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2024: Inefficient regulation: Mortgages versus total credit Downloads
A. Karapetyan, Jens Kværner and Maximilian Rohrer
2024: The Characterization of Clearing Payments in Financial Networks Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars, Peter Borm and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2024: Essays on extreme returns and investor behavior Downloads
Jia Bi
2024: Flexible Labor Contracts, Firm-specific Pay, and Wages Downloads
José Gabo Carreño Bustos, Harry Huizinga and Burak Uras
2024: Social Networks and Collective Action in Large Populations: An application to the Egyptian Arab Spring Downloads
Chih Sheng Hsieh, Lachlan Deer, Michael Koenig and Fernando Vega-Redondo
2024: State commission advises ‘moderate population growth’ for the Netherlands Downloads
Helga de Valk and Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2024: The Transmission of Non-Banking Liquidity Shocks to the Banking Sector Downloads
Miguel Sarmiento Paipilla
2024: Uncertain Time to Completion in a Sequential Investment Problem: a Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Downloads
Micah Lucy Abigaba, Jens Bengtsson, Martijn Ketelaars and Peter Kort
2024: Essays on liquidity provision in wholesale funding markets and on financial fragility Downloads
Constanza Martinez Ventura
2024: A reinforcement learning framework for improving parking decisions in last-mile delivery Downloads
Juan E. Muriel, Lele Zhang, Jan C. Fransoo and Juan G. Villegas
2024: Obfuscation and rational inattention Downloads
Aljoscha Janssen and Johannes Kasinger
2024: Individualized pension contracts: risks, welfare losses and investment choices Downloads
Bart Dees
2024: Economic effects of tax avoidance and compliance Downloads
Jesse van der Geest
2024: The role of values in the interorganizational network response to wicked problems Downloads
Nick Zonneveld, Jörg Raab, Patrick Kenis and Mirella M. N. Minkman
2024: E-payment technology and business finance: A randomized controlled trial with mobile money Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Daan van Soest and Burak Uras
2024: The Cost of Risk-Aversion In Inventory Management: An (s,S) Case Study Downloads
Ebru Angun and Jack Kleijnen
2024: The Role of Analytics in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger Downloads
Koen Peters, H.A. Fleuren and Frans Cruijssen
2024: Continuity of care for children with anorexia nervosa in the Netherlands: A modular perspective Downloads
A. Lennips, V. Peters, B.R. Meijboom, A. Nissen and J.E. Bunt
2024: Value-based health care in translation: From global popularity to primary care for Dutch elderly patients Downloads
G. Steinmann, H. van de Bovenkamp, A. de Bont and D. Delnoij
2024: A predictor-corrector algorithm for semidefinite programming that uses the factor width cone Downloads
Felix Kirschner and Etienne de Klerk
2024: Three essays on wage compensation and flexible contracts Downloads
José Gabo Carreño Bustos
2024: Analytics for humanitarian networks in uncertain and data-scarce environments Downloads
Valentijn Stienen
2024: Building prediction models with grouped data: A case study on the prediction of turnover intention Downloads
S. Yuan, B. Kroon and A. Kramer
2024: Income Shocks and their Transmission into Consumption Downloads
Edmund Crawley and Alexandros Theloudis
2024: How to optimize container withholding decisions for reuse in the hinterland? Downloads
Benjamin Legros, Jan Fransoo and Oualid Jouini
2024: Sturen op migratie vereist langetermijnvisie Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and Daniël van Vuuren
2024: Historical and contemporary perspectives on labor Downloads
Ayse Hazal Sezer
2024: Firms and Unions Downloads
Ayse Hazal Sezer and Burak Uras
2024: Platforms and Digital Transformation in Logistics (PLATO): TNO 2024-R10279 // 11206387-002-GEO-0002 Downloads
Jacco van Meijeren, Marijn van Adrichem, Angela Acocella, Jan C. Fransoo, Budhi S. Wibowo and Rob Zuidwijk
2024: Sources of Regional Variation in Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from the Netherlands Downloads
Lieke Beekers
2024: Warehousification: Aanbevelingen voor de Toekomst van Grote Distributiecentra in Nederland Downloads
Angela Acocella, F. Cruijssen and Jan C. Fransoo
2024: Wie vertrouwt de overstap naar het nieuwe pensioenstelsel? Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and K. Henkens
2024: How Hartl exceeds Skiba: Determinants of a successful career in academia Downloads
Gustav Feichtinger, Dieter Grass, Peter Kort, Andreas J. Novak, Andrea Seidl and Stefan Wrzaczek
2024: Consumer time budgets and grocery shopping behavior Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, Tobias Klein and Yan Xu
