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Volume XXV, issue 2B, 2022

Low-cost Transport Selection Model on the Polish Airline Services Market pp. 3-13 Downloads
Anna Mazurek-Kusiak, Joanna Hawlena and Agata Kobylka
Maritime Container Terminal Service Quality in the Face of COVID-19 Outbreak: Forwarders’ View pp. 14-23 Downloads
Jedrzej Charlampowicz and Cezary Mankowski
Changes in Logistics Processes Caused by the Implementation of Automation in Transport pp. 24-34 Downloads
Bartosz Zakrzewski and Katarzyna Szopik-Depczynska
Ancillary Revenues in Air Transport in the Conditions of Globalization pp. 35-44 Downloads
Joanna Hawlena, Michal Dudek and Grazyna Kowalska
Application of the Digital Twin Concept in Assessing the Readiness of Production Systems pp. 45-58 Downloads
Anna Borucka and Patrycja Guzanek
Study on the Impact of the Use of No-code Application on Internal Logistics Processes in a Company from the E-Commerce Industry - Process Analysis pp. 59-71 Downloads
Filip Nowak, Jacek Krzywy and Witold Statkiewicz
The Labour Market of Professional Drivers in Poland in the Period of Structural and Pandemic Changes pp. 72-83 Downloads
Pawel Romanow and Jozef Fras
Companies Coopetition in Sustainable Supply Chains pp. 84-93 Downloads
Monika Kaminska and Jedrzej Jankowski-Guzy
The Progress of Digitalization of Logistics Management in the Enterprise Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 94-105 Downloads
Lukasz Brzezinski and Magdalena Krystyna Wyrwicka
Analysis of the Effects of Automation of Warehouse Processes – Building the Concept of Simulation Tests pp. 106-115 Downloads
Adrianna Tobola, Piotr Cyplik and Krzysztof Roszyk
The Impact of the Coronavirus and the War in Ukraine on the Development of Logistics Operators in Poland pp. 116-125 Downloads
Jedrzej Jankowski-Guzy and Monika Kaminska
Sources of Information about Suppliers Used in Purchasing Processes on the B2B Market pp. 126-137 Downloads
Maciej Urbaniak and Piotr Cyplik
Security in Providing Processes and Logistics Services Under the Covid-19 Pandemic pp. 138-148 Downloads
Tomasz Smal and Boguslaw Sliwczynski
Implementing Digital, Intelligent and Sustainable Logistics (DISL) to SMEs and Large Companies - Identification and Significance of Drivers and Barriers pp. 149-159 Downloads
T. Bartosz Kalinowski, Marta Razniewska, Jakub Brzezinski and Adrianna Tobola
Electronic Communication in The Digitization of Logistics pp. 160-172 Downloads
Tadeusz Rudnicki
The Number of Passengers Transported by Air in the World and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Passenger Transport in the USA in Terms of Economic Security pp. 173-183 Downloads
Maciej Stajniak, Bartosz Kozicki and Beata Wenerska
The Influence of Managerial, Digital, Relational and Behavioural Skills on the Perception of Barriers and Drivers of Implementing Digital Intelligent and Sustainable Logistics pp. 184-193 Downloads
T. Bartosz Kalinowski, Marta Razniewska, Jakub Brzezinski and Michal Adamczak
The Relationship between the level of Choosing Competences of Operational Employees and the Acceptance of Work in an Automated Warehouse pp. 194-203 Downloads
Michal Adamczak, Piotr Cyplik and Helena Fidlerova
Body of Management Competencies for Engineer 4.0 (BoMC4E4.0) – A Model Proposal pp. 204-214 Downloads
Karolina Werner-Lewandowska, Adam Radecki and Ewa Wiecek-Janka
Analysis of the System of Assessment and Selection of Suppliers in Researched Central Europe Enterprises pp. 215-224 Downloads
Ewa Kulinska and Marek Matulewski
