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Volume 4, issue 3, 2016

Inequality, Aspirations, and Social Comparisons* pp. 451-476 Downloads
Jonathan Bendor, Daniel Diermeier and Michael M. Ting
Partisan Disagreements Arising from Rationalization of Common Information* pp. 477-492 Downloads
Benjamin E. Lauderdale
Citizens or Clients? Evidence on Opportunistic Voting from a Natural Experiment in Greece* pp. 493-531 Downloads
Konstantinos Matakos and Dimitrios Xefteris
Opposition Parties and the Timing of Successful No-Confidence Motions pp. 533-553 Downloads
Laron K. Williams
Issue Engagement in Election Campaigns The Impact of Electoral Incentives and Organizational Constraints* pp. 555-571 Downloads
Thomas M. Meyer and Markus Wagner
Party System Nationalization and the Provision of Public Health Services* pp. 573-594 Downloads
Allen Hicken, Ken Kollman and Joel W. Simmons
A Bayesian Approach to Dynamic Panel Models with Endogenous Rarely Changing Variables* pp. 595-620 Downloads
Tsung-Han Tsai
Compression and Conditional Effects: A Product Term Is Essential When Using Logistic Regression to Test for Interaction* pp. 621-639 Downloads
Carlisle Rainey
Analyzing Manifestos in their Electoral Context A New Approach Applied to Austria, 2002–2008* pp. 641-650 Downloads
Martin Dolezal, Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik, Müller, Wolfgang C. and Anna Katharina Winkler
Hunting the Snark: A Reply to ‘Re-Evaluating Valence Models of Political Choice†– CORRIGENDUM pp. 651-651 Downloads
Paul Whiteley, Harold Clarke, David Sanders and Marianne Stuart

Volume 4, issue 2, 2016

Government-Opposition or Left-Right? The Institutional Determinants of Voting in Legislatures* pp. 249-273 Downloads
Simon Hix and Abdul Noury
Why Two Parties? Ambition, Policy, and the Presidency* pp. 275-292 Downloads
John H. Aldrich and Daniel J. Lee
Drawing Your Senator from a Jar:Term Length and Legislative Behavior* pp. 293-316 Downloads
Rocio Titiunik
Crowded Space, Fertile Ground: Party Entry and the Effective Number of Parties* pp. 317-342 Downloads
Daniel M. Kselman, Eleanor Neff Powell and Joshua A. Tucker
Systemic Effects of Campaign Spending: Evidence from Corporate Contribution Bans in US State Legislatures* pp. 343-359 Downloads
Andrew B. Hall
From Posting to Voting: The Effects of Political Competition on Online Political Engagement* pp. 361-378 Downloads
Jaime E. Settle, Robert M. Bond, Lorenzo Coviello, Christopher J. Fariss, James H. Fowler and Jason J. Jones
Rooting Out Corruption or Rooting for Corruption? The Heterogeneous Electoral Consequences of Scandals* pp. 379-397 Downloads
Fernández-Vázquez, Pablo, Barberá, Pablo and Gonzalo Rivero
Adding Another Level Individual Responses to Globalization and Government Welfare Policies pp. 399-426 Downloads
Lena Schaffer and Gabriele Spilker
Acting Right? Privatization, Encompassing Interests, and the Left pp. 427-448 Downloads
Timothy Hicks
Natural Experiments Based on Geography—ERRATUM pp. 449-449 Downloads
Luke Keele and Rocio Titiunik

Volume 4, issue 1, 2016

Spatial Models of Politics* pp. 3-4 Downloads
Guy D. Whitten
The Spatial Dimensions of State Fiscal Capacity The Mechanisms of International Influence on Domestic Extractive Efforts* pp. 5-26 Downloads
Cameron G. Thies, Olga Chyzh and Mark David Nieman
Does Information Lead to Emulation? Spatial Dependence in Anti-Government Violence pp. 27-46 Downloads
Blake E. Garcia and Cameron Wimpy
You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do The Influence of Economic Conditions and Spatial Competition on Party Strategy* pp. 47-63 Downloads
Laron K. Williams, Katsunori Seki and Guy D. Whitten
Natural Experiments Based on Geography pp. 65-95 Downloads
Luke Keele and Rocio Titiunik
Measuring State and District Ideology with Spatial Realignment pp. 97-121 Downloads
James E. Monogan and Jeff Gill
Addressing Endogeneity in Actor-Specific Network Measures* pp. 123-149 Downloads
Frederick J. Boehmke, Olga Chyzh and Cameron G. Thies
Spatial- and Spatiotemporal-Autoregressive Probit Models of Interdependent Binary Outcomes* pp. 151-173 Downloads
Robert J. Franzese, Jude C. Hays and Scott J. Cook
W pp. 175-193 Downloads
Eric Neumayer and Plümper, Thomas
On Causality in the Study of Valence and Voting Behavior: An Introduction to the Symposium* pp. 195-197 Downloads
Christopher Wlezien
Re-evaluating the Valence Model of Political Choice* pp. 199-220 Downloads
Geoffrey Evans and Yekaterina Chzhen
Hunting the Snark: A Reply to “Re-Evaluating Valence Models of Political Choice†* pp. 221-240 Downloads
Paul Whiteley, Harold Clarke, David Sanders and Marianne Stuart
Beyond Valence: Estimating Models of Party Choice Without Resort to Ecological Fallacy or Unfounded Causal Assumptions. A Reply to Whiteley et al.* pp. 241-247 Downloads
Geoffrey Evans and Yekaterina Chzhen

