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Volume 73, issue 1, 2019

Personality and cognitive skills in network of friends, for multi-ethnic schools pp. 1-14 Downloads
Chiara Rapallini and Aldo Rustichini
Do bitcoins follow a random walk model? pp. 15-22 Downloads
Divya Aggarwal
Europe's income convergence and the latest global financial crisis pp. 23-34 Downloads
Rene Cabral and Castellanos-Sosa, Francisco A.
The political economy of public education pp. 35-52 Downloads
Valerio Dotti
Coordination and learning in games with strategic substitutes and complements pp. 53-65 Downloads
Anne-Christine Barthel, Eric Hoffmann and Andrew Monaco
The determinants of China's lending rates and interest rates pass-through: A cointegration analysis pp. 66-71 Downloads
Kerry Liu
The effect of the cost of obstetric care on antenatal and postnatal healthcare utilization: Evidence from Armenia pp. 72-84 Downloads
Milovanska-Farrington, Stefani and Stephen Farrington
Phillips curve in US: New insights in time and frequency pp. 85-96 Downloads
Mihai Mutascu
Cognitive ability and human behavior in experimental ultimatum games pp. 97-106 Downloads
Tetsuya Kawamura and Kazuhito Ogawa
Inter-temporal choices with temporal reference dependence pp. 107-122 Downloads
Hyeon Park

Volume 72, issue 4, 2018

The impact of universal child benefits on family health and behaviours pp. 415-427 Downloads
Laetitia Lebihan and Charles Olivier Mao Takongmo
Integer programming on domains containing inseparable ordered pairs pp. 428-434 Downloads
Francesca Busetto, Giulio Codognato and Simone Tonin
Health care spending and hidden poverty in India pp. 435-451 Downloads
Michael Keane and Ramna Thakur
Auction theory adaptations for real life applications pp. 452-481 Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
Do overweight and obesity prevalence rates converge in Europe? pp. 482-493 Downloads
Roberto Duncan and Patricia Toledo
Distributional role of monetary policy under limited credit access pp. 494-510 Downloads
Devika Hazra
Selection by committee: Anonymity and gratitude pp. 511-517 Downloads
Luigi Balletta and Salvatore Modica

Volume 72, issue 3, 2018

Forecasting UK consumer price inflation using inflation forecasts pp. 367-378 Downloads
Hossein Hassani and Emmanuel Sirimal Silva
Secure implementability under Pareto-efficient rules in linear production economies with classical preferences pp. 379-383 Downloads
Katsuhiko Nishizaki
Implementation in undominated strategies by bounded mechanisms: Some results on compromise alternatives pp. 384-391 Downloads
Saptarshi Mukherjee
Population ageing and inflation with endogenous money creation pp. 392-403 Downloads
Igor Fedotenkov
Welfare under friction and uncertainty: General equilibrium evaluation of temporary employment in the U.S pp. 404-413 Downloads
Guanyi Yang

Volume 72, issue 2, 2018

Manifesto for research in economics pp. 169-170 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
Deflationary policy under digital and fiat currency competition pp. 171-180 Downloads
Adib J. Rahman
Computing equilibrium bond prices in the Vayanos-Vila model pp. 181-195 Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
False claims in politics: Evidence from the US pp. 196-210 Downloads
Alessandro Bucciol
Poverty and the resource curse: Evidence from a global panel of countries pp. 211-223 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis and Marina-Selini Katsaiti
On the effects of income volatility on income distribution: Asymmetric evidence from state level data in the U.S pp. 224-239 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Motavallizadeh-Ardakani, Amid
Decision theory made relevant: Between the software and the shrink pp. 240-250 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Maria Rouziou and Olivier Sibony
The impact of climate change skepticism on adaptation in a market economy pp. 251-262 Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Daxuan Zhao
Communication and performance in Bank–Fund joint participation pp. 263-276 Downloads
Silvia Marchesi
Unemployment and econometric learning pp. 277-296 Downloads
Daniel Schaefer and Carl Singleton
Non-Laplacian beliefs in a global game with noisy signaling pp. 297-312 Downloads
Chris Edmond
Did you really take a hit? Understanding how video games playing affects individuals pp. 313-326 Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Hasan Bakhshi
Optimal choice of prevention and cure under uncertainty on disease effect and cure effectiveness pp. 327-342 Downloads
Marco Brianti, Marco Magnani and Mario Menegatti
Trade liberalization, financial modernization and economic development: An empirical study of selected Asia–Pacific countries pp. 343-355 Downloads
Thai-Ha Le and Tran-Nam, Binh
Did immigration contribute to wage stagnation of unskilled workers? pp. 356-365 Downloads
Giovanni Peri

