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Volume VII, issue Special 2, 2019

Inter-Vulnerability of Financial Institutions and Households in the System of National Financial Security Assessment pp. 3-15 Downloads
E.N. Alifanova, L.I. Nivorozhkina and Yu.S. Evlakhova
Indicators and Methods for Assessing the Quality of Logistic Activity Processes pp. 16-25 Downloads
V.I. Gissin, K.F. Mehantseva and M.A. Surzhikov
Innovative Activities of SMEs in Russia: Constraints and Growth Factors pp. 26-40 Downloads
Dubrova T.A., Ermolina A.A. and Esenin M.A.
The Transformation of Traditional Banking Activity in Digital pp. 41-51 Downloads
S.S. Galazova and L.R. Magomaeva
Targeting the Principle Implementation in the System of Social Support pp. 52-62 Downloads
T.F. Romanova, O.V. Andreeva, A.A. Sukhoveeva and V.S. Kaptsova
Statistical Models of Economic Burden: A Case Study in Medicine pp. 63-73 Downloads
Lakman I.A., Maksimenko Z.V., Shangareeva R.Kh. and Gindullin R.V.
Networking in the Food Sector of Regional Economy pp. 74-91 Downloads
Serebryakova N.A., Sirotkina N.V., Stukalo O.G. and Dorokhova N.V.
Blockchain Technologies in Healthcare Institutions: Focus on Security and Effective Cooperation with the Government pp. 92-99 Downloads
Yu.V. Przhedetskiy, N.V. Przhedetskaya, K.V. Borzenko and V.A. Bondarenko
Strategic Instruments to Choose Foreign Target Markets pp. 100-107 Downloads
N.A. Dimitriadi, O.N. Voronkova and S.S. Galazova
Planning and Financing in the Social Development pp. 108-115 Downloads
S.S. Galazova
Prospects for the Internal State Financial Control Development in the Russian Federation pp. 116-122 Downloads
S.S. Galazova, O.I. Karepina and T.F. Romanova
Employment Management Policies in Single-industry Towns in the Light of Existing Issues of Precarious Employment pp. 123-134 Downloads
O.N. Bykova, A.P. Garnov, Pavel Stroev and O.V. Pivovarova
The Concept of Special Escrow Accounts to Improve Mortgage Housing Loans in Russia pp. 135-146 Downloads
Ekimova K.V., Nazarchuk N.P., Denisova I.P. and Gruzdneva E.N.
FinTech Ecosystem as an Instrument of Sustainable Development Provision pp. 147-155 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, S.S. Galazova, A.A. Sopchenko and O.S. Dzhu
Corporate Education System as a Factor of Ensuring Modern Companies’ Financial Stability pp. 156-166 Downloads
Buryakov G.A., Andreeva A.V., Orobinskiy A.S. and Yudin A.A.
The Digitalization Features of the Russian Social Media Market Insurance Service pp. 167-175 Downloads
I.P. Denisova, K.N. Samoylova, V.Y. Shirshov and M.Z. Myzaev
Marketing Relations and Communication Infrastructure Development in the Banking Sector Based on Big Data Mining pp. 176-184 Downloads
Ivanchenko O.V., Mirgorodskaya O.N., Baraulya E.V. and Putilina T.I.
The Significance of Logistics in Servicing Growing Volumes of E-Commerce pp. 185-194 Downloads
Khalyn V.G.
Foreign Trade and Marketing Processes in the Context of Sustainable Development pp. 195-202 Downloads
Malakhova T.S., Dubinina M.A., Maksaev A.A. and Fomin R.V.
Socio-economic Consequences and Prospective Opportunities of the International Labour Migration as a Process of the Global Labour Market Development pp. 203-210 Downloads
Petrovskaya N.E., Kutsegreeva L.V., Maksaev A.A. and Raevich I.A.
Marketing Management in Urban Passenger Transportation Innovations pp. 211-220 Downloads
Kalieva О.М. and Karelin N.V.
Convergence of Economic Growth in Russian Megacities pp. 221-233 Downloads
Belova T.A., Prudnikov V.B., Abzalilova L.R. and Bakhitova R.Kh.
Target Group Segmentation in the Virtual Space as a Tool for Defining the Concept of a Territory Brand pp. 234-241 Downloads
Zhuk М.А. and Kalieva О.M.
Cooperation in R&D as a Leading Indicator of Innovative Activity Growth pp. 242-257 Downloads
M. Arkhipova, Viacheslav Sirotin and V. Afonina
Impact of Contemporary Pension Reforms on Households’ Welfare pp. 258-269 Downloads
Nivorozhkina L.I., Abazieva K.G. and Dolbina S.V.
