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Volume 32, issue 5, 1977

Capital Rationing: n Authors in Search of a Plot pp. 1403-31 Downloads
H Martin Weingartner
The Theory of Recapitalizations and the Evidence of Dual Purpose Funds pp. 1433-55 Downloads
Robert H Litzenberger and Howard B Sosin
Standardized Unexpected Earnings-A Progress Report pp. 1457-65 Downloads
Henry A Latane and Charles P Jones
A Model of Corporate Financing Decisions pp. 1467-84 Downloads
Taggart, Robert A,
Optimal Investment and Financing Patterns for a Firm Subject to Regulation with a Lag pp. 1485-1500 Downloads
Edwin J Elton and Martin J Gruber
Comparison of Historical Cost and General Price Level Adjusted Cost Rate Base Regulation pp. 1501-12 Downloads
Myron J Gordon
An Industry Study of the Profitability of Mergers in the United Kingdom pp. 1513-25 Downloads
J R Franks, J E Broyles and M J Hecht
Co-Insurance and Conglomerate Merger pp. 1527-37 Downloads
Li Way Lee
On the Incidence of Selective Credit and Related Policies in a Multi-Asset Framework pp. 1539-56 Downloads
James M O'Brien
Installment Credit Controls, Consumer Expenditures and the Allocation of Real Resources pp. 1557-69 Downloads
Michael J Hamburger and Burton Zwick
Illiquidity, the Demand for Residential Housing, and Monetary Policy pp. 1571-86 Downloads
J R Kearl and Frederic Mishkin
The Impact of De Novo Commercial Bank Entry pp. 1587-1604 Downloads
Alan S McCall and Manferd O Peterson
The Effects of Regulation on Bank Balance Sheet Decisions pp. 1605-16 Downloads
John J Mingo and Benjamin Wolkowitz
An Analysis of the Effectiveness of FHLBB Liquidity Policy, 1971-1975 pp. 1617-37 Downloads
Maurice D Weinrobe
Evaluation of Some Money Stock Forecasting Models pp. 1639-46 Downloads
Philip Pfaff
Commercial Bank Bidding on Municipal Revenue Bonds: New Evidence pp. 1647-56 Downloads
Michael H Hopewell and George G Kaufman
The Stability of Exchange Rate Expectations and Canadian Capital Flows pp. 1657-69 Downloads
Steven W Kohlhagen
Intertemporal Determination of the Market Price of Risk pp. 1671-81 Downloads
Yoram Landskroner
On the Utility Theoretic Foundations of Mean-Variance Analysis pp. 1683-97 Downloads
David P Baron
Convertible Bonds: Valuation and Optimal Strategies for Call and Conversion pp. 1699-1715 Downloads
Michael Brennan and Eduardo S Schwartz
Pareto-Optimality of Authentic Information pp. 1717-28 Downloads
David S Ng
On Some Definitional Problems with the Method of Certainty Equivalents pp. 1729-37 Downloads
Bar-Yosef, Sasson and Roger Mesznik
The Effect of Bond Refunding on Shareholder Wealth pp. 1738-46 Downloads
Jess B Yawitz and James A Anderson
A Theory of Humpbacked Bond Yield Curves pp. 1747-51 Downloads
Miles Livingston
Income Velocity and Commercial Bank Portfolios pp. 1752-58 Downloads
Ronald J Sutherland
Grouping Procedures for Portfolio Formation pp. 1759-65 Downloads
I G Morgan
FHA and VA Mortgage Discount Points and Housing Prices pp. 1766-73 Downloads
Robert H Zerbst and William B Brueggeman
Regional Differences in Mortgage Financing Costs: A Reexamination pp. 1774-78 Downloads
James R Ostas
Cost of Capital for a Division of a Firm: Comment pp. 1779-80 Downloads
J Fred Weston and Wayne Y Lee
Cost of Capital for a Division of a Firm: Reply pp. 1781-82 Downloads
Myron J Gordon and Paul J Halpern
Analysis of a Commercial Bank Minority Lending Program: Comment pp. 1783-89 Downloads
Timothy Bates and Donald D Hester
Improving the Selection of Credit Risks: An Analysis of a Commercial Bank Minority Lending Program: Reply pp. 1790-94 Downloads
Robert H Edelstein
Additional Evidence on the Time Series Properties of Reported Earnings Per Share: Comment pp. 1795-1801 Downloads
Gerald L Salamon and E Dan Smith
Reply to Salamon and Smith: [Additional Evidence on the Time Series Properties of Reported Earnings Per Share] pp. 1802-08 Downloads
Ray Ball and Ross Watts
On the Effects of Statutory Interest Rate Ceilings: Comment pp. 1809-10 Downloads
Richard L Peterson
On the Effects of Statutory Interest Rate Ceilings: Reply pp. 1811-13 Downloads
Kenneth L Avio
A Negative View of the Negative Money Multiplier: Comment pp. 1814-17 Downloads
Robert D Auerbach and Jack L Rutner
The Negative View of the Negative Money Multiplier: Reply pp. 1818-21 Downloads
Frank G Steindl

