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Volume 76, issue 3, 2022

Editors’ Note pp. 509-512 Downloads
Brett Ashley Leeds and Layna Mosley
Hawkish Biases and Group Decision Making pp. 513-548 Downloads
Joshua D. Kertzer, Marcus Holmes, Brad L. LeVeck and Carly Wayne
The Assault on Civil Society: Explaining State Crackdown on NGOs pp. 549-590 Downloads
Suparna Chaudhry
Penalizing Atrocities pp. 591-624 Downloads
Andrew H. Kydd
The Long Twilight of Gold: How a Pivotal Practice Persisted in the Assemblage of Money pp. 625-655 Downloads
Nicolas Jabko and Sebastian Schmidt
See No Evil, Speak No Evil? Morality, Evolutionary Psychology, and the Nature of International Relations pp. 656-689 Downloads
Brian C. Rathbun and Caleb Pomeroy
Corporate Sovereign Awakening and the Making of Modern State Sovereignty: New Archival Evidence from the English East India Company pp. 690-712 Downloads
Swati Srivastava
Where You Work Is Where You Stand: A Firm-Based Framework for Understanding Trade Opinion pp. 713-740 Downloads
Haillie Na-Kyung Lee and Yu-Ming Liou
Relative Gains in the Shadow of a Trade War pp. 741-765 Downloads
Eddy S.F. Yeung and Kai Quek

Volume 76, issue 2, 2022

Brexit Dilemmas: Shaping Postwithdrawal Relations with a Leaving State pp. 273-304 Downloads
Ignacio Jurado, Sandra León and Stefanie Walter
Social Positioning and International Order Contestation in Early Modern Southeast Asia pp. 305-336 Downloads
Colin Chia
Forced Displacement and Asylum Policy in the Developing World pp. 337-378 Downloads
Christopher W. Blair, Guy Grossman and Jeremy M. Weinstein
Making Sense of Human Rights Diplomacy: Evidence from a US Campaign to Free Political Prisoners pp. 379-413 Downloads
Rachel Myrick and Jeremy M. Weinstein
Does More Equality for Women Mean Less War? Rethinking Sex and Gender Inequality and Political Violence pp. 414-444 Downloads
Dara Kay Cohen and Sabrina M. Karim
The Effects of Naming and Shaming on Public Support for Compliance with International Agreements: An Experimental Analysis of the Paris Agreement pp. 445-468 Downloads
Dustin Tingley and Michael Tomz
Designing the Optimal International Climate Agreement with Variability in Commitments pp. 469-486 Downloads
Jordan H. McAllister and Keith E. Schnakenberg
Learning to Predict Proliferation pp. 487-507 Downloads
Nicholas L. Miller

Volume 76, issue 1, 2022

State Formation in Korea and Japan, 400–800 CE: Emulation and Learning, Not Bellicist Competition pp. 1-31 Downloads
Chin-Hao Huang and David C. Kang
Coming to Terms: The Politics of Sovereign Bond Denomination pp. 32-69 Downloads
Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Layna Mosley and Rachel L. Wellhausen
Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Institutions pp. 70-104 Downloads
Leonardo Baccini, Mattia Guidi, Arlo Poletti and Aydin B. Yildirim
The Arbitrage Lobby: Theory and Evidence on Dual Exchange Rates pp. 105-125 Downloads
Robert Gulotty and Dorothy Kronick
Stopping the Violence but Blocking the Peace: Dilemmas of Foreign-Imposed Nation Building After Ethnic War pp. 126-163 Downloads
Kevin Russell and Nicholas Sambanis
Honor Among Thieves: Understanding Rhetorical and Material Cooperation Among Violent Nonstate Actors pp. 164-203 Downloads
Christopher W. Blair, Erica Chenoweth, Michael C. Horowitz, Evan Perkoski and Philip B.K. Potter
Four Conceptions of Authority in International Relations pp. 204-228 Downloads
Jorg Kustermans and Rikkert Horemans
Chinese Power and the State-Owned Enterprise pp. 229-250 Downloads
Randall W. Stone, Yu Wang and Shu Yu
Countering Violent Extremism and Radical Rhetoric pp. 251-272 Downloads
Tamar Mitts

Volume 75, issue 4, 2021

Do External Threats Unite or Divide? Security Crises, Rivalries, and Polarization in American Foreign Policy pp. 921-958 Downloads
Rachel Myrick
Trading Places, Trading Platforms: The Geography of Trade Policy Realignment pp. 959-990 Downloads
Bryan Schonfeld
Digital Authoritarianism and the Future of Human Rights pp. 991-1017 Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu and Yonatan Lupu
Conflict, Cooperation, and Delegated Diplomacy pp. 1018-1057 Downloads
Matt Malis
Crude Calculations: Productivity and the Profitability of Conquest pp. 1058-1086 Downloads
Andrew J. Coe and Jonathan N. Markowitz
Legibility and External Investment: An Institutional Natural Experiment in Liberia pp. 1087-1108 Downloads
Darin Christensen, Alexandra C. Hartman and Cyrus Samii
Concealing Conflict Markets: How Rebels and Firms Use State Institutions to Launder Wartime Trade pp. 1109-1132 Downloads
Rachel Sweet
Pool or Duel? Cooperation and Competition Among International Organizations pp. 1133-1153 Downloads
Richard Clark