2024: Guarding the digital cookie jar: An interdisciplinary study of automated privacy preference negotiation, monitoring, and enforcement Downloads
Kartik Chawla
2024: Essays on incentive contract and corporate finance Downloads
Zeng Yu
2024: Tail Copula Estimation for Heteroscedastic Extremes Downloads
John Einmahl and C. Zhou
2024: Biases in information selection and processing: Survey evidence from the pandemic Downloads
Ester Faia, Andreas Fuster, Vincenzo Pezone and Basit Zafar
2024: Corporate governance perspective on environmental reporting: Literature review and future research agenda Downloads
Maria Aluchna, Maria Roszkowska-Menkes and Sana Khan
2024: Navigating crises in family businesses: Unraveling the Role of the Family Downloads
Joyce Kox
2024: Essays on asset liquidity and investment funds Downloads
Lennart Dekker
2024: Fair value accounting, illiquid assets, and financial stability Downloads
Lucas Mahieux
2024: Extreme Value Inference for General Heterogeneous Data Downloads
Yi He and John Einmahl
2024: Consumption and time use responses to unemployment: Implications for the lifecycle model Downloads
Jim Been, Eduard Suari-Andreu, Marike Knoef and Rob Alessie
2024: The effect of incentives in non-routine analytical team tasks Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Stefan Grimm, Dominik Grothe, David Schindler and Simeon Schudy
2024: A characterization of simultaneous optimization, majorization, and (bi)submodular polyhedra Downloads
Martijn H.H. Schoot Uiterkamp
2024: Klimaatverandering in de Prijzen in 2022 met een Doorkijk naar 2030: Analyse van de Beprijzing van Broeikasgasemissies in Nederland Downloads
Corjan Brink and Herman R.J. Vollebergh
2024: Operationalizing analytics to improve food security Downloads
Koen Peters
2024: Essays on consumer finance Downloads
Simona Hannon
2024: International Trade in Brown Shares and Economic Development Downloads
Harald Benink, Harry Huizinga, Louis Raes and Lishu Zhang
2024: Getting a grip on immigration: the citizens’ view Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2024: Globally and Universally Convergent Price Adjustment Processes Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2024: Financial Fragility Indexes for Latin American Countries Downloads
Constanza Martínez, Pavel Cizek and Harald Benink
2024: Nanoretail operations in developing markets Downloads
Jan C. Fransoo, Rafael Escamilla and Jiwen Ge
2024: Shale gas revolution could paralyse the energy transition Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh and Sjak Smulders
2024: Warehousification: Recommendations for the Future of Big Box Warehouses in the Netherlands Downloads
Angela Acocella, F. Cruijssen and Jan C. Fransoo
2024: On the Compatibility of Composition Axioms in Financial Networks Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars
2023: Essays in corporate finance and ESG Downloads
Zhenshu Wu
2023: The rise of tax havens and conduit countries from the early 2000s Downloads
Arjan Lejour
2023: Corporate scope decisions:: The challenge of balancing deliberate choices and constraints Downloads
Louis Mulotte
2023: Forced Ranking: Fluch oder Segen? Downloads
Eddy Cardinaels and Christoph Feichter
2023: Climate Policy and Resource Extraction with Variable Markups and Imperfect Substitutes Downloads
Malik Curuk and Suphi Sen
2023: Essays on equity incentive and share pledging in China Downloads
Zili Su
2023: Actualiteitenrubriek Fiscaal Sanctierecht Downloads
Kim Demandt
2023: Loan Recoveries and the Financing of Zombie Firms over the Business Cycle Downloads
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Balint Horvath and Harry Huizinga
2023: Laat pensioenfondsen overwaarde huis te gelde maken via participatiehypotheek Downloads
Dirk Brounen, Casper van Ewijk, Arjen Gielen, Marike Knoef and Mauro Mastrogiacomo
2023: Beyond acquiescence and compromise: Organizational strategies in pluralizing institutional environments Downloads
Han Dahlmans, Tobias Goessling and Patrick Kenis
2023: The exact worst-case convergence rate of the alternating direction method of multipliers Downloads
Moslem Zamani, Hadi Abbaszadehpeivasti and Etienne de Klerk
2023: Disentangling Business- and Tax-Motivated Bilateral Royalty Flows Downloads
Arjan Lejour and Riet, Maarten van ‘t
2023: The legitimacy of the OECD’s work on pillar two: An analysis of the overconfidence in a ‘Devilish Logic’ Downloads
Cees Peters
2023: Learning in the auditing profession: A framework and future directions’ Downloads
Bart Dierynck, Kathryn Kadous and Christian P. H. Peters
2023: On the behavioral effects of tax policy Downloads
Gabriella Massenz
2023: Conic optimization with applications in finance and approximation theory Downloads
Felix Kirschner
2023: Response aggregation to obtain truthful answers to sensitive questions: Estimating the prevalence of illegal purchases of prescription drugs Downloads
