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CARF-J-105: The Contribution of Research and Development Investments by Sectors to GDP growth Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-078: Bubble" or "Boom"?: Investigation of the Japanese economy in the second-half of 1980s with the firm-level data from the "Corporate Enterprise Annual Statistics", as preparation for studying the "Lost Two Decades Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-077: What Did Corporate Executives, Outside Directors and Large Shareholders Really Do ?: Corporate Governance of Tokyo Marine and Tasiho Marine in Mitsubishi and Mitsui Zaibatsu Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-075: "Bad Loans", "Delayed Disposals", "Follow-on and Zombie Lending", and the Lost Two Decades": Lessons from the Japanese Experience? Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-071: Hegemony, Trade and Credit Markets in the early modern Europe Downloads
Toru Iwami
CARF-J-070: Branch Network and Internal Flow of Funds of Mitsubishi Bank during the Second World War Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-069: GH skew Student's t-distribution in stochastic volatility model with application to stock returns Downloads
Yasuhiro Omori
CARF-J-068: The Economic Recession in 2008 and Corporate Accounting Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-067: The Reality of Trade Credit and its Link to Bank Borrowing and Inventory: (2) Correlation Coefficients and Multiple Regressions Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-066: The Reality of Trade Credit and its Link to Bank Borrowing and Inventory: (1) Overall Discussion and Preliminary Investigation Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-065: The Reality of Short-term Shocks like the 'Credit Crunch' of 1997-1999 and the 'Financial Crisis' of 2007, and the Effectiveness of 'Emergency' Economic Measures ? A Follow-up to Miwa [2008] Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-064: The Low 'Bank-Dependence Ratio' and Recent Further Increase in the 'Independence of Firms from Banks' Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-063: "A Study of Financing Behavior of Japanese Firms with Firm-Level Data from Corporate Enterprise Quarterly Statistics ? 1994~2009: Introduction and Summary" (Revised in March 2011) Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-062: "The Recent Economic and Financial Crisis: An Overview of its Causes, Propagation Mechanisms and Policy Responses" (in Japanese) Downloads
Kazuo Ueda
CARF-J-061: "Credit Guarantee" Policy [shin'yo hosho seido] for Small Businesses in Japan, with Reference to "the Special Credit Guarantee Policy" during 1998.10 - 2001.3 Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-060: The Role of the Central Bank under the Japanese Financial Crisis: Zero Interest Rate, Quantitative Easing, and Credit Easing Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
CARF-J-059: Pricing Average Options under Stochastic Volatility Models
Kenichiro Shiraya, Akihiko Takahashi and Masashi Toda
CARF-J-058: The Benefits and Costs of Financial Globalization:The Anatomy of the Financial Crisis since 2007 Downloads
Kazuo Ueda
CARF-J-057: Zaibatsu and Flow of Fund: A Case of Mitsubishi, 1937-1944" Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-056: The Role of Monetary Policy under Financial Turbulence Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
CARF-J-055: Is Socially Responsible Investment Profitable? Downloads
Jiro Yoshida
CARF-J-054: "Credit Crunch"?: Details from Borrower Quarterly Financial Data about What Actually Happened in Japan during 1997-1999 Downloads
Yoshiro Miwa
CARF-J-053: Net Income vs. Comprehensive Income -A Reexamination of Attributes, Relevance, and Price Informativeness- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-052: Usefulness of Earnings and Market Efficiency Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-051: A Separation Theorem of Active Management and Synthetic Enhanced Active Strategies Downloads
Takao Kobayashi and Seiji Minami
CARF-J-050: Analysts' Earnings Forecasts and the Value Relevance of Earnings Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-049: Accounting Behavior of Firms Recognizing Impairment Losses Downloads
Takashi Obinata and Takako Okuda
CARF-J-048: Book Review: "The Quiet Revolution", Alan Blinder Downloads
Kazuo Ueda
CARF-J-047: The Role of Real Estate in Finance Downloads
Jiro Yoshida
CARF-J-046: Rational Predictability of Real Estate Prices Downloads
Jiro Yoshida
CARF-J-045: Markov Switching Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Model with Application to TOPIX Data -A Permutation Sampler Approach- Downloads
Tsunehiro Ishihara and Yasuhiro Omori
CARF-J-044: Financial Business in Tokugawa Japan Downloads
Makoto Kasuya
CARF-J-043: Value Relevance of Earnings Changes and Levels Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-042: Pricing and Hedging of Long-Term Futures and Forward Contracts by a Three-Factor Model
Kenichiro Shiraya, Yosuke Fukunishi and Akihiko Takahashi
CARF-J-041: Information Revealing Effects of Anti-takeover Amendments: A case of Japan in 2005 Downloads
Sumio Hirose, Tomotaka Fujita and Noriyuki Yanagawa
