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Working Paper Series in Production and Energy

From Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Industrial Production (IIP)
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73: Refabrizierte Ersatzteile: Die Perspektive von Kfz-Werkstätten Downloads
Sandra Huster, Manuel Droll and Frank Schultmann
72: Calculation of synthetic energy carrier production costs with high temporal and geographical resolution Downloads
Uwe Langenmayr and Manuel Ruppert
71: Provision of frequency containment reserve from residential battery storage systems: A German case study Downloads
Daniel Fett, Christoph Fraunholz and Malin Lange
70: Global logistics of an iron-based energy network: A case study of retrofitting german coal power plants Downloads
Erik Jansen, Julia Schuler, Armin Ardone, Viktor Slednev, Wolf Fichtner and Marc E. Pfetsch
69: Can electric vehicle charging be carbon neutral? Uniting smart charging and renewables Downloads
Christian Will, Florian Zimmermann, Axel Ensslen, Christoph Fraunholz, Patrick Jochem and Dogan Keles
68: Steelmaking technology and energy prices: The case of Germany Downloads
Anthony Britto, Emil Kraft and Joris Dehler-Holland
67: Wealth, consumption, and energy-efficiency investments Downloads
Anthony Britto, Joris Dehler-Holland and Wolf Fichtner
66: An electricity price modeling framework for renewable-dominant markets Downloads
Martin Hain, Tobias Kargus, Hans Schermeyer, Marliese Uhrig-Homburg and Wolf Fichtner
65: Energy behavior in Karlsruhe and Germany Downloads
Martin Klarmann, Robin Pade, Wolf Fichtner and Nico Lehmann
64: State or market: Investments in new nuclear power plants in France and their domestic and cross-border effects Downloads
Florian Zimmermann and Dogan Keles
63: Techno-ökonomische Bewertung der Produktion regenerativer synthetischer Kraftstoffe Downloads
Paul Heinzmann, Simon Glöser-Chahoud, Nicolaus Dahmen, Uwe Langenmayr and Frank Schultmann
62: On the role of risk aversion and market design in capacity expansion planning Downloads
Christoph Fraunholz, Kim K. Miskiw, Emil Kraft, Wolf Fichtner and Christoph Weber
61: Evaluation of building analysis approaches as a basis for the energy improvement of city districts Downloads
Zoe Mayer, Rebekka Volk and Frank Schultmann
60: Projektmanagementsoftware und Scheduling: Aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme von Funktionalitäten und Identifikation von Potenzialen Downloads
Marco Gehring, Franziska Winkler, Rebekka Volk and Frank Schultmann
59: Regionalität aus Sicht von Energieversorgungs- und Direktvermarktungsunternehmen: Eine qualitative Inhaltsanalyse zu Regionalstrom in Deutschland Downloads
Nico Lehmann, Jonathan Benedikt Müller, Armin Ardone, Katharina Karner and Wolf Fichtner
58: Stochastic optimization of trading strategies in sequential electricity markets Downloads
Emil Kraft, Marianna Russo, Dogan Keles and Valentin Bertsch
57: Short-term risk management for electricity retailers under rising shares of decentralized solar generation Downloads
Marianna Russo, Emil Kraft, Valentin Bertsch and Dogan Keles
56: Optimal investment in energy efficiency as a problem of growth rate maximisation Downloads
Anthony Britto, Joris Dehler-Holland and Wolf Fichtner
55: Diffusion and system impact of residential battery storage under different regulatory settings Downloads
Daniel Fett, Christoph Fraunholz and Dogan Keles
54: The legitimacy of wind power in Germany Downloads
Joris Dehler-Holland, Marvin Okoh and Dogan Keles
53: Public-private collaborations in emergency logistics: A framework based on logistical and game-theoretical concepts Downloads
Florian Diehlmann, Markus Lüttenberg, Lotte Verdonck, Marcus Wiens, Alexander Zienau and Frank Schultmann
52: A novel approach to include social costs in humanitarian objective functions Downloads
Florian Diehlmann, Patrick S. Hiemsch, Marcus Wiens, Markus Lüttenberg and Frank Schultmann
51: On the value of accurate demand information in public-private emergency collaborations Downloads
Florian Diehlmann, Miriam Klein, Marcus Wiens, Markus Lüttenberg and Frank Schultmann
50: Two-stage stochastic program optimizing the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles in commercial fleets Downloads
Maximilian Schücking and Patrick Jochem
49: Using neural networks to model long-term dependencies in occupancy behavior Downloads
Max Kleinebrahm, Jacopo Torriti, Russell McKenna, Armin Ardone and Wolf Fichtner