Marco Gregori, M.G. de Jong and Rik Pieters
2023: Togetherness in the household Downloads
Sam Cosaert, Alexandros Theloudis and Bertrand Verheyden
2023: When should retirees tap their home equity? Downloads
Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft and André Meyer-Wehmann
2023: Distortions and industrial upgrading in China Downloads
Xiaoyue Zhang
2023: Retraction of Predatory publishing in Scopus: Evidence on cross-country differences lacks justification (Retraction of Vol 126, Pg 1897, 2021) Downloads
Giovanni Abramo, Isidro F. Aguillo, Dag W. Aksnes, Kevin Boyack, Quentin L. Burrell, Juan Miguel Campanario, Zaida Chinchilla-Rodriguez, Rodrigo Costas, Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo, Anne-Wil Harzing, Hamid R. Jamali, Vincent Lariviere, Loet Leydesdorff, Marc Luwel, Ben Martin, Philipp Mayr, Katherine W. McCain, Isabella Peters, Ismael Rafols, Nicolas Robinson-Garcia, Torben Schubert, Henry Small, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Mike Thelwall, Peter van den Besselaar, Thed van Leeuwen and Ludo Waltman
2023: Real Options Models without Single-Investment Threshold Behavior Downloads
Farzan Faninam, Kuno Huisman, Peter Kort and J.C. Vera
2023: The beauty and the beast: Het spel en de knikkers Downloads
Eric van Damme
2023: Interplay between accounting and prudential regulation Downloads
Jeremy Bertomeu, Lucas Mahieux and Haresh Sapra
2023: Better Routing in Developing Regions: Weather and Satellite-Informed Road Speed Prediction Downloads
Valentijn Stienen, Dick den Hertog, J.C. Wagenaar and J.F. Zegher
2023: Essays on incentive contracts, M&As, and firm risk Downloads
Suwei An
2023: Non-standard preferences in asset pricing and household finance Downloads
Jorgo Goossens
2023: Offshore tax evasion and wealth inequality: Evidence from a tax amnesty in the Netherlands Downloads
Wouter Leenders, Arjan Lejour, Simon Rabate and Riet, Maarten van ‘t
2023: Afboeking bijstandsschuld nauwelijks effect op werk en mentale gezondheid Downloads
Ernst-Jan de Bruijn, Heike Vethaak, Pierre Koning and Marike Knoef
2023: What does it mean to test theory? Downloads
Maria L. Kraimer, Xavier Martin, William Schulze and Scott Seibert
2023: From talk to action: The effects of the non-financial reporting directive on ESG performance Downloads
Maria Aluchna, Maria Roszkowska-Menkes and Bogumił Kamiński
2023: Asset trade, real investment and a tilting financial transaction tax Downloads
Tobias Dieler, Sonny Biswas, Giacomo Calzolari and Fabio Castiglionesi
2023: The dynamic informativeness of scheduled news Downloads
Julio Crego and Jasmin Gider
2023: Effecten van Belastinghervormingen op de Belastingdruk van Verschillende Inkomensgroepen Downloads
Arjan Lejour, Celine van Essen, Toon Van Heukelom and Rene Schulenberg
2023: Student loans, spending, and parental transfers: insights from a nudge in student loan policy in the Netherlands Downloads
Jim Been and Marike Knoef
2023: Measurement Error in Google Ticker Search Downloads
Ed deHaan, Alastair Lawrence and Robin Litjens
2023: The impact of cyberattacks on small states Downloads
Kristel de Nobrega, Anne F Rutkowski and Piet Ribbers
2023: Beyond the Clock: Exploring the Causal Relationship between General Practitioner Time Allocation and Hospital Referrals Downloads
Carolien Berden, Magdalena Kuyterink and Misja Mikkers
2023: CO2 storage or utilization?: A real options analysis under market and technological uncertainty Downloads
Hanne Lamberts-Van Assche, Maria Lavrutich, Tine Compernolle, Gwenny Thomassen, Jacco J. J. Thijssen and Peter Kort
2023: The complexities of Down Syndrome healthcare: Medical comorbidities, and care models Downloads
Vincent Peters and Peter de Winter
2023: Nog steeds openstaande vragen bij de oudedagsverplichting en overlijden Downloads
M.L. Neve and Gerard Staats
2023: Organizing for permanent beta: Performance measurement before vs performance monitoring after release of digital services Downloads
K.E. van Oorschot, Henk Akkermans, Luk van Wassenhove and Y. Wang
2023: Klimaatverandering in de Prijzen: Actualisatie: Analyse van de Beprijzing van Broeikasgasemissies in Nederland in 2021 Downloads
Herman R.J. Vollebergh and Corjan Brink
2023: Consumption Partial Insurance in the Presence of Tail Income Risk Downloads
Anisha Ghosh and Alexandros Theloudis
2023: Behavioral preferences and beliefs in asset pricing Downloads
Gleb Gertsman
2023: An Axiomatization of the Pairwise Netting Proportional Rule in Financial Networks Downloads
Péter Csóka and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023: Directed Reciprocity Subverts Altruism in Highly Adaptive Populations Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ronald Peeters and Anastas P. Tenev
