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Volume 35, issue 10, 2015

Introduction pp. 327-328 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Economies of Desire: Sexuality and the Sex Industry in the 21st Century pp. 329-348 Downloads
Catherine Hakim
Why Is Italy Doing So Badly? pp. 349-365 Downloads
Gianluigi Pelloni and Marco Savioli
Realistic Idealism and The Project of Political Economy pp. 366-379 Downloads
Mark Pennington
Defining Capitalism pp. 380-396 Downloads
Elaine Sternberg
The Road Not Taken: A Comparison Between the Hard ECU and the Euro pp. 397-415 Downloads
John Phelan
Economic Freedom and Women's Emancipation in the MENA Region pp. 416-427 Downloads
Souad Adnane
What is Climate Change Policy Now Trying to Achieve? pp. 428-442 Downloads
David Campbell
An Austrian Analysis of China's Unsustainable Boom pp. 443-452 Downloads
David Howden and Jason XingBin Li
Deirdre Mccloskey, Kirznerian Growth and The Role of Social Networks pp. 453-463 Downloads
Vincent Geloso
Greece: Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel? pp. 464-470 Downloads
Vicky Pryce
Infrastructure and Financial Innovation pp. 471-478 Downloads
Pythagoras Petratos
Is the State Leader or Follower in China's Market Transformation? pp. 479-488 Downloads
Ning Wang
Wine and Economics: Transacting the Elixir of Life by by Denton Marks. Edward Elgar ( 2015 ), 240 pp. ISBN: 978-1849802949 (hb, £75); 978-1849805971 (eBook, £25) pp. 489-491 Downloads
Geoffrey Wood
More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First by Steve Hilton. WH Allen ( 2015 ), 384 pp. ISBN: 978-0753556788 (hb, £18.99) pp. 491-493 Downloads
Ryan Bourne
How Politics Makes Us Sick: Neoliberal Epidemics by Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra. Palgrave Macmillan ( 2015 ), 184 pp. ISBN: 978–1137463067 (hb), 978–1137463098 (pb), £19.99 pp. 493-495 Downloads
Christopher Snowdon
Rethinking Unemployment and the Work Ethic: Beyond the ‘Quasi-Titmuss’ Paradigm by Andrew Dunn. Palgrave Macmillan ( 2014 ), 222 pp. ISBN: 978-1137032102 (hb, £65.00) pp. 495-497 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Money and Football: A Soccernomics Guide by Stefan Szymanski. Nation Books ( 2015 ), 298 pp. ISBN: 978-1-568585260 (pb, £8.99) pp. 497-498 Downloads
Mark Littlewood

Volume 35, issue 06, 2015

Introduction pp. 167-168 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Africa: New Opportunities, Old Impediments pp. 169-177 Downloads
Paul Collier
Educational Development in South Sudan: Conscious Design or Spontaneous Order? pp. 178-196 Downloads
David Longfield
Sources of Public Revenue that Make Nations Richer pp. 197-214 Downloads
T. Nicolaus Tideman and Florenz Plassmann
Wilhelm Röpke and Richard C. Koo On Secondary Deflations and Balance Sheet Recessions pp. 215-224 Downloads
Andreas Hardhaug Olsen
The European Union's Proposed Equality and Data Protection Rules: An Existential Problem for Insurers? pp. 225-239 Downloads
Paul MacDonnell
Interpreting Voluntary Exchange: Markets, Speech Acts And Communicative Action pp. 240-255 Downloads
Graham Dawson
Marketing by Controlling Social Discourse: The Fairtrade Case pp. 256-271 Downloads
Peter Griffiths
Adaptation to Global Warming as an Optimal Transition Process to A Greenhouse World pp. 272-284 Downloads
S. Niggol Seo
Comparing Real GDP Across Countries: The Issues Revisited pp. 286-298 Downloads
David Henderson
A New Regulatory Paradigm for Over-the-Counter Oil Forward Contracts pp. 299-305 Downloads
Gustave Laurent
The Australian Economy and Economic Policy During and After the Mining Boom pp. 307-316 Downloads
Alex Robson
UK Monetary Policy from Devaluation to Thatcher, 1967–82 by Duncan Needham. Palgrave Macmillan ( 2014 ), 272 pp. ISBN: 978-1137369536 (hb, £70.00) pp. 318-320 Downloads
Geoffrey Wood
Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism by Bartow J. Elmore. W.W. Norton ( 2015 ), 432 pp. ISBN: 978-0393241129 (hb, £17.99) pp. 320-322 Downloads
Christopher Snowdon
Class War Conservatism and Other Essays by Ralph Miliband. Introduction by Tariq Ali. Verso Books ( 2015 ), 368 pp. ISBN: 978-1781687703 (pb), 978-1781687727 (Ebook), £12.99 pp. 322-324 Downloads
Ryan Bourne
European Social Models from Crisis to Crisis: Employment and Inequality in the Era of Monetary Integration edited by Jon Erik Dølvik and Andrew Martin. Oxford University Press ( 2014 ), 464 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-871796-6 (hb, £60) pp. 324-326 Downloads
Rachel Tingle

