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1974 - 2016

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Volume 53, issue 09, 2016

A Socio-Psychological Perspective on Team Ambidexterity: The Contingency Role of Supportive Leadership Behaviours pp. 939-965 Downloads
Justin J. P. Jansen, Konstantinos C. Kostopoulos, Oli R. Mihalache and Alexandros Papalexandris
When Passion Fades: Disentangling the Temporal Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Passion for Founding pp. 966-995 Downloads
Veroniek Collewaert, Frederik Anseel, Michiel Crommelinck, Alain De Beuckelaer and Jacob Vermeire
How CEOs and TMTs Build Adaptive Capacity in Small Entrepreneurial Firms pp. 996-1018 Downloads
Yair Friedman, Abraham Carmeli and Asher Tishler
The Social-Cognitive Underpinnings of Employees’ Ambidextrous Behaviour and the Supportive Role of Group Managers’ Leadership pp. 1019-1044 Downloads
Olli-Pekka Kauppila and Michiel P. Tempelaar
The Scope and Scale of MNE Strategies: In Commemoration of Alan Rugman's Contribution to International Business Research pp. 1045-1050 Downloads
The Editors
Global, Local, or Regional? The Locus of MNE Strategies pp. 1051-1075 Downloads
Alain Verbeke and Christian Geisler Asmussen
A Global Value Chain Analysis of the ‘Regional Strategy’ Perspective pp. 1076-1093 Downloads
Ram Mudambi and Jonas Puck
Looking Away? Civilized Indifference and the Carnal Relationships of the Contemporary Workplace pp. 1094-1100 Downloads
David Courpasson

Volume 53, issue 07, 2016

Entrepreneurship as a Platform for Pursuing Multiple Goals: A Special Issue on Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship pp. 673-694 Downloads
Gideon D. Markman, Michael Russo, G. T. Lumpkin, P. Devereaux (Dev) Jennings and Johanna Mair
Exploring Environmental Entrepreneurship: Identity Coupling, Venture Goals, and Stakeholder Incentives pp. 695-737 Downloads
Jeffrey G. York, Isobel O'Neil and Saras D. Sarasvathy
Kicking Off Social Entrepreneurship: How A Sustainability Orientation Influences Crowdfunding Success pp. 738-767 Downloads
Goran Calic and Elaine Mosakowski
When Stakeholder Representation Leads to Faultlines. A Study of Board Service Performance in Social Enterprises pp. 768-793 Downloads
Saskia Crucke and Mirjam Knockaert
Selling Issues with Solutions: Igniting Social Intrapreneurship in for-Profit Organizations pp. 794-820 Downloads
Elisa Alt and Justin B. Craig
How Social Entrepreneurs Facilitate the Adoption of New Industry Practices We thank guest editor Gideon Markman and the reviewers for their exceptional guidance during the review process. We also thank Jeff McMullen and Chad Navis for their helpful comments on previous versions of the manuscript pp. 821-845 Downloads
Theodore L. Waldron, Greg Fisher and Michael Pfarrer
Social Enterprise Emergence from Social Movement Activism: The Fairphone Case pp. 846-877 Downloads
Ona Akemu, Gail Whiteman and Steve Kennedy
Intergenerational Fairness and the Crowding Out Effects of Well-Intended Environmental Policies pp. 878-910 Downloads
Richard A. Hunt and Bret R. Fund
Why Firms Delay Reaching True Sustainability pp. 911-935 Downloads
Anton Shevchenko, Moren Lévesque and Mark Pagell

