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Volume 54, issue 11, 2016

The Effect of Removing Voting Rules: Consultation Practices in the Commission's Delegated Act Expert Groups and Comitology Committees pp. 1265-1279 Downloads
Katrijn Siderius and Gijs Jan Brandsma
Which Budgetary Union for the E(M)U? pp. 1280-1295 Downloads
Nazaré Costa Cabral
The ECB's Monetary Dialogue with the European Parliament: Efficiency and Accountability during the Euro Crisis? pp. 1296-1312 Downloads
Stefan Collignon and Sebastian Diessner
The ‘Leap’ from Coordination to Harmonization in Social Policy: Labour Mobility and Occupational Pensions in Europe pp. 1313-1331 Downloads
Igor Guardiancich
European Money in Greece: In Search of the Real Impact of EU Structural Funds pp. 1332-1349 Downloads
Asteris Huliaras and Sotiris Petropoulos
Beyond Integration Theory: The (Anti-)Constitutional Dimension of European Crisis Governance pp. 1350-1366 Downloads
Christian Kreuder-Sonnen
Loose Ties or Strong Bonds? The Effect of a Commissioner's Nationality and Partisanship on Voting in the Council pp. 1367-1383 Downloads
Kira Killermann
Recent Developments in the Acte Clair Case Law of the EU Court of Justice: Towards a more Flexible Approach pp. 1384-1397 Downloads
Agne Limante
Flexible Austerity and Supranational Autonomy. The Reformed Excessive Deficit Procedure and the Asymmetry between Liberalization and Social Regulation in the EU pp. 1398-1416 Downloads
Daniel Seikel
The Communitarization of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Why Institutional Change does not Translate into Policy Change pp. 1417-1432 Downloads
Florian Trauner and Ariadna Ripoll Servent
You'll Never Lobby Alone. Explaining the Participation of Sub-national Authorities in the European Commission's Open Consultations pp. 1433-1448 Downloads
Matti Van Hecke, Peter Bursens and Jan Beyers
Why is the Court of Justice of the European Union not more Contested? Three Mechanisms of Opposition Abatement pp. 1449-1464 Downloads
Benjamin Werner
Local Responses to the European Social Fund: A Cross-City Comparison of Usage and Change pp. 1465-1484 Downloads
Katharina Zimmermann
The Impact of the Economic Crisis on European Union Environmental Policy pp. 1485-1494 Downloads
Charlotte Burns and Paul Tobin
Can Information Increase Turnout in European Parliament Elections? Evidence from a Quasi-experiment in Denmark pp. 1495-1508 Downloads
Esben Hogh and Martin Vinæs Larsen
Europe's Legitimacy Crisis: From Causes to Solutions, by M. Longo and P. Murray ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137436535); viii + 150pp., £45.00 hb pp. 1509-1510 Downloads
Luis Bouza Garcia
A Different Kind of Democracy? Debates about Democracy and the European Union, edited by C. Lord ( New York: Open Society Foundations, 2015, ISBN 9781940983295); v + 260pp., US$ 25.95 pb pp. 1510-1510 Downloads
Jan Zielonka
The European Union and the Rise of Regionalist Parties, by S.K. Jolly ( Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2015, ISBN 9780472052592); xv + 235pp., US$ 35.00 pb pp. 1511-1512 Downloads
Lorenzo Piccoli
The Substance of EU Democracy Promotion: Concepts and Cases, edited by A. Wetzel and J. Orbie ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137466310); xviii+312pp., €94.00 hb pp. 1511-1511 Downloads
Carlos Closa Montero
National Leaders and the Making of Europe: Key Episodes in the Life of the European Council, by P. de Boissieu, J. Cloos, P.S. Christoffersen, L. van Middelaar, J. Keller-Noëllet, G. Milton, C. Roger, T. Blanchet, D. Galloway and A. Gillissen ( London: John Harper Publishing, 2015, ISBN 9780992974893); xv + 320pp., £ 18.00 pb pp. 1512-1513 Downloads
Anthony Teasdale
