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Volume 6, issue 4, 2018

Minority Languages in Dictatorships: A New Measure of Group Recognition pp. 639-660 Downloads
Amy H. Liu, Jennifer Gandhi and Curtis Bell
The Politics of Scrutiny in Human Rights Monitoring: Evidence from Structural Topic Models of US State Department Human Rights Reports pp. 661-677 Downloads
Benjamin E. Bagozzi and Daniel Berliner
Women’s Issues and Their Fates in the US Congress pp. 679-696 Downloads
Craig Volden, Alan E. Wiseman and Dana E. Wittmer
Retrospective Voting in Big-City US Mayoral Elections pp. 697-714 Downloads
Daniel J. Hopkins and Lindsay M. Pettingill
Popular Referendum and Electoral Accountability pp. 715-731 Downloads
Patrick Le Bihan
Aggregate Effects of Large-Scale Campaigns on Voter Turnout pp. 733-751 Downloads
Ryan D. Enos and Anthony Fowler
Information and Economic Voting pp. 753-770 Downloads
Jonathan Rogers and Marcelo Tyszler
Self-Selection and Misreporting in Legislative Surveys pp. 771-789 Downloads
Pirmin Bundi, Varone, Frédéric, Roy Gava and Thomas Widmer
How Campaigns Enhance European Issues Voting During European Parliament Elections pp. 791-808 Downloads
Derek Beach, Kasper M. Hansen and Martin V. Larsen
Reform and Representation: A New Method Applied to Recent Electoral Changes pp. 809-827 Downloads
Thad Kousser, Justin Phillips and Boris Shor
Improving the Interpretation of Fixed Effects Regression Results pp. 829-835 Downloads
Jonathan Mummolo and Erik Peterson
A Research Note: The Differential Impact of Threats on Ethnic Prejudice Toward Three Minority Groups in Britain pp. 837-845 Downloads
Eline A. de Rooij, Matthew J. Goodwin and Mark Pickup
Who Gets the Credit? Legislative Responsiveness and Evaluations of Members, Parties, and the US Congress – ADDENDUM pp. 847-847 Downloads
Daniel M. Butler, Christopher F. Karpowitz and Jeremy C. Pope

Volume 6, issue 3, 2018

Political Corruption Traps* pp. 413-428 Downloads
Klašnja, Marko, Andrew T. Little and Joshua A. Tucker
Conceptions of Shari`a and Support for Militancy and Democratic Values: Evidence From Pakistan* pp. 429-448 Downloads
C. Christine Fair, Rebecca Littman and Elizabeth R. Nugent
Investigating Sequences in Ordinal Data: A New Approach With Adapted Evolutionary Models pp. 449-466 Downloads
Patrik Lindenfors, Fredrik Jansson, Yi-ting Wang and Staffan I. Lindberg
All Economics is Local: Spatial Aggregations of Economic Information* pp. 467-487 Downloads
David Fortunato, Clint S. Swift and Laron K. Williams
A General Model of Abstention Under Compulsory Voting* pp. 489-508 Downloads
Gabriel Katz and Ines Levin
How to Increase Turnout in Low-Salience Elections: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Concurrent Second-Order Elections on Political Participation* pp. 509-526 Downloads
Arndt Leininger, Lukas Rudolph and Steffen Zittlau
Strategic Ambiguity of Party Positions in Multi-Party Competition* pp. 527-548 Downloads
Bräuninger, Thomas and Nathalie Giger
Don’t Know What You Got: A Bayesian Hierarchical Model of Neuroticism and Nonresponse* pp. 549-569 Downloads
Jonathan D. Klingler, Gary E. Hollibaugh and Adam J. Ramey
Comparing Strategies for Estimating Constituency Opinion from National Survey Samples* pp. 571-591 Downloads
Chris Hanretty, Benjamin E. Lauderdale and Nick Vivyan
The Effects of Government System Fractionalization on Satisfaction With Democracy* pp. 593-611 Downloads
Pablo Christmann and Mariano Torcal
Nongovernmental Campaign Communication Providing Ballot Secrecy Assurances Increases Turnout: Results From Two Large-Scale Experiments* pp. 613-624 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, Albert H. Fang and Andrew Gooch
The Impact of Party Cues on Manual Coding of Political Texts* pp. 625-633 Downloads
Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik and Thomas M. Meyer

