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2017, volume 107, issue S2

Public Health System Research in Public Health Emergency Preparedness in the United States (2009-2015): Actionable Knowledge Base pp. e1-e6 Downloads
E. Savoia, L. Lin, D. Bernard, N. Klein, L.P. James and S. Guicciardi
Science in Emergency Response at CDC: Structure and Functions pp. S122-S125 Downloads
J. Iskander, D.A. Rose and N.D. Ghiya
The Evolution of Public Health Emergency Management as a Field of Practice pp. S126-S133 Downloads
D.A. Rose, S. Murthy, J. Brooks and J. Bryant
A Child's Health Is the Public's Health: Progress and Gaps in Addressing Pediatric Needs in Public Health Emergencies pp. S134-S137 Downloads
E.J. Dziuban, G. Peacock and M. Frogel
Project Public Health Ready: History and Evolution of a Best Practice for Public Health Preparedness Planning pp. S138-S141 Downloads
S.K. Summers and M.J. Ferraro
Applying the 15 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities to Support Large-Scale Tuberculosis Investigations in Complex Congregate Settings pp. S142-S147 Downloads
A.J. Levy, K.G. Toren, C. Elsenboss and M. Narita
Funding Public Health Emergency Preparedness in the United States pp. S148-S152 Downloads
R. Katz, A. Attal-Juncqua and J.E. Fischer
How Health Department Contextual Factors Affect Public Health Preparedness (PHP) and Perceptions of the 15 PHP Capabilities pp. S153-S160 Downloads
J.A. Horney, E.G. Carbone, M. Lynch, Z.J. Wang, T. Jones and D.A. Rose
Promoting Community Preparedness and Resilience: A Latino Immigrant Community-Driven Project Following Hurricane Sandy pp. S161-S164 Downloads
I. Cuervo, L. Leopold and S. Baron
Public Health Preparedness Funding: Key Programs and Trends From 2001 to 2017 pp. S165-S167 Downloads
C.R. Watson, M. Watson and T.K. Sell
Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace: The Flulapalooza Model for Mass Vaccination pp. S168-S176 Downloads
M.D. Swift, M.H. Aliyu, D.W. Byrne, K. Qian, P. McGown, P.O. Kinman, K.L. Hanson, D. Culpepper, T.J. Cooley and M.I. Yarbrough
2015 Pandemic Influenza Readiness Assessment Among US Public Health Emergency Preparedness Awardees pp. S177-S179 Downloads
T.J. Fitzgerald, D.L. Moulia, S.B. Graitcer, S.J. Vagi and S.A. Dopson
Progress in Public Health Emergency Preparedness-United States, 2001-2016 pp. S180-S185 Downloads
B.P. Murthy, N.-A.M. Molinari, T.T. LeBlanc, S.J. Vagi and R.N. Avchen
Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER): An Innovative Emergency Management Tool in the United States pp. S186-S192 Downloads
A. Schnall, N. Nakata, T. Talbert, T. Bayleyegn, D. Martinez and A. Wolkin
Primary Care Emergency Preparedness Network, New York City, 2015: Comparison of Member and Nonmember Sites pp. S193-S198 Downloads
M.D. Williams, M.C. Jean, B. Chen, N.-A.M. Molinari and T.T. LeBlanc
Improvements in State and Local Planning for Mass Dispensing of Medical Countermeasures: The Technical Assistance Review Program, United States, 2007-2014 pp. S200-S207 Downloads
Renard, P.G.,, S.J. Vagi, C.M. Reinold, B.L. Silverman and R.N. Avchen
A Conceptual Framework for the Evaluation of Emergency Risk Communications pp. S208-S214 Downloads
E. Savoia, L. Lin and G.M. Gamhewage

2017, volume 107, issue S1

Oral health inequities: An AJPH supplement to help close the gap pp. S6-S7 Downloads
L.N. Borrell
Dental therapy: Communities lead the way for improved oral health pp. S8-S9 Downloads
L.J.M. Tabron and D. Linnane
The Aetna-NDA partnership for achieving racial and ethnic health equity pp. S10-S11 Downloads
H.J. Harper, M.L. Conicella, N.C. Cranston, J.C. Edmonds and C.O. Matthews
A workforce strategy for reducing oral health disparities: Dental therapists pp. S13-S17 Downloads
J. Koppelman and R. Singer-Cohen
Addressing oral health disparities via educational foci on cultural competence pp. S18-S23 Downloads
L.S. Behar-Horenstein, R.C. Warren, V.J. Dodd and F.A. Catalanotto
The dental health aide therapist program in Alaska: An example for the 21st century pp. S24-S25 Downloads
D. Lenaker
Expanding the dental workforce to improve access and reduce disparities in oral health pp. S26-S27 Downloads
W.B. Potter
How dental therapists can address the social and racial disparities in access to care pp. S28-S29 Downloads
A.K. Yee, K. McGlaston and R. Restuccia
Oral health and medicine integration: Overcoming historical artifact to relieve suffering pp. S30-S31 Downloads
S.A. Martin and L. Simon
Revisiting oral health in America: A report of the surgeon general pp. S32-S33 Downloads
D. Satcher
Oral health disparities and inequities in Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders pp. S34-S35 Downloads
H. Le, S. Hirota, J. Liou, T. Sitlin, C. Le and T. Quach
Oral health disparities: A perspective from the national institute of dental and craniofacial research pp. S36-S38 Downloads
D.J. Fischer, O'Hayre, M., J.W. Kusiak, M.J. Somerman and C.V. Hill
Oral health: Basic tenets for a healthy, productive life pp. S39-S40 Downloads
L.W. Sullivan
Dental homes for Older Americans: The santa fe group call for removal of the dental exclusion in Medicare pp. S41-S43 Downloads
E.M. Chávez, A.A. Dugoni, J.M. Calvo and J.A. Jones
Oral health and aging pp. S44-S45 Downloads
C. Raphael
The oral health needs of the incarcerated population: Steps toward equal access pp. S46-S47 Downloads
N.S. Makrides and J.D. Shulman
Improving access to oral health services among uninsured and underserved populations: First Health Dental Care Centers pp. S48-S49 Downloads
S.N. Harrell, M. Ro and L.G. Hartsock
Getting the incentives right: Improving oral health equity with Universal School-Based Caries Prevention pp. S50-S55 Downloads
R. Niederman, S.S. Huang, A.-L. Trescher and S. Listl
Using registered dental hygienists to Promote a School-Based Approach to Dental Public Health pp. S56-S60 Downloads
M. Simmer-Beck, A. Wellever and P.J. Kelly
Accountable care organizations and oral health accountability pp. S61-S64 Downloads
M.E. Mayberry
Racial/ethnic minority older adults' perspectives on proposed Medicaid reforms' effects on dental care access pp. S65-S70 Downloads
M.E. Northridge, A.P. Greenblatt, I. Estrada, C. Kunzel, E.W. Schrimshaw and S.S. Metcalf
Effect of outreach messages on Medicaid Enrollment pp. S71-S73 Downloads
J.K. Hom, C. Stillson, D. Grande, R. Rosin, R. Cahill and E. Kruger
The 2014 Mid-Maryland mission of Mercy Dental Clinic: Building community capacity and complementing public policy pp. S74-S76 Downloads
S.B. Thomas, S.R. Passmore, D.N. Jackson, E. Casper, A.M. Horowitz, J. Nalls and D.V. Kleinman
Dental therapy education in Minnesota pp. S77-S80 Downloads
K. Self and C. Brickle
Indian country leads national movement to knock down barriers to oral health equity pp. S81-S84 Downloads
B. Cladoosby and C. Peters
Dental student-delivered care at a student-faculty collaborative clinic in a correctional facility pp. S85-S87 Downloads
L. Simon, K. Sue, R. Williams, M. Tobey, M. Cohen and D. Beckmann
Dental-related use of hospital emergency departments by Hispanics and non-Hispanics in Florida pp. S88-S93 Downloads
C.A. Serna, O. Arevalo and S.L. Tomar
Oral health care receipt and self-rated oral health for diverse Asian American Subgroups in New York City pp. S94-S96 Downloads
M. Jung, S.C. Kwon, C. Trinh-Shevrin, S.S. Yi, N. Edens and M.E. Northridge
Effectiveness on early childhood caries of an oral health promotion program for medical providers pp. S97-S103 Downloads
P.A. Braun, K. Widmer-Racich, C. Sevick, E.J. Starzyk, K. Mauritson and S.J. Hambidge
Oral health intervention for low-income African American Men in Atlanta, Georgia pp. S104-S110 Downloads
L.M. Hoffman, L. Rollins, T.H. Akintobi, K. Erwin, N. Hernandez, K. Lewis and A. Miller
The dental professional pp. S12 Downloads
T. Batliner
The nation's oral health inequities: Who cares pp. S5 Downloads
H.M. Treadwell