The European External Action Service: European Diplomacy Post-Westphalia, edited by D. Spence and J. Bátora ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137383020); xviii + 427pp., £73.00 hb pp. 1513-1514 Downloads
Marco Rossi
Transnationalization and Regulatory Change in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: Ukraine between Brussels and Moscow, by J. Langbein ( London and New York: Routledge, 2015, ISBN 9781138795112); xxvi + 204pp., £90.00 hb pp. 1514-1515 Downloads
Hikaru Yoshizawa
The Political Economy of EU Ties with Iraq and Iran: An Assessment of the Trade-Peace Relationship, by A.M. Kamel ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137439796); xii + 229pp., £75.00 hb pp. 1515-1516 Downloads
Moritz Pieper
The Political Accountability of EU and US Independent Regulatory Agencies, by M. Scholten ( Leiden and Boston: Brill Nijhoff, 2014, ISBN 9789004256613); xiii + 493pp., €138.00 hb pp. 1516-1517 Downloads
Christoph Klika
High Mobility in Europe: Work and Personal Life, edited by G. Viry and V. Kaufmann ( Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137447371); xiv+235pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1517-1518 Downloads
Chris Moreh

Volume 54, issue 09, 2016

Is Crisis the New Normal? The European Union in 2015 pp. 5-7 Downloads
Tim Haughton
From EU Governance of Crisis to Crisis of EU Governance: Regulatory Failure, Redistributive Conflict and Eurosceptic Publics pp. 8-31 Downloads
Tanja A. Börzel
The Politicization of European Integration pp. 32-47 Downloads
Hanspeter Kriesi
Conditionality, Democracy and Institutional Weakness: the Euro-crisis Trilemma pp. 48-64 Downloads
Kevin Featherstone
Beelines, Bypasses and Blind Alleys: Theory and the Study of the European Union pp. 65-82 Downloads
Tim Haughton
The 2015 Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union pp. 83-90 Downloads
Daunis Auers and Toms Rostoks
Luxembourg's EU Council Presidency: Adapting Routines to New Circumstances pp. 91-100 Downloads
Anna-Lena Högenauer
Governance and Institutions: A More Political Commission pp. 101-116 Downloads
Desmond Dinan
Eurozone Crisis Management, Citizenship Rights and the Global Reach of EU Data Protection Law: EU Legal Developments in 2015 pp. 117-133 Downloads
Thomas Horsley
Justice and Home Affairs pp. 134-149 Downloads
Jörg Monar
Eurozone Governance: From the Greek Drama of 2015 to the Five Presidents’ Report pp. 150-166 Downloads
Dermot Hodson
Rising Hopes in the European Economy Amidst Global Uncertainties pp. 167-184 Downloads
Istvan Benczes and Balázs Szent-Iványi
The Political Economy of European Capital Markets Union pp. 185-203 Downloads
Lucia Quaglia, David Howarth and Moritz Liebe
Europe as a Global Actor: Searching for a New Strategic Approach pp. 204-217 Downloads
Karolina Pomorska and Sophie Vanhoonacker
Chronology: The European Union in 2015 pp. 218-224 Downloads
Charlotte Galpin
Introduction: The Great Rule of Law Debate in the EU pp. 1045-1049 Downloads
Dimitry Kochenov, Amichai Magen and Laurent Pech
Cracks in the Foundations: Understanding the Great Rule of Law Debate in the EU pp. 1050-1061 Downloads
Amichai Magen
Better Late than Never? On the European Commission's Rule of Law Framework and its First Activation pp. 1062-1074 Downloads
Dimitry Kochenov and Laurent Pech
Strengthening the Rule of Law in the EU: The Council's Inaction pp. 1075-1084 Downloads
Peter Oliver and Justine Stefanelli
The European Parliament's Role: Towards New Copenhagen Criteria for Existing Member States? pp. 1085-1092 Downloads
Judith Sargentini and Aleksejs Dimitrovs
Upholding Shared Values in the EU: What Role for the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights? pp. 1093-1104 Downloads
Gabriel N. Toggenburg and Jonas Grimheden
Determinants of Bargaining Satisfaction Across Policy Domains in the European Union Council of Ministers pp. 1105-1122 Downloads