Volume 3, issue 3, 2015

Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT): A Joint Statement by Political Science Journal Editors pp. 421-421 Downloads
A Theory of Competitive Partisan Lawmaking* pp. 423-448 Downloads
Keith Krehbiel, Adam Meirowitz and Alan E. Wiseman
Learning from Debate: Institutions and Information pp. 449-472 Downloads
Eric S. Dickson, Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa
On Judicial Review in a Separation of Powers System* pp. 473-492 Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu and Oliver Board
How Much of the Incumbency Advantage is Due to Scare-Off? pp. 493-514 Downloads
Andrew B. Hall and James M. Snyder
Every Story Has a Beginning, Middle, and an End (But Not Always in That Order): Predicting Duration Dynamics in a Unified Framework* pp. 515-541 Downloads
Daina Chiba, Nils W. Metternich and Michael D. Ward
Unequal We Fight: Between- and Within-Group Inequality and Ethnic Civil War* pp. 543-568 Downloads
Patrick M. Kuhn and Nils B. Weidmann
Challenges to Inference in the Study of Crisis Bargaining* pp. 569-587 Downloads
Philip Arena and Kyle A. Joyce
“Kill Them All—Old and Young, Girls and Women and Little Children†1: An Examination of the Organizational Choice of Targeting Civilians pp. 589-607 Downloads
Victor Asal, Mitchell Brown and Marcus Schulzke
The Opportunity Cost of Conflict: Statistically Comparing Israel and Synthetic Israel pp. 609-618 Downloads
Yusaku Horiuchi and Asher Mayerson
Testing Core Predictions of Spatial Models: Platform Moderation and Challenger Success* pp. 619-640 Downloads
Brendan Pablo Montagnes and Jon C. Rogowski
The Role of Party Identification in Spatial Models of Voting Choice pp. 641-658 Downloads
Romain Lachat
Preferences, Problems and Representation pp. 659-681 Downloads
Will Jennings and Christopher Wlezien
Reality Bites: The Limits of Framing Effects for Salient and Contested Policy Issues* pp. 683-695 Downloads
Michael M. Bechtel, Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner and Marc Helbling

Volume 3, issue 2, 2015

Regular Voters, Marginal Voters and the Electoral Effects of Turnout pp. e1-e15 Downloads
Anthony Fowler
Some Simple Tests of Rational Voting and Agenda Setting pp. 155-168 Downloads
Sean Corcoran, Thomas Romer and Howard Rosenthal
Partisan Imbalance in Regression Discontinuity Studies Based on Electoral Thresholds pp. 169-186 Downloads
James M. Snyder, Olle Folke and Shigeo Hirano
Staying in the First League: Parliamentary Representation and the Electoral Success of Small Parties* pp. 187-204 Downloads
Elias Dinas, Pedro Riera and Nasos Roussias
Regular Voters, Marginal Voters and the Electoral Effects of Turnout pp. 205-219 Downloads
Anthony Fowler
Voting in a Multi-dimensional Space: A Conjoint Analysis Employing Valence and Ideology Attributes of Candidates pp. 221-241 Downloads
Fabio Franchino and Francesco Zucchini
Partisan Presidential Influence over US Federal Budgetary Outcomes: Evidence from a Stochastic Decomposition of Executive Budget Proposals pp. 243-264 Downloads
George A. Krause and Ian Palmer Cook
A New Approach to Estimating Electoral Instability in Parties* pp. 265-280 Downloads
Dani M. Marinova
War with Crazy Types pp. 281-307 Downloads
Avidit Acharya and Edoardo Grillo
A Theory of Minority and Majority Governments pp. 309-328 Downloads
Tasos Kalandrakis
Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone: How Effectively Does the Stability and Growth Pact Limit Governmental Debt in the Euro Countries? pp. 329-351 Downloads
Sebastian Koehler and König, Thomas
Inflated Expectations: How Government Partisanship Shapes Monetary Policy Bureaucrats’ Inflation Forecasts pp. 353-380 Downloads
Christopher Gandrud and Grafström, Cassandra
Using Sequences to Model Crises pp. 381-397 Downloads
Gretchen Casper and Matthew Wilson
Should I Use Fixed or Random Effects? pp. 399-408 Downloads
Tom S. Clark and Drew A. Linzer
African Borders as Sources of Natural Experiments Promise and Pitfalls* pp. 409-418 Downloads
John F. McCauley and Daniel N. Posner
Regular Voters, Marginal Voters and the Electoral Effects of Turnout – RETRACTION pp. 419-419 Downloads
Anthony Fowler

Volume 3, issue 1, 2015

What Does it Take to Reduce Racial Prejudice in Individual-Level Candidate Evaluations? A Formal Theoretic Perspective* pp. 1-20 Downloads
Arthur Lupia, Logan S. Casey, Kristyn L. Karl, Spencer Piston, Timothy J. Ryan and Christopher Skovron
Fraud and Monitoring in Non-competitive Elections* pp. 21-41 Downloads
Andrew T. Little
Candidate Confidence and Electoral Appeal: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Nonverbal Confidence on Voter Evaluations pp. 43-52 Downloads
Delia Dumitrescu, Elisabeth Gidengil and Dietlind Stolle
Commitment Problems in Coalitions: A New Look at the Fiscal Policies Of Multiparty Governments* pp. 53-72 Downloads
Bäck, Hanna and Johannes Lindvall
Heeding the Sirens: The Politics of IMF Program Participation pp. 73-93 Downloads
Irfan Nooruddin and Byungwon Woo
A Quantitative Method for Substantive Robustness Assessment pp. 95-111 Downloads
Justin Esarey and Nathan Danneman
Assessing the Correspondence between Experimental Results Obtained in the Lab and Field: A Review of Recent Social Science Research* pp. 113-131 Downloads
Alexander Coppock and Donald P. Green
Explaining Fixed Effects: Random Effects Modeling of Time-Series Cross-Sectional and Panel Data* pp. 133-153 Downloads
Andrew Bell and Kelvyn Jones
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