Volume 35, issue 02, 2015

Introduction pp. 1-2 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Regulating Work: Measuring the Scope and Burden of Occupational Licensure Among Low- and Moderate-Income Occupations in the United States pp. 3-20 Downloads
Dick M. Carpenter, Lisa Knepper, Angela C. Erickson and John K. Ross
In Praise of Expansionary Fiscal Contraction pp. 21-34 Downloads
Tim Congdon
The True Meaning of ‘Social Justice’: A Catholic View of Hayek pp. 35-51 Downloads
Martin Rhonheimer
Muhammad's Conception of Property as A Bundle of Rights pp. 52-59 Downloads
Benedikt Koehler
Investment and Growth: The Impact of Britain's Post-War Trunk Roads Programme pp. 60-74 Downloads
David Starkie
Is It Time to Revisit the Savings Rate Floor in the ECCU? pp. 75-92 Downloads
Allister Mounsey and D. Tracy Polius
Internal Markets, Management by Targets, and Quasi-Markets: An Analysis of Health Care Reforms in the English NHS pp. 93-108 Downloads
Kristian Niemietz
Adverse Selection, Gresham's Law and State Regulation pp. 109-122 Downloads
Martin Ricketts
Can Development Aid Help Promote Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from Central Asia pp. 123-136 Downloads
Annageldy Arazmuradov
What Do Recent Trends in Economic Freedom of the World Really Tell Us? pp. 138-150 Downloads
Ryan Murphy
The Social Order of the Underworld: What Goes On in Us Prisons Should Worry the UK pp. 152-160 Downloads
Vicky Pryce
Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism by Benedikt Koehler. Lexington Books ( 2014 ), 230 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7391-8882-8 (hb, £51.95); 978-0-7391-8883-5 (Kindle edn, £40.52) pp. 161-163 Downloads
Jaafar El-Murad
Inequality and the 1% by Danny Dorling. Verso Books ( 2014 ), 234 pp. ISBN: 978-1-78168-585-3 (pb); 978-1-78168-586-0 (Ebook), £12.99 pp. 163-165 Downloads
Kristian Niemietz

Volume 34, issue 10, 2014

Introduction pp. 285-285 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
How the Financial Crisis Changed Our World pp. 286-303 Downloads
Martin Wolf
Linguistics and Economics: Is Entrepreneurship Innate? pp. 304-318 Downloads
Robert C. B. Miller
Bus Competition in Ireland: Delayed by Regulatory Roadblocks pp. 319-334 Downloads
Patrick Massey
Ticket Scalping as a Means of Managing Risk pp. 335-339 Downloads
Vincent Geloso
Shadow Banking, Chinese Style pp. 340-352 Downloads
Shalendra D. Sharma
China's One-Child Policy: Some Unintended Consequences pp. 353-369 Downloads
David Howden and Yang Zhou
Debt Erosion and the Market Process pp. 370-378 Downloads
Alexander Salter
W. H. Hutt (1899–1988): Free Markets and Social Justice pp. 379-391 Downloads
Graham Dawson
Economic Recovery in a Time of Austerity pp. 393-398 Downloads
J. R. Sargent
Adapting Sensibly When Global Warming Turns the Fields Brown or Blue: A Comment on the 2014 IPCC Report pp. 399-401 Downloads
S. Niggol Seo
Can Government Intervention in Childcare be Justified? pp. 402-405 Downloads
Eva Lloyd
Can Government Intervention in Childcare be Justified? pp. 406-408 Downloads
Kristian Niemietz
Can Government Intervention in Childcare be Justified? pp. 408-410 Downloads
Gillian Paull
Prisonomics: Lessons from America's Mass Incarceration pp. 411-421 Downloads
David Skarbek
Dynamics among Nations: The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States by Hilton L. Root. MIT Press ( 2013 ), 320 pp. ISBN: 978-0262019705 (hb, £20.95) pp. 423-424 Downloads
Paul Graham
Economic Sense and Nonsense: Reflections from Europe, 2008–2012 by Anthony de Jasay; edited by Hartmut Kliemt. Liberty Fund ( 2014 ), 224 pp. ISBN: 978-0865978782 (hb, $24.00); 978-00865978799 (pb, $14.50) pp. 425-426 Downloads
Pedro Schwartz
Money, Blood and Revolution: How Darwin and the doctor of King Charles I could turn economics into a science by George Cooper. Harriman House ( 2014 ), 222 pp. ISBN: 978-0857193827 (hb, £18.99); 978-0857193896 (eBook, £9.49) pp. 427-428 Downloads
John Phelan

