Optimally Biased Expertise Downloads
Pavel Ilinov, Andrei Matveenko, Maxim Senkov and Egor Starkov
2022: Inattentive Price Discovery in ETFs Downloads
Mariia Kosar and Sergei Mikhalishchev
2022: Setting Interim Deadlines to Persuade Downloads
Maxim Senkov
2022: Compliance Behavior under Surveillance: Introduction of the Video Assistant Referee to European Football Downloads
Ivan Trestcov
2022: Is Longer Maternal Care Always Beneficial? The Impact of a Four-year Paid Parental Leave Downloads
Alena Bičáková and Klara Kaliskova
2022: Do Pessimistic Expectations About Discrimination Make Minorities Withdraw Their Effort? Causal Evidence Downloads
Darya Korlyakova
2022: Exploring Border Effects: Sensitivity of Cigarette Consumption to Excise Tax Downloads
Aisha Baisalova
2022: Trading Volume and Liquidity Provision in Cryptocurrency Markets Downloads
Daniele Bianchi, Mykola Babiak and Alexander Dickerson
2022: Limited Consideration in the Investment Fund Choice Downloads
Ante Sterc
2022: Proximity to Help Matters: The Effect of Access to Centers of Legal Aid on Bankruptcy Rates Downloads
Kristína Hrehová and Stefan Domonkos
2022: The 2003 Tax Reform and Corporate Payout Policy in the US Downloads
Danilo Stojanovic
2022: Mist Over a Meadow: Tax Designation Effects on Compliance Downloads
Lubomir Cingl, Tomáš Lichard and Tomas Miklanek
2022: Access to Financial Resources and Environmental Migration of the Poor Downloads
Aizhamal Rakhmetova, Roman Hoffmann and Mariola Pytlikova
2022: Violent Conflicts and Child Gender Preferences of Parents: Evidence from Nigeria Downloads
Ella Sargsyan
2022: For God, Tsar and Fatherland? The Political Influence of Church Downloads
Ekaterina Travova
2022: RBTC and Human Capital: Accounting for Individual-Level Responses Downloads
Daniil Kashkarov
2022: Social Networks and Surviving the Holocaust Downloads
Matej Belin, Tomas Jelinek and Stepan Jurajda
2022: An Equivalence between Rational Inattention Problems and Complete-Information Conformity Games Downloads
Pavel Ilinov and Ole Jann
2022: Consequences of Inconvenient Information: Evidence from Sentencing Disparities Downloads
Michal Šoltés
2022: Information, Perceived Returns and College Major Choices Downloads
Nikoloz Kudashvili and Gega Todua
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