2017, volume 107, issue 11

Advancing science and public health practice on climate change and health justice pp. 1687 Downloads
M.L. Bell
Sexual orientation question kept in NSOAAP: "government at Its Best" pp. 1692-1693 Downloads
A. Morabia
The promises, realities, and legacies of the bolshevik revolution, 1917-2017 pp. 1693-1694 Downloads
N. Krementsov
Assessing the public health impact of the mhealth app business pp. 1694-1696 Downloads
N. Freudenberg
Health: An optimal commodity for the attention economy pp. 1696-1697 Downloads
B. Millington
Trends in autism spectrum disorders: The interaction of time, group-level socioeconomic status, and individual-level race/ethnicity pp. 1698-1699 Downloads
C.J. Newschaffer
Screening for food insecurity: Short-term alleviation and long-term prevention pp. 1699-1700 Downloads
D. Cutts and J. Cook
Advancing suicide prevention through a focus on firearm safety pp. 1701-1702 Downloads
M.D. Anestis
Mexican cohort study predates but predicts the type of body composition changes expected from the mexican sugar-sweetened beverage tax pp. 1702-1703 Downloads
B.M. Popkin
On the promise and peril of technology for population health: A public health of consequence, November 2017 pp. 1703-1705 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
The time is now for ehealth research with latinos pp. 1705-1707 Downloads
E.J. Rodriquez and E.J. Perez-Stable
A revolutionary attack on tobacco: Bolshevik antismoking campaigns in the 1920s pp. 1711-1717 Downloads
T.A. Starks
Propagandizing the healthy, bolshevik life in the early ussr pp. 1718-1724 Downloads
T.A. Starks
Nursing and the public health legacies of the Russian revolution pp. 1725-1730 Downloads
S. Grant
Legacies of 1917 in contemporary Russian public health: Addiction, HIV, and abortion pp. 1731-1735 Downloads
M. Rivkin-Fish
The essence of the Soviet health system pp. 1736-1738 Downloads
H.E. Sigerist
Henry E. Sigerist (1891- 1957): Medical Historian, Advocate of "socialized" Medicine, and Admirer of the Soviet Health System pp. 1738-1739 Downloads
T. Brown and E. Fee
Alan gregg, the diary of a thoughtful eye-witness pp. 1743 Downloads
S. Ladwig and T. Brown
Our greedy health care system pp. 1744-1745 Downloads
J.E. McDonough
The physicians' case for marijuana legalization pp. 1746-1747 Downloads
D.L. Nathan, H.W. Clark and J. Elders
Deregulation, devolution, and state preemption laws' impact on us mortality trends pp. 1749-1750 Downloads
J.K. Montez
Gaps in federal and state screening of tuberculosis in the United States pp. 1750-1752 Downloads
P.M. Singer, G.A. Noppert and C.H. Jenkins
Can the fda help reduce drug prices or the cost of medical care? pp. 1752-1754 Downloads
D.M. Zuckerman
Advancing the right to health - The vital role of law pp. 1755-1756 Downloads
L.O. Gostin, K.O. Cathaoir, S.A. Roache, R.S. Magnusson, R. Krech, S.A. Solomon, D. Walton, M.-P. Kieny, D.W. Patterson and G.L. Burci
Enrollment in California's medicaid program after the affordable care act expansion pp. 1757-1759 Downloads
J. Wang and A.N. Trivedi
Development of a statewide, publicly accessible drug overdose surveillance and information system pp. 1760-1763 Downloads
B.D.L. Marshall, J.L. Yedinak, J. Goyer, T.C. Green, J.A. Koziol and N. Alexander-Scott
Value of public health funding in preventing hospital bloodstream infections in the United States pp. 1764-1769 Downloads
M.D. Whittington, C.J. Bradley, A.J. Atherly, J.D. Campbell and Richard Lindrooth
Emergency medical service personnel's risk from violence while serving the community pp. 1770-1775 Downloads
B.J. Maguire and O'Neill, B.J.
Geotagged US tweets as predictors of county-level health outcomes, 2015-2016 pp. 1776-1782 Downloads
Q.C. Nguyen, M. McCullough, H.-W. Meng, D. Paul, D. Li, S. Kath, G. Loomis, E.O. Nsoesie, M. Wen, K.R. Smith and F. Li
A social network analysis of the financial links backing health and fitness apps pp. 1783-1788 Downloads
Q. Grundy, F. Held and L. Bero
Law enforcement and gun retailers as partners for safely storing guns to prevent suicide: A study in 8 Mountain West States pp. 1789-1794 Downloads
C.W. Runyan, A. Brooks-Russell, S. Brandspigel, M. Betz, G. Tung, D. Novins and R. Agans
A smartphone application to reduce time-to-notification of sexually transmitted infections pp. 1795-1800 Downloads
A.C. Cohen, F. Zimmerman, M. Prelip and D. Glik
Changes in sugar-sweetened soda consumption, weight, and waist circumference: 2-year cohort of Mexican women pp. 1801-1808 Downloads
D. Stern, N. Middaugh, M.S. Rice, F. Laden, R. López-Ridaura, B. Rosner, W. Willett and M. Lajous
The changing pattern of nutrition intake by social class in Contemporary China, 1991-2011 pp. 1809-1811 Downloads
Z. Xu and W. Zhang
Diagnostic accuracy of two food insecurity screeners recommended for use in health care settings pp. 1812-1817 Downloads
J.A. Makelarski, E. Abramsohn, J.H. Benjamin, S. Du and S.T. Lindau
Autism spectrum disorder among US children (2002-2010): Socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic disparities pp. 1818-1826 Downloads
M.S. Durkin, M.J. Maenner, J. Baio, D. Christensen, J. Daniels, R. Fitzgerald, P. Imm, L.-C. Lee, L.A. Schieve, K. Van Naarden Braun, M.S. Wingate and M. Yeargin-Allsopp
Recreational cannabis legalization and opioid-related deaths in Colorado, 2000-2015 pp. 1827-1829 Downloads
M.D. Livingston, T.E. Barnett, C. Delcher and A.C. Wagenaar
Two sides of the crisis pp. e1 Downloads
K.H. Mohammed

2017, volume 107, issue 10

Clarivate analytics (formerly produced by Thomson Reuters) journal metrics and AJPH pp. 1526 Downloads
A. Shelepak
Despair in the American Heartland? A focus on rural health pp. 1533-1534 Downloads
P.C. Erwin
Preexposure prophylaxis: Adapting HIV prevention models to achieve worldwide access pp. 1534-1535 Downloads
S. Landers and F. Kapadia
Years of life lost, age discrimination, and the myth of productivity pp. 1535-1537 Downloads
M.H. Brenner
On being transnational and transgender: Human rights and public health considerations pp. 1537-1538 Downloads
D. Operario and T. Nemoto
Can population health science counter in-kind dangerous oversimplifications? a public health of consequence, October 2017 pp. 1538-1540 Downloads
R.D. Vaughan and S. Galea
The epidemic of despair among white americans: Trends in the leading causes of premature death, 1999-2015 pp. 1541-1547 Downloads
E.M. Stein, K.P. Gennuso, D.C. Ugboaja and P.L. Remington
Urban-rural differences in suicide in the state of Maryland: The role of firearms pp. 1548-1553 Downloads
P.S. Nestadt, P. Triplett, D.R. Fowler and R. Mojtabai
Rural versus urban use of traditional and emerging tobacco products in the United States, 2013-2014 pp. 1554-1559 Downloads
M.E. Roberts, N.J. Doogan, C.A. Stanton, A.J. Quisenberry, A.C. Villanti, D.E. Gaalema, D.R. Keith, A.N. Kurti, A.A. Lopez, R. Redner, A. Cepeda-Benito and S.T. Higgins
Diverging life expectancies and voting patterns in the 2016 US Presidential Election pp. 1560-1562 Downloads
J. Bor
Leveraging interest to decrease rural health disparities in the United States pp. 1563-1564 Downloads
M. Meit and A. Knudson
Deaths of despair: Why? what to do? pp. 1564-1565 Downloads
F.D. Scutchfield and C.W. Keck
Despair as a cause of death: More complex than it first appears pp. 1566-1567 Downloads
A.V. Diez Roux
Individual versus community-level risk compensation following preexposure prophylaxis of HIV pp. 1568-1571 Downloads
M. Holt and D.A. Murphy
HIV preexposure prophylaxis and condomless sex: Disentangling personal values from public health priorities pp. 1572-1576 Downloads
S.K. Calabrese, K. Underhill and K.H. Mayer
Antiretroviral drugs as the linchpin for prevention of HIV infections in the United States pp. 1577-1579 Downloads
T. Samandari, N. Harris, J.C. Cleveland, D.W. Purcell and E. McCray
The complex road ahead for preexposure prophylaxis: A primary care physician perspective pp. 1580-1581 Downloads
R.E. Greene
Obesity prevention in the supermarket-choice architecture and the supplemental nutrition assistance program pp. 1582-1583 Downloads
A.N. Thorndike and C.R. Sunstein
Musculoskeletal disorders: A neglected group at public health and epidemiology meetings? pp. 1584-1585 Downloads
A.V. Perruccio, C. Yip, E.M. Badley and J.D. Power
Low-income housing tax credit: Optimizing its impact on health pp. 1586-1588 Downloads
M. Shi, B.A. Samuels and C.E. Pollack
Effect of police training and accountability on the mental health of African American Adults pp. 1588-1590 Downloads
H. Oh, J. DeVylder and G. Hunt
Will automated driving technologies make today's effective restraint systems obsolete? pp. 1590-1592 Downloads
D. Subit, P. Vezin, S. Laporte and B. Sandoz
Consumer-directed health care for medicaid patients: Past and future reforms pp. 1592-1594 Downloads
P.M. Singer, D.B. Nelson and R. Tipirneni
Brexit: Severe risks to Britain's national health service pp. 1594-1596 Downloads
J.J. Park, M. McKee and R. Atun
The world health organization, public health ethics, and surveillance: Essential architecture for social well-being pp. 1596-1598 Downloads
A.L. Fairchild, A. Dawson, R. Bayer and M.J. Selgelid
Using all means to protect public health in Israel from emerging tobacco products pp. 1599-1600 Downloads
E. Kopel, N. Davidovitch and H. Levine
A way forward for bipartisan health reform? Democrat and republican state legislator priorities for the goals of health policy pp. 1601-1603 Downloads
C. Pagel, D.W. Bates, D. Goldmann and C.F. Koller
Toward a public health politics of consequence: An autobiographical reflection pp. 1604-1605 Downloads
D.M. Fox
Growing economic inequality sustains health disparities pp. 1606-1607 Downloads
W.A. Vega and W.M. Sribney
Legal, practical, and ethical considerations for making online patient portals accessible for all pp. 1608-1611 Downloads
C.R. Lyles, J. Fruchterman, M. Youdelman and D. Schillinger
Children's access to dental care affected by reimbursement rates, dentist density, and dentist participation in medicaid pp. 1612-1614 Downloads
N.I. Chalmers and R.D. Compton
Standard period life table used to compute the life expectancy of diseased subpopulations: More confusing than helpful pp. 1615-1620 Downloads
L. Perron, M. Simard, J. Brisson, D. Hamel and E. Lo
Violent death reporting inmaryland: Demographic variability in data completeness pp. 1621-1623 Downloads
M.L. Smith, A.A. Akinyemi, J.L. Stanley and C.S. Mitchell
Killed by police: Validity of media-based data and misclassification of death certificates in Massachusetts, 2004-2016 pp. 1624-1626 Downloads
J.M. Feldman, S. Gruskin, B.A. Coull and N. Krieger
Oral health integration into a pediatric practice and coordination of referrals to a colocated dental home at a federally qualified health center pp. 1627-1629 Downloads
N. Sengupta, S. Nanavati, M. Cericola and L. Simon
Lead content of sindoor, a hindu religious powder and cosmetic: New Jersey and India, 2014-2015 pp. 1630-1632 Downloads
M.P. Shah, D.G. Shendell, P.O. Strickland, J.D. Bogden, F.W. Kemp and W. Halperin
Medicaid reimbursement for the female condom pp. 1633-1635 Downloads
S.S. Witte, C. MacPhee, N. Ginsburg and N. Deshmukh
Tobacco industry research on nicotine replacement therapy: "if anyone is going to take away our business it should be us" pp. 1636-1642 Downloads
D. Apollonio and S.A. Glantz
Readiness to vaccinate critical personnel during an influenza pandemic, United States, 2015 pp. 1643-1645 Downloads
D.L. Moulia, S.A. Dopson, S.J. Vagi, T.J. Fitzgerald, A.P. Fiebelkorn and S.B. Graitcer
Living outside the gender box in Mexico: Testimony of transgender mexican asylum seekers pp. 1646-1652 Downloads
M.K. Cheney, M.J. Gowin, E.L. Taylor, M. Frey, J. Dunnington, G. Alshuwaiyer, J.K. Huber, M.C. Garcia and G.C. Wray
Assessing years of life lost versus number of deaths in the United States, 1995-2015 pp. 1653-1659 Downloads
G.B. Taksler and M.B. Rothberg
Community health worker support for disadvantaged patients with multiple chronic diseases: A randomized clinical trial pp. 1660-1667 Downloads
S. Kangovi, N. Mitra, D. Grande, H. Huo, R.A. Smith and J.A. Long
Community health worker impact on chronic disease outcomes within primary care examined using electronic health records pp. 1668-1674 Downloads
M. Ingram, K. Doubleday, M.L. Bell, A. Lohr, L. Murrieta, M. Velasco, J. Blackburn, S. Sabo, J.G. De Zapien and S.C. Carvajal

