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2018, volume 108, articles 4

Older adults’ social relationships and health care utilization: A systematic review pp. e1-e10 Downloads
N.K. Valtorta, D.C. Moore, L. Barron, D. Stow and B. Hanratty
Investigating cumulative marijuana use and risk of cardiovascular disease in middle age with longitudinal data pp. e11-e12 Downloads
X. Chen, D.-G. Chen and B. Yu
Building a healthier nation together: Reasonable compromises, yes, but appeasement, no pp. 421 Downloads
G.C. Benjamin
The public health dialogue pp. 426-427 Downloads
A. Morabia
Probing beyond individual factors to understand influenza and pneumococcal vaccine uptake pp. 427-429 Downloads
S.C. Quinn
More research needed to increase policies for HPV vaccine uptake pp. 430-431 Downloads
L. Barraza and D. Campos-Outcalt
“Complete streets” policies and eliminating pedestrian fatalities pp. 431-433 Downloads
R.J. Schneider
Culturally competent, integrated behavioral health service delivery to homeless children pp. 434-435 Downloads
S. Lynch
Effect of providing contraception free of charge pp. 435-436 Downloads
J. Trussell
Immigration versus immigrant: The cycle of anti-immigrant policies pp. 436-437 Downloads
S.P. Wallace and M.E. De Trinidad Young
The incredibly credible prevalence of child protective services contact in new zealand and the United States pp. 438-439 Downloads
C. Wildeman
Why it is important to promote clinical independence among health professionals working in prisons, jails, and other detention settings pp. 440-441 Downloads
M.K. Wynia
Environmental justice: Progress derailed pp. 441-443 Downloads
D. Houston
Professional development and research to improve school practices and LGBTQ health in US schools pp. 443-444 Downloads
R.W.S. Coulter and E. Miller
The invisible forces that create the health of populations: A public health of consequence, April 2018 pp. 445-446 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
HIV stigma among black women in the United States: Intersectionality, support, resilience pp. 446-448 Downloads
D. Rao, M.P. Andrasik and L. Lipira
Public health advocacy in the tumultuous times of the trump administration pp. 449-450 Downloads
D.N. Sundwall
Woolhandler and himmelstein respond pp. 451 Downloads
S. Woolhandler and D.U. Himmelstein
Single-payer plan for New York could lead the country pp. 452-453 Downloads
R.N. Gottfried
Moffit responds pp. 453-454 Downloads
B. Moffit
The EPA: Time to re-invent environmental protection pp. 454-456 Downloads
K. Olden
Zimmer responds pp. 456-457 Downloads
D. Zimmer
Uprooting institutionalized racism as public health practice pp. 457-458 Downloads
M.T. Bassett and J.D. Graves
Kirkham responds pp. 458-459 Downloads
P.A. Kirkham
Mechanisms by which anti-immigrant stigma exacerbates racial/ethnic health disparities pp. 460-463 Downloads
B.N. Morey
The inverse equity hypothesis: Analyses of institutional deliveries in 286 national surveys pp. 464-471 Downloads
C.G. Victora, G. Joseph, I.C.M. Silva, F.S. Maia, J.P. Vaughan, F.C. Barros and A.J.D. Barros
Prison health care governance: Guaranteeing clinical independence pp. 472-476 Downloads
J. Pont, S. Enggist, H. Stöver, B. Williams, R. Greifinger and H. Wolff
Integrating structural determinants into MPH training of health promotion professionals pp. 477-479 Downloads
K.A. Komro, D.L. Lang, E.R. Walker and P.D. Harper
Disparities in distribution of particulate matter emission sources by race and poverty status pp. 480-485 Downloads
I. Mikati, A.F. Benson, T.J. Luben, J.D. Sacks and J. Richmond-Bryant
State law approaches to facility regulation of abortion and other office interventions pp. 486-492 Downloads
B.S. Jones, S. Daniel and L.K. Cloud
A qualitative comparative analysis of combined state health policies related to human papillomavirus vaccine uptake in the United States pp. 493-499 Downloads
M.C. Roberts, T. Murphy, J.L. Moss, C.W. Wheldon and W. Psek
Quantifying the epidemic of prescription opioid overdose deaths pp. 500-502 Downloads
P. Seth, R.A. Rudd, R.K. Noonan and T.M. Haegerich