Volume 72, issue 1, 2018

Evaluation of the Reggio approach to early education pp. 1-32 Downloads
Pietro Biroli, Daniela Del Boca, James Heckman, Lynne Pettler Heckman, Yu Kyung Koh, Sylvi Kuperman, Sidharth Moktan, Chiara Pronzato and Anna L. Ziff
Heterogeneous effects of peer tutoring: Evidence from rural Chinese middle schools pp. 33-48 Downloads
Yang Song, George Loewenstein and Yaojiang Shi
Measured anxiety affects choices in experimental “clock” games pp. 49-64 Downloads
Min Jeong Kang and Colin Camerer
Understanding the size and profitability of firms: The role of a biological factor pp. 65-85 Downloads
Luigi Guiso and Aldo Rustichini
Pricing revolution: From abstract expressionism to pop art pp. 86-100 Downloads
David Galenson
The value of information in monotone decision problems pp. 101-116 Downloads
Susan Athey and Jonathan Levin
Aggregation of heterogenous beliefs, asset pricing, and risk sharing in complete financial markets pp. 117-146 Downloads
Laurent-Emmanuel Calvet, Jean-Michel Grandmont and Isabelle Lemaire
The problem of the uninsured pp. 147-168 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Yong Yin

Volume 71, issue 4, 2017

Avinash and Joe's excellent engine pp. 643-644 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Research in economics and monopolistic competition pp. 645-649 Downloads
Federico Etro
The past and future of monopolistic competition modeling pp. 650-652 Downloads
Avinash Dixit
Price-cost margins and firm size under monopolistic competition: The case of IES preferences pp. 653-662 Downloads
Paolo Bertoletti, Eileen Fumagalli and Clara Poletti
Can a larger market foster R&D under monopolistic competition with variable mark-ups? pp. 663-674 Downloads
Igor Bykadorov and Sergey Kokovin
Multi-product firms in monopolistic competition: The role of scale-scope spillovers pp. 675-689 Downloads
Philip Ushchev
Firm size distribution and employment fluctuations: Theory and evidence pp. 690-703 Downloads
Holger Görg, Philipp Henze, Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol, Daniel Kopasker, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna and Fredrik Sjöholm
Monopolistic competition and optimum product selection: Why and how heterogeneity matters pp. 704-717 Downloads
Antonella Nocco, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Matteo Salto
Efficiency in large markets with firm heterogeneity pp. 718-728 Downloads
Swati Dhingra and John Morrow
The Dixit–Stiglitz economy with a ‘small group’ of firms: A simple and robust equilibrium markup formula pp. 729-739 Downloads
d’Aspremont, Claude and Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
Geographical advantage: Home market effect in a multi-region world pp. 740-758 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
From groundnuts to globalization: A structural estimate of trade and growth pp. 759-783 Downloads
Christian Broda, Joshua Greenfield and David E. Weinstein
The (Q,S,s) pricing rule: a quantitative analysis pp. 784-797 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Guido Menzio
Monopolistic competition, the Dixit–Stiglitz model, and economic analysis pp. 798-802 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz

