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wp_999: Structural Change, Productive Development, and Capital Flows: Does Financial 'Bonanza' Cause Premature Deindustrialization? Downloads
Alberto Botta, Giuliano Toshiro Yajima and Gabriel Porcile
wp_998: Technology and Productivity: A Critique of Aggregate Indicators Downloads
Fred Block
wp_997: Identity and Well-Being in the Skilled Crafts and Trades Downloads
Martin Binder and Ann-Kathrin Blankenberg
wp_995: The Employer of Last Resort Scheme and the Energy Transition: A Stock-Flow Consistent Analysis Downloads
Giuliano Toshiro Yajima
wp_994: Production Function Estimation: Biased Coefficients and Endogenous Regressors, or a Case of Collective Amnesia? Downloads
Jesus Felipe, John McCombie, Aashish Mehta and Donna Faye Bajaro
wp_993: The Sraffian Supermultiplier and Cycles: Theory and Empirics Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos, Marcio Santetti and Rudiger von Arnim
wp_992: Modeling Monopoly Money: Government as the Source of the Price Level and Unemployment Downloads
Sam Levey
wp_991: Multifactor Keynesian Models of the Long-Term Interest Rate Downloads
Tanweer Akram
wp_990: Ecological Fiscal Transfers and State-level Budgetary Spending in India: Analyzing the Flypaper Effects Downloads
Amandeep Kaur, Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Lekha S. Chakraborty and Divy Rangan
wp_99: Government Deficits, Liquidity Preference, and Schumpeterian Innovation Downloads
L. Randall Wray
wp_989: The Endogeneity-to-Demand of the National Emergency Utilization Rate Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
wp_988: A Keynesian Approach to Modeling the Long-Term Interest Rate Downloads
Tanweer Akram
wp_987: The Souk Al-Manakh: The Anatomy of a Pure Price-Chasing Bubble Downloads
Frank Veneroso and Mark Pasquali
wp_986: Keynes's Theories of the Business Cycle: Evolution and Contemporary Relevance Downloads
Pablo Bortz
wp_985: Has Japan Been Following Modern Money Theory Without Recognizing It? No! And Yes Downloads
Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray
wp_984: The Empirics of Long-Term Mexican Government Bond Yields Downloads
Tanweer Akram and Syed Uddin
wp_983: Intrahousehold Allocation of Household Production: A Comparative Analysis for Sub-Saharan African Countries Downloads
Fernando Rios-Avila, Abena D. Oduro and Luiza Nassif-Pires
wp_982: The Economic Problem: From Barter to Commodity Money to Electronic Money Downloads
Jan Kregel
wp_981: What Jobs Should a Public Job Guarantee Provide?: Lessons from Hyman P. Minsky Downloads
Daniel Haim
wp_980: Balance Sheet Effects of a Currency Devaluation: A Stock-Flow Consistent Framework for Mexico? Downloads
Lorenzo Nalin and Giuliano Toshiro Yajima
wp_98: The Investment-Finance Link: Investment and U.S. Fiscal Policy in the 1990s Downloads
Steven Fazzari
wp_979: Is It Time to Eliminate Federal Corporate Income Taxes? Downloads
Edward Lane and L. Randall Wray
wp_978: Potential Impact of Daycare Closures on Parental Child Caregiving in Turkey Downloads
Emel Memis and Ebru Kongar
wp_977: A Note Concerning Government Bond Yields Downloads
Tanweer Akram
wp_976: The Palestinian Labor Market over the Last Three Decades Downloads
Sameh Hallaq
wp_975: Argentina's (Macroeconomic?) Trap: Some Insights from an Empirical Stock-Flow Consistent Model Downloads
Sebastian Valdecantos
wp_974: The General Theory as "Depression Economics"? Financial Instability and Crises in Keynes's Monetary Thought Downloads
Jörg Bibow
wp_973: The Trade-off between Inflation and Unemployment in an MMT World: An Open Economy Perspective Downloads
Emilio Carnevali and Matteo Deleidi
wp_972: In the Long Run We Are All Herd: On the Nature and Outcomes of the Beauty Contest Downloads
Lorenzo Esposito and Giuseppe Mastromatteo
wp_971: Ecology, Economics, and Network Dynamics Downloads
Harold M. Hastings, Tai Young-Taft and Chih-Jui Tsen
wp_970: Quality of Match for Statistical Matches Used in the Development of the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Consumption Poverty (LIMTCP) for Ethiopia and South Africa Downloads
Fernando Rios-Avila
wp_97: Is Health Insurance Crippling the Labor Market? Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
wp_969: The Empirics of UK Gilts' Yields Downloads
Tanweer Akram and Huiqing Li
wp_968: The COVID-19 Crisis: A Minskyan Approach to Mapping and Managing the (Western?) Financial Turmoil Downloads
Leonardo Burlamaqui and Ernani T. Torres Filho
wp_967: Quality of Statistical Match Used in the Estimation of the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Income Poverty (LIMTIP) for Italy 2008 and 2014 and Preliminary Results Downloads
Erica Aloe
wp_966: Developing a Macro-Micro Model for Analyzing Gender Impacts of Public Policy Downloads
Jerome De Henau and Susan Himmelweit
wp_965: First Palestinian Intifada and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital Downloads
Sameh Hallaq
wp_964: Budget Credibility of Subnational Governments: Analyzing the Fiscal Forecasting Errors of 28 States in India Downloads
Lekha Chakraborty, Pinaki Chakraborty and Ruzel Shrestha
wp_963: The Early Impact of COVID-19 on Job Losses among Black Women in the United States Downloads
Michelle Holder, Janelle Jones and Thomas Masterson
wp_962: Some Empirical Models of Japanese Government Bond Yields Using Daily Data Downloads
Tanweer Akram and Huiqing Li
wp_961: The "Kansas City" Approach to Modern Money Theory Downloads
L. Randall Wray
wp_960: Fiscal Policy in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Downloads
Bendreff Desilus
wp_96: Mortgage Default Among Rural, Low-Income Borrowers Downloads
Roberto G. Quercia, George W. McCarthy and Michael A. Stegman
wp_959: Distribution and Gender Effects on the Path of Economic Growth: Comparative Evidence for Developed, Semi-Industrialized, and Low-Income Agricultural Economies Downloads
Ruth Badru
wp_958: A Stock-Flow Consistent Quarterly Model of the Italian Economy Downloads
Francesco Zezza and Gennaro Zezza
wp_957: Notes on Intersectional Political Economy: The Long Period Method, Technical Change, and Gender Downloads
Luiza Nassif Pires
wp_956: An Empirical Analysis of Long-Term Brazilian Interest Rates Downloads
Tanweer Akram and Syed Uddin
wp_955: Class Size, Cognitive Abilities, Bullying, and Violent Behavior: Evidence from West Bank Schools Downloads
Sameh Hallaq
wp_954: Household Consumption, Household Indebtedness, and Inequality in Turkey: A Microeconometric Analysis Downloads
Ozlem Albayrak
wp_953: Notes on the Accumulation and Utilization of Capital: Some Empirical Issues Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
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