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ppb_56: Risk Reduction in the New Financial Architecture: Realities and Fallacies in International Financial Reform Downloads
Martin Mayer
ppb_55: Does Social Security Need Saving? Providing for Retirees throughout the Twenty-first Century Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou and L. Randall Wray
ppb_54: Down and Out in the United States, An Inside Look at the Out of the Labor Force Population Downloads
Marc-Andre Pigeon and L. Randall Wray
ppb_53: Full Employment Has Not Been Achieved, Full Employment Policy: Theory and Practice Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou
ppb_52: Government Spending in a Growing Economy, Fiscal Policy and Growth Cycles Downloads
Jamee K. Moudud
ppb_51: Small Business and Welfare Reform, Levy Institute: Survey of Hiring and Employment Practices Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
ppb_50: Public Employment and Economic Flexibility: The Job Opportunity Approach to Full Employment Downloads
Mathew Forstater
ppb_49: Corporate Governance in Germany, Productive and Financial Challenges Downloads
Mary O'Sullivan
ppb_48: Japanese Corporate Governance and Strategy: Adapting to Financial Pressures for Change Downloads
William Lazonick
ppb_47: Regulating HMOs, An Ethical Framework for Cost-Effective Medicine Downloads
Walter M. Cadette
ppb_46: Self-reliance and Poverty, Net Earnings Capacity versus: Income for Measuring Poverty Downloads
Robert Haveman and Andrew Bershadker
ppb_45: Did the Clinton Rising Tide Raise All Boats? Job Opportunity for the Less Skilled Downloads
Marc-Andre Pigeon and L. Randall Wray
ppb_44: The Asian Disease: Plausible Diagnoses, Possible Remedies, Regulation of Cross-Border Interbank Lending and Derivatives Trade Downloads
Martin Mayer
ppb_43: How Big Should the Public Capital Stock Be? The Relationship Between Public Capital and Economic Growth Downloads
David Aschauer
ppb_42: Automatic Adjustment of the Minimum Wage, Linking the Minimum Wage to Productivity Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
ppb_41: Side Effects of Progress, How Technological Change Increases the Duration of Unemployment Downloads
William Baumol and Edward Wolff
ppb_40: Overcoming America's Infrastructure Deficit, A Fiscally Responsible Plan for Public Capital Investment Downloads
S Jay Levy and Walter M. Cadette
ppb_39: The Unmeasured Labor Force, The Growth in Work Hours Downloads
Barry Bluestone and Stephen Rose
ppb_38: Who Pays for Disinflation? Disinflationary Monetary Policy and the Distribution of Income Downloads
Willem Thorbecke
ppb_37: Investment in Innovation, Corporate Governance and Employment: Is Prosperity Sustainable in the United States? Downloads
William H. Lazonick and Mary O'Sullivan
ppb_36: Dangerous Metaphor: The Fiction of the Labor Market, Unemployment, Inflation, and the Job Structure Downloads
James K. Galbraith
ppb_35: Reflecting the Changing Face of America, Multiracials Racial Classification, and American Intermarriage Downloads
Joel Perlmann
ppb_34: Safeguarding Social Security, The Challenge of Financing the Baby Boom's Retirement Downloads
Walter M. Cadette
ppb_33: Is There a Trade-off between Unemployment and Inequality? No Easy Answers: Labor Market Problems in the United States versus Europe Downloads
Rebecca Blank
ppb_32: What's Missing from the Capital Gains Debate? Real Estate and Capital Gains Taxation Downloads
Michael Hudson and Kris Feder
ppb_31: A New Path from Welfare to Work, The New Welfare and the Potential for Workforce Development Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
ppb_30: Prescription for Health Care Policy, The Case for Retargeting Tax Subsidies to Health Care Downloads
Walter M. Cadette
ppb_29: Institutional Failure and the American Worker, The Collapse of Low-Skill Wages Downloads
David Howell
ppb_28: Making Work Pay, Wage Insurance for the Working Poor Downloads
Barry Bluestone and Teresa Ghilarducci
ppb_27: Targeting Inflation, The Effects of Monetary Policy on the CPI and Its Housing Component Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou and L. Randall Wray
