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EconPapers search is now powered by Solr which means that there are a few changes to the search syntax. Most notably that the NEAR operator is no longer available, unary + and - operators are available and phrase and truncated searches are easier.

Search options

  • By default terms (words) in the text boxes, 'Free text search', 'Author', 'Keywords and title' and 'JEL-code' are ORed. The result set will thus contain all documents that contain at least one of the terms. The ranking of the documents will favour documents containing more terms.
  • Boolean searches
    • The logical operators AND, OR and NOT are available.
    • Alternatively the unary operators + and - can be used.
    • Use parentheses to build up complicated boolean expressions.
    • 'money AND growth' and '+money + growth' will return the same documents.
    • 'money AND (NOT growth)' and '+money -growth' will return the same documents (note that NOT must be capitalized).
    • 'money OR growth' and 'money growth' will return the same documents.
  • The 'Free text search' searches the abstracts as well as title, keyword and author information for the papers.
  • The fielded search options allow you to restrict the search to the author, title and keyword or JEL-code fields of the papers.
  • Search for exact phrases by enclosing the phrase in quoutation marks, "phrase to search for".
  • Truncate words with * to search for word forms. 'mone*' returns papers where money or monetary occurs.
  • The different search options are ANDed by default but you can specify that they are ORed instead. 'Baye*' in keywords and title and 'C11' in JEL-code can be ORed to find papers on Bayesian analysis.
  • Choose a time span in 'Modified last' to find recent papers. The date used for this can either be the date the paper is written (working papers) or published (journal articles), that is the creation date, or the date the paper was added to the database or the data updated (metadata).
    Note that the creation date is only availabe for a subset of the papers and papers without creation date are excluded if this option is used. In addition, the creation date is frequently only given as the year (2007) or the month (2007-05) of creation, these are considered to be created on the first day of the year and month, respectively.
  • The scope of the search (which documents to search) is specified by checking the different document types on the right. The search can also be restricted to documents with downloadable files.
  • The result set can be sorted on relevance or the date of the item.
Page updated 2007-07-31