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Volume Volume 13, issue Number 4, 1992

Energy Intervention After Desert Storm: Some Unfinished Tasks pp. 1-16 Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
Back Matter: Book Reviews, etc Downloads
Cuba's Transition to Market-Based Energy Prices pp. 17-40 Downloads
Jorge F. Perez-Lopez
What Does a Negawatt Really Cost? Evidence from Utility Conservation Programs pp. 41-74 Downloads
Paul Joskow and Donald B. Marron
Price and Cost Impacts of Utility DSM Programs pp. 75-90 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Fiscalite Petroliere et Risque pp. 91-114 Downloads
Victor Rodriguez-Padilla
Multiple Energy Supply Risks, Optimal Reserves, and Optimal Domestic Production Capacities pp. 115-130 Downloads
Peter Zweifel and Matteo Ferrari
The Khazzoom-Brookes Postulate and Neoclassical Growth pp. 131-148 Downloads
Harty D. Saunders
Energy Demand with the Flexible Double-Logarithmic Functional Form pp. 149-160 Downloads
Gehuang D. Nan and Donald A. Murry
The Application of the Divisia Index to the Decomposition of Changes in Industrial Energy Consumption pp. 161-178 Downloads
X. Q. Liu, B. W. Ang and H.L. Ong
Imperfect Price-Reversibility of U.S. Gasoline Demand: Asymmetric Responses to Price Increases and Declines pp. 179-208 Downloads
Dermot Gately
Estimating Disaggregated Price Elasticities in Industrial Energy Demand pp. 209-218 Downloads
Mahmoud A. T Elkhafif

Volume Volume 13, issue Number 3, 1992

The German Coal Market After 1992 Downloads
Ullrich Heilemann and Bernhard Hillebrand
Impacts of the Gulf War and Changes in Eastern Europe Downloads
Jean H. Masseron
Prospects for Natural Gas in Western Europe Downloads
Peter R. Odell
Lubbers Plan: Soviet Energy as a Standpoint for Improving Economic Reforms in the USSR Downloads
Andrei A. Konoplyanik
Development Risks and Petroleum Fiscal Systems: a Comparative Study of the UK, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands Downloads
Alexander G. Kemp
Back Matter: Book Reviews, etc Downloads
Common Carriage and the Pricing of Electricity Transmission pp. 63-94 Downloads
Chris Doyle and Maria Maher
Developing Futures Markets for Electricity in Europe pp. 95-112 Downloads
Eirik Schroder Amundsen and Balbir Singh
The Power Equipment Industry in Transition pp. 113-140 Downloads
Augusto Ninni
Analysis of Unilateral CO2 Control in the European Community and OECD pp. 159-172 Downloads
John Pezzey
Input-Output Analysis and Pollutant Emissions in France pp. 173-184 Downloads
Jean-Martial Breuil
Trade Liberalization, Transportation, and the Environment pp. 185-206 Downloads
H. Landis Gabel and Lars-Hendrik Roller
Energy Policy in the European Community: Conflicts Between the Objectives of the Unified Single Market, Supply Security and a pp. 207-231 Downloads
John Surrey
Energy Issues in Central and Eastern Europe: Considerations for International Financial Institutions pp. 235-280 Downloads
Joerg-Uwe Richter

Volume Volume 13, issue Number 2, 1992

OPEC and the Price of Oil Downloads
Robert Mabro
Project Evaluation: A Pracitcal Asset Pricing Method pp. 19-48 Downloads
Henry D. Jacoby and David G. Laughton
Should Carbon Taxes Be Additional to Other Transport Fuel Taxes? pp. 49-60 Downloads
David M Newbery
A Short-Run Model of Petroleum Product Supply pp. 61-92 Downloads
Timothy J. Considine
Risk Premiums and Efficiency in the Market for Crude Oil Futures pp. 93-118 Downloads
Richard Deaves and Itzhak Krinsky
Unit Root Behavior in Energy Futures Prices pp. 119-128 Downloads
Apostolos Serletis
Woodfuel Use and Sustainable Development in Haiti pp. 129-156 Downloads
Richard H. Hosier and Mark A. Bernstein

Volume Volume 13, issue Number 1, 1992

The Hotelling Principle: Autobahn or Cul de Sac? pp. 1-24 Downloads
G. C. Watkins
Is the World Oil Market 'One Great Pool'? -- Comment Downloads
M.A. Adelman
Comparing the Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Global Warming pp. 25-36 Downloads
Richard S. Eckaus
Climate Control Efficiency pp. 37-54 Downloads
Gary Ferrier and Joseph Hirschberg
CETA: A Model for Carbon Emissions Trajectory Assessment pp. 55-78 Downloads
Stephen C Peck and Thomas J. Teisberg
What Use the IEA Emergency Stockpiles? A Price-based Model of Oil Stock Management pp. 79-96 Downloads
Bright E. Okogu
Rent Taxes on Norwegian Hydropower Generation pp. 97-116 Downloads
Eirik S. Amundsen, Christian Andersen and Jan Gaute Sannarnes
Vehicle Use and Fuel Economy: How Big is the "Rebound" Effect? pp. 117-144 Downloads
David L. Greene
Energy and Economic Interaction in Thailand pp. 145-156 Downloads
John C Sheerin

