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2011, issue 04, vol 12

The Ten Roots of the Euro Crisis pp. 03-04 Downloads
Zsolt Darvas
Downsizing the Eurozone into an OCA or Entry into a Fiscal Transfer Union pp. 05-12 Downloads
Fritz Breuss
Agreement needed on Liquidity Provision to Restore Confidence in the Eurozone pp. 13-17 Downloads
Stefano Micossi
Not a Good Fit: The European Banking Authority's New Capital Requirements and the EFSF pp. 18-22 Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner and Daniel Patrick Müller
EMU at Crossroads pp. 23-29 Downloads
Bodo Herzog
Euro Crisis or Fiscal Crisis: Looking for the Right Diagnosis and Therapy pp. 30-36 Downloads
Marek Dabrowski
Greece: Bail-out Packages, Current Account and Foreign Debt pp. 37-43 Downloads
Karlhans Sauernheimer
The Diversity of Debt Crises in Europe pp. 44-51 Downloads
Jerome Stein
How to Rescue the Euro: Ten Commandments pp. 52-56 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
Electricity Generation: Coal Use and Cutting CO2 Emissions in the Future pp. 68-71 Downloads
Hans-Dieter Karl and Jana Lippelt

2011, issue 03, vol 12

Welcome Address pp. 03-04 Downloads
Dieter Reiter
Welcome Speech pp. 05-06 Downloads
Martin Zeil
Welcome Address pp. 07-08 Downloads
Jürgen Chrobog
Introduction pp. 09-17 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
Keynote Address pp. 18-20 Downloads
Anders Borg
Competing Social Models in the Global Economy pp. 21-28 Downloads
Peter Birch Sørensen
Keynote Address pp. 29-31 Downloads
Ursula von der Leyen
The Role of the State in Society - Government vs. Citizen Responsibility pp. 32-37 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Keynote Address pp. 38-39 Downloads
Rainer Brüderle
The Role of the State in Economy: Centralisation or Subsidiarity? pp. 40-43 Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs

2011, issue 02, vol 12

Balancing Imbalances: Improving Economic Governance in the EU after the Crisis pp. 03-11 Downloads
Marco Buti
Policymaking in the Eurozone and the Core vs Periphery Problem pp. 12-18 Downloads
Stergios Skaperdas
On the Macroeconomics of European Divergence pp. 19-25 Downloads
Oliver Landmann
The Euro – Protective Shield or Trap: Can a Country’s Membership in the EMU Be Abrogated in Cases of Insolvency and Permanent Deficits on Current Account? pp. 26-28 Downloads
Martin Seidel
To Default or Not to Default? pp. 29-33 Downloads
Daniel Gros and Thomas Mayer
Will the Reform of the Institutional Framework Restore Fiscal Stability in the Eurozone? pp. 34-39 Downloads
Clemens Fuest
Managing a Fragile Eurozone pp. 40-45 Downloads
Paul De Grauwe
The Future of the Eurozone pp. 46-49 Downloads
Kai Konrad and Holger Zschäpitz
The Employment and Fiscal Crisis pp. 50-54 Downloads
Torben M. Andersen
Two Suggestions for the Future of the Eurozone pp. 55-62 Downloads
Riccardo Rovelli
Taking Stock pp. 63-72 Downloads
János Kornai
Increasing Weather Losses in Europe: What They Cost the Insurance Industry? pp. 73-87 Downloads
Wolfgang Kron
ECB Presidency and Inflation Aversion among the Citizens of European Countries: An Empirical Assessment pp. 88-92 Downloads
Michael Berlemann
In Search of Excellence in Research and Policy Advice: Success Factors for International Competitiveness pp. 93-100 Downloads
Meinhard Knoche
Trade in Virtual Carbon pp. 101-103 Downloads
Janina Ketterer, Jana Lippelt and Giovanni Ruta

2011, issue 01, vol 12

Brazil’s Achievements and Challenges pp. 3-10 Downloads
Luiz de Mello
Is Copacabana Still the ‘Little Princess of the Sea’? pp. 11-16 Downloads
Manoel Bittencourt
The Brazilian Economy after Lula: What to Expect? pp. 17-22 Downloads
Matías Vernengo
Main Challenges for Brazil’s Public Finances pp. 23-31 Downloads
Teresa Ter-Minassian
A New Brazilian Economic Miracle? pp. 32-36 Downloads
Edmund Amann
Brazilian Development: This Time for Real? pp. 37-46 Downloads
Lee Alston and Bernardo Mueller
Trade Imbalances – Causes, Consequences and Policy Measures: Ifo’s Statement for the Camdessus Commission pp. 47-58 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn, Teresa Buchen and Timo Wollmershäuser
Citizen-centric Governance Indicators: Measuring and Monitoring Governance by Listening to the People pp. 59-71 Downloads
Maksym Ivanyna and Anwar Shah
Treaty Constraints, Power and Creativity in the EU’s Handling of the Financial and Economic Crisis pp. 72-79 Downloads
Christian Deubner
Global Energy Consumption pp. 80-82 Downloads
Jana Lippelt and Maximilian Sindram

2011, issue 04, vol 1

Application of Regionally Varying Co-financing Degrees in the Practice of EU Cohesion Policy pp. 57-67 Downloads
Chang Woon Nam and Georg Wamser

