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2005-20: Les performances de l’économie suédoise depuis 1970: quelques éléments d’évaluation Downloads
Vincent Touzé
2005-19: Taxation in Europe: towards more competition or more co-ordination Downloads
Henri Sterdiyniak
2005-18: Impact de l’appréciation de l’euro sur le secteur du tourisme Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon and Xavier Timbeau
2005-17: Knowledge and Productivity in the World's Largest Manufacturing Corporations Level:Panel Data analysis on Compustat and Patent data Downloads
Lionel Nesta
2005-16: L’immobilier, pilier de la croissance ou épée de Damoclès Downloads
Eric Heyer, Sabine Le Bayon, Hervé Péléraux and Xavier Timbeau
2005-15: Croissance économique et bien être matériel Downloads
Gérard Cornilleau
2005-14: Organisation de l’entreprise et complexité de l’environnement: une estimation sur données françaises Downloads
Salima Benhamou and Gilles Le Garrec
2005-13: Stars et box office: un état des approches théoriques et empiriques Downloads
Alexis Dantec and Florence Levy
2005-12: Discretionary Policy Interactions and the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level: A SVAR Analysis on French Data Downloads
Jerome Creel, Paola Monperrus-Veroni and Francesco Saraceno
2005-11: Économétrie de la prévision Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon
2005-10: Direct multi-step estimation and forecasting Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon
2005-09: Competition from emerging countries, international relocation and their impacts on employment Downloads
Guillaume Daudin, Jean-Luc Gaffard, Sandrine Levasseur, Caterine Mathieu, George Pujal, Michel Quéré and Henri Sterdinyak
2005-08: Fiscal policy and interest rates Downloads
Bruno Ducoudré
2005-07: Delegation in inconsistency: the Lisbon strategy record as an institutional failure Downloads
Jerome Creel, Éloi Laurent and Jacques Le Cacheux
2005-06: La gestion des taux de change dans les pays émergents: la leçon des expériences récentes Downloads
Hanen Gharbi,
2005-05: A model of the stochastic convergence between business cycles Downloads
Matthieu Lemoine
2005-04: OFCE quaterly GDP growth indicators Downloads
Françoise Charpin
2005-03: Fiscal incidence of unfunded pension system: an analytical investigation Downloads
Vincent Touzé
2005-02: Monetary policy transmission mechanisms in the CEECs: How important are the differences with the euro area? Downloads
Jerome Creel and Sandrine Levasseur
2005-01: Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact: Reducing or Increasing the Nuisance? Downloads
Paola Monperrus-Veroni and Francesco Saraceno
2004-14: An estimation of the euro area potential output with a semi-structural multivariate Hodrick-Prescott filter Downloads
Odile Chagny and Matthieu Lemoine
2004-13: A Comparison of Multi-step GDP Forecasts for South Africa Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon
2004-12: "Weak" trends for inference and forecasting in finite samples Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon
2004-11: Structural reforms, macroeconomic policies and the future of Kazakhstan economy Downloads
Gilles Dufrénot and Alain Sand-Zantman
2004-10: A new Leading Indicator of UK Quarterly GDP Growth Downloads
Francoise Charpin and Catherine Mathieu
2004-09: Capital Operating Time and Working Time in the Production Function: An Evaluation on a Panel of French Firms over the Period 1989-2001 Downloads
Eric Heyer, Florian Pelgrin and Arnaud Sylvain
2004-08: L'assurance maladie: soins de court terme et traitement à long terme Downloads
Gérard Cornilleau, Cyrille Hagneré and Bruno Ventelou
2004-07: Evaluating the impact of the French tax credit programme: a difference in difference model Downloads
Elena Stancanelli
2004-06: Observable and unobservable variables in the theory of the equilibrium rate of unemployment, a comparison between France and the United States Downloads
Eric Heyer, Frédéric Reynès and Henri Sterdyniak
2004-05: A Frequency Selective Filter for Short-Length Time Series Downloads
Alessandra Iacobucci and Alain Noullez
2004-04: Evaluation du plan de relance de l’economie francaise,presente le 4 mai 2004 par M. Nicolas Sarkozy Downloads
Valérie Chauvin, Gérard Cornilleau, Gael Dupont, Cyrille Hagnere, Eric Heyer, Mathieu Plane and Xavier Timbeau
2004-03: Variables observables et inobservables dans la theorie du taux de chomage d’equilibre, une comparaison France/Etats-Unis Downloads
Eric Heyer, Frédéric Reynès and Henri Sterdyniak
2004-02: The Brussels-Frankfurt-Washington Consensus. Old and New Tradeoffs in Economics Downloads
Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Francesco Saraceno
2004-01: Wage Regimes, Accumulation and Finance Constraints: Keynesian Unemployment Revisited Downloads
Francesco Saraceno
2003-10: Dynamic Microsimulation Models Using to Analyze Retirement Systems Reforms: An Essay of Synthesis Downloads
Gael Dupont, Cyrille Hagnere and Vincent Touzé
2003-09: Financial Wealth, Consumption Smoothing, and Income Shocks due to Job Loss Downloads
Hans Bloemen and Elena Stancanelli
2003-08: Do fathers Care?