48: Regionalität aus Sicht von Energieversorgungsunternehmen - eine qualitative Inhaltsanalyse zu Regionalstrom in Deutschland Downloads
Nico Lehmann, Jonathan Benedikt Müller, Armin Ardone, Katharina Karner and Wolf Fichtner
47: Optimal evacuation-decisions facing the trade-off between early-warning precision, evacuation-cost and trust - the Warning Compliance Model (WCM) Downloads
Marcus Wiens, Farnaz Mahdavian, Stephen Platt and Frank Schultmann
46: Willingness to pay for residential PV: Reconciling gaps between acceptance and adoption Downloads
Phuong M. Khuong, Fabian Scheller, Russell McKenna, Dogan Keles and Wolf Fichtner
45: The merge of two worlds: Integrating artificial neural networks into agent-based electricity market simulation Downloads
Christoph Fraunholz, Emil Kraft, Dogan Keles and Wolf Fichtner
44: Comparing empirical and model-based approaches for calculating dynamic grid emission factors: An application to CO2-minimizing storage dispatch in Germany Downloads
Fritz Braeuer, Rafael Finck and Russell McKenna
43: Improving renewable energy resource assessments by quantifying landscape beauty Downloads
Russell McKenna, Jann Michael Weinand, Ismir Mulalic, Stefan Petrovic, Kai Mainzer, Tobias Preis and Helen Susannah Moat
42: Demand response through decentralized optimization in residential areas with wind and photovoltaics Downloads
Thomas Dengiz, Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner
41: Reviewing energy system modelling of decentralized energy autonomy Downloads
Jann Weinand, Fabian Johannes Scheller and Russell McKenna
40: Identification of potential off-grid municipalities with 100% renewable energy supply Downloads
Jann Weinand, Sabrina Ried, Max Kleinebrahm, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
39: Secondary raw material markets in the C&D sector: Study on user acceptance in southwest Germany Downloads
Rebekka Volk, Christian Frederik Kern and Frank Schultmann
38: On the long-term efficiency of market splitting in Germany Downloads
Christoph Fraunholz, Dirk Hladik, Dogan Keles, Dominik Möst and Wolf Fichtner
37: On the role of electricity storage in capacity remuneration mechanisms Downloads
Christoph Fraunholz, Dogan Keles and Wolf Fichtner
36: A study on free-floating carsharing in Europe: Impacts of car2go and DriveNow on modal shift, vehicle ownership, vehicle kilometers traveled, and CO2 emissions in 11 European cities Downloads
Hansjörg Fromm, Lukas Ewald, Dominik Frankenhauser, Axel Ensslen and Patrick Jochem
35: Cross-border effects of capacity remuneration mechanisms: The Swiss case Downloads
Florian Zimmermann, Andreas Bublitz, Dogan Keles and Wolf Fichtner
34: Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektromobilität im Jahr 2050 in Deutschland Downloads
Judith Auer
33: Developing a three-stage heuristic to design geothermal-based district heating systems Downloads
Jann Weinand, Max Kleinebrahm, Russell McKenna, Kai Mainzer and Wolf Fichtner
32: Modellgestützte Optimierung des energetischen Eigenverbrauchs von Wohngebäuden bei sektorgekoppelter Wärmeversorgung - Vorstellung des POPART-Modells Downloads
Daniel Fehrenbach
31: Assessing the potential contribution of excess heat from biogas plants towards decarbonising German residential heating Downloads
Jann Weinand, Russell McKenna, Katharina Karner, Lorenz Braun and Carsten Herbes
30: Erstellung und Auswertung repräsentativer Mobilitäts- und Ladeprofile für Elektrofahrzeuge in Deutschland Downloads
Daniel Heinz
29: Behavior-oriented modeling of electric vehicle load profiles: A stochastic simulation model considering different household characteristics, charging decisions and locations Downloads
Alexander Harbrecht, Russell McKenna, David Fischer and Wolf Fichtner
28: Entwicklung eines Expertensystems für die Planung kerntechnischer Rückbauprojekte Downloads
Felix Hübner, Sven Möller and Frank Schultmann
27: A survey on electricity market design: Insights from theory and real-world implementations of capacity remuneration mechanisms Downloads
Andreas Bublitz, Dogan Keles, Florian Zimmermann, Christoph Fraunholz and Wolf Fichtner
26: Developing a municipality typology for modelling decentralised energy systems Downloads
Jann Weinand, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
25: Analyse des internationalen Marktes für den Rückbau kerntechnischer Anlagen: Stand und Ausblick Downloads
Felix Hübner, Tobias Hünlich, Florian Frost, Rebekka Volk and Frank Schultmann
