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2003 - 2004

From Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany
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Volume 3, issue 11, 2004

Fertility Decisions in the FRG and GDR: An Analysis with Data from the German Fertility and Family Survey pp. 275-318 Downloads
FFF1Michaela NNN1Kreyenfeld

Volume 3, issue 10, 2004

Education and Entry into Motherhood: The Czech Republic during State Socialism and the Transition Period (1970-1997) pp. 245-274 Downloads
FFF1Vladimíra NNN1Kantorová

Volume 3, issue 9, 2004

Becoming a Mother in Hungary and Poland during State Socialism pp. 213-244 Downloads
FFF1Livia Sz. NNN1Oláh and FFF2Ewa NNN2Frątczak

Volume 3, issue 8, 2004

Women’s Labor Force Attachment and Childbearing in Finland pp. 177-212 Downloads
FFF1Andres NNN1Vikat

Volume 3, issue 7, 2004

Childbearing Developments in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden from the 1970s to the 1990s: A Comparison pp. 155-176 Downloads
FFF1Gunnar NNN1Andersson

Volume 3, issue 6, 2004

An Illustration of the Problems Caused by Incomplete Education Histories in Fertility Analyses pp. 135-154 Downloads
FFF1Øystein NNN1Kravdal

Volume 3, issue 5, 2004

Step-families and Childbearing Desires in Europe pp. 117-134 Downloads
FFF1Elizabeth NNN1Thomson

Volume 3, issue 4, 2004

Reproduction at the Margins: Migration and Legitimacy in the New Europe pp. 87-116 Downloads
FFF1Caroline H. NNN1Bledsoe

Volume 3, issue 3, 2004

Value Orientations and the Second Demographic Transition (SDT) in Northern, Western and Southern Europe: An Update pp. 45-86 Downloads
FFF1Johan NNN1Surkyn and FFF2Ron NNN2Lesthaeghe

Volume 3, issue 2, 2004

Becoming an Adult in Europe: A Macro(/Micro)-Demographic Perspective pp. 15-44 Downloads
FFF1Francesco NNN1Billari

Volume 3, issue 1, 2004

Contemporary Research on European Fertility: Introduction pp. 1-14 Downloads
FFF1Gerda NNN1Neyer and FFF2Gunnar NNN2Andersson

Volume 2, issue 14, 2004

Urbanization, development and under-five mortality differentials by place of residence in São Paulo, Brazil, 1970-1991 pp. 355-386 Downloads
FFF1Narayan NNN1Sastry

Volume 2, issue 13, 2004

Socio-economic inequalities in mortality and health in the developing world pp. 331-354 Downloads
FFF1Alberto NNN1Minujin and FFF2Enrique NNN2Delamonica

Volume 2, issue 12, 2004

Increasing excess mortality among non-married elderly people in developed countries pp. 305-330 Downloads
FFF1Tapani NNN1Valkonen, FFF2Pekka NNN2Martikainen and FFF2Jenni NNN2Blomgren

Volume 2, issue 11, 2004

Occupational and educational differentials in mortality in French elderly people pp. 277-304 Downloads
FFF1Emmanuelle NNN1Cambois

Volume 2, issue 10, 2004

Cause-specific contributions to black-white differences in male mortality from 1960 to 1995 pp. 255-276 Downloads
FFF1Irma T. NNN1Elo and FFF2Greg L. NNN2Drevenstedt

Volume 2, issue 9, 2004

Monitoring of trends in socioeconomic inequalities in mortality pp. 229-254 Downloads
FFF1Anton E. NNN1Kunst, FFF2Vivian NNN2Bos, FFF2Otto NNN2Andersen, FFF2Mario NNN2Cardano, FFF2Giuseppe NNN2Costa, FFF2Seeromanie NNN2Harding, FFF2Örjan NNN2Hemström, FFF2Richard NNN2Layte, FFF2Enrique NNN2Regidor, FFF2Alison NNN2Reid, FFF2Paula NNN2Santana, FFF2Tapani NNN2Valkonen and FFF2Johan P. NNN2Mackenbach