Volume 32, issue 4, 1977

The Theory of Speculation under Alternative Regimes of Markets pp. 975-99 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
Intertemporal Stability of the Relationship between Interest Rates and Price Changes pp. 1001-15 Downloads
Thomas Cargill and Robert A Meyer
Stock Returns, Money Supply and the Direction of Causality pp. 1017-30 Downloads
Richard J Rogalski and Joseph D Vinso
Inflation and the Market Value of the Firm: Theory and Tests pp. 1031-48 Downloads
Hai Hong
Investor Recognition of Corporate International Diversification pp. 1049-55 Downloads
Tamir Agmon and Donald R Lessard
New Issue Corporate Bonds, Seasoned Market Efficiency and Yield Spreads pp. 1057-67 Downloads
John R Lindvall
A Reexamination of Stock Splits Using Moving Betas pp. 1069-80 Downloads
Bar-Yosef, Sasson and Lawrence D Brown
A Simple Model of Non-Stationarity of Systematic Risk pp. 1081-92 Downloads
Menachem Brenner and Seymour Smidt
Stability Tests for Alphas and Betas over Bull and Bear Market Conditions pp. 1093-99 Downloads
Frank Fabozzi and Jack Clark Francis
Indexation, the Risk-Free Asset, and Capital Market Equilibrium pp. 1101-07 Downloads
Jeremy J Siegel and Jerold B Warner
Marketability Restrictions and the Valuation of Capital Assets under Uncertainty pp. 1109-23 Downloads
Ney O Brito
Market Value and Systematic Risk pp. 1125-42 Downloads
Stuart M Turnbull
Externalities and Risky Investments pp. 1143-49 Downloads
Jess B Yawitz
Risk, Uncertainty, and Divergence of Opinion pp. 1151-68 Downloads
Edward M Miller
Rate Ceiling Implications of the Cost Structure of Consumer Finance Companies pp. 1169-94 Downloads
George J Benston
Adam Smith on Usury Laws pp. 1195-1200 Downloads
Joseph M Jadlow
Price Distortions Induced by the Revenue Structure of Federally-Sponsored Mortgage Loan Programs pp. 1201-06 Downloads
John J McConnell
Market Structure, Risk and Profitability in Commercial Banking pp. 1207-16 Downloads
Arnold A Heggestad
A Micro-Econometric Investigation of Multi-Objective Firms pp. 1217-33 Downloads
William L Beedles
On the Theory of Conglomerate Mergers pp. 1235-50 Downloads
Scott, James H,
Inputs, Outputs, and a Theory of Production and Cost at Depository Financial Institutions pp. 1251-66 Downloads
Sealey, Calvin W, and James T Lindley
Determining an Optimal Capital Standard for the Banking Industry pp. 1267-82 Downloads
Anthony M Santomero and Ronald D Watson
A Spatial Model of the Banking Industry pp. 1283-1303 Downloads
Mukhtar M Ali and Stuart I Greenbaum
An Optimal Temporary Loan Model for State Borrowers pp. 1305-12 Downloads
Arthur D Butler and Stanton A Warren
Intra-Equilibrium and Inter-Equilibrium Analysis in Capital Market Theory: A Clarification pp. 1313-19 Downloads
Menachem Brenner and Marti G Subrahmanyam
Canadian Evidence of Heteroscedasticity in the Market Model pp. 1320-24 Downloads
Ahmed Belkaoui
Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency under Flexible Exchange Rates pp. 1325-30 Downloads
John Burt, Fred R Kaen and G Geoffrey Booth
Some Observations on Risk-Adjusted Discount Rates pp. 1331-37 Downloads
Wilbur G Lewellen
Usury Legislation and Market Structure: An Alternative Approach: Comment pp. 1339-44 Downloads
Eric Brucker
Usury Legislation and Market Structure: Reply pp. 1345-47 Downloads
Douglas F Greer
The Cost of Capital and Valuation of a Two-Country Firm: Comment pp. 1348-53 Downloads
Michael A Goldberg and Wayne Y Lee
The Cost of Capital and Valuation of a Two-Country Firm: Reply pp. 1354-57 Downloads
Michael Adler
An Inter-Temporal Approach to the Optimization of Dividend Policy with Pre-Determined Investment: A Further Comment pp. 1358-61 Downloads
Cheng F Lee and Manak Gupta
An Inter-Temporal Approach to the Optimization of Dividend Policy with Pre-Determined Investment: Reply pp. 1362
Günter Franke
A Note on the Inclusion of Earnings Risk in Measures of Return: A Comment pp. 1363-66 Downloads
James L Pappas
A Note on the Inclusion of Earnings Risk in Measures of Return: A Reply pp. 1367
Richard P Brief and Joel Owen
An Investor Expectations Stock Price Predictive Model Using Closed-End Fund Premiums: Comment pp. 1368-71 Downloads
Mark Hanna
International Reserve Flows: A Comment pp. 1372-73 Downloads
Sergio Pereira Leite

