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2007: Prospects for the Oil-importing Countries of the Caribbean Downloads
Ramón Espinasa
2006: Revisiting Economic Growth in Colombia: A Microeconomic Perspective Downloads
Arturo Harker Roa and Marcela Meléndez
2005: Growth Diagnostics: Perú Downloads
Ricardo Hausmann and Bailey Klinger
2004: Ecuador: Fiscal Stabilization Funds and Prospects Downloads
Simon Cueva
2003: La economía política del proceso presupuestal: El caso de Colombia Downloads
Mauricio Cardenas, Carolina Mejía and Mauricio Olivera
2002: The Political Economy of the Budget Process in the Andean Region: The Case of Venezuela Downloads
Abelardo Daza, José Manuel Puente, Alesia Rodríguez and Germán Rios
2001: La Economía Política del Proceso Presupuestario: El caso peruano Downloads
José Valderrama, Luis Carranza and Jorge Chavez
2000: The Political Economy of the Budget Process: The Case of Ecuador Downloads
Andrés Mejía Acosta, M. Caridad Araujo and Vicente Albornoz
1005: Productive Development Policies and Supporting Institutions in Latin America and The Caribbean Downloads
Alberto Melo and Andres Rodriguez-Clare
1004: La competitividad de Perú después de la década de reforma: Diagnóstico y propuestas Downloads
Alberto Melo
1003: Designing Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets for Latin American Countries Downloads
Frank A. Wolak
1002: Colombia: Los problemas de competitividad de un país en conflicto Downloads
Alberto Melo
1001: Regulation and Competition in Mobile Telephony in Latin America Downloads
Carlos Lapuerta, Juan Benavides and Sonia Jorge
1000: La competitividad de Ecuador en la era de la dolarización: diagnóstico y propuestas Downloads
Alberto Melo
IDB-TN-576: Integrated Template for Debt Sustainability Analysis: Version 2.0, Instruction Manual, Revised Version Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein, Eduardo Cavallo, Paula Cifuentes and Oscar Valencia
IDB-TN-541: Development of a Procedure for the Construction of GEI Emission Abatement Curves Incorporating the Uncertainty Associated to the Main Mitigation Variables Downloads
Jacques Clerc, Manuel Diaz and Bruno Campos
IDB-TN-508: The Brazilian Electoral Panel Studies (BEPS): Brazilian Public Opinion in the 2010 Presidential Elections Downloads
Barry Ames, Fabiana Machado, Lucio Renno, David Samuels, Amy Smith and Cesar Zucco
IDB-WP-487: Inflation Targeting in Colombia, 2002-2012 Downloads
Miguel Urrutia, Franz Hamann and Marc Hofstetter
IDB-WP-486: Towards a “New” Inflation Targeting Framework: The Case of Uruguay Downloads
Martin Gonzalez-Rozada and Martin Sola
IDB-WP-484: Central Bank Liquidity Management and “Unconventional” Monetary Policies Downloads
Javier García-Cicco and Enrique Kawamura
IDB-WP-483: Better Luck Next Time: Learning through Retaking Downloads
Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin, Cemile Yavas and Veronica Frisancho
IDB-WP-481: Long-Term Effect of Climate Change on Health: Evidence from Heat Waves in Mexico Downloads
Jorge Agüero
IDB-WP-477: Does Technology in Schools Affect Repetition, Dropout and Enrollment? Evidence from Peru Downloads
Julian Cristia, Alejo Czerwonko and Pablo Garofalo
IDB-WP-476: The Effects of Shared School Technology Access on Students’ Digital Skills in Peru Downloads
German Bet, Julian Cristia and Pablo Ibarraran
IDB-WP-473: Inflation Targeting in Latin America Downloads
Adolfo Barajas, Roberto Steiner, Leonardo Villar and César Pabón
IDB-WP-472: Tax Compliance and Enforcement in the Pampas: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Lucio Castro and Carlos Scartascini
