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Volume 8, issue 4, 1982

Replacement policy in dairy herds on farms where heifers compete with cows for grassland--Part 3: A revised hypothesis pp. 249-272 Downloads
J. A. Gartner
A review of bio-economic simulation models of beef production systems and suggestions for methodological development pp. 273-289 Downloads
P. D. Chudleigh and I. M. Cezar
Interactive formulation system for cattle diets pp. 291-308 Downloads
J. R. Crabtree
Grazing animals: Morley, F. H. W. (Editor), World Animal Science B, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Oxford, New York. 1981, 412 pp. Price: US$97[middle dot]50 pp. 309-310 Downloads
W. Holmes
Cattle, economics and development: Crotty, Raymond, Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Farnham Royal. 1980. 253 pp. Price: [pound sign]15[middle dot]00 pp. 310-311 Downloads
H. Mettrick
Simulation of ecological processes: de Wit, C. T. and Goudrian, J., (2nd edition--revised and extended), Centre for Agricultural Publishing and Documentation, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 1978. 175 pp. Price: Dfl. 22[middle dot]50 pp. 311-312 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
Seed to civilisation: The story of food: Heiser, Jr., Charles B., (2nd edition), W. H. Freeman, Reading. 1981. 254 pp. 126 illustrations. Price: [pound sign]13[middle dot]40 (Board). [pound sign]6[middle dot]20 (Paperback) pp. 312-313 Downloads
Watkin Williams
Analysis in geography: Huggett, Richard, Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1980. Price: [pound sign]4[middle dot]95 (Paperback). [pound sign]11[middle dot]00 (Cloth) pp. 313-313 Downloads
D. B. Grigg
Year book of agricultural co-operation, 1980: by The Plunkett Foundation. 1981. vi + 277 pp. Price: [pound sign]7[middle dot]00 (Paperback) pp. 314-315 Downloads
F. D. Mills

Volume 8, issue 3, 1982

Replacement policy in dairy herds on farms where heifers compete with cows for grassland: Part 2-Experimentation pp. 163-191 Downloads
J. A. Gartner
Mechanised production system of oil palm produce in Nigeria: A preliminary study on the establishment of location-allocation models pp. 193-207 Downloads
O. C. Ademosun
Small farmers' production systems and the improvement of agriculture in Central America pp. 209-217 Downloads
Arturo Villalobos
Perspective for planning in agriculture pp. 219-224 Downloads
J. E. Holt and D. Schoorl
United States demand for hardwood plywood imports: A distributed lag model pp. 225-239 Downloads
Jieh-Jen Chou and Joseph Buongiorno
Opportunities for increasing crop yields: Hurd, R. G., Biscoe, P. V. and Dennis, C. (Editors). Association of Applied Biologists, Pitman Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1980, 410 pp. Price: [pound sign]16[middle dot]00 (hard cover) pp. 241-242 Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Biomonitoring air pollutants with plants: Manning, W. J. and Feder, W. A., Applied Science Publishers Ltd., London, x + 14 pp. 1980. [pound sign]12[middle dot]00 pp. 242-244 Downloads
Michael J. Koziol
Modeling in geography: A mathematical approach: Thomas, R. W. and Huggett, R. J., Methuen, London, 1980. 338 pp. Price: [pound sign]7[middle dot]50 (paperback) pp. 244-245 Downloads
Alan Hay
Land reclamation and water management: Developments, problems and challenges: International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement, Wageningen, 1980 (ILRI Pubn. 27). Price: 30 Dutch Guilders pp. 245-247 Downloads
S. Nortcliff
Grass: Its production and utilisation: Holmes, W. (Ed.), British Grassland Society and Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1980, 300 pp. Price: [pound sign]8[middle dot]50 pp. 247-248 Downloads
R. S. Tayler

