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1976 - 2015

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Volume 4, issue 4, 1979

Editorial pp. 237-238 Downloads
K. W. Clark
Producing an adequate national diet in India: Issues relating to conversion efficiency and dairying pp. 239-278 Downloads
Michael Halse
The efficient use of labour, land and energy in agriculture pp. 279-287 Downloads
C. T. de Wit
A general cattle production systems model. Part 2--Procedures used for simulating animal performance pp. 289-309 Downloads
J. O. Sanders and T. C. Cartwright
Aquaculture for the developing countries: A feasibility study: Bell, F. W. and Canterbury, E. R., Ballinger Publishing Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, xvii+267 pp. 1976. Price: [pound sign]12[middle dot]70 pp. 311-312 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
Food production systems T273: (ISBN 0 335 06370 5; 06371 3; 06372 1; 06373 X; 06374 8; 06377 2; 06376 4), Open University Press, 1979 pp. 312-313 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Agricultural sector planning: A general system simulation approach: Rossmiller, G. E. (Ed.), Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University. Price $US8 (paperback) $15 (hardback) pp. 313-314 Downloads
Hal Mettrick
Agricultural wastes (Quarterly): Hobson, Peter and Taiganides, E. Paul (Eds.). Applied Science Publishers Ltd, London. Price: [pound sign]28[middle dot]00 pp. 315-314 Downloads
J. A. C. Gibb

Volume 4, issue 3, 1979

Guest editorial pp. 159-160 Downloads
J. G. W. Jones
Integration of forestry and agriculture--A model pp. 161-188 Downloads
T. J. Maxwell, A. R. Sibbald and J. Eadie
A preliminary model to investigate culling and replacement policy in dairy herds pp. 189-215 Downloads
J. A. Gartner and W. A. Herbert
A general cattle production systems model. I: Structure of the model pp. 217-227 Downloads
J. O. Sanders and T. C. Cartwright
Systems theory applications to agricultural modelling: A proceedings: Levis, A. H. and Quance, C. L. (Eds). Economics, Statistics and Co-operatives Service, USDA pp. 229-230 Downloads
R. M. Morris
Greenhouse management: Hanan, J. J., Holley, W. D. and Goldsberry, K. L., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York, 1978, 530 pp. Price: US$47[middle dot]00 pp. 230-232 Downloads
A. E. Canham
Proceedings of the Third International Biodegradation Symposium: General biodeterioration and deterioration of organic wastes: Sharpley, J. M. and Kaplan, A. M., Applied Science Publishers Ltd, London. Price: [pound sign]4[middle dot]00 pp. 232-233 Downloads
S. Baines
Vol. 26: Grassland simulation model: Innis, G. S., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York. 87 Figs. XXVI x 298 pp. 1978. Price: Cloth DM49[middle dot]60; US$24[middle dot]80 pp. 233-234b Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Ecological studies: Analysis and synthesis: Billings, W. D., Golley, F., Lange, O. L. and Olson, J. S. (Eds) pp. 233-234a Downloads
N. R. Brockington
Environmental role of nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae and asymbiotic bacteria: U. Granhill (Ed.) Ecological Bulletins/NFR 26. Stockholm, Sweden, 391 pp., 1978. Price: Sw.Cr. 100 pp. 234-235 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding

Volume 4, issue 2, 1979

Simulation of energy utilisation of bovine animals pp. 79-100 Downloads
H. M. Keener
Beef production systems and sales strategies in an extensive ranching region in South Africa pp. 101-114 Downloads
A. Louw, J. F. W. Grosskopf and J. A. Groenewald
Simulation in ergonomics, in particular in agriculture and forestry: Report on the international symposium at Aas, Norway 19-21 September, 1977 pp. 115-118 Downloads
T. A. Preston
A conceptual approach to the modelling of herbage intake by hill sheep pp. 119-134 Downloads
A. R. Sibbald, T. J. Maxwell and J. Eadie
Cropping systems research for the Asian rice farmer pp. 135-153 Downloads
Hubert G. Zandstra
Heuristic strategy for scheduling farm operations: van Elderen, E., Centre for Agricultural Publishing and Documentation, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1977, 217 pp pp. 155-156 Downloads
D. S. Boyce