Volume 71, issue 3, 2017

Research in economics and macroeconomics pp. 373-383 Downloads
Federico Etro
Stock-market crashes and depressions pp. 384-398 Downloads
Robert Barro and José F. Ursúa
Does the crowding-in effect of public spending on private consumption undermine neoclassical models? pp. 399-410 Downloads
Steve Ambler, Hafedh Bouakez and Emanuela Cardia
Fiscal multipliers in Japan pp. 411-421 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Policy credibility and alternative approaches to disinflation pp. 422-440 Downloads
Michael Bordo, Christopher Erceg, Andrew Levin and Ryan Michaels
Asymmetric monetary policy and the effective lower bound pp. 441-451 Downloads
Christopher Gust, López-Salido, David and Steve Meyer
Language after liftoff: Fed communication away from the zero lower bound pp. 452-490 Downloads
Michael Feroli, David Greenlaw, Peter Hooper, Frederic Mishkin and Amir Sufi
Nominal GDP targeting for developing countries pp. 491-506 Downloads
Pranjul Bhandari and Jeffrey Frankel
IKEA: Product, pricing, and pass-through pp. 507-520 Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Anthony Landry
The macroeconomics of the quiet revolution: Understanding the implications of the rise in women’s participation for economic growth and inequality pp. 521-539 Downloads
Jonathan Heathcote, Kjetil Storesletten and Giovanni L. Violante
Trade and firm heterogeneity in a Schumpeterian model of growth pp. 540-563 Downloads
Tetsugen Haruyama and Laixun Zhao
Wage bargaining, trade and growth pp. 564-587 Downloads
Wolf-Heimo Grieben and Fuat Şener
European unemployment revisited: Shocks, institutions, integration pp. 588-612 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Measuring the financial soundness of U.S. firms, 1926–2012 pp. 613-635 Downloads
Andrew G. Atkeson, Andrea L. Eisfeldt and Pierre-Olivier Weill
A DSGE model of banks and financial intermediation with default risk pp. 636-642 Downloads
Michael Wickens

Volume 71, issue 2, 2017

Voting on prices vs. voting on quantities in a World Climate Assembly pp. 199-211 Downloads
Martin Weitzman
Revisiting the economics of climate change: the role of geoengineering pp. 212-224 Downloads
Juan Moreno-Cruz and Sjak Smulders
The private and social consequences of purchasing an electric vehicle and solar panels: Evidence from California pp. 225-235 Downloads
Magali Delmas, Matthew Kahn and Stephen L. Locke
Resource harvesting regulation and enforcement: An evolutionary approach pp. 236-253 Downloads
Petrohilos-Andrianos, Yannis and Anastasios Xepapadeas
State-conditioned soil investment in rural Uganda pp. 254-281 Downloads
Leah E.M. Bevis, Jon M. Conrad, Christopher Barrett and Clark Gray
International migration and informal social protection in rural Mozambique pp. 282-290 Downloads
Mariapia Mendola
Firm productivity, wages, and agglomeration externalities pp. 291-305 Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Said El Hamine
Growth, inequality, and poverty reduction in developing countries: Recent global evidence pp. 306-336 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Access to finance, product innovation and middle-income traps pp. 337-355 Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor and Otaviano Canuto
Public–private partnerships for the provision of public goods: Theory and an application to NGOs pp. 356-371 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Maitreesh Ghatak

Volume 71, issue 1, 2017

Research in economics and game theory. A 70th anniversary pp. 1-7 Downloads
Federico Etro
How historical analogies in newspapers of five countries make sense of major events: 9/11, Mumbai and Tahrir Square pp. 8-19 Downloads
Robert Axelrod and Larissa Forster
Let׳s talk it over: Coordination via preplay communication with level-k thinking pp. 20-31 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
Laws and authority pp. 32-42 Downloads
George J. Mailath, Stephen Morris and Andrew Postlewaite
Feasible elimination procedures in social choice: An axiomatic characterization pp. 43-50 Downloads
Bezalel Peleg and Hans Peters
Strategic dissent in the Hotelling–Downs model with sequential entry and private information pp. 51-66 Downloads
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Manaswini Bhalla, Kalyan Chatterjee and Jaideep Roy
Judicial review and the power of the executive and legislative branches pp. 67-85 Downloads
Jonathan Hamilton and Steven Slutsky
Passing the Buck On the acceptance of responsibility pp. 86-101 Downloads
Friedel Bolle
Stackelberg equilibrium with many leaders and followers. The case of zero fixed costs pp. 102-117 Downloads
Antonio Tesoriere
Costly location in Hotelling duopoly pp. 118-128 Downloads
Jeroen Hinloopen and Stephen Martin
Vertical differentiation and collusion: Pruning or proliferation? pp. 129-139 Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz, Marco Marini and Ornella Tarola
A theory of collusion with partial mutual understanding pp. 140-158 Downloads
Joseph E. Harrington
A model of trust in quality and North–South trade pp. 159-170 Downloads
Eric Rasmusen
Search costs and the severity of adverse selection pp. 171-197 Downloads
Francesco Palazzo
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