Adaptive behavior of sheltered homeless children in the French ENFAMS survey pp. 503-510 Downloads
S. Darbeda, B. Falissard, M. Orri, C. Barry, M. Melchior, P. Chauvin and S. Vandentorren
Cumulative prevalence of maltreatment among New Zealand children, 1998–2015 pp. 511-513 Downloads
Bénédicte Rouland and R. Vaithianathan
Zika-associated microcephaly epidemic and birth rate reduction in Brazilian cities pp. 514-516 Downloads
F.A. Diaz-Quijano, D.M. Pelissari and A.D.P.C. Filho
Local-level adult influenza and pneumococcal vaccination disparities: Chicago, Illinois, 2015–2016 pp. 517-523 Downloads
M.M. Hughes, N.S. Saiyed and T.S. Chen
Law accommodating nonmotorized road users and pedestrian fatalities in Florida, 1975 to 2013 pp. 525-531 Downloads
J.M. Porter, S.L. PhD, S.J. Bryan, K. Arseniadis, L.P. Caldwell, P.S. Corso, J.M. Lee and M. Davis
Storage practices of US gun owners in 2016 pp. 532-537 Downloads
C.K. Crifasi, M.L. Doucette, E.E. McGinty, D.W. Webster and C.L. Barry
Long-acting reversible contraception free of charge, method initiation, and abortion rates in Finland pp. 538-543 Downloads
F. Gyllenberg, John Juselius, M. Gissler and O. Heikinheimo
Racial/ethnic variation in the impact of the affordable care act on insurance coverage and access among young adults pp. 544-549 Downloads
A. VanGarde, J. Yoon, J. Luck and C.A. Mendez-Luck
Contraceptive method use during the community-wide HER salt lake contraceptive initiative pp. 550-556 Downloads
J.N. Sanders, K. Myers, L.M. Gawron, R.G. Simmons and D.K. Turok
Trends in secondary schools’ practices to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students, 2008–2014 pp. 557-564 Downloads
Z. Demissie, C.N. Rasberry, R.J. Steiner, N. Brener and T. McManus
Medicaid expansion and infant mortality in the United States pp. 565-567 Downloads
C.B. Bhatt and C.M. Beck-Sagué
Reis et al. Respond pp. e12 Downloads
J.P. Reis, R. Auer, M.P. Bancks, Goff, D.C.,, C.E. Lewis, M.J. Pletcher, J.S. Rana, J.M. Shikany and S. Sidney

2018, volume 108, articles 3

Mortality disparities in racial/ethnic minority groups in the veterans health administration: An evidence review and Map pp. e1-e11 Downloads
K. Peterson, J. Anderson, E. Boundy, L. Ferguson, E. McCleery and K. Waldrip
Livingston et al. Respond pp. e12-e13 Downloads
M.D. Livingston, T.E. Barnett, C. Delcher and A.C. Wagenaar
Durkin and imm respond pp. e16-e17 Downloads
M.S. Durkin and P. Imm
Terrorism as disease: Beware of misleading metaphors pp. 293 Downloads
M. Kelly
The key role of work in population health inequities pp. 296-297 Downloads
P.A. Landsbergis, B. Choi, M. Dobson, G. Sembajwe, C. Slatin, L. Delp, C.E. Siqueira, P. Schnall and S. Baron
Veterans, like other working- and middle-class Americans, increasingly rely on public health programs pp. 298-299 Downloads
J.L. Adler
Racial/ethnic variations in mortality in the VA health care system pp. 299-301 Downloads
S.A. Ibrahim
Universal care: The force of an idea pp. 301-302 Downloads
Camargo, K.R.,
Disparities in dental health and care: In quest of suitable intervention points pp. 302-304 Downloads
S. Listl
Causes and causes of causes of population health: A public health of consequence, March 2018 pp. 304-305 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
Work as an inclusive part of population health inequities research and prevention pp. 306-311 Downloads
E.Q. Ahonen, K. Fujishiro, T. Cunningham and M. Flynn
A healthy public cannot abide unhealthy and unsafe workplaces pp. 312-313 Downloads
A.M. Finkel
Monforton comments pp. 314 Downloads
C. Monforton
The Changing Nature of Work pp. 315-316 Downloads
M.J. Wright
Unforgotten biafra 50 years later pp. 317-318 Downloads
D. Tarantola
Big Food’s Opposition to the French Nutri-Score Front-of-Pack Labeling Warrants a Global Reaction pp. 318-320 Downloads
C. Julia and S. Hercberg
Public health implications of front-of-package labels pp. 320-321 Downloads
M. Nestle
Why words matter pp. 321-323 Downloads
J. Guidry, C. Anderson, P. Vachhani, L. Grove and C. Mpody
Public health education: Teaching epidemiology in high school classrooms pp. 324-328 Downloads
D’Agostino, E.
