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Volume XX, issue 3B, 2017

Block Chain and Financial Controlling in the System of Technological Provision of Large Corporations pp. 3-12 Downloads
Albekov Adam Umarovich, Vovchenko Natalia Gennadyevna, Andreeva Olga Vladimirovna and Sichev Roman Alexandrovich
Accounting Engineering Tools in the Research of Economic Costs and Benefits pp. 13-21 Downloads
Anatoliy Ivanovich Belousov, Galina Vasilevna Mikhailova, Fatima Magamedovna Uzdenova and Viktoria Georgievna Blokhina
Use of Regression Models when Performing Fraud Risk Assessment Procedures in the Audit Process pp. 22-33 Downloads
Andrey Vladimirovich Bakhteev, Sergey Arzhenovskiy, Natalya Nikolayevna Khakhonova and Yelena Vyacheslavovna Kuznetsova
Specific Features of Secularization in the Modern Western Culture pp. 34-44 Downloads
Oksana Alexandrovna Bogdanova, Irina Vladimirovna Lipchanskayal, Tatiana Valerievna Plotnikoval and Lyudmila Lievovna Shtofer
Tendencies of Standardisation of Management Accounting in Russian and International Practices pp. 45-60 Downloads
Nikolay Tikhonovich Labyntsev, Elena Aleksandrovna Sharovatova, Irina Aleksandrovna Omelchenko and Tatyana Valeryevna Makarenko
Some Qualification Issues about Illegal Influence on the Result of Official Competition or Visual Commercial Tender pp. 61-66 Downloads
Alexandr Sergeevich Ganus, I.A. Podroykina, Sergey Ivanovich Ulezko and Elena Vladimirovna Seregina
The Mechanism to Eliminate the Accumulated Damage to the System of Socio-Economic Development of the Region pp. 67-75 Downloads
Irina Anatolyevna Zhukova, Roman Viktorovich Shekhovtsov, Marina Anatolievna Ponomareva and Sergey Gavrilovich Tyaglov
Adaptation of Balance Theories to the Assessment of Sustainable Economic Development of Business Units pp. 76-83 Downloads
A.I. Belousov, E.A. Shelukhina, N.A. Rumachik and A.N. Shchemelev
Process Approach to Modeling of National and Global Securities Market Operation pp. 84-91 Downloads
M.A. Surzhikov and A.A. Sycheva
Estimation of Threats of the Rostov Region Economy Caused by the Collapse in the Azov-Don Water Basin pp. 92-102 Downloads
V.B. Ukraintsev, O.B. Chernenko, K.N. Mishchenko and T.V. Epifanova
Realization of Potential of Enterprise Structure Development as the Criterion of Ensuring the Object-differentiated Approach to Rendering the State Support: The Russian Federation pp. 103-115 Downloads
E.K. Karpunina, I.N. Yakunina, E.M. Konovalova and E.A. Titova
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Management Information Systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: a User Satisfaction Approach pp. 116-129 Downloads
G.N. Khubaev, I.Yu. Shpolianskaya, A.I. Dolzhenko, S.M. Scherbakov and E.N. Efimov
Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals of Associated Forms of Agricultural Business pp. 130-137 Downloads
S.V. Klimchuk, Yu.S. Nekhaychuk, D.V. Nekhaychuk and E.V. Nekhaychuk
Improving the Bank Reliability Evaluation Framework pp. 138-147 Downloads
E.A. Posnaya, I.G. Vorobyova and S.V. Tarasenko
State Investment Policy and Priorities of Macroeconomic Structure of Regional Economy Transformation pp. 148-162 Downloads
R.V. Shekhovtsov and S.N. Shchemlev
Analytical Monitoring of Entity's Cash Flows as a Guarantee of Financial Security of the Region pp. 163-171 Downloads
K.S. Surnina, A.A. Andrutskaya, E.I. Drobyshevskaya and A.A. Yanovskaya
Formation Tools of Low-Carbon Trajectory of Innovative Development of Russia pp. 172-182 Downloads
E.A. Yakovleva, A.Y. Nebesnaya, N.A. Azarova and E.V. Titova
Aspect-Oriented, Key-Index Based Regional Business Entities' Evaluation Framework pp. 183-192 Downloads
T.L. Bezrukova, Yu.N. Stepanova, I.I. Shanin, Yu.V. Busarina and S.Yu. Nesterov
Competitive Advantages of Financial Transactions on the Basis of the Blockchain Technology in Digital Economy pp. 193-212 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, A.V. Andreeva, A.S. Orobinskiy and Y.M. Filippov
A Tool of Qualification Coadaptation pp. 213-229 Downloads
M.M. Skorev, L.Yu. Andreeva, V.I. Kirishieva and A.V. Gigunova
Economic Sovereignty of the Russian Federation under the Current Conditions pp. 230-238 Downloads
E.Yu. Dogadaylo, O.I. Chepunov, S.I. Nosov and O.V. Shmaliy
Corporate Culture as a Tool of Adaptation of TNC to the Russian Economic Conditions pp. 239-249 Downloads
I.M. Podmolodina and V.P. Voronin
Business Analysis as an Important Component of Ensuring Enterprise's Economic Security pp. 250-259 Downloads
Y.G. Chernysheva, G.I. Shepelenko, I.V. Gashenko and I.V. Orobinskaya
Methodology of Structural Stability Management for Industrial Enterprises pp. 260-268 Downloads
A.N. Kuz'minov, V.M.Dzhukha and O.A. Ternovsky
Development of the International Monetary System Conditions of Globalization pp. 269-279 Downloads
I.N. Efremenko, L. Haabazoka and V.A. Larionov
Tools of Financial Management of Reputational Risks pp. 280-299 Downloads
T.O. Grafova, M.M. Skorev, L.Yu. Andreeva and I.R. Kirischeeva
Balanced Budget System: Organizational and Financial Tools pp. 300-319 Downloads
Е.О. Mirgorodskaya, L.Yu. Andreeva, I.V. Sugarova and R.A. Sichev
Role of Staff Marketing in Increasing Business Performance pp. 320-325 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, N.V. Demyanchenko, O.V. Ivanchenko and O.N. Mirgorodskaya