Javier Arregui
A Feasible Unemployment-Based Shock Absorber for the Euro Area pp. 1123-1141 Downloads
Andrea Brandolini, Francesca Carta and Francesco D'Amuri
The EU Convergence Machine at Work. To the Benefit of the EU's Poorest Citizens? pp. 1142-1158 Downloads
Tim Goedemé and Diego Collado
The Role of Political Efficacy on Public Opinion in the European Union pp. 1159-1174 Downloads
Caroline Mcevoy
Personality and Euroscepticism: The Impact of Personality on Attitudes Towards the EU pp. 1175-1198 Downloads
Julie Hassing Nielsen
Is the European Commission Really in Decline? pp. 1199-1215 Downloads
Neill Nugent and Mark Rhinard
Involuntary Public Policy-making by For-Profit Professionals: European Lawyers on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing pp. 1216-1232 Downloads
Karin Svedberg Helgesson and Ulrika Mörth
Unpacking ‘International Terrorism’: Discourse, the European Community and Counter-Terrorism, 1975–86 pp. 1233-1249 Downloads
Stef Wittendorp
Managing Crises, Making Peace: Towards a Strategic EU Vision for Security and Defense, edited by M.G. Galantino and M.R. Freire ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137442246); xvi+297pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1250-1251 Downloads
Richard Maher
Eurasian Regionalisms and Russian Foreign Policy, by M.M. Molchanov ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2015, ISBN 9781409435341); xii+190pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1251-1252 Downloads
Fraser Cameron
Police Cooperation in the European Union under the Treaty of Lisbon: Opportunities and Limitations, edited by H. Aden ( Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2015, ISBN 9783848708437); 266pp., €54.00 pb pp. 1252-1253 Downloads
Matilde Ventrella
Governance Transfer by Regional Organizations: Patching Together a Global Script, edited by T. A. Börzel and V. van Hüllen ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137385635); xv+298pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1253-1253 Downloads
Johannes Muntschick
Germany After the 2013 Elections: Breaking the Mould of Post-Unification Politics ?, edited by G. Dóttavio and T. Saalfeld ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2015, ISBN 9781472444394); xvii+228pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1254-1254 Downloads
Simon Bulmer
EU Foreign Policy Towards Latin America, by R. Dominguez ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137321275); xii+187pp., £63.00 hb pp. 1254-1255 Downloads
Stefano Palestini
The Politics of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations: TTIP in a Globalized World, edited by J.-F. Morin, T. Novotná, F. Ponjaert and M. Telò ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2015, ISBN 9781472443618); xxiii+227pp., £25.00 pb pp. 1255-1256 Downloads
Dirk De Bièvre
The Eurasian Project and Europe: Regional Discontinuities and Geopolitics, edited by D. Lane and V. Samokhvalov ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137472953); xvi+225pp., £68.00 hb pp. 1256-1257 Downloads
Dimitrios Triantaphyllou
European Integration and Consensus Politics in the Low Countries, edited by H. Vollaard, J. Beyers and P. Dumont ( London and New York: Routledge, 2015, ISBN 9780415659796); xxiv+250pp., £90.00 hb pp. 1257-1258 Downloads
Patrick Bijsmans
France and the Politics of European Economic and Monetary Union, by V. Caton ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137409164 ); xi+211pp., £63.00 hb pp. 1258-1259 Downloads
David Howarth

Volume 54, issue 07, 2016

China, the European Union and the Fragile World Order pp. 775-792 Downloads
Zhimin Chen
Abstract pp. 793-808 Downloads
Jørgen Bølstad and James P. Cross
From Summitry to EU Government: An Agenda Formation Perspective on the European Council pp. 809-825 Downloads