Delays in global disease outbreak responses: Lessons from H1N1, Ebola, and Zika pp. 329-333 Downloads
S.J. Hoffman and S.L. Silverberg
The rise and fall of “universal health coverage” as a goal of international health politics, 1925-1952 pp. 334-342 Downloads
M. Gorsky and C. Sirrs
Ethical issues in social media research for public health pp. 343-348 Downloads
R.F. Hunter, A. Gough, O’Kane, N., G. McKeown, A. Fitzpatrick, T. Walker, M. McKinley, M. Lee and F. Kee
Reducing collateral damage in responses to the opioid crisis pp. 349-350 Downloads
J.J. Carroll, J.D. Rich and T.C. Green
The effects of household medical expenditures on income inequality in the United States pp. 351-354 Downloads
A.S. Christopher, D.U. Himmelstein, S. Woolhandler and D. McCormick
Universal lead screening requirement: A California case study pp. 355-357 Downloads
S.B. McMenamin, S.P. Hiller, E. Shigekawa, T. Melander and R. Shimkhada
Fostering interprofessional education through a multidisciplinary, community-based pandemic mass vaccination exercise pp. 358-360 Downloads
A. Hays, C. Schriever, J. Rudzinski, J.L. Lynch, E. Genrich and A. Schriever
Trends in health insurance and type among military veterans: United States, 2000-2016 pp. 361-367 Downloads
C.E. Zelaya and C.N. Nugent
Preventable emergency department visits for nontraumatic dental conditions: trends and disparities in Nevada, 2009-2015 pp. 369-371 Downloads
W. Zhou, P. Kim, J.J. Shen, J. Greenway and M. Ditmyer
Key factors inhibiting legislative progress toward smoke-free coverage in appalachia pp. 372-378 Downloads
J.T. Donahoe, A.R. Titus and N.L. Fleischer
Cost-effectiveness of capping freeways for use as parks: The New York cross-bronx expressway case study pp. 379-384 Downloads
Soyoung Kim, Z. Zafari, M. Bellanger and P.A. Muennig
The effect of patient navigation on the likelihood of engagement in clinical care for HIV-infected individuals leaving jail pp. 385-392 Downloads
J.J. Myers, M.-S.K. Dufour, K.A. Koester, M. Morewitz, R. Packard, K.M. Klein, M. Estes, B. Williams, A. Riker and J. Tulsky
Strategies and challenges in preventing violence against canadian indoor sex workers pp. 393-398 Downloads
V. Bungay and A. Guta
Intermittent preventive therapy in pregnancy and incidence of low birth weight in malaria-endemic countries pp. 399-406 Downloads
J.E. Cates, D. Westreich, H.W. Unger, M. Bauserman, L. Adair, S.R. Cole, S. Meshnick, S.J. Rogerson, V. Briand, N. Fievet, I. Valea, H. Tinto, U. D'Alessandro, S.H. Landis, A. Lartey, K.G. Dewey, F.O. TerKuile, S. Dellicour, A.M. Van Eijk, M. Desai, M. Owidhi, A. L'Ianziva, G. Aol, V. Were, S. Kariuki, J. Ayisi, D.J. Terlouw, M. Madanitsa, V. Mwapasa, K. Maleta, P. Ashorn, I. Mueller, D. Stanisic, C. Schmiegelow, J.P.A. Lusingu, The Maternal Malaria and Malnutrition (M3) Initiative
Socioeconomic outcomes of women who receive and women who are denied wanted abortions in the United States pp. 407-413 Downloads
D.G. Foster, M.A. Biggs, L. Ralph, C. Gerdts, S. Roberts and M.M. Glymour
Population-level analyses cannot tell us anything about individual-level marijuana-opioid substitution pp. e12 Downloads
T.L. Caputi and K.A. Sabet
Period life tables for calculating life expectancy: Options to assess and minimize the potential for bias pp. e14 Downloads
C. Steensma, B.C.K. Choi, L. Loukine and D. Schanzer
Perron et al. Respond pp. e15 Downloads
L. Perron, M. Simard, J. Brisson, D. Hamel and E. Lo
