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Volume 49, issue 4, 1997

Fitting a Normal Distribution When the Model is Wrong pp. 601-614 Downloads
Copas J.B. and Stride C.B.
On Mad and Comedians pp. 615-644 Downloads
Michael Falk
Local Asymptotic Normality in Extreme Value Index Estimation pp. 645-666 Downloads
Frank Marohn
Estimating Diffusion Coefficients From Count Data: Einstein-Smoluchowski Theory Revisited pp. 667-679 Downloads
Bingham N.H. and Bruce Dunham
Controlling Type II Error While Constructing Triple Sampling Fixed Precision Confidence Intervals for the Normal Mean pp. 681-692 Downloads
Son M., Haugh L., Hamdy H. and Costanza M.
Testing Hypotheses About the Power Law Process Under Failure Truncation Using Intrinsic Bayes Factors pp. 693-710 Downloads
Rama Lingham and Sivaganesan S.
Relationships Between Post-Data Accuracy Measures pp. 711-726 Downloads
Constantinos Goutis and George Casella
Exact Bounds for the Expectations of Order Statistics from Non-Negative Populations pp. 727-736 Downloads
Nickos Papadatos
Moments of Limits of Lightly Trimmed Sums of Random Vectors in the Generalized Domain of Normal Attraction of Non-Gaussian Operator-Stable Laws pp. 737-747 Downloads
Makoto Maejima
Replenishment-Depletion Urn in Equilibrium pp. 749-760 Downloads
Shenton L.R. and Bowman K.O.
Choosing a Linear Model with a Random Number of Change-Points and Outliers pp. 761-775 Downloads
Henri Caussinus and Faouzi Lyazrhi
A Berry-Esséen Theorem for Serial Rank Statistics pp. 777-799 Downloads
Marc Hallin and Khalid Rifi

Volume 49, issue 3, 1997

Assessing the Error Probability of the Model Selection Test pp. 395-410 Downloads
Hidetoshi Shimodaira
Bootstrapping Log Likelihood and EIC, an Extension of AIC pp. 411-434 Downloads
Makio Ishiguro, Yosiyuki Sakamoto and Genshiro Kitagawa
A Fenchel Duality Aspect of Iterative I-Projection Procedures pp. 435-446 Downloads
Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Richard Dykstra
Empirical Likelihood Type Confidence Intervals Under Random Censorship pp. 447-466 Downloads
Gianfranco Adimari
Estimation and Bootstrap with Censored Data in Fixed Design Nonparametric Regression pp. 467-491 Downloads
Ingrid Van Keilegom and Noël Veraverbeke
Statistical Inference in Single-Index and Partially Nonlinear Models pp. 493-517 Downloads
Jiti Gao and Hua Liang
Joint Distributions of Numbers of Success-Runs and Failures Until the First Consecutive k Successes in a Binary Sequence pp. 519-529 Downloads
Balakrishnan N.
Probability Distribution Functions of Succession Quotas in the Case of Markov Dependent Trials pp. 531-539 Downloads
Demetrios Antzoulakos and Andreas Philippou
Distributions Minimizing Fisher Information for Location in Kolmogorov Neighbourhoods pp. 541-554 Downloads
Eden Wu and Chan P.
On a Class of Characterization Problems for Random Convex Combinations pp. 555-567 Downloads
Ludwig Baringhaus and Rudolf Grübel
Comparison of Normal Linear Experiments by Quadratic Forms pp. 569-584 Downloads
Czesław Stępniak
On the Asymptotic Expectations of Some Unit Root Tests in a First Order Autoregressive Process in the Presence of Trend pp. 585-599 Downloads
Rolf Larsson

Volume 49, issue 2, 1997

The Convergence Rate of Fixed-Width Sequential Confidence Intervals for a Parameter of an Exponential Distribution pp. 199-209 Downloads
Keiichi Hirose, Eiichi Isogai and Chikara Uno
Estimation in a Discrete Reliability Growth Model Under an Inverse Sampling Scheme pp. 211-229 Downloads
Ananda Sen and Arthur Fries
A Note on the Best Invariant Estimator of a Distribution Function Under the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Loss pp. 231-235 Downloads
Zhiqiang Chen and Eswar Phadia
On Tests of Symmetry Against One-Sided Alternatives pp. 237-254 Downloads
Bhaskar Bhattacharya
Testing Departures from Gamma, Rayleigh and Truncated Normal Distributions pp. 255-269 Downloads
Joan Del Castillo and Pedro Puig
Detection of Changes in Linear Sequences pp. 271-283 Downloads
Lajos Horvath
Sharp Error Bounds for Asymptotic Expansions of the Distribution Functions for Scale Mixtures pp. 285-297 Downloads
Ryoichi Shimizu and Yasunori Fujikoshi
On Geometric-Stable Laws, a Related Property of Stable Processes, and Stable Densities of Exponent One pp. 299-313 Downloads
Ramachandran B.
Regressional Characterization of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian Population pp. 315-319 Downloads
Pusz J.
Linear Model Selection Based on Risk Estimation pp. 321-340 Downloads
Venter J. and Snyman J.
Aliasing Effects and Sampling Theorems of Spherical Random Fields when Sampled on a Finite Grid pp. 341-354 Downloads
Ta-Hsin Li and Gerald North
Differentiable Functionals and Smoothed Bootstrap pp. 355-370 Downloads
Antonio Cuevas and Juan Romo
Convex Models of High Dimensional Discrete Data pp. 371-393 Downloads
Max Woodbury, Kenneth Manton and Tolley H.