Volume 32, issue 3, 1977

The Competitive Condition of U. S. Banking Markets and the Impact of Structural Reform pp. 649-61 Downloads
Arnold A Heggestad and John J Mingo
Investment Performance of Common Stocks in Relation to Their Price-Earnings Ratios: A Test of the Efficient Market Hypothesis pp. 663-82 Downloads
S Basu
Investment Banking: An Economic Analysis of Optimal Underwriting Contracts pp. 683-94 Downloads
Gershon Mandelker and Artur Raviv
Graduated Interest Rate Ceilings and Operating Costs by Size of Small Consumer Cash Loans pp. 695-707 Downloads
George J Benston
Dynamic Portfolio-Balance Behavior of Time Deposits and 'Money.' pp. 709-17 Downloads
Suleman A Moosa
The Fisher Effect: Graphical Treatment and Some Econometric Implications pp. 719-33 Downloads
W A Bomberger and G E Makinen
The Demand for Money and Price Expectations in Australia pp. 735-48 Downloads
T J Valentine
An Empirical Test of the Larson-Gonedes Exchange Ratio Determination Model pp. 749-59 Downloads
Robert L Conn and James F Nielsen
'White-Noise' in Imperfect Markets: The Case of the Franc/Dollar Exchange Rate pp. 761-68 Downloads
Dennis E Logue and Richard James Sweeney
Relative Risk-Aversion and the Demand for Cash Balances pp. 769-74 Downloads
Syed Ahsan
Evidence of Non-Homogeneity of Capital Costs within "Risk-Classes." pp. 775-87 Downloads
A James Boness and George M Frankfurter
Capital Structure Rearrangements and Me-First Rules in an Efficient Capital Market pp. 789-809 Downloads
E Han Kim, John J McConnell and Paul R Greenwood
Joint Determination of Rate of Return and Capital Structure: An Econometric Analysis pp. 811-21 Downloads
Willard T Carleton and Irwin H Silberman
Valuation Parameters of Property-Liability Companies pp. 823-35 Downloads
George J Foster
Portfolio Performance and the "Cost" of Timing Decisions pp. 837-46 Downloads
Dwight Grant
The Valuation of Closed-End Investment-Company Shares pp. 847-59 Downloads
Burton G Malkiel
Industry Movements of Common Stocks pp. 861-74 Downloads
Miles Livingston
Pitfalls in the Application of Discriminant Analysis in Business, Finance, and Economics pp. 875-900 Downloads
Robert Eisenbeis
The Institutional pp. 901-07 Downloads
Robert C Klemkosky and Donald L Tuttle
The Doctoral Origins of Contributors to the Journal of Finance from 1964 through 1975 pp. 908-10 Downloads
Carl Schweser
The Stability of the Demand for Money Function, 1900-1974 pp. 911-16 Downloads
G S Laumas and Y P Mehra
On the St. Louis Equation and an Alternative Definition of the Money Supply pp. 917-20 Downloads
Ronald S Koot
Stochastic Choice in Insurance and Risk Sharing pp. 921-26 Downloads
N A Doherty
The Demand for Assets under Conditions of Risk: Comment pp. 927-29 Downloads
Varouj Aivazian
The Demand for Assets under Conditions of Risk: Reply pp. 930-32 Downloads
Haim Levy
Ambiguities in the Cross-Section Analysis of Per Share Financial Data: Comment pp. 933-36 Downloads
Scott, James H,
Invariance and Scaling in the Per Share Analysis of Financial Data: Reply pp. 937-38 Downloads
E G Davis, D M Dunn and W H Williams
The Interest-Induced Wealth Effect and the Behavior of Real and Nominal Interest Rates: A Comment pp. 939-48 Downloads
Laurence H Meyer and Jess B Yawitz
The Interest-Induced Wealth Effect and the Behavior of Real and Nominal Interest Rates: A Reply pp. 949-50 Downloads
Burton Zwick