Development of Digital (Engineering) Entity's Capital Management Frameworks pp. 326-332 Downloads
Victor Ivanovich Tkach and Sergey Nikolaevich Shchemelev
Strategic Reporting Methodology and its Reliability Audit pp. 333-341 Downloads
I.V. Alekseeva, E.M. Evstafyeva, Yu.A. Kruchanova and G.E. Krokhicheva
Axiological World Picture of the Virtual Language Personality in Blog-Discourse Space pp. 342-354 Downloads
Tatyana V. Evsyukova, Susanna R. Agababyan, Evgeniya V. Kotelnikova and Tatyana M. Germasheva
Assessing Level of Interaction between Subjects of Innovative Systems within Russian Regions pp. 355-368 Downloads
N.G. Kuznetsov, N.D. Rodionova, M.A. Ponomareva and S.G. Tyaglov
The Formation of Authorized Capital in Economic Organizations pp. 369-378 Downloads
Tatyana A. Skvortsova, Yuriy A. Kolesnikov, Tatyana A. Mosienko and Nikolay G. Romanenko
Comparative Analysis of Mediation Procedures and the Judicial Settlement of Conflicts pp. 379-387 Downloads
Vasily Ivanovich Vlasov, Galina Borisovna Vlasova, Svetlana Vasilyevna Denisenko and Veronica Vyacheslavovna Kolesnick
The Tools of Monitoring and Analyzing the Region Forest Sector Management Framework pp. 388-394 Downloads
I.S. Zinovyeva, I.V. Sibiryatkina, V.G. Shirobokov, A.A. Shtondin and E.V. Chugunova
Innovation Activity of Russian Business Entities and its Determinants pp. 395-402 Downloads
I.A. Kuznetsov, V.B. Malitskaya, V.E. Sukhova, A.V. Ivanova and I.Yu. Proskurina
Deformation Factors of the Entrepreneurship Development in the Industry Segments of the Economy of the Russian Federation pp. 403-411 Downloads
S.S. Morkovina, Y.M. Sokolinskaya, N.M. Bukhtoyarov and N.M. Safonova
Systemic Crisis of the World Economy or the End of the "Bourgeois Mode of Production" pp. 412-431 Downloads
V.Yu. Sutyagin, Ya.Yu. Radyakova, E.A. Kolesnichenko, M.V. Bespalov and N.N. Pakhomov
Leading Governments' Legal Initiatives of Innovational Development in the Sphere of Commercialization of Intellectual Products pp. 432-442 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, A.A. Solonchenko, Ya.A. Emirsultanov and Yu.A. Naumenko
Pension System as a Demographic Recession Factor pp. 443-452 Downloads
Andrei V. Vlasov
Causes of Tax Risks and Ways to Reduce Them pp. 453-459 Downloads
D.A. Artemenko, L.A.Aguzarova, F.S.Aguzarova and E.V. Porollo
Strategic Directions of the Country's Ensuring Financial Security pp. 461-468 Downloads
O.B. Ivanova, T.F. Romanova, E.D. Kostoglodova and D.G. Romanov
Ecotourism as a Tool for Sustainable Development pp. 469-479 Downloads
O.S. Lisova, N.N. Kharchenko and D.Y. Kapitonov
The Role and Place of the Crisis Traps in the Development of the Small Business of the Forest Sector in the Russian Economy pp. 480-489 Downloads
E.A. Panyavina, M.B. Chirkova, S.G. Cheglakova and V.V. Pankov
Influence of Social and Economic Development of the Region on the Functioning of the Regional Banking System pp. 490-499 Downloads
G.A. Batischeva, M.Y. Denisov, I.V. Rybchinskaya and M.B. Stryukov
Leading Governments’ Legal Initiatives of Innovational Development in the Sphere of Commercialization of Intellectual Products pp. 501-511 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, A.A. Solonchenko, Ya.A. Emirsultanov and Yu.A. Naumenko
Multi-Vector Accounting Concept in Modern Management pp. 512-527 Downloads
E.N. Makarenko, I.A. Kislaya, O.V. Chukhrova and T.V. Makarenko
Types of Financial and Credit Products: Concept, Subject, and Place on Russian and Global Financial Market pp. 524-529 Downloads
N.P. Gubin, S.A. Litvinova and V.A. Arsenyeva
Cluster Development of Innovational Entrepreneurship: New Possibilities and Priorities in the Conditions of the Innovational Economy Creation pp. 530-538 Downloads
Aleksey V. Bogoviz, Elena V. Ioda, Yulia V. Ioda, Valentina B. Kuranova and V.V. Bobrova
Development of Modern Entrepreneurship: Competition and Cooperation pp. 539-547 Downloads
E.V. Bogomolova, L.Y. Selezneva, I.V. Izmalkova, E.V. Popova and M.A. Troyanskaya
Evaluation of Economic Effectiveness of the State Purchases System: Criteria and Priorities pp. 548-555 Downloads
Aleksey V. Bogoviz, Yulia V. Ragulina, Vadim I. Erusalimsky, Yulia G. Tyurina and Elena V. Popova
Innovational Methods of Development of Intellectual Labor for Economy's Security pp. 556-569 Downloads
Nadezhda A. Serebryakova, Tatiana I. Ovchinnikova, Irina N. Bulgakova, Svetlana V. Sviridova and Tatiana O. Tolstykh
Modernization of the Approach to Usage of Region's Budget Resources in the Conditions of Information Economy Development pp. 570-577 Downloads
Aleksey V. Bogoviz, Yulia V. Ragulina, Anna V. Komarova, Aleksey V. Bolotin and Svetlana V. Lobova
New Possibilities and Tools for Corporate Strategic Management for Supporting its High Competitiveness and Economic Effectiveness pp. 578-587 Downloads
Olga A. Tkacheva, Lyudmila A. Tsurak, Irina A. Getmanova, Anatoly V. Chistyakov and Sergey V. Zakharov
The Institutional Factors of Strategic Development and the Tactical Regulation of Nanotechology pp. 588-606 Downloads
Daniil P. Frolov, Agnessa O. Inshakova and Marina L. Davydova
Analysis of Volume, Structure and Dynamics of Russian Foreign Trade Under Conditions of Globalization pp. 607-614 Downloads
Polyakova I.A., Goncharova L.V., Cheremina V.B. and Fedotova E.A.

