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Volume Volume 7, issue Number 4, 1986

Book Review - The Energy Balance in Northeast Asia; The Australian Economy; China Coal Industry Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
The Competitive Floor to World Oil Prices pp. 9-31 Downloads
M. A. Adelman
Falling Oil Prices: Where Is the Floor? pp. 37-50 Downloads
James M. Griffin and Clifton T. Jones
The Economic Impact of Coal-Fired Versus Nuclear Power Plants: An Application of a General Equilibrium Model pp. 51-63 Downloads
Klaus Conrad and Iris Henseler-Unger
Cost Shares, Own, and Cross-Price Elasticities in U.S. Manufacturing with Disaggregated Energy Inputs pp. 65-80 Downloads
Mahmood Moghimzadeh and Kern O. Kymn
Residential Gas Cooling: A Life-cycle Approach pp. 81-88 Downloads
Richard L. Itteilag and Christina A. Swanson
Long-run Adjustment to Alternative Levels of Reliability in Electricity Supply pp. 89-94 Downloads
Robert W. Gilmer and Richard S. Mack
The Economics of Strategic Choice: U.S. Uranium Enrichment in the World Market pp. 95-107 Downloads
David L. Bodde, Mollie V. Quasebarth and John B. Thomasian

Volume Volume 7, issue Number 3, 1986

The Great Transition: Energy and Economic Change pp. 1-13 Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson
Book Review - East European Energy and East-West Trade in Energy; Intl Gas Trade in Europe& Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
A North American Gas Trade Model (GTM) pp. 15-32 Downloads
Mark A. Beltramo, Alan Manne and John P. Weyant
Price Discrimination Limits in Relation to the Death Spiral pp. 33-50 Downloads
J. Stephen Henderson
The Failure of Solar Tax Incentives: A Dynamic Analysis pp. 51-66 Downloads
G. Thomas Sav
An Integrated Analysis of U.S. Oil Security Policies pp. 67-82 Downloads
Frederic H. Murphy, Michael Toman and Howard J. Weiss
Optimal Seasonal Distillate Inventory pp. 83-97 Downloads
Charles Tiplitz
Energy Prospects and Policies in the PRC pp. 99-108 Downloads
Lu Yingzhong
International Energy Workshop: Oil Price Projections pp. 109-114 Downloads
Alan Manne and Leo Schrattenholzer with the assistance of Jennifer L. Rowley
The Effects of Energy Prices Upon Appliance Efficiencies and Building Insulation pp. 115-122 Downloads
Michael A. Einhorn
Service Reliability and the Optimal Interruptible Rate Option in Residential Electricity Pricing pp. 123-136 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo and Nate Toyama
U.S. Residential Demand for Wood pp. 137-147 Downloads
Richard R. Bryant
Missing Survey Data in End-Use Energy Models: An Overlooked Problem pp. 149-157 Downloads
David A. Swanson
Short-Term Price Formation in the U.S. Uranium Market: A Comment pp. 159-160 Downloads
Ferdinand E. Banks

Volume Volume 7, issue Number 2, 1986

The Diminishing Role of Regulation in the Natural Gas Industry pp. 1-12 Downloads
Charles G. Slalon
Book Review - Oil Price Effects and OPEC's Pricing Policy: An Optimal Control Approach Downloads
John P. Weyant
Integrated National Energy Planning: A Case Study of the Republic of Korea pp. 13-35 Downloads
Byong-hun Ahn, Hvung-wook Kim, Dale M. Neshitt and Robert L. Phillips
Oil Supply Disruptions and the Role of the International Energy Agency pp. 37-50 Downloads
Douglas R. Bohi and Michael Toman
Efficient Pricing During Oil Supply Disruptions pp. 51-68 Downloads
Richard Gilbert and Knut Anton Mork
Modeling Energy Demand: The Choice Between Input and Output Energy Measures pp. 69-79 Downloads
E. R. Berndt and G. C. Watkins
Energy, Electricity, and the U.S. Economy: Emerging Trends pp. 81-90 Downloads
Fereidoon P. Sioshansi
The Value of Australia's Natural Gas Resource - A Linear Programing Analysis pp. 91-106 Downloads
K. J. Stocks and A. R. de L. Musgrove
Impact of Biomass Availability on Selection of Optimal Energy Systems and Cost of Energy pp. 107-120 Downloads
P. R. Shukla and T. K. Moulik
Seasonal and Regional Residential Electricity Demand pp. 121-134 Downloads
Christopher Garbacz
A Residential Demand Charge: Evidence from the Duke Power Time-of-Day Pricing Experiment pp. 135-151 Downloads
Thomas N. Taylor and Peter M. Schwarz
Estimating Hourly Electric Load with Generalized Least Square Procedures pp. 153-170 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, Philip Hanser and Nate Toyama
Changes in Oil Demand in Oil-importing Developing Countries: The Case of the Philippines pp. 171-179 Downloads
Jayant Sathaye and Stephen Meyers
Long-Term Versus Short-Term Costs of Electricity Supply Interruptions: A Cautionary Note pp. 181-186 Downloads
Peter Lewin and Steve G. Parsons