Marcello Carammia, Sebastiaan Princen and Arco Timmermans
Legitimacy and Multi-Level Governance in European Union Competition Law: A Deliberative Discursive Approach pp. 826-845 Downloads
Firat Cengiz
The European Union Legislature as an Agent of the European Court of Justice pp. 846-861 Downloads
Gareth Davies
Neo-Functional Peace: The European Union Way of Resolving Conflicts pp. 862-877 Downloads
Gëzim Visoka and John Doyle
Europeanization and the Soft Law Process of EU Corporate Governance: How has the 2003 Action Plan Impacted on National Corporate Governance Codes? See Online Appendix Table pp. 878-895 Downloads
Idoya Ferrero Ferrero and Robert Ackrill
The Role of the European Parliament and the US Congress in Shaping Transatlantic Relations: TTIP, NSA Surveillance, and CIA Renditions pp. 896-912 Downloads
Davor Jančić
Banking Union in Historical Perspective: The Initiative of the European Commission in the 1960s–1970s pp. 913-927 Downloads
Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol
EU, US and ASEAN Actorness in G20 Financial Policy-Making: Bridging the EU Studies–New Regionalism Divide pp. 928-943 Downloads
Steffen Murau and Kilian Spandler
Crisis and Public Support for the Euro, 1990–2014 pp. 944-960 Downloads
Felix Roth, Lars Jonung and Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D.
A Banking Union of Ideas? The Impact of Ordoliberalism and the Vicious Circle on the EU Banking Union pp. 961-980 Downloads
David Schäfer
Africa–EU Relations and Normative Power Europe: A Decolonial Pan-African Critique pp. 981-998 Downloads
Ueli Staeger
Structural Data on Immigration or Immigration Perceptions? What Accounts for the Electoral Success of the Radical Right in Europe? pp. 999-1016 Downloads
Daniel Stockemer
Impact of Career Paths on MEPs’ Activities pp. 1017-1032 Downloads
Robert Geffen
Saving Europe: Anatomy of a Dream, by C. Bastasin ( Washington: Brookings Institution Press, expanded ed., 2015, ISBN 9780815726135 ); xviii + 543 pp., £26.95 pb pp. 1033-1033 Downloads
Martin Duchac
An Impossible Job?: The Presidents of the European Commission, 1958–2014, edited by J. van der Harst and G. Voerman ( London: John Harper Publishing, 2015, ISBN 9780957150164 ); xi+ 312 pp., €29.00 pb pp. 1034-1034 Downloads
Anthony Teasdale
Security and the Turkey-EU Accession Process: Norms, Reforms and the Cyprus Issue, by N. Martin ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137450029 ); xii + 268 pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1035-1035 Downloads
Funda Tekin
The Maritime Dimension of European Security: Seapower and the European Union, by B. Germond ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137017802 ); xiii + 227 pp., €90.00 hb pp. 1036-1036 Downloads
Thanos Dokos
The Political Economy of Border Drawing: Arranging Legality in European Labor Migration Policies, by R. Paul ( New York: Berghahn Books, 2015, ISBN 9781782385417 ); xii + 232 pp., £60.00 hb pp. 1037-1037 Downloads
Marta Pachocka
International Approaches to Governing Ethnic Diversity, edited by J. Boulden and W. Kymlicka ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780199676583 ); xv + 316 pp., £55.00 hb pp. 1038-1038 Downloads
Aneta Cekik
Politics of Religion in Western Europe: Modernities in Conflict?, edited by F. Foret and X. Itçaina ( Abingdon: Routledge, 2012, ISBN 9780415595346 ); xvii + 265 pp., £80.00 hb pp. 1039-1039 Downloads
Fatmanur Kaçar
Due Process of Lawmaking: The United States, South Africa, Germany, and the European Union, by S. Rose-Ackerman, S. Egidy and J. Fowkes ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015, ISBN 9781107043671 ); xi + 296 pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1040-1040 Downloads
Dafni Diliagka