Volume 4, issue 1, 1979

An integrated ecological approach to agricultural policy-making with reference to the urban fringe: The case of Hong Kong pp. 1-27 Downloads
K. Newcombe and E. H. Nichols
Energy productivity: A measure of energy utilisation in agricultural systems pp. 29-37 Downloads
Richard C. Fluck
Simulation of hybrid pennisetum production in Australia pp. 39-47 Downloads
D. K. Muldoon
A model of lamb production from an autumn catch crop pp. 49-57 Downloads
P. A. Geisler, J. E. Newton, R. D. Sheldrick and A. E. Mohan
Optimising land and fertiliser N usage in grassland systems where grazing and conservation areas are separate pp. 59-70 Downloads
. R. Richards and R. D. Hobson
Technical and physical aspects of energy savings in greenhouses: Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General for Scientific and Technical Information and Information Management, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, 153 pp. 1976. Price: [pound sign]5[middle dot]40 (paperback) pp. 71-72 Downloads
J. A. C. Gibb
Mathematical modelling: Andrews, J. G. and McLone, R. R. (Editors), Butterworths, London, 1976, 260 pp. Price: [pound sign]3[middle dot]95 pp. 72-73 Downloads
D. G. Neal
Green crop fractionation: An economic analysis: Wilkins, R. J., Heath, S. B., Roberts, W. P., Foxell, P. R. and Windram, A. The Grassland Research Institute, Great Britain, Technical Report No. 19, 1977, 109 pp. Price: [pound sign]2[middle dot]50 pp. 73-74 Downloads
H. Casey
Tools for thought: Waddington, C. H., Jonathan Cape, 1977. Price: [pound sign]5[middle dot]95 pp. 74-76 Downloads
R. N. Curnow
The state of the art in modelling of food and agriculture systems: Neunteufel, M. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Research Memorandum RM-77-27, June, 1977 pp. 76-78 Downloads
Dick Morris

Volume 3, issue 4, 1978

Editorial pp. 239-78 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Simulation model for dryland crop production in the canadian prairies pp. 241-251 Downloads
R. P. Zentner, B. H. Sonntag and G. E. Lee
Monitoring and decision-making processes for operating agricultural production systems pp. 253-264 Downloads
Ilan Amir, Uri Shamir and Robert Stephen Broughton
Village complexity and the delivery of agricultural extension services: Lessons from El Salvador pp. 265-280 Downloads
Eileen Stommes
Agricultural systems in Ethiopia pp. 281-293 Downloads
Amare Getahun
Simulation of the phenology of soybeans pp. 295-311 Downloads
P. G. Jones and D. R. Lang
Traditional African farming systems in Eastern Nigeria: Lagemann, J. Weltforum Verlag, Munich, 1977. 269 pp. Price: DM48 pp. 313-315 Downloads
J. D. MacArthur
Catastrophe or new society? A latin American world model: Herrera, A.D., Scolnik, H.D., Chichilnisky, G., Gallopin, G.C., Hardoy, J.E., Mosovich, D., Oteiza, E., de Romero Brest, G.L., Suarez, C.E. and Talavera, L. International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada, 1976. 108 pp. Price: $1 (microfiche edition) pp. 315-316 Downloads
R. M. Morris
World food resources--Actual and potential: Allaby, Michael, London, Applied Science Publishers Ltd, 1977, 418 pp., 87 tables, 22 illustrations. Price: [pound sign]15 pp. 317-318 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding

Volume 3, issue 3, 1978

Editorial pp. 167-320 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Differences in sheep production between sites within a heterogeneous area pp. 169-182 Downloads
G. T. McKinney, F. H. W. Morley and D. Bennett
Optimising tobacco market locations: Part II--Heuristic models pp. 183-194 Downloads
Robert B. Wensink and Robert S. Sowell
Simulation: An aid to decisions on superphosphate use for beef production pp. 195-204 Downloads
M. L. Curll
Primary production of grazed annual natural pasture and of grazed wheat in a semi-arid region of Israel pp. 205-220 Downloads
R. W. Benjamin, M. Chen, N. G. Seligman, D. Wallach and M. J. al Hadad
Role of root and tuber crops in food production strategy for semi-subsistence agriculture pp. 221-232 Downloads
J. P. Evenson and A. J. De Boer
Meat science: Applied Science Publishers Ltd, London. Published quarterly. Price: [pound sign]25 per four issue volume pp. 233-235 Downloads
J. R. Norris
Size and efficiency in farming: Britton, D. K. and Hill, Berkeley, Saxon House, Farnborough, Hants, xi + 184 pp. 1975. Price: [pound sign]6[middle dot]25 pp. 235-237 Downloads
J. Pearce
Energetical significance of the annelids and arthropods in a Swedish grassland soil: Persson, T. and Lohm, U. Ecological Bulletins, 23, Swedish Natural Science Research Council, 211 pp., 1977. Price: Skr. 50 pp. 235-235 Downloads
J. M. Walsingham
Agribusiness management for developing countries--Latin America: Goldberg, R.A. Ballinger Publishing Company, Cambridge, Mass., USA, vi+411 pp. 1975. Price: $15 pp. 237-238 Downloads
J. Pearce

Volume 3, issue 2, 1978

Editorial pp. 79-238 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Improved hoes in Nigerian agriculture pp. 81-84 Downloads
B. C. Amadi
Simulation of poultry egg production pp. 85-102 Downloads
D. H. White, O'Leary, G. J., B. E. Bartlett and S. Abu-Serewa
Optimising tobacco market locations: Part I--A mixed integer programming model pp. 103-122 Downloads
Robert B. Wensink and Robert S. Sowell
Growth of cattle on phalaris and lucerne pastures: Part I--Effect of pasture, stocking rate and anthelmintic treatment pp. 123-145 Downloads
F. H. W. Morley, A. Axelsen, K. G. Pullen, J. B. Nadin, M. L. Dudzinski and A. D. Donald
Computer assisted management decisions for beef production systems pp. 147-158 Downloads
W. C. Miller, J. S. Brinks and T. M. Sutherland
The famine business: Tudge, Colin. Faber & Faber, London, 1977, 141 pp. Price: [pound sign]3.95 pp. 159-160 Downloads
J. C. Bowman
Methods in agricultural meteorology: Smith, L. P. Elsevier Publishing Co. Ltd, Amsterdam, 1975, 210 pp pp. 160-162 Downloads
W. J. Maunder
Study of agricultural systems: Dalton, G. E. (Ed.). Applied Science Publishers Ltd., London, 1974, xiv + 441 pp., 49 Tables 72 Illustrations. Price: [pound sign]12 pp. 162-165 Downloads
F. H. W. Morley

Volume 3, issue 1, 1978

Editorial pp. 1-2 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
A systems analysis framework of a national forestry sector: Nigeria pp. 3-26 Downloads
Felix . Nweke
Predicting ovulation rate from liveweight in ewes pp. 27-45 Downloads
F. H. W. Morley, D. H. White, P. A. Kenney and . F. Davis
A systems analysis of the guyanese livestock industry pp. 47-66 Downloads
T. Kelley White, Bruce McCarl, R. D. May and Thomas Spreen
Irrigation management: An information system approach pp. 67-74 Downloads
. J. Ritchie, J. B. Dent and M. J. Blackie
Marine ecology and fisheries: Cushing, D.H., Cambridge University Press, 1975, 278 pp. Price: [pound sign]9[middle dot]00 (hardback--also available in paperback) pp. 75-76 Downloads
A. R. Gloyne and C. J. Shepherd
Farming systems in the tropics: Ruthenberg, Hans, Clarendon Press: OUP (Second edition), 1977. Price: Paper covers: [pound sign]4[middle dot]95. Hardback: [pound sign]10[middle dot]00 pp. 76-77 Downloads
C. R. W. Spedding
Food Production and consumption: the efficiency of human food chains and nutrient cycles: Duckham, A.N., Jones, J.G.W. and Roberts, E.H. (Eds). North Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Price: $US 48[middle dot]95 pp. 77-78 Downloads
K. L. Blaxter
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