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Volume 44, issue 4, 1994

Theory and practice in project evaluation: Colonization in Brazil pp. 363-376 Downloads
David G. Francis, JoseCarlos E. Araujo and Nubia A. . Alcantara
The effects of use of average instead of daily weather data in crop growth simulation models pp. 377-396 Downloads
Sanderine Nonhebel
Simulated evaluation of grazing management systems for arid chenopod rangelands in Western Australia pp. 397-418 Downloads
R. B. Hacker and G. S. Richmond
Uncertainty analysis applied to supervised control of aphids and brown rust in winter wheat. Part 1. Quantification of uncertainty in cost-benefit calculations pp. 419-448 Downloads
W. A. H. Rossing, R. A. Daamen and M. J. W. Jansen
Uncertainty analysis applied to supervised control of aphids and brown rust in winter wheat. Part 2. Relative importance of different components of uncertainty pp. 449-460 Downloads
W. A. H. Rossing, R. A. Daamen and M. J. W. Jansen
Deterministic versus stochastic evaluation of the aggregate economic effects of price support programs pp. 461-473 Downloads
C. Robert Taylor
Agricultural extension: Worldwide institutional evolution and forces for change: Edited by W. M. Rivera and D. J. Gustafson. Elsevier Science Publications, Amsterdam, 1991. 312 pp. Price: US$133.50, Dfl 260.00. ISBN 0 444 89239 7 pp. 475-475 Downloads
Nick Lilwall
Computer simulation in biology: A BASIC introduction: Robert E. Keen and James D. Spain. Wiley-Liss, New York, 1991. 498 pp. Price: US$39.95 (paperback). ISBN 0 471 50971 X. Companion Software Diskette (no charge) ISBN 0 471 56189 4 pp. 476-478 Downloads
Gerrit Hoogenboom
World resources, 1992-1993: World Resources Institute, Washington, DC, 1992. 385 pp. Price: US$19.95 (paperback). ISBN 0 19 506230 2 pp. 478-479 Downloads
B. H. Byrnes

Volume 44, issue 3, 1994

Land use system evaluation: Concepts and methodology pp. 243-255 Downloads
T. J. Stomph, L. O. Fresco and H. van Keulen
OZCOT: A simulation model for cotton crop management pp. 257-299 Downloads
A. B. Hearn
Impact of diversification on household income and risk: A whole-farm modelling approach pp. 301-312 Downloads
M. J. Bhende and J. V. Venkataram
A bioeconomic model for weed management in corn and soybean pp. 313-335 Downloads
Scott M. Swinton and Robert P. King
Application of a crop growth model (SUCROS-87) to assess the effect of moisture stress on yield potential of durum wheat in Ethiopia pp. 337-353 Downloads
Belay Simane, H. van Keulen, W. Stol and P. C. Struik
Putting people first: Sociological variables in rural development: Edited by M. M. Cernea. Oxford University Press, 1991. A World Bank Publication, Second Edition, revised and expanded. Price: not given. ISBN 0-19-520465-4 pp. 355-356 Downloads
Sarah J. Skerratt
Plants, animals, and people: Agropastoral systems research: Edited by Constance M. McCorkle. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1992. 196 pp. Price $45 (paperback). ISBN 0 8133 8097 9 pp. 356-357 Downloads
P. K. Thornton
Dryland farming systems--A systems approach: An analysis of dryland agriculture in Australia: Edited by V. Squires and P. Tow. Sydney University Press, 1991. 306 pp. Price: [pound sign]22.50 (paperback). ISBN 0 424 00169 1 pp. 357-360 Downloads
S. R. Harrison
The potato crop, the scientific basis for improvement: Second edition. Edited by Paul Harris. Chapman and Hall, London, 1992. 908 pp. Price [pound sign]85.00 (hardback). ISBN 0 442 31453 1 (USA), 0 412 29640 3 (UK) pp. 360-361 Downloads
Tom Hodges

