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01p289: When Intentions Meet Realities: Typology of Contacts across the Finnish-Russian Border Downloads
Heikki Eskelinen
01p288: Welfare Disparities in Transition Economies: Case of Estonia Downloads
Helje Kaldaru and Viktor Trasberg
01p285: Urban sustainability, agglomeration forces and the technological deus ex machina Downloads
Peter Nijkamp and Erik Verhoef
01p284: Urban rent generation: The esenkent case in Istanbul Downloads
Aysegul Yakar-Onal
01p282: Unmeployment in the transition economies- causes and proposals Downloads
Mirjana Dragièeviæ and Alka Obadiæ
01p280: Two stages of uniform delivered pricing and a monopolistic network in competitive electricity markets Downloads
Markus Ksoll
01p279: Transport system as an element of sustainable economic growth in the tourist region Downloads
Edna Mrnjavac
01p278: Transaction costs, logistics and the spatial-functional dynamics of supply chains Downloads
Evert-Jan Visser
01p277: Toward an Integrated European Economic System: An Assessment of regional integration and specialization Downloads
Andreas Cornett
01p276: Toward a joint modeling of land-use, transport and economy Downloads
Barry Zondag
01p275: Tourism Impact Analysis on Danish Regions Downloads
Jie Zhang
01p274: Tourism and sustainable economic development Downloads
Salvo Creaco and Giulio Querini
01p273: Tourism and its Contribution to Regional Development: Three Case Studies Downloads
Calvin Jones and Max Munday
01p271: The value of time and forecasting of flowsin freight transportation Downloads
Erik Bergkvist
01p270: The tyranny of regional unemployment rates Downloads
Manfred Fischer and Erich Maierhofer
01p269: The technological relationships between indigenous firms and foreign-owned MNCs in the European regions Downloads
John Cantwell and Simona Iammarino
01p264: The role of the nordic dimension for foreign trade relations of baltic states Downloads
Kairi Andresson, Janno Reiljan and Ele Reiljan
01p259: The Regional Inequalities in the European Union and the Countries of Community Cohesion (Portugal,Spain,Ireland and Greece) Downloads
Trifon Kostopoulos
01p257: The quest for countryside support schemes for mountain areas in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) Downloads
Thomas Dax
01p256: “The Location of Technological Innovations within the Japanese Semiconductor Industry” Downloads
Tomokazu Arita and Philip McCann
01p252: The Importance of Universities of Applied Sciences for Regional Development - Theory and empirical Evidence for the German Middle Lower Rhine Area Downloads
Ruediger Hamm and Martin Wenke
01p250: The Impacts of Industrial Decentralization in Metropolises Downloads
Yüksel Dinçer
01p249: The impact of migration on earnings of married men and women Downloads
Satu Nivalainen
01p247: The governance of regional networks in the process of European integration Downloads
Riccardo Cappellin
01p244: The external constraint to the economic growth in three blocks of the world economy Downloads
Julio Herrera and Jesus Santamaria
01p243: The Evolution of Trade and Technological in the Italian regions Downloads
Simona Iammarino and Grazia Santangelo
01p242: The evolution of the spanish-portuguese border and the european integration process Downloads
Valentín Cabero Diéguez and Sérgio Caramelo
01p235: The application of expanded rank-size model in Turkish urban settlements Downloads
Vedia Dokmeci and Sevkiye Sence Turk
01p233: Testing for Non-Linear Dependence in Univariate Time Series: An Empirical Investigation of the Austrian Unemployment Rate Downloads
Manfred Fischer and Wolfgang Koller
01p231: Tax Harmonization or Competition?: Croatia and Neighboring Countries Downloads
Jean Tesche
01p229: Studies on the factors shaping the Polish and Belarus transborder cooperation Downloads
Maria Ciechocinska
01p228: Spatial-Structural Relations among Technology Industrial Clusters: A Comparative Analysis of Metropolitan Regions in the U.S Downloads
Rajendra Kulkarni, Jean Paelinck and Roger Stough
01p227: Spatial (Regional) Differences of Demographic Development of the Republic of Croatia Downloads
Ivo Nejašmiæ and Dražen Njegaè
01p225: Spatial Industrial Dynamics - An Empirical Test of the Lead-Lag Model Downloads
