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e128: The Natural Rate of Interest in a Nonlinear DSGE Model Downloads
Yasuo Hirose and Takeki Sunakawa
e126: Japan's Unconventional Monetary Policy and Income Distribution: Revisited Downloads
Ayako Saiki and Jon Frost
e124: Intermediary Organizations in Labor Markets Downloads
Takayuki Oishi, Jun Tomioka and Shin Sakaue
e123: Human capital accumulation through recurrent education Downloads
Mariko Tanaka
e122: How is internal radiation exposure risk evaluated at the markets? Perceived quality degradation of Fukushima peach Downloads
Shigeru Matsumoto and Viet-Ngu Hoang
e121: Re-examination of Modern Macroeconomics: Market Failure in a Walrasian Economy and Keynes's Unemployment Equilibrium Downloads
Eizo Kawai
e120: Estimating a Nonlinear New Keynesian Model with a Zero Lower Bound for Japan Downloads
Hirokuni Iiboshi, Mototsugu Shintani and Kozo Ueda
e119: Long-term interest rates and bank loan supply: Evidence from firm-bank loan-level data Downloads
Kosuke Aoki Arito Ono, Hinichi Nishioka, Kohei Shintani and Yosuke Yasui
e118: Strategy-Proofness and Efficiency of Probabilistic Mechanisms for Excludable Public Good Downloads
Kazuhiko Hashimoto and Kohei Shiozawa
e117: Public good provision financed by nonlinear income tax under reduction of envy Downloads
Shuichi Tsugawa and Takuya Obara
e116: Strategy-proof multi-object allocation: Ex-post revenue maximization with no wastage Downloads
Tomoya Kazumura, Debasis Mishra and Shigehiro Serizawa
e115: The dynamical stability for an evolutionary language game under selection-mutation dynamics Downloads
Seigo Uchida and Masakazu Fukuzumi
e114: Inter-firm Technological Proximity and Knowledge Spillovers Downloads
Koki Oikawa
e113: Technology Polarization Downloads
Koki Oikawa and Minoru Kitahara
e112: The Effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the Evacuees f Unemployment and Earnings Downloads
Izumi Yamasaki, Rubkwan Thurmanpornphilas, Miho Takizawa and Tomohiko Inui
e111: The Effects of Ethnic Chinese Minority on Vietnam fs Regional Economic Development in the Post-Vietnam War Period Downloads
Masami Imai and Tuan Anh Viet Nguyen
e110: A Distribution-Free Test of Monotonicity with an Application to Auctions Downloads
Yusuke Matsuki
e109: Is the Renminbi a Safe Haven? Downloads
Rasmus Fatum, Yohei Yamamoto and Guozhong Zhu
e108: Does Managerial Experience in a Target Firm Matter for the Retention of Managers after M&As? Downloads
Kenjiro Hirata, Ayako Suzuki and Katsuya Takii
e107: Political Economy of Voluntary Approaches: A Lesson from Environmental Policies Downloads
Toshi Arimura, Shinji Kaneko, Shunsuke Managi, Takayoshi Shinkuma, Masashi Yamamoto and Yuichiro Yoshida
e106: Determinants and Effects of Worker-Initiated Training: Learning about Required Job Skills at the Workplace Downloads
Hiromi Hara
e105: Can Guest Workers Solve Japan's Fiscal Problems? Downloads
Sagiri Kitao, Selahattin Imrohoroglu and Tomoaki Yamada
e104: Nontraditional Monetary Policy in a Model of Default Risks and Collateral in the Absence of Commitment Downloads
Hiroshi Fujiki
e103: Optimality of the Friedman rule under ambiguity Downloads
Eisei Ohtaki
e102: Transmission Channels and Welfare Implications of Unconventional Monetary Easing Policy in Japan Downloads
Hiroshi Ugai
e101: Conservatism and Liquidity Traps Downloads
Taisuke Nakata and Sebastian Schmidt