Governing Europe's Marine Environment: Europeanization of Regional Seas or Regionalization of EU Policies?, edited by M. Gilek and K. Kern ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2015, ISBN 9781409447276 ); xv + 274 pp., £65.00 hb pp. 1041-1041 Downloads
Helen Tung
Town Twinning, Transnational Connections, and Trans-Local Citizenship Practices in Europe, by A. Langenohl ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137021229 ); viii + 249 pp., €90.00 hb pp. 1042-1042 Downloads
Ines Wagner

Volume 54, issue 05, 2016

The Return of Politics – The European Union after the crises in the eurozone and Ukraine pp. 495-507 Downloads
Luuk Middelaar
Constraining Political Budget Cycles: Media Strength and Fiscal Institutions in the Enlarged EU pp. 508-524 Downloads
Esther Ademmer and Ferdinand Dreher
Endogeneity Analysis of Output Synchronization in the Current and Prospective EMU pp. 525-543 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Peter Phelps
Regional Business-Cycle Synchronization, Sector Specialization and EU Accession pp. 544-568 Downloads
Juergen Bierbaumer-Polly, Peter Huber and Petr Rozmahel
Exporting the Competition Policy Regime of the European Union: Success or Failure? Empirical Evidence for Acceding Countries pp. 569-582 Downloads
Michael H. Böheim and Klaus Friesenbichler
Quality Work and the Moral Economy of European Employment Policy pp. 583-598 Downloads
Sharon Bolton, Knut Laaser and Darren Mcguire
Pressure and Expertise: Explaining the Information Supply of Interest Groups in EU Legislative Lobbying pp. 599-616 Downloads
Iskander De Bruycker
Banking on Bonds: The New Links Between States and Markets pp. 617-635 Downloads
Daniela Gabor and Cornel Ban
Risks, Costs and Labour Markets: Explaining Cross-National Patterns of Far Right Party Success in European Parliament Elections pp. 636-655 Downloads
Daphne Halikiopoulou and Tim Vlandas
Europeanization through Policy Networks in the Southern Neighbourhood: Advancing Renewable Energy Rules in Morocco and Algeria pp. 656-673 Downloads
Angelos Katsaris
Is Africa Really Following Europe? An Integrated Framework for Comparative Regionalism pp. 674-690 Downloads
Lorenzo Fioramonti and Frank Mattheis
Societal Empowerment and Europeanization: Revisiting the EU's Impact on Democratization pp. 691-708 Downloads
Gergana Noutcheva
‘Heavy Fog in the Channel. Continent Cut Off’? British Diplomatic Relations in Brussels after 2010 pp. 709-724 Downloads
Maja Kluger Rasmussen
The Centralization of EU Competition Policy: Historical Institutionalist Dynamics from Cartel Monitoring to Merger Control (1956–91) pp. 725-741 Downloads
Laurent Warlouzet
Welfare-theoretic Optimal Policies in a New-Keynesian Economy with Heterogeneous Regions: Any Role for Financial Integration? pp. 742-761 Downloads
Marcin Wolski
The Power of Dependence: NATO–UN Cooperation in Crisis Management, by M. Harsch ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780198722311 ); xii+212pp., £55.00 hb pp. 762-763 Downloads
Russell Foster
Single Markets: Economic Integration in Europe and the United States, by M. P. Egan ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780199280506 ); xiv+240pp., £55.00 hb pp. 763-764 Downloads
Christopher Hartwell
Fragmented Borders, Interdependence and External Relations: The Israel-Palestine-European Union Triangle, edited by R. A. Del Sarto ( Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9871137504135 ); xii+201pp., £58 hb pp. 764-765 Downloads
Daniela Huber
The Politics of Extreme Austerity: Greece in the Eurozone Crisis, edited by G. Karyotis and R. Gerodimos ( London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137369222 ); xvii+323pp., £68 pb pp. 765-765 Downloads
Anne-Caroline Hüser
