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1969, volume 77, issue 6

Measuring Equilibrium in the Balance of Payments pp. 873-91 Downloads
Charles P Kindleberger
Savings Deposits in the Definition of Money pp. 892-96 Downloads
Gurcharan S Laumas
Adam Smith's Theory of Inquiry pp. 897-915 Downloads
J Ralph Lindgren
Investing and Protesting pp. 916-20 Downloads
Anthony Scott
On the Long-Run and Short-Run Demand for Money: Some Further Evidence pp. 921-31 Downloads
V Karuppan Chetty
Reply: A Note on the Estimation of Long-Run Relationships in Stock Adjustment Models pp. 932-36 Downloads
Gregory Chow
On the Regulation of Industry: A Note pp. 937-52 Downloads
Lester G Telser
"The Galbraithian System"-Rejoinder pp. 953-56 Downloads
Scott Gordon
The Effects of Property Taxes and Local Public Spending on Property Values: An Empirical Study of Tax Capitalization and the Tiebout Hypothesis pp. 957-71 Downloads
Wallace Oates
Substitution and the Effective Rate of Protection pp. 972-75 Downloads
Joseph Finger
The Empirical Content of Economic Rationality: A Test for a Less Developed Economy pp. 976-1004 Downloads
John Wise and Pan A Yotopoulos
Domestic Distortions, Tariffs, and the Theory of Optimum Subsidy: Some Further Results pp. 1005-10 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati, V K Ramaswami and T. Srinivasan
Domestic Distortions, Tariffs, and the Theory of Optimum Subsidy pp. 1011-13 Downloads
Murray Kemp and Takashi Nagishi
Productivity and the Price of Medical Services pp. 1014-27 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
The Minimum Covered Interest Differential Needed for International Arbitrage Activity pp. 1028-35 Downloads
William Branson
Mishan on Progress: A Rejoinder pp. 1036-39 Downloads
Walter A Weisskopf

1969, volume 77, issue 5

Real Wages, Employment, and Inflation pp. 721-54 Downloads
Robert Lucas and Leonard A Rapping
The Effects on Taxation on Risk Taking pp. 755-64 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
A Short-Run Demand Function for Higher Education in the United States pp. 765-77 Downloads
Harvey Galper and Dunn, Robert M,
Some Welfare Aspects of International Migration pp. 778-94 Downloads
R Albert Berry and Ronald Soligo
A Model of the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Markets pp. 795-816 Downloads
Lawrence B Smith
The Consumer's Demand for Money: A Neoclassical Approach pp. 817-26 Downloads
Brian Motley
Further Remarks on the Theory of Product Differentiation pp. 827-33 Downloads
Helmut Schuster
Measuring the Effective Rate of Protection: Direct and Indirect Effects pp. 834-44 Downloads
David B Humphrey
Estimating Permanent Income: A Note pp. 845-50 Downloads
Colin Wright
On the Long-Run and Short-Run Demand for Money: A Comment pp. 851-56 Downloads
Lester D Taylor and Joseph Newhouse
A Test of the Permanent Income Hypothesis pp. 857-61 Downloads
Prem S Laumas
Why It Is Cheap, Not Dear, to Marry a Ph.D pp. 862 Downloads
Robert M Bernardo
Opportunity Cost of Marriage: Comment pp. 863 Downloads
George J Stigler

1969, volume 77, issue 4

Expectations and Interest Rates: A Cross-sectional Test of the Error-learning Hypothesis pp. 453-70 Downloads
Burton G Malkiel and Edward Kane
Student Family Size in Relation to Current and Expected Income pp. 471-77 Downloads
Frank Stafford
Utility Maximization Sufficient for Competitive Survival pp. 478-83 Downloads
George W Ladd
The Social Costs of the Discovery and Suppression of the Clandestine Distribution of Heroin pp. 484-86 Downloads
Edward Erickson
The Clandestine Distribution of Heroin, Its Discovery and Suppression: A Comment pp. 487-88 Downloads
Raul A Fernandez
The Demand for Money by Households in South Vietnam: The Evidence from Cross-Section Data pp. 489-93 Downloads
Robert H Stroup and Frazer, William J,
Professor Gordon on "The Close of the Galbraithian System." pp. 494-503 Downloads
John Kenneth Galbraith
The Neoclassical Dichotomy as a Controlled Experiment pp. 504-11 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
A Stock-Adjustment Analysis of Capital Movements: The United States-Canadian Case pp. 512-23 Downloads
C H Lee
Buse on Meiselman-A Comment pp. 524-27 Downloads
Neil Wallace
A Note on Arrow's Postulates for a Social Welfare Function-A Comment pp. 528-31 Downloads
Tapas Majumdar
An Economic Analysis of the Concept of Freedom pp. 532-44 Downloads
Thomas Gale Moore
Writing and Reading in Economics pp. 545-58 Downloads
Walter S Salant
Rational Choice and Patterns of Growth pp. 575-85 Downloads
Miguel Sidrauski
The Implications of Alternative Saving and Expectations Hypotheses for Choices of Technique and Patterns of Growth pp. 586-627 Downloads
David Cass and Joseph Stiglitz
Time Preference and the Penrose Effect in a Two-Class Model of Economic Growth pp. 628-52 Downloads
Hirofumi Uzawa
Sequential Planning and Continual Planning Revision pp. 653-64 Downloads
Steven Goldman
Optimal Accumulation in a Two-Sector Neoclassical Economy with Non-Shiftable Capital pp. 665-83 Downloads
Ryder, Harl E,
Optimal Capital Accumulation by an Economy Facing an International Capital Market pp. 684-97 Downloads
Koichi Hamada
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Growth pp. 698-719 Downloads
Duncan Foley, Karl Shell and Miguel Sidrauski