Volume XX, issue 3A, 2017

Exchange Rate Volatility and Export Volume: The Case of Indonesia and its Main Trading Partners pp. 3-13 Downloads
Sugiharso Safuan
The Concept of Convergent Development of Rural Areas of the Russian Federation pp. 14-38 Downloads
Margarita Afonasova
The Mathematical Model of the Law on the Correlation of Unique Competencies with the Emergence of New Consumer Markets pp. 39-56 Downloads
A.A. Chursin, R.V. Shamin and L.A. Fedorova
Access to Finance for Latvian SMEs pp. 57-68 Downloads
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga and Irina Solovjova
The Function of Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Dispute Settlement Banking Customers in Indonesia pp. 69-81 Downloads
Zulfi Diane Zaini
The Role of Shared Leadership and Work Environment in Strengthening the Influence of Compensation on Nurse's Performance pp. 82-95 Downloads
Armanu Armanu
Situation and Development Opportunities of Creative Industries Companies in Latvia pp. 96-114 Downloads
Margarita Dunska and Aija Marcinkevica
The Measurement of the Spiritual Tourism in Regions of South Kazakhstan pp. 115-133 Downloads
Almas Kuralbayev, Nurjan Abishov, Aizhan Abishova and Gulnara Urazbayeva
Foreign Experience of Regulation of Migration Processes by the Example of the Migration Policy of Canada pp. 134-142 Downloads
Yulia Igorevna Prytkova
Evaluation of Perception of Accountant`s Role at the Enterprise in Latvia and Lithuania pp. 143-163 Downloads
Inta Bruna, Kastytis Senkus, Rasa Subaciene and Ruta Sneidere
Poverty Reduction Models: Indonesian Agricultural Economic Approach pp. 164-176 Downloads
Darwati Susilastuti
Assessing Incentive and Monitoring Schemes in the Corporate Governance of Maltese Co-operatives pp. 177-195 Downloads
Peter J. Baldacchino, Chantelle Camilleri, Simon Grima and Frank H. Bezzina
Management Compensation and Auditor Reputation on Earnings Management and on Share Returns pp. 196-208 Downloads
Farichah Farichah
Consequences of Going Concern Opinion for Firms and Capital Market with Accounting Firm Size as Moderation Variable pp. 209-230 Downloads
Dody Hapsoro
Favourable Tax Regimes that Constitute Selective State Aid from the Perspective of the Cjeu Recent Case-Law pp. 231-245 Downloads
I. Bumane and D.Vodolagins
Solvency Evaluation, Comparing Traditional Financial Situation Assessment Methods with Information from Cash Flow Statements, Using Data from Insolvent Companies in the Republic of Latvia pp. 246-258 Downloads
Dzeina Steinberga and Inta Millere
Implementation the International Financial Reporting Standards as a Moderating Variable of the Relationship of Corporate Governance with Earnings Management pp. 259-277 Downloads
Agrianti Komalasari
Leadership Styles, Motivation Achievers and Quality in Cultural Teaching pp. 278-290 Downloads
Siti Patimah
The Risk Assessment Method in Prognostic Models of Production Systems Management with Account of the Time Factor pp. 291-310 Downloads
Leonid Mylnikov and Martin Kuetz
Clustering in Education pp. 311-324 Downloads
Abdul Rahmat
Scientific Cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Development and Use of Large Research Infrastructure pp. 338-353 Downloads
Grigory Viktorovich Prytkov, Natalia Yurievna Tsvetus, Artem Alexandrovich Balyakin, Andrey Sergeevich Malyshev and Sergey Borisovich Taranenko
Networking Quality and Trust in Professional Services pp. 354-370 Downloads
Agustinus A. Toryanto and Hasyim
Food Security of Russia in the Context of Import Substitution pp. 371-382 Downloads
Galina Mikhailovna Zinchuk, Marina Yegorovna Anokhina, Alexe&#; Vladimirovich Yashkin and Svetlana Arkadievna Petrovskaya
ASEAN Tourism Marketing Communication Attribute: An Exploratory Research at Goaseantv pp. 383-395 Downloads
Arisetyanto Nugroho
Analysis of the Macroeconomic Impact towards the NPL National Banking in Indonesia: The Study of Macro-Economic Shock Using Vector Autoregression Models pp. 396-416 Downloads
Mahjus Ekananda
Formation of Human Resource Management System in Organizations pp. 408-421 Downloads
Vladimir Yuryevich Morozov*, Yulia Vladimirovna Murashova, Tatyana Nikolaevna Lustina, Aleksandra Georgiyevna Panova and Veronika Andreevna Danilova
How to Improve Brand Equity in Tourism pp. 417-434 Downloads
Sri Vandayuli Riorini
Antecedents of Tourism Destination Image and Customer Satisfaction in Tourism Industry pp. 435-445 Downloads
Tengku Teviana, Paham Ginting, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis and Parapat Gultom
Analogy of Law in the Mechanism for Increasing Authorized Capital of a Limited Liability Company pp. 446-457 Downloads
Viktor A. Mikryukov
Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements in Accordance with IFRS pp. 458-469 Downloads
S.A. Issakova, A.Sh. Moldabekova, M.T. Kenzhebayeva, V.N. Ð Libekova and G.T. Tuleyeva
Reflexive Governance of Import Substitution Mechanism in Clusters pp. 470-483 Downloads
B.G. Khairov, D.T. Novikov, T.A. Prokof'yeva, I.O. Protsenko and S.M. Khairova