Autism and socioeconomic status - An immune link? pp. e16 Downloads
K.G. Becker

2018, volume 108, articles 2

Inequality in Utilization of Dental Services: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis pp. e1-e7 Downloads
S.F. Reda, S.M. Reda, W. Murray Thomson and F. Schwendicke
V. Ades, S.X. Wu, E.P. Rabinowitz and S.C. Bach
Rothman et al. Respond pp. e10-e11 Downloads
E.F. Rothman, S.B. Baldwin, H. Stoklosa, M. Chisolm-Straker and R.K. Price
Cross-Sector Partnerships Will Shape the Future of Public Health pp. 150 Downloads
R. Riley
Opioids, Hepatitis C Virus Infection, and the Missing Vaccine pp. 156-157 Downloads
K. Page, A. Cox and P.J. Lum
Comprehensive Restaurant-Sector Changes Are Essential to Reduce Obesity Risk for All Americans pp. 158-159 Downloads
V.I. Kraak
Leprosy: An Early Exemplar of the Transformation of 20th Century American Medicine pp. 160-161 Downloads
G. Weisz
The Challenges of Monitoring Illicit TradeShouldNotObscuretheSuccess of Tobacco Tax Policy pp. 161-163 Downloads
S.A. Bialous and S.A. Glantz
Prevention of Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Child Refugees and Other Susceptible Populations pp. 163-164 Downloads
E.M. Wells
Policy Evaluation With Incomplete Data: Assessing the Affordable Care Act Breastfeeding Provision pp. 164-166 Downloads
S.S. Hawkins, A. Noble and Christopher Baum
Time for a Top-Down Approach to Hearing Aid Affordability and Accessibility pp. 166-168 Downloads
F.R. Lin
Using Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence to Assess Social and Health Policies pp. 168-170 Downloads
J. Kennedy
On Creating Positive Spillovers to Improve the Health of Populations: A Public Health of Consequence, February 2018 pp. 171-172 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
How Should the Epidemiology of Acute Hepatitis C and Opioid Use Affect Health Policy Decision-Making? pp. 173-174 Downloads
J.B. Wong
Increases in Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection Related to a Growing Opioid Epidemic and Associated Injection Drug Use, United States, 2004 to 2014 pp. 175-181 Downloads
J.E. Zibbell, A.K. Asher, R.C. Patel, B. Kupronis, K. Iqbal, J.W. Ward and D. Holtzman
Opioid Crisis: No Easy Fix to Its Social and Economic Determinants pp. 182-186 Downloads
N. Dasgupta, L. Beletsky and D. Ciccarone
Tobacco Policies and Alcohol Sponsorship at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Festivals: Time for Intervention pp. 187-188 Downloads
J.D. Spivey, J.G.L. Lee and S.W. Smallwood
Is Forgiveness a Public Health Issue? pp. 189-190 Downloads
T.J. VanderWeele
Public Health Issues in 2016 Presidential Campaign Communications pp. 191-192 Downloads
W. Hatcher and A. Vick
Impact of Tax Innovations on Families With Young Children pp. 192-193 Downloads
S.E. McMillin, E.K. Barnidge, B.G. Spratt and R.C. Warden
Funding for Gun Violence Research Is Key to the Health and Safety of the Nation pp. 194-195 Downloads
S. Rajan, C.C. Branas, S. Hargarten and J.P. Allegrante
Arresting Leprosy: Therapeutic Outcomes Besides Cure pp. 196-202 Downloads
R.N. López
Legal and Administrative Feasibility of a Federal Junk Food and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax to Improve Diet pp. 203-209 Downloads
J.L. Pomeranz, P. Wilde, Y. Huang, R. Micha and D. Mozaffarian
Social Impact Bonds as a Funding Method for Health and Social Programs: Potential Areas of Concern pp. 210-215 Downloads