2017, volume 107, issue 9

Ethical guidance for disaster response, specifically around crisis standards of care: A systematic review pp. e1-e9 Downloads
J.P. Leider, D. Debruin, N. Reynolds, A. Koch and J. Seaberg
Morabia responds pp. e10-e11 Downloads
A. Morabia
Editor's choice: Standing rock doesn't stand alone: The health care battle across Native America pp. 1349 Downloads
M. Hoyer
AJPH Editorials: Water access in the United States: Health disparities abound & solutions are urgently needed pp. 1354-1356 Downloads
A.I. Patel, L.A. Schmidt and P.R. Lee
Addressing colorectal cancer disparities among African American men beyond traditional practice-based settings pp. 1356-1358 Downloads
K.B. Naylor
Population mental health & community violence: Advancing the role of local health departments pp. 1358-1360 Downloads
J. Purtle
Do our cells pay the price when we sit too much? pp. 1360-1362 Downloads
M. Du
Data sources hinder our understanding of transgender murders pp. 1362-1363 Downloads
R.L. Stotzer
Are there any ethical barriers to effective antismoking measures? pp. 1364-1365 Downloads
E. Lindblom
Successes & continued challenges of electronic health records for chronic disease surveillance pp. 1365-1367 Downloads
G.S. Birkhead
Complexity in public health research: A public health of consequence, September 2017 pp. 1367-1368 Downloads
R.D. Vaughan and S. Galea
Development of a research agenda focused on academic health departments pp. 1369-1375 Downloads
P.C. Erwin, R.C. Brownson, W.C. Livingood, C.W. Keck and K. Amos
Zika & reproductive rights in Brazil: Challenge to the right to health pp. 1376-1380 Downloads
P.K. Valente
Late age at childbirth: Survival advantage or artifact? pp. 1381-1382 Downloads
N.E. Adler, Lisa and J. Pritzker
Shadyab & LaCroix respond pp. 1382-1383 Downloads
A.H. Shadyab and A.Z. Lacroix
Improved health: A bipartisan opportunity to expand the scope of health reform pp. 1383-1384 Downloads
D.K. Jones, M. Simmons and S. Galea
Contextualizing complexity: When are systems science methods constructive? pp. 1385-1386 Downloads
B.D.L. Marshall
Racial/ethnic & socioeconomic disparities in hydration status among US adults & the role of tap water & other beverage intake pp. 1387-1394 Downloads
C.J. Brooks, S.L. Gortmaker, M.W. Long, A.L. Cradock and E.L. Kenney
Ain't necessarily so!": The brake industry's impact on asbestos regulation in the 1970s pp. 1395-1399 Downloads
D. Rosner and G. Markowitz
Minimum age of sale for tobacco products & electronic cigarettes: Ethical acceptability of US "Tobacco 21 Laws pp. 1401-1405 Downloads
S.R. Morain and J. Malek
State & local chronic disease surveillance using electronic health record systems pp. 1406-1412 Downloads
M. Klompas, N.M. Cocoros, J.T. Menchaca, D. Erani, E. Hafer, B. Herrick, M. Josephson, M. Lee, M.D.P. Weiss, B. Zambarano, K.R. Eberhardt, J. Malenfant, L. Nasuti and T. Land
Evacuation of pets during disasters: A public health intervention to increase resilience pp. 1413-1417 Downloads
R. Chadwin
State health agency & local health department workforce: Identifying top development needs pp. 1418-1424 Downloads
A.J. Beck, J.P. Leider, F. Coronado and E. Harper
Television watching & telomere length among adults in southwest China pp. 1425-1432 Downloads
H.-M. Xue, Q.-Q. Liu, G. Tian, L.-M. Quan, Y. Zhao and G. Cheng
Community-based, preclinical patient navigation for colorectal cancer screening among older black men recruited from barbershops: The MISTER B trial pp. 1433-1440 Downloads
H. Cole, H.S. Thompson, M. White, R. Browne, C. Trinh-Shevrin, S. Braithwaite, K. Fiscella, C. Boutin-Foster and J. Ravenell
Homicide rates of transgender individuals in the United States: 2010-2014 pp. 1441-1447 Downloads
A. Dinno
Undocumented immigration, drug problems, & driving under the influence in the United States, 1990-2014 pp. 1448-1454 Downloads
M.T. Light, T. Miller and B.C. Kelly
Civil unrest in the context of chronic community violence: Impact on maternal depressive symptoms pp. 1455-1462 Downloads
D.P. Yimgang, Y. Wang, G. Paik, E.R. Hager and M.M. Black
Excessive gestational weight gain & subsequent maternal obesity at age 40: A hypothetical intervention pp. 1463-1469 Downloads
B. Abrams, J. Coyle, K. Cohen, I. Headen, A. Hubbard, L. Ritchie and D.H. Rehkopf
Per diems in polio eradication: Perspectives from community health workers and officials pp. 1470-1476 Downloads
S. Closser, A. Rosenthal, J. Justice, K. Maes, M. Sultan, S. Banerji, H.B. Amaha, R. Gopinath, P. Omidian and L. Nyirazinyoye
1918 influenza pandemic: In utero exposure in the United States and long-term impact on hospitalizations pp. 1477-1483 Downloads
J.K. Acquah, R. Dahal and F.A. Sloan
Transit rider body mass index before and after completion of street light-rail line in Utah pp. 1484-1486 Downloads
B.B. Brown, K.R. Smith, W.A. Jensen and D. Tharp
Trends in prescription opioids detected in fatally injured drivers in 6 US States: 1995-2015 pp. 1487-1492 Downloads
S. Chihuri and G. Li
Industry payments to physicians for opioid products, 2013-2015 pp. 1493-1495 Downloads
S.E. Hadland, M.S. Krieger and B.D.L. Marshall
From lead exposure in early childhood to adolescent health: A chicago birth cohort pp. 1496-1501 Downloads
A.S. Winter and R.J. Sampson
Obesity and overweight in American indian and Alaska native children, 2006-2015 pp. 1502-1507 Downloads
A. Bullock, K. Sheff, K. Moore and S. Manson
Patterns of use of smokeless tobacco in US Adults, 2013-2014 pp. 1508-1514 Downloads
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To: Dr. Alfredo morabia, editor, ajph pp. e10 Downloads
N. Krieger, A.-E. Birn, L. Aviles, Z. Bailey, C. Cubbin, C. Dearfield, M.M. Jones, R. Lee, L. Moore, N. Munoz, V. Simonds and P.D. Waterman
Transwoman population size pp. e12 Downloads
H.F. Raymond, E.C. Wilson and W. Mcfarland
Missingdataandsystematic bias pp. e14 Downloads
K.O. Myers