Volume 2, issue 8, 2004

US regional and national cause-specific mortality and trends in income inequality: descriptive findings pp. 183-228 Downloads
FFF1John NNN1Lynch, FFF2George NNN2Davey Smith, FFF2Jim NNN2Dunn, FFF2Sam NNN2Harper, FFF2Nancy NNN2Ross and FFF2Michael NNN2Wolfson

Volume 2, issue 7, 2004

Health sector reforms in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 163-182 Downloads
FFF1Martin NNN1McKee and FFF2Ellen NNN2Nolte

Volume 2, issue 6, 2004

Progress in health care, progress in health? pp. 139-162 Downloads
FFF1Ellen NNN1Nolte, FFF2Martin NNN2McKee and FFF2Rembrandt D. NNN2Scholz

Volume 2, issue 5, 2004

The case of the Czech Republic pp. 105-138 Downloads
FFF1Jitka NNN1Rychtarikova

Volume 2, issue 4, 2004

Russian mortality beyond vital statistics pp. 71-104 Downloads
FFF1Vladimir M. NNN1Shkolnikov, FFF2Valeriy V. NNN2Chervyakov, FFF2David A. NNN2Leon and FFF2Martin NNN2McKee

Volume 2, issue 3, 2004

Mortality in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 45-70 Downloads
FFF1France NNN1Meslé

Volume 2, issue 2, 2004

Convergences and divergences in mortality pp. 11-44 Downloads
FFF1Jacques NNN1Vallin and FFF2France NNN2Meslé

Volume 2, issue 1, 2004

Introduction to the Special Collection of papers on "Determinants of diverging trends in mortality" pp. 1-10 Downloads
FFF1Vladimir M. NNN1Shkolnikov

Volume 1, issue 13, 2003

Talking about AIDS pp. 397-438 Downloads
FFF1Christoph NNN1Bühler and FFF2Hans-Peter NNN2Kohler

Volume 1, issue 12, 2003

Change and instability pp. 373-396 Downloads
FFF1Alexander A. NNN1Weinreb

Volume 1, issue 11, 2003

My Girlfriends Could Fill A Yanu-Yanu Bus pp. 349-372 Downloads
FFF1Amy NNN1Kaler

Volume 1, issue 10, 2003

Concern Regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic and Individual Childbearing pp. 319-348 Downloads
FFF1Claire Marie NNN1Noël-Miller

Volume 1, issue 9, 2003

Why are they worried? Concern about AIDS in rural Malawi pp. 279-318 Downloads
FFF1Kirsten P. NNN1Smith

Volume 1, issue 8, 2003

Spousal communication about the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in rural Malawi pp. 247-278 Downloads
FFF1Eliya Msiyaphazi NNN1Zulu and FFF2Gloria NNN2Chepngeno

Volume 1, issue 7, 2003

"Moving" and Marrying pp. 207-246 Downloads
FFF1Michael NNN1Bracher, FFF2Gigi NNN2Santow and FFF2Susan NNN2Watkins

Volume 1, issue 6, 2003

Divorce and Remarriage in Rural Malawi pp. 175-206 Downloads
FFF1Georges NNN1Reniers

Volume 1, issue 5, 2003

Comparing, Contextualizing, and Conceptualizing pp. 143-174 Downloads
FFF1Enid NNN1Schatz

Volume 1, issue 4, 2003

How do we know we need to control for selectivity? pp. 109-142 Downloads
FFF1Susan NNN1Watkins and FFF2Ina NNN2Warriner

Volume 1, issue 3, 2003

Are we measuring what we want to measure? pp. 77-108 Downloads
FFF1Simona NNN1Bignami- Van Assche

Volume 1, issue 2, 2003

An Assessment of the KDICP and MDICP Data Quality pp. 31-76 Downloads
FFF1Simona NNN1Bignami- Van Assche, FFF2Georges NNN2Reniers and FFF2Alexander A. NNN2Weinreb

Volume 1, issue 1, 2003

Introduction to "Research on Demographic Aspects of HIV/AIDS in Rural Africa" pp. 1-30 Downloads
FFF1Susan NNN1Watkins, FFF2Jere NNN2Behrman, FFF2Hans-Peter NNN2Kohler and FFF2Eliya Msiyaphazi NNN2Zulu
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