Identities and Foreign Policies in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: The Other Europe, by S. White and V. Feklyunini ( London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, ISBN 9780333993613 ); x+256pp., £73.00 hb pp. 766-767 Downloads
Scott Nicholas Romaniuk
The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Democratic Values of the EU: A Legal Analysis, by N. Ghazaryan ( Oxford/Portland: Hart Publishing, 2014, ISBN 9781849462785 ); xxii+208pp., £50.00 hb pp. 766-766 Downloads
Gergana Noutcheva
Career Behaviour and the European Parliament: All Roads Lead through Brussels, by W. T. Daniel ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780198716402 ); xiv+196pp., £50 hb pp. 767-768 Downloads
Camille Kelbel
Experiencing European Integration: Transnational Lives and European Identity, by T. Kuhn ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780199688913 ); xvii+208pp., £50.00 hb pp. 768-769 Downloads
Steffen Mau
Institutional and Policy Change in the European Parliament: Deciding on Freedom, Security and Justice, by A. Ripoll Servent ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781403995117 ); xii+221pp., £68 hb pp. 769-770 Downloads
Christine Neuhold
Rethinking the European Union, by N. Egan ( London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137341679 ); xii+260pp., £28.99 pb pp. 770-771 Downloads
Maria Del Carmen Sandoval Velasco

Volume 54, issue 03, 2016

Normative Empire Europe: The European Union, its Borderlands, and the ‘Arab Spring’ pp. 215-232 Downloads
Raffaella A. Del Sarto
The Origins of the Common Market: Political Economy vs. Hagiography pp. 233-248 Downloads
Yannis Karagiannis
The European Union, Preferential Trade Agreements, and the International Regulation of Sustainable Biofuels pp. 249-266 Downloads
Arlo Poletti and Daniela Sicurelli
The Influence of the Chicago School on the Commission's Guidelines, Notices and Block Exemption Regulations in EU Competition Policy pp. 267-283 Downloads
Dzmitry Bartalevich
Business Cycle Synchronization of CEECs with the Euro Area: A Regime Switching Approach pp. 284-300 Downloads
Carlo Di Giorgio
A Viable Insolvency Procedure for Sovereigns in the Euro Area pp. 301-317 Downloads
Clemens Fuest, Friedrich Heinemann and Christoph Schröder
European Monetary Integration and the Incompatibility of National Varieties of Capitalism pp. 318-336 Downloads
Alison Johnston and Aidan Regan
Europeanization Mechanisms and Process Tracing: A Template for Empirical Research pp. 337-352 Downloads
Kyriakos Moumoutzis and Sotirios Zartaloudis
(Not) in the Hands of the Member States: How the European Commission Influences EU Security and Defence Policies pp. 353-369 Downloads
Marianne Riddervold
Static and Dynamic Views of European Integration pp. 370-387 Downloads
Richard Rose and Gabriela Borz
Germany's Institutional Power and the EMU Regime after the Crisis: Towards a Germanized Euro Area? pp. 388-407 Downloads
Federico Steinberg and Mattias Vermeiren
Degrees of Inclusion: Free Movement of Labour and the Unionization of Migrant Workers in the European Union pp. 408-425 Downloads
Adrien Thomas
‘Multiple Bilateralism’ within the European Union: the Dutch Coalition-Building Network during the Budget Negotiations pp. 426-443 Downloads
Arjan Uilenreef
Judicialized Law-Making and Opportunistic Enforcement: Explaining the EU's Challenge of National Defence Offsets pp. 444-462 Downloads
Moritz Weiss and Michael Blauberger
‘Reflexive Expectations’ in EU–China Relations: A Media Analysis Approach pp. 463-479 Downloads
Li Zhang
The European Union As a Diplomatic Actor, edited by J. A. Koops and G. Macaj ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9781137356840 ); xix + 209 pp., £68.00 hb pp. 480-481 Downloads
Moritz Pieper