Volume Volume 7, issue Number 1, 1986

Future World Oil Prices and Production Levels: An Economic Analysis pp. 1-22 Downloads
Robert A. Marshalla and Dale M. Nesbitt
Book Review - The Dimming of America: The Real Costs of Electric Utility Regulatory Failure Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
The World Oil Market (WOM) Model: An Assessment of the Crude Oil Market Through 2000 pp. 23-34 Downloads
Lorents Lorentsen and Kjell Roland
Energy-Economy Interactions in Developing Countries pp. 35-50 Downloads
Charles R. Blitzer
Evaluating Energy Options for Israel: A Case Study pp. 51-65 Downloads
Nissan Levin, Asher Tishler and Jacob Zahavi
Gasoline Demand Survey pp. 67-82 Downloads
Carol Dahl
The Cost of OCS Bid Rejection pp. 83-97 Downloads
Paul R. Kobrin
Will Mandatory Conservation Promote Energy Efficiency in the Selection of Household Appliance Stocks? pp. 99-118 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Dubin
Elements of Market Power in the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry pp. 119-138 Downloads
Harry G. Broadman
Household Discount Rates Revisited pp. 139-148 Downloads
Raymond S. Hartman and Michael J. Doane
Peak and Off-Peak Industrial Demand for Electricity: The Hopkinson Rate in Ontario, Canada pp. 149-168 Downloads
Dean C. Mountain and Cheng Hsiao

Volume Volume 6, issue Special Issue, 1985

Exploration Risks and Mineral Taxation: How Fiscal Regimes Affect Exploration Incentives Downloads
T. R. Stauffer and John C. Gault
Sensitivity of Rates of Return and Output to Alternative Tax Scenarios: The Case of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico OCS Downloads
Walter J. Mead and Dennis D. Muraoka
An Analysis of Fiscal and Financial Impediments to Oil and Gas Exploration in Developing Countries Downloads
Charles R. Blitzer, Panos E. Cavoulacos, Donald R. Lessard and James L. Paddock
Front Matter (Announcements, etc.) Downloads
Effects of Taxes and Price Regulation on Offshore Gas Downloads
Henry D. Jacoby and James Smith
Effects of Taxes and Price Regulation on Offshore Gas Downloads
M. A. Adelman
Levies on U.S. Coal Production Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
A Natural Resource Theory of Unitary Taxation Downloads
James L. Johnston and Alan Reynolds
Interregional Energy Tax Exportation: An Interpretative Survey Downloads
William E. Morgan and John H. Multi
Capital Tax Distortions in the Petroleum Industry Downloads
Robert Crum Fry, Jr.
Canadian Oil and Gas Taxation Downloads
Campbell Watkins and Brian Scarfe
The Resource Rent Tax in Australia Downloads
Paul G. Bradley
The Double Inefficiency of the Windfall Profits Tax on Crude Oil Downloads
Jerry Blankenship and David Weimer
Analyzing Impacts of Potential Tax Policy Changes on U.S. Oil Security Downloads
James L. Sweeney and Michael J. Boskin
Energy Taxes and Optimal Tax Theory Downloads
Michael J. Boskin and Marc S. Robinson
Scheduling and Taxation of Resource Deposits Downloads
Sjur D. Fldm and Trond Olsen
Tax Issues in Petroleum Industry Reorganization Downloads
E. Allen Jacobs and Stephen T. Limberg
Severance Taxes and the Government's Share of Value from Oil and Gas Production Downloads
John Lohrenz and John A. Pederson
The Coming Age of Energy Taxes and Environmental Levies Downloads
Hans-Jochen Luhmann
Separate Accounting Versus Formulary Apportionment: What Can Positive Economics Say? Downloads
Robert F Conrad
The Effects of Petroleum Taxation in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands: A Comparative Study Downloads
Alexander G. Kemp and David Rose
Efficiency Versus Equity in Petroleum Taxation Downloads
Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
Effective Federal Tax Rates on Income from New Investments in Oil and Gas Extraction Downloads
Jane Gravelle
The Incidence of Severance Taxes in a Residual Demand Framework Downloads
Albert L. Danielsen and Phillip Cartwright
Taxation as a Protection Against the Effects of Price Fluctuations: The Case of Oil Downloads
Knut Anton Mork

Volume Volume 6, issue Number 4, 1985

Change and Continuity pp. 1-5 Downloads
P. H. Frankel
Volume 6 Index Downloads
Acknowledgments Downloads
Energy and Economy: Global Interdependences pp. 7-21 Downloads
William W. Hogan
Oil and Rival Energy Sources pp. 23-28 Downloads
P. C. Despraries
Validating Allocation Functions in Energy Models: An Experimental Methodology pp. 29-47 Downloads
V. Smith and Lawrence J. Hill
A Survey of Canadian Energy Policy: 1974-1983 pp. 49-64 Downloads
Robert N. McRae
Residential Energy Use in the OECD pp. 65-85 Downloads
Lee Schipper and Andrea N. Ketoff
Modeling Energy Conservation Programs: An Application to Natural Gas Utilities pp. 87-103 Downloads
Adam Rose
On the Use of Double-Log Forms in Energy Demand Analysis pp. 105-113 Downloads
Andre Plourde and David Ryan
Demand for Electricity of Small Nonresidential Customers under Time-Of-Use (TOU) Pricing pp. 115-127 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo

Volume Volume 6, issue Number 3, 1985

A Welfare Approach to Energy Pricing: A Case Study for India pp. 1-19 Downloads
Gopal K. Kadekodi
Book Review - Clean Coal / Dirty Air Downloads
Michael Haar
A Decision Analysis Approach to Energy System Expansion Planning pp. 21-36 Downloads
James P. Peerenboom and Wesley K. Foell
Short-Term Price Formation in the U.S. Uranium Market pp. 37-49 Downloads
A. D. Owen
Biogas Development in India and the PRC pp. 51-65 Downloads
V. P. Kharbanda and M. A. Qureshi
The Relationship Between Refined Product Imports and Refined Product Prices in the United States pp. 67-78 Downloads
John J Gonzales
Competition as a Complement to Regulation pp. 79-90 Downloads
Richard P. Rozek
The Economics of Natural Gas Utilization in Developing Countries: Methodology pp. 91-99 Downloads
Y. Hossein Farzin
Industrial and Commercial Demand for Electricity by Time of Day pp. 101-107 Downloads
Derek Bosworth and Clive Pugh
Coal Transportation System Modeling-The Case of Taiwan: A Comment pp. 109-114 Downloads
R. K. Pachauri, Chia-Yon Chen and Leena Srivastava
Energy Consumption in Hungary: An Ex Post Analysis pp. 115-125 Downloads
Julia Király and Laszlo Level
Again, Federal Tax Credits Are Found Effective: A Reply pp. 127-128 Downloads
Edwin H. Carpenter and Catherine Durham
Solar Versus Conservation Tax Credits pp. 129-135 Downloads
H. Craig Petersen
Changing Climate and Energy Modeling: A Review pp. 137-154 Downloads
John Reilly and Jae Edmonds

Volume Volume 6, issue Number 2, 1985

Energy in Transition: A View from 1960 pp. 1-18 Downloads
Hans H. Landsberg
Book Review - Supplying Energy Through Greater Efficiency Downloads
Clark W. Bullard
International Energy Policy: The Conflict of Investment Needs and Market Signals pp. 19-24 Downloads
Paul Tempest
Estimating Industrial Energy Demand with Firm-Level Data: The Case of Indonesia pp. 25-39 Downloads
Mark Pitt
Dimensioning Reserve Margins of Electrical Energy in Sweden pp. 41-60 Downloads
Roland Andersson and Lewis Taylor
Oil Production Policy and Economic Development in Mexico pp. 61-71 Downloads
Hossein Razavi
Realized Savings from Residential Conservation Activity pp. 73-88 Downloads
Frederick D. Sebold and Eric W. Fox
An Application of the Expenditure Function in Electricity Pricing: Optimal Residential Time-of-Use Rate Option pp. 89-99 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo
Weather Normalization andNatural Gas Regulation pp. 101-115 Downloads
Richard S. Bower and Nancy L. Bower
The Effect of a Fuel Adjustment Clause on a Regulated Firm's Selection of Inputs pp. 117-126 Downloads
Frank Scott
The Natural Gas Industry pp. 127-139 Downloads
Harry G. Broadman

Volume Volume 6, issue Number 1, 1985

Prospects for a Tighter World Oil Market pp. 3-8 Downloads
Edward W. Erickson
Oil Prices Are Still Too High pp. 9-12 Downloads
Arlon R. Tussing
Prospects for the World Oil Market pp. 13-16 Downloads
S. Fred Singer
An Unstable World Oil Market pp. 17-22 Downloads
M. A. Adelman
Electricity Growth in the Future pp. 23-43 Downloads
Stephen C. Peck and John P. Weyant
Nuclear Construction Lead Times: Analysis of Past Trends and Outlook for the Future pp. 45-62 Downloads
Marcy A. Radlauer, David S. Bauman and Stephen W. Chapel
Long-Run Effects of the Canadian National Energy Agreements pp. 63-77 Downloads
S. L. Schwartz, J. D. Fuller and W. T. Ziemba
OCS Leasing Policy: Its Effects on the Structure of the Petroleum Industry pp. 79-96 Downloads
Mark Kosrno
Historical Causes of Postwar Oil Shocks and Recessions pp. 97-116 Downloads
James Hamilton
The Effects of Natural Gas Decontrol on Fertilizer Demand, Production Costs, and Income in Agriculture pp. 117-135 Downloads
Michael LeBlanc
Economic Demand Analysis for Electricity in West Africa pp. 137-144 Downloads
Emmanuel Glakpe and Rocco Fazzolare
Coal Transportation System Modeling: The Case of Taiwan pp. 145-156 Downloads
Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
Scale Economies and Reliability in the Electric Power Industry pp. 157-168 Downloads
H. S. Burners, R. G. Cummings and Verne W. Loose
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