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2001, volume 109, issue 6

Prospective Deficits and the Asian Currency Crisis pp. 1155-1197 Downloads
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio T Rebelo
How Dangerous Are Drinking Drivers? pp. 1198-1237 Downloads
Steven Levitt and Jack Porter
Resurrecting the (C)CAPM: A Cross-Sectional Test When Risk Premia Are Time-Varying pp. 1238-1287 Downloads
Martin Lettau and Sydney C. Ludvigson
Estimating Real Income in the United States from 1888 to 1994: Correcting CPI Bias Using Engel Curves pp. 1288-1310 Downloads
Dora L. Costa
Durable Goods, Coasian Dynamics, and Uncertainty: Theory and Experiments pp. 1311-1354 Downloads
Timothy Cason and Tridib Sharma
Coalitional Power and Public Goods pp. 1355-1384 Downloads
Debraj Ray and Rajiv Vohra
Review of William D. Nordhaus and Joseph Boyer, Warming the World: Economic Models of Global Warming pp. 1385-1390 Downloads
Thomas Gale Moore

2001, volume 109, issue 5

Consequences of Employment Protection? The Case of the Americans with Disabilities Act pp. 915-957 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Joshua D Angrist
Displaced Capital: A Study of Aerospace Plant Closings pp. 958-992 Downloads
Valerie Ann Ramey and Matthew D. Shapiro
Least-Present-Value-of-Revenue Auctions and Highway Franchising pp. 993-1020 Downloads
Eduardo M.R.A. Engel, Ronald David Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
Teachers, Growth, and Convergence pp. 1021-1059 Downloads
Robert F Tamura
Pricing and Matching with Frictions pp. 1060-1085 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett, Shouyong Shi and Randall Wright
More Guns, More Crime pp. 1086-1114 Downloads
Mark Duggan
Home Production Meets Time to Build pp. 1115-1131 Downloads
Paul Gomme, Finn E. Kydland and Peter Rupert
Globalization and the Rate of Technological Progress: What Track and Field Records Show pp. 1132-1149 Downloads
Lalith Munasinghe, Brendan O'Flaherty and Stephan Danninger
Review of Peter M. Garber, Famous First Bubbles: The Fundamentals of Early Manias pp. 1150-1179 Downloads
John H. Cochrane

2001, volume 109, issue 4

Micro Data, Heterogeneity, and the Evaluation of Public Policy: Nobel Lecture pp. 673-748 Downloads
James J. Heckman
Human Capital versus Signaling Models: University Access and High School Dropouts pp. 749-775 Downloads
Kelly Bedard
War and Democracy pp. 776-810 Downloads
Gregory Dawson Hess and Athanasios Orphanides
The Geography of Investment: Informed Trading and Asset Prices pp. 811-841 Downloads
Joshua D. Coval and Tobias J. Moskowitz
Walras Retrouve: Decentralized Trading Mechanisms and the Competitive Price pp. 842-863 Downloads
Gianni De Fraja and József Sákovics
Adverse Specialization pp. 864-899 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald and Leslie M. Marx
Why Would Nature Give Individuals Utility Functions? pp. 900-929 Downloads
Arthur John Robson

2001, volume 109, issue 3

The Dynamics of Educational Attainment for Black, Hispanic, and White Males pp. 455-499 Downloads
Stephen V. Cameron and James J. Heckman
Group Loyalty and the Taste for Redistribution pp. 500-528 Downloads
Erzo F.P. Luttmer
The Effect of Welfare Payments on the Marriage and Fertility Behavior of Unwed Mothers: Results from a Twins Experiment pp. 529-545 Downloads
Jeffrey T. Grogger and Stephen G. Bronars
On Strategic Community Development pp. 546-569 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson and Jacques François Thisse
An Empirical Investigation of the Strategic Use of Debt pp. 570-583 Downloads
Per Pettersson-Lidbom
The U.S. Structural Transformation and Regional Convergence: A Reinterpretation pp. 584-616 Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Wilbur John Coleman
A Theory of Conservatism pp. 617-636 Downloads
Hao Li
Social Approval, Values, and AFDC: A Reexamination of the Illegitimacy Debate pp. 637-666 Downloads
Thomas Nechyba