Disruptions and Risk Management in Supply Chains Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 225-234 Downloads
Mariusz Szuster and Malgorzata Lotko
Determinants of Βusiness Model Innovation Transformation – Research Results pp. 235-248 Downloads
Pawel Mielcarek and Anna Piekarczyk
Risk Management Instruments in the Supply Chain of the Furniture Industry pp. 249-258 Downloads
Ewa Kulinska and Marek Matulewski
The Influence of the Quality of Internet Banking Services on Customer Loyalty pp. 259-276 Downloads
Aleksander Lotko
Analysis of the Impact of the Fear of Technology of Warehouse Employees on the Level of their Acceptance of Work in an Automated Environment pp. 277-285 Downloads
Magdalena Kopeć, Jadwiga Fijalkowska and Krzysztof Roszyk
Electric Vehicles Market in Poland pp. 286-297 Downloads
Malgorzata Lotko and Mariusz Szuster
The Functioning Concept of the Stabilization System of the Power Grids Operation in Terms of Supply Chain Phases in Operations Based on a Hydrogen Energy Buffer pp. 298-306 Downloads
Marcin Rabe and Barbara Czerniachowicz
Robotic Process Automation in Logistics – A Case Study of a Production Company pp. 307-315 Downloads
Lukasz Brzezinski
Transport Behaviour of Fans Arriving to the Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk Football Stadium as an Element of City Logistics Management pp. 316-325 Downloads
Dariusz Tloczynski and Sebastian Susmarski
Supply Chain Digitization Using GS1 Standards – Research Results pp. 326-335 Downloads
Karolina Kolinska, Roman Domanski and Szymon Fojutowski
Information Needs Matrix as a Tool for Improvement of Customer Service Process in a Manufacturing Company – A Case Study pp. 336-346 Downloads
Wieslaw Ciechomski and Szymon Strojny
Standardisation of Logistics Customer Service pp. 347-358 Downloads
Wieslaw Ciechomski and Szymon Strojny
The Forecasting of Dangerous Goods Transport by Railin Poland in Terms of Environmental Security pp. 359-368 Downloads
Maciej Stajniak, Bartosz Kozicki, Pawel Jaskiewicz and Leszek Szczupak
Model of Value-Based Management in a Multi-Hub Large-Scale Logistics Network pp. 369-384 Downloads
Boguslaw Sliwczynski and Tomasz Smal
Outline of the Phenomenon of Commodification in Transport pp. 385-391 Downloads
Magdalena Kopec
Influence of Individual Hospital Characteristics on Medicinal Products Replenishment Methods in a Hospital Pharmacy pp. 392-402 Downloads
Anna Gawronska and Adam Kolinski
Development of Road Infrastructure and The Legitimacy of Changing the Method of Assembly of Road Construction Elements With the Use of Vibration Isolation pp. 403-413 Downloads
Jacek Wiederek and Andrzej Krzyszkowski
Implementation Process of Business Model Innovation – Research Results pp. 414-427 Downloads
Pawel Mielcarek and Anna Piekarczyk
Standardization of Logistic Units in Terms of Increasing the Efficiency of the Reverse Supply Chain of Returnable Packaging pp. 428-438 Downloads
Damian Dubisz and Rafal Rokicki
Investigating the Logistics Coopetition in Macroeconomic Perspective - Comparative Analysis of V4 Countries pp. 439-454 Downloads
Blanka Tundys and Piotr Niedzielski

Volume XXV, issue 2, 2022

Cohesion or In-cohesion of Economic and Social Development of the UK's Regions pp. 3-18 Downloads
Slawomir Pastuszka and Katarzyna Pastuszka
Diversity at Work Place: Building the Commitment of four Generations pp. 19-30 Downloads
Agnieszka Zarczyńska-Dobiesz and Katarzyna Boniecka
Changes in the Process of Cooperation in Contemporary Agriculture and Directions and Dynamics of Changes on the Example of Poland pp. 31-45 Downloads