2010, issue 05, vol 11

Rescuing Europe pp. 1-22 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn

2010, issue 04, vol 11

The North American Free Trade Agreement: A Requiem pp. 3-8 Downloads
Carol Wise
NAFTA – A Model Running Out of Breath? pp. 9-16 Downloads
Christian Deblock and Michèle Rioux
NAFTA, Trade and Development (Robert A. Blecker and Gerardo Esquivel) pp. 17-30 Downloads
Robert Blecker and Gerardo Esquivel
Measuring the Economic Effects of NAFTA on Mexico pp. 31-37 Downloads
Dominick Salvatore
NAFTA and Mexico-US Migration: What Lessons, What Next? pp. 38-44 Downloads
Philip Martin
North America’s Uphill Battle on Climate Change and Its Implications for the North American Trading System pp. 45-51 Downloads
Meera Fickling
Turbulent Waters in the EMU: Translation from WirtschaftsWoche pp. 52-54 Downloads
Karl Otto Pöhl
Greenspan, Dodd-Frank and Stochastic Optimal Control pp. 55-62 Downloads
Jerome Stein
Estimation of Production Costs for Energy Resources pp. 63-71 Downloads
Hans-Dieter Karl
RePEc – An Independent Platform for Measuring Output in Economics pp. 72-77 Downloads
Christian Seiler and Klaus Wohlrabe

2010, issue 03, vol 11

Keynote Adress by Horst Köhler pp. 3-7 Downloads
Horst Köhler
Keynote Adress by Jean-Claude Trichet pp. 8-11 Downloads
Jean-Claude Trichet
Introduction by Hans-Werner Sinn pp. 12-19 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
Globalization and the Crisis by Barry Eichengreen pp. 20-24 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
Managing the Crisis: Keynote Adress by Valdis Dombrovskis pp. 25-26 Downloads
Valdis Dombrovskis
Managing the Crisis by Manfred J.M. Neumann pp. 27-32 Downloads
Manfred J.M. Neumann
Banking Regulation by Axel Weber pp. 33-36 Downloads
Axel Weber

2010, issue 02, vol 11

Natural Catastrophes: Do We Have to Live with Them? pp. 3-13 Downloads
Wolfgang Kron
The Economics of Natural Disasters pp. 14-24 Downloads
Stephane Hallegatte and Valentin Przyluski
The Aftermath of Natural Disasters: Beyond Destruction pp. 25-35 Downloads
Eduardo Cavallo and Ilan Noy
Mitigating the Impact of Natural Disasters on Public Finance pp. 36-42 Downloads
David Hofman
Natural Disaster Impacts and Fiscal Decentralization pp. 43-55 Downloads
Hideki Toya and Mark Skidmore
Globalization and Localization of Disaster Impacts: An Empirical Examination pp. 56-66 Downloads
Yasuhide Okuyama
A Hurricane Hits Hawaii: A Tale of Vulnerability to Natural Disasters pp. 67-72 Downloads
Makena Coffmann and Ilan Noy
Short-Run Economic Impacts of Hurricane Katrina (and Rita) pp. 73-79 Downloads
Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, Jiyoung Park and Harry W. Richardson
Measuring the Regional Economic Response to Hurricane Katrina pp. 80-85 Downloads
Bradley Ewing, Jamie B. Kruse and Mark A. Thompson
What Should the World Do about Port-au-Prince? An Economic Assessment pp. 86-91 Downloads
Jacob Vigdor
The 2010 Volcanic Ash Cloud and Its Financial Impact on the European Airline Industry pp. 92-100 Downloads
Mario Mazzocchi, Francesca Hansstein and Maddalena Ragona
A Euro Rescue Plan pp. 101-104 Downloads
Wolfgang Franz, Clemens Fuest, Martin Hellwig and Hans-Werner Sinn
Comments on Recent Fiscal Developments and Exit Strategies pp. 105-110 Downloads
Vito Tanzi
Government Debt in Europe pp. 111-112 Downloads
Christian Breuer and Matthias Müller

2010, issue 01, vol 11

The Unemployment Challenge in Europe pp. 3-6 Downloads
Stephen Nickell
Unemployment Crisis - Challenge and Opportunity pp. 7-13 Downloads
Lars Ljungqvist
Recession and Umemployment in the OECD pp. 14-22 Downloads
David N. F. Bell and David Blanchflower
Unemployment Persistence pp. 23-28 Downloads
Torben Andersen
Do We Need Crisis-Specific Labor Market Policies? Lessons from Dutch Miracle - Part II pp. 29-36 Downloads
Jan C. van Ours and Jan C. van Ours
Credit and Unemployment: Do Institutions Matter? pp. 37-43 Downloads
Donatella Gatti and Anne-Gael Vaubourg
Italy: Inching Out of the Global Crisis pp. 44-54 Downloads
Riccardo Revelli
The Global Economy: Recovering from the Edge of a Financial And Economic Abyss pp. 55-61 Downloads
Dilip K. Das
Africa's Economic Future: Learning from the Past pp. 62-71 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Renewable Energy and Net Electricity Imports pp. 72-73 Downloads
Marc Gronwald and Jana Lippelt
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