Elena Stancanelli
2003-07: Spectral Analysis for Economic Time Series Downloads
Alessandra Iacobucci
2003-06: Durées d’utilisation des facteurs et fonction de production: une estimation par la méthode des moments généralisés en système Downloads
Eric Heyer, Florian Pelgrin and Arnaud Sylvain
2003-05: Inflation divergence and public deficits in a monetary union Downloads
Jerome Creel and Jacques Le Cacheux
2003-04: Ranking Fiscal Policy Rules: the Golden Rule of Public Finance vs. the Stability and Growth Pact Downloads
Jerome Creel
2003-03: Do Frontiers give of do frontiers take ? The case of intercontinental trade in France at the end of the Ancien Régime Downloads
Guillaume Daudin
2003-02: Reforming the Stability and Growth Pact: Breaking the Ice Downloads
Catherine Mathieu and Henri Sterdyniak
2003-01: Definitions and Measures of ICT Impact on Growth: What is Really at Stake? Downloads
Hélène Baudchon and Olivier Brossard
2002-08: The Aftermath of the "New Economy" Bust: a Case Study of Five OECD Countries Downloads
Hélène Baudchon
2002-07: A Theory of Social Custom of Which Soft Growth May Be One Consequence. Tales of the European Stability Pact Downloads
Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Francesco Saraceno
2002-06: The quality of slave trade investment in eighteenth century France Downloads
Guillaume Daudin
2002-05: The fragility of international comparisons of employment and hours worked An attempt to reduce data heterogeneity Downloads
Mireille Bruyere and Odile Chagny
2002-04: The equilibrium rate of unemployment: a theoretical discussion and an empirical evaluation for six OECD countries Downloads
Odile Chagny, Frédéric Reynès and Henri Sterdyniak
2002-03: Unity and Plurality of the European Cycle Downloads
Guilhem Bentoglio, Jacky Fayolle and Matthieu Lemoine
2002-02: Panel Cointegration Analysis of the Finance-Investment Link in OECD Countries Downloads
Florian Pelgrin and Sebastian Schich
2002-01: The fiscal theory of the price level and sluggish inflation: how important shall the wealth effect be? Downloads
Jerome Creel and Henri Sterdyniak
2001-07: Macroeconomic consequences of pension reforms in Europe: an investigation with the INGENUE world model
Equipe Ingenue
2001-06: Préférence pour la liquidité, effet de richesse et théorie budgétaire du niveau des prix (Liquidity preference, the real wealth effect and the fiscal theory of the price level) (in French with English summary)
Jerome Creel
2001-05: Evolution des stocks et facteurs financiers: une étude sur données d'entreprises françaises
Jean Belin and Thierry Debrand
2001-04: Hirings and Firings: does firm size matter?
Thierry Debrand and Marianne Pauchet
2001-03: Reform and the fate of Russia
Axel Leijonhufvud and Earlene Craver
2001-02: Wage Flexibility and Unemployment: The Keynesian Perspective Revisited Downloads
Mario Amendola, Jean-Luc Gaffard and Francesco Saraceno
2001-01: Fonctions de réaction des Banques centrales: Etats-Unis, Allemagne, Royaume-uni, Japon
Emilie Raynaud
2000-04: Roots of the Recent Recoveries: Labor Reforms or Private-Sector Forces ? Downloads
Jean-Paul Fitoussi, D. Jestaz, Edmund Phelps and Gylfi Zoega
2000-03: La théorie budgétaire du niveau des prix: un bilan critique (The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level, a critical assessment) (in French with English summary) Downloads
Jerome Creel and Henri Sterdyniak
2000-02: Regional growth, national membership and European structural funds: an empirical appraisal Downloads
J. Fayolle and A. Lecuyer
2000-01: How to manage speculative shocks: intra-European vs. International monetary coordination Downloads
Fabrice Capoen, Jerome Creel, Pascal Cussy and Hélène Lenoble-Liaud
1999-05: Les déficits publics en Europe: Suggestions pour un nouvel indicateur de l'orientation de la politique budgétaire Downloads
C. Bruno
1999-04: Long and short growth trends and cycles: an application of multivariate structural time series models to five countries
J. Fayolle, P-E. Micolet and L. Trequattrini
1999-03: Asymmetries on European labour markets Downloads
C. Bruno and Catherine Fuss
1999-02: The Stability Pact and Feedback Policy Effects Downloads
Jerome Creel
1999-01: Relation de Phillips, boucle prix-salaire: une estimation par la méthode de Johansen
Eric Heyer, Hervé Le Bihan and F. Lerais
1998-03: Discussing Euro Volatility Downloads
Jerome Creel and Henri Sterdyniak
1998-02: L'assainissement budgétaire au Danemark entre 1983 et 1986: l'anti-mythe (in French) Downloads
Jerome Creel
1998-01: Cycles internationaux et européens: éléments pour une problématique appliquée Downloads
J. Fayolle and P-E. Micolet
1997-03: Y'a t'il des synchronisations entre les cycles du credit et d'activite?
Alexandre Mathis and V. Marimoutou
1997-02: Le role des deficits publics dans la formation des taux d'interet
O Passet
1997-01: Cycles internationaux et europeens: Elements pour une problematique appliquee
J Fayolle and P-E Micolet
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