Volume 32, issue 2, 1977

Debt and Taxes pp. 261-75 Downloads
Merton Miller
Term Structure with Uncertain Inflation pp. 277-89 Downloads
Richard Brealey and Stephen M Schaefer
Dynamic Market Processes and the Rewards to Up-to-Date Information pp. 291-304 Downloads
Avraham Beja and Nils H Hakansson
Business Finance and Capital Market Theory: Discussion pp. 304-05 Downloads
Alan Kraus
Dynamic Market Processes and the Rewards of Up-to-Date Information pp. 306
Irwin Tepper
Market Imperfections, Capital Market Equilibrium and Corporation Finance pp. 307-19 Downloads
R C Stapleton and Marti G Subrahmanyam
Capital Budgeting and the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Good News and Bad News pp. 321-33 Downloads
Stewart C Myers and Stuart M Turnbull
Corporate Finance and the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Discussion pp. 333-36 Downloads
Robert S Hamada
Bankruptcy Costs: Some Evidence pp. 337-47 Downloads
Jerold B Warner
Corporate Mergers and the Co-insurance of Corporate Debt pp. 349-65 Downloads
E Han Kim and John J McConnell
Corporate Finance-Empirical Tests: Discussion pp. 366-68 Downloads
Bernell K Stone
Corporate Finance-Empirical Tests: Discussion pp. 368-70 Downloads
James C Van Horne
Informational Asymmetries, Financial Structure, and Financial Intermediation pp. 371-87 Downloads
Hayne Leland and David H Pyle
On Value Maximization and Alternative Objectives of the Firm pp. 389-402 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Joseph Stiglitz
Value and Yield Risk on Outstanding Insured Residential Mortgages pp. 403-12 Downloads
Anthony J Curley and Jack M Guttentag
Investments-Theoretical Issues: Discussion pp. 412-15 Downloads
Stephen Ross
Investments-Theoretical Issues: Discussion pp. 415-16 Downloads
Richard Brealey
Determinants of Common Stock Prices: A Time Series Analysis pp. 417-25 Downloads
John Kraft and Arthur Kraft
Forecasting Stock Market Prices pp. 427-41 Downloads
David A Umstead
Investments-Empirical Studies: Discussion pp. 442-45 Downloads
David K Whitcomb
Investments-Empirical Studies: Discussion pp. 445-48 Downloads
Enrique R Arzac
The Valuation of American Put Options pp. 449-62 Downloads
Michael Brennan and Eduardo S Schwartz
An Examination of Corporate Call Policies on Convertible Securities pp. 463-78 Downloads
Ingersoll, Jonathan E,
The Role of the Multinational Firm in the Integration of Segmented Capital Markets pp. 479-92 Downloads
Wayne Y Lee and Kanwal S Sachdeva
An Empirical Test of the Alternative Hypotheses of National and International Pricing of Risky Assets pp. 493-502 Downloads
Richard E Stehle
Testing International Asset Pricing: Some Pessimistic Views pp. 503-12 Downloads
Bruno H Solnik
International Finance-Problems of Segmented Capital Markets: Discussion pp. 512-15 Downloads
Bernard Dumas
International Finance-Problems of Segmented Capital Markets: Discussion pp. 515-17 Downloads
Scott, James H,
Tests of Theories of Exchange Rate Determination pp. 519-29 Downloads
Bruce Brittain
Exchange Rate Flexibility and Demand for Money pp. 531-44 Downloads
Nicholas P Sargen
Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate: Discussion pp. 545-47 Downloads
W Bradford Cornell
Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate: Discussion pp. 547-49
Duncan M Ripley
Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate: Discussion pp. 549-51
Aris Protopapadakis
Factors Affecting the Growth of Bank Credit Card and Check Credit pp. 553-64 Downloads
Richard L Peterson
The Comparative Operating Efficiency of Black Savings and Loan Associations pp. 565-74 Downloads
Lewis J Spellman, Osborne, Alfred E, and William Bradford
Financial Analysis in an Inflationary Environment pp. 575-88 Downloads
George von Furstenberg and Burton G Malkiel
Money and Capital Markets: Discussion pp. 588-89 Downloads
Lewis Mandell
Money and Capital Markets: Discussion pp. 589-90
Harold Black
Money and Capital Markets: Discussion pp. 591-92
Richard C Aspinwall
Risk on Consumer Finance Company Personal Loans pp. 593-607 Downloads
George J Benston
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974: A Cost/Benefit Analysis pp. 609-22 Downloads
James F Smith
Factors Affecting the Availability of Consumer Credit: Discussion pp. 622-25 Downloads
Robert P Shay
The Principles of Corporate Pension Finance pp. 627-38 Downloads
Jack L Treynor