A.S. Katz, B. Brisbois, S. Zerger and S.W. Hwang
Effect of Medicaid Expansions of 2014 on Overall and Early-Stage Cancer Diagnoses pp. 216-218 Downloads
Aparna Soni, K. Simon, John Cawley and L. Sabik
Completion of Requirements in Iowa’s Medicaid Expansion Premium Disincentive Program, 2014–2015 pp. 219-223 Downloads
B. Wright, N.M. Askelson, M. Ahrens, E. Momany, S. Bentler and P. Damiano
Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence for Older Adults Participating in SNAP, 2013–2015 pp. 224-230 Downloads
M. Srinivasan and J.A. Pooler
Sustained Reduction in Chlamydia Infections Following a School-Based Screening: Detroit, 2010–2015 pp. 231-233 Downloads
R. Dunville, A. Peterson, N. Liddon, M. Roach, K. Coleman and P. Dittus
Predicted Impact of the Food and Drug Administration’s Menu-Labeling Regulations on Restaurants in 4 New Jersey Cities pp. 234-240 Downloads
J. Gruner, R.S. DeWeese, C. Lorts, M.J. Yedidia and P. Ohri-Vachaspati
Hearing Aid Acquisition in Chinese Older Adults With Hearing Loss pp. 241-247 Downloads
P. He, X. Wen, X. Hu, R. Gong, Y. Luo, C. Guo, G. Chen and X. Zheng
Impact of Dual Use of Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare Part D Drug Benefits on Potentially Unsafe Opioid Use pp. 248-255 Downloads
W.F. Gellad, J.M. Thorpe, X. Zhao, C.T. Thorpe, F.E. Sileanu, J.P. Cashy, J.A. Hale, M.K. Mor, T.R. Radomski, L.R.M. Hausmann, J.M. Donohue, A.J. Gordon, K.J. Suda, K.T. Stroupe, J.T. Hanlon, F.E. Cunningham, C.B. Good and M.J. Fine
Various Types of Arthritis in the United States: Prevalence and Age-Related Trends From 1999 to 2014 pp. 256-258 Downloads
J. Park, A. Mendy and E.R. Vieira
Effects of Alcohol Interventions on Other Drug Use in the Cherokee Nation pp. 259-261 Downloads
M.D. Livingston, K.A. Komro, A.C. Wagenaar, T.K. Kominsky, D.W. Pettigrew and B.A. Garrett
Mortality Among Confirmed Lassa Fever Cases During the 2015–2016 Outbreak in Nigeria pp. 262-264 Downloads
M.I. Buba, M.M. Dalhat, P.M. Nguku, N. Waziri, J.O. Mohammad, I.M. Bomoi, A.P. Onyiah, J. Onwujei, M.S. Balogun, A.T. Bashorun, P. Nsubuga and A. Nasidi
Trends in Illicit Cigarette Use in Brazil Estimated From Legal Sales, 2012–2016 pp. 265-269 Downloads
A. Szklo, R.M. Iglesias, M.C. De Souza, M. Szklo and L.M. De Almeida
Elevated Blood Lead Levels by Length of Time From Resettlement to Health Screening in Kentucky Refugee Children pp. 270-276 Downloads
S. Kotey, R. Carrico, T.L. Wiemken, S. Furmanek, R. Bosson, F. Nyantakyi, S. VanHeiden, W. Mattingly and K.M. Zierold
Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Breastfeeding Outcomes pp. 277-283 Downloads
T. Gurley-Calvez, L. Bullinger and K.A. Kapinos
B. Abudu
C.E. Helpingstine, B. Boyd and A.D. Barton
ROTHMAN ET AL. RESPOND pp. e9 Downloads
E.F. Rothman, H. Stoklosa, S.B. Baldwin, M. Chisolm-Straker, R.K. Price and H.G. Atkinson

2018, volume 108, articles 1

Calabrese et al. Respond pp. e1-e2 Downloads
S.K. Calabrese, K. Underhill and K.H. Mayer
Academic literacy: Reaching our own pp. 6 Downloads
S. Patel, C. Anderson, C. Mpody, P. Vachhani, J. Guidry and L. Grove
Preparing and rebuilding after natural disasters: A new public health normal! pp. 9-10 Downloads
A. Morabia and G.C. Benjamin
Reflections on the 70th anniversary of the nuremberg doctors' trial pp. 10-12 Downloads
G.J. Annas and M.A. Grodin
Marking the 70th anniversary of the doctors' trial at nuremberg pp. 12-13 Downloads
G.R. Wilensky
