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2010: The Impact of Trade Integration and Competition on Real and Nominal Price Rigidities: Insights from a New-Keynesian DSGE Model Downloads
Anna Watson
2010: A Two-Sector Model of Public Investment and Growth Downloads
Giulia Felice
2010: Modeling Household Behavior in a CGE Model: Linear Expenditure System or Indirect Addilog? Downloads
Paul de Boer
2010: Endogenous Intellectual Property Rights and North-South Trade Downloads
Andreas Schäfer and Maik Schneider
2010: Rising R&D Intensity and Economic Growth Downloads
Andreas Pollak
2010: Imitation and Innovation Driven Development under Imperfect Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Christian Lorenczik and Monique Newiak
2010: International Openness and Patent Activity: First Descriptive Results Very preliminary draft Downloads
Julian P. Christ and Patricia Hofmann
2010: Tax Cuts in Open Economies Downloads
Alejandro Cunat, Szabolcs Deak and Marco Maffezzoli
2010: Quantifying Optimal Growth Policy Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Thomas Steger and Timo Trimborn
2010: Federal Regulation and Aggregate Economic Growth Downloads
John Dawson and John Seater
2010: Should Public Retirement Pensions Be Means-tested? Downloads
Cagri Kumru and John Piggott
2010: A Double-edged Sword: High Interest Rates in Capital-control Regimes Downloads
Gylfi Zoega
2010: GHG Emissions, Lobbying, Free-Riding, and Technological Change Downloads
Tapio Palokangas
2010: The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit Frictions Downloads
Christiane Clemens and Maik Heinemann
2010: Firm Heterogeneity, Credit Constraints, and Endogenous Growth Downloads
Jürgen Antony, Torben Klarl and Alfred Maussner
2010: Multilateralism versus Regionalism!? Downloads
Bernhard Herz and Marco Wagner
2010: Complete Closed-form Solution to a Stochastic Growth Model and Corresponding Speed of Economic Recovery preliminary Downloads
Robert Feicht and Wolfgang Stummer
2010: Animal Spirits and the Composition of Innovation in a Lab-Equipment R&D Model with Transition Downloads
Pedro Gil
2010: The Religious Transition. A Long-run Perspective Downloads
Erich Gundlach and Martin Paldam
2010: Intelligence and the Wealth of Nations: Genetics Matter but there is Still Much Room to Reduce Inequalities preliminary Downloads
Alejandro Rodriguez-Arana
2010: The Climatic Origins of the Neolithic Revolution Theory and Evidence Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Stelios Michalopoulos
2010: Religious Orders and Growth through Cultural Change in Pre-Industrial England Downloads
Thomas Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Paul Sharp
2010: Schumpeterian Growth, Trade, and Dynamic Comparative Advantage Downloads
Lei Ji and John Seater
2010: Quality Ladders in a Ricardian Model of Trade with Nonhomothetic Preferences Downloads
Esteban Jaimovich and Vincenzo Merella
2010: The Structure and Growth of International Trade Downloads
Massimo Riccaboni and Stefano Schiavo
2010: Uncertain Productivity Growth and the Choice between FDI and Export Downloads
Davide Sala and Erdal Yalcin
2010: Factor Endowments, Democracy and Trade Policy Divergence Downloads
Sebastian Galiani and Norman Schofield
2010: The Spirit of Capitalism and Socialism. A Cross-country Study of Ideology Downloads
Martin Paldam and Christian Bjørnskov
2010: Informative Middleman Service, Variety-Expansion and Long Run Growth Downloads
Chien-Yu Huang
2010: Social Ties, Knowledge Spillovers and Regional Convergence Downloads
Albert de Vaal and Tom Gosens
2010: Is Agglomeration really Good for Growth? Global Efficiency, Interregional Equity and Uneven Growth Downloads
Fabio Cerina and Francesco Mureddu
2010: A Contribution to the Schumpeterian Growth Theory and Empirics Downloads
Cem Ertur and Wilfried Koch
2010: The Determinants of Distribution Dynamics: A Novel Methodology with an Application to the Cross-Country Distribution of Productivity Preliminary version. Please do not quote without permission) Downloads
Davide Fiaschi and Angela Parenti
2010: Productivity Analysis in Global Manufacturing Production Downloads
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal
2010: Do Countries falsify Economic Data Strategically? Some Evidence That They Do Downloads
Tomasz Michalski and Gilles Stoltz
2010: Engel's Law and Growth with Directed Technical Change Downloads
Timo Boppart