Determinants of Households’ Credit Behavior in Russia pp. 270-279 Downloads
L.I. Nivorozhkina, Sergey Arzhenovskiy, T.V. Toropova and A.A. Tregubova
The Success Factors of Small Business pp. 280-288 Downloads
Makarenko E.N., Chernysheva Yu.G., Polyakova I.A. and Makarenko T.V.
Visualization of the Decision Criteria in Testing Statistical Hypotheses on Programming in R (Rstudio) pp. 289-296 Downloads
Bayuk O.A., Denezhkina I.E. and Zadadaev S.A.
Public and Private Partnership and Business Actors in Political Processes Concerning Military Issues pp. 297-308 Downloads
Martynenko El.V. and Pepelov S.T.
Development of the University Image Positioning Methods in the Context of its Marketing Strategy pp. 309-316 Downloads
Baturina O.E., Erokhina T.B., Fedko V.P. and Shaginyan S.G.
The Position and Tasks of International Organizations in the Labor Migration Management pp. 317-324 Downloads
Petrovskaya N.E.
A Complex Approach for the Design, Construction and Organizational Management of Logistics Storage and Products Processing Centers pp. 325-333 Downloads
Khalyn V.G.
Statistical Models and the Theory of Hypothesis Testing in Medicine pp. 334-342 Downloads
Gazaryan V.A., Guryanova I.E. and Melekhina T.L.
Intellectual Capital and Human Resources as Objects of Accounting and Control pp. 343-353 Downloads
I.N. Bogataya, I.A. Kislaya, G.E. Krohicheva and M.A. Kuznetsova
Cybernetic Solutions in Analytical Management of Company’s Business Activity in Stable Growth Condi-tions pp. 354-366 Downloads
E.V. Kuznetsova and D.S. Teleev
Bank Reporting in the Context of Sustainable Development pp. 367-378 Downloads
O.G. Semenyuta and K.V. Dudko
The Role of Accounting for the Innovation-oriented Organizations in Digital Economy pp. 379-392 Downloads
E.A. Sharovatova, I.A. Omelchenko, E.P. Scherbakova, T.R. Martirosyan and E.Yu. Demyanenko
Strategy and Tactics of Bank Capital Assessment pp. 393-399 Downloads
Posnaya, E.A., Vorobyova, I.G., Ditsulenko O.I., Kaznova and M.I.

Volume VII, issue Special 1, 2019

Risk Control in Modeling Financial Management Systems of Large Corporations in the Digital Economy pp. 3-15 Downloads
Vovchenko N.G., Andreeva O.V., Orobinsky A.S. and Sichev R.A.
Marketing Activity in the Context of the Digital Economy pp. 16-25 Downloads
Terenina I.V., Ovanesyan N.M., Khan R.S. and Fedosenko А.А.
System Data Analysis: Innovative Technologies, Methods and Techniques pp. 26-39 Downloads
Garnov, A., Zvyagin, L., Sviridova and O.
Digital Technologies in Lending Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Russia pp. 40-52 Downloads
Semenyuta O.G., Andreeva A.V., Sichev R.A. and Filippov Yu.M.
Modern Features for Capital Portfolio Monitoring pp. 53-60 Downloads
Posnaya, E.A., Semenyuta, O.G., Dobrolezha, E.V., Smolander and M.
Financial Engineering of Infrastructure Projects: The Concessional Mechanism pp. 61-73 Downloads
Andreeva, L.Yu., Fedorov, A.V., Prokopenko, E.S., Sichev and R.A.
Audit Risk Assessment Model pp. 74-85 Downloads
Sergey Arzhenovskiy, Bakhteev A.V., Sinyavskaya T.G. and Hahonova N.N.
Development of Electronic Communications in the Financial Market-Based System pp. 86-92 Downloads
R.A. Ramazanov
Provisions for the Formation of a Maritime Shipping Company’s Competitiveness Management System pp. 93-100 Downloads
Volynchikov I.B. and Timchenko T.N.
Development of Company’s Management Framework on the Basis of Value Chain pp. 101-114 Downloads
A.P. Barsukov and N.V. Bukhov
Migration Model of Science and Education Management in the ‘Archive Philosophy’ of M.K. Petrov pp. 115-124 Downloads
Didyk M.A., Erygin A.N., Muradyan O.A. and Homich E.V.
Interregional Labor Migration as a Tool to Increase Regional Labor Productivity: The Case of Russia pp. 125-137 Downloads
Panshin I.V., Markhaichuk M.M. and Yares O.B.
