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Workplace:School of Economics, Universiteit Utrecht (University of Utrecht), (more information at EDIRC)

Jacob A. Jordaan edits the NEP report on Development.

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Working Papers


  1. Foreign Direct Investment, Backward Linkages, and Productivity Spillovers
    World Bank Publications - Reports, The World Bank Group Downloads View citations (1)
  2. Multinational Corporation Affiliates, Backward Linkages, and Productivity Spillovers in Developing and Emerging Economies: Evidence and Policy Making
    Policy Research Working Paper Series, The World Bank Downloads View citations (3)


  1. Economic Complexity and Inequality: Does Productive Structure Affect Regional Wage Differentials in Brazil?
    Working Papers, Utrecht School of Economics Downloads View citations (9)


  1. The domestic productivity effects of FDI in Greece: loca(lisa)tion matters!
    GreeSE – Hellenic Observatory Papers on Greece and Southeast Europe, Hellenic Observatory, LSE Downloads View citations (4)
    Also in LSE Research Online Documents on Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE Library (2016) Downloads View citations (3)


  1. Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfers to Local Suppliers: Identifying the effects of type of ownership and the technology gap
    ERSA conference papers, European Regional Science Association Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Regional Distribution and Spatial Impact of FDI in Greece: evidence from firm-level data
    GreeSE – Hellenic Observatory Papers on Greece and Southeast Europe, Hellenic Observatory, LSE Downloads View citations (7)

Journal Articles


  1. Toxic Prisons? Local Environmental Quality and the Wellbeing of Incarcerated Populations
    Land, 2024, 13, (2), 1-16 Downloads


  1. Firm‐level characteristics and the impact of COVID‐19: Examining the effects of foreign ownership and international trade
    The World Economy, 2023, 46, (7), 1967-1998 Downloads


  1. The roles of KIBS and R&D in the industrial diversification of regions
    The Annals of Regional Science, 2022, 68, (1), 29-64 Downloads


  1. Biased FDI spillovers in incomplete datasets: An empirical examination
    Review of Development Economics, 2021, 25, (2), 582-600 Downloads
  2. Economic Complexity and Inequality: Does Regional Productive Structure Affect Income Inequality in Brazilian States?
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (2), 1-23 Downloads View citations (6)
  3. Growth: From microorganisms to megacities Smil, V.Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2019. 664+xxvpp., ISBN: 978‐0‐262‐04283‐3. USD 43.92 (hb)
    Journal of Regional Science, 2021, 61, (3), 685-686 Downloads


  1. Does Nature Contact in Prison Improve Well-Being? Mapping Land Cover to Identify the Effect of Greenspace on Self-Harm and Violence in Prisons in England and Wales
    Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 2020, 111, (6), 1779-1795 Downloads View citations (1)
  2. Entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurial activity and economic growth: new evidence from European regions
    Regional Studies, 2020, 54, (8), 1007-1019 Downloads View citations (18)
  3. Post Materialism and Comparative Economic Development: Do Institutions Act as Transmission Channel?
    Social Indicators Research: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement, 2020, 148, (2), 441-472 Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Does related variety foster regional entrepreneurship? Evidence from European regions
    Regional Studies, 2019, 53, (11), 1531-1543 Downloads View citations (16)


  1. Foreign workers and productivity in an emerging economy: The case of Malaysia
    Review of Development Economics, 2018, 22, (1), 148-173 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Producer firms, technology diffusion and spillovers to local suppliers: Examining the effects of Foreign Direct Investment and the technology gap
    Environment and Planning A, 2017, 49, (12), 2718-2738 Downloads View citations (4)
  2. USING GEODATA AND GEOLOCATION IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES: MAPPING OUR CONNECTED WORLD, David Abernathy. London, U.K.: Sage Publishing, 2016. 344+xv. ISBN: 978-104739-0818-5. GBP27.99
    Journal of Regional Science, 2017, 57, (4), 698-699 Downloads


  1. Do societal values influence financial development? New evidence on the effects of post materialism and institutions on stock markets
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2016, 132, (PA), 197-216 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Firm heterogeneity and technology transfers to local suppliers: Disentangling the effects of foreign ownership, technology gap and absorptive capacity
    The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 2013, 22, (1), 75-102 Downloads View citations (5)


  1. Agglomeration and the location choice of foreign direct investment: new evidence from manufacturing FDI in Mexico
    Estudios Económicos, 2012, 27, (1), 61-97 Downloads View citations (9)
  2. Regional growth in Mexico under trade liberalisation: how important are agglomeration and FDI?
    The Annals of Regional Science, 2012, 48, (1), 179-202 Downloads View citations (15)


  1. Cross-sectional estimation of FDI spillovers when FDI is endogenous: OLS and IV estimates for Mexican manufacturing industries
    Applied Economics, 2011, 43, (19), 2451-2463 Downloads View citations (10)
  2. FDI, Local Sourcing, and Supportive Linkages with Domestic Suppliers: The Case of Monterrey, Mexico
    World Development, 2011, 39, (4), 620-632 Downloads View citations (29)
  3. Local Sourcing and Technology Spillovers to Mexican Suppliers: How Important are FDI and Supplier Characteristics?
    Growth and Change, 2011, 42, (3), 287-319 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Does FDI promote regional development? Evidence from local and regional productivity spillovers in Greece
    Eastern Journal of European Studies, 2010, 1(2), 139-164 Downloads View citations (13)


  1. Intra- and Inter-industry Externalities from Foreign Direct Investment in the Mexican Manufacturing Sector: New Evidence from Mexican Regions
    World Development, 2008, 36, (12), 2838-2854 Downloads View citations (42)
  2. Regional Foreign Participation and Externalities: New Empirical Evidence from Mexican Regions
    Environment and Planning A, 2008, 40, (12), 2948-2969 Downloads View citations (17)
  3. State Characteristics and the Locational Choice of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Regional FDI in Mexico 1989–2006
    Growth and Change, 2008, 39, (3), 389-413 Downloads View citations (22)


  1. Determinants of FDI-induced externalities: New empirical evidence for Mexican manufacturing industries
    World Development, 2005, 33, (12), 2103-2118 Downloads View citations (47)


  1. Review: The New Imperialism, Contemporary Peace Making: Conflict, Violence and Peace Processes, Global Civil Society and its Limits, Global Shift: Reshaping the Global Economic Map in the 21st Century, the Global Environment and International Law, Urban and Environmental Planning in the UK, the Quiet Revolution: Decentralization and the Rise of Political Participation in Latin American Cities
    Environment and Planning C, 2004, 22, (3), 465-474 Downloads



  1. Location, localisation, agglomeration: an examination of the geographical dimension of FDI spillovers
    Chapter 13 in Geography, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2018, pp 328-358 Downloads View citations (1)
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