2017, volume 107, issue 8

Lower-risk cannabis use guidelines: A comprehensive update of evidence and recommendations pp. e1-e12 Downloads
B. Fischer, C. Russell, P. Sabioni, W. Van Den Brink, B. Le Foll, W. Hall, J. Rehm and R. Room
Prevalence of financial fraud and scams among older adults in the United States: A systematic review and meta-analysis pp. e13-e21 Downloads
D. Burnes, Henderson, C.R.,, C. Sheppard, R. Zhao, K. Pillemer and M.S. Lachs
Alang et al. respond pp. e22-e23 Downloads
S. Alang, D. McAlpine, R. Hardeman and E. McCreedy
Serious, nonlethal firearm-related injuries in the United States: Compiling the evidence pp. e24-e25 Downloads
J.L. Salemi
Krieger responds pp. e28-e29 Downloads
N. Krieger
How can helicopter parents have missed young worker safety? pp. 1193 Downloads
S.E. Lacey
AJPH dossier on the erasure of the sexual orientation question from the national survey of older Americans act participants pp. 1203-1204 Downloads
A. Morabia
Prepare and support our chief health strategists on the front lines pp. 1205-1206 Downloads
K.B. De Salvo
Exchanging identifiable health information among health departments: A route through the legal maze pp. 1207-1209 Downloads
J.G. Hodge
A public health of consequence: Review of the August 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 1209-1210 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
Why i am opposed to the elimination of the sexual orientation question by the administration for community living pp. 1211-1212 Downloads
K. Greenlee
Challenges and solutions to collecting sexual orientation and gender identity data pp. 1212-1214 Downloads
R.L. Sell
Oversampling in health surveys: Why, when, and how? pp. 1214-1215 Downloads
R. Vaughan
Recording sexual orientation in the UK: Pooling data for statistical power pp. 1215-1217 Downloads
J. Semlyen
Erasing LGBT people from federal data collection: A need for vigilance pp. 1217-1218 Downloads
K.L. Loewy
Data move us closer to full equality by speaking for those who cannot: Advocating for LGBT older adults pp. 1219-1220 Downloads
L.E. Durso
LGBT data collection amid social and demographic shifts of the US LGBT community pp. 1220-1222 Downloads
G.J. Gates
Reasons for caution when emphasizing health disparities for sexual and gender minority adults in public health campaigns pp. 1223-1225 Downloads
J.G.L. Lee, R.J. Martin, H. Landrine, D.D. Matthews, P.E. Averett and J. Niederdeppe
Repealing the affordable care act essential health benefits: Threats and obstacles pp. 1225-1226 Downloads
C.E. Willison and P.M. Singer
The public health practitioner of the future pp. 1227-1232 Downloads
P.C. Erwin and R.C. Brownson
Deciphering suicide and other manners of death associated with drug intoxication: A centers for disease control and prevention consultation meeting summary pp. 1233-1239 Downloads
D.M. Stone, K.M. Holland, B. Bartholow, J.E. Logan, W. LiKamWa McIntosh, A. Trudeau and I.R.H. Rockett
Trump order mandating deportation for health service use: Not legally sufficient pp. 1240-1241 Downloads
J.M. Calvo
Defining roles for schools and programs of public health in the age of trump pp. 1242-1244 Downloads
C. Palmedo, L. Roberts, N. Freudenberg, G. Sembajwe, E. Geltman and D. Heller
Ideologically motivated violence: A public health approach to prevention pp. 1244-1246 Downloads
M.K. Wynia, D. Eisenman and D. Hanfling
Princess Diana and reduced traffic deaths in France and the United States pp. 1246-1248 Downloads
D.A. Redelmeier and J.A. Bhatti
Underuse of chest radiography versus computed tomography for lung cancer screening pp. 1248-1250 Downloads
S. Soneji, R. Dang, J.W. Yang, N.T. Tanner, G.A. Silvestri and W. Black
Accountable care organizations' payments to physicians: Patients should have the right to know pp. 1251-1252 Downloads
M. Mansour, N. Favini, M.A. Carome, S. Woolhandler and D.U. Himmelstein
The opioid crisis and the need for compassion in pain management pp. 1253-1254 Downloads
M.A. Rothstein
Public health without fear of consequences or inconsequences pp. 1255-1256 Downloads
P. Buekens
Raising our voices against discrimination-and for public health pp. 1256-1258 Downloads
J. Heymann and A. Sprague
The end of written informed consent for HIV testing: Not with a bang but a whimper pp. 1259-1265 Downloads
R. Bayer, M. Philbin and R.H. Remien
Judicial bypass for minors seeking abortions in Arkansas versus other states pp. 1266-1271 Downloads
O. Altindag and T. Joyce
Personally identifiable information in state laws: Use, release, and collaboration at health departments pp. 1272-1276 Downloads
E.B. Begley, J.M. Ware, S.A. Hexem, K. Rapposelli, K. Thompson, M.S. Penn and G.A. Aquino
Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations pp. 1277 Downloads
B. Fischer, C. Russell, P. Sabioni, W. van den Brink, B. Le Foll, W. Hall, J. Rehm and R. Room
Understanding and improving arterial roads to support public health and transportation goals pp. 1278-1282 Downloads
C. McAndrews, K.M. Pollack, D. Berrigan, A.L. Dannenberg and E.J. Christopher
Crowdsourced health data: Comparability to a US national survey, 2013-2015 pp. 1283-1289 Downloads
V. Yank, S. Agarwal, P. Loftus, S. Asch and D. Rehkopf
Vocal timbre and the classification of respondent sex in US phone-based surveys pp. 1290-1294 Downloads
N.C. Riley, J.R. Blosnich, T.M. Bear and S.L. Reisner
Prevalence of Financial Fraud and Scams Among Older Adults in the United States: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1295 Downloads
D. Burnes, C.R. Henderson, C. Sheppard, R. Zhao, K. Pillemer and M.S. Lachs
Dust exposure and coccidioidomycosis prevention among solar power farm construction workers in California pp. 1296-1303 Downloads
G.L.S. Cooksey, J.A. Wilken, J. McNary, D. Gilliss, D. Shusterman, B.L. Materna and D.J. Vugia
Hurricane sandy (New Jersey): Mortality rates in the following month and quarter pp. 1304-1307 Downloads
S. Kim, P.A. Kulkarni, M. Rajan, P. Thomas, S. Tsai, C. Tan and A. Davidow
Polysubstance use among US women of reproductive age who use opioids for nonmedical reasons pp. 1308-1310 Downloads
M. Jarlenski, C.L. Barry, S. Gollust, A.J. Graves, A. Kennedy-Hendricks and K. Kozhimannil
Unintentional poisoning in China, 1990 to 2015: The global burden of disease study 2015 pp. 1311-1315 Downloads
Y. Tang, L. Zhang, J. Pan, Q. Zhang, T. He, Z. Wu, J. Zhan and Q. Li
Health-related quality of life among US workers: Variability across occupation groups pp. 1316-1323 Downloads
T.M. Shockey, M. Zack and A. Sussell
Constant lethality of gunshot injuries from firearm assault: United States, 2003-2012 pp. 1324-1328 Downloads
P.J. Cook, A.E. Rivera-Aguirre, M. Cerdá and G. Wintemute
Crash fatality rates after recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado pp. 1329-1331 Downloads
J.D. Aydelotte, L.H. Brown, K.M. Luftman, A.L. Mardock, P.G.R. Teixeira, B. Coopwood and C.V.R. Brown
Chronic health conditions and key health indicators among lesbian, gay, and bisexual older US adults, 2013-2014 pp. 1332-1338 Downloads
K.I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, H.-J. Kim, C. Shui and A.E.B. Bryan
Toward a constructive public health agenda on race and police use of force pp. e22 Downloads
J.M.R. Gonzalez, K.K. Jetelina and S.A. Bishopp
Spitzer et al. respond pp. e25 Downloads
S.A. Spitzer, K.L. Staudenmayer and T.G. Weiser
Differing perspectives on analyzing data related to firearms and suicide pp. e26 Downloads
E.A. Stuart, C. Crifasi, A. McCourt, J.S. Vernick and D. Webster
Anestis et al. respond pp. e27 Downloads
M.D. Anestis, J.C. Anestis and S.E. Butterworth
All models are wrong; Some are useful pp. e28 Downloads
P.L. Remington

2017, volume 107, issue 7

Applewhite and Sherman respond pp. e1-e2 Downloads
D.P. Applewhite and S.G. Sherman
Guan and Li respond pp. e3-e4 Downloads
J. Guan and G. Li
Hosting Syrian refugees: Resources exist in our communities pp. 1013 Downloads
H. Bouhmam, D. Boothe and D.R. George
Risk analysis in the 21st century: Adapting to new challenges and opportunities pp. 1020-1021 Downloads
M.R. Greenberg
Educational disparities in adult disability: Person, place, policies, and family pp. 1021-1022 Downloads
C. Jagger
Physical activity and physical and mental well-being in church settings pp. 1023-1024 Downloads
T.J. Van Der Weele
Soda consumption among adolescents: Implications for lowand middle-income countries pp. 1025-1027 Downloads
G.M. Singh
Increasing availability of prevention to communities disproportionately affected by HIV pp. 1027-1028 Downloads
D.H. McCree, D.W. Purcell, J.C. Cleveland and J.T. Brooks
"Alien" health care pp. 1029-1030 Downloads
A.L. Caplan and A. Bateman-House
A public health of consequence: Review of the July 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 1030-1031 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
Chemical risk assessment: Traditional vs public health perspectives pp. 1032-1039 Downloads
M.R. Gwinn, D.A. Axelrad, T. Bahadori, D. Bussard, W.E. Cascio, K. Deener, D. Dix, R.S. Thomas, R.J. Kavlock and T.A. Burke
Planned parenthood is health care, and health care must defend it: A call to action pp. 1040-1041 Downloads
D. Silver and F. Kapadia
Donald trump, the police, and mental health in US cities pp. 1042-1043 Downloads
J.E. DeVylder
Trauma, psychopathology, and the refugee crisis: A call to action pp. 1044-1045 Downloads
K. Seddio
Public health research priorities to address US human trafficking pp. 1045-1047 Downloads
E.F. Rothman, H. Stoklosa, S.B. Baldwin, M. Chisolm-Straker, R.K. Price and H.G. Atkinson
What public health practitioners need to know about unhealthy industry tactics pp. 1047-1049 Downloads
A. Rob Moodie
The lead battery: A growing global public health challenge pp. 1049-1050 Downloads
P. Gottesfeld
An approach to assess the burden of work-related injury, disease, and distress pp. 1051-1057 Downloads
P.A. Schulte, R. Pana-Cryan, T. Schnorr, A.L. Schill, R. Guerin, S. Felknor and G.R. Wagner
Fostering a public health of consequence: Practical skills and lessons learned pp. 1058-1059 Downloads
A.E. Greenberg
On the origins of the electronic cigarette: British American Tobacco's project ariel (1962-1967) pp. 1060-1067 Downloads
S. Risi
Firearm legislation and fatal police shootings in the United States pp. 1068-1075 Downloads
A.J. Kivisto, B. Ray and P.L. Phalen
US Hospital awards and community health improvement pp. 1076-1077 Downloads
M.K. Poku, A.B. Blum and J.M. Sharfstein
Review of recent methodological developments in group-randomized trials: Part 2-analysis pp. 1078-1086 Downloads
E.L. Turner, M. Prague, J.A. Gallis, F. Li and D.M. Murray
Evaluating public health interventions: 6. Modeling ratios or differences? let the data tell us pp. 1087-1091 Downloads
D. Spiegelman and T.J. VanderWeele
Shelter-based opioid treatment: Increasing access to addiction treatment in a family shelter pp. 1092-1094 Downloads
A. Chatterjee, A. Obando, E. Strickland, A. Nestler, R. Harrington-Levey, T. Williams and T. LaCoursiere-Zucchero
Consumption of carbonated soft drinks among young adolescents aged 12 to 15 years in 53 low-and middle-income countries pp. 1095-1100 Downloads
L. Yang, P. Bovet, Y. Liu, M. Zhao, C. Ma, Y. Liang and B. Xi
Disparities in disability by educational attainment across US states pp. 1101-1108 Downloads
J.K. Montez, A. Zajacova and M.D. Hayward
Fe en Acción: Promoting physical activity among churchgoing Latinas pp. 1109-1115 Downloads
E.M. Arredondo, J.P. Elder, J. Haughton, D.J. Slymen, J.F. Sallis, L.G. Perez, N. Serrano, M.T. Parra, R. Valdivia and G.X. Ayala
Trends in school-related victimization of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths-Massachusetts, 1995-2015 pp. 1116-1118 Downloads
E.O. Olsen, A.M. Vivolo-Kantor, L. Kann and C.N. Milligan
Effect of the affordable care act on disparities in breastfeeding: The case of Maine pp. 1119-1121 Downloads
S.S. Hawkins, A. Noble and Christopher Baum
Firearm-related laws in all 50 US States, 1991-2016 pp. 1122-1129 Downloads
M. Siegel, M. Pahn, Z. Xuan, C.S. Ross, S. Galea, B. Kalesan, E. Fleegler and K.A. Goss
Use of a digital health application for influenza surveillance in China pp. 1130-1136 Downloads
Y. Hswen, J.S. Brownstein, J. Liu and J.B. Hawkins
Impact of the 2016 Ecuador earthquake on Zika virus cases pp. 1137-1142 Downloads
D. Vasquez, A. Palacio, J. Nuñez, W. Briones, J.C. Beier, D.C. Pareja and L. Tamariz
Increasing walking in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport: The walk to fly study pp. 1143-1149 Downloads
J.E. Fulton, G.M. Frederick, P. Paul, J.D. Omura, S.A. Carlson and J.M. Dorn
Foodborne disease outbreaks in correctional institutions-United States, 1998-2014 pp. 1150-1156 Downloads
M.A. Marlow, R.E. Luna-Gierke, P.M. Griffin and A.R. Vieira
Racial/ethnic disparities at the end of an HIV epidemic: Persons who inject drugs in New York City, 2011-2015 pp. 1157-1163 Downloads
D.C. Des Jarlais, K. Arasteh, C. McKnight, J. Feelemyer, S. Tross, D. Perlman, S. Friedman and A. Campbell
Dissecting the complexities of the relationship between police Officer-Civilian race/ethnicity Dyads and less-than-lethal use of force pp. 1164-1170 Downloads
K.K. Jetelina, W.G. Jennings, S.A. Bishopp, A.R. Piquero and J.M. Reingle Gonzalez
Minimum stocking requirements for retailers in the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children: Disparities across US states pp. 1171-1174 Downloads
J.E. Pelletier, L.R.N. Schreiber and M.N. Laska
Violence against women and household ownership of radios, computers, and phones in 20 countries pp. 1175-1181 Downloads
L.F. Cardoso and S.B. Sorenson
Potential issues with naloxone distribution in the community pp. e1 Downloads
M. Serdarevic
Injury mortality in autism pp. e3 Downloads
K. Fluegge
Inclusion of disability status in investigations of child maltreatment lifetime prevalence pp. e5 Downloads
M.E. McNew and D. Garic