The Organization of the Innovation Transfer in the Agro-industrial Complex of Russia pp. 484-499 Downloads
Mikhail Yakovlevich Veselovsky, Pavel Pavlovich Pilipenko, Vladimir Gavrilovich Savenko, Anna Gennadyevna Glebova and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Shmeleva
Analysis of Antecedent and Consequence of Employee Engagement in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Central Java, Indonesia pp. 500-510 Downloads
Sri Handayani, Ade Irma Anggraeni, Andriyansah, Suharnomo and Edy Rahardja
Commodity Prices, Exchange Rates and Investment on Firm's Value Mediated by Business Risk: A Case from Indonesian Stock Exchange pp. 511-524 Downloads
Asep Risman, Ubud Salim, Sumiati Sumiati and Nur Khusniyah Indrawati
Analysis of Auditor Performance by Using Covariance Based Structural Equation Modeling: A Study of Public Accounting Firms in Indonesia pp. 524-537 Downloads
Yonathan Sunyoto, Imam Ghozali and Agus Purwanto
Preventing Corruption in the Indonesian Public Sector* pp. 538-553 Downloads
Jaka Sriyana, Hendi Yogi Prabowo and M. Syamsudin
Relationship between Servant Leadership in Organizational Culture, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Customer Satisfaction pp. 554-569 Downloads
Retno Purwani Setyaningrum
Implications of Tax Receivables and Retribution for the Economic Growth of Indonesia pp. 570-579 Downloads
Rudi Bratamanggala
Influence on Local Government Performance: Budget Participatory, Budget Control and Organizational Structure Working Procedures of Dysfunctional Behavior pp. 580-593 Downloads
Rustam Effendi
Isolating Mechanism as a Mean to Improve Performance of SMEs pp. 594-612 Downloads
Hasyim, Sahyar and Mahmud
Improving Business Performance: A Proposed Model for SMEs pp. 613-623 Downloads
Endi Rekarti and Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina
Contribution of Private Fund Managers to the Accumulation of Pension Capital of the Second Tier of Latvian Pension System in 2012-2016 pp. 624-634 Downloads
Larisa Bule and Liga Leitane
The Influence of Financial Knowledge, Control and Income on Individual Financial Behavior pp. 635-648 Downloads
Agus Zainul Arifin
Analysis of the Relevence of Educational Programs for Applicants and the Labor Market pp. 649-659 Downloads
Evgeniya Evgenyevna Nakhratova, Irina Yuryevna Ilina, Aleksandra Ivanovna Zotova, Olga Aleksandrovna Urzha and Nikolai V. Starostenkov
How Financial Sector and Social Overhead Capital Determine GDP Growth pp. 660-672 Downloads
Cicih Ratnasih
The Role of Criminal Law Politics against Ambush Marketing Behavior in the Implementation of ASEAN Community pp. 673-690 Downloads
Yuhelson Yuhelson
The Effect of Supervisory Board Cross-Membership and Supervisory Board Members' Expertise to the Disclosure of Supervisory Board's Report: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia pp. 691-705 Downloads
Iskandar Muda
Comparative Study on Consumer Protection in Indonesia through Mechanism of Product Liability Insurance pp. 706-716 Downloads
Analysis Banking Role to Performance Improvement on Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises pp. 717-728 Downloads
Hedwigis Esti Riwayati
Studying Effectiveness of the European and Eurasian Economic Union Food Safety Legislation pp. 729-747 Downloads
M.T. Nurgaliyeva, Zh.A. Iskakova, L.A. Mamayeva, V.S. Zhamurova, Attevon Wright and A.K. Smagulov
Improving Anticipative Learning through Entrepreneurial Orientation in Small to Medium Size Enterprises pp. 748-757 Downloads
Meutia, Tubagus Ismail and Nurul Ummi
Impacts of Export Development on Unemployment in Indonesia pp. 758-773 Downloads
Factors Influencing Opportunity Driven Nascent Entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia pp. 774-782 Downloads
Tripopsakul Suchart
The Impact of Trust-Distrust toward Quality of Life: The Case of Poor and non-Poor Household in Indonesia pp. 783-801 Downloads
Rizal Edy Halim
ICT Industry's Challenge in Latvia pp. 802-814 Downloads
Signe Balina, Kristine Rozite and Inna Steinbuka
Factors Impacting the Low Usage of e-Services in Latvia pp. 815-824 Downloads
Signe Balina, Jurgis Skilters, Dace Baumgarte and Liga Zarina
The Role of Co-creation Activities, Trust and Gender on Higher Education Marketing Performance pp. 825-845 Downloads
Yudi Sutarso, Rizal Edy Halim, Tengku Ezni Balqiah and Prijono Tjiptoherijanto
Banking Business Models of the Digital Future: The Case of Latvia pp. 846-860 Downloads
Irina Japparova and Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Implementation of Pricing the Corporate Value in Indonesia pp. 861-873 Downloads
Fauzie Yusuf Hasibuan
Minus Margin Agreements as a Violation of Business in Business Competition in Indonesia pp. 874-889 Downloads
Design Building of Indonesian Economic Politics pp. 890-904 Downloads
Suhandi Aziz*
The Factors Affecting the Profitability of Banks: The Case of Latvia pp. 905-919 Downloads
Kristina Bojare and Inna Romanova