2023: Navigating the path home: Pioneering hospital-to-home transitions for children with medical complexity Downloads
V.J.T. Peters and J.P. de Winter
2023: Trust in Pension Funds, Or the Importance of Being Financially Sound Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and K. Henkens
2023: Insights into the accuracy of social scientists' forecasts of societal change Downloads
Igor Grossmann, Amanda A. Rotella, Cendri Hutcherson, Konstantyn Sharpinskyi, Michael E. W. Varnum, Sebastian K. Achter, Mandeep Dhami, Xinqi Evie Guo, Mane R. Kara-Yakoubian, David Mandel, Louis Raes, Louis Tay, Aymeric Vie, Lisa Wagner, Matus Adamkovic, Arash Arami, Patricia Arriaga, Kasun Bandara, Gabriel Banik, Frantisek Bartos, Ernest Baskin, Christoph Bergmeir, Michal K. Bialek, Caroline T. Borsting, Dillon M. Browne, Eugene Caruso, Rong Chen, Bin-Tzong J. Chie, William N. Chopik, Robert Collins, Chin Wen G. Cong, Lucian Conway, Matthew V. Davis, Martin A. Day, Nathan D. Dhaliwal, Justin Durham, Martyna T. Dziekan, Christian Elbaek, Eric Shuman, Marharyta Fabrykant, Mustafa T. Firat, Geoffrey A. Fong, Jeremy M. Frimer, Jonathan B. Gallegos, Simon Goldberg, Anton Gollwitzer, Julia Goyal, Lorenz D. Graf-Vlachy, Scott Gronlund, Sebastian Hafenbraedl, Andree J. Hartanto, Matthew J. Hirshberg, Matthew Hornsey, Piers D. L. Howe, Anoosha Izadi, Bastian Jaeger, Pavol Kacmar, Yeun Joon Kim, Ruslan G. Krenzler, Daniel Lannin, Hung-Wen Lin, Nigel Mantou Lou, Verity Y. Q. W. Lua, Aaron L. Lukaszewski, Albert R. Ly, Christopher Madan, Maximilian M. Maier, Nadyanna S. Majeed, David A. March, Abigail Marsh, Michal Misiak, Kristian Ove R. M. Myrseth, Jaime Napan, Jonathan Nicholas, Konstantinos Nikolopoulos, Tobias Otterbring, Mariola Paruzel-Czachura, Shiva Pauer, John Protzko, Quentin Raffaelli, Ivan Ropovik, Robert M. Ross, Yefim Roth, Espen Roysamb, Landon Schnabel, Astrid Schuetz, Matthias Seifert, A. T. Sevincer, Garrick T. Sherman, Otto Simonsson, Ming-Chien Sung, Chung-Ching Tai, Thomas Talhelm, Bethany A. Teachman, Philip E. Tetlock, Dimitrios Thomakos, Dwight C. K. Tse, Oliver J. Twardus, Joshua M. Tybur, Lyle Ungar, Daan Vandermeulen, Leighton Vaughan Williams, Hrag A. Vosgerichian, Qi Wang, Ke Wang, Mark E. Whiting, Conny E. Wollbrant, Tao Yang, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Sangsuk Yoon, Ventura R. Alves, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna, Paul A. Bloom, Anthony Boyles, Loo Charis, Mingyeong Choi, Sean Darling-Hammond, Z. E. Ferguson, Cheryl R. Kaiser, Simon T. Karg, Alberto Lopez Ortega, Lori Mahoney, Melvin S. Marsh, Marcellin F. R. C. Martinie, Eli K. Michaels, Philip Millroth, Jeanean B. Naqvi, Weiting Ng, Robb B. Rutledge, Peter Slattery, Adam H. Smiley, Oliver Strijbis, Daniel Sznycer, Eli Tsukayama, Austin van Loon, Jan G. Voelkel, Margaux N. A. Wienk and Tom Wilkening
2023: Induced Rules for Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problems: Towards Merge-Proofness and Coalitional Stability Downloads
Siwen Liu, Peter Borm and Henk Norde
2023: Expectation, anticipation, and identification: Essays on subjective expectations and economic decision-making Downloads
Lkhagvaa Erdenesuren
2023: Potentials in Social Environments Downloads
Thomas Demuynck, P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Christian Seel
2023: Ambidexterity in MNC knowledge sourcing in emerging economies: A microfoundational perspective Downloads
Mariana Dodourova, Shasha Zhao and Anne-Wil Harzing
2023: Essays on credit rating agencies in China Downloads
Yan Liu
2023: The ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot: How well does it answer accounting assessment questions? Downloads
David A. Wood, Muskan P. Achhpilia, Mollie T. Adams, Sanaz Aghazadeh, Kazeem Akinyele, Mfon Akpan, Kristian D. Allee, Abigail M. Allen, Elizabeth D. Almer, Daniel Ames, Viktor Arity, Dereck Barr-Pulliam, K. Asli Basoglu, Andrew Belnap, Jeremiah W. Bentley, Terje Berg, Nathan R. Berglund, Erica Berry, Avishek Bhandari, Md Nazmul Hasan Bhuyan, Paul W. Black, Eva Blondeel, David Bond, Annika Bonrath, A. Faye Borthick, Erik S. Boyle, Marianne Bradford, Duane M. Brandon, Joseph F. Brazel, Bryan G. Brockbank, Marcus Burger, Dmitri Byzalov, James N. Cannon, Cecil Caro, Abraham H. Carr, Jack Cathey, Ryan Cating, Kimberly Charron, Stacy Chavez, Jason Chen, Jennifer C. Chen, Jennifer W. Chen, Christine Cheng, Xu Cheng, Brant E. Christensen, Kimberly Swanson Church, N. J. Cicone, Wim Maas, Jesse van der Geest, Victor van Pelt and ,
2023: Interorganisatorische relaties, Innovatie en Ondernemerschap.: Het belang, huidige inzichten en een onderzoeksagenda op portfolioniveau Downloads
T. de Leeuw
2023: Integrality and cutting planes in semidefinite programming approaches for combinatorial optimization Downloads
Frank de Meijer