Volume 44, issue 2, 1994

Implementing a decision and expert system model for individual nutrient selection pp. 125-142 Downloads
R. Peter Fynn, William L. Bauerle and Warren L. Roller
Central American animal agriculture in relation to natural resources pp. 143-161 Downloads
James R. Simpson and Joseph Conrad
A systems view on horticultural distribution applied to the postharvest chain of cut flowers pp. 163-180 Downloads
Andries Hoogerwerf, Arjen E. Simons and M. Peter Reinders
Goals and management styles of New Zealand farmers pp. 181-200 Downloads
John R. Fairweather and Norah C. Keating
The contribution of rapid rural appraisals in the planning of on-farm research and extension activities pp. 201-216 Downloads
M. van Nieuwkoop, T. Defoer and S. Sajidin Hussain
Users' attitudes and roles in the development and evaluation of knowledge based decision support systems for agricultural advisers pp. 217-235 Downloads
Z. Hochman, C. J. Pearson and R. W. Litchfield
Commodity and resource policies in agricultural systems: Edited by R. E. Just and N. Bockstael, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1991. 387 pp. Price: DM 198 (hardback). ISBN 3 540 52273 5 pp. 237-239 Downloads
Alison Burrell
The green revolution reconsidered: P. B. R. Hazell and C. Ramasamy, The Johns Hopkins University Press for the International Food Policy Research Institute, Baltimore and London, 1991. 286 pp. Price: $39.00 (hardback). ISBN 0-8018-4185-2 pp. 240-241 Downloads
N. W. Simmonds

Volume 44, issue 1, 1994

The response of low-input agricultural systems to environmental variability. A theoretical approach pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ernesto F. Viglizzo
Uncertainty in pest control thresholds: Application to chemical control of corn earworm on soybean pp. 19-33 Downloads
Yanan Yu, Harvey J. Gold, Gail G. Wilkerson and Ronald E. Stinner
A model of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) growth types I-III: Factors affecting yield pp. 35-63 Downloads
A. P. Gutierrez, E. J. Mariot, J. R. Cure, C. S. Wagner Riddle, C. K. Ellis and A. M. Villacorta
Economic value of response from sire selection in dairy cattle--A linear programming model pp. 65-89 Downloads
B. L. Harris and A. E. Freeman
Correlations between measured performance and lifetime income in simulated dairy herds pp. 91-104 Downloads
W. R. Congleton and M. P. Colca
A multicriteria model for irrigated agricultural planning under economic and technical risk pp. 105-117 Downloads
JoseS. Millan and Julio Berbel
Agricultural technology in Sub-Saharan Africa: A workshop on research issues: Edited by Suzanne Gnaegy and Jock R. Anderson. The World Bank, Washington, D.C., 1991. 142 pp. Price: $9.95 (softback). ISBN 0 8213 1866 7 pp. 119-121 Downloads
Dennis H. Parish
Raising and sustaining productivity of smallholder farming systems in the tropics: Willem C. Beets. AgBe Publishing, PO Box 9125, 1800 GC, Alkmaar, Holland, 1990. 738 pp. Price $85 (hardback), $39 (softback). ISBN 974 85676 1 3 pp. 121-124 Downloads
Ken Buhr

Volume 43, issue 4, 1993

Indiana Soybean System Model (ISSM): I. Crop model evaluation pp. 357-379 Downloads
Kumar Nagarajan, O'Neil, R. J., J. Lowenberg-DeBoer and C. R. Edwards
MIAMH, A predictive model of range ruminant diets in patchy environments pp. 381-395 Downloads
Didier Genin and Roberto Quiroz
Risk analysis in the economic appraisal of a smallholder agricultural development project in Papua New Guinea pp. 397-413 Downloads
Kwabena A. Anaman
Energy productivity of a production system: Analysis and measurement pp. 415-437 Downloads
Balwinder S. Panesar and Richard C. Fluck
A model for a time-dependent economic threshold for chemical control of corn earworm on soybean pp. 439-458 Downloads
Yanan Yu, Harvey J. Gold, Ronald E. Stinner and Gail G. Wilkerson
Livestock productivity assessment and modelling pp. 459-472 Downloads
Martin Upton