e100: Multiplier Impacts and Emission Reduction Effects of Joint Crediting Mechanism: Analysis with a Japanese and International Disaggregated Input-Output Table Abstract: The reduction of emissions from developing countries is essential in tackling climate change. The Clean Development Mechanism has been effective but criticized by various parties. In response, the Japanese government has proposed the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). Using the 2010 Japanese domestic and the 2005 Asian international input-output tables, we disaggregate the automobile industry and other electrical devices and parts industry to capture hybrid vehicles and solar panels. Moreover, we add the wind turbine industry and the geothermal turbine industry. In evaluating the JCM, we find that the multiplier impacts of hybrid vehicles, wind turbines and air conditioners are high, whereas boilers and solar panels produce smaller effects. In contrast, the results for the employment effects show that the coke dry quenching plants and lighting equipment create more jobs. We also estimate the emission reduction from the JCM. Taking into account the lifetime of each product/technology and country-specific emission coefficients, we find that lighting equipment fs emission reductions are the greatest, whereas washing machines f reductions are the least. Thus, it is important to choose the technologies/items suitable for the JCM by balancing their economic and reduction effects. The government must assess various technologies/items before determining the eligibility of each technology/item. Length: 29 pages Downloads
Makoto Sugino, Minoru Morita, Kazuyuki Iwata and Toshi H. Arimura
e99: Fiscal Cost to Exit Quantitative Easing: The Case of Japan Downloads
Hiroshi Fujiki and Hajime Tomura
e98: Electric Appliance Ownership and Usage: Application of Conditional Demand Analysis to Japanese Household Data Downloads
Shigeru Matsumoto
e97: Poverty decomposition by regression: An application to Tanzania Downloads
Tomoki Fujii
e96: Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Female Career and Fertility Choices Downloads
Shintaro Yamaguchi
e95: Inter-industry labor reallocation and task distance Downloads
Ayako Kondo and Saori Naganuma
e94: Pathways out of poverty in rural Laos Downloads
Jonna P. Estudillo, Keijiro Otsuka and Saygnasak Seng-Arloun
e93: R&D in Clean Technology: A Project Choice Model with Learning Downloads
Koki Oikawa
e92: Time varying pass-through: Will the yen depreciation help Japan hit the inflation Downloads
Etsuro Shioji
e91: Power of Joint Decision-Making in a Finitely-Repeated Dilemma Downloads
Kenju Kamei
e90: How does hyperinflation shock the economy?: Panel VAR Approach Downloads
Jun-Hyun Ko and Hiroshi Morita
e89: Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Subjective Well-Being Downloads
Takuya Ishino, Akiko Kamesaka, Toshiya Murai and Masao Ogaki
e88: Post-Crisis Slow Recovery and Monetary Policy Downloads
Daisuke Ikeda and Takushi Kurozumi
e87: Reputation and Liquidity Traps Downloads
Taisuke Nakata
e86: Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: The Impact of Connected Directors on 19th century British Banks Downloads
Masami Imai and Richard S. Grossman
e85: An Experimental Study of Money Illusion in Intertemporal Decision Making Downloads
Tetsuo Yamamori and Kazuyuki IwataAuthor-Name: Akira Ogawa
e84: Price and Quality Changes in Outsiders of Regional Trade Agreements Downloads
Toshiyuki Matsuura, Kazunobu Hayakawa, Nuttawut Laksanapanyakul and Yuta Watabe
e83: Market penetration of imported agricultural products: A hedonic analysis of the Japanese table wine market Downloads
Vincent Hoang, Takao Iida, Shigeru Matsumoto, Natsuki Watanabe and Clevo Wilson
e82: Can Green Car Taxes Restore Efficiency? Evidence from the Japanese New Car Market Downloads