2023: Dynamic investment strategies and leadership in product innovation Downloads
Herbert Dawid, Michel Y. Keoula, Michael Kopel and Peter Kort
2023: Hoe een wereldoorlog emigratie in gang zet Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: Constrained optimization in Random Simulation: Efficient Global Optimization and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions (Revision of CentER DP 2022-022) Downloads
Ebru Angun and Jack Kleijnen
2023: Simulating the Adoption of a Retail CBDC Downloads
C. León, Jose Moreno and Kimmo Soramaki
2023: Equity in Health and Humanitarian Logistics: A Beneficiary Perspective Downloads
Thomas Breugem, Yu Fan, Andreas Gernert and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
2023: Econometric inference on a large bayesian game with heterogeneous beliefs Downloads
Denis Kojevnikov and Kyungchul Song
2023: Sociale normen beperken werken na AOW-leeftijd Downloads
Hendrik van Dalen and K. Henkens
2023: Cospectral Mates for Generalized Johnson and Grassmann Graphs Downloads
Aida Abiad, Jozefien D'haeseleer, Willem H. Haemers and Robin Simoens
2023: IT Governance in the digital era: Insights from meta-organizations Downloads
Mylène Struijk
2023: Cost sharing methods for capacity restricted cooperative purchasing situations Downloads
Jop Schouten, Mirjam Groote Schaarsberg and Peter Borm
2023: The Causal Effect of Ethnic Diversity on Support for Redistribution and the Role of Discrimination Downloads
Pascal Achard and Sigrid Suetens
2023: The never-ending patient journey of chronically ill patients: A qualitative case study on touchpoints in relation to patient-centered care Downloads
Vera K. Maas, Frederik H. Dibbets, Vincent J. T. Peters, Bert R. Meijboom and Daniëlle van Bijnen
2023: Model-based research Downloads
J.W.M. Bertrand, Jan C. Fransoo and Maximiliano Udenio
2023: Ankers voor Begrotingsbeleid: Een Literatuuroverzicht Downloads
Ed Westerhout, Joris Van Toor, Romain Rey and Erdem Tiras
2023: Cospectrality Results for Signed Graphs with Two Eigenvalues Unequal to $\pm 1$ Downloads
Willem H. Haemers and Hatice Topcu
2023: Goodhart’s law in China: Bank branching regulation and window dressing Downloads
D. Gong, Harry Huizinga, T Li and J Zhu
2023: Bias-Corrected Instrumental Variable Estimation in Linear Dynamic Panel Data Models Downloads
Weihao Chen and Pavel Cizek
2023: Distributionally robust views on queues and related stochastic models Downloads
Wouter van Eekelen
2023: Construction of multivariate polynomial approximation kernels via semidefinite programming Downloads
Felix Kirschner and Etienne de Klerk
2023: Convicts and Comrades: Coerced Labor’s Impact on Early Labor Unions Downloads
Ayse Hazal Sezer
2023: Transportation asset acquisition under a newsvendor model with cutting-stock restrictions: Approximation and decomposition algorithms Downloads
J.C. Wagenaar, I. Fragkos and W.L.C. Faro
2023: Should I endorse a third party? Authorization strategies for brand manufacturers in a refurbishing market Downloads
N.A. Kurdhi, Shaunak S. Dabadghao and Jan C. Fransoo
2023: Do “White Knights” Make Excessive Profits in Bank Resolution? Downloads
Ata Bertay and Harry Huizinga
2023: The role of transparency in fairness and reciprocity issues in manager-employee relationships Downloads
Fabien Ize
2023: Cyber security policies in crisis response: Exploring the predicament of creating safe but workable systems Downloads
Joshua Stassen, Ali Pirannejad and Kenny Meesters
2023: Optimization of System Dynamics Models: a Novel Methodology Downloads
Ebru Angun, Jack Kleijnen and Martin Smits
2023: Geloven in de hel maakt niet ongelukkig Downloads
Johan Graafland
2023: Exponential smoothing forecasts: Taming the Bullwhip Effect when demand is seasonal Downloads
Maximiliano Udenio, Eleni Vatamidou and Jan C. Fransoo
2023: How a firm's knowledge base influences its external technology sourcing strategy: The case of biopharmaceutical firms Downloads
Christian Gnekpe, Regis Coeurderoy and Louis Mulotte
2023: Copositive matrices, sums of squares and the stability number of a graph Downloads
Luis Felipe Vargas and Monique Laurent
2023: Facial reduction for symmetry reduced semidefinite and doubly nonnegative programs Downloads
Hao Hu, Renata Sotirov and Henry Wolkowicz
2023: Essays in corporate risk Downloads
Ke Wang
2023: The two-step average tree value for graph and hypergraph games Downloads
Liying Kang, Anna Khmelnitskaya, Erfang Shan, Adolphus Talman and Guang Zhang
2023: The characteristic polynomials of uniform double hyperstars and uniform hypertriangles Downloads
Cunxiang Duan, Edwin R. van Dam and Ligong Wang
2023: Convergence rate analysis of randomized and cyclic coordinate descent for convex optimization through semidefinite programming Downloads