2001, volume 109, issue 2

Political Correctness pp. 231-265 Downloads
Stephen Morris
An Incentive Model of the Effect of Parental Income on Children pp. 266-280 Downloads
Bruce A. Weinberg
Any Non-welfarist Method of Policy Assessment Violates the Pareto Principle pp. 281-286 Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
Liquidity Risk, Liquidity Creation, and Financial Fragility: A Theory of Banking pp. 287-327 Downloads
Douglas W. Diamond and Raghuram G. Rajan
Shareholder Wealth and Wages: Evidence for White-Collar Workers pp. 328-354 Downloads
Stephen G. Bronars and Melissa Famulari
Intercountry Differences in the Relationship between Relative Price Variability and Average Prices pp. 355-374 Downloads
Mick Silver and Christos Ioannidis
Information and Competition in U.S. Forest Service Timber Auctions pp. 375-417 Downloads
Susan Athey and Jonathan Levin
Competitive Fair Division pp. 418-443 Downloads
Steven J. Brams and D. Marc Kilgour
Testing for Evidence of Adverse Selection in the Automobile Insurance Market: A Comment pp. 444-473 Downloads
Georges Dionne, Christian S. Gourieroux and Charles Vanasse

2001, volume 109, issue 1

On the Distribution of Income and Worker Assignment under Intrafirm Spillovers, with an Application to Ideas and Networks pp. 1-37 Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
Public versus Private Initiative in Arctic Exploration: The Effects of Incentives and Organizational Structure pp. 38-78 Downloads
Jonathan Mark Karpoff
Endogenous Enfranchisement When Groups' Preferences Conflict pp. 79-102 Downloads
John Patrick Conley and Akram Temimi
How Much Did the Liberty Shipbuilders Learn? New Evidence for an Old Case Study pp. 103-137 Downloads
Peter Thompson
Inequality, Control Rights, and Rent Seeking: Sugar Cooperatives in Maharashtra pp. 138-190 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Dilip Mookherjee, kaivan Munshi and Debraj Ray
The Identification of Unobservable Independent and Spousal Leisure pp. 191-202 Downloads
Yuk-fai Fong and Junsen Zhang
Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence pp. 203-232 Downloads
John A. Knowles, Nicola Persico and Petra Elisabeth Todd

2000, volume 108, issue 6

A Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods under Nonhomothetic Preferences: Demand Complementarities, Income Distribution, and North-South Trade pp. 1093-1120 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Comparative Politics and Public Finance pp. 1121-1161 Downloads
Torsten Persson, Gérard Roland and Guido Tabellini
Disability Insurance Benefits and Labor Supply pp. 1162-1183 Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
Parental Benefits from Intergenerational Coresidence: Empirical Evidence from Rural Pakistan pp. 1184-1209 Downloads
Anjini Kochar
A Model of Bimetallism pp. 1210-1234 Downloads
Francois Velde and Warren E. Weber
Redistributing Income under Proportional Representation pp. 1235-1269 Downloads
David Austen-Smith
Charity and the Bequest Motive: Evidence from Seventeenth-Century Wills pp. 1270-1291 Downloads
Leslie Moscow McGranahan
Sulfur Dioxide Control by Electric Utilities: What Are the Gains from Trade? pp. 1292-1326 Downloads
Curtis Carlson, Dallas Burtraw, Maureen L. Cropper and Karen Palmer
The Marriage Squeeze Interpretation of Dowry Inflation: A Comment pp. 1327-1333 Downloads
Lena Edlund
The Marriage Squeeze Interpretation of Dowry Inflation: Response pp. 1334-1336 Downloads
Vijayendra Rao

2000, volume 108, issue 5

An Alternative Approach to Search Frictions pp. 851-873 Downloads
Ricardo Lagos
Hierarchies and the Organization of Knowledge in Production pp. 874-904 Downloads
Luis Garicano
Federal Mandates by Popular Demand pp. 905-927 Downloads
Jacques Crémer and Thomas R. Palfrey
Putty-Clay and Investment: A Business Cycle Analysis pp. 928-960 Downloads
Simon Gilchrist and John C. Williams
Extensive Margins and the Demand for Money at Low Interest Rates pp. 961-991 Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala--Martin
Are Invisible Hands Good Hands? Moral Hazard, Competition, and the Second-Best in Health Care Markets pp. 992-1005 Downloads
Martin Gaynor, Deborah Haas-Wilson and William B. Vogt
Estimating a Bargaining Model with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Medical Malpractice Disputes pp. 1006-1021 Downloads
Holger Sieg
Luxuries Are Easier to Postpone: A Proof pp. 1022-1026 Downloads
Martin Browning and Thomas F. Crossley
Measurement Error and the Relationship between Investment and q pp. 1027-1057 Downloads
Timothy Erickson and Toni M Whited
Risk Sharing, Sorting, and Early Contracting pp. 1058-1087 Downloads
Hao Li and Wing Suen