Volume 8, issue 2, 1982

Planning for change in horticulture--A case study in packing shed design pp. 77-86 Downloads
D. Schoorl and J. E. Holt
Agriculture, population, environment and balanced regional development: A modelling project in Poland pp. 87-104 Downloads
Jan W. Owsinski
Computer simulation of mechanical harvesting and transporting of sugarcane in Thailand pp. 105-114 Downloads
Gajendra Singh and K. A. R. Abeygoonawardana
Modelling soil-water-plant relationships in the Cerrado soils of Brazil: The case of maize (Zea mays L.) pp. 115-127 Downloads
Joseph B. Goodwin, Fernando L. Garagorry, Waldo Espinosa, Luis Marcelo Sans and Leif J. Youngdahl
A dairy herd cash flow model pp. 129-142 Downloads
J. France, H. D. St C. Neal, S. Marsden and B. Frost
Road-vehicle-load interactions for transport of fruit and vegetables pp. 143-155 Downloads
D. Schoorl and J. E. Holt
Perspectives in grassland ecology. Results and applications of the US/IBP grassland biome study: French, N. R. (Editor). Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg-Berlin-New York. 60 Figs., 47 Tables, xi + 204 pp. 1979. Price (cloth): DM 54., US$29[middle dot]70 pp. 155-158a Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Applied soil physics: Hanks, R. J. and Ashcroft, G. L., Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1980. Price (cloth): DM 39,50 approx., US$22[middle dot]50 pp. 155-157 Downloads
D. Payne
Ecological studies. Analysis and synthesis: Billings, W. D., Golley, F., Lange, O. L. and Olson, J. S. (Editors). Vol. 32 pp. 155-158b Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Tropical pasture science: Whiteman, P. C. (With contributions by Waring, S. A., Wallis, E. S. and Bruce, R. C.) Oxford University Press, 392pp., 1980. Price (hard-cover): [pound sign]20[middle dot]00 pp. 159-155 Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Small farm development. Understanding and improving farming systems in the humid tropics: Harwood, Richard R. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado. xiv + 160 pp. 233 x 155 mm, line drawings and half-tone plates. 1979. Price: US$16[middle dot]50 pp. 160-161 Downloads
Martin Upton

Volume 8, issue 1, 1982

Obituary pp. 1-161 Downloads
George M. Van Dyne
The climatic potential for beef cattle production in tropical Australia: Part IV-- variation in seasonal and annual productivity pp. 3-15 Downloads
R. L. McCown
Linear programming for repeated use in the analysis of agricultural systems pp. 17-39 Downloads
Bruce McCarl and P. Nuthall
Bioeconomic firm-level model of beef, forage and grain farms in Western Canada: Structure and operation pp. 41-53 Downloads
Kurt K. Klein and Bernard H. Sonntag
Using simulation to assess the risks and returns from pasture improvement for beef production in agriculturally underdeveloped regions pp. 55-71 Downloads
A. C. Beck, I. Harrison and James Johnston
Rice in the tropics: A guide to the development of national programs: Chandler, Robert F. Praeger, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1979. 256 pp. Price: US$18[middle dot]50 pp. 73-74 Downloads
N. W. Simmonds
Environmental instrumentation: Fritscher, Leo J. and Gay, Lloyd W. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 1980. 66 Figs, 216 pp. Price: US$23[middle dot]60 pp. 74-75 Downloads
J. E. Sheehy
Animals, feed, food and people. An analysis of the role of animals in food production: Baldwin, R. L. (Editor). Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, USA. 1980. Price: US$15[middle dot]00 pp. 75-76 Downloads
J. C. Bowman

Volume 7, issue 4, 1981

Simulation of production systems in East Africa by use of interfaced forage and cattle models pp. 245-265 Downloads
G. M. Sullivan, T. C. Cartwright and D. E. Farris
Smallholder cropping system of southeastern Nigeria: A `diagnostic' study pp. 267-288 Downloads
Felix I. Nweke
Replacement policy in dairy herds on farms where heifers compete with the cows for Grassland--part 1: Model construction and validation pp. 289-318 Downloads
J. A. Gartner
Computer modelling in agriculture: Brockington, N. R., Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1979, x + 156 pp. Price: [pound sign]8[middle dot]95 pp. 319-320 Downloads
J. Goudriaan
Agricultural ecology: Cox, G. W. & Atkins, M. D., W. H. Freeman & Co., 1979, 731 pp. Price: [pound sign]13[middle dot]50 pp. 320-322 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding

Volume 7, issue 3, 1981

The climatic potential for beef cattle production in tropical Australia: Part III--Variation in the commencement, cessation and duration of the green season pp. 163-178 Downloads
R. L. McCown
Stochastic variation of system component variables in a network analysis pp. 179-188 Downloads
R. L. Bingner, T. C. Bridges, L. G. Wells, Y. Miyake and G. A. Duncan
The simulation of growth rate in grazing sheep--A comparison of the NRC and ARC feeding standards pp. 189-197 Downloads
G. McL. Dryden
Performance of broiler chickens fed least-cost diets formulated to model predicted amino acid requirements pp. 199-208 Downloads
Mary Lou Fisher, S. Leeson, K. Schaefer and J. D. Summers
Fruit packaging and handling distribution systems: An evaluation method pp. 209-218 Downloads
J. E. Holt and D. Schoorl
A timothy-beef production model for Atlantic Canada pp. 219-233 Downloads
J. Lovering and J. A. McIsaac
A model of energy and nitrogen utilisation by cattle pp. 235-237 Downloads
M. McC. Graham
Effluents from livestock: Gasser, J. K. R. (Editor), Applied Science Publishers Ltd, London, 1980, 712 pp. Price: [pound sign]32.00 pp. 239-240 Downloads
J. A. C. Gibb
Rural work science: Preston, T. A. (Editor), Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau Annotated Bibliography No. CAB/96. September, 1978. University of Alberta, Canada, 1979, 106 pp. Price: [pound sign]10 (UK), [pound sign]12 (Overseas) pp. 241-242 Downloads
D. H. Lloyd

Volume 7, issue 2, 1981

Simulation of beef cattle production systems in the Llanos of Colombia: Part 2--Results of the modelling pp. 83-93 Downloads
Joel M. Levine and William Hohenboken
The location specificity problem in farming systems research pp. 95-103 Downloads
K. M. Menz and H. C. Knioscheer
Bioenergetic and energy constraints in increasing cereal productivity pp. 105-111 Downloads
C. R. Bhatia, R. Mitra and R. Rabson
Forestry sector development planning: A model for Indonesia pp. 113-135 Downloads
J. Buongiorno, N. H. H. Svanqvist and P. Wiroatmodjo
The farming system in the pyrenees: A model of the constitution and utilisation of hay stocks pp. 137-156 Downloads
M. Duru and J. L. Charpenteau
Small farmers--credit constraints: A paradigm pp. 157-161 Downloads
Anil K. Gupta

Volume 7, issue 1, 1981

The climatic potential for beef cattle production in tropical Australia: Part II-- liveweight change in relation to agroclimatic variables pp. 1-10 Downloads
R. L. McCown, P. Gillard, L. Winks and W. T. Williams
Agricultural development effort in Nigeria-- an economic appraisal of the Western State settlement scheme pp. 11-20 Downloads
P. Andreou
Simulation modelling for orchard management pp. 21-36 Downloads
J. Davis and G. F. Thiele
Simulation of beef cattle production systems in the Llanos of Colombia--part I. Methodology: An alternative technology for the tropics pp. 37-48 Downloads
J. M. Levine, W. Hohenboken and A. Gene Nelson
A computer simulation model of ovine fascioliasis pp. 49-77 Downloads
A. H. Meek and R. S. Morris
Agricultural energetics: Fluck, R.C. and Baird C.D. AVI Pub. Co., Westport, Conn., USA, 1980, 199 pp. Price: US and Canada, $19[middle dot]00; other countries, $21[middle dot]00 pp. 79-80 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Toxic constituents of plant foodstuffs: Liener, I.E., Ed., Second Edition, Academic Press, New York and London, 1980, 502 pp. Price: $39[middle dot]50 pp. 80-80 Downloads
B. J. F. Hudson
Annual cropping systems in the tropics: Norman M.J.T., University Presses of Florida, Gainesville, USA, 1980, hardcovers, 276 pp. Price: $20 pp. 81-80 Downloads
N. R. Brockington
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