Hadi Abbaszadehpeivasti, Etienne de Klerk and Moslem Zamani
2023: The Impact of Multiple Investment Opportunities on the Initial Investment Downloads
Farzan Faninam
2023: Facilitating interorganizational trust in strategic alliances by leveraging blockchain-based systems: Case studies of two eastern banks Downloads
R. Chen, K. Chen and Carol Ou
2023: Macroprudential Policies Beyond Banking: The Case of Borrower-Based Measures Downloads
Harry Huizinga
2023: Fostering sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ghana and Burkina Faso Downloads
Tung Nguyen Huy
2023: Burgerschap en duurzaamheid in het economieonderwijs: Over verbinding, betekenis en geluk Downloads
Lans Bovenberg
2023: On-demand last-mile distribution network design with omnichannel inventory Downloads
André Snoeck, Matthias Winkenbach and Jan C. Fransoo
2023: Some impossibility results for inference with cluster dependence with large clusters Downloads
Denis Kojevnikov and Kyungchul Song
2023: How Tony’s chocolonely created a purpose-driven (and profitable) supply chain Downloads
Frans Pannekoek, Thomas Breugem and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
2023: Polynomial optimization: Matrix factorization ranks, portfolio selection, and queueing theory Downloads
Andries Steenkamp
2023: A beautiful theorem needs no application Downloads
John Einmahl
2023: Vlak de oudere kiezer niet uit Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: The Signed Graphs with Two Eigenvalues Unequal to ±1 Downloads
Willem Haemers and Hatice Topcu
2023: A Renewed Take on Weighted Sum in Sandwich Algorithms: Modification of the Criterion Space Downloads
Melissa Koenen, Marleen Balvert and H.A. Fleuren
2023: Hoe de vooruitgang uit de economie is verdwenen Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: Optimization of dynamic product offerings on online marketplaces: A network theory perspective Downloads
Meihua Zhou, Spyros Angelopoulos, Carol Ou, Hongwei Liu and Zhouyang Liang
2023: Strength‐is‐weakness: The (ir)relevant relation between resources and payoffs in coalition formation Downloads
Joeri Wissink, Anabela Cantiani, Niels van de Ven, Tila Pronk, Thorsten M. Erle and Ilja van Beest
2023: Managing the nanostore supply chain: Base-of-the-pyramid retail in emerging markets Downloads
Rafael Escamilla
2023: RPA: Learning Interpretable Input-Output Relationships by Counting Samples Downloads
Wout de Vos and Marleen Balvert
2023: How damaging are environmental policy targets in terms of welfare? Downloads
Simona Bigerna, Verena Hagspiel, Peter Kort and Xingang Wen
2023: Influencing Opinion Networks - Optimization and Games Downloads
Wout de Vos, Peter Borm and Herbert Hamers
2023: Admission and pricing optimization of on-street parking with delivery bays Downloads
Benjamin Legros and Jan C. Fransoo
2023: The microfoundations of audit quality Downloads
Christian P. H. Peters
2023: How to collaborate for health throughout the project timeline: A longitudinal study reflecting on implemented strategies in three projects for a healthy living environment Downloads
N. J. E. Van Vooren, L. M. S. Janssen, H. W. Drewes, C. A. Baan and I. M. B. Bongers
2023: In brands we trust: The development and validation of a contemporary brand trust scale Downloads
Henk Roest and Patrick de Graaf
2023: Dynamic Stability of Cooperative Investment under Uncertainty Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars, Peter Borm and Peter Kort
2023: Traders without borders: Who and where? Downloads
Agnieska Nowinska, Jean-Francois Hennart and Svetla Marinova
2023: The effect of language and temporal focus on cognition, economic behaviour, and well-being Downloads
Yeqiu Zheng
2023: Migrating to a new country in late life: A review of the literature on international retirement migration Downloads
Esma Betul Savas, Juul Spaan, Kène Henkens, Matthijs Kalmijn and Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: Computing Perfect Stationary Equilibria in Stochastic Games Downloads
Peixuan Li, Chuangyin Dang and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023: A governance analysis of BEFIT: How the member states’ wish to obtain more regulatory authority is driving a revolution Downloads
Cees Peters
2023: Oudere kiezer gaat jongere kiezer verdringen Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: Mentors’ motives and mentoring functions: Comparing social and commercial new ventures Downloads
Ayna Yusubova and J. Knoben
2023: The orienteering problem with drones Downloads
Nicola Morandi, Roel Leus and Hande Yaman
2023: Hoe gangbare veronderstellingen tot verkeerde conclusies kunnen leiden Downloads
Marcel Das and P.G. van der Velden
2023: Commitment-Based smart contracts using CommitRuleML Downloads
Joost de Kruijff
2023: Essays in finance & health Downloads
Daniel Kárpáti
