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2003, volume 111, issue 6

The Correlation of Wealth across Generations pp. 1155-1182 Downloads
Kerwin Kofi Charles and Erik Hurst
Overconfidence and Speculative Bubbles pp. 1183-1219 Downloads
Jose Scheinkman and Wei Xiong
Gold into Base Metals: Productivity Growth in the People's Republic of China during the Reform Period pp. 1220-1261 Downloads
Alwyn Young
Hot Money pp. 1262-1292 Downloads
Varadarajan Chari and Patrick Kehoe
Trade Expansion and Contract Enforcement pp. 1293-1317 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
The Trick Is to Live: Is the Estate Tax Social Security for the Rich? pp. 1318-1341 Downloads
Wojciech Kopczuk
Unraveling Reduces Mobility in a Labor Market: Gastroenterology with and without a Centralized Match pp. 1342-1352 Downloads
Muriel Niederle and Alvin Roth
A Note on Convergence of Adaptive Satisficing to Optimal Stopping pp. 1353-1360 Downloads
John Conlisk
Testing the Barten Model of Economies of Scale in Household Consumption: Toward Resolving a Paradox of Deaton and Paxson pp. 1361-1377 Downloads
Li Gan and Victoria Vernon
Engel's What? A Response to Gan and Vernon pp. 1378-1381 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Christina Paxson
Any Non-welfarist Method of Policy Assessment Violates the Pareto Principle: A Comment pp. 1382-1386 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey, Bertil Tungodden and Howard F. Chang

2003, volume 111, issue 5

The Limits of Bureaucratic Efficiency pp. 929-958 Downloads
Canice Prendergast
Subjective Discounting in an Exchange Economy pp. 959-989 Downloads
Erzo Luttmer and Thomas Mariotti
Trading and Voting pp. 990-1003 Downloads
David K. Musto and Bilge Yilmaz
Income Inequality in France, 1901-1998 pp. 1004-1042 Downloads
Thomas Piketty
Enjoying the Quiet Life? Corporate Governance and Managerial Preferences pp. 1043-1075 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan
Can Free Entry Be Inefficient? Fixed Commissions and Social Waste in the Real Estate Industry pp. 1076-1122 Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti
Capture by Threat pp. 1123-1152 Downloads
Ernesto Dal Bó and Rafael Di Tella

2003, volume 111, issue 4

Equilibrium Cross Section of Returns pp. 693-732 Downloads
João Gomes, Leonid Kogan and Lu Zhang
Bequests as Signals: An Explanation for the Equal Division Puzzle pp. 733-764 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Sergei Severinov
Who Affects Whom in Daily Newspaper Markets? pp. 765-784 Downloads
Lisa George and Joel Waldfogel
Bertrand and Walras Equilibria under Moral Hazard pp. 785-817 Downloads
Alberto Bennardo and Pierre Chiappori
Accounting for the U.S. Earnings and Wealth Inequality pp. 818-857 Downloads
Ana Castaneda, Javier Díaz-Giménez and José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
Equity and Resources: An Analysis of Education Finance Systems pp. 858-897 Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Richard Rogerson
The Substantial Bias from Ignoring General Equilibrium Effects in Estimating Excess Burden, and a Practical Solution pp. 898-927 Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Roberton Williams

2003, volume 111, issue 3

Team Incentives and Worker Heterogeneity: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Teams on Productivity and Participation pp. 465-497 Downloads
Barton Hamilton, Jack A. Nickerson and Hideo Owan
Social Learning and Coordination Conventions in Intergenerational Games: An Experimental Study pp. 498-529 Downloads
Andrew Schotter and Barry Sopher
Welfare Dynamics under Time Limits pp. 530-554 Downloads
Jeffrey Grogger and Charles Michalopoulos
Is More Information Better? The Effects of "Report Cards" on Health Care Providers pp. 555-588 Downloads
David Dranove, Daniel Kessler, Mark McClellan and Mark Satterthwaite
Relative Factor Abundance and Trade pp. 589-610 Downloads
Peter Debeare
Schooling, Family Background, and Adoption: Is It Nature or Is It Nurture? pp. 611-641 Downloads
Erik Plug and Wim Vijverberg
Liquidity Risk and Expected Stock Returns pp. 642-685 Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Robert Stambaugh
A Theory of Involuntary Unrequited International Transfers pp. 686-715 Downloads
Murray Kemp and Koji Shimomura