Volume 32, issue 1, 1977

Bankruptcy, Secured Debt, and Optimal Capital Structure pp. 1-19 Downloads
Scott, James H,
Bond Refunding: A Clarifying Analysis pp. 21-30 Downloads
Aharon R Ofer and Taggart, Robert A,
The Impact of Compensating Balance Requirements on the Cash Balances of Manufacturing Corporations: An Empirical Study pp. 31-40 Downloads
Tim Campbell and Leland Brendsel
The Time-Variance Relationship: Evidence on Autocorrelation in Common Stock Returns pp. 41-55 Downloads
Robert A Schwartz and David K Whitcomb
The Effect of Model Misspecification on Tests of the Efficient Market Hypothesis pp. 57-66 Downloads
Menachem Brenner
A Multidimensional Analysis of Institutional Investor Perception of Risk pp. 67-78 Downloads
Philip L Cooley
The Impact and Efficiency of Institutional Net Trading Imbalances pp. 79-86 Downloads
Robert C Klemkosky
Trading in Warrants by Mechanical Systems pp. 87-101 Downloads
Richard J Rogalski
The Coupon Effect on Yield to Maturity pp. 103-15 Downloads
John Caks
The Macroeconomic Impact of Changes in the Ceilings on Deposit Rates pp. 117-30 Downloads
Marie Elizabeth Sushka and Myron B Slovin
Market Characteristics and Multibank Holding Company Acquisitions pp. 131-46 Downloads
Gregory E Boczar
A Comparative Study of Bank Holding Company Affiliates and Independent Banks, 1969-1972 pp. 147-58 Downloads
Lucille S Mayne
Bid-Asked Spreads on the Amex and the Big Board pp. 159-63 Downloads
Ben Branch and Walter Freed
Capital Gains Taxation and Year-End Stock Market Behavior pp. 165-75 Downloads
Edward A Dyl
The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Short-Sale Restrictions and Related Issues pp. 177-83 Downloads
Stephen Ross
A "Duration" Fallacy pp. 185-87 Downloads
Miles Livingston and John Caks
Competitive Equilibrium Contingent Commodities and Information pp. 189-93 Downloads
Martin Shubik
An Analysis of the Effects of the Removal of the Yield Ceiling on Federally Insured Mortgages in Canada pp. 195-201 Downloads
Lawrence B Smith
An Examination of the Yields of Corporate Bonds and Stocks: Comment pp. 203-05 Downloads
John S McCallum
An Examination of the Yields of Corporate Bonds and Stocks: Reply pp. 206-07 Downloads
Richard L Norgaard
A Simple Model of Information and Lending Behavior: Comment pp. 208-10 Downloads
Stephen Miller
Interactions of Corporate Financing and Investment Decisions-Implications for Capital Budgeting: Comment pp. 211-17 Downloads
Bar-Yosef, Sasson
Interactions of Corporate Financing and Investment Decisions-Implications for Capital Budgeting: Reply pp. 218-20 Downloads
Stewart C Myers
Discounting the Components of an Income Stream: Comment pp. 221-23 Downloads
Stuart M Turnbull
Discounting the Components of an Income Stream: Reply pp. 224-26 Downloads
Fred D Arditti
The Uselessness of Transaction Demand Models: Comment pp. 227-30 Downloads
Case M Sprenkle
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