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Phone:91 8093505772
Postal address:Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur West Bengal, India
Workplace:Mantu Kumar Mahalik

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Working Papers


  1. How Do Financial Globalization, Institutions and Economic Growth Impact Financial Sector Development in European Countries?
    MPRA Paper, University Library of Munich, Germany Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Testing the Globalization-Driven Carbon Emissions Hypothesis: International Evidence
    MPRA Paper, University Library of Munich, Germany Downloads View citations (3)
    See also Journal Article in International Economics (2019)


  1. Finance and Income Inequality in Kazakhstan: Evidence since Transition with Policy Suggestions
    MPRA Paper, University Library of Munich, Germany Downloads View citations (6)
    See also Journal Article in Applied Economics (2017)
  2. How Strong is the Causal Relationship between Globalization and Energy Consumption in Developed Economies? A Country-Specific Time-Series and Panel Analysis
    MPRA Paper, University Library of Munich, Germany Downloads View citations (2)
    See also Journal Article in Applied Economics (2018)


  1. Energy consumption, financial development and economic growth in India: New evidence from a nonlinear and asymmetric analysis
    Post-Print, HAL Downloads View citations (9)
    See also Journal Article in Energy Economics (2017)

Journal Articles


  1. International subsidiary performance of Indian multinationals in the extractive sector: The role of institutional quality, corruption and investment regime
    Resources Policy, 2020, 67, (C) Downloads
  2. The impact of economic globalization on renewable energy in the OECD countries
    Energy Policy, 2020, 139, (C) Downloads View citations (5)
  3. What deteriorates India’s current account balance: crude oil imports or gold imports?
    Applied Economics Letters, 2020, 27, (13), 1107-1111 Downloads


  1. Do fossil fuel and renewable energy consumption affect total factor productivity growth? Evidence from cross-country data with policy insights
    Energy Policy, 2019, 127, (C), 186-199 Downloads View citations (7)
  2. Does skewed pattern of income distribution matter for the environmental quality? Evidence from selected BRICS economies with an application of Quantile-on-Quantile regression (QQR) approach
    Energy Policy, 2019, 129, (C), 120-131 Downloads View citations (3)
  3. Does the environmental Kuznets curve exist between globalization and energy consumption? Global evidence from the cross‐correlation method
    International Journal of Finance & Economics, 2019, 24, (1), 540-557 Downloads View citations (2)
  4. Testing the globalization-driven carbon emissions hypothesis: International evidence
    International Economics, 2019, (158), 25-38 Downloads View citations (3)
    Also in International Economics, 2019, 158, (C), 25-38 (2019) Downloads View citations (3)

    See also Working Paper (2019)
  5. The dynamics of financial development, globalisation, economic growth and life expectancy in sub‐Saharan Africa
    Australian Economic Papers, 2019, 58, (4), 444-479 Downloads View citations (6)


  1. Are Fluctuations in Military Spending Transitory or Permanent? International Evidence
    Economics Bulletin, 2018, 38, (2), 1198-1212 Downloads
  2. Financial development, industrialization, the role of institutions and government: a comparative analysis between India and China
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50, (17), 1952-1977 Downloads View citations (10)
  3. How strong is the causal relationship between globalization and energy consumption in developed economies? A country-specific time-series and panel analysis
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50, (13), 1479-1494 Downloads View citations (12)
    See also Working Paper (2017)
  4. Is crude oil price detrimental to domestic private investment for an emerging economy? The role of public sector investment and financial sector development in an era of globalization
    Energy Economics, 2018, 69, (C), 307-324 Downloads View citations (7)
  5. Is globalization detrimental to financial development? Further evidence from a very large emerging economy with significant orientation towards policies
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50, (6), 574-595 Downloads View citations (6)
  6. The energy consumption and economic growth nexus in top ten energy-consuming countries: Fresh evidence from using the quantile-on-quantile approach
    Energy Economics, 2018, 71, (C), 282-301 Downloads View citations (44)


  1. Does financial development intensify energy consumption in Saudi Arabia?
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2017, 75, (C), 1022-1034 Downloads View citations (26)
  2. Energy consumption, financial development and economic growth in India: New evidence from a nonlinear and asymmetric analysis
    Energy Economics, 2017, 63, (C), 199-212 Downloads View citations (84)
    See also Working Paper (2016)
  3. Finance and income inequality in Kazakhstan: evidence since transition with policy suggestions
    Applied Economics, 2017, 49, (52), 5337-5351 Downloads View citations (6)
    See also Working Paper (2017)
  4. The drivers of economic growth in China and India: globalization or financial development?
    International Journal of Development Issues, 2017, 16, (1), 54-84 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Are house prices guided by fundamentals or speculative factors? An empirical inquiry for India
    International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies, 2016, 9, (1), 47-64 Downloads
  2. Considering the effect of biomass energy consumption on economic growth: Fresh evidence from BRICS region
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016, 60, (C), 1442-1450 Downloads View citations (23)
  3. Dynamics between economic growth, labor, capital and natural resource abundance in Iran: An application of the combined cointegration approach
    Resources Policy, 2016, 49, (C), 213-221 Downloads View citations (46)
    The Singapore Economic Review (SER), 2016, 61, (04), 1-26 Downloads
  5. The role of globalization on the recent evolution of energy demand in India: Implications for sustainable development
    Energy Economics, 2016, 55, (C), 52-68 Downloads View citations (64)
  6. Time-varying analysis of CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and economic growth nexus: Statistical experience in next 11 countries
    Energy Policy, 2016, 98, (C), 33-48 Downloads View citations (33)


  1. Factors determining regional housing prices: evidence from major cities in India
    Journal of Property Research, 2015, 32, (2), 123-146 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Are fluctuations in natural gas consumption per capita transitory? Evidence from time series and panel unit root tests
    Energy, 2014, 78, (C), 183-195 Downloads View citations (11)
  2. Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Financial Development: A Comparative Perspective on India and China
    Bulletin of Energy Economics (BEE), 2014, 2, (3), 72-84 Downloads View citations (26)
  3. Energy consumption, economic growth and financial development: exploring the empirical linkages for India
    Journal of Developing Areas, 2014, 48, (4), 139-159 Downloads View citations (31)
  4. Price discovery and volatility spillovers in futures and spot commodity markets: Some Indian evidence
    Journal of Advances in Management Research, 2014, 11, (2), 211-226 Downloads View citations (9)


  1. Fundamental or speculative factors in the housing markets of emerging economies? Some lessons from China
    Journal of Economic Policy Reform, 2012, 15, (1), 57-67 Downloads View citations (1)


  1. What Causes Asset Price Bubble in an Emerging Economy? Some Empirical Evidence in the Housing Sector of India
    International Economic Journal, 2011, 25, (2), 215-237 Downloads View citations (6)


  1. Constructing the Economy: The Role of Construction Sector in India’s Growth
    The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2010, 40, (3), 368-384 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Does globalization exacerbate income inequality in two largest emerging economies? The role of FDI and remittances inflows
    International Review of Economics, 1-38 Downloads
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