Grebowiec Mariusz
Sustainable Business Growth, Value Creation and Dynamic Competitive Advantage: The Greek Pharmaceutical Industry pp. 46-79 Downloads
Eleftherios Kourtis, Michael Kourtis, Panayiotis Curtis and Michael Hanias
The Impact of Interplay between Formal and Informal Institutional Arrangements on the Sustainable Development of Access Economy: A Comparative Study of CEECs pp. 80-93 Downloads
Malgorzata Godlewska
Reverse Drug Distribution Chain: Analysis of the Phenomenon pp. 94-103 Downloads
Mgr Karolina Banska, Dr hab. n. o zdr. Marzena Furtak-Niczyporuk and Dr n. med. Sylwia Dreher
Internet Prosumer Activity Levels pp. 104-117 Downloads
Maria Kocot and Damian Kocot
A Decade of Research on Industry 4.0: A Bibliometric Study of Key Research Areas with Life Cycle Analysis of Publication Dynamics pp. 118-134 Downloads
Bozena Gajdzik
Emotion Detection Based on Sentiment Analysis: An Example of a Social Robots on Short and Long Texts Conversation pp. 135-144 Downloads
Eryka Probierz and Adam Galuszka
The Implications of Possible Enlargements of the European Union for the Configuration of Power in the European Parliament pp. 145-159 Downloads
Katarzyna Cegielka, Piotr Dniestrzanski, Arkadiusz Maciuk and Maciej Szczecinski
National (State) Security – Treaty Determinants pp. 160-171 Downloads
Justyna Kurek
Study of the Nature and Dynamics of Processes in Terms of Fractals on the Example of Selected Joint Stock Companies pp. 172-197 Downloads
Wiktor Kolwzan, Agnieszka Skowronek-Gradziel, Teresa Kupczyk and Jozef Ledzianowski
Corporate Social Responsibility in Airports: A Study of the Largest Polish Airports pp. 198-209 Downloads
Wojciech Leonski
Determinants of Growth of the Electric Car Market – Investigating on the Truck Market pp. 210-222 Downloads
Tomasz Wisniewski and Blanka Tundys
Well-being among IT Employees Working Remotely: Post Covid-19 Reality from the Perspective of IT Industry pp. 223-235 Downloads
Elwira Gross-Gołacka, Ewa Szkudlarek, Agnieszka Brzegowy, Teresa Kupczyk and Magdalena Ligaj
Development of E-Commerce in Poland and the Baltic States pp. 236-246 Downloads
Ewa Chomac – Pierzecka, Anna Sobczak, Dariusz Sobon and Jacek Stasiak
River Information Services (RIS) as a Τool to Ιmprove Poland’s Position in the European Logistic System pp. 247-260 Downloads
Piotr Durajczyk and Piotr Niedzielski
Challenges on the Way to Implement Goals of Sustainable Development - Reducing Inequalities pp. 263-276 Downloads
Iwona Bak and Malgorzata Kurtz
China’s Contribution to the Economic Potential of the 16+1 Platform: Developments Prior to the Global Pandemic pp. 277-289 Downloads
David Clowes, Dominika Choros-Mrozowska and Gorm Jacobsen
The Role of Gastronomic Services in Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Rural Households: The Case of the Masovian Voivodeship in Poland pp. 290-300 Downloads
Paulina Trebska, Marcin Wysokinski, Arkadiusz Gromada and Magdalena Golonko
Co-Creating Smart Cities – Design Thinking for 21st Century Urban Planning pp. 301-315 Downloads
Maria Schulders
Impact of the Self-Consumption of Electricity on the Profitability of the Investment into a Photovoltaic Installation: The Case of a Company in Poland pp. 316-332 Downloads
Agnieszka Joanna Drzymala and Ewa Korzeniewska
Quality Determinants of Organizational Safety pp. 333-349 Downloads
Zbigniew Ciekanowski, Agnieszka Krol, Julia Nowicka and Henryk Wyrebek