Definition and Modern Particularities of the International Legal Status of Forced Migrants pp. 138-149 Downloads
Yastrebova A.Yu.
Comparative Legal Analysis of Domestic Worker’s Legal Status under International and Russian Law pp. 150-162 Downloads
Bekyashev D.K. and Mikrina V.G.
Democratization of Territorial Constitution: Current Trends and the Constitutional Experience of Denmark pp. 163-177 Downloads
Rakitskaya I.A. and Molchakov N.Yu.
Integration of Economic Shifts in the European Development in the Second Half of the XXth Century pp. 178-185 Downloads
Vlasova G.B., Vlasov V.I., Denisenko S.V. and Kolesnick V.V.
Questioning State Corporations as Special Forms of Legal Entities pp. 186-203 Downloads
Shashkova A.V., Polovchenko K.A. and Volevodz A.G.
Corruption and Legal Limits of Anti-Corruption Enforcement pp. 204-208 Downloads
Tsepelev V.F., Borisov A.V., Vlasov A.V. and Drozdova E.A.
The Process of Regionalization of the State-territorial Structure in Modern European Countries: Constitutional and Legal Forms pp. 209-219 Downloads
E.Yu. Dogadailo, O.V. Shmaliy, O.N. Doronina and S.G. Kuznetsova
Customs’ Control on Genetically Modified Food Products Across the Border of the Eurasian Economic Union pp. 220-230 Downloads
O.V. Grechkina, S.A. Agamagomedova, S.M. Zyryanov and L.A. Spector
The Application of Legal-Statistical Method in Analysing Manufacturing Property’s Institutional Development pp. 231-242 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, I.A. Isayev, T.V. Epifanova and M.A. Ismailov
Civil Society of Modern Russia: Problems of Implementation of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms pp. 243-251 Downloads
A.M. Voronov, M.N. Kobzar-Frolova, V.M. Redkous and A.M. Gogolev
Production Projects under Public-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Economic Security of the Penitentiary System: Issues of Financial, Personnel and Operational Management pp. 252-260 Downloads
Kozin, M.N., Rodionov, A.V., Gruzdeva, L.M., Harlamova and J.A.
Culture Restrictions as a Trigger to the Society Development: History and Modernity pp. 261-269 Downloads
Gushchina L.V., Kislitsyna N.N., Agapova E.A. and Izotova N.V.
Syntactic Compression in the Modern Russian Language pp. 270-280 Downloads
Panteleev A.F., Redkozubova E.A. and Agapova S.G.
Spatial Transformation as an Institutional Factor of the Public Management of Macroeconomic Systems pp. 281-293 Downloads
Voskanov, M.E., Ivanova, E.A., Ponomareva, M.A., Medvedev and R.V.
Transformation of Value and Income Indicators and Their Accounting and Analytical Support pp. 294-301 Downloads
Belousov A.I., Kuznetsova E.V., Mihajlova G.V. and Uzdenova F.M.
Methodical Aspects of Assessment of the Level of Economic Security on the Forest Sector of the Economy pp. 302-314 Downloads
Kolesnichenko E.A., Kharchenko N.N., Haradа G.I. and Trofimov M.N.
Informational and Analytical Support of Social and Labor Aspects of an Urban Settlement pp. 315-324 Downloads
Polyakova I.A., Chernysheva Yu.G., Mikhailin D.A. and Guzei V.A.
Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Import Substitution in the Agro-industrial Complex Under Economic Sanctions pp. 325-338 Downloads
Terenina I.V., Kostoglodov D.D., Kiyanova L.D. and Usatkina O.I.
The Resource Potential of the Agro-industrial Complex of the North-Caucasian Federal District as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Macro-region pp. 339-347 Downloads
K.M. Baliyants, S.V. Dokholyan, S.Z. Hidirova and Z.N. Zhamolatova
Combined Modeling of Projected Evaluation of the Regional Socio-economic Development pp. 348-354 Downloads
V.V. Davnis, V.I. Tinyakova, A.O. Blinov and Yu.V. Volodin
Budget Potential of the Region: Attributive Features and Methods of Assessment pp. 355-361 Downloads
L.L. Igonina, V.V. Vikharev, S.V. Shurygin and D.V. Yaroshenko
Major Models of Economic Security Evaluation at Enterprises and Their Applicability to Telecommunication Companies pp. 362-370 Downloads
М.Ye. Listopad and M.V. Makhov
Factors and Conditions of Functioning and Development of Modern Regional Socio-Economic Systems pp. 371-377 Downloads
I.V. Zimakova, A.N. Kalashnikov, S.I. Kretsu and A.V. Kurillo
Irrational Behavior of Youth When Taking Financial Decisions pp. 378-387 Downloads
Stepanova, D.I., Garnov, A.P., Brykin, A.V., Jancikova and E.