Volume 53, issue 06, 2016

Market Timing and Internationalization Decisions: A Contingency Perspective pp. 497-519 Downloads
Lin Yuan, Xiaolin Qian and Nitin Pangarkar
Expressive Shareholder Democracy: A Multilevel Study of Shareholder Dissent in 15 Western European Countries pp. 520-551 Downloads
Steve Sauerwald, J. (Hans) Van Oosterhout and Marc Van Essen
Institutional Regime, Opportunity Space and Organizational Path Constitution: Case Studies of the Conversion of Military Firms in China pp. 552-579 Downloads
Runtian Jing and Mary Benner
Institutions and Foreign Subsidiary Growth in Transition Economies: The Role of Intangible Assets and Capabilities pp. 580-607 Downloads
Mario Kafouros and Murod Aliyev
Social Entrepreneurship as a Norm? pp. 608-609 Downloads
The Editors
Understanding the Social Role of Entrepreneurship pp. 610-629 Downloads
Shaker A. Zahra and Mike Wright
Should We Require Every New Venture to Be a Hybrid Organization? pp. 630-662 Downloads
Jeffery S. McMullen and Benjamin J. Warnick
Why the Assholes are Winning: Money Trumps All pp. 663-669 Downloads
Jeffrey Pfeffer

Volume 53, issue 05, 2016

Managing for Political Corporate Social Responsibility: New Challenges and Directions for PCSR 2.0 pp. 273-298 Downloads
Andreas Georg Scherer, Andreas Rasche, Guido Palazzo and André Spicer
Taming Wicked Problems: The Role of Framing in the Construction of Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 299-329 Downloads
Juliane Reinecke and Shaz Ansari
To Frack or Not to Frack? The Interaction of Justification and Power in a Sustainability Controversy pp. 330-363 Downloads
Jean-Pascal Gond, Luciano Barin Cruz, Emmanuel Raufflet and Mathieu Charron
The Political Dynamics of Sustainable Coffee: Contested Value Regimes and the Transformation of Sustainability pp. 364-401 Downloads
David Levy, Juliane Reinecke and Stephan Manning
Strategies of Legitimacy Through Social Media: The Networked Strategy pp. 402-432 Downloads
Itziar Castelló, Michael Etter and Finn Årup Nielsen
Delinking Legitimacies: A Pluriversal Perspective on Political CSR pp. 433-462 Downloads
Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes
Business Statesman or Shareholder Advocate? CEO Responsible Leadership Styles and the Micro-Foundations of Political CSR pp. 463-493 Downloads
Thomas Maak, Nicola M. Pless and Christian Voegtlin

Volume 53, issue 03, 2016

Toward a Dynamic Theory of Intermediate Conformity pp. 131-160 Downloads
Guilhem Bascle
Effects of Information Technology Capabilities on Strategic Alliances: Implications for the Resource-Based View pp. 161-183 Downloads
Constantinos S. Lioukas, Jeffrey J. Reuer and Maurizio Zollo
Workgroup Climates and Employees’ Counterproductive Work Behaviours: A Social-Cognitive Perspective pp. 184-209 Downloads
Grégoire Bollmann and Franciska Krings
Beyond Prototypes: Drivers of Market Categorization in Functional Foods and Nanotechnology pp. 210-237 Downloads
Nina Granqvist and Tiina Ritvala
Introducing JMSSays pp. 238-243 Downloads
Rick Delbridge, Roy Suddaby and Bill Harley
The Essay as an Endangered Species: Should We Care? pp. 244-249 Downloads
Yiannis Gabriel

Volume 53, issue 01, 2016

The MNE as a Challenge to Institutional Theory: Key Concepts, Recent Developments and Empirical Evidence pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ayse Saka-Helmhout, Richard Deeg and Royston Greenwood
Comparative Institutional Analysis and Institutional Complexity pp. 12-27 Downloads
Christina L. Ahmadjian
Unpacking the Institutional Complexity in Adoption of CSR Practices in Multinational Enterprises pp. 28-54 Downloads
Valentina Marano and Tatiana Kostova
Cultivating Foreignness: How Organizations Maintain and Leverage Minority Identities pp. 55-88 Downloads
Jesper Edman
Global Professional Service Firms and the Challenge of Institutional Complexity: ‘Field Relocation' as a Response Strategy pp. 89-124 Downloads
James Faulconbridge and Daniel Muzio