Volume 75, issue 3, 2021

Globalization, Institutions, and Ethnic Inequality pp. 665-697 Downloads
Nils-Christian Bormann, Yannick I. Pengl, Lars-Erik Cederman and Nils B. Weidmann
Democratization in the Shadow of Globalization pp. 698-734 Downloads
Jacque Gao
Regaining Control? The Political Impact of Policy Responses to Refugee Crises pp. 735-768 Downloads
Omer Solodoch
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Assessing the Effect of Gender Norms on the Lethality of Female Suicide Terrorism pp. 769-802 Downloads
Jakana L. Thomas
Public-Private Governance Initiatives and Corporate Responses to Stakeholder Complaints pp. 803-836 Downloads
Calvin Thrall
Threats at Home and Abroad: Interstate War, Civil War, and Alliance Formation pp. 837-857 Downloads
Jessica Edry, Jesse C. Johnson and Brett Ashley Leeds
Segregation, Integration, and Death: Evidence from the Korean War pp. 858-879 Downloads
Connor Huff and Robert Schub
Fair Share? Equality and Equity in American Attitudes Toward Trade pp. 880-900 Downloads
Ryan Brutger and Brian Rathbun
Robustness of Empirical Evidence for the Democratic Peace: A Nonparametric Sensitivity Analysis pp. 901-919 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and James Lo

Volume 75, issue 2, 2021

Preface pp. iii-iv Downloads
Martha Finnemore, Kenneth Scheve, Kenneth A. Schultz and Erik Voeten
Challenges to the Liberal Order: Reflections on International Organization pp. 225-257 Downloads
David A. Lake, Lisa L. Martin and Thomas Risse
The Co-Constitution of Order pp. 258-281 Downloads
Marcos Tourinho
Contestations of the Liberal International Order: From Liberal Multilateralism to Postnational Liberalism pp. 282-305 Downloads
Tanja A. Börzel and Michael Zürn
Politicizing International Cooperation: The Mass Public, Political Entrepreneurs, and Political Opportunity Structures pp. 306-332 Downloads
Catherine E. De Vries, Sara B. Hobolt and Stefanie Walter
The Janus Face of the Liberal International Information Order: When Global Institutions Are Self-Undermining pp. 333-358 Downloads
Henry Farrell and Abraham L. Newman
The Epistemological Challenge of Truth Subversion to the Liberal International Order pp. 359-386 Downloads
Emanuel Adler and Alena Drieschova
Built on Borders: Tensions with the Institution Liberalism (Thought It) Left Behind pp. 387-410 Downloads
Beth A. Simmons and Hein E. Goemans
The Exclusionary Foundations of Embedded Liberalism pp. 411-439 Downloads
Sara Wallace Goodman and Thomas B. Pepinsky
Racism and Antiracism in the Liberal International Order pp. 440-463 Downloads
Zoltán I. Búzás
Populism in Place: The Economic Geography of the Globalization Backlash pp. 464-494 Downloads
J. Lawrence Broz, Jeffry Frieden and Stephen Weymouth
Rising Inequality As a Threat to the Liberal International Order pp. 495-523 Downloads
Thomas M. Flaherty and Ronald Rogowski
America and the Trade Regime: What Went Wrong? pp. 524-557 Downloads
Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty
Embedded Liberalism in the Digital Era pp. 558-585 Downloads
Edward D. Mansfield and Nita Rudra
Asset Revaluation and the Existential Politics of Climate Change pp. 586-610 Downloads
Jeff D. Colgan, Jessica F. Green and Thomas N. Hale
Struggles for Recognition: The Liberal International Order and the Merger of Its Discontents pp. 611-634 Downloads
Rebecca Adler-Nissen and Ayşe Zarakol
Domestic Politics, China's Rise, and the Future of the Liberal International Order pp. 635-664 Downloads
Jessica Chen Weiss and Jeremy L. Wallace

Volume 75, issue 1, 2021

Tariffs As Electoral Weapons: The Political Geography of the US–China Trade War pp. 1-38 Downloads
Sung Eun Kim and Yotam Margalit
What's in a Name? Metaphors and Cybersecurity pp. 39-70 Downloads
Jordan Branch
Testing for Negative Spillovers: Is Promoting Human Rights Really Part of the “Problem”? pp. 71-102 Downloads
Anton Strezhnev, Judith G. Kelley and Beth A. Simmons
Systemic Instability and the Emergence of Border Disputes pp. 103-146 Downloads
Scott F Abramson and David B. Carter
The Past, Present, and Future of Behavioral IR pp. 147-177 Downloads
James W. Davis and Rose McDermott
Political Exclusion, Lost Autonomy, and Escalating Conflict over Self-Determination pp. 178-203 Downloads
Micha Germann and Nicholas Sambanis
The Collapse of State Power, the Cluniac Reform Movement, and the Origins of Urban Self-Government in Medieval Europe pp. 204-223 Downloads
Jonathan Stavnskær Doucette and Jørgen Møller
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