IDB-WP-471: On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related Homicides Downloads
Nicolas Ajzenman, Sebastian Galiani and Enrique Seira
IDB-WP-469: Re-estimating the Gender Gap in Colombian Academic Performance Downloads
Juan Munoz-Morales
IDB-WP-468: The Effects of Air Pollution on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Chile Downloads
Sebastian Miller and Mauricio Vela
IDB-WP-467: Are Environmentally Related Taxes Effective? Downloads
Sebastian Miller and Mauricio Vela
IDB-WP-466: Adapting to Climate Change: Long-Term Effects of Drought on Local Labor Markets Downloads
Paulo Bastos, Matias Busso and Sebastian Miller
IDB-WP-463: Preschool Education in Brazil: Does Public Supply Crowd Out Private Enrollment? Downloads
Paulo Bastos and Odd Rune Straume
IDB-WP-462: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? School Enrollment, Graduation, and Dropout Rates in Latin America Downloads
Marina Bassi, Matias Busso and Juan Munoz-Morales
IDB-WP-461: Impact Evaluation of Innovation and Linkage Development Programs in Costa Rica: The Cases of PROPYME and CR Provee Downloads
Ricardo Monge-Gonzalez and Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Alvarez
IDB-WP-459: Productive Development Policies and Innovation Spillovers through Labor Force Mobility: The Case of the Brazilian Innovation Support System Downloads
Sergio Kannebley, Bruno César Araújo, Alessandro Maffioli and Rodolfo Stucchi
IDB-WP-457: Tax Reforms in Latin America in an Era of Democracy Downloads
Diego Focanti, Mark Hallerberg and Carlos Scartascini
IDB-WP-455: Politics under the Weather: Droughts, Parties and Electoral Outcomes Downloads
Paulo Bastos and Sebastian Miller
IDB-WP-450: Intensity-Based Permit Quotas and the Business Cycle: Does Flexibility Pay Off? Downloads
Olli-Pekka Kuuselaa, Gregory S. Amacher and Kwok Ping Tsang
IDB-WP-445: Bank Linkages and International Trade Downloads
Galina Hale, Christopher Candelaria, Julian Caballero and Sergey Borisov
IDB-WP-444: Commodity Price Booms and Breaks: Detection, Magnitude and Implications for Developing Countries Downloads
Rodrigo Mariscal and Andrew Powell
IDB-WP-443: Are Environmental Taxes Affected by Legislatures` Ideological Positions? Downloads
Sebastian Miller and Mauricio Vela
IDB-WP-433: Measuring the Political Economy of Tax Lawmaking: A Methodology and Evidence from Argentina Downloads
Javier Alvaredo, Alejandro Bonvecchi, Ernesto Calvo, Maximiliano Castillo and Juan Carlos Gomez
IDB-WP-430: A New Taxonomy of Sudden Stops: Which Sudden Stops Should Countries Be Most Concerned About? Downloads
Eduardo Cavallo, Andrew Powell, Mathieu Pedemonte and Pilar Tavella
IDB-WP-428: Can Institutions Cure Clientelism? Assessing the Impact of the Australian Ballot in Brazil Downloads
Daniel Gingerich
IDB-WP-427: The Economic Effects of Constitutions: Do Budget Institutions Make Forms of Government More Alike? Downloads
Martin Ardanaz and Carlos Scartascini
IDB-WP-426: Economic Consequences of Drug-Trafficking Violence in Mexico Downloads
Gabriela Calderón, Gustavo Robles and Beatriz Magaloni
IDB-WP-423: The Distance between Perception and Reality in the Social Domains of Life Downloads
Eduardo Lora
IDB-WP-420: The Effects of Punishment of Crime in Colombia on Deterrence, Incapacitation, and Human Capital Formation Downloads
Arlen Guarin, Carlos Medina and Jorge Andres Tamayo
IDB-WP-418: Institutions for Effective Business-Government Collaboration: Micro Mechanisms and Macro Politics in Latin America Downloads
Ben Ross Schneider