Volume 52, issue 12, 2015

Fluidity, Identity, and Organizationality: The Communicative Constitution of Anonymous pp. 1005-1035 Downloads
Leonhard Dobusch and Dennis Schoeneborn
Political Tie Heterogeneity and the Impact of Adverse Shocks on Firm Value pp. 1036-1063 Downloads
Pei Sun, Kamel Mellahi, Mike Wright and Haoping Xu
Uncovering Micro-Practices and Pathways of Engagement That Scale Up Social-Driven Collaborations: A Practice View of Power pp. 1064-1096 Downloads
Sonia Tello-Rozas, Marlei Pozzebon and Chantale Mailhot
What Factors Affect the Persistence of an Innovation Advantage? pp. 1097-1127 Downloads
Tammy L. Madsen and Michael J. Leiblein

Volume 52, issue 11, 2015

Stakeholder Inclusion and Accounting for Stakeholders pp. 851-877 Downloads
Ronald K. Mitchell, Harry J. Van Buren, Michelle Greenwood and R. Edward Freeman
Financializing Stakeholder Claims pp. 878-906 Downloads
Andrew Crane, Cameron Graham and Darlene Himick
Who and What Really Counts? Stakeholder Prioritization and Accounting for Social Value pp. 907-934 Downloads
Matthew Hall, Yuval Millo and Emily Barman
Responsible Accounting for Stakeholders pp. 935-960 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Harrison and Joyce van der Laan Smith
Dialogic Accountings for Stakeholders: On Opening Up and Closing Down Participatory Governance pp. 961-985 Downloads
Judy Brown and Jesse Dillard
Accounting for Stakeholders and Making Accounting Useful pp. 986-1002 Downloads
Paul Andon, Jane Baxter and Wai Fong Chua

Volume 52, issue 09, 2015

Feelings of Pride and Respect as Drivers of Ongoing Member Activity on Crowdsourcing Platforms pp. 717-741 Downloads
Mark Boons, Daan Stam and Harry G. Barkema
Reflexive Organizing for Knowledge Sharing: An Ethnomethodological Study of Service Technicians pp. 742-765 Downloads
Yutaka Yamauchi
Effects of Industry- and Region-Specific Acquisition Experience on Value Creation in Cross-Border Acquisitions: The Moderating Role of Cultural Similarity pp. 766-795 Downloads
Dynah A. Basuil and Deepak K. Datta
How Does Ambiguity Influence IPO Underpricing? The Role of the Signalling Environment pp. 796-818 Downloads
Haemin Dennis Park and Pankaj C. Patel
Less is More, or Not? On the Interplay between Bundles of Slack Resources, Firm Performance and Firm Survival pp. 819-848 Downloads
Ine Paeleman and Tom Vanacker

Volume 52, issue 07, 2015

How Offshore Professionals' Job Dissatisfaction Can Promote Further Offshoring: Organizational Outcomes of Job Crafting pp. 585-620 Downloads
Elisa Mattarelli and Maria Rita Tagliaventi
Workplace Dignity: Communicating Inherent, Earned, and Remediated Dignity pp. 621-646 Downloads
Kristen Lucas
A Temporal Approach to Retrenchment and Successful Turnaround in Declining Firms pp. 647-677 Downloads
Chanchai Tangpong, Michael Abebe and Zonghui Li
Discourse in a Material World pp. 680-696 Downloads
Cynthia Hardy and Robyn Thomas
Exploring Material-Discursive Practices pp. 697-705 Downloads
Wanda J. Orlikowski and Susan V. Scott
Unpacking the Dialectic: Alternative Views on the Discourse–Materiality Relationship pp. 706-716 Downloads
Linda L. Putnam