Volume Volume 12, issue Special Issue, 1991

Chapter 2 - Decommissioning Costs and British Nuclear Policy pp. 13-28 Downloads
Gordon MacKerron
Chapter 3 - Utilities and Decommissioning Costs: The Meeting of Technology and Society pp. 29-42 Downloads
Kenneth P. Ballard, Margot E. Carl Everett and Willard C. Everett
Chapter 4 - Federal Regulation of Decommissioning Economics pp. 45-54 Downloads
Robert Wood
Chapter 5 - State Regulation of Decommissioning Costs pp. 55-72 Downloads
Peter M. Strauss and James Kelsey
Chapter 6 - Divided Authority: Federal Vs. State Policy Roles in Decommissioning Economics pp. 73-84 Downloads
Scott M. DuBoff and Daniel F. Stenger
Chapter 7 - The Cost of Decommissioning U.S. Reactors: Estimates and Experience pp. 87-104 Downloads
Gene R. Heinze Fry
Chapter 8 - Applying Construction Lessons to Decommissioning Estimates pp. 105-118 Downloads
Robin Cantor
Chapter 9 - Greenfield Decommissioning at Shippingport: Cost Management and Experience pp. 119-132 Downloads
William Murphie
Chapter 10 - Estimating the Costs for Japan's JPDR Project pp. 135-148 Downloads
Satoshi Yanagihara and Mitsugu Tanaka
Chapter 11 - Generic Approaches to Estimating U.S. Decommissioning Costs pp. 149-156 Downloads
Richard I. Smith
Chapter 12 - A Private Contractor's Approach to Decommissioning Costs pp. 157-172 Downloads
Thomas LaGuardia
Chapter 13 - Decommissioning Plans and Costing in Germany pp. 173-180 Downloads
Ulrich Losch Horn and Herbert Hollmann
Chapter 14 - Strategy, Planning and Costing for Decommissioning in Canada pp. 181-190 Downloads
Nihal D. Jayawardene and Peter D. Stevens-Guille
Chapter 15 - Managing Qualified Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds Under Uncertainty pp. 191-204 Downloads
Howard Hiller
Chapter 16 - Historical Lessons for Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund Investment pp. 205-216 Downloads
M. Didi Weinblatt, Salvatore D'Elia and Theresa A. Havell
Chapter 17 - Investment Strategies for Externalized Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts pp. 217-230 Downloads
Thomas R. Tuschen
Chapter 18 - Confronting Uncertainty: Contingency Planning for Decommissioning pp. 233-246 Downloads
Bruce Biewald and Stephen Bernow
Chapter 19 - Decommissioning and Nuclear Waste Policy: Comprehensive or Separable? pp. 247-254 Downloads
Duane Chapman
Chapter 20 - A Cost/Benefit Perspective of Extended Unit Service as a Decommissioning Alternative pp. 255-272 Downloads
James G. Hewlett
Chapter 21 - The Projected Influence of Extended Unit Service pp. 273-278 Downloads
M.E. Lapides
Chapter 22 - Financial Implications of Early Decommissioning pp. 279-292 Downloads
James G. Hewlett
Chapter 23 - The Expanding Decommissioning Focus: A Comparison of Coal and Nuclear Costs pp. 295-304 Downloads
Daniel H. Williams
Chapter 24 - The Optimal Time to Decommission Commercial Nuclear Reactors pp. 305-314 Downloads
Geoffrey Rothwell
Back Matter (Afterward, etc.) Downloads
Chapter 1 - The Place of Economics in Decommissioning Policy Downloads
Martin J. Pasqualetti