Volume 34, issue 06, 2014

Introduction pp. 127-128 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
The British Approach to Privatisation pp. 129-138 Downloads
D. R. Myddelton
Privatising Pensions in the UK: How to Restore Contracting Out pp. 139-153 Downloads
Philip Booth and Kristian Niemietz
Comment pp. 154-155 Downloads
Žiga Andoljšek
Evolutionary Approaches to Privatisation pp. 156-168 Downloads
Paul Ormerod
Comment pp. 169-170 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Does Privatisation Contribute to the Performance of a Health Care System? pp. 171-178 Downloads
Peter Zweifel
Comment pp. 179-180 Downloads
Stephen Davies
Privatising The Swedish Welfare State pp. 181-192 Downloads
Karin Svanborg-Sjövall
Comment pp. 193-195 Downloads
André Azevedo Alves
Handing Over the School Keys: The Impact of Privatisation on Education Quality pp. 196-210 Downloads
Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren
Comment pp. 211-212 Downloads
André Azevedo Alves
Economic Concentration in the Start-Up Nation: Is Privatisation to Blame? pp. 213-222 Downloads
Yarden Gazit and Robert Sauer
Comment pp. 223-223 Downloads
Gia Jandieri
Change Your Prison, Change Your Outcomes, Change Your Community pp. 224-234 Downloads
Guy Opperman
Comment pp. 235-237 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Privatisation in the EU Energy Sector: The Never-Ending Story pp. 238-253 Downloads
Carlo Stagnaro
Comment pp. 254-254 Downloads
Yauheni Preiherman
The Privatisation of the UK Railway Industry: An Experiment in Railway Structure pp. 255-266 Downloads
Richard Wellings
Comment pp. 267-269 Downloads
Juan Castañeda
Privatisation failure and failure to privatise: the slovene example pp. 270-281 Downloads
Jure Stojan
Comment pp. 282-283 Downloads
Stephen Davies

Volume 34, issue 02, 2014

Introduction pp. 1-1 Downloads
J. R. Shackleton
Merging National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax: Lessons of History pp. 2-13 Downloads
Alan Peacock and George Peden
Can Government Intervention in Childcare be Justified? pp. 14-34 Downloads
Gillian Paull
Australia's Carbon Tax: An Economic Evaluation pp. 35-45 Downloads
Alex Robson
The Contribution and Intellectual Legacy of Ronald Coase (1910–2013) pp. 46-58 Downloads
Martin Ricketts
The Paradoxes and Pitfalls of Revived Fiscal Activism pp. 59-67 Downloads
Anthony Makin
The Media's Role in Influencing Perceptions of Housing Values and the Resulting Impact on the Macroeconomy pp. 68-77 Downloads
John McCollough and Komal Karani
Privatisation of the Royal Mail: Third Time Lucky? pp. 78-84 Downloads
David Parker
Voluntary Unemployment and the UK Social Policy Literature pp. 85-91 Downloads
Andrew Dunn
The Purpose of Inflation pp. 92-100 Downloads
Pete Comley
The Cult of Mathematical Modelling in Financial Markets: Was the Gaussian Copula to Blame for the Crisis? pp. 101-103 Downloads
Anandadeep Mandal
Margaret Remembered pp. 104-111 Downloads
John Blundell
Princes, Brokers and Bureaucrats: Oil and the State in Saudi Arabia by Steffen Hertog. Cornell University Press ( 2011 ), 297 pp. ISBN-10: 0801477514; ISBN-13: 978-0801477515. $22.95 pp. 112-114 Downloads
Valentina Kostadinova
The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions: An Historical Investigation by Bert Tieben. Edward Elgar ( 2012 ), 688 pp. ISBN: 978-1-84844-993-0. £125.00 pp. 114-116 Downloads
Félix-Fernando Muñoz
Investment in Blood: The True Cost of Britain's Afghan War by Frank Ledwidge. Yale University Press ( 2013 ), 269 pp. ISBN-10: 030019062X; ISBN-13: 978-0300190625. £18.99, $45.00 pp. 116-118 Downloads
Paul Robinson
Money: The Unauthorised Biography by Felix Martin. Bodley Head ( 2013 ), 336 pp. ISBN-10: 1847922333; ISBN-13: 978-1847922335. £20.00 pp. 118-121 Downloads
Arthur Edwards
Free Prices Now! Fixing the Economy by Abolishing the Fed by Hunter Lewis. AC2 Books ( 2013 ), 276 pp. ISBN-10: 098872670X; ISBN-13: 978-0988726703. $17.00. Crony Capitalism in America 2008–2012 by Hunter Lewis. AC2 Books ( 2013 ), 399 pp. ISBN-10: 0988726726; ISBN-13: 978-0988726727. $19.00 pp. 121-123 Downloads
John Phelan
Rediscovering Sustainability: Economics of the Finite Earth by A. R. G. Heesterman and W. H. Heesterman. Gower Publishing ( 2013 ), 326 pp. ISBN-10: 1409444562; ISBN-13: 978-1409444565. £60.00 pp. 123-126 Downloads
Malcolm Rees
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