2017, volume 107, issue 6

Vanderweele and Koenig respond pp. e1-e2 Downloads
T.J. VanderWeele and H.G. Koenig
Vanderweele and Koenig respond pp. e3-e4 Downloads
T.J. VanderWeele and H.G. Koenig
Tempels et al. respond pp. e5-e6 Downloads
T. Tempels, M. Verweij and V. Blok
Ying et al. respond pp. e7-e8 Downloads
J. Ying, J.E. Rosenthal, A. Park, H.N. Madanat, K.D. Liller, N. Hennig, S. Galea, M.K. Formica, A. Flescher and C.C. Branas
Advancing the Field of Public Health Surveillance and Survey Methods pp. 822 Downloads
D.T. Lau
Improving Public Health Surveillance about Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders pp. 827-828 Downloads
K.K. Chin
Toward a Comprehensive Policy to Reduce Disparities in Youth Violence pp. 829-830 Downloads
T.I. Herrenkoh
I Have Randomized by Clinic; Now What? Four Decades after Cornfield pp. 830-831 Downloads
R. Vaughan
Zika's Long Haul: Tackling the Causes of Human Vulnerability to Mosquito-Borne Viruses pp. 831-833 Downloads
L.C. Rodrigues
Changing Demographics of Marijuana Initiation: Bad News or Good? pp. 833-834 Downloads
R.A. Grucza
Growing momentum for sugar-sweetened beverage campaigns and policies: Costs and considerations pp. 835-838 Downloads
J. Falbe and K. Madsen
Air Mattresses Are Not Appropriate Sleep Spaces for Infants pp. 838-839 Downloads
R.Y. Moon
Dissemination and Implementation Research: From a Reporting Framework to Precision Medicine pp. 839-840 Downloads
D.A. Chambers
A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the June 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 841-842 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
LGBTQ Health Surveillance: Data = Power pp. 843-844 Downloads
R.L. Sell
Note from the Editor-in-Chief: Who Wants to Exclude Older LGBT Persons from Public Health Surveillance? pp. 844-845 Downloads
A. Morabia
Public Health Surveillance for Communicable Diseases: From Rigid and Static to Flexible and Innovative pp. 845-846 Downloads
D.L. Heymann
Surveillance as Our Sextant pp. 847-848 Downloads
L.E. Thorpe
Evolution of Public Health Surveillance: Status and Recommendations pp. 848-850 Downloads
H.S. Burkom
The Value of State-Based Surveillance and Surveys in the United States pp. 850-852 Downloads
A.K. Ferketich
Innovations in population health surveillance: Using electronic health records for chronic disease surveillance pp. 853-857 Downloads
S.E. Perlman, K.H. McVeigh, L.E. Thorpe, L. Jacobson, C.M. Greene and R.C. Gwynn
Scientific document review at the centers for disease control and prevention: The CLEAR approach pp. 858-859 Downloads
J.K. Iskander, A. Calugar, R.D. Peavy and A. Sowell
Isolationist Policies Threaten Public Health pp. 860-861 Downloads
C.N. Coughlin and A. Messenlehner
Addressing Zika in the United States: Polarization, Fragmentation, and Public Health pp. 861-862 Downloads
S.L. Greer and P.M. Singer
Framing mechanisms linking HIV-related stigma, adherence to treatment, and health outcomes pp. 863-869 Downloads
B. Turan, A.M. Hatcher, S.D. Weiser, M.O. Johnson, W.S. Rice and J.M. Turan
Social Determinants of Health: Building Wide Coalitions Around Well-Honed Messages pp. 870-871 Downloads
J.E. Fielding and S. Teutsch
Safe sex in the 1970s: Community practitioners on the Eve of AIDS pp. 872-879 Downloads
T.R. Blair
US state statutes banning powdered alcohol: Exceptions and penalties pp. 880-882 Downloads
A.M. Garcia
How California prepared for implementation of physician-assisted death: A primer pp. 883-888 Downloads
L.A. Petrillo, E. Dzeng, K.L. Harrison, L. Forbes, B. Scribner and B.A. Koenig
Medicaid expansion and ACA repeal: Evidence from Ohio pp. 889-892 Downloads
E.E. Seiber and M.L. Berman
Restrictions of hepatitis C treatment for substance-using medicaid patients: Cost versus ethics pp. 893-899 Downloads
J.M. Liao and M.A. Fischer
State preemption: A significant and quiet threat to public health in the United States pp. 900-902 Downloads
J.L. Pomeranz and M. Pertschuk
Measures of local segregation for monitoring health inequities by local health departments pp. 903-906 Downloads
N. Krieger, P.D. Waterman, N. Batra, J.S. Murphy, D.P. Dooley and S.N. Shah
Review of recent methodological developments in group-randomized trials: Part 1 - Design pp. 907-915 Downloads
E.L. Turner, F. Li, J.A. Gallis, M. Prague and D.M. Murray
Overview of Asian American data collection, release, and analysis: National health and nutrition examination survey 2011-2018 pp. 916-921 Downloads
R. Paulose-Ram, V. Burt, L. Broitman and N. Ahluwalia
A public health approach to hepatitis c in an urban setting pp. 922-926 Downloads
F. Laraque and J.K. Varma
A typical day with mild cognitive impairment pp. 927-928 Downloads
T. Hailu, C.C. Cannuscio, R. Dupuis and J. Karlawish
US public opinion on carrying firearms in public places pp. 929-937 Downloads
J.A. Wolfson, S.P. Teret, D. Azrael and M. Miller
Machine learning for social services: A study of prenatal case management in Illinois pp. 938-944 Downloads
I. Pan, L.B. Nolan, R.R. Brown, R. Khan, P. Van Der Boor, D.G. Harris and R. Ghani
The interface among poverty, air mattress industry trends, policy, and infant safety pp. 945-949 Downloads
J.J. Doering and T.C.S. Ward
Humanitarian needs among displaced and female-headed households in government-controlled areas of Syria pp. 950-959 Downloads
S. Doocy and E. Lyles
The Zika Virus outbreak in Brazil: Knowledge gaps and challenges for risk reduction pp. 960-965 Downloads
C.G.S. Osorio-De-Castro, E.S. Miranda, C.M. De Freitas, De Camargo, K.R., and H.H. Cranmer
Effect of legislation on indoor tanning prevalence in Alabama pp. 966-968 Downloads
A.J. Blashill and S. Pagoto
Small-group randomized controlled trial to increase condom use and HIV testing among hispanic/latino gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men pp. 969-976 Downloads
S.D. Rhodes, J. Alonzo, L. Mann, E.Y. Song, A.E. Tanner, J.E. Arellano, R. Rodriguez-Celedon, M. Garcia, A. Freeman, B.A. Reboussin and T.M. Painter
Trends in fighting and violence among adolescents in the United States, 2002-2014 pp. 977-982 Downloads
C.P. Salas-Wright, E.J. Nelson, M.G. Vaughn, J.M.R. Gonzalez and D. Córdova
The monetary cost of sexual assault to privately insured US women in 2013 pp. 983-988 Downloads
A.M. Tennessee, T.S. Bradham, B.M. White and K.N. Simpson
Mass media campaign to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in a rural area of the United States pp. 989-995 Downloads
T.A. Farley, H.S. Halper, A.M. Carlin, K.M. Emmerson, K.N. Foster and A.R. Fertig
The influence of college attendance on risk for marijuana initiation in the United States: 1977 to 2015 pp. 996-1002 Downloads
R.A. Miech, M.E. Patrick, O'Malley, P.M. and L.D. Johnston
AJPH letters and responses pp. e1 Downloads
E. Idler, D. Oman, M. Kiser and C. Hogue
More research is needed to understand the trans ommunity pp. e10 Downloads
S.A. Marshall
Religion and public health curriculum pp. e3 Downloads
E. Shapiro
Contraindications and alternatives to nuanced corporate responsibility pp. e5 Downloads
W.H. Wiist
Major gun death declines innewyork, California, and Texas pp. e7 Downloads
M. Males
Barriers to engaging transgender women in HIV observational research pp. e9 Downloads
D.V. Ayala and G.E. Ibañes