Volume 49, issue 1, 1997

Diagnosing Bootstrap Success pp. 1-24 Downloads
Rudolf Beran
Von Mises ω2-Statistic and the generalized Bayesian Bootstraps pp. 25-34 Downloads
Albert Lo and Sazonov V.
Quantile Processes in the Presence of Auxiliary Information pp. 35-55 Downloads
Biao Zhang
Bounding the L1 Distance in Nonparametric Density Estimation pp. 57-78 Downloads
Subrata Kundu and Adam Martinsek
Local Polynomial Regression: Optimal Kernels and Asymptotic Minimax Efficiency pp. 79-99 Downloads
Jianqing Fan, Theo Gasser, Irène Gijbels, Michael Brockmann and Joachim Engel
Some Methods for Estimation in a Negative-Binomial Model pp. 101-115 Downloads
Eiji Nakashima
A Note on Maximum Variance of Order Statistics from Symmetric Populations pp. 117-121 Downloads
Nickos Papadatos
Waiting Time Distributions Associated with Runs of Fixed Length in Two-State Markov Chains pp. 123-139 Downloads
Koutras M.
Formulae and Recursions for the Joint Distribution of Success Runs of Several Lengths pp. 141-153 Downloads
Anant Godbole, Stavros Papastavridis and Robert Weishaar
Start-Up Demonstration Tests Under Markov Dependence Model with Corrective Actions pp. 155-169 Downloads
Balakrishnan N., Mohanty S. and Aki S.
Uniform Mixtures Via Posterior Means pp. 171-180 Downloads
Arjun Gupta and Jacek Wesolowski
Asymptotic Expansions of Posterior Distributions in Nonregular Cases pp. 181-197 Downloads
Subhashis Ghosal and Tapas Samanta

Volume 48, issue 4, 1996

A proof of independent Bartlett correctability of nested likelihood ratio tests pp. 603-620 Downloads
Akimichi Takemura and Satoshi Kuriki
Quenouille-type theorem on autocorrelations pp. 621-630 Downloads
Simon Ku and Eugene Seneta
Local Linearization method for the numerical solution of stochastic differential equations pp. 631-644 Downloads
Biscay R., Jimenez J., Riera J. and Valdes P.
Stochastic comparisons and bounds for aging renewal process shock models and their applications pp. 645-662 Downloads
Bhattachariee M.
Bayesian nonparametric predictive inference and bootstrap techniques pp. 663-673 Downloads
Muliere P. and Secchi P.
Mass shifting roles of negative kernel mass in density estimation pp. 675-686 Downloads
Michael Sturgeon
Estimation of a multivariate Box-Cox transformation to elliptical symmetry via the empirical characteristic function pp. 687-709 Downloads
Adolfo Quiroz, Miguel Nakamura and Francisco Pérez
Empirical Bayes sequential estimation for exponential families: The untruncated component pp. 711-730 Downloads
Rohana Karunamuni
Limit theorems for the maximum likelihood estimate under general multiply Type II censoring pp. 731-755 Downloads
Fanhui Kong and Heliang Fei
Recurrence relations for single and product moments of progressive Type-II right censored order statistics from exponential and truncated exponential distributions pp. 757-771 Downloads
Rita Aggarwala and Balakrishnan N.
Sooner and later waiting time problems for success and failure runs in higher order Markov dependent trials pp. 773-787 Downloads
Aki S., Balakrishnan N. and Mohanty S.
On a waiting time distribution in a sequence of Bernoulli trials pp. 789-806 Downloads
Koutras M.