Governing Mobility Beyond the State: Centre, Periphery and the EU’s External Borders,by A. Müller ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, ISBN 9781137389411 ); viii + 233 pp., £65.00 hb pp. 481-481 Downloads
Natasja Reslow
Parochial Global Europe: 21st Century Trade Politics, by A. R. Young and J. Peterson ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, ISBN 9780199579907 ); xix + 271 pp., £58.00 hb pp. 482-482 Downloads
Gabriel Siles-Brügge
Polity and Crisis: Reflections on the European Odyssey, edited by M. Fichera, S. Hänninen and K. Tuori ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2014, ISBN 9781472412911 ); xvii + 314 pp., £95.00 hb pp. 482-483 Downloads
Edward Walker
How the EU Really Works, by O. Costa and N. Brack ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2014, ISBN 9781472444295 ); ix+264 pp, £25.00 pb pp. 483-484 Downloads
Desmond Dinan
EU Cohesion Policy and European Integration: The Dynamics of EU Budget and Regional Policy Reform, by J. Bachtler, C. Mendez and F. Wishlade ( Farnham: Ashgate, 2013, ISBN 9780754674214 ); xiv+322 pp, £95.00 hb pp. 484-485 Downloads
Simona Piattoni
Legislating Equality: The Politics of Antidiscrimination Policy in Europe, by T. E. Givens and R. Evans Case ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, ISBN 9780198709015 ); xiv + 159 pp., £45.00 hb pp. 485-486 Downloads
Petra Ahrens
The Invention of a European Development Aid Bureaucracy: Recycling Empire, by V. Dimier ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, ISBN 9780230300002 ); ix+240 pp., £65.00 hb pp. 486-487 Downloads
Floor Keuleers
European Social Models from Crisis to Crisis: Employment and Inequality in the Era of Monetary Integration, edited by J. E. Dølvik and A. Martin ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, ISBN 9780198717966 ); xvi + 442 pp., £60.00 hb pp. 487-488 Downloads
Robert Geyer
Mobile Europe: The Theory and Practice of Free Movement in the EU, by E. Recchi ( Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, ISBN 9780230274471 ); xiv+208 pp., £60.00 hb pp. 488-489 Downloads
Michael Johns

Volume 54, issue 01, 2016

Another Theory is Possible: Dissident Voices in Theorising Europe pp. 3-18 Downloads
Ian Manners and Richard Whitman
Field of Dreams: the Discursive Construction of EU Studies, Intellectual Dissidence and the Practice of ‘Normal Science’ pp. 19-36 Downloads
Ben Rosamond
Teaching (Dissident) Theory in Crisis European Union pp. 37-52 Downloads
Owen Parker
Regulation Theory and the Political Economy of the European Union pp. 53-69 Downloads
Hans-Jürgen Bieling, Johannes Jäger and Magnus Ryner
Sociological Approaches to the European Union in Times of Turmoil pp. 70-86 Downloads
Sabine Saurugger
Towards a Practice Turn in EU Studies: The Everyday of European Integration pp. 87-103 Downloads
Rebecca Adler-Nissen
The Power of EU Masculinities: A Feminist Contribution to European Integration Theory pp. 104-120 Downloads
Annica Kronsell
Europa and Gaia: Towards an Ecofeminist Perspective in Integration Theory pp. 121-135 Downloads
Alex Brianson
Postmodern EU? Integration between Alternative Horizons and Territorial Angst pp. 136-151 Downloads
Stefan Borg and Thomas Diez
The Postcolonial has Moved into Europe: Bordering, Security and Ethno-Cultural Belonging pp. 152-168 Downloads
Catarina Kinnvall
European Fantasies: On the EU's Political Myths and the Affective Potential of Utopian Imaginaries for European Identity pp. 169-184 Downloads
Christoffer Kølvraa
The End of a Noble Narrative? European Integration Narratives after the Nobel Peace Prize pp. 185-202 Downloads
Ian Manners and Philomena Murray
Globalization, Multilateralism, Europe: Towards a Better Global Governance?, edited by M. Telò ( London: Ashgate, 2014, ISBN 9781409464495 ); xxxvii+470pp., £25.00 pb pp. 203-212 Downloads
Luke Wood
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