Yoshifumi Konishi and Meng Zhao
e81: Pareto-improving Immigration and Its Effect on Capital Accumulation in the Presence of Social Security Downloads
Hisahiro Naito
e80: The Impact of Learning and Living Environment of Colleges on Dropout Rates: A Study Using Panel Data Downloads
Kunio Urakawa and Kyoko Anegawa
e79: An Equilibrium Foundation of the Soros Chart Downloads
Takashi Kano and Hiroshi Morita
e78: The educational upgrading of Japanese youth, 1982-2007: Are Japanese youth ready for structural reforms? Downloads
Yoichi AraiAuthor-Name: Hidehiko Ichimura and Daiji Kawaguchi
e77: The effectiveness of vehicle emission control policies: Evidence from Japanese experience Downloads
Kazuyuki Iwata, Toshi H. Arimura and Tetsuya Shimane
e76: Do Social Norms Matter to Energy Saving Behavior? Endogenous Social and Correlated Effects Downloads
Toshi H. Arimura, Hajime Katayama and Mari Sakudo
e75: The Kernel of a Patent Licensing Game Downloads
Shin Kishimoto and Naoki Watanabe
e74: Zipf's Law, Pareto¡¯s Law, and the Evolution of Top Incomes in the U.S Downloads
Shuhei Aoki and Makoto Nirei
e73: Attribution Error in Economic Voting: Evidence From Trade Shocks Downloads
Masami Imai, Cameron Shelton and Rosa Hayes
e72: Centralization, Decentralization and Incentive Problems in Eurozone Financial Governance: A Contract Theory Analysis Downloads
Yutaka Suzuki
e71: Buyer-Size Discounts and Inflation Dynamics Downloads
Mayumi OjimaAuthor-Name: Junnosuke Shino and Kozo Ueda
e70: Lending Pro-Cyclicality and Macro-Prudential Policy: Evidence from Japanese LTV Ratios Downloads
Arito Ono, Hirofumi Uchida, Gregory Udell and Iichiro Uesugi
e69: Optimality in a Stochastic OLG Model with Ambiguity Downloads
Eisei Ohtaki and Hiroyuki Ozaki
e68: Aging and Real Estate Prices: Evidence from Japanese and US Regional Data Downloads
Yumi Saita, Chihiro Shimizu and Tsutomu Watanabe
e67: The Uncertainty Multiplier and Business Cycles Downloads
Hikaru Saijo
e66: Liquidity, Trends and the Great Recession Downloads
Pablo A. Guerron-Quintana and Ryo Jinnai
e65: Hierarchical Global Pollution Control in Asymmetric Information Environments: A Continuous-type, Three-tier Agency Framework Downloads
Yutaka Suzuki
e64: Airport privatization competition including domestic airline networks Downloads
Akio Kawasaki
e63: A Methodological Note on a Weighted Voting Experiment Downloads
Eric Guerci, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Naoki WatanabeAuthor-Name: Gabriele Esposito and Xiaoyan Lu
e62: Diverse Behavior Patterns in a Symmetric Society with Voluntary Partnerships Downloads
Takako Fujiwara-Greve and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
e61: The Effectiveness of Government Intervention to Promote Elderly Employment: Evidence from Elderly Employment Stabilization Law Downloads
Ayako Kondo and Hitoshi Shigeoka
e60: Efficiency may Improve when Defectors Exist Downloads
Takako Fujiwara-Greve, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara and Nobue Suzuki
e58: Asymmetric Liquidity Shocks and Optimality of the Freidman Rule Downloads
Eisei Ohtaki
e57: Nominal Idiosyncratic Shocks and Optimal Monetary Policy Downloads
Eisei Ohtaki
e56: Universities' Role as Knowledge Sources for Product Innovations Downloads
Kohei Nishikawa and Daisuke Kanama
e55: Bubble cycle Downloads
Masaya Sakuragawa
e54: Educational Credentialism and Elite Formation in Japan: A Long-term Perspective Downloads
Daiji Kawaguchi and Hiroshi Ono
Yumiko Baba
Tadashi Sekiguchi
Hideo Akabayashi and Ryosuke Nakamura
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