Productivity and its Impact on the Competitiveness of Latvia pp. 920-930 Downloads
Roberts Skapars, Sandra Jekabsone, Janis Priede and Irina Skribane
Evaluation of Latvia-China Trade Potential pp. 931-941 Downloads
Janis Priede and Haidong Feng
Assessing the Role of Latvia's Participation in Indo-EU Value Chains pp. 942-960 Downloads
Vasudha Garde and Viesturs Pauls Karnups
Fintech as Financial Innovation - The Possibilities and Problems of Implementation pp. 961-973 Downloads
Svetlana Saksonova and Irina Kuzmina-Merlino
Tourism Enterprise Cooperation Specifics: Comparative Study of Riga and Novosibirsk Travel Agencies pp. 974-988 Downloads
Kristine Berzina, Ilze Medne and Marina Tsoy
Should I stay or should I go? Human Resource Information System Implementation in Indonesian Public Organizations pp. 989-999 Downloads
M. Ikhwan Haeruddin

Volume XX, issue 2B, 2017

Optimization of the Company Strategic Management System in the Context of Economic Instability pp. 3-24 Downloads
Tatiana Grigorievna Bondarenko, Ekaterina Anatolievna Isaeva, Sergey Aleksandrovich Orekhov and Anzor Uvaysovich Soltakhanov
The Challenge of Social Innovation: Approaches and Key Mechanisms of Development pp. 25-45 Downloads
Sergey Mikhailovich Vasin, Leyla Gamidullaeva and Tamara Kerimovna Rostovskaya
A Spatial Analysis of Unevenness in the Social-Economic Development of Regional Municipal Units pp. 46-65 Downloads
Svetlana Sergeevna Mikhailova, Nikolay Il’ich Moshkin, Dashi Dashanimaevich Tsyrenov, Erzhena Tsyrenovna Sadykova and Sambrika Dorzho-Nimaevna Dagbaeva
Knowledge-Based Engineering as a Driver of Economic Development of the Regions of Russia pp. 66-85 Downloads
Mikhail Yakovlevich Veselovsky, Mikhail Sergeyevich Abrashkin, Dmitry Stanislavovich Vakhrushev, Lyudmila Borisovna Parfenova and Andrey Yuryevich Volkov
Russian Lectures at the Crossroads of Reforms: Strategies of Survival and Adaptation pp. 86-97 Downloads
Irina Ilina, Elena Kryukova, Elena Potekhina, Elena Abyzova and Irina Shadskaja
Improvement of Innovative Forms as a Tool for Effective Development of Small Business pp. 98-110 Downloads
Kamil R. Bibarsov, Natalia V. Kretova and Elena Yu. Popova
Venture Capital Financing as a Mechanism for Impelling Innovation Activity pp. 111-122 Downloads
Nikolai Vasilevich Lyasnikov, Evgeniya Evgenevna Frolova, Andrei Alievich Mamedov, Sergei Borisovich Zinkovskii and Natalya Andreevna Voikova
State and Prospects of Development of Kazakhstan Innovative Infrastructure pp. 123-148 Downloads
Zaira Tulegenovna Satpayeva
Modeling of the Deferred Demand on the Market of Household Appliances pp. 149-161 Downloads
Mayya Valerianovna Dubovik, Venera Maratovna Timiryanova and Alexander Fedorovich Zimin
Approaches to Regulation of the Informtion Space of the Regional Social and Economic Complex in the Russian Federation pp. 162-181 Downloads
Oxana Andreevna Polukhina, Dijid Sergeevna Bartaeva, Medegma Tsyrendorzhiyevna Budazhanayeva and Lubov Nikolaevna Saibonova
The Methodical Approach to the Evaluation of the Competitiveness of the Border Territories pp. 182-199 Downloads
Elena Borisovna Kmet and Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Mayzner
Hands-on Management: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches and Russian Practice of State and Municipal Management pp. 200-223 Downloads
Valeriy Vladimirovich Shlychkov, Ilgam Kiyamovich Kiyamov, Asya Shamilevna Khasanova, Sergey Mikhaylovich Kulish and Diana Rustamovna Nestulaeva
Conceptual Basics and Mechanism of Innovation Project Management pp. 224-235 Downloads
Kamil Ramisovich Bibarsov, Galina Ivanovna Khokholova and Dilara Ramisovna Okladnikova
Assessment of Availability of Consumer Loans in the Regions of Russia pp. 236-250 Downloads
Anna Aleksandrovna Sysoeva, Natalia Vladimirovna Rezepova, Elina Ildarovna Abdyukova and Zohrab Mnatsakanovich Dokhoyan
Role of Agricultural Import Substitution Policy in Ensuring Food Safety of the Country pp. 251-260 Downloads
Nadezhda Vasilievna Sedova, Nikolay Nikolaevich Gagiev and Dariya Mikhailovna Melnikova
Labor Potential of the Rural Territories - State and Development pp. 261-282 Downloads
Olga Viktorovna Zabelina, Farida Islamudinovna Mirzabalaeva, Larisa Viktorovna Sankova and Gulnara Vahitovna Yakshibaeva
The Deming Cycle (PDCA) Concept as a Tool for the Transition to the Innovative Path of the Continuous Quality Improvement in Production Processes of the Agro-Industrial Sector pp. 283-293 Downloads
Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Olga Olegovna Smirnova, Nataliya Vladimirovna Vysotskaya, Evgenia Evgenevna Frolova and Nina Grigorevna Vilkova
Improving Ecological Performance of Design Processes Accounting for Product Life Cycle pp. 294-307 Downloads
Marina Vladimirovna Grafkina, Evgeniya Yurevna Sviridova and Elena Evgenyevna Sdobnyakova
Tendencies and Prospects of Tourism Industry in Russia: Sociological Analysis of Stereotypes among Population during Tourism Trips pp. 308-320 Downloads