Volume 52, issue 06, 2015

Strategic Leadership and Leaders in Entrepreneurial Contexts: A Nexus for Innovation and Impact Missed? pp. 463-478 Downloads
Zeki Simsek, Justin J. P. Jansen, Alessandro Minichilli and Alejandro Escriba-Esteve
The Dark Side of Leadership: Towards a Mid-Range Theory of Hubris and Greed in Entrepreneurial Contexts pp. 479-505 Downloads
Katalin Takacs Haynes, Michael A. Hitt and Joanna Tochman Campbell
Configurations of Capacity for Change in Entrepreneurial Threshold Firms: Imprinting and Strategic Choice Perspectives pp. 506-530 Downloads
William Q. Judge, Helen W. Hu, Jonas Gabrielsson, Till Talaulicar, Michael A. Witt, Alessandro Zattoni, Félix López-Iturriaga, Jean Jingham Chen, Dhirendra Shukla, Majdi Quttainah, Emmanuel Adegbite, José Luis Rivas and Bruce Kibler
CEOs' Leadership Styles and Managers' Innovative Behaviour: Investigation of Intervening Effects in an Entrepreneurial Context pp. 531-554 Downloads
Jae Hyeung Kang, George T. Solomon and David Y. Choi
A Socioemotional Wealth Approach to CEO Career Horizons in Family Firms pp. 555-583 Downloads
Vanessa M. Strike, Pascual Berrone, Stephen G. Sapp and Lorenzo Congiu

Volume 52, issue 05, 2015

The Peripheral Halo Effect: Do Academic Spinoffs Influence Universities' Research Income? pp. 321-353 Downloads
Konstantinos Pitsakis, Vangelis Souitaris and Nicos Nicolaou
On the Same Side of the Faultline: Inclusion in the Leader's Subgroup and Employee Performance pp. 354-380 Downloads
Bertolt Meyer, Meir Shemla, Jia Li and Jürgen Wegge
Why and How Do Employees Break and Bend Confidential Information Protection Rules? pp. 381-413 Downloads
David R. Hannah and Kirsten Robertson
Going Off Script: How Managers Make Sense of the Ending of Their Careers pp. 414-440 Downloads
Heather C. Vough, Christine D. Bataille, Sung Chul Noh and Mary Dean Lee

Volume 52, issue 03, 2015

Bringing Political Skill into Social Networks: Findings from a Field Study of Entrepreneurs pp. 175-212 Downloads
Ruolian Fang, Lei Chi, Manli Chen and Robert A. Baron
Does Familiarity Foster Innovation? The Impact of Alliance Partner Repeatedness on Breakthrough Innovations pp. 213-230 Downloads
Yanfeng Zheng and Haibin Yang
Accounting for the Influence of Overall Justice on Job Performance: Integrating Self-Determination and Social Exchange Theories pp. 231-252 Downloads
Samuel Aryee, Fred O. Walumbwa, Reuben Mondejar and Chris W. L. Chu
Harsh Evaluations of Entrepreneurs Who Fail: The Role of Sexual Orientation, Use of Environmentally Friendly Technologies, and Observers' Perspective Taking pp. 253-284 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd and Holger Patzelt
Celebrating Organization Theory pp. 288-308 Downloads
Michael Lounsbury and Christine M. Beckman
Celebrating Organization Theory: The After-Party pp. 309-319 Downloads
Gerald F. Davis

Volume 52, issue 01, 2015

Sources of Selection in Strategy Making pp. 1-31 Downloads
J. Ignacio Canales
Organizational Identification during a Merger: The Role of Self-Enhancement and Uncertainty Reduction Motives during a Major Organizational Change pp. 32-62 Downloads
Mirdita N. Elstak, Mamta Bhatt, Cees B. M. Van Riel, Michael G. Pratt and Guido A. J. M. Berens
Changing Routine: Reframing Performance Management within a Multinational pp. 63-88 Downloads
Philip Stiles, Jonathan Trevor, Elaine Farndale, Shad S. Morris, Jaap Paauwe, Guenter Stahl and Patrick Wright
Formal and Informal Corruption Environments and Multinational Enterprise Social Irresponsibility pp. 89-116 Downloads
Dawn L. Keig, Lance Eliot Brouthers and Victor B. Marshall
Human Capital and CEO Compensation during Institutional Transitions pp. 117-147 Downloads
Mike W. Peng, Sunny Li Sun and Lívia Markóczy
Signifying Williamson's Contribution to the Transaction Cost Approach: An Agent-Based Simulation of Coasean Transaction Costs and Specialization pp. 148-174 Downloads
Per Bylund
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