Conflict settings: The importance of timely access to health care pp. 13-15 Downloads
H. Shannon
Access to medical care for palestinians in Israel: Delays in a difficult historical context pp. 15-16 Downloads
A.M. Clarfield and I.D. Dechtman
Getting to average life expectancy: It takes commitment pp. 17-18 Downloads
S. Teutsch and L.D. Schaeffer
Sexual assertiveness skills and decision-making in adolescent girls: Moving to replication, scale, and digital health impact pp. 18-19 Downloads
S.S. Bull
Advertising restrictions on cannabis products for nonmedical use: Necessary but not sufficient? pp. 19-21 Downloads
J. Caulkins
Managing childhood asthma as a strategy to break the cycle of poverty pp. 21-22 Downloads
D. Gracy
Hpv vaccination: Increase uptake now to reduce cancer pp. 23-24 Downloads
S.E. Hawes
Can public health narrow the health gap between the United States and its peer nations? A public health of consequence, January 2018 pp. 25-26 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
A humanitarian crisis: Lessons learned from hurricane irma pp. 27-28 Downloads
T.R. Zolnikov
Disasters through the lens of disparities: Elevate community resilience as an essential public health service pp. 28-30 Downloads
M. Lichtveld
Maria in Puerto Rico: Natural disaster in a colonial archipelago pp. 30-32 Downloads
C.E. Rodríguez-Díaz
After Harvey, Irma, and Maria, an opportunity for better health-Rebuilding our communities as we want them pp. 32-33 Downloads
V.J. Dzau, N. Lurie and R.V. Tuckson
Climate change, hurricanes, and health pp. 33-35 Downloads
A.J. Woodward and J.M. Samet
From Nuremberg to Guantanamo bay: Uses of physicians in the War on Terror pp. 36-41 Downloads
S.S. Crosby and G. Benavidez
Beyond nazi war crimes experiments: The voluntary consent requirement of the Nuremberg Code at 70 pp. 42-46 Downloads
G.J. Annas
American doctors at the Nuremberg medical Trial pp. 47-52 Downloads
E. Shuster
The Nazi physicians as leaders in eugenics and "euthanasia": Lessons for today pp. 53-57 Downloads
M.A. Grodin, E.L. Miller and J.I. Kelly
Enhancing HIV/AIDS surveillance in the philippines to ensure the transgender population's visibility pp. 58-60 Downloads
K.C. Bumanglag
Three stages of health encounters over 8000 human generations and how they inform future public health pp. 60-62 Downloads
L. Goldman
Jeremy Struck a chord: A public health approach to professional musicians pp. 62-64 Downloads
J. Chertoff and D. Urbine
Public health's aspirational identity: Who do we want to be? pp. 65-66 Downloads
M.E. Northridge and J.F. Duane
Challenging and preventing policies that prohibit local civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people pp. 67-72 Downloads
J.L. Pomeranz
Evaluating public health interventions: 7. Let the subject matter choose the effect measure: Ratio, difference, or something else entirely pp. 73-76 Downloads
D. Spiegelman, P. Khudyakov, M. Wang and T.J. Vanderweele
Long-term health consequences of movement restrictions for palestinians, 1987-2011 pp. 77-83 Downloads
C.A. McNeely, B.K. Barber, R. Giacaman, R.F. Belli and M. Daher
Impact of the 2010 us Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act on School Breakfast and Lunch participation rates between 2008 and 2015 pp. 84-86 Downloads
N. Vaudrin, K. Lloyd, M.J. Yedidia, M. Todd and P. Ohri-Vachaspati
Meeting the institute of medicine's 2030 US life expectancy target pp. 87-92 Downloads