2023: Product Life Cycles and Investment: A Real Options Analysis Downloads
Anne Balter, Kuno Huisman and Peter Kort
2023: Does IT matter for work meaningfulness?: Exploring the mediating role of job crafting Downloads
Mengxi Xu, Wei Wang, Carol Ou and Baoxiang Song
2023: Healthcare utilization patterns for knee and hip osteoarthritis before and after changes in national health insurance coverage: A data linkage study from the Netherlands Downloads
J.T. Dros, C.E. van Dijk, I. Bos, W.M. Meijer, A. Chorus, H. Miedema, C. Veenhof, I.G. Arslan, B.R. Meijboom and R.A. Verheij
2023: The prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms (ADS), persistent and chronic ADS among the adult general population and specific subgroups before and during the COVID-19 pandemic until December 2021 Downloads
P.G. Van der velden, C. Contino, L. De vroege, M. Das, M. Bosmans and J. Zijlmans
2023: Risk and rewards of residential energy efficiency Downloads
Santiago Bohorquez Correa
2023: Cost Allocation in CO2 Transport for CCUS Hubs: A Multi-Actor Perspective Downloads
Andries van Beek, Mirjam Groote Schaarsberg, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers and Mattijs Veneman
2023: Essays in empirical finance Downloads
Tomas Jankauskas
2023: Wie is bang voor zijn pensioen? Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and K. Henkens
2023: Matching extension and distance spectral radius Downloads
Yuke Zhang and Edwin R. van Dam
2023: Financial outcomes of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors: A longitudinal population-based registry study Downloads
Ties M. Siebinga, Silvie H. M. Janssen, Anke W. Boumans, Mies C. Van Eenbergen, Bettina Siflinger, Winette T. A. Van der Graaf and Olga Husson
2023: Vrije markt, perfecte markt of welvaartsstaat? Een perspectief op ‘goede markten’ Downloads
Johan Graafland
2023: Motifs: From theory to practice Downloads
Frederique van Leeuwen
2023: The number of ways to construct a connected graph: A graph-based generalization of the binomial coefficients Downloads
A.B. Khmelnitskaya, Gerard van der Laan and Adolphus Talman
2023: Unemployment and online labor: Evidence from microtasking Downloads
Ulrich Laitenberger, Steffen Viete, Olga Slivko, Michael E. Kummer, K. Borchert and Matthias Hirth
2023: Strategic investment under uncertainty: Why multi-option firms lose the preemption run Downloads
Wencheng Yu, Xingang Wen, Nick F. D. Huberts and Peter Kort
2023: Promotiebespreking: Christian Peters Downloads
Christian P. H. Peters
2023: The Psychological Science Accelerator's COVID-19 rapid-response dataset Downloads
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2023: Sparsifying the least-squares approach to PCA: Comparison of lasso and cardinality constraint Downloads
Rosember Guerra-Urzola, Niek C. de Schipper, Anya Tonne, Klaas Sijtsma, J. C. Vera and Katrijn Van Deun
2023: Competitie en coöperatie Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023: A legitimacy-based view of the impact of government venture capital on startup innovation: Evidence from a transition economy Downloads
Ramakrishna Devarakonda and Aqi Liu
2023: Omitted budget constraint bias and implications for competitive pricing Downloads
Max Pachali, Peter Kurz and Thomas Otter
2023: Vertrouwen in pensioenuitvoerders draait vooral om de kernkwaliteiten Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and K. Henkens
2023: Afschaffing Fossiele-Energiesubsidies: Eerder een Hersenkraker dan een No-Brainer Downloads
Corjan Brink, Arjan Trinks, Herman R.J. Vollebergh and Peter Zwaneveld
2023: Solutions in multi-actor projects with collaboration and strategic incentives Downloads
Andries van Beek
2023: Digital transformation in operations management: Fundamental change through agency reversal Downloads
Spyros Angelopoulos, Elliot Bendoly, Jan C. Fransoo, Kai Hoberg, Carol Ou and Antti Tenhiälä
2023: Cyber defensive capacity and capability:: A perspective from the financial sector of a small state Downloads
Kristel de Nobrega
2023: Sum-of-squares hierarchies for binary polynomial optimization Downloads
Lucas Slot and Monique Laurent
2023: Credit provision and stock trading: Evidence from the South Sea bubble Downloads
Fabio Braggion, Rik Frehen and Emiel Jerphanion
2023: Horizon bias and the term structure of equity returns Downloads
Stefano Cassella, Benjamin Golez, H. Gulen and Peter Kelly
2023: A distaste for insecurity: job preferences of young people in the transition to adulthood Downloads
Lin Rouvroye, Hendrik Peter van Dalen, Kène Henkens and Joop J. Schippers
2023: Standard-essential patents, innovation, and competition Downloads
Chayanin Wipusanawan
2023: Duality in Financial Networks Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars, Peter Borm and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023: Empirical Likelihood Based Testing for Multivariate Regular Variation Downloads
