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1976 - 2015

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Volume 2, issue 4, 1977

Editorial pp. 245-246 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Systems thinking--Some fundamental aspects pp. 247-254 Downloads
John H. Rountree
A dynamic model of ruminant digestion for evaluation of factors affecting nutritive value pp. 255-288 Downloads
R. L. Baldwin, L. J. Koong and M. J. Ulyatt
Estimation of optimal stocking rate of merino sheep pp. 289-304 Downloads
D. H. White and F. H. W. Morley
Risk analysis applied to rangeland livestock projections pp. 305-315 Downloads
M. C. Simpson, A. Gunawardena and A. J. Wynne
Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur--Global cycles (SCOPE report 7, ecological bulletins 22: Svensson, B. H. and Soderlund, R. (Eds.) Swedish Natural Science research Council, NFR, Stockholm, 1976, 192 pp. 28 Figures. 53 Tables. No price given pp. 317-319 Downloads
D. W. Cowling
Epidemics of plant diseases: Mathematical analysis and modelling: Kranz, J. (Ed.). Chapman and Hall, London and Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1974, 170 pp. Price in United Kingdom: [pound sign]15[middle dot]00 pp. 319-319 Downloads
J. Elston
Proceedings of the agricultural systems research conference, Massey University, 20-22 November 1973: Drummond, D. C. and Wright, A. Department of University Extension, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 1975. 154 pp. Price: NZ $3[middle dot]00 pp. 320-321 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
Units 5/6 relationships within models and simulation modelling. Unit 7: Naughton, J. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321c Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Unit 11 models and the decision maker: Thomas, A. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321e Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Units 12/13 modelling and community decisions. Units 14/15 Modelling Large Economic systems: Naughton, J. and Jones, L. M. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321a Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Unit 8 scientific method and systems modelling: Jones, L. M. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321d Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Units 1/2 systems, models and decisions: Morris, R. M. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321h Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Systems modelling: A third level course of the open university, comprising:: Tate, T. B. and Jones, L. M. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321b Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Units 9/10 decision analysis: The Course Team: The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321f Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Units 3/4 using linear models: Formulation, optimization and interpretation: Morris, R. M. and Jones, L. M. The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-321g Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Unit 16 world models--sense or nonsense?: The Open University Press. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]85 each (paperback) pp. 321-322 Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Animal wastes: Taiganides, E. Paul (Ed.). Applied Science, London, 1977. 423 pp. Price: [pound sign]25 pp. 322-323 Downloads
J. A. C. Gibb

Volume 2, issue 3, 1977

Editorial pp. 163-164 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Quantitative analysis and forecasting of monthly prices of lumber and flooring products pp. 165-181 Downloads
J. Buongiorno and J. W. Balsiger
Models of animal health problems pp. 183-187 Downloads
Andrew D. James
A simulation analysis of crop yield loss due to rust disease pp. 189-198 Downloads
P. S. Teng, M. J. Blackie and R. C. Close
Prediction of herbage intake and liveweight gain of cattle grazing tropical pastures from the composition of the diet pp. 199-208 Downloads
B. D. Siebert and R. A. Hunter
Mathematical relationships and computer routines for a model of food intake, liveweight change and wool production in grazing sheep pp. 209-226 Downloads
G. W. Arnold, N. A. Campbell and K. A. Galbraith
The systems approach in teaching resource planners pp. 227-237 Downloads
R. M. Morris
Land and land appraisal: Whyte, R. O. Dr W. Junk B.V., The Hague, 1976, 370 pp pp. 239-240 Downloads
R. B. Tranter
Spatial sector programming models in agriculture: Heady, Earl O. and Srivastava, Uma K. Iowa State University Press, 1975, 484 pp. Price: $12[middle dot]95 pp. 240-242 Downloads
Harold Casey
Crop physiology: Some case histories: Evans, L. T. Cambridge University Press, London, 1975, 374 pp. Price: [pound sign]9 pp. 242-243 Downloads
J. Elston

Volume 2, issue 2, 1977

Editorial pp. 83-84 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Simulation of the management of a rabbit population for meat production pp. 85-98 Downloads
J. M. Walsingham, P. R. Edelsten and N. R. Brockington
Evaluation of simulation models in agriculture and biology: Conclusions of a workshop pp. 99-107 Downloads
F. W. T. Penning de Vries
Simulation of an intensified lambing system incorporating two flocks and the rapid remating of ewes pp. 109-119 Downloads
P. A. Geisler, A. C. Paine and P. E. Geytenbeek
Lamb production: A case study of experimentation and simulation pp. 121-138 Downloads
M. L. Curll and J. L. Davidson
Use of systems concepts in the description of the management problems in the uplands of Northern England and Southern Scotland pp. 139-152 Downloads
J. H. Collins
Systems analysis and simulation ecology: Patten, Bernard C. (Ed.), Vol. III, Academic Press, 1975, Price: [pound sign]18[middle dot]95 pp. 153-154 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
The biology of agricultural systems: Spedding, C. R. W., Academic Press, London, New York, San Francisco, 1975. Price: [pound sign]7[middle dot]40 pp. 154-156 Downloads
D. E. Tribe
Open sea mariculture: Hanson, Joe A. (Ed.). Dowden Hutchinson and Ross, Pennsylvania, 1974. 410 pp. Price: [pound sign]15[middle dot]10 pp. 156-157 Downloads
R. V. Large
Protein and nutrition policy in low-income countries: Aylward, Francis, and Jul, Mogens. Charles Knight & Co. Ltd, London and Tonbridge, 1975. xiv + 150 pp. Price: [pound sign]1[middle dot]50 pp. 158-159 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
Plant pathosystems: Robinson, Raoul A. Springer Verlag, Berlin. 184 pp., 1976, Price: US$19[middle dot]70 pp. 159-160 Downloads
Watkin Williams
Can desert encroachment be stopped?: Rapp, A., Le Honeron, H. N. and Lundholm, B. (Eds) Ecological Bulletins/NFR 24. UNEP and SIES, 1976 pp. 160-161 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding

Volume 2, issue 1, 1977

Editorial pp. 1-2 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Agricultural systems in transition pp. 3-15 Downloads
J. J. Pigram
A simulation model of a lowland sheep system pp. 17-32 Downloads
P. R. Edelsten and J. E. Newton
Agricultural typology concept and method pp. 33-45 Downloads
Jerzy Kostrowicki
Towards the determination of optimal systems of broiler production pp. 47-65 Downloads
. D. Greig, J. B. Hardaker, D. J. Farrell and R. B. Cumming
Model of the small scale dairying enterprise: An aid to resource allocation in agricultural development pp. 67-82 Downloads
Peter Chudleigh

Volume 1, issue 4, 1976

Editorial pp. 243-244 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Simulation of the intake and partition of nutrients by the dairy cow: Part I -- Management control in the dairy enterprise; philosophy and general model construction pp. 245-260 Downloads
A. C. Bywater and J. B. Dent
Simulation of the intake and partition of nutrients by the dairy cow: Part II-- The yield and composition of milk pp. 261-279 Downloads
A. C. Bywater
The use of classification and description of animal production systems in the formation of priorities for agricultural research in Kenya pp. 281-299 Downloads
Peter Chudleigh
Incorporating energetic measures in an analysis of crop production practices in Sigatoka Valley, Fiji pp. 301-311 Downloads
S. Chandra, J. P. Evenson and A. J. De Boer
Economic significance of wool in meat production systems pp. 313-320 Downloads
J. B. Kilkenny

Volume 1, issue 3, 1976

Editorial pp. 171-172 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
A commentary on systems studies in agriculture pp. 173-184 Downloads
J. P. Ebersohn
A model of the effect of nutrition on litter size and weight in the pregnant ewe pp. 185-199 Downloads
J. E. Newton and P. R. Edelsten
Structure of agricultural simulators: A philosophical view pp. 201-218 Downloads
C. H. Baker and R. Bruce Curry
Essential probabilistics in modelling pp. 219-231 Downloads
Jock Anderson
The potential for systems and modelling research in pasture science in South Africa pp. 233-242 Downloads
B. R. Roberts

Volume 1, issue 2, 1976

Editorial pp. 85-86 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Rotational grazing in a continuously growing pasture: A simple model pp. 87-112 Downloads
. Noy-Meir
Simulation of growth and production in sheep-model 1: A computer program to estimate energy and nitrogen utilisation, body composition and empty liveweight change, day by day for sheep of any age pp. 113-138 Downloads
N. McC. Graham, J. L. Black, G. J. Faichney and G. W. Arnold
Application of systems-simulation in the Venezuelan cattle industry pp. 139-162 Downloads
Albert N. Halter, Stanley F. Miller, Richard de Jongh and Estrada R. Hugo
Human ecology: Sargent II, F. (Ed.). North Holland/American Elsevier Publishing Co., Amsterdam and New York, 1974, xii+475 pp. 39 Illustrations, 31 Tables. No price given pp. 163-164 Downloads
J. B. Ebersohn
Models in ecology: Maynard Smith, J., Cambridge University Press, London, 1974. Price [pound sign]3.70 pp. 164-165 Downloads
J. N. R. Jeffers
Genetics of forest ecosystems: Stern, Klaus and Roche, Laurence, 1974, Chapman & Hall Ltd., London; Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 330 pp. 70 Figures. Price: [pound sign]12.25 in United Kingdom pp. 165-166 Downloads
Watkin Williams
The agricultural systems of the world: An evolutionary approach: Grigg, D. B., Cambridge University Press, London, 1974, 358 pp. 48 Tables. 25 Maps. Price in UK: [pound sign]6.60 (hardback), [pound sign]2.75 (paperback) pp. 166-170 Downloads
A. N. Duckham

Volume 1, issue 1, 1976

Editorial pp. 1-3 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
The economics of systems research pp. 5-22 Downloads
John L. Dillon
Management information systems for the individual farm firm pp. 23-36 Downloads
Malcolm J. Blackie
Deferred grazing of Mediterranean annual pasture for increased winter sheep production pp. 37-45 Downloads
R. C. G. Smith and W. A. Williams
Experimentation in agricultural systems pp. 47-56 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding and N. R. Brockington
CORNMOD, a dynamic simulator of corn production pp. 57-77 Downloads
C. H. Baker and R. D. Horrocks
Farming and food supply: The interdependence of countryside and town: Hutchinson, Sir Joseph. Cambridge University Press, London, 1972, 138 pp., 8 figures. Price: [pound sign]3.00 pp. 79-81 Downloads
A. N. Duckham
World food resources: Borgstrom, G. Intertext Books, Aylesbury, Great Britain, 1973, 229 pp. (No price quoted) pp. 81-82 Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Agricultural resources. An introduction to the farming industry of the United Kingdom: Edwards, Angela and Rogers, Alan (Eds). Faber and Faber, London, 1974, 304 + xviii pp. Price [pound sign]4.95 pp. 82-83 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
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