Volume 48, issue 3, 1996

On bootstrap estimation of the distribution of the studentized mean pp. 403-421 Downloads
Peter Hall and Raoul LePage
The maximum likelihood estimators in a multivariate normal distribution with AR(1) covariance structure for monotone data pp. 423-428 Downloads
Hironori Fujisawa
Kernel density estimation for linear processes: Asymptotic normality and optimal bandwidth derivation pp. 429-449 Downloads
Marc Hallin and Lanh Tran
Minimax kernels for density estimation with biased data pp. 451-467 Downloads
Colin Wu and Andrew Mao
Sensitivity analysis of M-estimates pp. 469-495 Downloads
Jan Víšek
On sequential fixed-width confidence intervals for the mean and second-order expansions of the associated coverage probabilities pp. 497-507 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay and Sujay Datta
Improved estimation under Pitman's measure of closeness pp. 509-518 Downloads
Stavros Kourouklis
Relationships for moments of order statistics from the right-truncated generalized half logistic distribution pp. 519-534 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Rita Aggarwala
Sequential order statistics and k-out-of-n systems with sequentially adjusted failure rates pp. 535-549 Downloads
Erhard Cramer and Udo Kamps
Derivation of the probability distribution functions for succession quota random variables pp. 551-561 Downloads
Demetrios Antzoulakos and Andreas Philippou
Characterizations based on conditional expectations of the doubled truncated distribution pp. 563-572 Downloads
Ruiz J. and Navarro J.
A characterization of certain discrete exponential families pp. 573-576 Downloads
Nguyen T., Gupta A. and Wang Y.
Asymptotically efficient autoregressive model selection for multistep prediction pp. 577-602 Downloads
Bhansali R.

Volume 48, issue 2, 1996

The threshold method for estimating total rainfall pp. 201-213 Downloads
Shigeru Mase
A state-space approach to polygonal line regression pp. 215-228 Downloads
Nobuhisa Kashiwagi
Empirical Bayes detection of a change in distribution pp. 229-246 Downloads
Rohana Karunamuni and Shunpu Zhang
Relationships between pure tail orderings of lifetime distributions and some concepts of residual life pp. 247-255 Downloads
Javier Rojo
A measure of discrimination between two residual life-time distributions and its applications pp. 257-265 Downloads
Nader Ebrahimi and Kirmani S.
Minimum distance regression-type estimates with rates under weak dependence pp. 267-281 Downloads
George Roussas and Yannis Yatracos
The quasi-likelihood estimation in regression pp. 283-294 Downloads
Jong-Wuu Wu
Bahadur efficiency and robustness of studentized score tests pp. 295-314 Downloads
Xuming He and Qi-man Shao
Nonparametric tests for bounds on the derivative of a regression function pp. 315-336 Downloads
Nancy Heckman and Bing Li
The limiting normality of the test statistic for the two-sample problem induced by a convex sum distance pp. 337-347 Downloads
Kaoru Fueda
Loss of information of a statistic for a family of non-regular distributions pp. 349-364 Downloads
Masafumi Akahira
Third order efficiency implies fourth order efficiency: A resolution of the conjecture of J. K. Ghosh pp. 365-380 Downloads
Masafumi Akahira
The exact distribution of indefinite quadratic forms in noncentral normal vectors pp. 381-394 Downloads
Serge Provost and Edmund Rudiuk
On optimal third order rotatable designs pp. 395-402 Downloads
Norman Draper, Berthold Heiligers and Friedrich Pukelsheim

Volume 48, issue 1, 1996

Confidence sets centered at C p -estimators pp. 1-15 Downloads
Rudolf Beran
Bayesian calibration in the estimation of the age of rhinoceros pp. 17-28 Downloads
Plessis J. and Merwe A.
Estimation of second-order properties from jittered time series pp. 29-48 Downloads
Peter Thomson and Peter Robinson
Bartlett's formulae—Closed forms and recurrent equations pp. 49-59 Downloads
Georgi Boshnakov
Curved exponential families of stochastic processes and their envelope families pp. 61-74 Downloads
Uwe Küchler and Michael Sørensen
Asymptotics and bootstrap for inverse Gaussian regression pp. 75-88 Downloads
Gutti Babu and Yogendra Chaubey
r-k Class estimation in regression model with concomitant variables pp. 89-95 Downloads
Masayuki Jimichi and Nobuo Inagaki
Fuzzy weighted scaled coefficients in semi-parametric model pp. 97-110 Downloads
Jong-Wuu Wu, Jiahn-Bang Jang and Tzong-Ru Tsai
A note on the simple structural regression model pp. 111-125 Downloads
Arellano-Valle R. and Bolfarine H.
The maximum size of the planar sections of random spheres and its application to metallurgy pp. 127-144 Downloads
Rinya Takahashi and Masaaki Sibuya
Iterated probability distributions and extremes with random sample size pp. 145-155 Downloads
Rauhut B.
Towards a unification of certain characterizations by conditional expectations pp. 157-168 Downloads
Caterina Dimaki and Evdokia Xekalaki
Moment solution to an urn model pp. 169-184 Downloads
Shenton L. and Bowman K.
Lifetime distribution and estimation problems of consecutive-k-out-of-n:F systems pp. 185-199 Downloads
Sigeo Aki and Katuomi Hirano
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