Charlie Karlsson
01p222: Spatial distribution of banks in Istanbul Downloads
E.Ümran Topçu
01p220: Spatial and Sectoral Characteristics of Relational Capital in Innovation Activity Downloads
Roberta Capello
01p219: Spatial and Distance Statistics of the Trucking and Warehousing Industries using GIS Tools Downloads
Kenneth Button and Rajendra Kulkarni
01p216: Social revitalisation of urban regions Downloads
Peter M.J. Pol, Leo Van den Berg and Jan van der Meer
01p214: Social costs of land use claims for transport infrastructure: a survey for The Netherlands Downloads
Frank Bruinsma, Mark Koetse, Piet Rietveld and Ron Vreeker
01p213: SME Support Policy in European Union and Baltic States: Principles and Problems Downloads
Kristiina Kasemets, Raili Kriisa and Anu Reiljan
01p211: Size, density and costs of network services - the case of the distribution of electricity in Italy Downloads
Oriana Caldera and Giuseppe Folloni
01p210: Short-run Regional Effects of Alternative Strategies for Economic Integration: The Case of Brazil Downloads
Edson Domingues, Eduardo Haddad and Fernando Perobelli
01p209: Sectoral Diversity in Regions, Empirical Tests Downloads
Jonas Kjellgren
01p208: Scientific and technological density of regions: the impact on firms" competence to innovate Downloads
Jean - Alain Héraud, Francis Munier and Patrick Rondé
01p204: Regional unemployment insurance, wage bargaining, and the size of unions Downloads
Helge Sanner
01p201: Regional specialisation in a transition country - Hungary Downloads
Mary Rédei
01p200: Regional policy in the Central and East European countries prior to the eastward enlargement of the EU, with special focus on regional policy developments in East Germany Downloads
Gerhard Heimpold
01p198: Regional patterns of private enterprise development in Romania Downloads
Iulia Traistaru
01p197: Regional labour market dynamics in The Netherlands Downloads
Lourens Broersma and Jouke van Dijk
01p196: Regional Labour Market Adjustment: Are Positive and Negative Shocks Different? Downloads
Aki Kangasharju and Sari Pekkala Kerr
01p195: Regional Impacts of Tourism in Norway: Regional Satellite Accounting for Tourism as a basis for Regional Input-Output Modelling Downloads
Ann-Kristin Brændvang, Petter Dybedal, Steinar Johansen and Knut Sorensen
01p194: Regional identity and social capital in regional economic development and planning Downloads
Garri Raagmaa
01p193: Regional growth and convergence in the Spanish Provinces Downloads
Maria Amparo Toral
01p189: Regional development policies modelling: a framework of general equilibrium Downloads
d'Artis Kancs
01p187: Regional Development of Employment and Deconcentration Processes in Eastern Germany. An analysis with an econometric analogue to shift-share techniques Downloads
Uwe Blien and Katja Wolf
01p185: Regional Absorption of Terms of Trade Shocks Downloads
Eduardo Haddad and Fernando Perobelli
01p184: Regeional development of Bosnia-Herzegovina Downloads
Jasmina Osmankoviæ
01p183: Properties of tests for spatial error components Downloads
Luc Anselin and Rosina Moreno
01p182: Production of Knowledge and Geographically Mediated Spillovers from Universities: Spatial Econometric Perspective and Evidence from Austria Downloads
Manfred Fischer and Attila Varga
01p181: Product Cycle Model and the Location Structure of Finnish Industries Downloads
Kimmo Niiranen
01p180: Problems and contradictions in the constitution of a southern european metropolitan area: Catania Downloads
Luca Ruggiero
01p174: Organizational Ecology and Industrial Organization; Old Firms in the Netherlands Downloads
Aleid Elizabeth Brouwer
01p173: Optimal endowments of public investment: an empirical analysis for the spanish regions Downloads
Oscar Bajo-Rubio, Carmen Diaz-Roldan and M. Dolores Montavez-Garces
01p171: On the development of raem: The dutch spatial general equilibrium model and it's first application to a new railway link Downloads
Thijs Knaap, Jan Oosterhaven and Lóri Tavasszy
01p170: On Local Government Spending and Taxation Behaviour - Effect of population size and economic condition Downloads
Antti Moisio
01p168: North east and north west: An italian regional competition for international success Downloads