Marketing Strategy for Hotel and Tourist Complex Companies pp. 388-394 Downloads
Bondarenko V.A., Efremenko I.N. and Larionov V.A.
Economic Aspects of Organizing High-technology Resource Saving Production in the Forest Sector of Russia pp. 395-402 Downloads
Morkovina S.S., Panyavina E.A., Platonov A.D. and Kolesnichenko E.A.
Marketing and Operational Aspects of the Strategy of Industrial Import Substitution pp. 403-410 Downloads
V.A. Bespalko, A.A. Voronov and O.V. Martynenko
Competitiveness Indicators of Catering Business Entities: The Case of Russia pp. 411-416 Downloads
T.A. Dzhum, M.V. Ksenz, L.S. Mikhailova and S.S. Malkhasjan
Concepts and Сriteria for the Classification of Small and Medium-sized Business in Russia pp. 417-425 Downloads
T.A. Skvortsova, A.A. Nikitina, T.A. Pasikova and A.V. Tagaev
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Economic Security of the Russian Forest Industry pp. 426-438 Downloads
M.A. Bulgakova
Economic Prospects of Innovative Technologies of In Vitro Cultivation of Seedlings pp. 439-446 Downloads
Morkovina S.S., Matveev S.M., Ivanova A.V. and Sukhova V.E.
Analysis of Investment Risks as a Complex System Using Fuzzy Logic and Uncertainty Management Methods pp. 447-458 Downloads
Garnov, L. Zvyagin and O. Sviridova
Statistical Analysis and Forecast of Assessing the Development of Grain Market on the South of Russia pp. 459-466 Downloads
Smertina E.N., Demyanenko E.Yu., Blokhina V.G. and Radchenko Yu.V.
Development of Methods Ensuring Balanced Budgets in the Medium Term pp. 467-476 Downloads
L.V. Bogoslavtseva, O.Y. Bogdanova, O.I. Karepina and O.S. Dzhu
Innovative Opportunities and Reserves of Contemporary Marketing Communication pp. 477-484 Downloads
Prikhodko K.S., Danilevskaya E.N., Savina K.S. and Shupenko R.E.
Impact of Inland Ports on Transport and Economic Balance of Azov-Black Sea Basin of Russia pp. 485-493 Downloads
Troilin V.V., Arustamova M.I. and Arustamov I.A.
Strategies and Innovations in Modern Trade Marketing pp. 494-500 Downloads
Diyanova S.N., Guba E.N., Guseva M.V. and Popova T.S.
Evolution of Banking Mergers and Acquisitions Market in Russia pp. 501-509 Downloads
Penyugalova A.V., Platonova Yu.Yu., Pyshnogray A.P. and Samsonenko V.A.
The Tourist and Recreational Cluster of Rostov Region: Socio-Economic Substantiation and Development Prospects pp. 510-520 Downloads
Kazmina L.N., Makarenko V.S., Provotorina V.V. and Grigorenko T.N.
Trajectories of the Internal Control System in the Management of Agricultural Organizations pp. 521-534 Downloads
Alekseeva I.V., Evstafieva E.M., Charaeva M.V. and Mosentseva V.A.
Public Private Partnership as a Tool for the Development of Educational Infrastructure pp. 535-544 Downloads
Takmazyan A.S., Rukina S.N., Samoylova K.N. and Gerasimova K.A.