Developing a Risk Model to Control Attrition by Analyzing Students’ Academic and Nonacademic Data pp. 350-366 Downloads
Vassilis Zakopoulos, Ioannis Georgakopoulos and Pelagia Kontaxaki
In Search of Waste in the Supply Chain: A Value Stream Analysis in a Manufacturing Company pp. 367-375 Downloads
Karolina Gwarda and Magdalena Klopott
Changes in Relationships with Business Customers under the Influence Pandemic on the Example of a Medium-Sized Enterprise in the Paper Industry pp. 376-386 Downloads
Dariusz Sobotkiewicz and Pawel Waniowski
Are the Sheltered Employment Workshops Still Necessary? - Change Factor and Market Conditions pp. 387-407 Downloads
Dominik Czerkawski and Joanna Małecka
Marketing Communication of a Public University pp. 408-419 Downloads
Monika Szyda
Forecasting Macroeconomic Indicators for Selected European Union Countries pp. 420-431 Downloads
Aldona Migala-Warchol and Agata Surowka
The Impact of RES Development on the Distribution Network, Based on the Example of the Polish DSO pp. 432-443 Downloads
Wojciech Drozdz and Jakub Dowejko
Land, Real Property, Plots: Conceptual Divagations in Polish Economic Thought pp. 445-460 Downloads
Malgorzata Blaszke and Aneta Zaremba
Public-Private Partnership and Strategic Documents for the Development of Regional Tourism: An Example of the Voivodships in Northern Poland pp. 461-473 Downloads
Barbara Marciszewska
Gravitation Effects and the Economic Development of Poviats in the Mazovieckie Voivodeship 2010–2019 pp. 474-492 Downloads
Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski and Agnieszka Krzetowska
Integrity in EU Public Policies in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 493-508 Downloads
Urszula Kurczewska and Grzegorz Makowski
The Manager as an Organisation Agent during the Fourth Industrial Revolution pp. 509-529 Downloads
Anna Rogozinska-Pawelczyk
Food Safety Delivered for Polish Military Cadets during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 530-542 Downloads
Anna Borucka and Pawel Kler
Categorical Characteristics of Wine Classifications in the System of Internal Regulation of Accounting pp. 543-554 Downloads
Liubov Gutsalenko, Uliana Marchuk, Serhiy Zabolotnyy, Nataliia Ostapiuk and Natalia Tsaruk
Board Gender Diversity in Maltese Equity-Listed and Large Public Sector Entities** pp. 555-586 Downloads
Baldacchino Peter.J, Mercieca, Marelaine, Tabone, Norbert, Ellul, Lauren Grima and Simon
Alternative Dimensional Reduction Methods on the Example of Data Preprocessing to Build a Ship Exhaust Model pp. 587-596 Downloads
Mariusz Dramski and Marcin Maka
Systematic Risk of ESG Companies Listed on the Polish Capital Market in 2019-2022 pp. 597-615 Downloads
Magdalena Mikolajek-Gocejna
Threats to Digital Safety of Young People in the Light of Research pp. 616-624 Downloads
Bartosz Mickiewicz, Monika Spiewak - Szyjka, Milena Bera and Karol Spiewak
Decarbonisation of Transport – A Challenge for Inland Navigation pp. 625-635 Downloads
Joanna Kenc and Ewa Szostak
Maritime Container Terminal Process Maturity: A Methodological Approach and Empirical Evidence pp. 636-644 Downloads
Jedrzej Charlampowicz and Andrzej S. Grzelakowski
Does Gen Z Question the Wisdom of Returning to the office? Results of the Research Conducted During the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Youngest Generation of Employees pp. 645-654 Downloads
Barbara Chomatowska and Iwona Janiak-Rejno
Selected Αspects of Hospital Financing During the 1st and 2nd Waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 655-664 Downloads
Marek Stych
