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1995 - 2017

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Volume 76, issue 5, 2017

The Social Provision of Punishment and Incarceration pp. 1107-1132 Downloads
Daniel J. D'Amico
The Mendacity of Reconciliation in an Age of Resentment pp. 1133-1155 Downloads
David W. McIvor
Empowering Justice: An Intersectional Feminist Perspective on Restorative Justice in the Sex Trade pp. 1157-1190 Downloads
Kristine Riley
Crime and Punishment in Ancient China and Its Relevance Today pp. 1191-1218 Downloads
Xiuhua Zhang, Tianyu Yao, Wenjun Xu and Yujia Zhai
Finding Tools to Limit Sectarian Violence in Indonesia: The Relevance of Restorative Justice pp. 1219-1255 Downloads
Greg Acciaioli

Volume 76, issue 4, 2017

The Drama of the Anthropocene: Can Deep Ecology, Romanticism, and Renaissance Science Rebalance Nature and Culture? pp. 821-1081 Downloads
Robert Schimelpfenig

Volume 76, issue 3, 2017

The Functions of Higher Education pp. 559-578 Downloads
Marcus Ford
Liberal Education: Cornerstone of Democracy pp. 579-617 Downloads
Stephen C. Rowe
The Contested Terrain of Academic Freedom in Canada's Universities: Where Are We Going? pp. 618-647 Downloads
Howard Woodhouse
Rhetorical Styles in University Accreditation: Judgmental Rules or Collaborative Creation? pp. 648-669 Downloads
Daniel J. Royer
The Significance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the 21-super-st Century: Will Such Institutions of Higher Learning Survive? pp. 670-696 Downloads
Earnest N. Bracey
Higher Education in the Environmental Century pp. 697-730 Downloads
Stephen Mulkey
Exploring a New Kind of Higher Education with Chinese Characteristics pp. 731-790 Downloads
Meijun Fan, Hengfu Wen, Li Yang and Jing He

Volume 76, issue 2, 2017

The Historical Roots of CIA-Hollywood Propaganda pp. 280-310 Downloads
Pearse Redmond
Gray Matters on Screen: Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies, and Hollywood Movies pp. 311-329 Downloads
Aaron Franz
The Many Layers of Meaning of 007 pp. 330-347 Downloads
Jay Dyer
Edward Snowden, Frenemy of the State pp. 348-380 Downloads
Why are the Pentagon and the CIA in Hollywood? pp. 381-404 Downloads
Tom Secker and Matthew Alford
Transforming Transformers into Militainment: Interrogating the DoD-Hollywood Complex pp. 405-434 Downloads
Tanner Mirrlees
The Soviet-Afghan War in Fiction pp. 435-457 Downloads
Tom Secker
Learning to Love Biomimetic Killing: How Jurassic World Embraces Life Forms as Weapons pp. 458-482 Downloads
Robin Andersen
Military Shooter Video Games and the Ontopolitics of Derivative Wars and Arms Culture pp. 483-521 Downloads
Peter Mantello

Volume 76, issue 1, 2017

Constitutional Confusion: Slavery, Abortion, and Substantive Constitutional Analysis pp. 33-64 Downloads
Justin Buckley Dyer
African-American Midwifery, a History and a Lament pp. 65-94 Downloads
Keisha Goode and Barbara Katz Rothman
Punishing Abortion: Duty, Morality, and Practicality in Early 20-super-th-Century France pp. 95-120 Downloads
Karen E. Huber
A Social History of Christian Thought on Abortion: Ambiguity vs. Certainty in Moral Debate pp. 121-227 Downloads
Ignacio Castuera

Volume 75, issue 5, 2016

Nature, Economy, and Equity: Sacred Water, Profane Markets pp. 1064-1231 Downloads
Mason Gaffney
Review Rent Unmasked: How to Save the Global Economy and Build a Sustainable Future (Essays in Honor of Mason Gaffney) Fred Harrison, Editor pp. 1232-1242 Downloads
Brian Hodgkinson