1969, volume 77, issue 3

The Case against Infant-Industry Tariff Protection pp. 295-305 Downloads
Robert Baldwin
A Model for the Explanation of Industrial Expansion during the Nineteenth Century: With an Application to the American Iron Industry pp. 306-28 Downloads
Robert Fogel and Stanley L Engerman
The Relationship between Joint Products, Collective Goods, and External Effects pp. 329-48 Downloads
E J Mishan
Risk and the Valuation of Common Stock pp. 349-62 Downloads
Richard S Bower and Dorothy H Bower
An Analysis of the Canadian Money Supply: 1925-1934 pp. 363-91 Downloads
Thomas J Courchene
Patent Statistics as a Measure of Technical Change pp. 392-98 Downloads
William S Comanor and Frederic M Scherer
Structural Unemployment in a Neoclassical Framework pp. 399-407 Downloads
George Akerlof
Automobiles and Hedonic Quality Measurement pp. 408-17 Downloads
Jack E Triplett
The Short-Run Stability of Velocity and the Autonomous Spending Multiplier, 1946-1962 pp. 418-29 Downloads
Keith E Phillips
Irving Fisher and the Red Guards pp. 430-33 Downloads
Steven N S Cheung

1969, volume 77, issue 2

An Economic Model of Family Planning and Fertility pp. 153-80 Downloads
T. Schultz
On Models of Commercial Fishing pp. 181-98 Downloads
Vernon Smith
On Two Foundation Concepts of the Theory of Political Economy pp. 199-218 Downloads
Rutledge Vining
Monopoly Pricing of Afghan Karakul in International Markets pp. 219-36 Downloads
Abdul Hay Kayoumy
The Optimal Provision of Public Goods: A Comment pp. 237-41 Downloads
Geoffrey Brennan
A Note on Simon Patten's Contribution to the Concept of Consumer's Surplus pp. 242-44 Downloads
Matthew A Stephenson
A Note on the Optimal Rate of Growth of International Reserves pp. 245-48 Downloads
Julio H G Olivera
On the Interindustry Wage and Hours Structure pp. 249-73 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Three Elucidations of the Ricardo Effect pp. 274-85 Downloads
Friedrich von Hayek

1969, volume 77, issue 1

Paretian Welfare Theory: Some Neglected Aspects pp. 1-20 Downloads
Vincent J Tarascio
Elementary Geometric/Arithmetic Series and Early Production Theory pp. 21-34 Downloads
Peter J Lloyd
Economic Growth and the Balance of Payments: A Monetary Approach pp. 35-48 Downloads
Ryutaro Komiya
Monopolistic Behavior in a Market for Durable Goods pp. 49-59 Downloads
A J Douglas and Steven Goldman
A Theorem on Returns to Scale and Steady-State Growth pp. 60-65 Downloads
David Levhari and Eytan Sheshinski
A Physiocratic Model of Dynamic Equilibrium pp. 66-84 Downloads
Robert V Eagly
The Welfare Costs of Content Protection: The Automotive Industry in Latin America pp. 85-98 Downloads
Bernard Munk
The Precautionary Demand for Money: An Inventory Theoretical Analysis pp. 99-117 Downloads
S C Tsiang
The Invalidity of the Dichotomy in the Pure Inside-Money Model pp. 118-21 Downloads
Suraj B Gupta
The Relative Decline of Commercial Banks: A Note pp. 122-29 Downloads
Joseph M Burns
The Substitution Effects of Transportation Costs pp. 130-37 Downloads
John P Gould and Joel Segall
Mishan on Progress: A Review Note pp. 138-40 Downloads
Roger W Weiss
The "Taxicab Problem": A Proposed Solution pp. 141-47 Downloads
Daniel Orr
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