Specific Features of State Regulation of Operations with Cryptocurrencies in the Conditions of Digitalization pp. 545-557 Downloads
I.N. Efremenko, V.A. Bondarenko1, A.Ya. Palant and G.V. Nazarenko
Ensuring the National Security of Agriculture in the Digital Era through the Formation of Human Capital pp. 558-569 Downloads
I.G. Kuznetsova, Olga Voronkova, M.M. Nimatulaev, I.R. Ruiga, G.N. Zhuruli and V.E. Levichev
Motivation in Personnel Management of a Trading Enterprise pp. 570-582 Downloads
I.N. Sycheva, Olga Voronkova, I.V. Kovaleva, A. F. Kuzina, S.A. Bannikov and S.V. Titova
Ecological and Economic Potential and Prospects for Organic Production in the Regions of Russia pp. 583-594 Downloads
Olga Voronkova, E.G. Perepechkina, R.A. Shichiyakh, V.I. Kuts, P.A. Sungurov and G.V. Glazkova
Human Capital as a Base for Regional Development: A Case Study pp. 595-606 Downloads
I.N. Sycheva, O.V. Сhernyshova, T.A. Panteleeva, O.A. Moiseeva, S.A. Chernyavskaya and S.Y. Khout

Volume VII, issue 4, 2019

International Trade and Logistics: An Empirical Panel Investigation of the Dynamic Linkages between the Logistics and Trade and their Contribution to Economic Growth pp. 3-21 Downloads
Ioannis Katrakylidis and Michael Madas
Shareholder Engagement for Corporate Governance in the Light of the Harmonization and Transposition pp. 22-34 Downloads
Robert K. MacGregor and Radka MacGregor Pelikánova
Techniques for Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of a Commercial Organization based on Classical Methods of Strategic Economic Analysis pp. 35-46 Downloads
N.A. Prodanova, N.S. Plaskova, V.A. Dikikh, L.V. Sotnikova, L.K. Nikandrova and G.A. Skachko
Strategic Management for Regional Economic Development and Business Sustainability: Countries in Transition pp. 47-67 Downloads
Ibrahim Krasniqi
Strategic Decision Process in SME’s Context: A New Perspective Using Indigenous, Institution, Firm, and Environment Characteristics pp. 68-83 Downloads
Jean Richard Jokhu, Rofikoh Rokhim1, Riani Rachmawati1 and Mohammad Hamsal
Adaptive Market Hypothesis pp. 84-101 Downloads
Pınar Evrim Mandacı, F. Dilvin Taskın and Zeliha Can Ergun
Gravity Approach for Determinants of Exports pp. 102-111 Downloads
Degirmenci N. and Yakıcı Ayan T.
Factors Affecting Motivation in the Public Sector under the Context of Self-Determination Theory and Public Service Motivation: The Case of the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization (H.A.I.O.) pp. 112-135 Downloads
Martha I. Papadopoulou and Efstathios D. Dimitriadis
Practical Implications of Management Accounting Information: A Personal Journey pp. 136-148 Downloads
Joy Lynn R. Legaspi
Factors Affecting Net Benefit of Google Drive Adoption Decision: A Case Study of Thais’ Living in Bangkok, Thailand pp. 149-165 Downloads
Rawin Vongurai
The Impact of Non-Performing Loans on the Profitability of Listed Euro-Mediterranean Commercial Banks* pp. 166-196 Downloads
Ayrton Psaila, Jonathan Spiteri and Simon Grima
Risk Management of Commercial Banks in Kosovo pp. 197-212 Downloads
Muhamet Aliu, Arbana Sahiti and Albina Kalimashi
Towards Entrepreneurial Universities: Barriers, Facilitators, and Best Practices in Bulgarian and Portuguese Universities pp. 213-227 Downloads
Desislava Yordanova and José António Filipe
The Role of Leadership and Strategic Decision on Regional Development in Developing Countries pp. 228-242 Downloads
Ibrahim Krasniqi and Bedri Statovci
The Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on the Financial Services’ Industry of Small European States* pp. 243-266 Downloads
Kieran Xuereb, Simon Grima, Frank Bezzina, Andre Farrugia and Pierpaolo Marano
Transformational Leadership and Innovation at the Lebanese Banking Industry pp. 267-292 Downloads
Sherine Al Ahmad, Nasser Fathi Easa and Nehale Mostapha
Managing Stimulation of Regional Innovation Subjects’ Interaction in the Digital Economy pp. 293-306 Downloads
Sergey Vasin, Leyla Gamidullaeva and Alexey Finogeev
Empirical Study on Intrinsic Motivation Factors of Employees in Transition Economies pp. 307-319 Downloads
Theranda Beqiri
An Overview on the Development of Internal Control in Public Sector Entities: Evidence from Kosovo pp. 320-335 Downloads
Sead Ujkani and Nexhmie Berisha Vokshi
