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1946 - 2022

Current editor(s): Miroslav Ristic, Marijtje van Duijn and Nan van Geloven

From Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research
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Volume 76, issue 4, 2022

Bayesian subcohort selection for longitudinal covariate measurements in follow‐up studies pp. 372-390 Downloads
Jaakko Reinikainen and Juha Karvanen
Bartlett correction of an independence test in a multivariate Poisson model pp. 391-417 Downloads
Rolf Larsson
Optimal subsampling for multiplicative regression with massive data pp. 418-449 Downloads
Tianzhen Wang and Haixiang Zhang
The basic distributional theory for the product of zero mean correlated normal random variables pp. 450-470 Downloads
Robert E. Gaunt
Editorial Statistics pp. 471-471 Downloads
Miroslav Ristic, Marijtje van Duijn and Nan van Geloven

Volume 76, issue 3, 2022

Tests for comparing time‐invariant and time‐varying spectra based on the Anderson–Darling statistic pp. 254-282 Downloads
Shibin Zhang and Xin M. Tu
Prediction intervals for all of M future observations based on linear random effects models pp. 283-308 Downloads
Max Menssen and Frank Schaarschmidt
Rank correlation inferences for clustered data with small sample size pp. 309-330 Downloads
Sally Hunsberger, Lori Long, Sarah E. Reese, Gloria H. Hong, Ian A. Myles, Christa S. Zerbe, Pleonchan Chetchotisakd and Joanna H. Shih
On some limitations of probabilistic models for dimension‐reduction: Illustration in the case of probabilistic formulations of partial least squares pp. 331-346 Downloads
Lola Etiévant and Vivian Viallon
Average ordinary least squares‐centered penalized regression: A more efficient way to address multicollinearity than ridge regression pp. 347-368 Downloads
Wei Wang, Linjian Li, Sheng Li, Fei Yin, Fang Liao, Tao Zhang, Xiaosong Li, Xiong Xiao and Yue Ma

Volume 76, issue 2, 2022

Log‐symmetric quantile regression models pp. 124-163 Downloads
Helton Saulo, Alan Dasilva, Víctor Leiva, Luis Sánchez and Hanns de la Fuente‐Mella
On the conditional noncentral beta distribution pp. 164-189 Downloads
Carlo Orsi
Autoregressive and moving average models for zero‐inflated count time series pp. 190-218 Downloads
Vurukonda Sathish, Siuli Mukhopadhyay and Rashmi Tiwari
Bayesian model selection for multilevel mediation models pp. 219-235 Downloads
Oludare Ariyo, Emmanuel Lesaffre, Geert Verbeke, Martijn Huisman, Martijn Heymans and Jos Twisk
On Bayesian estimation of densities and sampling distributions: The posterior predictive distribution as the Bayes estimator pp. 236-250 Downloads
Agustín G. Nogales

Volume 76, issue 1, 2022

Change‐point analysis through integer‐valued autoregressive process with application to some COVID‐19 data pp. 4-34 Downloads
Subhankar Chattopadhyay, Raju Maiti, Samarjit Das and Atanu Biswas
Goodness‐of‐fit tests for Poisson count time series based on the Stein–Chen identity pp. 35-64 Downloads
Boris Aleksandrov, Christian H. Weiß and Carsten Jentsch
Robust prediction of domain compositions from uncertain data using isometric logratio transformations in a penalized multivariate Fay–Herriot model pp. 65-96 Downloads
Joscha Krause, Jan Pablo Burgard and Domingo Morales
Identifying crime generators and spatially overlapping high‐risk areas through a nonlinear model: A comparison between three cities of the Valencian region (Spain) pp. 97-120 Downloads
Álvaro Briz‐Redón, Jorge Mateu and Francisco Montes

Volume 75, issue 4, 2021

On the population least‐squares criterion in the monotone single index model pp. 408-436 Downloads
Fadoua Balabdaoui, Cécile Durot and Christopher Fragneau
The significance filter, the winner's curse and the need to shrink pp. 437-452 Downloads
Erik W. van Zwet and Eric A. Cator
Inflated Kumaraswamy regressions with application to water supply and sanitation in Brazil pp. 453-481 Downloads
Fábio M. Bayer, Francisco Cribari‐Neto and Jéssica Santos
Resolving the ambiguity of random‐effects models with singular precision matrix pp. 482-499 Downloads
Woojoo Lee, Hans‐Peter Piepho and Youngjo Lee
Information anchored reference‐based sensitivity analysis for truncated normal data with application to survival analysis pp. 500-523 Downloads
Andrew Atkinson, Suzie Cro, James R. Carpenter and Michael G. Kenward
Editorial Statistics pp. 524-524 Downloads
Miroslav Ristic, Marijtje van Duijn and Nan van Geloven