2017, volume 107, issue 5

Reverby responds pp. e2-e3 Downloads
S.M. Reverby
2017 #NPHW and beyond: Climate changes health pp. 630 Downloads
G.C. Benjamin
The cost of firearm violence survivorship pp. 638-639 Downloads
B. Kalesan
Public health communications: Lessons learned from the affordable care act pp. 639-641 Downloads
A.K. Parekh
The missing link: HIV, corrections, and public health pp. 641-642 Downloads
A.C. Spaulding
No mission too difficult: Responding to military sexual assault pp. 642-644 Downloads
R. Kimerling
The US black-white infant mortality gap: Marker of deep inequities pp. 644-645 Downloads
R.S. Kirby
A public health of consequence: Review of the May 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 646-647 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
#NPHW, a time of global assessment pp. 648-649 Downloads
A. Morabia
We need a strong environmental protection agency: It's about public health! pp. 649-651 Downloads
G. McCarthy and T.A. Burke
Flint kids: Tragic, resilient, and exemplary pp. 651-652 Downloads
M. Hanna-Attisha
Tracking the impact of policy changes on public health practice pp. 653-654 Downloads
P.C. Erwin
Areas of concern for public health pp. 654-656 Downloads
D.N. Sundwall
Make refugee health care great [again] pp. 656-658 Downloads
A.M. Philbrick, C.M. Wicks, I.M. Harris, G.M. Shaft and J.S. Van Vooren
Public health professionals urgently need to develop more effective communications strategies pp. 658-659 Downloads
R. Grant
Trumpcare or transformation pp. 660-661 Downloads
D.U. Himmelstein and S. Woolhandler
Police brutality and black health: Setting the agenda for public health scholars pp. 662-665 Downloads
S. Alang, D. McAlpine, E. McCreedy and R. Hardeman
Public health meets the problem of the color line pp. 666-667 Downloads
M.T. Bassett
Natural American spirit brand marketing casts health halo around smoking pp. 668-670 Downloads
A.E. Epperson, L. Henriksen and J.J. Prochaska
Four priorities to guide a public health of consequence pp. 671-672 Downloads
H. Amaro
Public health policies: Go local! pp. 672-674 Downloads
D.M. Bishai, S. Frattaroli and K.M. Pollack
The service i rendered was just as true: African American soldiers and veterans as activist patients pp. 675-683 Downloads
J.L. Adler
Evaluation of measles-mumps-rubella vaccination among newly arrived refugees pp. 684-686 Downloads
D. Lee, M. Weinberg and S. Benoit
Local television news coverage of the affordable care act: Emphasizing politics over consumer information pp. 687-693 Downloads
S.E. Gollust, L.M. Baum, J. Niederdeppe, C.L. Barry and E.F. Fowler
Scaling up a water, sanitation, and hygiene program in rural Bangladesh: The role of program implementation pp. 694-701 Downloads
J. Benjamin-Chung, S. Sultana, A.K. Halder, M.A. Ahsan, B.F. Arnold, A.E. Hubbard, L. Unicomb, S.P. Luby and J.M. Colford
Sales of nicotine-containing electronic cigarette products: United States, 2015 pp. 702-705 Downloads
K.L. Marynak, D.G. Gammon, T. Rogers, E.M. Coats, T. Singh and B.A. King
Disability items from the current population survey (2008-2015) and permanent versus temporary disability status pp. 706-708 Downloads
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Universal mandatory reporting policies and the odds of identifying child physical abuse pp. 709-716 Downloads
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Jail booking as an occasion for HIV care reengagement: A surveillance-based study pp. 717-723 Downloads
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Potential high-risk areas for zika virus transmission in the contiguous United States pp. 724-731 Downloads
E. Shacham, E.J. Nelson, D.F. Hoft, M. Schootman and A. Garza
Sexual assault victimization and mental health treatment, suicide attempts, and career outcomes among women in the US army pp. 732-739 Downloads
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Tobacco town: Computational modeling of policy options to reduce tobacco retailer density pp. 740-746 Downloads
D.A. Luke, R.A. Hammond, T. Combs, A. Sorg, M. Kasman, A. MacK-Crane, K.M. Ribisl and L. Henriksen
Women's individual asset ownership and experience of intimate partner violence: Evidence from 28 international surveys pp. 747-755 Downloads
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Estimating the proportion of childhood cancer cases and costs attributable to the environment in California pp. 756-762 Downloads
L. Nelson, J. Valle, G. King, P.K. Mills, M.J. Richardson, E.M. Roberts, D. Smith and P. English
Social and built environmental correlates of predicted blood lead levels in the flint water crisis pp. 763-769 Downloads
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Costs and financial burden of initial hospitalizations for firearm injuries in the United States, 2006-2014 pp. 770-774 Downloads
S.A. Spitzer, K.L. Staudenmayer, L. Tennakoon, D.A. Spain and T.G. Weiser
State-level progress in reducing the black-white infant mortality gap, United States, 1999-2013 pp. 775-782 Downloads
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Physical, mental, and financial impacts from drought in two California Counties, 2015 pp. 783-790 Downloads
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Injury mortality in individuals with autism pp. 791-793 Downloads
J. Guan and G. Li
Sustained reduction in HIV diagnoses in Massachusetts, 2000-2014 pp. 794-799 Downloads
K. Cranston, B. John, H. Dawn Fukuda, L.M. Randall, J. Mermin, K.H. Mayer and A. DeMaria
Video-based grocery shopping intervention effect on purchasing behaviors among latina shoppers pp. 800-806 Downloads
H. Amaro, D.E. Cortés, S. Garcia, L. Duan and D.S. Black
The affordable care act, insurance coverage, and health care utilization of previously incarcerated young men: 2008-2015 pp. 807-811 Downloads
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Supply-side disruption in cocaine production associated with cocaine-related maternal and child health outcomes in the United States pp. 812-814 Downloads
C. Delcher, M. Livingston, Y. Wang, M. Mowitz, M. Maldonado-Molina and B.A. Goldberger
Morabia responds pp. e1 Downloads
A. Morabia
Rethinking the black panther party can help us rethink our strategies in public health pp. e1 Downloads
C. Dickinson-Copeland and S.B. Weber
Historical misfeasance pp. e2 Downloads
R.S. Levine and C.H. Hennekens
Methadone misinformation and misconceptions pp. e4 Downloads
L.S. Brown and S. Kritz
Ethical implications of missing gun violence data pp. e5 Downloads
K.E. Bachynski

2017, volume 107, issue 4

Socioeconomic determinants of sodium intake in adult populations of high-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis pp. e1-e12 Downloads
C. De Mestral, A.-L. Mayén, D. Petrovic, P. Marques-Vidal, M. Bochud and S. Stringhini
A systematic review of cardiovascular disease in sexual minorities pp. e13-e21 Downloads
B.A. Caceres, A. Brody, R.E. Luscombe, J.E. Primiano, P. Marusca, E.M. Sitts and D. Chyun
Li and Harmer respond pp. e22-e23 Downloads
F. Li and P. Harmer
Gerdts et Al. Respond pp. e24-e25 Downloads
C. Gerdts, L. Fuentes, D. Grossman, K. White, B. Keefe-Oates, S.E. Baum, K. Hopkins, C.W. Stolp and J.E. Potter
Language barriers and health of syrian refugees in Germany pp. 486 Downloads
M. Green
From trolleys to risk: Models for ethical autonomous driving pp. 496 Downloads
N.J. Goodall
Advancing the LGBT health research agenda: differential health trends within the lesbian, gay, and bisexual populations pp. 497-498 Downloads
S.D. Cochran and V.M. Mays
Socioeconomic inequalities in dietary sodium intake: Upstream versus downstream interventions pp. 499-500 Downloads
C. Kypridemos
A public health of consequence: Review of the April 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 500-501 Downloads
S. Galea and R.D. Vaughan
Editorial: Note about inaccurate results published in the American journal of epidemiology and the American journal of public health pp. 502 Downloads
A. Morabia, M. Szklo and R. Vaughan
Correction of selection bias in survey data: Is the statistical cure worse than the bias? pp. 503-505 Downloads
J.A. Hanley
Masters et al. Respond pp. 505-506 Downloads
R.K. Masters, D.A. Powers, E.N. Reither, C. Yang and B.G. Link
My failed attempt to gain access to small-scale gold miners pp. 507-508 Downloads
T.R. Zolnikov
Linking public health and individual medicine: The health policy approach of surgeon general thomas parran pp. 509-516 Downloads
D. Sledge
Leaking containers: Success and failure in controlling the mosquito aedes aegypti in Brazil pp. 517-524 Downloads
I. Lowy
Engaging human rights in the response to the evolving zika virus epidemic pp. 525-531 Downloads
J.J.K. Rasanathan, S. MacCarthy, D. Diniz, E. Torreele and S. Gruskin
Public health, ethics, and autonomous vehicles pp. 532-537 Downloads
J. Fleetwood
The future of the affordable care act and insurance coverage pp. 538-540 Downloads
S. Glied and A. Jackson
Health equity and the fallacy of treating causes of population health as if they sum to 100% pp. 541-549 Downloads
N. Krieger
Measuring Socioeconomic Inequalities with Predicted Absolute Incomes Rather Than Wealth Quintiles: A Comparative Assessment Using Child Stunting Data from National Surveys pp. 550-555 Downloads
G. Fink, C.G. Victora, K. Harttgen, S. Vollmer, L.P. Vidaletti and A.J.D. Barros
Impact of CVS pharmacy's discontinuance of tobacco sales on cigarette purchasing (2012-2014) pp. 556-562 Downloads
J.M. Polinski, B. Howell, M.A. Gagnon, S.M. Kymes, T.A. Brennan and W.H. Shrank
Visual loss and subsequent activity limitations in the elderly: The French three-city cohort pp. 564-569 Downloads
K. Péres, F. Matharan, V. Daien, V. Nael, A. Edjolo, I. Isabelle Bourdel-Marchasson, K. Ritchie, C. Tzourio, C. Delcourt and I. Carriere
Housing assistance programs and adult health in the United States pp. 571-578 Downloads
A. Fenelon, P. Mayne, A.E. Simon, L.M. Rossen, V. Helms, P. Lloyd, J. Sperling and B.L. Steffen
Handgun legislation and changes in statewide overall suicide rates pp. 579-581 Downloads
M.D. Anestis, J.C. Anestis and S.E. Butterworth
Demographic characteristics and health status of transgender adults in select US regions: Behavioral risk factor surveillance system, 2014 pp. 582-589 Downloads
I.H. Meyer, T.N.T. Brown, J.L. Herman, S.L. Reisner and W.O. Bockting
Nutritional, economic, and environmental costs of milk waste in a classroom school breakfast program pp. 590-592 Downloads
S.A. Blondin, Sean Cash, J.P. Goldberg, T.S. Griffin and C.D. Economos
Longitudinal patterns and predictors of depression trajectories related to the 2014 occupy central/umbrella movement in Hong Kong pp. 593-600 Downloads
M.Y. Ni, T.K. Li, H. Pang, B.H.Y. Chan, I. Kawachi, K. Viswanath, C.M. Schooling and G.M. Leung
Cumulative lifetime marijuana use and incident cardiovascular disease in middle age: The coronary artery risk development in young adults (CARDIA) study pp. 601-606 Downloads
J.P. Reis, R. Auer, M.P. Bancks, D.C. Goff, C.E. Lewis, M.J. Pletcher, J.S. Rana, J.M. Shikany and S. Sidney
Parent-centered prevention of risky behaviors among hispanic youths in Florida pp. 607-613 Downloads
Y. Estrada, T.K. Lee, S. Huang, M.I. Tapia, M.-R. Velázquez, M.J. Martinez, H. Pantin, M.A. Ocasio, D.C. Vidot, L. Molleda, J. Villamar, B.A. Stepanenko, C. Hendricks Brown and G. Prado
Impact of early head start in North Carolina on dental care use among children younger than 3 years pp. 614-620 Downloads
J.M. Burgette, J.S. Preisser, M. Weinberger, R.S. King, J.Y. Lee and R. Gary Rozier
Fall prevention intervention and the triple aim goals pp. e22 Downloads
E.G. Monaghan
Examination of bias in study of clinic closures pp. e24 Downloads
M.V. Power