Volume 75, issue 4, 2016

Malthus, Darwin, and the Descent of Economics pp. 862-903 Downloads
Heather Remoff
Gender, Honor, and Aggregate Fertility pp. 904-928 Downloads
Leslie Root and Jennifer Johnson-Hanks†
Ending an Era of Population Control in China: Was the One-Child Policy Ever Needed? pp. 929-979 Downloads
Zhihe Wang, Ming Yang, Jiaming Zhang and Jiang Chang
Population Growth and its Implications for Global Security pp. 980-1004 Downloads
Robert J. Walker
The Nexus of Population, Energy, Innovation, and Complexity pp. 1005-1043 Downloads
Temis G. Taylor and Joseph A. Tainter

Volume 75, issue 3, 2016

Who's Afraid of Rural Poverty? The Story Behind America's Invisible Poor pp. 589-604 Downloads
Lauren Gurley
A Different Path for Rural America pp. 605-622 Downloads
John Crabtree
Agricultural Subsidies and Farm Consolidation pp. 623-648 Downloads
Traci Bruckner
New Life for the Octopus: How Voting Rules Sustain the Power of California's Big Landowners pp. 649-680 Downloads
Mason Gaffney and Merrill Goodall
Whose Water Is It? pp. 681-720 Downloads
Hilary A. B. Lambert
Challenges for Social-Change Organizing in Rural Areas pp. 721-761 Downloads
Maura Stephens
The Middle Way: The National Catholic Rural Life Conference and Rural Issues in the 20-super-th and 21-super-st Centuries pp. 762-808 Downloads
David S. Bovée
The Center for Rural Affairs: The First 20 Years pp. 809-837 Downloads
Don Ralston and Marty Strange

Volume 75, issue 2, 2016

Tragedy of the Partnership: A Critique of Elinor Ostrom pp. 289-318 Downloads
Walter Block and Ivan Jankovic
Rethinking Common Versus Private Property pp. 319-345 Downloads
David Ellerman
Saving the Commons in an Age of Plunder pp. 346-371 Downloads
H. William Batt
The Meaning, Prospects, and Future of the Commons: Revisiting the Legacies of Elinor Ostrom and Henry George pp. 372-414 Downloads
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
The CO-City: Sharing, Collaborating, Cooperating, and Commoning in the City pp. 415-455 Downloads
Christian Iaione
Enclosing the Commons in Honduras pp. 456-487 Downloads
Tyler Shipley
Two Models of Ownership: How Commons Has Co-Existed with Private Property pp. 488-563 Downloads
David Tabachnick

Volume 75, issue 1, 2016

Editor's Introduction: The Politics of Urban Reform in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1870–1920 pp. 8-22 Downloads
Alexandra W. Lough
A Radical Endeavor: Joseph Chamberlain and the Emergence of Municipal Socialism in Birmingham pp. 23-57 Downloads
Jules P. Gehrke
Hazen S. Pingree and the Detroit Model of Urban Reform pp. 58-85 Downloads
Alexandra W. Lough
“Ministering to the Social Needs of the People”: Samuel Jones, Strong Mayor Government, and Municipal Ownership, 1897–1904 pp. 86-115 Downloads
Ariane Liazos
Building the Planning Consensus: The Plan of Chicago, Civic Boosterism, and Urban Reform in Chicago, 1893 to 1915 pp. 116-148 Downloads
Matthew P. McCabe
Tom L. Johnson and Cleveland Traction Wars, 1901–1909 pp. 149-192 Downloads
Alexandra W. Lough
Berkeley Mayor J. Stitt Wilson: Christian Socialist, Georgist, Feminist pp. 193-216 Downloads
Stephen E. Barton
L. D. Taylor: The Man Who Made Vancouver pp. 217-245 Downloads
Mary Rawson
Daniel Hoan and the Golden Age of Socialist Government in Milwaukee pp. 246-260 Downloads
Todd J. Fulda
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