24: Using automated algorithm configuration to improve the optimization of decentralized energy systems modeled as large-scale, two-stage stochastic programs Downloads
Hannes Schwarz, Lars Kotthoff, Holger Hoos, Wolf Fichtner and Valentin Bertsch
23: An Electricity Price Modeling Framework for Renewable-Dominant Markets Downloads
Martin Hain, Hans Schermeyer, Marliese Uhrig-Homburg and Wolf Fichtner
22: Evaluation von Schedulingproblemen für die Projektplanung von Großprojekten am Beispiel des kerntechnischen Rückbaus Downloads
Felix Hübner, Uli Schellenbaum, Christian Stürck, Patrick Gerhards and Frank Schultmann
21: Auswirkungen nuklearer Unfälle auf den Menschen und die Umwelt Downloads
Felix Hübner, Jennifer Jana Jung and Frank Schultmann
20: Photovoltaik auf Gebäuden: eine GIS-gestützte Ermittlung des Potenzials in Baden-Württemberg Downloads
Juri Lüth, Tobias Jäger, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
19: Gefahren ionisierender Strahlung für Mensch und Umwelt in Bezug auf kerntechnische Anlagen Downloads
Felix Hübner, Jennifer Jana Jung and Frank Schultmann
18: Technologien zur Zerlegung und zur Dekontamination von kerntechnischen Anlagen Downloads
Felix Hübner, Georg von Grone and Frank Schultmann
17: Metaheuristics for online drive train efficiency optimization in electric vehicles Downloads
Tilman Apitzsch, Christian Klöffer, Patrick Jochem, Martin Doppelbauer and Wolf Fichtner
16: Combining local preferences with multi-criteria decision analysis and linear optimisation to develop feasible energy concepts in small communities Downloads
R. McKenna, Valentin Bertsch, Kai Mainzer and Wolf Fichtner
15: Modellgestützte Bewertung des Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetzes 2016 anhand ausgewählter Anwendungsfälle in Wohngebäuden Downloads
Erik Merkel, Rober Kunze, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
14: The impact of electricity tariffs on residential demand side flexibility Downloads
Marian Hayn, Valentin Bertsch, Anne Zander, Stefan Nickel and Wolf Fichtner
13: Vergleichsstudie von Systemansätzen für das Schnellladen von Elektrofahrzeugen Downloads
Johannes Schäuble, Silvia Balaban, Peter Krasselt, Patrick Jochem, Mahmut Özkan, Friederike Schellhas-Mende, Wolf Fichtner, Thomas Leibfried and Oliver Raabe
12: Energy autonomy in residential buildings: a techno-economic model-based analysis of the scale effects Downloads
Russell McKenna, Merkel. Erik and Wolf Fichtner
11: Development of a multi-energy residential service demand model for evaluation of prosumers’ effects on current and future residential load profiles for heat and electricity Downloads
Leon Hofmann, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
10: Two-stage stochastic, large-scale optimization of a decentralized energy system - a residential quarter as case study Downloads
Hannes Schwarz, Valentin Bertsch and Wolf Fichtner
9: Charakterisierung der verwendeten Modellansätze im Wettbewerb Energieeffiziente Stadt Downloads
Kai Mainzer, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
8: On the road to an electric mobility mass market - How can early adopters be characterized? Downloads
Axel Ensslen, Alexandra-Gwyn Paetz, Sonja Babrowski, Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner
7: Onshore wind energy in Baden-Württemberg: a bottom-up economic assessment of the socio-technical potential Downloads
Tobias Jäger, Russell McKenna and Wolf Fichtner
6: Energieautarkie: Definitionen, Für- bzw. Gegenargumente, und entstehende Forschungsbedarfe Downloads
Russell McKenna, Carsten Herbes and Wolf Fichtner
5: Potentials for Electric Vehicles in France, Germany, and India Downloads
Kathrin Dudenhöffer, Rahul Arora, Alizée Diverrez, Axel Ensslen, Patrick Jochem and Jasmin Tücking
4: A regional simulation and optimisation of renewable energy supply from wind and photovoltaics with respect to three key energy-political objectives Downloads
Sven Killinger, Kai Mainzer, Russell McKenna, Niklas Kreifels and Wolf Fichtner
3: How to integrate electric vehicles in the future energy system? Downloads
Patrick Jochem, Thomas Kaschub and Wolf Fichtner
2: Review of System Dynamics models for electricity market simulations Downloads
Felix Teufel, Michael Miller, Massimo Genoese and Wolf Fichtner
1: Eine netnografische Analyse der Nutzererfahrungen mit E-Rollern Downloads
Alexandra-Gwyn Paetz, Lisa Landzettel, Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner
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