ppb_26: Making Unemployment Insurance Work, Reforming Unemployment Insurance: Toward Greater Employment Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
ppb_25: Capital Gains Taxes and Economic Growth, Effects of a Capital Gains Tax Cut on the Investment Behavior of Firms Downloads
Steven Fazzari and Benjamin Herzon
ppb_24: Revisiting Bretton Woods, Proposals for Reforming the International Monetary Institutions Downloads
Raymond F. Mikesell
ppb_23: A Critical Imbalance in U.S. Trade, The U.S. Balance of Payments, International Indebtedness, and Economic Policy, No. 23, 1995 Downloads
Wynne Godley
ppb_22: Closing the R&D Gap, Evaluating the Sources of R&D Spending Downloads
Thomas Karier
ppb_21: The Consolidated Assistance Program, Reforming Welfare by Synchronizing Public Assistance Benefits Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
ppb_20: Assessing the Constitutional Route to Federal Budget Balance, The Balanced Budget Amendment: Toxic, Not Tonic Downloads
Charles J. Whalen
ppb_19: Cooperate to Compete, Employee Participation and Productivity: Evidence from a New Survey of Japanese Firms Downloads
Takao Kato
ppb_18: The Economics of Aging, Can We Afford Grandma and Grandpa? Downloads
S. Jay Levy
ppb_17: Narrow Banking Reconsidered, The Functional Approach to Financial Reform Downloads
Ronnie Phillips
ppb_16: Infrastructure Investment for Tomorrow, A Financing Plan to Eliminate the Deferred Maintenance on the Nation's Roads Downloads
Edward V. Regan
ppb_15: Monetary Policy Uncovered, Flying Blind: The FederalReserve's Experiment with Unobservables Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou and L. Randall Wray
14: Linking Public Capital to Economic Performance, Public Capital: The Missing Link Between Investment and Economic Growth Downloads
Sharon J. Erenburg
13: Investment Tax Credit Reconsidered, Business Tax Incentives and Investments Downloads
Thomas Karier
12: An Alternative in Small Business Finance, Community-Based Factoring Companies and Small Business Lending Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou, Ronnie Phillips and L. Randall Wray
11: A Path to Good Jobs? Unemployment and Low Wages: The Distribution of Opportunity for Young Unskilled Workers Downloads
Robert M. Hutchens
10: Job-Lock: An Impediment to Labor Mobility? Is Health Insurance Crippling the Labor Market? Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
9: The Investment-Finance Link, Investment and U.S. Fiscal Policy in the 1990s Downloads
Steven Fazzari
8: Financing Prosperity in the Next Century, The Changing World of Banking: Setting the Regulatory Agenda Downloads
James Barth and R. Dan Brumbaugh
7: Immigration Policy: A Tool of Labor Economics? Immigration and the U.S. Labor Market: Public Policy Gone Awry Downloads
Vernon M. Briggs
6: A Path to Community Development, The Community Reinvestment Act, Lending Discrimination, and the Role of Community Development Banks Downloads
Dimitri Papadimitriou, Ronnie Phillips and L. Randall Wray
5: The Limits of Prudential Supervision, Reorganizing the Federal Bank Regulatory Agencies Downloads
Bernard Shull
4: "Public Infrastructure Investment: A Bridge to Productivity Growth? Public Capital and Economic Growth,; New Federal Spending for Infrastructure: Should We Let This Genie Out of the Bottle? Downloads
David Aschauer and Douglas Holtz-Eakin
3: Community Development Banking, A Proposal to Establish a Nationwide System of Community Development Banks Downloads
Hyman Minsky, Dimitri Papadimitriou, Ronnie Phillips and L. Randall Wray
2: An Economic Assessment: Contained Depression or the Foothills of Recovery? U.S. and Global Finance Prospects; The Performance of the Economy Since the October 1987 Crash Downloads
Robert Barbera and David A. Levy
1: Restructuring the Financial Structure Personal Views on Financial Reform; Fundamental Change Little by Little: Banking Evolution Downloads
Anthony M. Solomon and Alex J. Pollock
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