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Volume 29, issue 1, 1977

A randomized response technique without making use of any randomizing device pp. 1-8 Downloads
Koiti Takahasi and Hirotaka Sakasegawa
An objective use of Bayesian models pp. 9-20 Downloads
Hirotugu Akaike
Estimation procedures based on preliminary test, shrinkage technique and information criterion pp. 21-34 Downloads
Katuomi Hirano
Two problems in multivariate analysis: BLUS residuals and testability of linear hypothesis pp. 35-41 Downloads
Somesh Gupta
A unified approach to coordinate-free multivariate analysis pp. 43-57 Downloads
Stone M.
On correct selection for a ranking problem pp. 59-66 Downloads
Chiu W.
An approximation formulaL q ≃α·ρ β /(1-ρ) pp. 67-75 Downloads
Hirotaka Sakasegawa
On the asymptotic distribution of the maximum of sums of a random number of I.I.D. random variables pp. 77-87 Downloads
Prem Puri
Some bounds on the distribution functions of linear combinations and applications pp. 89-100 Downloads
Govind Mudholkar and Siddhartha Dalal
A spectral limit theorem on a non-linear stochastic process with non-additive, independent, linear components pp. 101-118 Downloads
Venkataraman K.
Higher moments of moment estimators and even point estimators for the parameters of the Hermite distribution pp. 119-130 Downloads
Patel Y.
Two errors in statistical model fitting pp. 131-152 Downloads
Nobuo Inagaki
An extension of the method of maximum likelihood and the Stein's problem pp. 153-164 Downloads
Hirotugu Akaike
The weak convergence of the likelihood ratio random fields for Markov observations pp. 165-187 Downloads
Yosihiko Ogata and Nobuo Inagaki
Cramér-type conditions and quadratic mean differentiability pp. 189-201 Downloads
Bruce Lind and George Roussas
Asymptotic properties of the maximum probability estimates in Markov processes pp. 203-219 Downloads
George Roussas
Asymptotic expansions for the joint and marginal distributions of the latent roots ofS 1 S 2 −1 pp. 221-233 Downloads
Yasuko Chikuse
Asymptotic expansions for the distributions of latent roots ofS h S e −1 and of certain test statistics in MANOVA pp. 235-246 Downloads
Takafumi Isogai
Covariance adjusted discriminant functions pp. 247-257 Downloads
Peter Lachenbruch
Inference concerning the population correlation coefficient from bivariate normal samples based on minimal observations pp. 259-273 Downloads
Baikunth Nath G.
Decomposition of infinitely divisible characteristic functions without Gaussian component pp. 275-286 Downloads
Shigeru Mase
Whitworth runs on a circle pp. 287-293 Downloads
Stephens M.
On methods for generating uniform random points on the surface of a sphere pp. 295-300 Downloads
Yoshihiro Tashiro
On the existence of search designs with continuous factors pp. 301-306 Downloads
Srivastava J. and Ghosh S.
On the independence of interdeparture intervals from single server queueing systems pp. 307-315 Downloads
Toji Makino
Corrections to “Estimation procedures based on preliminary test, shrinkage technique and information criterion” pp. 317-317 Downloads
Katuomi Hirano
On a search procedure for the optimal AR-MA order pp. 319-332 Downloads
Genshiro Kitagawa
Approximations to the probabilities of binomial and multinomial random variables and chi-square type statistics pp. 333-358 Downloads
Matsunawa T.
The likelihood ratio criterion and the asymptotic expansion of its distribution pp. 359-378 Downloads
Takesi Hayakawa
An asymptotic expansion for the distributions of the latent roots of the Wishart matrix with multiple population roots pp. 379-387 Downloads
Fujikoshi Y.
Asymptotic expansion for the distribution of a function of latent roots of the covariance matrix pp. 389-396 Downloads
Sadanori Konishi
Extension of Edgeworth type expansion of the distribution of the sums of I.I.D. random variables in non-regular cases pp. 397-406 Downloads
Kei Takeuchi and Masafumi Akahira
Regions of autocorrelation coefficients and of their estimators in a stationary time series pp. 407-414 Downloads
Toshinao Nakatsuka
On a spectral estimate obtained by an autoregressive model fitting pp. 415-431 Downloads
Mituaki Huzii
Corrections to “On a spectral estimate obtained by an autoregressive model fitting” pp. 432-432 Downloads
Mituaki Huzii
On linear classification procedures between two categories with known mean vectors and covariance matrices pp. 433-444 Downloads
Akihiro Nishi
Inequalities and an approximation formula for the mean delay time in tandem queueing systems pp. 445-466 Downloads
Hirotaka Sakasegawa and Genji Yamazaki
Estimation of the response curve in radioligand assays pp. 467-477 Downloads
Finney D.
Build-up of the notion of flanking pp. 479-507 Downloads
Edward Barankin
Correction to “properties of duality in tandem queueing systems” pp. 509-509 Downloads
Genji Yamazaki and Hirotaka Sakasegawa
Migration and prefectural identification in four Japanese prefectures pp. 511-525 Downloads
Tatsuzo Suzuki and Ted Jitodai

