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Volume 57, issue 3, 2019

Text as Data pp. 535-74 Downloads
Matthew Gentzkow, Bryan Kelly and Matt Taddy
What Can Be Learned from Spatial Economics? pp. 575-643 Downloads
Stef Proost and Jacques-François Thisse
A Review on Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy by Philippe Van Parijs and Yannick Vanderborght pp. 644-58 Downloads
Caterina Calsamiglia and Sabine Flamand
Measuring Progress: A Review Essay on The Pricing of Progress: Economic Indicators and the Capitalization of American Life by Eli Cook pp. 659-77 Downloads
Diane Coyle
Society and Economy: Frameworks and Principles: A Book Review pp. 678-89 Downloads
Sanjeev Goyal

Volume 57, issue 2, 2019

Dynamic Mechanism Design: An Introduction pp. 235-74 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Juuso Välimäki
What We Have Learned about Terrorism since 9/11 pp. 275-328 Downloads
Khusrav Gaibulloev and Todd Sandler
Price Theory pp. 329-84 Downloads
E. Glen Weyl
Unhappiness and Pain in Modern America: A Review Essay, and Further Evidence, on Carol Graham's Happiness for All? pp. 385-402 Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
Review of Books on Student Loans pp. 403-33 Downloads
Christopher Avery

Volume 57, issue 1, 2019

Digital Economics pp. 3-43 Downloads
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker
Information Design: A Unified Perspective pp. 44-95 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Stephen Morris
Review Essay on Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies by Claire Adida, David Laitin and Marie-Anne Valfort pp. 96-119 Downloads
Thierry Verdier
Gorbachev versus Deng: A Review of Chris Miller's The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy pp. 120-46 Downloads
Sergei Guriev
The Devil Is in the Details: Implications of Samuel Bowles's The Moral Economy for Economics and Policy Research pp. 147-60 Downloads
Rachel Kranton
Environmentalism with Chinese Characteristics—A Review of Matthew E. Kahn and Siqi Zheng's Blue Skies over Beijing: Economic Growth and the Environment in China pp. 161-79 Downloads
Ian Coxhead

Volume 56, issue 4, 2018

Skewed Wealth Distributions: Theory and Empirics pp. 1261-91 Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Alberto Bisin
Islam and Economic Performance: Historical and Contemporary Links pp. 1292-1359 Downloads
Timur Kuran
Childhood Circumstances and Adult Outcomes: Act II pp. 1360-1446 Downloads
Douglas Almond, Janet Currie and Valentina Duque
The Formation of Expectations, Inflation, and the Phillips Curve pp. 1447-91 Downloads
Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Rupal Kamdar
The Sound of Silence: A Review Essay of Nancy MacLean's Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America pp. 1492-1537 Downloads
Jean-Baptiste Fleury and Alain Marciano
Riddles and Models: A Review Essay on Michel De Vroey's A History of Macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and Beyond pp. 1538-76 Downloads
Costas Azariadis
Finance and Economic Development in the Very Long Run: A Review Essay pp. 1577-86 Downloads
Yongseok Shin
The Case for Imposing Cashlessness: A Review Article pp. 1587-91 Downloads
Neil Wallace

Volume 56, issue 3, 2018

Experimental Research on Labor Market Discrimination pp. 799-866 Downloads
David Neumark
Production and Welfare: Progress in Economic Measurement pp. 867-919 Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson
Transparency, Reproducibility, and the Credibility of Economics Research pp. 920-80 Downloads
Garret Christensen and Edward Miguel
Offshoring and Labor Markets pp. 981-1028 Downloads
David Hummels, Jakob Munch and Chong Xiang
Optimal Income Taxation Theory and Principles of Fairness pp. 1029-79 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Francois Maniquet
Mind the Gap: A Review of The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World by Sir Michael Marmot pp. 1080-1101 Downloads
Adriana Lleras-Muney
The End of Alchemy by Mervyn King: A Review Essay pp. 1102-18 Downloads
Roger Farmer
The Macrogenoeconomics of Comparative Development pp. 1119-55 Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor

Volume 56, issue 2, 2018

Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry pp. 397-449 Downloads
Darius Lakdawalla
Identifying and Estimating Neighborhood Effects pp. 450-500 Downloads
Bryan Graham
Estimating Risk Preferences in the Field pp. 501-64 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari, Ted O'Donoghue and Joshua Teitelbaum
Global Firms pp. 565-619 Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter K. Schott
Inequality and Globalization: A Review Essay pp. 620-42 Downloads
Martin Ravallion
Medieval Origins: A Review Essay on Campbell's The Great Transition pp. 643-56 Downloads
Eric Chaney
On Measuring Multidimensional Deprivation pp. 657-72 Downloads
Prasanta K. Pattanaik and Yongsheng Xu
Review of Global Tax Fairness, Thomas Pogge and Krishen Mehta, Editors pp. 673-84 Downloads
Matthew Weinzierl

Volume 56, issue 1, 2018

The Science of Monetary Policy: An Imperfect Knowledge Perspective pp. 3-59 Downloads
Stefano Eusepi and Bruce Preston
On the Determinants of Cooperation in Infinitely Repeated Games: A Survey pp. 60-114 Downloads
Pedro Dal Bó and Guillaume R. Fréchette
Citations in Economics: Measurement, Uses, and Impacts pp. 115-56 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Empirical Work on Auctions of Multiple Objects pp. 157-84 Downloads
Ali Hortaçsu and David McAdams
Markets and Manipulation: Time for a Paradigm Shift? pp. 185-205 Downloads
Kaushik Basu
A Review Essay on Howard Bodenhorn's The Color Factor: The Economics of African-American Well-Being in the Nineteenth-Century South pp. 206-16 Downloads
Allison Shertzer
Morality, Policy, and the Brain pp. 217-33 Downloads
Aldo Rustichini
A Review Essay on Social Neuroscience: Can Research on the Social Brain and Economics Inform Each Other? pp. 234-64 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer

Volume 55, issue 4, 2017

Immigration in American Economic History pp. 1311-45 Downloads
Ran Abramitzky and Leah Boustan
Family Economics Writ Large pp. 1346-1434 Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner and Guillaume Vandenbroucke
How Successful Was the New Deal? The Microeconomic Impact of New Deal Spending and Lending Policies in the 1930s pp. 1435-85 Downloads
Price Fishback
Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap pp. 1486-1525 Downloads
Todd D. Gerarden, Richard Newell and Robert Stavins
Ideology, Economic Policy, and Economic History: Cohen and DeLong's Concrete Economics pp. 1526-55 Downloads
Alexander Field
Public Economics and History: A Review of Fiscal Regimes and the Political Economy of Premodern States, Edited by Andrew Monson and Walter Scheidel pp. 1556-69 Downloads
Philip Hoffman
Group Selection: A Review Essay on Does Altruism Exist? by David Sloan Wilson pp. 1570-82 Downloads
Arthur Robson
The Great Recession in the Shadow of the Great Depression: A Review Essay on Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the Uses and Misuses of History, by Barry Eichengreen pp. 1583-1601 Downloads
Lee Ohanian
A Review Essay on Alvin Roth's Who Gets What—And Why pp. 1602-14 Downloads
Edward L. Glaeser

Volume 55, issue 3, 2017

The Gender Wage Gap: Extent, Trends, and Explanations pp. 789-865 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
Conditional Cash Transfers: The Case of Progresa/Oportunidades pp. 866-915 Downloads
Susan Parker and Petra E. Todd
The Political Economy of Dynamic Elections: Accountability, Commitment, and Responsiveness pp. 916-84 Downloads
John Duggan and Cesar Martinelli
Static and Intertemporal Household Decisions pp. 985-1045 Downloads
Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Maurizio Mazzocco
The Economics of the Climate pp. 1046-63 Downloads
Geoffrey Heal
The Intellectual Legacy of Progressive Economics: A Review Essay of Thomas C. Leonard's Illiberal Reformers pp. 1064-83 Downloads
Marshall Steinbaum and Bernard A. Weisberger
On Economic Interdependence and War pp. 1084-97 Downloads
Massimo Morelli and Tommaso Sonno
Law, Coercion, and Expression: A Review Essay on Frederick Schauer's The Force of Law and Richard McAdams's The Expressive Powers of Law pp. 1098-1121 Downloads
Eric Rasmusen
The Evolution of Value Systems: A Review Essay on Ian Morris's Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels pp. 1122-35 Downloads
Alberto Bisin

Volume 55, issue 2, 2017

Liquidity: A New Monetarist Perspective pp. 371-440 Downloads
Ricardo Lagos, Guillaume Rocheteau and Randall Wright
School Vouchers: A Survey of the Economics Literature pp. 441-92 Downloads
Dennis Epple, Richard Romano and Miguel Urquiola
Sorting through Search and Matching Models in Economics pp. 493-544 Downloads
Hector Chade, Jan Eeckhout and Lones Smith
Classifying Economics: A History of the JEL Codes pp. 545-79 Downloads
Beatrice Cherrier
Opportunities, Welfare, and Social Justice: A Review of Fishkin's Bottlenecks pp. 580-91 Downloads
Francois Maniquet
A Review Essay on Isabel Sawhill's Generation Unbound: Drifting into Sex and Parenting without Marriage and Laurence Steinberg's Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence pp. 592-608 Downloads
Anna Aizer
Review of Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb by Douglas S. Massey et al pp. 609-20 Downloads
Yannis Ioannides
The Decentralized Central Bank: A Review Essay on The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve by Peter Conti-Brown pp. 621-36 Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota
Review of The Business of Slavery and the Rise of American Capitalism, 1815-1860 by Calvin Schermerhorn and The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism by Edward E. Baptist pp. 637-43 Downloads
Stanley L. Engerman

Volume 55, issue 1, 2017

Criminal Deterrence: A Review of the Literature pp. 5-48 Downloads
Aaron Chalfin and Justin McCrary
The Economic Consequences of Social-Network Structure pp. 49-95 Downloads
Matthew Jackson, Brian W. Rogers and Yves Zenou
Information Avoidance pp. 96-135 Downloads
Russell Golman, David Hagmann and George Loewenstein
Parties or Problem Sets: Review Article on How College Works and Paying for the Party pp. 136-47 Downloads
William Johnson
Game Theory and Cold War Rationality: A Review Essay pp. 148-61 Downloads
E. Roy Weintraub
Comments on Economic Models, Economics, and Economists: Remarks on Economics Rules by Dani Rodrik pp. 162-72 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein
Hansen and Sargent's Recursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economies: A Review Essay pp. 173-81 Downloads
Kenneth West
A Review of Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Conceptualizing Capitalism: Institutions, Evolution, Future pp. 182-90 Downloads
Susan Rose-Ackerman
Capitalism and Socialism: A Review of Kornai's Dynamism, Rivalry, and the Surplus Economy pp. 191-208 Downloads
Chenggang Xu
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