John Einmahl and Andrea Krajina
2023: A Strategic Approach to Bankruptcy Problems Based on the TAL Family of Rules Downloads
Dirck Bouwhuis, Peter Borm and Ruud Hendrickx
2023: Sum-of-squares representations for copositive matrices and independent sets in graphs Downloads
Luis Vargas
2023: Flexible Contracts as Business Cycle Stabilizers Downloads
José Gabo Carreño Bustos
2023: The Justification, Design and Revenues of a Single Market Levy Downloads
Ricardo Garcia Anton and Arjan Lejour
2023: How does leadership manage network-level tensions in a turbulent environment?: A case study on the Antwerp Fire Service Network Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic Downloads
Steven van den Oord, Hugo Marynissen, Matthieu De Block, Bert Brugghemans, Bart Cambre and Patrick Kenis
2023: Essays in economics of crime prevention and behavior under uncertainty Downloads
Gulbike Mirzaoglu
2023: Publieke Inkoop: Een Multidisciplinair Overzicht van Theorieën, Praktijken en Instrumenten Downloads
Jolien Grandia, Leentje Volker, Willem A. Janssen, Lizet Kuitert, Fredo Schotanus and Wendy van der Valk
2023: Onder druk wordt alles vloeibaar - Kan de overheid in tijden van vergrijzing leeftijdsnormen beïnvloeden? Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen and Kène Henkens
2023: Preface by the Workshop Organizers Downloads
D. Shterionov, M. De Sisto, M. Müller, D. Van Landuyt, R. Omardeen, S. Oboyle, A. Braffort, F. Roelofsen, F. Blain, B. Vanroy and E. Avramidis
2023: Receiving credit: On delegation and responsibility Downloads
Cedric Argenton, Jan Potters and Yadi Yang
2023: Essays on innovation, cooperation, and competition under standardization Downloads
Michela Bonani
2023: Employers’ perception of downsides to flexible staffing arrangements: exploring the role of strategic motives Downloads
Lin Rouvroye, Hendrik Peter van Dalen, K. Henkens and J.J. Schippers
2023: Moral support and performance Downloads
F. Colella, Patricio Dalton and Giovanni Giusti
2023: An Allocation Rule for Graph Machine Scheduling Problems Downloads
Laura Davila-Pena, Peter Borm, Ignacio Garcia-Jurado and Jop Schouten
2023: An effective version of Schmüdgen’s Positivstellensatz for the hypercube Downloads
Monique Laurent and Lucas Slot
2023: Drivers of the synergy between price cuts and store flyer advertising at supermarkets and discounters Downloads
Kai Widdecke, Wiebke Keller, Karen Gedenk and Barbara Deleersnyder
2023: Proximity-store introductions: A new route to big-box retailer success? Downloads
Marnik Dekimpe, Els Gijsbrechts and K.J.P. Gielens
2023: Ambiguous sticks and carrots: The effect of contract framing and payoff ambiguity on employee effort Downloads
Joe Burke, Kristy L. Towry, Donald Young and Jake Zureich
2023: Nederlanders behoudend over immigratie Downloads
Hendrik Peter van Dalen
2023: Essays on corporate disclosures, innovation, and investments Downloads
Mustafa Ahçi
2023: Op naar een nieuwe en sociale christendemocratie Downloads
Johan Graafland
2023: Efficient resource allocation contracts to reduce adverse events Downloads
Yong Liang, Peng Sun, Runyu Tang and Chong Zhang
2023: Enforcement of Financial Reporting Regulation: Insights From New Data Downloads
S. Bissessur, Robin Litjens and Gaizka Ormazabal
2023: Managerial duties and managerial biases Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier, Vincenzo Pezone and Hui Zheng
2023: Evaluating policy packages for a low-carbon transitions – Principles and applications Downloads
Herman Vollebergh
2023: The traveling salesman problem with drones: The benefits of retraversing the arcs Downloads
Nicola Morandi, Roel Leus, Jannik Matuschke and Hande Yaman
2023: The real effects of judicial enforcement Downloads
Vincenzo Pezone
2023: Essays on work and retirement Downloads
Albert Rutten
2023: Medical and surgical treatment of postbariatric hypoglycaemia: retrospective data from daily practice Downloads
Loek Jm de Heide, Sterre Ht Wouda, Vincent Peters, Mirjam M Oosterwerff, Victor A Gerdes, Marloes Emous and André P van Beek
2023: The future of private-label markets: A global convergence approach Downloads
Katrijn Gielens, Marnik Dekimpe, A. Mukherjee and Kapil R. Tuli
2023: Hogere AOW-leeftijd stimuleert ook arbeidsparticipatie jongere partner Downloads
Albert Rutten, Marike Knoef and Daniel van Vuuren
2023: Contrarians, extrapolators, and stock market momentum and reversal Downloads
Adem Atmaz, Stefano Cassella, H. Gulen and Fangcheng Ruan
2023: Visit Allocation Problems in Multi-Service Settings: Policies and Worst-Case Bounds Downloads
Thomas Breugem, Tim Sergio Wolter and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
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