D. Kindig, J. Nobles and M. Zidan
Risk of concussion during sports versus physical education among New Mexico middle and high school students pp. 93-95 Downloads
R.A. Campbell, S.A. Gorman, R.J. Thoma, R.D. Annett, C.A. McGrew, R.A. Yeo, A.R. Mayer, J.H. King and A.S. Rowland
Sexual assertiveness skills and sexual decision-making in adolescent girls: Randomized controlled trial of an online program pp. 96-102 Downloads
L. Widman, C.E. Golin, K. Kamke, J.L. Burnette and M.J. Prinstein
Evaluation of the environmental scoring system in multiple child asthma intervention programs in Boston, Massachusetts pp. 103-111 Downloads
Z. Dong, A. Nath, J. Guo, U. Bhaumik, M.Y. Chin, S. Dong, E. Marshall, J.S. Murphy, M.T. Sandel, S.J. Sommer, W.W.S. Ursprung, E.R. Woods, M. Reid and G. Adamkiewicz
Declines in anogenital warts among age groups most likely to be impacted by human papillomavirus vaccination, United States, 2006-2014 pp. 112-119 Downloads
E.W. Flagg and E.A. Torrone
Exposure To marijuana marketing after legalization of retail sales: Oregonians' experiences, 2015-2016 pp. 120-127 Downloads
S.C. Fiala, J.A. Dilley, C.L. Firth and J.E. Maher
Characteristics of HIV-positive transgender men receiving medical care: United States, 2009-2014 pp. 128-130 Downloads
A. Lemons, L. Beer, T. Finlayson, D.H. McCree, D. Lentine and R.L. Shouse
Increasing prescription opioid and heroin overdose mortality in the United States, 1999-2014: An age-period-cohort analysis pp. 131-136 Downloads
X. Huang, K.M. Keyes and G. Li
Trends in daily cannabis use among cigarette smokers: United States, 2002-2014 pp. 137-142 Downloads
R.D. Goodwin, L.R. Pacek, J. Copeland, S.J. Moeller, L. Dierker, A. Weinberger, M. Gbedemah, M.J. Zvolensky, M.M. Wall and D.S. Hasin
Prep-ared against HIV, but not sexually transmitted infections pp. e1 Downloads
A.B. Algarin and G.E. Ibañez

2018, volume 108

Decline in adolescent pregnancy in the United States: A success not shared by all pp. S5-S6 Downloads
B.B. Burrus
Three important lessons from research about sexual and reproductive health pp. S7-S8 Downloads
E.R. Walsh-Buhi
Adolescent pregnancy prevention in group homes: Recruiting and retention considerations pp. S9-S10 Downloads
R.F. Oman, S.K. Vesely, K. Clements-Nolle and J. Fluhr
Brief interpregnancy interval: Are 75% of adolescent mothers unaware of the prematurity risk? pp. S11-S12 Downloads
J. Stevens, R. Lutz and N. Osuagwu
Considering the role of acculturation in parent–child communication about sexual health pp. S13-S14 Downloads
J.M. Cosgrove, C.W. LeCroy, M. Fordney and D. Voelkel
Engaging young minority fathers in research: Basic Needs, Psychological Needs, Culture, and Therapeutic Alliance pp. S15-S16 Downloads
C. Mogro-Wilson and J. Fifield
Is Current measurement of contraception use hindering identification of evidence-based pregnancy prevention for vulnerable adolescents? pp. S17-S18 Downloads
L.F. Clark, M. Desai, P. Drake and V. Okonta
Reward seeking and self-regulation: Changing the environment to prevent adolescent pregnancy pp. S19-S20 Downloads
J.E. Lansford
Supporting vulnerable youths through community collaboration pp. S21-S22 Downloads
S. Godley
Reducing disparities in adolescent pregnancy among us tribal youths pp. S23-S24 Downloads
K.K. Bowes, B.B. Burrus, S. Axelson, M. Garrido, A. Kimbriel, L. Abramson, G. Gorman, A. Dancer, T. White and P. Beaudry
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