2003, volume 111, issue 2

Can the Market Add and Subtract? Mispricing in Tech Stock Carve-outs pp. 227-268 Downloads
Owen Lamont and Richard Thaler
Why Dowry Payments Declined with Modernization in Europe but Are Rising in India pp. 269-310 Downloads
Siwan Anderson
A Spatial Analysis of Sectoral Complementarity pp. 311-352 Downloads
Timothy Conley and Bill Dupor
Middlemen versus Market Makers: A Theory of Competitive Exchange pp. 353-403 Downloads
John Rust and George Hall
Delaying the Inevitable: Interest Rate Defense and Balance of Payments Crises pp. 404-424 Downloads
Amartya Lahiri and Carlos Vegh
La Crema: A Case Study of Mutual Fire Insurance pp. 425-458 Downloads
Antonio Cabreales, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Matthew Jackson
Review of Thomas J. Sargent and Francois R. Velde, The Big Problem of Small Change pp. 459-488 Downloads
Arthur J. Rolnick and Warren Weber

2003, volume 111, issue 1

Inference with an Incomplete Model of English Auctions pp. 1-51 Downloads
Philip Haile and Elie Tamer
Can Vertical Specialization Explain the Growth of World Trade? pp. 52-102 Downloads
Kei-Mu Yi
Equilibrium Bank Runs pp. 103-123 Downloads
James Peck and Karl Shell
An Equilibrium Conflict Model of Land Tenure in Hunter-Gatherer Societies pp. 124-173 Downloads
Matthew Baker
Commercial Policy with Altruistic Voters pp. 174-201 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
Are Regional Trading Partners "Natural"? pp. 202-231 Downloads
Pravin Krishna

2002, volume 110, issue 6

The Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Industrial Activity: Evidence from the 1970 and 1977 Clean Air Act Amendments and the Census of Manufactures pp. 1175-1219 Downloads
Michael Greenstone
Optimal Taxation without State-Contingent Debt pp. 1220-1254 Downloads
S. Aiyagari, Albert Marcet, Thomas Sargent and Juha Seppala
Catching Up with the Joneses: Heterogeneous Preferences and the Dynamics of Asset Prices pp. 1255-1285 Downloads
Yeung Lewis Chan and Leonid Kogan
Evaluating the Effect of Teachers' Group Performance Incentives on Pupil Achievement pp. 1286-1317 Downloads
Victor Lavy
Districting and Government Overspending pp. 1318-1354 Downloads
Reza Baqir
Employed 40 Hours or Not Employed 39: Lessons from the 1982 Mandatory Reduction of the Workweek pp. 1355-1389 Downloads
Bruno Crépon and Francis Kramarz
Turnover of Used Durables in a Stationary Equilibrium: Are Older Goods Traded More? pp. 1390-1413 Downloads
Dmitriy Stolyarov
Comment on "The U.S. Structural Transformation and Regional Convergence: A Reinterpretation" pp. 1414-1418 Downloads
D. Johnson
Response pp. 1419-1420 Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Wilbur Coleman

2002, volume 110, issue 5

The Slowdown of the Economics Publishing Process pp. 947-993 Downloads
Glenn Ellison
Evolving Standards for Academic Publishing: A q-r Theory pp. 994-1034 Downloads
Glenn Ellison
The Rise of Mass Consumption Societies pp. 1035-1070 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
The Tenuous Trade-off between Risk and Incentives pp. 1071-1102 Downloads
Canice Prendergast
Political Intervention in Debt Contracts pp. 1103-1134 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Howard Rosenthal
A Model of the Federal Funds Rate Target pp. 1135-1167 Downloads
James Hamilton and Oscar Jorda
Skill and the Value of Life pp. 1168-1197 Downloads
Jason Shogren and Tommy Stamland