CARF-J-040: The Usefulness of Accounting Information and the Valuation of the Firm-- A Reexamination of the Efficient Market Hypothesis -- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-039: Closed-form Solution of Bond Prices with Postponement of Redemption Downloads
Ryoichi Ikeda and Takao Kobayashi
CRRF-J-038: A Structural Approach without Path Dependency Downloads
Ryoichi Ikeda and Takao Kobayashi
CARF-J-037: Value Relevance of Earnings Information in Japan -- A Survey: The Empirical Findings by Foreign Researchers -- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-036: Global Risk Sharing: Toward a stronger Financial System Downloads
Takao Kobayashi, Jeffrey Bohn and Risa Sai
CARF-J-035: Markov chain Monte Carlo method and its application to the stochastic volatility model Downloads
Yasuhiro Omori and Toshiaki Watanabe
CARF-J-034: The Case for View Based Dynamic ALM for Japanese Pension Funds: A New Approach to Liability Driven Investing Downloads
Sanjay Muralidhar, Masakazu Arikawa and Arun Muralidhar
CARF-J-033: Portfolio Management and Profitability of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu during the War: 1935-1944 Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-032: ``On an Asymptotic Expansion Approach to Numerical Problems in Finance" (forthcoming in ``Sugaku," Vol. 59-1, (2007))
Akihiko Takahashi
CARF-J-031: The Critical Weakness of the Japanese Financial System and Its Remedy Downloads
Kobayashi Takao
CARF-J-030: The Market Efficiency - 35 years after Fama Downloads
Takao Kobayashi
CARF-J-029: Rethinking '100% Money': Challenges from New Financial Technology (Revised in November 2006) Downloads
Nai-fu Chen, Takao Kobayashi and Risa Sai
CARF-J-028: Selection and Performance Analysis of Asia-Pacific Hedge Funds Downloads
Kyo Yamamoto, Takeshi Hakamada and Akihiko Takahashi
CARF-J-027: Value Relevance of Consolidated Earnings -- Evaluation of Japanese Revolution and a New Proposal by FASB -- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-026: Accounting Policy and the Value Relevance of Earnings --- The Case of Revenue Recognition in the Construction Industry --- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-025: On the Design of Social Security Contributions Downloads
Yasushi Iwamoto
CARF-J-024: On the Design of Social Security Financing Downloads
Yasushi Iwamoto
CARF-J-023: Persistence, Capitalization Coefficients, and Value Relevance of the Multi-step Income --- The Information Contents of the Multi-step Income Statement in Japan --- Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-022: Bad Loans and Loan Write-Offs Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda and Satoshi Koibuchi
CARF-J-021: Role of Inter-bank Networks in the Pre-war Japanese Financial System Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki and Michiru Sawada
CARF-J-020: Style Management and Behavioral Finance Downloads
Takao Kobayashi
CARF-J-019: Lenders of Last Resort and Selection of Banks in Pre-war Japan Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-018: Portfolio Management and Profitability of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki
CARF-J-017: Bankruptcy Analysis and Going-concern Opinion Is Cox Proportional Hazard Model applicable to the auditing practice? Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-016: On Risk Management Methods of Equity-Linked Insurance and Practical Problems Downloads
Gouta Akiyama and Naoto Kunitomo
CARF-J-015: Value Relevance of Earnings Components in the Income Statement Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-014: Value Relevance of Legally Mandated Provisions Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-013: Seasonality and Seasonal Switching Time Series Models Downloads
Naoto Kunitomo and Makoto Takaoka
CARF-J-012: Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Revival Process in Japan Downloads
Noriyuki Yanagawa, Sumio Hirose and Fumio Akiyoshi
CARF-J-011: Modeling Credit Risk: A Structural Approach with Long-term and Short-term Debts Downloads
Ryoichi Ikeda, Takao Kobayashi and Akihiko Takahashi
CARF-J-010: An Analysis of Shareholders' Lists for 60 Cotton Spinning Companies in 1898 Downloads
Yoichi Kobayakawa, Suzuki Tsuneo and Kazuo Wada
CARF-J-009: High-frequency Contagion between the Exchange Rates and Stock Prices during the Asian Currency Crisis Downloads
Hashimoto Yuko and Takatoshi Ito
CARF-J-008: Value Relevance of Segment Disclosure in Railroad Industry Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-007: The Genesis and the Development of the Pre-war Japanese Stock Market Downloads
Tetsuji Okazaki, Yasushi Hamao and Takeo Hoshi
CARF-J-006: Multiperiod Statistical Risk Management Methods and Equity-Linked Life Insurance Downloads
Naoto Kunitomo and Tomoyuki Ichiba
CARF-J-005: Monte Carlo Simulation with an Asymptotic Expansion in HJM Framework Downloads
Akihiko Takahashi and Shuichiro Matsushima
CARF-J-004: The Value Relevance of Earnings in Transportation Industry Downloads
Takashi Obinata
CARF-J-003: A Case Study about Corporate Revival Process: Nitto Kougyou Downloads
Noriyuki Yanagawa and Ryoko Oki
CARF-J-002: A Case Study about Corporate Revival Process: Snow Brand Milk Products Downloads
Noriyuki Yanagawa and Ryoko Oki
CARF-J-001: Discretionary Determination and Value Relevance of Accrual Expenses incurred by Nuclear Power Plant Downloads
Takashi Obinata
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