2000, volume 108, issue 4

Is Child Labor Inefficient? pp. 663-679 Downloads
Jean-Marie Baland and James Alan Robinson
Homework in Development Economics: Household Production and the Wealth of Nations pp. 680-687 Downloads
Stephen Parente, Richard Rogerson and Randall Wright
In Sickness and in Health: Risk Sharing within Households in Rural Ethiopia pp. 688-727 Downloads
Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan
The Making of an Oligopoly: Firm Survival and Technological Change in the Evolution of the U.S. Tire Industry pp. 728-760 Downloads
Steven Klepper and Kenneth L. Simons
Age and the Quality of Work: The Case of Modern American Painters pp. 761-777 Downloads
David W. Galenson and Bruce A. Weinberg
Balladurette and Juppette: A Discrete Analysis of Scrapping Subsidies pp. 778-806 Downloads
Jerome Adda and Russell Cooper
Earnings within Education Groups and Overall Productivity Growth pp. 807-832 Downloads
John Preston Laitner
Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Retail Markets for Prescription Drugs pp. 833-862 Downloads
Alan T. Sorensen

2000, volume 108, issue 3

What Did Smith Mean by the Invisible Hand? pp. 441-465 Downloads
William D. Grampp
Prices Rise Faster than They Fall pp. 466-502 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
Estimating Preferences under Risk: The Case of Racetrack Bettors pp. 503-530 Downloads
Bruno Jullien and Bernard Salanié
The Dynamics of Political Compromise pp. 531-568 Downloads
Avinash Kamalakar Dixit, Gene Grossman and Faruk Gul
Let's Agree That All Dictatorships Are Equally Bad pp. 569-589 Downloads
Uzi Segal
A Market Test for Discrimination in the English Professional Soccer Leagues pp. 590-603 Downloads
Stefan Szymanski
Does Entrepreneurship Pay? An Empirical Analysis of the Returns to Self-Employment pp. 604-631 Downloads
Barton Hamilton
Intellectual Collaboration pp. 632-661 Downloads
David Neil Laband and Robert D. Tollison

2000, volume 108, issue 2

On the State of the Union pp. 213-244 Downloads
S. Rao Aiyagari, Jeremy Greenwood and Nezih Guner
Putting Auction Theory to Work: The Simultaneous Ascending Auction pp. 245-272 Downloads
Paul Milgrom
Do Incentives Matter? Managerial Contracts for Dual-Purpose Funds pp. 273-299 Downloads
Michael L. Lemmon, James S. Schallheim and Jaime F. Zender
Sustaining Fiscal Policy through Immigration pp. 300-323 Downloads
Kjetil Storesletten
Equity, Bonds, and Bank Debt: Capital Structure and Financial Market Equilibrium under Asymmetric Information pp. 324-351 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Xavier Freixas
What Happens When You Tax the Rich? Evidence from Executive Compensation pp. 352-378 Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
Effects of Air Quality Regulations on Polluting Industries pp. 379-421 Downloads
Randy A. Becker and J. Vernon Henderson
Redistribution in a Decentralized Economy: Growth and Inflation in China under Reform pp. 422-451 Downloads
Loren Brandt and Xiaodong Zhu

2000, volume 108, issue 1

Financial Contagion pp. 1-33 Downloads
Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale
Sequential Voting Procedures in Symmetric Binary Elections pp. 34-55 Downloads
Eddie Dekel and Michele Piccione
Testing for Asymmetric Information in Insurance Markets pp. 56-78 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori and Bernard Salanié
Beyond Arbitrage: Good-Deal Asset Price Bounds in Incomplete Markets pp. 79-119 Downloads
John H. Cochrane and Jesus Saa-Requejo
Reform without Losers: An Interpretation of China's Dual-Track Approach to Transition pp. 120-143 Downloads
Lawrence J. Lau, Yingyi Qian and Gérard Roland
Gain, Loss, and Asset Pricing pp. 144-172 Downloads
Antonio E. Bernardo and Olivier Ledoit
Valuing Research Leads: Bioprospecting and the Conservation of Genetic Resources pp. 173-206 Downloads
Gordon C. Rausser and Arthur A. Small
C. Y. Cyrus Chu, Population Dynamics: A New Economic Approach pp. 207-236 Downloads
Population Dynamics: A New Economic Approach
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