Determination the Different Categories of Buyers Based on the Jaynes’ Information Principle pp. 336-342 Downloads
A. Maron and M. Maron
The Role of Indonesian Tax Reform in Boosting Export Performance of Manufacturing Sectors pp. 343-352 Downloads
Agus Sholikhan Yulianto and Anis Chariri
Analyzing the Determinants of Financial Distress in Indonesian Mining Companies pp. 353-368 Downloads
Muhammad Khafid, Tusyanah Tusyanah and Tejo Suryanto
Factors Affecting the Level of Bank Competition: Empirical Evidence in Vietnamese Commercial Banks pp. 369-382 Downloads
Le Dinh Hac, Hoang Nguyen Khai and Anh Le
Social Constructs in Predicting Corruptive Attitudes and Behavior from the Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective pp. 384-394 Downloads
Zulaikha, Paulus T. Basuki Hadiprajitno and Muhammad Ihlasul Amal
The Impact of Brand Image and Service Quality on Consumer Loyalty in the Banking Sector pp. 395-402 Downloads
Sri Wahyuni and Imam Ghozali
An Experimental Study on Social Media Advertising for Charity* pp. 403-416 Downloads
Athanasios Tsadiras and Marina Nerantzidou
New Product Pricing Strategy and Product Performance Assessment in Fast Moving Consumer Goods pp. 417-423 Downloads
R. Agus Trihatmoko and Dian Indri Purnamasari
Economic Administration and Institutional Management in a Decentralized Regime Mode: New Insights from Environmental Resources pp. 424-432 Downloads
Andriansyah Andriansyah, Endang Sulastri and Evi Satispi
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Loyalty in Mobile Telephone Companies pp. 433-450 Downloads
Efstathios Dimitriadis and Eleni Zilakaki
Ideal Corporate Criminal Liability for the Performance and Accreditation of Public Accountant Audit Report in Indonesia pp. 451-463 Downloads
Henry Dianto Pardamean Sinaga, F.X. Adji Samekto and Joni Emirzon
Stakeholder Role in Improving Agribusiness Efficiency and Food Security in Developing Countries pp. 464-470 Downloads
Sri Rahayu, Waridin, Purbayu Budi Santoso and Izza Mafruhah
Financial Resources and Organizational Culture as Determinants for Competitive Strategy of Enterprises pp. 471-482 Downloads
Roman I. Blahuta, Zoriana Ya. Kovalchuk, Nataliia Bondarchuk, Oleksandra Kononova and Hanna Ilchenko
The Method of Comprehensive Development Assessment based on Multy-Component Analysis pp. 483-503 Downloads
Anna Pereverzieva and Volodymyr Volkov
Effects of Employee Commitment on Collectivism in the Workplace: Further Evidence pp. 504-513 Downloads
Asriansyah Siran Mawung, Bambang Mantikei Jaya Budi, Lelo Sintani and Agus Satrya Wibowo
Analysing the Impact of GST on Tax Revenue in India: The Tax Buoyancy Approach pp. 514-523 Downloads
Udai Lal Paliwal, Nitin Kishore Saxena and Ashutosh Pandey

Volume VII, issue 3, 2019

Identification and Adaptation of the Russian System of Ownership Relations into the Modern World’s Legal and Economic Spaces pp. 3-24 Downloads
O.N. Dmitriev
Optimizing the Economic Information Transparency Level of High-Tech Enterprises in the Post-Industrial Globalized Economy pp. 25-56 Downloads
O.N. Dmitriev and S.V. Novikov
Managers’ Perception on Public Organizations’ Performance and New Public Management during Economic Crises pp. 57-69 Downloads
Christodoulos K. Akrivos
The Impact of Tourism on Business Development in Mountain Regions: A Case Study pp. 70-83 Downloads
Merab Putkaradze and George Abuselidze
Employees' Outsourcing Perceptions and Satisfaction: The Case of Libya Oil Company pp. 84-95 Downloads
Walid Mohamed
The Role of Firm Size on Bank Liquidity and Performance: A Comparative Study of Domestic and Foreign Banks in Indonesia pp. 96-105 Downloads
M. Chabachib, Aji Yudha, Hersugondo Hersugondo, Imang Dapit Pamungkas and Udin Udin
The Impact of Accounting Information System on the Effectiveness of Public Enterprises: The Case of Kosovo pp. 106-115 Downloads
Shqipdona Hashani Siqani and Nexhmie Berisha Vokshi
The Implications and Relevance of a Tax Exemption for Co-operatives: The Case of a Small European State pp. 116-132 Downloads
Peter J. Baldacchino, Julia Portelli and Simon Grima
The Eurasian Economic Union Customs’ Administration Mechanism in the Digital Era pp. 133-139 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, O.B. Ivanova, A.F. Khapilin and S.A. Khapilin