Volume 6, issue 2, 2018

Luck of the Draw? Private Members’ Bills and the Electoral Connection* pp. 211-227 Downloads
Brian D. Williams and Indridi Indridason
Which Matters Most: Party Strategic Exit or Voter Strategic Voting? A Laboratory Experiment* pp. 229-244 Downloads
Damien Bol, Blais, André and Labbé St-Vincent, Simon
Google Politics: The Political Determinants of Internet Censorship in Democracies* pp. 245-263 Downloads
Stephen A. Meserve and Daniel Pemstein
Presidential Particularism and US Trade Politics* pp. 265-281 Downloads
Kenneth S. Lowande, Jeffery A. Jenkins and Andrew J. Clarke
Parties are No Civic Charities: Voter Contact and the Changing Partisan Composition of the Electorate* pp. 283-298 Downloads
Florian Foos and Peter John
Constructing Congressional Activity: Uncertainty and the Dynamics of Legislative Attention* pp. 299-321 Downloads
Josh M. Ryan
Ideology and the US Congressional Vote* pp. 323-341 Downloads
Boris Shor and Jon C. Rogowski
Omitted Variables, Countervailing Effects, and the Possibility of Overadjustment* pp. 343-354 Downloads
Kevin A. Clarke, Brenton Kenkel and Miguel R. Rueda
Income Measures in Cross-National Surveys: Problems and Solutions* pp. 355-363 Downloads
Michael J Donnelly and Grigore Pop-Eleches
Enhancing Validity in Observational Settings When Replication is Not Possible* pp. 365-380 Downloads
Christopher J. Fariss and Zachary M. Jones
Unreliable Inferences About Unobserved Processes: A Critique of Partial Observability Models* pp. 381-391 Downloads
Carlisle Rainey and Robert A. Jackson
To Lag or Not to Lag?: Re-Evaluating the Use of Lagged Dependent Variables in Regression Analysis* pp. 393-411 Downloads
Arjun S. Wilkins

Volume 6, issue 1, 2018

Federal Democracy in the Laboratory: Power Decentralization and Democratic Incentives Against Corruption* pp. 1-14 Downloads
Rodolpho Bernabel
Signaling by Signature: The Weight of International Opinion and Ratification of Treaties by Domestic Veto Players* pp. 15-31 Downloads
David Hugh-Jones, Karolina Milewicz and Hugh Ward
Assessing Threats to Inference with Simultaneous Sensitivity Analysis: The Case of US Supreme Court Oral Arguments* pp. 33-56 Downloads
Jeffrey Budziak and Daniel Lempert
Relative Poverty, Perceived Violence, and Support for Militant Politics: Evidence from Pakistan* pp. 57-81 Downloads
C. Christine Fair, Rebecca Littman, Neil Malhotra and Jacob N. Shapiro
Income Perception, Information, and Progressive Taxation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment* pp. 83-110 Downloads
Fernández-Albertos, José and Alexander Kuo
Protecting People from Natural Disasters: Political Institutions and Ocean-Originated Hazards* pp. 111-134 Downloads
Alejandro Quiroz Flores
Separating Candidate Valence and Proximity Voting: Determinants of Competitors’ Non-Policy Appeal* pp. 135-151 Downloads
Dominic Nyhuis
Veto Override Requirements and Executive Success* pp. 153-179 Downloads
Robert J. McGrath, Jon C. Rogowski and Josh M. Ryan
Measuring Foreign Policy Positions of Members of the US Congress* pp. 181-196 Downloads
Gyung-Ho Jeong
Estimating Uncertainty in Party Policy Positions Using the Confrontational Approach* pp. 197-209 Downloads
Tom Louwerse and Huib Pellikaan

Volume 5, issue 4, 2017

Alliances and the High Politics of International Trade* pp. 587-611 Downloads
Scott Wolford and Moonhawk Kim
The Bar Fight Theory of International Conflict: Regime Type, Coalition Size, and Victory* pp. 613-639 Downloads
Benjamin A.T. Graham, Erik Gartzke and Christopher J. Fariss
What To Do About Atheoretic Lags* pp. 641-665 Downloads
Skyler J. Cranmer, Douglas R. Rice and Randolph M. Siverson
Gaffe Appeal A Field Experiment on Partisan Selective Exposure to Election Messages* pp. 667-687 Downloads
Timothy J. Ryan and Ted Brader
The Effect of Electoral Systems on Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Natural Experiment* pp. 689-710 Downloads
Carlos Sanz
“Don’t Know†Responses, Personality, and the Measurement of Political Knowledge* pp. 711-731 Downloads
Stephen A. Jessee
Measuring Emotional Response: Comparing Alternative Approaches to Measurement* pp. 733-754 Downloads
George E. Marcus, W. Russell Neuman and Michael B. MacKuen
Heuristics, Heterogeneity and Green Choices Voting on California’s Proposition 23* pp. 755-774 Downloads
Harold D. Clarke, Euel Elliott and Marianne C. Stewart
Electoral Competitiveness and Turnout in British Elections, 1964–2010* pp. 775-794 Downloads
Jack Vowles, Gabriel Katz and Daniel Stevens