Elena V. Frolova, Olga V. Rogach, Elena E. Kabanova, Natalia V. Medvedeva and Irina Y. Shimanskaya
Models of Assessment of the Influnce of Insurance Assets Securitization on Stability of Mutual Insurance Societies pp. 321-333 Downloads
Nikolay Tikhomirov, Tatiana Tikhomirova, Eldar Khamitov and Vladimir Ponomarev
Venture Funds as one of the Major Sources of Investment for Innovative Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan pp. 334-347 Downloads
Baurzhan R. Shakirtkhanov
Financing of Infrastructure in Education: International Experience of Attracting Private Investments and Opportunities for Russia to Form a Knowledge-Driven Economy pp. 348-363 Downloads
Liudmila V. Goryainova, Igor S. Krishtal and Olga D. Kuznetsova
The Characteristics of the Formation of Income of Multi-Child Households under Conditions of a Financial Crisis pp. 364-377 Downloads
Makka Alaudinovna Khamatkhanova and Guzeliya Faridovna Khusnutdinova
Efficiency of Taxation Bodies’ Work: Methods of Estimating and Analysis of Relations with Tax Payers pp. 378-395 Downloads
Khaibat Magomedtagirovna Musaeva, Magomedsaid Abdulmuslimovich Ismailov, Garun Sultanakhmedovich Sultanov, Saida Nazirovna Keramova and Saida Israpilovna Sirazhudinova
Impact of Globalization on Innovation project Risks Estimation pp. 396-410 Downloads
Liudmila Vasilevna Nikolova, Dmitriy Grigorievich Rodionov and Natalya Vladimirovna Afanasyeva
Informal Employment in SCO Countries: Realities and Prospects pp. 429-438 Downloads
Tatyana Mikhailovna Shpilina, Elena Mihajlovna Kryukova, Ekaterina Sergeevna Vasiutina, Pyotr Viktorovich Solodukha and Ol'ga Gennad'yevna Shcheglova
Methodological Tools for Evaluation of Strategic Target Structure of Financial Resources in Corporations with Limited Liability pp. 439-466 Downloads
Viktoriya Valeryevna Manuylenko, Lubov Anatolevna Kabardokova, Marina Aleksandrovna Loktionova, Natalia Vladimirovna Sobchenko and Tatyana Andreyevna Sadovskaya
Problems and Contradictions of the Financial System of the Agro-business Industry of Russia in Contemporary Conditions and Methodological Aspects of their Overcoming pp. 467-482 Downloads
Zoya Sh. Babaeva, Ramazan B. Shahbanov, Sabina R. Shahbanova, Burliyat N. Asekova and Marina V. Postnova

Volume XX, issue 2A, 2017

The Moderating Effect of Industry Environments on the Relationship between IT Asset Portfolios, Efficiency and Innovation in the ERP Context pp. 3-15 Downloads
Wahyu Winarno and Bambang Tjahjadi
Selected Behavioural Factors in Client-Initiated Auditor Changes: The Client-Auditor Perspectives pp. 16-47 Downloads
Peter J Baldacchino, Rosalene Caruana, Simon Grima and Frank H. Bezzina
Behavioral Intention to Use E-Tax Service System: An Application of Technology Acceptance Model pp. 48-64 Downloads
Jullie Jeanette Sondakh
The Mechanism of CSR Beliefs Dissemination: From Idea to Institution or Vice Versa pp. 65-89 Downloads
Iuliia Platonova, Maksim Tcvetkov, Olga Chkalova and Marina Efremova
Assessing the Determinants of Interest Rate Spread of Commercial Banks in Oman: An Empirical Investigation pp. 90-108 Downloads
Faris Nasif Al Shubiri and Syed Ahsan Jamil
A First Approach to a Public Financial Information System for Social Benefits pp. 109-127 Downloads
Noemi Pena-Miguel, Javier Corral-Lage, J. Inaki De La Pena Esteban and University of the Basque Country (upv/ehu)
The Capital Structure: Is Debt just a Policy or Requerement? pp. 128-139 Downloads
Winston Pontoh
Correlation of Logistics and Marketing Functions in Modern Russia pp. 140-149 Downloads
Guzelbaeva Gulshat Talgatovna, Novikov Dmitry Sergeevich and Astafieva Liliya Kabirovna
The Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Business’s Resources and Capabilities on Ìarketing Performances pp. 150-163 Downloads
Wittaya Charupongsopon and Wilert Puriwat
Organic Food Attributes Determing Consumer Choices pp. 164-176 Downloads
Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezinska, Mlgorzata Grzywinska-Rapca, Ireneusz Zuchowski and Piotr Borawski
The Importance of Intangible Assets in the Strategic Management of the Firm: An Empirical Application for Banco Santander pp. 177-196 Downloads
Eva Maria Lado Gonzalez and Domingo Calvo Dopico
Consequences of Going Concern Opinion for Financial Reports of Business Firms and Capital Markets with Auditor Reputation as a Moderation Variable - An Experimental Study pp. 197-223 Downloads
Dody Hapsoro and Tulus Suryanto
The Impact of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Accountants’ Performance: The Moderating Effect of Emotional Quotient pp. 237-249 Downloads
Amilin Amilin
What Skills Do Nascent Entrepreneurs Need? The Evidence from Thailand pp. 250-263 Downloads
Suchart Tripopsakul and Wittaya Charupongsopon
Rural Urban Linkages, Fair Trade and Poverty in Rural Urban Fringe pp. 264-280 Downloads
Nurlina T. Muhyiddin and Neneng Miskiyah