Motivation to Transfer, Supervisor Support, Proactive Learning, and Training Transfer: Testing Interaction Effects pp. 141-150 Downloads
Julitta Dewayani and Augusty Ferdinand
Modelling the Efficiency of the Use of Production and Investment Resources at the Regional Level: The Case of Russia pp. 151-166 Downloads
Gayane L. Beklaryan and Andranik S. Akopov
Social Constructs in Predicting Corruptive Attitudes and Behavior From Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective pp. 167-177 Downloads
Zulaikha, Paulus T. Basuki Hadiprajitno and Muhammad Ihlasul Amal
Evaluation of Supply Chain Using Hierarchical Analysis pp. 178-186 Downloads
Venera Maratovna Timiryanova
Investigating Consumer Preference in Banking Services: A Conjoint Analysis Study pp. 187-197 Downloads
Dimas Maulana, Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono and Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara
Factors Explaining the Market Discipline of Sharia Mutual Funds from a Behavioural Finance Perspective: A Theoretical Approach pp. 198-212 Downloads
Umi Widyastuti, Erie Febrian, Sutisna and Tettet Fitrijanti
Property Tax and Local Finance of Kosovo- An Overview pp. 213-227 Downloads
Gani Asllani and Simon Grima

Volume VII, issue 2, 2019

Technology Crowdfunding in Russia: Alternative Finance for Start-ups pp. 3-11 Downloads
Dmitrii Ilenkov
Neo-institutional Approach for Regional Economic Development: The Impact of Sociocultural Determinants pp. 12-25 Downloads
Leyla Gamidullaeva
Individualism and Collectivism Culture to Audit Judgement pp. 26-38 Downloads
Tulus Suryanto, Danial Thaib2 and Muliyati Muliyati
Economic Competition in Kosovo: An Empirical Analysis pp. 39-49 Downloads
Gani Asllani, Jonathan Spiteri and Simon Grima
Social Engineering Strategy of Entrepreneurship Behavior of Indonesian Migrant Workers During the Placement Period pp. 50-60 Downloads
Izza Mafruhah, Waridin Waridin, Deden Dinar Iskandar and Mudjahirin Thohir
Economic Interaction Between Malaysia and North Sumatra: An Analysis With Vector Error Correction Model and Granger Causality pp. 61-70 Downloads
Muhammad Nasir
The Corporate Governance Code and Compliance by Maltese Listed Companies pp. 71 - 90 Downloads
Peter J Baldacchino, Claire Vella and Simon Grima
Mediating Effect of Audit Quality in Relationship Between Auditor Ethics and Litigation: An Empirical Study pp. 91- 100 Downloads
Andi Agus and Imam Ghozali
Participation of Society in a Reconstruction Fund Model pp. 101-107 Downloads
Service Area Coverage with Economic Infrastructure and Accessibility by the Local Society pp. 108-117 Downloads
Irwan Wunarlan
Analysis Service on Student Satisfaction with Motivation as Moderating Variable pp. 118-130 Downloads
Alana Damaris, Ngadino Surip and Antonius Setyadi
Management of Employees’ Performance Culture pp. 131-138 Downloads
Jusdin Puluhulawa
Basic Principles of Tourist Services Market Segmentation pp. 139-150 Downloads
N.E. Goryushkina, T.V. Gaifutdinova, E.V. Logvina, A.G. Redkin, V.V. Kudryavtsev and Y.N. Shol
Sustainable Development of Territories Based on the Integrated Use of Industry, Resource and Environmental Potential pp. 151-163 Downloads
Olga Voronkova, L.A. Iakimova, I.I. Frolova, Ch.I. Shafranskaya, S.G. Kamolov and N.A. Prodanova
Problems and Prospects of Human Capital Development in Modern Russia pp. 164-175 Downloads
I.G. Kuznetsova, R.P. Bulyga, L.V. Rakhmatullina, S.V. Titova, R. A. Shichiyakh and R.A. Zakirov
Regional Aspects of Sectoral Digitalization: Problems and Prospects pp. 176-188 Downloads
L.I. Popova, Irina Demina, Y.S. Stepanenko, Q.N. Tran, G.V. Meshkova and M.A. Afonasova
The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Job Performance pp. 189-206 Downloads
Suharto, Suyanto and Nedi Hendri
The Organizational-Economic Mechanism for the Development of Integration Processes in the Production and Processing of Products pp. 207-214 Downloads
Olga Voronkova, V.V. Sorokina and S.V. Baburin
Influence of Social Factors on the Reproduction of Human Capital pp. 215-222 Downloads
I.N. Sycheva, E.V. Skripleva, A.N. Dunets, T.M. Vorozheykina, I.N. Luzenina and S.V. Khoruzhaya
Formation, Accumulation and Development of Human Capital in the Modern Conditions pp. 223-230 Downloads
S.V. Titova, Yu.N. Surikov, Olga Voronkova, T.V. Skoblikova, I.V. Safonova and R.A. Shichiyakh