Volume 75, issue 3, 2021

Convex transform order of Beta distributions with some consequences pp. 238-256 Downloads
Idir Arab, Paulo Eduardo Oliveira and Tilo Wiklund
Locally asymptotically efficient estimation for parametric PINAR(p) models pp. 257-289 Downloads
Mohamed Sadoun and Mohamed Bentarzi
An integrated‐likelihood‐ratio confidence interval for a proportion based on underreported and infallible data pp. 290-298 Downloads
Briceön Wiley, Chris Elrod, Phil D. Young and Dean M. Young
Bayesian survival model induced by frailty for lifetime with long‐term survivors pp. 299-323 Downloads
Vicente G. Cancho, Gladys D. C. Barriga, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Edwin M. M. Ortega and Adriano K. Suzuki
On the estimation of destructive cure rate model: A new study with exponentially weighted Poisson competing risks pp. 324-342 Downloads
Suvra Pal and Souvik Roy
Bootstrap for integer‐valued GARCH(p, q) processes pp. 343-363 Downloads
Michael H. Neumann
Model checking for multiplicative linear regression models with mixed estimators pp. 364-403 Downloads
Jun Zhang

Volume 75, issue 2, 2021

Longitudinal business data construction and quality: Two different approaches pp. 92-114 Downloads
Silvia Biffignandi and Alessandro Zeli
Analysis of progressive Type‐II censoring in presence of competing risk data under step stress modeling pp. 115-136 Downloads
Arnab Koley and Debasis Kundu
Residual and local influence analyses for unit gamma regressions pp. 137-160 Downloads
Suelena S. Rocha, Patrícia L. Espinheira and Francisco Cribari‐Neto
Estimation of the incubation time distribution for COVID‐19 pp. 161-179 Downloads
Piet Groeneboom
A nonparametric two‐sample test using a general φ‐divergence‐based mutual information pp. 180-202 Downloads
Apratim Guha, Atanu Biswas and Abhik Ghosh
k‐step stage life testing pp. 203-233 Downloads
Benjamin Laumen and Erhard Cramer

Volume 75, issue 1, 2021

The effect of a Durbin–Watson pretest on confidence intervals in regression pp. 4-23 Downloads
Paul Kabaila, Davide Farchione, Samer Alhelli and Nathan Bragg
Maximum likelihood estimation based on the Laplace approximation for p2 network regression models pp. 24-41 Downloads
Ruggero Bellio and Nicola Soriani
k‐Nearest neighbors local linear regression for functional and missing data at random pp. 42-65 Downloads
Mustapha Rachdi, Ali Laksaci, Zoulikha Kaid, Abbassia Benchiha and Fahimah A. Al‐Awadhi
Selection of influential variables in ordinal data with preponderance of zeros pp. 66-87 Downloads
Ujjwal Das and Kalyan Das
Editorial statistics pp. 88-88 Downloads
Miroslav Ristic, Marijtje van Duijn and Nan van Geloven

Volume 74, issue 4, 2020

Logarithmic calibration for multiplicative distortion measurement errors regression models pp. 462-488 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Yiping Yang and Gaorong Li
CLAR(1) point forecasting under estimation uncertainty pp. 489-516 Downloads
Simon Nik and Christian H. Weiß
A negative binomial thinning‐based bivariate INAR(1) process pp. 517-537 Downloads
Qingchun Zhang, Dehui Wang and Xiaodong Fan
A nonparametric approach to assess undergraduate performance pp. 538-558 Downloads
Hildete P. Pinheiro, Pranab K. Sen, Aluísio Pinheiro and Samara F. Kiihl
On the Lp error of the Grenander‐type estimator in the Cox model pp. 559-591 Downloads
Cécile Durot and Eni Musta
Shrinkage estimation of the exponentiated Weibull regression model for time‐to‐event data pp. 592-610 Downloads
Shakhawat Hossain and Shahedul A. Khan
Reparameterized inverse gamma regression models with varying precision pp. 611-627 Downloads
Marcelo Bourguignon and Diego I. Gallardo