2010: The Kuznets-Kaldor-Puzzle and Neutral Cross-Capital-Intensity Structural Change Downloads
Helmut Wagner and Denis Stijepic
2010: Effects of Trade on Female Labor Force Participation Downloads
Hosny Zoabi and Philip Sauré
2010: Cross-country Variation in Factor Shares and its Implications for Development Accounting Downloads
Brad Sturgill
2010: Terms of Trade Volatility and Precautionary Savings in Developing Economies Downloads
Salim Furth
2010: Innovation versus Imitation: Intellectual Property Rights in a North-South Framework Downloads
Michael Wycherley
2010: Demographic and Economic Consequences of the Post-war Mortality Decline in Developing Countries Downloads
Ulla Lehmijoki and Tapio Palokangas
2010: Analysis of Fiscal Shocks in a Small Open Economy with Home Production Downloads
Yunfang Hu and Kazuo Mino
2010: Growth on a Finite Planet: Resources, Technology and Population in the Long Run Downloads
Pietro Peretto and Simone Valente
2010: On the Interaction between Public Investment and Private Capital in Economic Growth Downloads
Alberto Bucci and Chiara Del Bo
2010: Solution and Phase Portraits of Endogenous Growth Models with Optimal Saving Downloads
Bjarne S. Jensen and Ulla Lehmijoki
2010: Trade and the Global Recession Downloads
Samuel Kortum, Jonathan Eaton, Brent Neiman and John Romalis
2009: Industrialization in Malaysia: Changing role of Government and Foreign Firms Downloads
Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia
2009: Vertical FDI versus Outsourcing: The Role of Host Country Human Capital Downloads
Arti Grover
2009: Biased Technological Change, Impatience and Welfare Downloads
Laura Liliana Moreno Herrera and Jorge Pérez Pérez
2009: Within and Across Country Inequality in a Model of Trade and Endogenous Growth Downloads
Josh Hall
2009: Economic Growth in a Two-Agent Economy Downloads
Fernando Tohmé and Carlos Dabús
2009: Knowledge spillovers and the timing of R&D policy Downloads
Geir H. Bjertnæs, Tom-Reiel Heggedal and Karl Jacobsen
2009: De-industrialization of the Riches and the Rise of China Downloads
Murat Üngör
2009: A Three-Sector Model of Structural Transformation and Economic Development Downloads
El-hadj Bah
2009: Exchange Rate Pass-Through in India an Exploration with Sectoral Import Prices Downloads
Pradyut Kumar Pyne and Saikat Sinha Roy
2009: Endogenous Specialization and Factor Substitution in a Monetary Growth Model Downloads
Anne Jurkat and Rainer Klump
2009: Sovereign Risk in International Bond Markets and Nonconvergence Downloads
Volker Böhm and George Vachadze
2009: EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements: Empirical Evidence for Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Sebastian Vollmer, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D. and Nils-Hendrik Klann
2009: Technology-Skill Complementarity and International TFP Differences Downloads
Areendam Chanda and Beatrice Farkas
2009: The FDI-Growth Nexus in Latin America: The Role of Source Countries and Local Conditions Downloads
Patricia Prufer and Gabriele Tondl
2009: Optimal Patent Length and Patent Width for an Economy with Creative Destruction and Non-Diversifiable Risk Downloads
Tapio Palokangas
2009: The Role of Mortality in the Transmission of Knowledge Downloads
Michael Bar and Oksana Leukhina
2009: Transitional Dynamics in the Solow-Swan Growth Model with AK Technology and Logistic Population Change Downloads
Alberto Bucci and Luca Guerrini
2009: Transitional Dynamics in an Endogenous Growth Model with Heterogeneous Consumption Goods Downloads
Jaime Alonso-Carrera, Jordi Caballe and Xavier Raurich
2009: The Impact of Trade Integration on Business Cycle Synchronisation for MERCOSUR Countries Downloads
Francesco Grigoli
2009: Institutions and the Relation between Corruption and Economic Growth Downloads
Wouter Ebben and Albert de Vaal
2009: Formal Education and Public Knowledge Downloads
Maurizio Iacopetta
2009: General Trading Costs in Pure Theory of International Trade Downloads
Sugata Marjit and Biswajit Mandal
2009: Trade barriers to growth in South Africa: Endogenous investment-productivity-trade interaction Downloads
Jorn Rattso and Hildegunn Stokke
2009: Trade in a world with recyclable resources Downloads
Robbert Maseland
2009: Southern Innovation and Backward Knowledge Spillovers: A Dynamic FDI Model Downloads
Keith Maskus and Yin He
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