Potential Benefits from University Mergers – An Attempt to Evaluate Future Efficiency Levels with a Selected DEA Model pp. 665-683 Downloads
Mariusz Pyra and Agnieszka Siedlecka
Developing Digital Skills: Results of a Social Innovation Project in the Technology Sector pp. 684-701 Downloads
Agnieszka Zielinska

Volume XXV, issue 1, 2022

The Quality of Business Model Disclosure in Integrated Reporting: Evidence from Poland pp. 3-26 Downloads
Boguslawa Bek-Gaik and Anna Surowiec
How Steel Mills Transform into Smart Mills: Digital Changes and Development Determinants in the Polish Steel Industry pp. 27-42 Downloads
Bozena Gajdzik
Social Campaigns for Protecting Natural Resources: The Case of Poland pp. 43-63 Downloads
Malgorzata Latuszynska and Anna Borawska
Convection and Radiation as Important Metropolitan Functions in a Penitential System pp. 64-74 Downloads
Monika Odlanicka-Poczobutt and Jakub Semrau
The Negotiated Settlement of the Crisis and the Cash Flows of Large Unlisted Italian Companies pp. 75-91 Downloads
Annalisa Baldissera
Health Literacy and Its Role in Relational Communication with Patients: The Study of Literature and Concepts pp. 92-112 Downloads
Iwona Czerska
Geoeconomic Leaders Among the Three Seas Initiative Countries. Part 2: Research Results pp. 113-132 Downloads
Marta Halina Gebska and Piotr Lewandowski
Impact of Personal Branding on the Development of Professional Careers of Managers pp. 133-147 Downloads
Malgorzata Smolarek and Joanna Dziendziora
The Homogenization of Carbon Management Practices: How Organizations Response to Isomorphic Pressures to Reduce GHG Emissions pp. 148-173 Downloads
Agnieszka Karman
Social Attitudes towards the Phenomenon of Corruption in Poland pp. 174-183 Downloads
Jan Garlicki and Daniel Mider
Evaluation of Selected Methods for the Construction of Sustainable Energy Development Index: Application for European Union Member States pp. 184-197 Downloads
Magdalena Ligus and Piotr Peternek
The Logistics 4.0 Implementation Supported by the Balanced Scorecard Method pp. 198-207 Downloads
Anna Saniuk
Determinants of the Success of an Outsourcing Project in the Field of IT Separations – The Experience of Companies in the Silesian Voivodeship pp. 208-225 Downloads
Maria Kocot and Damian Kocot
On the Financial Autonomy of European Local Governments: The Case of Municipal Bonds in Italy pp. 226-242 Downloads
Davide Eltrudis
Modern Shared Service Centers as an Alternative to Traditional Settlements of International Transactions: A Case Study pp. 243-253 Downloads
Magdalena Brojakowska-Trzaska and Marcin Sobieraj
The Impact of Covid-19 Dynamics on SCDS Spreads in Selected CEE Countries pp. 254-271 Downloads
Maria Czech
Organizational Capabilities and Social Entrepreneurship: A Fuzzy-set Approach pp. 272-285 Downloads
Anna Kwiotkowska
The Analysis of the Effect of Motivators on the Performance of Warehouse Employees in Distribution Centers pp. 286-295 Downloads
Karolina Werner-Lewandowska, Adam Kolinski and Amadeusz Urbaniak
Case Study Method as an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Issue of Estimating the Security Level pp. 296-307 Downloads
Milena Palczewska and Grzegorz Pilarski
Why Scientists Do Not Like EU Funding Policy? A Research Review on Performance Evaluation of EU Funding Activities pp. 308-319 Downloads
Igor Perechuda
Financial and Marketing Purchase Conditions of Organic Baby Food pp. 320-340 Downloads
Magdalena Jarczok-Guzy
The Changing Role of a Freight Forwarder in Modern Supply Chains pp. 341-351 Downloads