2002, volume 110, issue 4

Quantifying the Benefits of New Products: The Case of the Minivan pp. 705-729 Downloads
Amil Petrin
The Power of the Pill: Oral Contraceptives and Women's Career and Marriage Decisions pp. 730-770 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
Asset Holding and Consumption Volatility pp. 771-792 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, James Banks and Sarah Tanner
Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Consumers and Limited Participation: Empirical Evidence pp. 793-824 Downloads
Alon Brav, George Constantinides and Christopher C. Geczy
Limited Asset Market Participation and the Elasticity of Intertemporal Substitution pp. 825-853 Downloads
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
The Market for Reputations as an Incentive Mechanism pp. 854-882 Downloads
Steven Tadelis
Estimation of Market Power in a Nonrenewable Resource Industry pp. 883-899 Downloads
Gregory M. Ellis and Robert Halvorsen
The Aging Population and the Size of the Welfare State pp. 900-918 Downloads
Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Phillip Swagel
Lobbying Legislatures pp. 919-948 Downloads
Morten Bennedsen and Sven Feldmann

2002, volume 110, issue 3

Does the Internet Make Markets More Competitive? Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry pp. 481-507 Downloads
Jeffrey Brown and Austan Goolsbee
Is Lumpy Investment Relevant for the Business Cycle? pp. 508-534 Downloads
Julia Thomas
Avoiding Liquidity Traps pp. 535-563 Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
Endogenous Matching and the Empirical Determinants of Contract Form pp. 564-591 Downloads
Daniel Ackerberg and Maristella Botticini
Competing Premarital Investments pp. 592-608 Downloads
Michael Peters and Aloysius Siow
Information Aggregation, Security Design, and Currency Swaps pp. 609-633 Downloads
Bhagwan Chowdhry, Mark Grinblatt and David Levine
Consumption and Aggregate Constraints: Evidence from U.S. States and Canadian Provinces pp. 634-645 Downloads
Charlotte Ostergaard, Bent E. Serensen and Oved Yosha
An Economic Analysis of the Protestant Reformation pp. 646-671 Downloads
Robert Ekelund, Robert Hebert and Robert Tollison
The Political Economy of Employment Protection pp. 672-701 Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul

2002, volume 110, issue 2

Empowerment and Efficiency: Tenancy Reform in West Bengal pp. 239-280 Downloads
Abhijit V. Banerjee, Paul Gertler and Maitreesh Ghatak
On Theories Explaining the Success of the Gravity Equation pp. 281-316 Downloads
Simon Evenett and Wolfgang Keller
The Demand for Money, Financial Innovation, and the Welfare Cost of Inflation: An Analysis with Household Data pp. 317-351 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Luigi Guiso and Tullio Jappelli
Market Microstructure and Incentives to Invest pp. 352-381 Downloads
Daniel Spulber
A Theory of Inalienable Property Rights pp. 382-393 Downloads
David Andolfatto
Bidder Behavior in Multiunit Auctions: Evidence from Swedish Treasury Auctions pp. 394-424 Downloads
Kjell Nyborg, Kristian Rydqvist and Suresh M. Sundaresan
Altruistic and Joy-of-Giving Motivations in Charitable Behavior pp. 425-457 Downloads
David Ribar and Mark Wilhelm
Getting Income Shares Right pp. 458-474 Downloads
Douglas Gollin
Comment on "Rotten Kids, Purity, and Perfection" pp. 475-504 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori and Iván Werning

2002, volume 110, issue 1

Endogenous Policy Decentralization: Testing the Central Tenet of Economic Federalism pp. 1-36 Downloads
Koleman S. Strumpf and Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Marriage Market, Divorce Legislation, and Household Labor Supply pp. 37-72 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori, Bernard Fortin and Guy Lacroix
Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates with Endogenously Segmented Markets pp. 73-112 Downloads
Fernando Alvarez, Andrew Atkeson and Patrick Kehoe
The Role of Leasing under Adverse Selection pp. 113-143 Downloads
Igal Hendel and Alessandro Lizzeri
Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking? pp. 144-169 Downloads
Philip DeCicca, Donald Kenkel and Alan Mathios
Order Flow and Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 170-180 Downloads
Martin Evans and Richard Lyons
A Theory of Prostitution pp. 181-214 Downloads
Lena Edlund and Evelyn Korn
The Effects of Seed Money and Refunds on Charitable Giving: Experimental Evidence from a University Capital Campaign pp. 215-233 Downloads
John List and David Reiley
Review of Richard E. Caves, Creative Industries: Contracts between Art and Commerce pp. 234-263 Downloads
Ruth Towse
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