Reconfiguration of Financial System Elements to Restore Economic Growth: The System Simplicity and Transformation towards State-Based and Corporate-Based Types pp. 281-307 Downloads
Sergey Vladimirovitch Anureev
Liquidity Risk: Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Banking pp. 308-318 Downloads
Kharisya Ayu Effendi and Disman Disman
Motivation as Factor of Improving Efficiency of Trade Company Operations pp. 319-337 Downloads
Nina Vladimirovna Kuznetsova, Oksana Nikolaevna Sinitsina, Vasilya Minsalihovna Gafurova, Maria Vladimirovna Pavluhina, Tatyana Vladimirovna Salyaeva and Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Puzankova
Special Economic Zone as a Local Area of Public-Private Parthership Implementation pp. 346-354 Downloads
E.R. Akhmetshina, G.T. Guzelbaeva and D.K. Rakhmatullina
Dynamic Model of Optimal Production Control in a Hysteretic Behaviour of Economic Agents pp. 355-379 Downloads
Alexander Mikhailovich Batkovskiy, Viktor Antonovich Nesterov, Olga Olegovna Reshetova, Elena Georgievna Semenova and Alena Vladimirovna Fomina
Current State and Prospects for Development of Internet Advertising in Kazakhstan pp. 380-407 Downloads
Maira Turysbekovna Davletova, Nazym Satbekovna Dulatbekova and Galim Gabdulsanovich Sadykov
Formation of Human Resource Management System in Organizations pp. 408-421 Downloads
Vladimir Yuryevich Morozov, Yulia Vladimirovna Murashova, Tatyana Nikolaevna Lustina, Aleksandra Georgiyevna Panova and Veronika Andreevna Danilova
Tendencies and Prospects of Public-Private Partnership Development in the Field of Physical Culture and Sport pp. 422-430 Downloads
E.R. Akhmetshina, O.A. Ignatjeva and I.M. Ablaev
The Main Approaches to the Cluster Development in the Russian Economy pp. 431-442 Downloads
I.M. Ablaev
Financial Performance towards Value of Firms in Basic and Chemicals Industry pp. 443-460 Downloads
P. Purwanto and Jillian Agustin
The Pattern Analysis of Family Business Succession: A Study on Medium Scale Family Business in Indonesia pp. 461-474 Downloads
Christina Whidya Utami, Denny Bernardus and Gek Sintha
Attitude, Subjective Norms, Perceived Behavior, Entrepreneurship Education and Self-efficacy toward Entrepreneurial Intention University Student in Indonesia pp. 475-495 Downloads
Christina Whidya Utami
The Role of Feedback and Feed Forward Control System to Improve Competitive Advantage of SMEs in Indonesia pp. 496-506 Downloads
Meutia Tubagus Ismail and Ahmad Bukhori
Comparative Analysis of the Best Practices in the Economic Policy of Import Substitution pp. 507-520 Downloads
Alexander M. Zobov, Ekaterina A. Degtereva, Veronica Yu. Chernova and Vasily S. Starostin
A Study of Revisit Intention: Experiential Quality and Image of Muara Beting Tourism Site in Bekasi District pp. 521-537 Downloads
Surya Bintarti and Ergo Nurpatria Kurniawan
The Mutual Impacts of Corporate Governance Dimensions and Legal Protection Systems on the Performance of European Banks: A Post-Crisis Study pp. 538-567 Downloads
Hani El-Chaarani
The Influence of Crude Oil Price in Biodiesel and its Implication on the Production of Palm Oil: The Case of Indonesia pp. 568-580 Downloads
Wahyu Murti
Enterprise Development Factors’ Control pp. 581-591 Downloads
Mikhail Nikolaevich Pavlenkov, Valeryi Glebovich Larionov, Pavel Mikhaylovich Voronin and Ivan Mikhaylovich Pavlenkov
Does Financial Performance of Islamic Banking is better? Panel Data Estimation pp. 592-606 Downloads
Irma Setyawati, Sugeng Suroso, Tulus Suryanto and Dini Siti Nurjannah
The Impact of Sovereign Debt on Growth: An Empirical Study on GIIPS versus JUUSD Countries pp. 607-633 Downloads
Haytham Y.M. Ewaida

Volume XX, issue 1, 2017

Green Logistics in Russia: The Phenomenon of Progress, Economic and Environmental Security pp. 13-21 Downloads
A.U. Albekov, T.V. Parkhomenko and A.A. Polubotko1
Economic Cooperation of Russia and Greece during the Sanction Restrictions period and the Policies to Strengthen the Integration Process pp. 22-35 Downloads
N.G. Kuznetsov, I.I. Savvidy, N.D.Rodionova and E.S. Tsepilova
Electronic Currency: The Potential Risks to National Security and Methods to Minimize Them pp. 36-48 Downloads
Natalia Vovchenko, Evgeniy N. Tishchenko, Tatiana Epifanova and Mark B. Gontmacher
New Scenarios of Joint Crises Fighting in Socio-Economic Sphere of Russia and Greece pp. 49-55 Downloads
Elena G. Popkova, Elena Y. Zolochevskaya, Svetlana A. Litvinova and Yuliya S. Zima
Difficulties and Perspectives of Incorporating Russian Economy into the European Economy and Centripetal Tendencies in the EU pp. 56-63 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, E.A. Israilova, S.A. Albekova and A.A. Albekova
Research and Development Intensity in Business: Russia and EU pp. 64-76 Downloads
V.M. Dzhukha, A.N. Kokin, A.S. Li and T.Yu. Sinyuk
The Impact of European Law on the Development of Legal System of Russia pp. 77-86 Downloads
I.G. Napalkova, N.E. Orlova, P.S. Samygin and G.B. Vlasova
Comparative Legal Analysis of Mediation in Russia and the EU pp. 87-96 Downloads