Volume 5, issue 3, 2017

The Perverse Consequences of Policy Restrictions in the Presence of Asymmetric Information* pp. 411-425 Downloads
Rafael Hortala-Vallve and Valentino Larcinese
Insuring Against Past Perils: The Politics of Post-Currency Crisis Foreign Exchange Reserve Accumulation* pp. 427-446 Downloads
Liam F. McGrath
Regions at Risk: Predicting Conflict Zones in African Insurgencies* pp. 447-465 Downloads
Sebastian Schutte
Hubs of Governance: Path Dependence and Higher-Order Effects of Preferential Trade Agreement Formation* pp. 467-488 Downloads
Soo Yeon Kim and Mark S. Manger
Party Competition and the Inter-Industry Structure of US Trade Protection* pp. 489-509 Downloads
Su-Hyun Lee
Diffusion in Congress: Measuring the Social Dynamics of Legislative Behavior* pp. 511-527 Downloads
Lindstädt, René, Ryan J. Vander Wielen and Matthew Green
Governments, Parliaments and Legislative Activity* pp. 529-554 Downloads
Bräuninger, Thomas, Marc Debus and Wüst, Fabian
Bounding Causal Effects in Ecological Inference Problems* pp. 555-565 Downloads
Alejandro Corvalan, Emerson Melo, Robert Sherman and Matthew Shum
Citizens United: A Theoretical Evaluation* pp. 567-574 Downloads
Carlo Prato and Stephane Wolton
How to Survey About Electoral Turnout? The Efficacy of the Face-Saving Response Items in 19 Different Contexts* pp. 575-584 Downloads
Morin-Chassé, Alexandre, Damien Bol, Laura B. Stephenson and Labbé St-Vincent, Simon
Party System Nationalization and the Provision of Public Health Services—CORRIGENDUM pp. 585-585 Downloads
Allen Hicken, Ken Kollman and Joel W. Simmons

Volume 5, issue 2, 2017

Brother or Burden: An Experiment on Reducing Prejudice Toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey* pp. 201-219 Downloads
Egor Lazarev and Kunaal Sharma
Counterbalancing, Spatial Dependence, and Peer Group Effects* pp. 221-239 Downloads
Böhmelt, Tobias, Andrea Ruggeri and Ulrich Pilster
Prejudice and Politics Re-Examined The Political Significance of Implicit Racial Bias* pp. 241-259 Downloads
Donald R. Kinder and Timothy J. Ryan
Coalition Formation and Selectorate Theory: An Experiment* pp. 261-275 Downloads
Andrew W. Bausch
Distinguishing Occasional Abstention from Routine Indifference in Models of Vote Choice* pp. 277-294 Downloads
Benjamin E. Bagozzi and Kathleen Marchetti
Mode Matters: Evaluating Response Comparability in a Mixed-Mode Survey* pp. 295-313 Downloads
Benjamin T. Bowyer and Jon C. Rogowski
Linking Party Preferences and the Composition of Government: A New Standard for Evaluating the Performance of Electoral Democracy* pp. 315-331 Downloads
Blais, André, Eric Guntermann and Marc A. Bodet
Coalition Governments and Party Competition: Political Communication Strategies of Coalition Parties* pp. 333-349 Downloads
Sagarzazu, Iñaki and Klüver, Heike
Who Gets the Credit? Legislative Responsiveness and Evaluations of Members, Parties, and the US Congress* pp. 351-366 Downloads
Daniel M. Butler, Christopher F. Karpowitz and Jeremy C. Pope
The Difference Between Self-Reported and Perceived Survey Measures and the Implications for Political Socialization Research* pp. 367-378 Downloads
Joris Boonen, Ellen Quintelier and Marc Hooghe
Estimating Intra-Party Preferences: Comparing Speeches to Votes* pp. 379-396 Downloads
Daniel Schwarz, Denise Traber and Kenneth Benoit
Primaries and Candidates: Examining the Influence of Primary Electorates on Candidate Ideology* pp. 397-408 Downloads
Lindsay Nielson and Neil Visalvanich
Brother or Burden: An Experiment on Reducing Prejudice Toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey—ERRATUM pp. 409-409 Downloads
Egor Lazarev and Kunaal Sharma

Volume 5, issue 1, 2017

A Political Economy of Income Tax Policies* pp. 1-29 Downloads
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, George Downs and Alastair Smith
Dependency Status and Demand for Social Insurance: Evidence from Experiments and Surveys* pp. 31-53 Downloads
John S. Ahlquist, John R. Hamman and Bradley M. Jones
Globalization and the Demand-Side of Politics: How Globalization Shapes Labor Market Risk Perceptions and Policy Preferences* pp. 55-80 Downloads
Stefanie Walter
Elections and Civil War in Africa* pp. 81-102 Downloads
Cheibub, José A. and Jude C. Hays
Preventive War as a Result of Long-Term Shifts in Power* pp. 103-121 Downloads
Colin Krainin
Rationalist Experiments on War* pp. 123-142 Downloads
Kai Quek
Hazards or Hassles The Effect of Sanctions on Leader Survival* pp. 143-161 Downloads
Amanda A. Licht
Information Manipulation and Reform in Authoritarian Regimes* pp. 163-178 Downloads
Jidong Chen and Yiqing Xu
The Correlates of Media Freedom: An Introduction of the Global Media Freedom Dataset* pp. 179-188 Downloads
Jenifer Whitten-Woodring and Douglas A. Van Belle
Heterogeneity in the Militarized Interstate Disputes (MIDs), 1816–2001: What Fatal MIDs Cannot Fix* pp. 189-199 Downloads
Douglas M. Gibler and Erin K. Little
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