Giorgio Dominese
01p167: New Outlooks on Reshaping and Revitalizing Post-Conflict Regions: Strategies, Principles and Models of Reconstruction Downloads
Saurabh Bhandari and Tigran Hasic
01p165: Neural Network Modelling of Constrained Spatial Interaction Flows Downloads
Manfred Fischer and Martin Reismann
01p163: Municipal transfer systems: Regional effects of public activity Downloads
Jan Monnesland
01p162: Municipal Finance in Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Hungary: Problems and Prospects Downloads
Chang Woon Nam and Rüdiger Parsche
01p161: Multiregional analysis with use of regional accounts and Input-Output tables Downloads
Alexander Granberg and Ioulia Zaitseva
01p159: Modelling the seasonality of hotel nights in Denmark by county and nationality Downloads
Nils Karl Sørensen
01p158: Modelling the regional economic impacts of road pricing in an interregional general equilibrium framework Downloads
Chris Jensen-Butler and Bjarne Madsen
01p157: Modelling regional economic effects of the Öresund link -linking two regional economic models Downloads
Anne Kaag Andersen and Christer Anderstig
01p154: Migration and employment status during the turbulent nineties in Sweden Downloads
Mats Johansson
01p152: Measuring Innovation Oriented Activities for Business Services: Traditional versus Knowledge Based Indicators Downloads
Michael Steiner
01p150: Maritime transport in digital world Downloads
Dragan Čišić, Livij Jakomin and Blanka Kesic
01p148: Manufacturing and services in Italian labour market areas in an historical perspective (1981-1996) Downloads
Giovanni Barbieri and Sandro Cruciani
01p147: Macroeconomic shocks across Central European Countries Downloads
Maria Piotrowska
01p146: Macroeconomic implications of EMU at the regional level Downloads
Juan Luís Ollero, Raul Ramos and Jordi Suriñach-Caralt
01p141: Local labour market performance through different activation rates, input and economic returns to human capital Downloads
Lasse Sigbjorn Stambol
01p139: Local human capital and productivity: an analysis for the Spanish regions Downloads
Raul Ramos and Esteban Sanroma
01p138: Local development of Italian voluntary organizations Downloads
Barbara Moreschi and Nereo Zamaro
01p137: Local development and technological innovation in Algeria: experiences and perspectives Downloads
Immacolata Caruso
01p135: Linking Innovative Potential to SME Performance: An Assessment of Enterprises in Industrial South Wales Downloads
Rick Delbridge, Tim Edwards and Max Munday
01p133: Legal and Illegal Immigration in an Efficiency Wage Model Downloads
Kenji Kondoh
01p132: Land subdivision: A case study in metropolýtan area of Istanbul Downloads
Sevkiye Sence Turk
01p131: Land development in turkey: A model on the subdivision in urban areas Downloads
Sevkiye Sence Turk
01p130: Labour market performance and determinants of migration by gender and region of origin Downloads
Mika Haapanen
01p128: Keystone sector methodology:network analysis comparative study Downloads
Pedro Carvalho
01p127: Job Search Success in Local Labour Markets - A Preliminary Analysis Downloads
Malcolm Greig and Ronald McQuaid
01p125: IT as strategic resource in Croatian Companies (Challenges and Acceptance) Downloads
Mario Spremiæ and Ivan Strugar
01p120: Internet diffusion vs. The crisis of the new economy Downloads
Domenico Campisi and Carlo Tesauro
01p118: International comparison of light rail operations with reference to urban population density patterns Downloads
Graham Crampton
01p112: Identification of Strategic Industries: A Dynamic Perspective Downloads
Bart Los
01p111: Hedonic Prices for Co-operative Flats in the City of Umeå estimated with Spatial Autoregressive GMM Downloads
Jörgen Johansson and Krister Sandberg
01p110: Health services and territorial hierarchies in Brazil Downloads
Evangelina Oliveira
01p109: Globalization - the challenge of new times Downloads
Gordana Bujas
01p108: Globalisation - a threat to traditional landscapes and local identity? Downloads
Helen Alumäe, Hannes Palang and Helen Sooväli
01p104: Further Evidence on Convergence across Italian Regions Downloads
Patrizia Margani and Roberto Ricciuti
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