Slawomir Skiba and Adrianna Karas
Additive Production Management in COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 352-365 Downloads
Piotr Zmuda Trzebiatowski, Tomasz Krolikowski, Roma Strulak-Wojcikiewicz, Piotr Nikonczuk and Andrzej Blazejewski
Student Mobility as a Strategy of Increasing Competitiveness on the Global Labor Market – An Attempt to Diagnose Educational Mobility: The Case of Poland pp. 366-381 Downloads
Anna Mijal, Anna Bruska and Stanislawa Sokolowska
The General Data Protection Regulation 3 Years After Implementation: A Comparison between Local Government Administration in Poland and the Republic of Lithuania pp. 382-394 Downloads
Dominika Lisiak-Felicka, Maciej Szmit and Jolanta Vaiciuniene
Overview of Financial Applications for Investing on the Stock Exchange - Regression Models and Sentiment Analysis pp. 395-408 Downloads
Eryka Probierz, Adam Galuszka, Tomasz Grzejszczak, Karol Jedrasiak, Tomasz Wisniewski and Tomasz Dzida
The Change of Communication Process in Manufacturing Companies Implementing New Technologies: Empirical Evidence pp. 409-422 Downloads
Magdalena Zalewska-Turzynska
COVID-19: Changes in the Ranking of Polish Regions According to the Criterion Taking into Account both the Reluctance to Vaccinate and the Number of Deaths pp. 423-432 Downloads
Antoni Wilinski and Irena Bach-Dabrowska
Modern Business Services as a Strategy for the Development of Smart Specializations pp. 433-462 Downloads
Malgorzata Sztorc and Dorota Milek
The Skills’ Gap of Management Staff in Poland: Results of a Research of IT Companies pp. 463-476 Downloads
Gabriela Roszyk-Kowalska, Janusz Krasniak and Tomasz Klimanek
Start-up Accelerator: State of the Art and Future Directions pp. 477-510 Downloads
Michal Banka, Mariusz Salwin, Dariusz Masłowski, Szymon Rychlik and Maria Kukurba
The Relevance of Generational Differences in the Disposal of Unnecessary Items from Households in the Context of Municipal Waste Management Rationalization pp. 511-526 Downloads
Izabela Ostrowska
The Art to Select the Appropriate Development Methods for a Project Team: A Case Study pp. 527-537 Downloads
Malgorzata Smolska
Europeanization of Law in Poland and Ensuring Information Security as a Task of Public Administration pp. 538-548 Downloads
Anna Golebiowska
Analysis of the Organizational Culture of a University in the Opinion of Civil and Military Students pp. 549-562 Downloads
Marlena Niemiec
Credit Policy of Commercial Banks in EU and the Asset Quality of Non-Financial Corporate Loan Portfolio in 2009-2021 pp. 563-582 Downloads
Aneta Kosztowniak
The Scope of the Activity Carried out by Business Support Organizations in Poland pp. 583-592 Downloads
Wojciech Leonski
Mechanism and Methodological Foundations of Sustainable Development of Agribuisness pp. 593-603 Downloads
Bartosz Mickiewicz and Katsiaryna Volkava
Job Satisfaction in Manufacturing SMEs During Digital Transformation pp. 604-617 Downloads
Magdalena Gebczynska
The Model of the Vehicle Exploitation System within the Framework of Logistic Provision Tasks Accomplished by the Air Base pp. 618-634 Downloads
Tomasz Chukowski, Marcin Kicinski and Jaroslaw Bartoszewicz
Eco-innovation, International Competitiveness and Economic Performance of European Union Enterprises: Triangle Approach pp. 635-645 Downloads
Małgorzata Stefania Lewandowska, Tomasz Golebiowski and Malgorzata Roszkiewicz
COVID-19: European Union Actions to Support Tourism pp. 646-656 Downloads
Karolina Julia Helnarska