N.V. Fedorenko, S.V. Denisenko, A.V. Sukhovenko and L.M. Dzyuba
Providing the Budget Transparency and State Projects Efficiency Monitoring in Russia pp. 97-104 Downloads
O.B. Ivanova, L.V. Bogoslavtseva, O.I. Karepina and E.D. Kostoglodova
Marketing and Logistic Instrumentarium of Activation of Inter-Country Cooperation of Russia and Solving the Issue of Import Substitution pp. 105-116 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, T.V. Parkhomenko, T.B. Erokhina and N.V. Guzenko
Features of Social and Economic Transformations in the Globalization Era pp. 117-128 Downloads
I.G. Paliy, T.V. Plotnikova, L.L. Shtofer and I.V. Tumaykin
New Approaches to Modernization of Spatial and Sectorial Development of Russian and Greek Regional Economy pp. 129-136 Downloads
Elena G. Popkova, Ekaterina A. Popova, Irina P. Denisova and Elena V. Porollo
Organizational and Financial Modeling of Transnational Industrial Clusters Sustainable Development: Experience, Risks, Management Innovation pp. 137-147 Downloads
O.V. Andreeva and E.V. Shevchik
The Role of Human Factors in the Bank Capital Evaluation Framework pp. 148-154 Downloads
E.A. Posnaya, I.G. Vorobyova, E.M. Sokolova and M.P. Leonova
Increasing of Cost Efficiency as a Trend of Public Law Entities’ Activity Intensification in a Public Administration Sector pp. 155-161 Downloads
T.F. Romanova, O.V. Andreeva, S.N. Meliksetyan and M.O. Otrishko
The Problem of Individualization of Legal Entities in Terms of Innovative Development of the Russian Federation and the European Union Economy pp. 162-171 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, N.G. Romanenko, Y.A. Naumenko and E.A. Parshina
Social and Economic Diagnostics of Foreign Economic Activity of the Rostov Region pp. 172-187 Downloads
M.A. Surzhikov, C.G. Abazieva, M.T. Belov and S.N. Goncharova
Marketing Mechanisms for the Development of Transport Infrastructure of Russia and the EU pp. 188-197 Downloads
E.S. Akopova, N.V. Przhedetskaya, P.V. Taranov and L.N. Roshchina
The Development of Cluster Relations within the State and Business Structures in Terms of Strategy of Non-Primary Sector Import-Substitution pp. 198-207 Downloads
S.G. Tyaglov, T.V. Kushnarenko, A.A. Khokhlov and M.A. Qeropyan
Economic Crime and Problem of Complicity Understanding pp. 208-214 Downloads
N.V. Petrasheva, S.I. Ulezko, A.V. Yakovlev and A.L. Klochkova
The Evolution of E-Money pp. 215-224 Downloads
Andrei V. Vlasov
The Basic Principles of the European State and Dynamics of the Political and Legal Development within the Russian Federation pp. 225-233 Downloads
Vasily I. Vlasov, Galina B. Vlasova, Svetlana V. Denisenko and Olga V. Litvinova
The Regional Cluster Initiatives pp. 234-245 Downloads
A.U. Albekov, E.U. Andreeva, V.V. Vanushkina and E.K. Pilivanova
Methodology of Building up the Accounting and Analytical Management Support for Organizations in Russia pp. 257-266 Downloads
E.V. Kuznetsova, I.N. Bogataya, N.N. Khakhonova and S.P. Katerinin
Marketing Aspects of Russia-The European Union Cooperation in the Field of Education pp. 267-275 Downloads
E.S. Akopova, N.V. Przhedetskaya, P.V. Taranov and E.A. Israilova
Contractual Forms of Agreement Between the Bodies of the Executive pp. 276-283 Downloads
O.V. Shmaliy and L.A. Dushakova
Financial Instruments of the Socially Responsible Economy pp. 284-293 Downloads
I.P. Denisova, S.N. Rukina, K.N. Samoylova and A.S. Takmazyan
Instruments of Marketing and Credit Support of the Large Industrial Enterprises Development: International Experience pp. 294-310 Downloads
A.A. Alukhanyan, A.V. Andreeva and L.Yu. Andreeva
Analysis of Moral-and-Ethic Business in Russia pp. 311-318 Downloads
Yu. G. Chernysheva and G.I. Shepelenko
Scientific Innovation and its Representation in Discourse pp. 319-336 Downloads
Tatyana V. Evsukova, Evgeniya V. Kotelnikova, Nadejda V. Evdokimova and Tatyana M. Germasheva
Instruments of Investment Attraction in Order to Fulfill the Structural Priorities of Sustainable Regional Development (Study Based on the Rostov Region) pp. 337-349 Downloads
R.V. Shekhovtsov, M.A. Ponomareva, S.G. Yaroshenko and L.R. Khaibullin
Ensuring Financial Stability of Companies on the Basis of International Experience in Construction of Risks Maps, Internal Control and Audit pp. 350-368 Downloads
Natalia Vovchenko, M.G. Holina, A.S. Orobinskiy and R.A. Sichev
The Influence of Financial and Industrial Policy on Harmonization of European and Asian Integration Processes pp. 369-389 Downloads
V.V. Aksenov, A.V. Andreeva and G.A. Buryakov
Experience of Greece on Recapitalization of Banks, Marketing Management and Personnel Retraining in Conditions of Economic Recession pp. 390-409 Downloads
L.Yu. Andreeva and O.Yu. Sviridov
Theoretical Basis for Composition of Economic Strategy for Industry Development Downloads
E.A. Ivanova, M.M. Mackay, T.K. Platonova and N.V. Elagina
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