2017, volume 107, issue 3

UDO et al. Respond pp. e1-e2 Downloads
I.E. Udo, J.B. Lewis, J.N. Tobin and J.R. Ickovics
Wendel and Benden respond pp. e4-e5 Downloads
M.L. Wendel and M.E. Benden
Social suffering, the painful wounds inside pp. 357 Downloads
R. Giacaman
Caveat partner: Sharing responsibility for health with the food industry pp. 360-361 Downloads
J.H. Marks
Choosing health equity: Investing in optimal and equitable health for all pp. 361-363 Downloads
G. Rust
A public health of consequence: Review of the March 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 363-364 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
Academic public health and the firearm crisis: An agenda for action pp. 365-367 Downloads
C.C. Branas, A. Flescher, M.K. Formica, S. Galea, N. Hennig, K.D. Liller, H.N. Madanat, A. Park, J.E. Rosenthal and J. Ying
Mass shootings: The role of the media in promoting generalized imitation pp. 368-370 Downloads
J.N. Meindl and J.W. Ivy
Quantifying disparities in urban firearm violence by race and place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A cartographic study pp. 371-373 Downloads
J.H. Beard, C.N. Morrison, S.F. Jacoby, B. Dong, R. Smith, C.A. Sims and D.J. Wiebe
Bridging the response to mass shootings and urban violence: Exposure to violence in new haven, Connecticut pp. 374-379 Downloads
A. Santilli, K.O. Duffany, A. Carroll-Scott, J. Thomas, A. Greene, A. Arora, A. Agnoli, G. Gan and J. Ickovics
Delivering on the promise of smoke-free public housing pp. 380-383 Downloads
D.E. Levy, I.F. Adams and G. Adamkiewicz
The inmate exception and reform of correctional health care pp. 384-385 Downloads
K. Fiscella, L. Beletsky and S.E. Wakeman
Screening for shortness of breath: Stretching the screening paradigm to tertiary prevention pp. 386-388 Downloads
G.R. Pesola, A.T. Forde and H. Ahsan
Why peer crowds matter: Incorporating youth subcultures and values in health education campaigns pp. 389-395 Downloads
M.B. Moran, M.W. Walker, T.N. Alexander, J.W. Jordan and D.E. Wagner
Public health of consequence: Let's ask about who benefits pp. 396-397 Downloads
M. Cerdá
Civil legal services and medical-legal partnerships needed by the homeless population: A national survey pp. 398-401 Downloads
J. Tsai, D. Jenkins and E. Lawton
Big food's ambivalence: Seeking profit and responsibility for health pp. 402-406 Downloads
T. Tempels, M. Verweij and V. Blok
Community health records: Establishing a systematic approach to improving social and physical determinants of health pp. 407-412 Downloads
D. Van Brunt
Practice-based evidence in community guide systematic reviews pp. 413-420 Downloads
N. Vaidya, A.B. Thota, K.K. Proia, S. Jamieson, S.L. Mercer, R.W. Elder, P. Yoon, R. Kaufmann and S. Zaza
Suicide deaths with opioid poisoning in the United States: 1999-2014 pp. 421-426 Downloads
J.B. Braden, M.J. Edlund and M.D. Sullivan
Changing patterns in rates and means of suicide in California, 2005 to 2013 pp. 427-429 Downloads
E.C. Matthay, J. Galin and J. Ahern
Recent increases in cocaine-related overdose deaths and the role of opioids pp. 430-432 Downloads
C.M. Jones, G.T. Baldwin and W.M. Compton
Community-based randomized trial of hepatitis b screening among high-risk Vietnamese Americans pp. 433-440 Downloads
G.X. Ma, C.Y. Fang, B. Seals, Z. Feng, Yong Tan, P. Siu, M.C. Yeh, S.A. Golub, M.T. Nguyen, T. Tran and M. Wang
Food insecurity and chronic diseases among American Indians in rural Oklahoma: The THRIVE study pp. 441-446 Downloads
V.B.B. Jernigan, M.S. Wetherill, J. Hearod, T. Jacob, A.L. Salvatore, T. Cannady, M. Grammar, J. Standridge, J. Fox, J. Spiegel, A. Wiley, C. Noonan and D. Buchwald
The effect of minimum wages on adolescent fertility: A nationwide analysis pp. 447-452 Downloads
L.R. Bullinger
Multilevel prevention trial of alcohol use among American Indian and white high school students in the Cherokee nation pp. 453-459 Downloads
K.A. Komro, M.D. Livingston, A.C. Wagenaar, T.K. Kominsky, D.W. Pettigrew, B.A. Garrett, B.J. Boyd, M.L. Boyd, B.J. Livingston, S.D. Lynne, M.M. Molina, L.J. Merlo and A.L. Tobler
Divergent trends in US maternity and paternity leave, 1994-2015 pp. 460-465 Downloads
Jay Zagorsky
Cardiometabolic mortality by supplemental nutrition assistance program participation and eligibility in the United States pp. 466-474 Downloads
Z. Conrad, C.D. Rehm, P. Wilde and D. Mozaffarian
Regarding intimate partner victimization and health risk behaviors among pregnant adolescents pp. e1 Downloads
V. Joseph
The nurses' health study and nurses: Beyond specimens and questionnaires pp. e3 Downloads
S.F. Birkhead
Stampfer et al. Respond pp. e3 Downloads
M. Stampfer, F. Grodstein, W. Willett and H. Eliassen
Standing vs sitting time in stand-biased classrooms pp. e4 Downloads
C. Chubbs