Volume 74, issue 3, 2020

Statistica Neerlandica special issue on Statistical Network Science pp. 220-221 Downloads
Veronica Vinciotti and Ernst C. Wit
Epidemic models on social networks—With inference pp. 222-241 Downloads
Tom Britton
Estimating individual action dispositions using binary and frequency egocentric sexual network data pp. 242-260 Downloads
Disa Hansson and Susanne Strömdahl
Introducing a general class of species diversification models for phylogenetic trees pp. 261-274 Downloads
Francisco Richter, Bart Haegeman, Rampal S. Etienne and Ernst C. Wit
Tempus volat, hora fugit: A survey of tie‐oriented dynamic network models in discrete and continuous time pp. 275-299 Downloads
Cornelius Fritz, Michael Lebacher and Göran Kauermann
Network dynamics with a nested node set: Sociability in seven villages in Senegal pp. 300-323 Downloads
Tom A.B. Snijders, Malick Faye and Julien Brailly
Modeling node heterogeneity in latent space models for multidimensional networks pp. 324-341 Downloads
Silvia D'Angelo, Marco Alfò and Thomas Brendan Murphy
Statistical inference for continuous‐time Markov processes with block structure based on discrete‐time network data pp. 342-362 Downloads
Michael Schweinberger
Multi‐subject stochastic blockmodels with mixed effects for adaptive analysis of individual differences in human brain network cluster structure pp. 363-396 Downloads
Dragana M. Pavlović, Bryan R.L. Guillaume, Soroosh Afyouni and Thomas E. Nichols
Bayesian network models for incomplete and dynamic data pp. 397-419 Downloads
Marco Scutari
Objective methods for graphical structural learning pp. 420-438 Downloads
Nikolaos Petrakis, Stefano Peluso, Dimitris Fouskakis and Guido Consonni
Hierarchical models for independence structures of networks pp. 439-457 Downloads
Kayvan Sadeghi and Alessandro Rinaldo

Volume 74, issue 2, 2020

Bootstrap inference using estimating equations and data that are linked with complex probabilistic algorithms pp. 96-111 Downloads
James Chipperfield
Expected termination times of progressively Type‐I censored step‐stress accelerated life tests under continuous and interval inspections pp. 112-124 Downloads
David Han
Bayesian smooth‐and‐match inference for ordinary differential equations models linear in the parameters pp. 125-144 Downloads
Saverio Ranciati, Ernst C. Wit and Cinzia Viroli
Linking of sample data to small areas pp. 145-158 Downloads
Andrius Čiginas
Mean squared error of ridge estimators in logistic regression pp. 159-191 Downloads
Rok Blagus and Jelle J. Goeman
Unrelated question model with two decks of cards pp. 192-215 Downloads
Stephen A. Sedory, Sarjinder Singh, Oluwaseun L. Olanipekun and Colin Wark

Volume 74, issue 1, 2020

Editorial pp. 4-4 Downloads
Nan van Geloven and Maja Pohar Perme
Mixed‐effects models for health care longitudinal data with an informative visiting process: A Monte Carlo simulation study pp. 5-23 Downloads
Alessandro Gasparini, Keith R. Abrams, Jessica K. Barrett, Rupert W. Major, Michael J. Sweeting, Nigel J. Brunskill and Michael J. Crowther
Accounting for length of hospital stay in regression models in clinical epidemiology pp. 24-37 Downloads
Susanne Weber, Martin Wolkewitz and on behalf of COMBACTE‐MAGNET Consortium
Accounting for time‐dependent treatment use when developing a prognostic model from observational data: A review of methods pp. 38-51 Downloads
Romin Pajouheshnia, Noah A. Schuster, Rolf H. H. Groenwold, Frans H. Rutten, Karel G. M. Moons and Linda M. Peelen
Penalized h‐likelihood approach for variable selection in AFT random‐effect models pp. 52-71 Downloads
Eunyoung Park, Sookhee Kwon, Jihoon Kwon, Richard Sylvester and Il Do Ha
Performance of methods to conduct mediation analysis with time‐to‐event outcomes pp. 72-91 Downloads
Lizbeth Burgos Ochoa, Judith J.M. Rijnhart, Brenda W. Penninx, Klaas J. Wardenaar, Jos W.R. Twisk and Martijn W. Heymans
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