Volume 43, issue 3, 1993

An analytical framework for the design of autonomous, enclosed agro-ecosystems pp. 235-260 Downloads
Robert Kok and Rene Lacroix
Systems costings model for agricultural contractors pp. 261-270 Downloads
S. M. Ward
Were farmers wrong in rejecting a recommendation? The case of nitrogen at transplanting for irrigated rice pp. 271-286 Downloads
Sam Fujisaka
Simulation of wool growth rate and fleece characteristics of Merino sheep in Southern Australia. Part 1--Model description pp. 287-299 Downloads
P. J. Bowman, D. J. Cottle, D. H. White and A. C. Bywater
Simulation of wool growth rate and fleece characteristics of Merino sheep in Southern Australia. Part 2--Assessment of biological components of the model pp. 301-321 Downloads
P. J. Bowman, D. H. White, D. J. Cottle and A. C. Bywater
Ex-ante profitability of animal traction investments in semi-arid Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Niger and Nigeria pp. 323-349 Downloads
Hans GP Jansen
Fream's principles of food agriculture. Seventeenth edition: Edited by C. R. W. Spedding. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1992. 308 pp. Price: [pound sign]25.00 (hardback). ISBN 0-632-02978-1 pp. 351-352 Downloads
Andrew Moxey
Farming and the countryside: an economic analysis of external costs and benefits: Edited by N. Hanley. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, 1991. 328 pp. Price: $76, [pound sign]40 (hardback). ISBN 0 85198 713 3 pp. 352-354 Downloads
Paul Webster
Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: Edited by A. Uzo Mokwunye. Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences, Volume 47, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991. 244 pp. Price: [pound sign]68, $110 (hardback). ISBN 0-7923-1221-X pp. 354-355 Downloads
Gordon Y. Tsuji

Volume 43, issue 2, 1993

Decision support risk-assessment and simulation models of the costs of Leptospirosis in dairy herds pp. 115-132 Downloads
Richard Mark Bennett
Spatial dispersal of exotic pests--the importance of extreme values pp. 133-144 Downloads
D. G. Mayer, M. G. Atzeni and D. G. Butler
Development, calibration and validation of a greenhouse tomato growth model: I. Description of the model pp. 145-163 Downloads
E. Dayan, H. van Keulen, J. W. Jones, . Zipori, D. Shmuel and H. Challa
Development, calibration and validation of a greenhouse tomato growth model: II. Field calibration and validation pp. 165-183 Downloads
E. Dayan, H. van Keulen, J. W. Jones, . Zipori, D. Shmuel and H. Challa
Modelling the fate of agricultural pesticides in Australia pp. 185-197 Downloads
John C. Gallant and Ian D. Moore
Design and validation of an animal traction module for a smallholder livestock systems simulation model pp. 199-227 Downloads
J. Van der Lee, H. M. J. Udo and B. O. Brouwer
Agroecology: Edited by C. Ronald Carrol, John H. Vandermeer and Peter M. Rosset. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1990. 641 pp. Price: $89.95. ISBN 0 0705 2923 X pp. 229-233 Downloads
Raman G. Menon

Volume 43, issue 1, 1993

Land available for biomass crop production in Hawaii pp. 1-17 Downloads
Victor D. Phillips, Devindar Singh, Robert A. Merriam and M. Akram Khan
Seed for bean production in sub-Saharan Africa: Issues, problems, and possible solutions pp. 19-33 Downloads
William Grisley
A prediction of developmental stages in potato plants based on the accumulation of heat units pp. 35-50 Downloads
Y. Arazi, S. Wolf and A. Marani
Is agriculture using more and more energy? A French case study pp. 51-66 Downloads
Sylvie BONNY
Risk analysis of disease epidemics on wheat by simulation studies pp. 67-89 Downloads
Y. Luo, Z. R. Shen and S. M. Zeng
A decision support tool for the vegetable processing industry; An integrative approach of market, industry and agriculture pp. 91-109 Downloads
Jules M. van Berlo
Planned change in farming systems: Progress in on-farm research: Edited by Robert Tripp, Wiley, 1991, 348 pp. Price: [pound sign]39-95 (hardback). ISBN 0 471 93417 8 pp. 111-112 Downloads
N. W. Simmonds
Risk in agriculture: Edited by Dennis Holden, Peter Hazell and Anthony Pritchard. The World Bank, Washington DC, 1991, 159 pp. Price: $10-95 (softback). ISBN 0 8213 1965 5 pp. 112-113 Downloads
Philip Thornton
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