2017, volume 107, issue 2

Transgender population size in the United States: A meta-regression of population-based probability samples pp. e1-e8 Downloads
E.L. Meerwijk and J.M. Sevelius
Sokolow et al. Respond pp. e9-e10 Downloads
S. Sokolow, H. Godwin and B.L. Cole
Children need sufficient time to eat school lunch pp. 198 Downloads
H. Harrell
A public health of consequence: Review of the February 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 203-204 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
The health of the transgender community: Out, proud, and coming into their own pp. 205-206 Downloads
S. Landers and F. Kapadia
Comprehensive HIV prevention for transgender persons pp. 207-212 Downloads
M.S. Neumann, T.J. Finlayson, N.L. Pitts and J. Keatley
Transgender demographics: A household probability sample of US adults, 2014 pp. 213-215 Downloads
H.P. Crissman, M.B. Berger, L.F. Graham and V.K. Dalton
Transgender health: New Zealand's innovative statistical standard for gender identity pp. 217-221 Downloads
F. Pega, S.L. Reisner, R.L. Sell and J.F. Veale
Toward developing clinical competence: Improving health care of gender diverse people pp. 222-223 Downloads
L.M. Dickey
The transgender women of color initiative: Implementing and evaluating innovative interventions to enhance engagement and retention in HIV care pp. 224-229 Downloads
G. Rebchook, J. Keatley, R. Contreras, J. Perloff, L.F. Molano, C.J. Reback, K. Ducheny, T. Nemoto, R. Lin, J. Birnbaum, T. Woods, J. Xavier, S. Shade, A. Maiorana, J. Sevelius, M. Deutsch, D. Chakravarty, L. Gutierrez-Mock, S. Ferguson, W. Bockting, F. Galvan, J. Paul, L. Kuhns, M. Weissman, S. Hirschfield, J.B. Fletcher, K. Kisler, V. Motherwell, J. Swartz, M. Iwamoto, S. Suzuki, J. Tryon, K. Franza, J. Lee, B. Eastwood, E. Wilson, S. Arayasirikul, A. Cajina, C. Nguyen, N. Solomon-Brimage and M. Tinsley
Introduction to a reprint of Emilia Lombardi's "enhancing transgender health care" pp. 232-233 Downloads
T.M. Brown and E. Fee
Could the president and congress precipitate a public health crisis? pp. 234-235 Downloads
D.M. Fox, S. Galea and C. Grogan
How will public health fare in a trump administration? pp. 235-237 Downloads
G.R. Wilensky
Polls, the election, and public health research: Reaching the hard to reach pp. 237-238 Downloads
F.J. Van Lenthe
Leveraging housing vouchers to address health disparities pp. 238-240 Downloads
D.R.B. Miles, B. Samuels and C.E. Pollack
More states should regulate pain management clinics to promote public health pp. 240-243 Downloads
L. Rutkow, J.S. Vernick and G.C. Alexander
Lessons from a 2016 large-scale contamination of cereals with Salmonella altona in Israel pp. 243-245 Downloads
E. Kopel, N. Davidovitch and H. Levine
How has legal recreational cannabis affected adolescents in your state? A window of opportunity pp. 246-247 Downloads
S.W.F. Ewing, T.I. Lovejoy and E.K. Choo
Universal health coverage and public health: Ensuring parity and complementarity pp. 248-250 Downloads
T. Ottersen and H. Schmidt
Shaping a new field: Three key challenges for population health science pp. 251-252 Downloads
C.A. Bachrach and D.M. Daley
Eliminating coverage discrimination through the essential health benefit's anti-discrimination provisions pp. 253-254 Downloads
E. Guo, D.B. Jacobs and A.S. Kesselheim
The progress of US hospitals in addressing community health needs pp. 255-261 Downloads
G.R. Cramer, S.R. Singh, S. Flaherty and G.J. Young
Effect of medicaid expansion on workforce participation for people with disabilities pp. 262-264 Downloads
J.P. Hall, A. Shartzer, N.K. Kurth and K.C. Thomas
Lost in E-cigarette clouds: A culture on the rise pp. 265-266 Downloads
S. Jarmul, A. Aherrera, A.M. Rule, P. Olmedo, R. Chen and A. Navas-Acien
Incarceration rates and traits of sexual minorities in the United States: National inmate survey, 2011-2012 pp. 267-273 Downloads
I.H. Meyer, A.R. Flores, L. Stemple, A.P. Romero, B.D.M. Wilson and J.L. Herman
Lifetime prevalence of investigating child maltreatment among US children pp. 274-280 Downloads
H. Kim, C. Wildeman, M. Jonson-Reid and B. Drake
Trends in walking and cycling safety: Recent evidence from high-income countries, with a focus on the United States and Germany pp. 281-287 Downloads
R. Buehler and J. Pucher
The contagious spread of violence among US adolescents through social networks pp. 288-294 Downloads
R.M. Bond and B.J. Bushman
Racial/ethnic disparities in the use of lethal force by US police, 2010-2014 pp. 295-297 Downloads
J.W. Buehler
Impact of a text-messaging programon adolescent reproductive health: A cluster-randomized trial in Ghana pp. 298-305 Downloads
Slawa Rokicki, J. Cohen, J.A. Salomon and G. Fink
Human trafficking of minors and childhood adversity in Florida pp. 306-311 Downloads
J.A. Reid, M.T. Baglivio, A.R. Piquero, M.A. Greenwald and N. Epps
The association of a large-scale television campaign with exclusive breastfeeding prevalence in Vietnam pp. 312-318 Downloads
T.T. Nguyen, S. Alayón, A. Jimerson, D. Naugle, P.H. Nguyen, N. Hajeebhoy, J. Baker, C. Baume and E.A. Frongillo
Anabolic steroid misuse among US adolescent boys: Disparities by sexual orientation and race/ethnicity pp. 319-321 Downloads
A.J. Blashill, J.P. Calzo, S. Griffiths and S.B. Murray
Familial factors, victimization, and psychological health among sexual minority adolescents in Sweden pp. 322-328 Downloads
K. Donahue, N. Långström, S. Lundström, P. Lichtenstein and M. Forsman
Incidence of mental health diagnoses in veterans of operations Iraqi freedom, enduring freedom, and new dawn, 2001-2014 pp. 329-335 Downloads
C. Ramsey, J. Dziura, A.C. Justice, H.H. Altalib, H. Bathulapalli, M. Burg, S. Decker, M. Driscoll, J. Goulet, S. Haskell, J. Kulas, K.H. Wang, K. Mattocks and C. Brandt
US traffic fatalities, 1985-2014, and their relationship to medical marijuana laws pp. 336-342 Downloads
J. Santaella-Tenorio, C.M. Mauro, M.M. Wall, J.H. Kim, M. Cerdá, K.M. Keyes, D.S. Hasin, S. Galea and S.S. Martins
Carbon footprint of water in California pp. e9 Downloads
J. Andrew

2017, volume 107, issue 1

Twitter as a tool for health research: A systematic review pp. e1-e8 Downloads
L. Sinnenberg, A.M. Buttenheim, K. Padrez, C. Mancheno, L. Ungar and R.M. Merchant
AJPH's first year pp. 6 Downloads
A. Morabia
Arnold et al. respond pp. e10-e11 Downloads
B.F. Arnold, J. Benjamin-Chung, K.C. Schiff, J.F. Griffith, S.B. Weisberg and Colford, J.M.,
Historical misfeasance: Immorality to justice in public health pp. 14-15 Downloads
S.M. Reverby
The dangerous curve and the guardrail: Disease and vaccination pp. 15-17 Downloads
R.J. Kim-Farley
A public health of consequence: Review of the January 2017 issue of AJPH pp. 17-18 Downloads
S. Galea and R. Vaughan
The Obama family's historic contribution to public health pp. 19-20 Downloads
A. Morabia
President Barack Obama: Black man extraordinary and ordinary pp. 20-22 Downloads
L. Bowleg
The Obama years: Tepid palliation for America's health scourges pp. 22-24 Downloads
S. Woolhandler and D.U. Himmelstein
A consequential eight years for health care and public health pp. 24-25 Downloads
J.E. McDonough
So now what? pp. 26-27 Downloads
D.N. Sundwall
A women's health legacy of the Obama administration pp. 27-28 Downloads
S.F. Wood
A major shortcoming in the public health legacy of the Obama administration pp. 29-30 Downloads
D.M. Zuckerman
The affordable care act transformation of substance use disorder treatment pp. 31-32 Downloads
A.J. Abraham, C.M. Andrews, C.M. Grogan, H.A. Pollack, D'Aunno, T., K.N. Humphreys and P.D. Friedmann
Population health during the Obama administration: An ambitious strategy with an uncertain future pp. 32-34 Downloads
D.M. Fox and C.M. Grogan
Pokémon GO: Healthy or harmful? pp. 35-36 Downloads
V.R. Wagner-Greene, A.J. Wotring, T. Castor, J. Kruger, J.A. Dake and S. Mortemore
Pokémon GO may increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviors pp. 37-38 Downloads
C.R. Nigg, D.J. Mateo and J. An
Seven prevention priorities of USPHS scientist officers pp. 39-40 Downloads
D.T. Huang, D.L. Dee, J. Ko, K. Houston, J.G. Cole, K.D. Sircar and J. Gaines
Obesity among night shift nurses: Time to intervene pp. 41-42 Downloads
G.M. Williams
Overdose prevention in the United States: A call for supervised injection sites pp. 42-43 Downloads
M.C. Kennedy and T. Kerr
What is a safe noise level for the public? pp. 44-45 Downloads
D.J. Fink
Why cognitive health matters pp. 45-47 Downloads
A. Medalia and M. Erlich
A course on religion and public health at Harvard pp. 47-49 Downloads
T.J. Vander Weele and H.G. Koenig
California's sterilization survivors: An estimate and call for redress pp. 50-54 Downloads
A.M. Stern, N.L. Novak, N. Lira, O'Connor, K., S. Harlow and S. Kardia
Efficient allocation of public health and behavior change resources: The "difficulty by motivation" matrix pp. 55-57 Downloads
K. Resnicow, P.J. Teixeira and G.C. Williams
Traditional and unexpected partners, from all aspects of American life, must come together to develop public health solutions pp. 58-59 Downloads
R. Lavizzo-Mourey
Tuberculosis screening and control in the US military in war and peace pp. 60-67 Downloads
J.D. Mancuso
Parental refusal of childhood vaccines and medical neglect laws pp. 68-71 Downloads
E. Parasidis and D.J. Opel
Creating a taxonomy of local boards of health based on local health departments' perspectives pp. 72-80 Downloads
G.H. Shah, S. Sotnikov, C.J. Leep, J. Ye and T.W. Van Wave
Evaluating public health interventions: 5. Causal inference in public health research-do sex, race, and biological factors cause health outcomes? pp. 81-85 Downloads
M.M. Glymour and D. Spiegelman
What findings are needed to advocate personalized (precision) prevention of disease? pp. 86-87 Downloads
N.S. Weiss
Evidence and health policy: Using and regulating systematic reviews pp. 88-92 Downloads
D.M. Fox
Systematic review: A method at risk for being corrupted pp. 93-96 Downloads
L. Bero
Systematic reviews for policymaking: Muddling through pp. 97-99 Downloads
T. Greenhalgh and K. Malterud
The university-public health partnership for public health research training in Quebec, Canada pp. 100-104 Downloads
G. Paradis, A.-M. Hamelin, M. Malowany, J. Levy, M. Rossignol, P. Bergeron and N. Kishchuk
A public-private partnership to mitigate food insecurity and food waste in Orange County, California pp. 105-107 Downloads
B. Garcia-Silva, E. Handler and J. Wolfe
Trends in personal belief exemption rates among alternative private schools: Waldorf, Montessori, and holistic Kindergartens in California, 2000-2014 pp. 108-112 Downloads
J.M. Brennan, R.A. Bednarczyk, J.L. Richards, K.E. Allen, G.J. Warraich and S.B. Omer
Maternal age at childbirth and parity as predictors of longevity among women in the United States: The women's health initiative pp. 113-119 Downloads
A.H. Shadyab, M.L.S. Gass, M.L. Stefanick, M.E. Waring, C.A. Macera, L.C. Gallo, R.A. Shaffer, S. Jain and A.Z. LaCroix
Gain in insurance coverage and residual uninsurance under the affordable care act: Texas, 2013-2016 pp. 120-126 Downloads
S. Pickett, E. Marks and V. Ho
Effectiveness of local policy efforts to increase the price of cheap cigars in Minnesota pp. 127-129 Downloads
B. Brock, S.C. Carlson, M. Moilanen and B.A. Schillo
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