The Managers’ Approach to Legalization of CSR: A Cross-cultural Study pp. 657-669 Downloads
Anna Napiorkowska
The Interrelationship Among Efficiency and Concentration of Banking System and its Stability: Evidence from Poland pp. 670-689 Downloads
Malgorzata Mikita
Financing of Activities Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Poland pp. 690-712 Downloads
Agnieszka Napiorkowska-Baryla, Miroslawa Witkowska-Dabrowska and Natalia Swidynska
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Fitness Club Industry in Poland pp. 713-719 Downloads
Wojciech Bochenski
Implications of Industry 4.0 for Security in Contemporary Organizations – Perspective of Information Strategies pp. 720-738 Downloads
Piotr Zaskorski and Jacek Wozniak
Modernity and Tradition - Outdoor Games Promoting Cultural Heritage pp. 739-751 Downloads
Barbara Osoch
Problems Regarding the Calculation of Recycling and Recovery Rates for End-of-life Vehicles in the European Union Member States pp. 752-764 Downloads
Agnieszka Merkisz-Guranowska and Arkadiusz Wrona
Fake News as a Threat to Social Resilience pp. 765-782 Downloads
Mateusz J. Kuczabski
The Impact of Introducing Co-insurance into an Insurance Policy on Moral Hazard: An Incentivised Experiment pp. 783-808 Downloads
Maria Forlicz and Stefan Forlicz
Adapting an OHS Management System to ISO 45001 Requirements: Ensuring System Management Effectiveness pp. 809-819 Downloads
Paulina Dziegielewska, Olga Konarkowska and Adam Gorny
Using the PROMETHEE II Method for the Assessment of Recreational and Tourist Cycle Routes pp. 820-845 Downloads
Katarzyna Solecka and Katarzyna Nosal Hoy
New Perspective on Brand Portfolio Management pp. 846-874 Downloads
Robert Kozielski, Magdalena Kalinska-Kula and Michal Medowski
Crowdfunding as an Innovative Form of Collective Investment in Real Estate pp. 875-884 Downloads
Justyna Ziobrowska
Changes of EU Countries Positions in the International Trade of Food, Drinks and Tobacco in 2016, 2019 and 2020: Influence of Coronavirus Pandemic pp. 891-902 Downloads
Dariusz Eligiusz Staszczak Ph.D.
Purchasing Decisions and Choices of Polish Mothers of Children Aged 0-6: The Role of Providing Opinions on Products by Scientific Units pp. 903-916 Downloads
Aleksandra Swieboda, Jolanta Tkaczyk and Mateusz J. Kuczabski
Dimensions οf Inland Ships in Relation to the Parameters of Waterways: The Case of Poland pp. 917-937 Downloads
Magdalena Kaup, Dorota Lozowicka and Wojciech Slaczka
Reaction of the National Bank of Poland to the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 938-954 Downloads
Malgorzata Zaleska
Servitization and the Business Model of Cyber-Physical Networks in the Context of Personalized Production pp. 955-966 Downloads
Sandra Grabowska and Sebastian Saniuk
Dynamic Time Warping in Financial Data – Modification of Algorithm in Context of Stock Market Similarity Analysis pp. 967-979 Downloads
Tomasz Grzejszczak, Eryka Probierz, Adam Galuszka, Krzysztof Simek, Karol Jedrasiak and Tomasz Wisniewski
Actions of the National Revenue Administration towards Protection of the Polish Cultural Heritage pp. 980-990 Downloads
Jacek Dworzecki, Izabela Nowicka and Izabela Szkurlat
Generation Z in the Labour Market - Contestation or Adaptation? pp. 991-1003 Downloads
Barbara Chomatowska, Iwona Janiak-Rejno, Andrzej Strugala and Agnieszka Zarczynska-Dobiesz
How Does Ukraine Deal with the Efficiency of Public Spending on Education Compared to European Union Countries? pp. 1008-1024 Downloads
Grazyna Kozun-Cieslak
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