Volume Volume 12, issue Number 4, 1991

Optimizing Tax Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Cases Without Curtailing Growth pp. 1-14 Downloads
Roger E. Brinner, Michael G. Shelby, Joyce M. Yanchar and Alex Cristofaro
Book Review - The Petroleum Markets: A Framework for Reliable Projections Downloads
M. A. Adelman
Manufacturing Energy Use in Eight OECD Countries: Trends through 1988 pp. 15-40 Downloads
Richard Howarth and Lee Schipper
Testing for Barriers to Energy Conservation -- an Application of a Vintage Model pp. 41-64 Downloads
Alan Ingham, James Maw and Alistair Ulph
The Welfare Impact of Rising Block Pricing: Electricity in Colombia pp. 65-78 Downloads
Rodney Maddock and Elkin Castano
Onsite Backup Generation and Interruption Insurance for Electricity Distribution pp. 79-94 Downloads
Joseph A. Doucet and Shinuel S. Oren
The Trade-Off between Economic and Environmental Objectives in Japan's Power Sector pp. 95-104 Downloads
Hisashi Amagai and PingSun Leung
The Impact of an Oil Market Disruption on the Price of Oil: A Sensitivity Analysis pp. 105-116 Downloads
William L. Helkie
Testing Alternative Hypotheses of Oil Producer Behavior pp. 117-138 Downloads
Carol Dahl and Mine Yucel
Limits on the Economic Effectiveness of a Carbon Tax pp. 139-144 Downloads
Robert Kaufmann

Volume Volume 12, issue Number 3, 1991

Political and Economic Changes in the USSR: Energy Implications pp. 1-6 Downloads
Alexander A. Arbatov
Environmental Issues in the Future Development of the USSR Energy Systems pp. 7-14 Downloads
V. M. Yudin and O.K. Makarov
Book Review - Electricity and the American Economy Downloads
Lee Schipper
Market Barriers to Energy-Efficiency Investments pp. 15-34 Downloads
Ronald J. Sutherland
Horizontal Oil and Gas Wells: The Engineering and Economic Nexus pp. 35-54 Downloads
John Lohrenz
A Risk Analysis of Oil Development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge pp. 55-76 Downloads
Stephen G. Powell
Predicting the Discoveries and Finding Costs of Natural Gas: the Example of the Scotian Shelf pp. 77-94 Downloads
M. Power and J. D. Fuller
Is the World Oil Market "One Great Pool"? pp. 95-108 Downloads
Robert J. Weiner
The Value of Commodity Purchase Contracts With Limited Price Risk pp. 109-136 Downloads
Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg and Thomas J. Teisberg
Complementarity-Substitution Relationshipsin the Demand for Time-Differentiated Inputs under Time-of-Use Pricing pp. 137-148 Downloads
Asher Tishler

Volume Volume 12, issue Number 2, 1991

The Gulf Crisis: Oil Fundamentals, Market Perceptions and Political Realities pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ahmad Zaki Yamani
Inherent Difficulties in Producer-Consumer Cooperation pp. 9-16 Downloads
James R. Schlesinger
Book Review - Recent Modelling Approaches in Energy Economics Downloads
Charles L. Kolstad
Forecasting Ultimate Oil Recovery and Its Rate of Production: Incorporating Economic Forces into the Models of M. King Hubbert pp. 17-46 Downloads
Cutter J. Cleveland and Robert Kaufmann
Economics of Electricity Self-Generation by Industrial Firms pp. 47-66 Downloads
Kenneth Rose and John McDonald
The "Most Value" Test: Economic Evaluation of Electricity Demand-Side Management Considering Customer Value pp. 67-92 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs
Efficient International Agreements for Reducing Emissions of CO2 pp. 93-108 Downloads
Michael Hoel
The Cost of Switching Electricity Generation From Coal to Nuclear Fuel pp. 109-134 Downloads
Maria R. Virdis and Michael Rieber
The Cost of Australian Carbon Dioxide Abatement pp. 135-152 Downloads
Robert Marks, Peter Swan, Peter McLennan, Richard Schodde, Peter Dixon and David T. Johnson
Capacity Rationing and Fixed Cost Collection pp. 153-163 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo

Volume Volume 12, issue Number 1, 1991

Introduction: Facts and Uncertainties pp. 1-8 Downloads
Loren C. Cox
Formulating Greenhouse Policies in a Sea of Uncertainty pp. 9-22 Downloads
Lester Lave
Economic Activity and the Greenhouse Effect pp. 23-36 Downloads
Yoshiki Ogawa
The Cost of Slowing Climate Change: a Survey pp. 37-66 Downloads
William Nordhaus
Productivity Trends and the Cost of Reducing CO2 Emissions pp. 67-86 Downloads
William W. Hogan and Dale W. Jorgenson
Global CO2 Emission Reductions - the Impacts of Rising Energy Costs pp. 87-108 Downloads
Alan Manne and Richard G. Richels
Cutting CO2 Emissions: The Effects of Alternative Policy Approaches pp. 109-124 Downloads
John Whalley and Randall Wigle
EPA's Scenarios for Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming pp. 125-146 Downloads
Daniel A. Lashof
The Greenhouse Effect: A View From Europe pp. 147-160 Downloads
David Pearce and Edward Barbier
CO2 Emissions from Major Developing Countries: Better Understanding the Role of Energy in the Long Term pp. 161-196 Downloads
Jayant Sathaye and Andrea Ketof
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