The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance for the Value of Banking Companies in Indonesia pp. 231-238 Downloads
Dwi Ermayanti Susilo, Grahita Chandrarin and Boge Triatmanto
Financing of Public Works as a Form of Temporary Legal Employment of Unemployed Citizens in Ukraine pp. 239-250 Downloads
Nataliya P. Mokrytska, Mariya S. Dolynska and Iryna O. Revak
The Effect of Company Size on Company Profitability and Company Value: The Case of Manufacturing Companies pp. 251 - 256 Downloads
Anasthasia Triwulan Budisaptorini, Grahita Chandrarin and Prihat Asih
The Effects of EU Cohesion Policy on Trasnsport Infrastructures: Evidence for Andalusia in 1989-2013 pp. 257-269 Downloads
Paulino Montes-Solla, Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez and J. Andrés Faina
The Effect of Customer’s Orientation of Service Employee on Customer’s Satisfaction of Health Services pp. 270 - 278 Downloads
Sri Isfantin Puji Lestari, Retnoning Ambarwati, Titien Agustina, Endang Muryani, Andriani Andriani and Muhammad Alfani
The Development of Blockchain Technology in Russia: Outlook and Trends pp. 279-289 Downloads
M.E. Karapetyan, L.P. Timoshenko, I.A. Stroganov and I.V. Pronina
Transformation of Approaches to Determine Influence Factors in the Economic Development Models pp. 290-301 Downloads
M.M. Ihnatenko, L.O. Marmul, D.S. Ushakov and S.P. Kuchyn

Volume VII, issue 1, 2019

Establishing the Contributing Factors to the Resurrection of PIIGS Banks Following the Crisis: A Panel Data Analysis pp. 3-34 Downloads
Esteban Miguélez, Jonathan Spiteri and Simon Grima
The Relevance of Shopper Marketing Touchpoints: An Empirical Study on Wine Choice in Restaurants pp. 35-48 Downloads
Paulo Silveira
The Impact of Population Ageing and Social Stratification: The Case of Latvia pp. 49-63 Downloads
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga, I. Romanova, L. Bule and Y.E. Thalassinos
Creative Self-Efficacy: A New Approach to Social Support and Creativity of SMEs’ Owners pp. 64-75 Downloads
Sri M. Setyawati, Yusmedi Nurfaizal, C. Dwiatmadja and Ade I. Anggraeni
Variables Affecting the Book Value of Manufacturing Companies: The Case of Indonesia pp. 76-84 Downloads
Widi Hidayat, Amalia Rizki, Riska Nur R., Tri Ratnawati and T. Evan Tandiyono
Family Influence in Maltese Listed Companies: The Implications on Corporate Governance pp. 85-112 Downloads
Peter J. Baldacchino, Annette Gauci and Simon Grima
The Determinants of Corporate Hedging Policy: A Case Study from Indonesia pp. 113-129 Downloads
Sugeng Wahyudi, Fernando Goklas, Maria Rio Rita, Hersugondo Hersugondo and Rio Dhani Laksana
Design of a Socio-economic Processes Monitoring System Based on Network Analysis and Big Data pp. 130-139 Downloads
Aleksandra Polyakova, M.P. Loginov, A.I. Serebrennikova and El Thalassinos
Talent Management in Mediating Competencies and Motivation to Improve Employee’s Engagement pp. 140-152 Downloads
Lenny Ch Nawangsari and Ahmad Hidayat Sutawidjaya
Economization of Information and Scientific Data: A Common Approach pp. 153-161 Downloads
Belikova K.M., Badaeva N.V. and Akhmadova M.A.
Auditors Perceptions Towards the Effectiveness of the International Standard on Auditing 240 Red Flags: Evidence From Lebanon pp. 162-173 Downloads
Wajdi Hijazi and Rasha Mahboub
Capital Structure and Firm Size on Firm Value Moderated by Profitability pp. 174-191 Downloads
Hirdinis M
Multidimensional Core-peripheral Model pp. 192-208 Downloads
Marcus Gumpert
Academia Person-Organisation Fit and Intention to Leave the Job: Does Person-Job Fit Matter? pp. 200-215 Downloads
Abdul Samad
Cooperation of China and Russia in the Framework of the Asian Super Grid: Political and Legal Aspects pp. 215-226 Downloads
Belikova K.M., Badaeva N.V. and Akhmadova M.A.
The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture Towards Employees’ Innovative Behaviour and Performance pp. 227-239 Downloads
Mochamad Rizki, Ryani Dhyan Parashakti and Lisnatiawati Saragih
Unification and Convergence of Hierarchic Structures Such as Organizational Separations and Product Projects at Creation of Recommending Decision Support Systems pp. 240-268 Downloads
O.N. Dmitriev and S.V. Novikov
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