Volume 28, issue 1, 1976

Orthogonal mesh sampling method pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hirotaka Sakasegawa
On characterizations of unimodality of discrete distributions pp. 9-18 Downloads
Dharmadhikari S. and Kumar Jogdeo
Asymptotic behaviour of maxima with periodic disturbances pp. 19-23 Downloads
Oliveira J.
Further results on simultaneous confidence intervals for the normal distribution pp. 25-33 Downloads
Srinivasan R. and Wharton R.
On the asymptotic efficiency of estimators in an autoregressive process pp. 35-48 Downloads
Masafumi Akahira
Asymptotic properties of dynamic stochastic parameter estimates pp. 49-75 Downloads
Bernt Stigum
Adaptive estimates for autoregressive processes pp. 77-89 Downloads
Rudolf Beran
Spectral analysis for a random process on the sphere pp. 91-97 Downloads
Roch Roy
On the existence of a random solution to a nonlinear perturbed stochastic integral equation pp. 99-109 Downloads
Rao A. and Chris Tsokos
A note on the Tukey-Hooke variance component results pp. 111-121 Downloads
James Arvesen
Correction to “On a stochastic inequality for the wilks statistic” pp. 123-123 Downloads
Gupta A.
Bayes theorem, information number and behavior of posteior distributions pp. 125-144 Downloads
Nozomu Matsubara
On the reduction to a complete class in multiple decision problems pp. 145-165 Downloads
Masakatsu Murakami
Some bayesian considerations of the choice of design for ranking, selection and estimation pp. 167-185 Downloads
Tiao G. and Afonja B.
Partial differential equations for hypergeometric functions of complex argument matrices and their applications pp. 187-199 Downloads
Yasuko Chikuse
Characterizations of the wishart distribution using regression properties pp. 201-220 Downloads
Gordon F. and Gordon S.
Estimation of a regression function by the parzen kernel-type density estimators pp. 221-234 Downloads
Kazuo Noda
Hodges-lehmann estimate of the location parameter in censored samples pp. 235-247 Downloads
Ehsanes Saleh A.
Approximately minimax tests for testing hypotheses about a random parameter with unknown distribution pp. 249-258 Downloads
Bimal Sinha
On the multivariatek-sample problem and the generalization of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov-test pp. 259-265 Downloads
Ahmad R.
The Smirnov distribution pp. 267-275 Downloads
Kim P.
Equitable quality level and error-areas under the operating characteristic curves of normal single sampling inspection plans (with σ known) pp. 277-290 Downloads
Subrahmanya M.
Some inequalities based on inverse factorial series pp. 291-305 Downloads
Matsunawa T.
A note on distribution-free confidence bounds for P (X>Y) whenX andY are dependent pp. 307-308 Downloads
Govindarajulu Z.
The new test criterion for the homogeneity of parameters of several populations pp. 309-328 Downloads
Takesi Hayakawa
Isotonic tests for spread and tail pp. 329-342 Downloads
Takemi Yanagimoto and Masaaki Sibuya
On the existence of maximum probability estimators pp. 343-347 Downloads
Horst Wegner
On asymptotic properties of the maximum likelihood estimates of the general growth curve model pp. 349-357 Downloads
Chakravorti S.
Asymptotically efficient estimators when the densities of the observations have discontinuities pp. 359-370 Downloads
Wolfowitz J.
On a new method of testing statistical hypotheses pp. 371-384 Downloads
Trenkler G.
A lower bound on bayes risk in classification problems pp. 385-387 Downloads
Kirmani S.
Rates in the empirical bayes estimation problem with non-identical components pp. 389-397 Downloads
Thomas O'Bryan and Susarla V.
Moments of the time to generate random variables by rejection pp. 399-401 Downloads
Greenwood J.
Properties of some test criteria for covariance matrix pp. 403-409 Downloads
Hisao Nagao
Two-stage and three-stage least squares estimation of dispersion matrix of disturbances in simulataneous equations pp. 411-428 Downloads
Srivastava V. and Ramji Tiwari
Certain estimation problems for multivariate hypergeometric models pp. 429-444 Downloads
Janardan K.
Stratified simple random sampling and prior distributions pp. 445-459 Downloads
Reddy V.
Bias reduction and efficiency of reconstructed ratio estimators for a finite universe pp. 461-467 Downloads
Koop J.
On identically distributed linear statistics pp. 469-489 Downloads
Laurie Davies and Ryoichi Shimizu
Characterizing the pareto and power distributions pp. 491-497 Downloads
Dallas A.
The asymptotic normality of certain combinatorial distributions pp. 499-506 Downloads
Ch. Charalambides
Corrections to “Bayes theorem, information number and behavior of posterior distributions” pp. 507-507 Downloads
Nozomu Matsubara
Correction to “On the reduction to a complete class in multiple decision problems” pp. 508-508 Downloads
Masakatsu Murakami
On the pattern of space division by territories pp. 509-519 Downloads
Masami Hasegawa and Masaharu Tanemura
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