IDB-WP-417: Optimal Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change in Small Environmental Economies Downloads
Omar Chisari, Sebastian Galiani and Sebastian Miller
IDB-WP-416: The Effect of Violence on Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Homicides in Rural Brazil Downloads
Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner and Marco Manacorda
IDB-WP-415: The Impact of the Sense of Security from Crime on Residential Property Values in Brazilian Metropolitan Areas Downloads
David M. Vetter, Kaizô I. Beltrão and Rosa M. R. Massena
IDB-WP-414: Causal Estimates of the Intangible Costs of Violence against Women in Latin America and the Caribbean Downloads
Jorge Agüero
IDB-WP-413: Crime, Punishment, and Schooling Decisions: Evidence from Colombian Adolescents Downloads
Ana Ibáñez, Catherine Rodriguez and David Zarruk
IDB-WP-411: Capital Flows: Issues and Policies Downloads
Peter Montiel
IDB-WP-408: The cost of crime in Uruguay Downloads
Diego Aboal, Jorge Campanella and Bibiana Lanzilotta
IDB-WP-407: Ideology and Taxation in Latin America Downloads
Ernesto Stein and Lorena Caro
IDB-WP-404: Access to Credit and the Size of the Formal Sector in Brazil Downloads
Pablo D`Erasmo
IDB-WP-400: Rule-of-Thumb Consumers, Nominal Rigidities and the Design of Interest Rate Rules Downloads
Sergio Ocampo
IDB-WP-398: Regional Financial Development and Firm Growth in Peru Downloads
Eduardo Moron, Edgar Salgado Chavez and Cristhian Seminario
IDB-WP-397: Decentralization and Accountability: The Curse of Local Underdevelopment Downloads
Fabiana Machado
IDB-WP-396: Firm Size and Credit in Argentina Downloads
Sebastian Auguste, Ricardo Bebczuk and Gabriel Sanchez
IDB-WP-395: Small Is Not Beautiful: Firm-Level Evidence of the Link between Credit, Firm Size and Competitiveness in Colombia Downloads
Arturo Galindo and Marcela Meléndez
IDB-WP-394: The Pharmacological Channel Revisited: Alcohol Sales Restrictions and Crime in Bogota Downloads
Joao De Mello, Daniel Mejia and Lucia Suarez
IDB-WP-393: Capital Controls or Real Exchange Rate Policy? A Pecuniary Externality Perspective Downloads
Gianluca Benigno, Huigang Chen, Christopher Otrok, Alessandro Rebucci and Eric Young
IDB-WP-392: Credit Constraints, Sector Informality and Firm Investments: Evidence from a Panel of Uruguayan Firms Downloads
Nestor Gandelman and Alejandro Rasteletti
IDB-WP-391: Weather and Welfare: Health and Agricultural Impacts of Climate Extremes, Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Roberto Guerrero Compeán
IDB-WP-390: Equilibrium Unemployment during Financial Crises Downloads
Andrés Fernández Martin and Juan Herreño
IDB-WP-384: Is Inflation Targeting Still on Target? The Recent Experience of Latin America Downloads
Luis Cespedes, Roberto Chang and Andres Velasco
IDB-WP-369: The Unemployment Subsidy Program in Colombia: An Assessment Downloads
Carlos Medina, Jairo Nunez and Jorge Andres Tamayo
IDB-WP-237: Are We All Playing the Same Game? The Economic Effects of Constitutions Depend on the Degree of Institutionalization Downloads
German Caruso, Carlos Scartascini and Mariano Tommasi
IDB-PB-210: Government Capabilities in Latin America: Why They Are So Important, What We Know about Them, and What to Do Next Downloads
Carlos Scartascini and Mariano Tommasi
IDB-PB-182: How Can Latin America Help the World to Cope with Climate Change? Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Manuel Puente and Federico Weinschelbaum
IDB-BK-124: Entrepreneurship in Latin America: A Step Up the Social Ladder? Downloads
Eduardo Lora and Francesca Castellani
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